Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 24, 1969 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1969
Page 18
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18 GREELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Oc(. 24, 196 Police Seek Nearsighted Suspect in Tate Slayings By JERRY COHEN Th« Lot Angttti Tlmt« LOS ANGELES -- Police arc seeking a nearsighted person with an unusually small, "volleyball-shaped" head us a suspect in the Sharon Tate multiple murder. Detectives said Thursday they don't know his name or anything else about him -- es- cept that he left his horn-rim eyeglasses at the scene of the Aug. 9 slaying ot five persons in the upper-class Bel Air area. Los Angeles Homicide Lt. Robert Holder displayed the glasses at a press conference Thursday and said it was his opinion that they probably were "knocked off" during a struggle with one of the victims. A process of elimination established, he said, that the glasses belonged to neither Sliss Tate nor any of the four slain with her at the estate rented by the actress and her husband, film director Roman Polanski, who was in Euro at the time. The glasses were found shoi ly after the murders inside I home where the bodies of tw of the victims, Miss Tate ar hair stylist, Jay Scbring, we discovered, according to He] er. Bodies of the other victims- coffee heiress Abigail Folge Voilyck Frokowsky, a fil colony hanger-on, and Stephe Parent, an 18-year-old frier of the estate's young careta er--were found on the ground Parents found shot in his ca near the estate's gate, appa ently as he was leaving 11 cottage of the caretaker, wl did not know of the murdei until he left his cottage afte daybreak. Holder characterized 11 glasses as a "key" clue an said the glasses belonged to male. "They were the type woman would not choose," h said. The frames were shaped t adapt to an unusually sma and remarkably round head, o "vollcy-ball-shsped," as Hoe described it. The spectacles were manu factured by the American 0] tical than Corp., which has mor 200 branches across th nation. A spokesman indicate the likelihood of tracing them t a single outlet is remote. It may be helpful to police however, that only about 1 per cent of the lenses made b his firm arc of plastic, th spokesman said. Parents fro quently buy them for childre and active young adults an athletes often wear them be cause they are break-resistan The lenses on the glasse were scratched, indicating the were possibly a year or tw old, Hocft said. said they constituted the "phys ical evidence" which he s ' late last week could "point In the direction of (lie killers. He repealed that "no def nite evidence" exists that mor than one person committed th crime. But from "the physici facts" detectives deduce tw or more persons were involvec The glasses have amber rims are of a common Americai make and have prescriptTM lenses corrected for a person "who would have difficulty getting along without them.' The lenses arc made of plaslic which is relatively uncom mon. Indecipherable smudges wer found on the spectacles but n blood stains. During (lie press conference Helder said the owner was person with a small or mod erate-sized head. He said h did not know the sex of th owner. But Dr. Wayne Hoeft, wh analyzed the glasses for police In A Squeeze? Call 353-1962 Restore smoother drainage. We have years of plumbing know-how to insure you long - term plumbing service, lots of savings. GREELEY PLUMBING and HEATING CO. 1009 9th St. Wyoming Youth Gels Life for Slaying Four SHERIDAN, Wyo. (AP) i/ouls Dean Cosco, 17, of Slier] dan was sentenced to life im risonment Thursday after en .ering guilty pleas to reduced charges on four counts of sec ond-degree murder. He had orginally been charged with four counts of first- legree murder in the shooting deaths of his mother, father irolher and grandfather. The sentence was handed [own by District Judge John Isley. Cosco had been scheduled to go to trial on the charg- :s next Monday. The youth had undergone two isychintric examinations at the tale Hospital in Evanston, plus third examination at the Men- ingcr Clinic in Kansas. Cosco is being held in Sherian County Jail, awaiting trans- 2r to the Stale Pcnilenliary at awlins. C'osco was lakcn inlo custo- y last April after authorities iund the bodies of the four vic- ms. They included Frank Coso, 81, and his son Louis, 40; ouis' wife Nadine, and their 19- car-old son Frank. The bodies were discovered ,pril 22 by John Cosco, a bro- ier of Louis. He told authori- es he had gone to the Cosco esidence to see his elderly fa- icr. When he found the door ocked he looked inside and saw ic bodies on the floor. Sheriff's officers broke the State Hospital Nuclear Treaty To Be 1st rLS 1Ugh 'Test for Brandt's Regime After Chase WALSEN3URG, Colo. (AP)- Thc Slate Patrol Thursday night apprehended two escapees from the Colorado State Hospital In Pueblo after a wild chase Pueblo and Walsen- through burg. Authorities said the escapees, considered dangerous when they fled early Tuesday, were William Blllingsley, 19, of Denver and James Lamb, 22, of Fremont County. They were apprehended with two young girls from the State Hospital who escaped with them, officers said. Stale Patrol troopers captured [lie escapees at a road block two miles north of here after they reportedly tied up a Pueblo man and his family and stole a pickup truck. The truck, with the four occupants, rammed the road block and struck a police car, aulhorilies said. The four were taken to Huer- tano County Hospital in Walsenburg for trealment of undetermined injuries. Billingsley and Lamb escaped Tuesday morning after overpowering a hospital employe. Officials said the empolye and another hospital patient were Dound and gagged and thrown in a closet. Officials said a Pueblo cou By DAN MORGAN Th» Wuhingten Pott BONN - With the regime Chancellor Willy Brandt bare installed, Bonn's new conserv live opposition has made t American -- sponsored nucle non-proliferation first test of treaty t parliaments] pie, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pottei accidentally discovered the escapees at an abandoned bar which the Potters used to stor 'urniture. The Potters told sheriff's dep ulies Billingsley and Lamb tie hem and their 3-year-oli daughter, Heidi, and place hem in the barn. Mrs. Potte ·scaped some 10 minutes after wards, authorities added, anc elephoned for help. CDE Requests $164.9 Million DENVER (AP) -- A request ir state funds totaling $164.9 nillion was presented Thursday 'tcrnoon to Gov. John Love's udgct office by the Colorado epartment of Education. The funds would finance slate d to schools and departmental ctivities during the 1970-71 fis- j] year. The total Is about $44 million igher than the current budget at department officials sale 25.3 million of Uie increases are resull of aulomatic boosts uilt into the new school founda- on law by the legisialure las 'inter. The other new money is to in- gurate new programs and to trengthen existing programs. The budget was adopled lasl month by the State Board of Education. Regardless of any budget of- oor to gain entry and found fj ce actions on the proposal it strength for the new gover ment. Leading Christian Democra ic (C.D.U.) parliamentaria has confirmed to the Washin ton Post that they have laki action in the Bundestag clear up outstanding questioi on Ihe treaty and delay We German signature on the doc ment. One parliamentarian said th he was convinced the Bran government "will not dare sign" immediately, as son have been predicting. The unprecedented submissio of a long protocol of questio: on the treaty for the new go ernment in the Bundestag, eve before Brandts swearing in a chancellor Tuesday, left lilt doubt as to the aggressivenes of the C.D.U., in opposition f the first time in 20 years. It also bore out the vow c party floor leader Rainer Bar zel to allow the new Social Dem ocratic-Free Democratic go 1 ernment no "grace" period t get its feet on the ground. Th S.P.D.-F.D.P. government en joys a slim paper majority 254 (o 242 seats in the lowe house. The government could sign the treaty without Bundesta approval, but not without jate on the question. Chancellor Brandt said in a nterview Tuesday, that he be- ieved lhat achieving a "basis or signing the nuclear pac vould present no great difficu y- And with both Ihe Soviet Un on and East Germany makin Jonn's acceptance of the pac a condition for the better cli mate sought by Brandt, diplo matic observers said it seemec oubtful that the C.D.U. effor r ould have more than a stalling ffcct. Erhard Eppler (S.P.D.), de- elopment aid minister and ai xpert on non-priliferation, sale lat the C.D.U. move in the undeslag was "foolish" be- ause Brandt's party had al- eady agreed at a cabinet meet- ng during the former "grand oalition" to seek clarification rom the Western allies (Brit in and the U.S.) on certain joints. The C.D.U. protocol demands o know from the new govern ouis Dean Cosco silting in earby room. Officers said all mr victims had been shot with .22-caliber rifle. usy Robbers Hit ·^on-Existent Bank MOBERLY, Mo. (AP) - Robers went to a lot of trouble in ,e community of nearby Clifton ill over the weekend to rob a ank that wasn't there. reek labor unions have merged FIRE INSURANCE D . C. ROYER AGENCY INSURANCE 808 9th Street will be presented intact to the legislature's Joint Budget Committee Dec. 4. The schools request calls for $159.9 million for all slate aid lo public schools, up from $119 million. Public libraries would receive $850,000, and the teacher emeritus retirement program would get $1,425,000. The latter figure is a drop of $45,000 from ;his year. The department asked $1.7 million for administrative and consulting services. The state also reported it lopes to get $16.5 million in federal funds for schools during 1970-71. Glider Ridden in 1856 PARIS -- Jean-Marie Le Bris, a retired French sea captain, in 1856 launched a man-carrying jlider from a beach in France and sailed in it to an altitude of 300 feel. He took off from the bed of a carriage pulled against the wind by a horse. Flo. Child Killer )oomed to Death MIAMI (AP) -- A 33-year-old landyman was sentenced to leath Friday for murdering Ihe -year-old son of his former gir riend by pouring acid down the hild's throat. The death penalty was man- atory because the jury, after eliberaling four hours, did not ecommend mercy in convicting oseph Nathan Clowers. 'tmorttun J KATJFFMAN In loving memory of our daughter, P a t t y Kauflfman, who was taken from us BO suddenly on Sejit. 23, 1960. Goil saw that you were suffering And the hills were hard to climb. [le closed your weary eyes And whispered, Peace be thine. Still there is many a lonely heartache And often a silent tear But only a beautiful memory Of our loved one so very donr. . Sadly missed by her liiironls, brothers, Bisters and their families menl whether Brandt's own conditions for approval, laid down by him in April 1967 have been met. These are safeguards of the civilian nuclear energy dead in his home Wednesda; program -- protecting German night died from a rupturec security - assurances that gen- sto mach, possibly caused by eral disarmament by all coun- y^ m \,\ov/. 4-Year Old's " Death May Be Result of Kick DENVER (AP) - The Denve County coroner's office sail Thursday a 4-year-old boy foun tries will be served and assurances that the treaty would preserve the move toward European unity. Western sources noted Wednesday that press report of Sen. Mike Mansfield's (D-Mont.) pending resolution on American troop withdrawals might give the C.D.U. some new ammunition by raising fresh doubts in Bonn security. about West German The boy, Vincent J. Gallegos was found on a couch in hi home by his sister. Mrs. Josi Gallegos, the boy's mother, ha been jailed for questioning ir the case, police said. Mound Builders WICKLIFFE, Ky. -- Thi western area of Kentucky wai inhabited in prehistoric limes by a race known as the Mount Believe It or Not! FRANCIS TREMAYNE OF MIMICO. ONTARIO, SERVED AS * f\ MINISTER connnuouay FOR 67 YEARS , JAPANESE SAILOR.fOR A HAZARDOUS/ISSIGN- MENT IN THE RUSSO- JAPANESE WAR, WAS WRITTEN Wrm A BRUSH DIPPED /ft HIS OWN BLOOD C FEB.», 1304) IS DEUVERED TO ANMDO, AUSTRALIA, ACROSS THE DEAD HEART W AN BIGINOfSS AVTQMOBIIE DKJWH BY A Builders. Near here Is Ancient Buried City, where excavations completed here. have revealed remnants of 'an entire community. PEKING - A subway is being USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS DAILY CROSSWORD 4. Guide's lowest note 5. Sun god 6. Political subdivisions 7. Gardner 8. Covers with turf 9. Floor covering 10.1'nradise 14. Penny 16. Near 17. Water barrier 20. Memorandum 21. Newt 22. Curved line 25. Protuberance 26. Repugnance 27. Cherished animal 29. Nocturnal bird 30. London district 32. Stare at 35. Fiber 36. Tellurium (sym.) 37. Wallabas 38. Terrible 39. Ireland (poet.) y'ii Aniirer 42. Excess of chances 44. Roman money i 45. June- I beetle 47. Iron (sym.) 48. State (abbr.) ACROSS 1. Scrub and rub 6. Squander 11. Large artery ·12. Escape 13. Angelico 14. Infant's bed '15. Hesitation sound . 16. Filled with wonder 18. Coin (Jap.) 19. Fervid 22. Fuss 23. Neuter pronoun 24. Wing sound 28. blade 30. Kitchen , item 31. Gang 32. Hawaiian bird 33. Wager 34. Barge 37. Fruit drink 40. Astringent fruit 41. Thus 43. Teach, for instance 45. Performed 46. Arabian gazelle 47. Inundate 49. Meaning BO. Merita . DOWN 1.Secure 2. Halt 3. Openings (anat.) IO-M DAILY CKYPTOQTJOTE --Hero's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X B li L O H G . F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A li used for the three Us, X for the two O's, etc. Single letter*, apostrophes, the length and formation o£ the words uv ill hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation Z H Z Q K E O N Y Q G M A G R A Z B Q N S Z . V G Z H Z R Z H Z Q K N A G M C S E X K A K N ' B U Q G M N Z X E S Y J N A C T . -- Y Q R Y M L Z V V Z R Yesterday's Cryptoquotc: TO PLAY GREAT MUSIC, YOU MUST KEEP YOUR EYES ON A DISTANT STAR. -- YE- HUDI MENUHIN. (o 1969, Kins Features Syndicate, Inc.) HENRY By Carl Anderson ARCHIE By Bob Montana WHAT'S | .THE OLD ) YES.T TAUSHT N RAKE A IN A ONE-ROOfA ) FOR?..A YES, we RAKED HAY FOR OUR FOUR-LE6GED SCHOOL BUS...AND IN THE WINTER WE'D HANS WET AAITTENS ON IT BEHIND THE STOVE/ BUT EVERYTHING'S MODERNIZED NOW...,, ...SPEEDED UP. . SOX TEETH. REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis JOHNNY HAZARD By Bob Montana State Bank of Greeley Member F.D.I.C. FREEFROViP PIFE_BUT " WRISTS STILL NO TIME TO FINISH THE 3DBHERE, KUAN .'HELP ME SET AWAV... Li'I ABNER TITLE--LI'l Abner Her. U.S. fit. Off. ( HE'S BOUGHT ATHRONE, ACROWM,ArJDA IVf iU. BE A KIMS.'.' KINO OF PORK AMD ftEANS// AMD YOUrSALOMEVAND PORKMOV WI10. MAKE ME ONE.'/' WHAT'S WROMS WITH MR. FATBACK?

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