Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 24, 1969 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1969
Page 17
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Serious Side Effects Cool interest in Psoriasis Drug By HARRY NELSON The Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES - Enthusiasm for a drug that does wonders for many persons with psoriasis is cooling fast because of reports of serious side effects, a University of California at Los Angeles dermatologist said this week. The drug, Metholrexale, has through the years become one of the principal treatments for the skin disease. But increasing reports that the drug can make patients susceptible to infections, cause gaslro'ntestinal ulcerations an liver damage and produce othe serious effects are making doc tors much more cautious in it use, said Dr. Ronald M. Reisner Dr. Reisner said melhotrexat was used originally only on ver; severe cases. "However, there is such a cry ing need for a good treatmen for psoriasis that the dru: gradually came lo be used mor widely," he said. He said metholrexate still i useful in specially selects cses provided the patient, i waiched very carefully for sign of side effects. Methotrexate was developei to treat cancer and still is wide ly used for that purpose. Although psoriasis is no malignant, it is similar to can cer in that it is characterize! by the very rapid replication o cells. In psoriasis the epidermis o outer layer of skin produce cells si a rate about seven time faster than normal. This causes the characteristic scaly patches of skin on a red base. Methotrexate slows the rate of epidermis cell production. Un^ fortunately, the drug also af- fecls other organs which nor- jmally grow at a high rate. Examples are bone marrow jand the lining of the intestines. If the bone marrow is affected 'Selling of President'Not Big Hit With Its Subjects By LAWEMCE LAURENT Th» Washington Post Washington -- Joe McGinniss followed President Nixon's advertising experts through the 1968 campaign and "The Selling of the President 1968" resulted, ft is his first book and a best seller. ways, But McGinniss, 26, will write game, no more books, on politics. "I , lo ° greatly, the production of ust want to go back to writing blood cells is reduced and the ; person becomes more suscept- ' D ' e '" infections. Killing the any left." about people who aren't worried about their image -- if there are To Pad Or Not To Pad By LINDA DEUTSCH Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - , battle of the bra is shaping up i California swimsuits. The ques lion: to pad or not lo pad? Opening fire in the dispute Wednesday at the 1970 Califor nia designers' showings were the innovators--Catalina, Col and Alexa. They plunged boldly into a "no-bra" bikini looi which strips away padding wires and camouflage to leave "all you shining through" the bikini top. On the defense were conserva tives--DeWeese, Sirena, Eliza beth Stewart and Sandcastle-- who built bras into tunics draped their one-piece suits am even kept the demure boys shorts. Viewing her competitors swinging, sexy braless bikin tops, designer Elizabeth Stewar said, "It's my feeling that if it's that great show it. But hov many people do you know tha it's that great?" She added soft bras to al suits but made innovations in bi kini bottoms which were draped, scarf-wrapped or lied a the sides for a diaper look. Dubbing its bare suits, "the second skin" Catalina was in spired for the 1970s by the 1930s Clinging Harlow suits had haltei necklines and unfitted "petty shorts." Cole, also slinking into the un hindered "no bra" future, re called movie star looks of tlv 30s and 10s with its "Ruby Kee ler teddy suit" and "Doroth; Lamour s'arpng bikini." Expert Auto Body Wl-k COMPLETE PAINTING FREE ESTIMATES Wickland Motors 817 7th St. cells in the intestinal tract causes ulcerations and bleed- ng. Dr. Reisner said there is hope bat a drug now under study will e as good at methotrexate wilh- ut its side effects. The new rug is called vitamin A acid. t is applied to the surface of he skin as a cream. Its only :nown side effect is focal irri- ation. Dr. Reisner said the vitamin cid is experimental and is not n the market because the Food nd Drug .Administration has ot approved it for general se. He said it. is known that soriasis is an inherited disease. t does.not always make its ap- earncc obvious, however, ome people have only small atches on the back or the el- ows or knees. But about 33 per cent have le unsightly scaly patches on ieir faces at some lime dur- ng their lives and literally go nto hiding, the physician said. About 50 per cent of cases ac- uire the outward signs of the isease between the ages of 100, a time when awarneness of ·ippearance is usually sensi- ive. McGinniss' book hasn't exact- y delighted his subjects, who nclude Frank Shakespeare, di- ·ector of the United States In- ormation Agenc (USIA). The main complaint from the adver- ising executives who allowed Twentieth McGinniss to sit in at planning sessions and backstage for TV programs is that they understood he was doing a scholarly Sprays Hand-operated OMAHA, Neb. -- About 3.5 miflion pieces of pesticide equipment are used on U. S. _ .. arms -- more than one per ton. The use of 'spot' in politics armer. Two-thirds of ion equipment crated or nonpowered, includ- ng 1.1 million hand sprayers, 145,000 knapsack sprayers, 520,000 hand dusters and 15,000 dip- ring vats. The Corn Belt has the argest number of these non- powered units. Weld County Real Estate Transfers Document fees listed are at the rate of one cent per $100 of the selling price. Property selling for less than $500 is exempt. October 21 Joe D. Meglemre to Robert Jr. and Lougena E. Bowen, art of the SE/4 of Sec. 12, T N, R S8 W, DF $.50. Clyde and Juanita Behr to iarold M. and Ida B. Davis, Lots 29, 30, 31 and 32, Block Town of Frederick, DF $.52. Roy C. Mathews to Mark D. nd Joyce M. Belknap, Lot 2, Hock 4, Country Estates, third .ling, DF $.45. Roy C. Mathews lo Daryl T. nd Barbara Belfield, Lot 8, lock 3, Country Estates, third ling, DF $.50. Vernon C. and Bertha H. Morgan to Tom Tancredo, Lot Block 2, First Addition lo ranford, City of Greeley, also n easement on the N 8 feet f Lot 3, DF $2.65. Joyce E. Thomann to Eldon '. and Hope E. Keyser, Lot 4, lock 1, First Addition lo West- Jew, City of Greeley, DF $2.35. Wheeler Realty Co. to Wayne i. and Barbara K. Smith, Lot i, Block 10, Sherwood Park, bird Addition to the City of reeley, DF $2.04. Floyd J. and Betty J. Meis ) Charles C. and Joan M. ickell, the S 45 feet of Lot 6, nd Lot 7, except the E 76 feet " the S 20 feet, Block 171, own of Evans, DF $2.15. Larry and Kathy Johnston to alph G. and Lillie M. Otte, xt 4, Block 2, Philpott's Ad- ition to the Town of Fort Lupon, DF $1.48. Lester and Jessie Rotating to entecostal Holiness Church of atin American Conference of olorado, Lots 21, 22, 23 and 24, lock 1, First Addition to the own .of.Ault, DF $.75. this is applica- hand-op- study on the use of advertising in politics. Instead, he produced a biting, funny, readable study of the packaging of a candidate. "Politics, in a sense, has always been a con game," lie worte. "Advertising, in many he worte, "is a con too ... it is not surprising then that politicians and advertising men should have discovered one another. "And, once they recognized that the citizen did not so much vote for a candidate as make a psychological purchase of him, it is not surprising that they began to work together." At the end of the campaign, a study committee of the Century Fund con eluded that 70 per cent of political advertising on television was in "spot" announcements. Tliis is a polite term for a brief commercial that consists of little more than a slogan, plus pic- lures of a candidate and his :ame. This won't change, McGinniss said during a visit to Washing- will be greater, as long as they work. "The use of advertising techniques will continue to grow until people start disbelieving." McGinniss has been asked to testify at hearings started Tues- (D-R.I.) on a bill that would provide reduced television rates for Life's Like That Friday, Oct. 24,1969 GREELEY TRIBUNE : Page 17i" 'IF YOU CAN'T GIVE ME AW EYTRA MONEY HOW ABOUT 4TARTIN6 MY SOCIAL SECURITY?* congressional candidates. McGinniss is trying to-juggle his book promotion schedule to appear. One of the main effects of the book has been to send McGinniss' wife Chris back to college. She's enrolled at an extension division of Penn. State to study political science. "We've been married four day by Sen. John 0. Pastore years," she said. "But it's really only two years -- he's been gone so much." $14 Million Contract JOHANNESBURG - The engineering contract for the $14- miflion cement clinker sulphur- dioxide plant that Chemical Industries of South Africa is building at Phalaborwa has been awarded to Krupp South Africa, working in collaboration with the chemical engineering division of the $l-billion-a-year Krupp organizalion in Essen. Screwworni Plague May Hit New Low By DON KENDALL WASHINGTON (AP) - The Agriculture Department says screwworm infestations of livestock in southwestern stales may hit a record low this year if fall outbreaks can be held down. The Agricultural Research Service said only 211 confirmed screwworm cases wore reported during the first nine months of Uiis year, compared with 4,526 during January-September 1968. Nearly 10,000 cases were reported last year, the worst out- break since 1962 when the government's screwworm cradica- 1 lion program began. Officials had feared another year of widespread screwworm infestations after funds for the control program were depleted in the 1968 siege. But more money was made available and full production of sterile screwworm flies began again in March. Sterile flies male wilh females which then are unable to produce fertilized eggs, which are laid in open wounds of livestock. The ARS said also that ranchers in the area--Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California- had responded well by taking preventive measures against of livestock infestation. You cart get LOVE (cosmetics) at Weldorado Pharmacy-SH Green Stamps loo.-Adv. ^^^Ki^^^iil^^^v Jjfck' ·V*^p»®^ * "·N^'^PS*^ * * NT*- % GREELEY WEST p BOOSTER CLUB {g// is serving MJ« Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and Cookies after £r. the Homecoming Game. West High School Friday Night L« Team, Pep Club, Band, Students, [Jjp Alumni, Faculty, Parents All Welcome «· BEIRUT-Libya has granted mnesty to all political prison- ** «* *«r d +*· '^ v Our ilar-spangled banner pin, paved with imported stones in red, white and blue. $495 Open your custom charga today, Z ALES We're nothing without your love. I 806 8th St. Use Your BankAmericnrd Open Frl, till 8:30 352-6957] enneuf * ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 824 8th Street SHORTIE- CURTA1N SALE! Saturday last day ...hurry for first choice OFF Cheer your kitchen or bedroom with shortie curtains from Penneys! . . . Now you save 15% on your favorites. Choose from a dynamic color selection . . . smooth or nubby finishes and many are Penn-Prest so you never iron. Matching valances are reduced also. decorate your windows today . . . charge it The Finishing Touch -- Cafe Rods, Dura-Brass Decorative Dura-Brass Finish Traverse Rods: 30-50" extension .................................................. 7.00 48-86" extension .................................................. 1 0.00 88-1 50" extension ................................................ 13.50 1 30-240" extension .............................................. 20.00 Finish, 13/16" Round Rod 30-52" extension ...... '. ............................................. 2.29 52-90" extension .................................................... 3.29 66- ] 20" extension .................................................. 4.29 7 ?t3^5X~:-jW:-miws--j\:^^^^ OPEN 5 NIGHTS A WEEK TILL 8:30; SATURDAY TILL 5:30. CHARGE IT! VTJE^^^ »-·""»*« --*v«~~~~tt*fi?sr:- .imtw* ·B^'wrwwnS'"*

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