Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 21, 1962 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1962
Page 6
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Struggle tor Power Looms When Assembly Convenes Pigt^GREELEY TRIBUKE Fri^y^D^.Jl, lH2|Druej Effwtiv. - J " · w u.l «u* me pwpic VI UiC SWU. about to lake dictation from any-|And his 86.000 margin over the ! One Republican veteran, assur- ,|ed or anonymity, summed it up in about these words: We'll do about veteran McNicbols lends emphasis to everything he says. Moreover, he has backing to the hilt .from the Republican Party -_. --,,,,. .,v u U v «uvui urn »num ine nepuoncan rarty anything the governor wants done organization in the state-both at as long as he asks us first what the state and county levels should bo done. Also _ he has the ,,,,,,, ,,, hand | Kignt now it doesn't seem im- out favors and appointments-not portant, but it must be noted that only to important slate job. but few of the Republican legislative to numerous boards commissions veterans were partisans of the and committees. Since legislston governor-elect before he won the party's nomination. Overwhel- Ingly, they worked for David A. Hamil of Sterling in the pre-primary campaign. It is understandable: Hamll had been a veteran legislator: they knew him; liked him; and understood him. It may appear that all the cards for the struggle are in the legislators' hands. Far from it. The 46-year-old Love, a-, gover- Bthiud scenes at Colorado's I emor when it was the unpopular]' Love amfonly Love was elect Capitol a power struggle will take thing to do. Now. they aren't ed bv all the people of the statt place during the session of the about to lake Hirlatim. fmm snu-Un/i ,:. «*iv« ____·_ . L slate's 44lh General Assembly which opens January 2. On one side will be Ihe r governor. Republican John A. Luve. Against him will be the highest paid legislature in Colorado's history. It's a contest for domination between the legislative and executive departments of government and it always goes on-to some extent. It will be intensified in Colorado next year, however, as one result of the upheaval created by the 1962 election. During recent years, the executive has been dominant in the state. Democratic Gov. Sieve Me- Nichols told lawmakers repeatedly what he wanted done--and nearly all the time he made it stick. This irked veteran legislators, regardless of party. Now, with McNichoU being succeeded by a political newcomer, the lawmakers are intending to assert their independence. Major roles in the tussle will fall to the leaders of the Republican majorities in the House an Senate. They are likely to g backing at unexpected placi from Democrats, because the m nority is just as interested in e tablishing its authority as the m: jority. This doesn't mean that the R publicans in tlw legislature will t fighting the new governor on po icy matters. It does mean they look over his plans carefully an that they expect lo play a role formation of them. The Republicans in the legist lure view the situation this waj They kept the party alive an fighting for year: when it was disfavor with the voters. The hammered out the lax-and-spen Issue which ignited GP victoi nor, will hold one tremendous whip--only the governor has t h e , . . . . -- r ability to get the attention of the _' f!?f s ln the Hous ?.° [ Re P- want their friends and constituents to fill these posts, they have to get along with the appointing authority--at least most of the time. Beyond all this, a new governor always seems bigger and more powerful to new legislators than to veterans who have seen other! come and go. The beginners tend to stick with every wish expressed by a governor of their own party. There are 14 new Republican DON'T FORGET Mixed Coup!* TOURNAMENT Saturday and Sunday NOON, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 p.m. CLASSIC LANES 2451 8th Ave. 353-4275 people at any time, on almost an' issue. This Isn't listed in the Con Buckingham By MRS. R. E. LIVENGOOD "··".. «. 'ilov, Ulcic 01 C »1A 11CW BUCKINGHAM - Mr. and Mrs. Democrats among the party's 24 John Ford entertained at an House members and only one "has oyster supper in their home Sat- served before. He is Frank Ken- urday evening. Those present were J "' ' " Messrs, and Mmes. Ralph Ford _ _ j -it --... . t ft *"^ b -"-" avc ""' nave eigi; w «TM : ?, 6 " L accs ' five ^Publicans an a newcomers -- _, 0 ,, experience Three Republicans and one Dem o ocrat hear the "brand new" tap M" rV" * Pl"^ The others serve,, inlhe^' Raymer; D EI ,. · , °-- **"" "ut-t nepuoucans and one L^"!? 0 !..,! e _» ««l "«r «* "brand new" Mr a n d Mr, . ' Mrs. Clara Page left via train Already ' " e P UBli can state sen Friday evening for St Louis Mo s have asserleti 'heir inten- where she will visit her daughters tlon to TM lheir mvn a[falrs ' ·'· and other relatives for an 'ndeii- gh Love wasn ' 1 dircc "y involved. State headquarters had nite time. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Howe o Denver spent Sunday in Burking ham. Rudolph Mitzel received wor. that his mother, Mrs. Margare Mittel is in the Weld County Hos pital. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Salyer and Iheir children of Sterling spen rom Friday until Sunday with ler parents, Mr. and Mrs. Castor. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Armagost and P arlisan s are standing at arms' -"- --' " Bobby and Patty entertained at s birthday supper in honor of Mrs. I. E. Livengood Sunday. Includ- sd among the guests were Mr. ant Mrs. Carl Miller, Terry and Gayle and Mrs. Elsie F. Miller of Gree ey; Buster Fritz tnd Dick Hef : iner of New Raymer; Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Mitzel, Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Livengood and Kim Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Livengooi and Sandy. The evening was spcn in playing pinochle. Large Fossil Reef FORT WORTH - One of the world's largest fossil coral reefs is in western Texas, formed when a warm sea covered the area in !he Paleozoic era. A coral ree almost encircles Michigan and there is another rich store of fos sil coral near Louisville, Ky. CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS! for a lift Delicious Hot Chocolate McDonald's look for the golden arches McDonald's Amazing Menu 100% Pure Beef Hamburgers Tempting Cheeseburgers Old-Fashioned Shakes Crisp Golden French Fties Thirst-Quenching Coke Delightful Root Beer Coffee As You Like It Full-Flavored Orange Drink Refreshing Cold Milk 2440 8th Ave. resentatives--persons without any previous service in the General Assembly -- and their collective support could help G o v . - e l e c t Love. There are two other new Republicans--both former legislators--among the OOP's 41 House members. Also, there sre six new idquarteu ..__ some seleclions for leadership posts, but the senators disregarded them at a posl-eleclion caucu and picked their own leaders. They invoked seniority, but only because it suited their purpose. Such things can't be considered »ny sort of a Republican split. If something like that comes it will iave to develop later. Rattier, the signs show that the legislative vet- ;rans and the governor and his cngth sludying each other. The naneuvering, when it starts, will » done mostly in caucuses and conferences--but its results soon will become evident. Beetle Pickles Self BERLIN -- German scientists have discovered how Dytiscus water beelles keep thcrnsclves alive when their home waters dry up. The beetles possess glands secreting a fluid which has been found to consist chiefly of benzo ic acid, a substance used uidustri ally for preserving foodstuffs. By means of it the beetles "pickle 1 themselves until the rains comi again. BETHSEDA-Spectaodarty ME- ccsiful preliminary UsU of a nrw long-luting anti-malarial druf, C1501. may be a major breakthrough in the eradication of malaria, Dr. G. Robert Coatnev, a United States Government medical research expert and chief of the laboratory of parasite chemo- theraph), Na'tonal Institute of Health. Bethesda. Md., has reported. Lightning Firtt CHRISTMAS SHOPPiRS-Princess Grace of Monaco and her children, Prince Albert and Princeu Caroline, leave a sweets shop in Monaco Dec. 17 during a Christmas ihoppini trip. (AP Wirepholo by cablt from Parii) Charles Lett Named To National Atsn. Educational Group The appointment of a Greeley man to serve on the N'ationa Educational Committee of tlw Na ional Association of Insurance igents has been annouced. Charles L. Loll of the Lott In urance Agency will ilso serve as hairman of the educational com mittce for the Colorado Insurers Association, local affiliate ol NAIA. Four other Colorado men have ·eceived national commitree ap pointments. Gerard TcBockhorst of Denver has been appointed to the NAIA's Special Advertising Committee Jaurlce Baker of Colorado prings will serve on the Proper y Committee; and Walker Gar roll and Mormon C. Cohn, both of Denver, have been appointee ·ice chairmen of the Fidelity and Surety Committee and the Metro ralitan and Large Lines Commit ce, respectively. Nehru Gets Troops JAIPUR - Among the gifts Mi- Nehru received on his birthday ·ere 250 young men from the vil- age of Bherdana Khurd in Jhun- hunu district o( Rtjaslhan. The illage consists of 230 families and ach of them has decided to send nc member to the Army to fight the Chinese. The offer was conveyed to Ihe Chief Minister by he villase sarpanch who is also in ex-military officer. ANKARA - A slight drop in iollar volume of shipmenls to lh Jnitcd States is reported by Tur key. K I T C H E N CABINETS Bullt-ln Appilmcet WELLER LUMBER CO. SURROUND YOUR VRIST WITH A DIAMOND VATCH HY U N I V E R S A L II cut diamonds captional qualify plimenUheie Graybeal Jewelry 818 Eighth Street ight Time Zones WASHINGTON - North Amer"a has eight time zones, not just our as many people suppose, rom east to west are Atlantic, astern. Central, Mountain, Pa- fie, Juneau. Central Alaska, and ome time zones. WASHINGTON - Why does ightning start more forest fires n some areas than others? For- »try expert] don't know. But ·ooditlons o( climate, topography, ind forest itaod have been ruled nit in recent iludiei. LUXEMBOURG - American »nk methods ari to be used in /uxembourg. HONDA- A WMferfri Gtft Now Oi Dtsplty HONDA TRAIL M O.H.V, } pe«d. ideal (or tporUmcn, rockhuuniU, etc. 1)15 HONDA CA H, 1M cc, O.H.C. twin. 18% HP.. 44PM4. «!K trie starter. |4H HONDA C102 M CC, O.H.V.. 5 HP., electric lUrtir, auto mttic clutch. 200 M.I'.G. for dependable economical FUN truiDOrtatlon. HU HONDA CA77 Mt cc, touring. 1*40 Juit Arrived Kendo Hawk MOcc O.H.C. Twin. World'* taitett, flnttt, ufMt, mwt dt»«Rdabl*. 2SOCC Motor Cyclo--MtS.OC FORT COLLINS HONDA *«!«« lorvlu 511 Rlvenld. Drlvo 4*1-7717 Open t to BtSO Dilljr -- I to I p.m. WednMda? IUCIR SPORT WCC O.H.V., I HP, 4-.H**. 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