Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 28, 1972 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1972
Page 10
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British Treat Heroin Addicts With Heroin By FRED COLEMAN A»MCt*t*d Presi Writer LONDON (AP) - A heroin sddict who mistimed his lasl dose walked into a London clinic,-twitching. "You look awful," a doctor said. Then lie handed out a legal narcotics prescription under the tax-subsidized National Health Prog.-am. Oiice again a junkie had turned up' just for another fix that could eventually kill him, rejecting the chance for free withdrawal treatment at a government hospital. 'But at least there need for him to turn to crimes of violence'to raise money for illegal drugs. And with legal narcotics available, there was less profit incentive for gangsters to start mass black market operations here. He was taking advantage of Britain's system of treating addicts as patients rather than as criminals, a practice once denounced by former U.S. Atfy. Gen. John N. Mitchell as "'the surrender approach.' Big Question - . ' There's a big question whether the British system could work in the United States, bul evidence accumulates that il works tolerably weil here, following some key revisions. The number of addicts known to the government is declining. Perhaps more important, it is declining .among age groups. the younger Britain's drug situation pales oy comparison to the U.S. problem. At its peak there were probably fewer than 4,000 addicts in this nation of 55 million, against perhaps 200,000 in N'ew York City alone. But the British addiction rale grew alarmingly over the past decade, calling the whole system into question and forcing some major changes. In 1958 Britain had only 442 known addicts .on hard drugs like heroin, morphine, cocaine or on methadone, a heroin substitute used in withdrawal treatments. By 1968 the number had reached 2,782 and there were predictions of 10,000 by 1972. Ov«rpr«scribed The system was riddled with abuse. Rogue physicians privately overprescribed for registered addicts, who then sold their surplus to pay the rent or buy food, sometimes hooking a new young junkie. A new law in 1968 limited the legal prescription of narcotics to government-run clinics. By 1969 the number of known addicts on hard drugs hac dropped to 1,466. Part of the drop was due to a change in the method of recording addictions. The new system, in effect a census taken on the last day of the year, eliminated from that year's figures those addicLs who hari died given up drugs, left the counlrj or for any other reason hat Hippies, Activists Are On FBI's Not-Wanted List By CARL C. CRAFT Associated Prcn Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - "We permit no hippies in (he bureau. I can guarantee that," says J. Edgar Hoover. And ac- tivilists, "gay or otherwise," also are on the FBI's not-wanted list. Is he bugging elected officials? "I can say very authoritatively that no member of Congress ever has had his phone tapped by the FBI since I have been director, notwithstanding the claim of some that their phones have been lapped," says Hoover. Furthermore, Hoover said in congressional testimony re- l e a s e d : -Thursday,- "youths should be ;tried as.adults when they-commit a serious crime. 1 ·would; like to see the juvenile age reduced to 15." Welcoming Hoover to the House Appropriations Committee on March 2 for hearings on the FBI.'s proposed $336-million budget for the year starting July 1," subcommittee Chairman John J. RooJiey,- D-N.Y., defended Hoover against criticism. H o o v e r answered: "Mr. Chairman, I have a philsophy. You are honored by your friends and you are distinguished by your enemies, have been very distinguished." While Hoover was remarking about.a drop in campus turmoil, iiooney asked if any gay activists were allowed in Ihe FBI. Hoover replied: "We don't allow any types of activists in the.FBI, gay or other wise." Later, while expressing pride In the FBI's personnel-retention rate, Hoover said he stresses to special agents-in-charge "lha the most important investiga tkm is of an applicant for em ployment in the FBI. "Some agents have Ihe feel Ing that a hijacking investiga tion is the most important, o one where you have a shootou and that sort of thing. Tha may be true. "But here you are in vestigaling a man who wil work with you and be with you I can guarantei lie bureau, hat." Discussing other issues Hoo er said: --Delays in trials: "Ther las been a concerted effor made by some lawyers to rais all kinds of trivia in Iheir ob- eclions, postponements an 'arioiis other motions." or days and nights or weeks al lime; you have to be able to onsider him almost as a mem er of your family. "I ask not for average per onnel but for those above av rage in character, education nd personal appearance. Per OJial appearance excludes hip- ies. We permit no hippies in Denverites Held In Iowa Claim Innocence SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP)-- ["wo Denver, Colo., me charged with interstate tran: porlation of stolen cattle and !orged check said (hey were in nocent during an arraignmet in federal court here Thursdaj Francis Dsborne, 38 and Don-j aid Ledford, 36, were accused of taking 51 head of stolen cattle from Danbury lo Hershey, Neb. They were also accused of. carrying a $20,300 Forged check from Mapleton lo Scoltsbluff, Neb. Both Ihe alleged incidents occurcd in mid- December of lasl year. Osborne and Ledford had jeen indicted by a federal j grand jury last month. I «en deregistered. Previously ies« categories were listed as nown addicts. In 1970 the total dropped un- er Ihe new recording system 1,430. The 1971 figures are ot out yet. Abuses continued under the ew system, often because ard-pressed doctors in Nation- 1 Health hospitals lacked the me or training to deal with ddicls. In the early days of the clinic yslem doctors were known to rescribe drugs for a new ad- icl without even checking his rm for needle maiks. An ad iict could give a urine sample a "straight" friend, who ould then qualify for drug pre- criptions. By and large suet ibuses are dwindling. "They're getting craftier a! he clinics," an addict says. "In the beginning you coulc jet a prescription just by shoot ig water in your veins." Conditions vary with clinics lome have open doors, provide ,offee and sandwiches and pu' latients' paintings on the walls Others lock the outside door An addict complained, "If you ;o in with an overdose they lirow you on a mattress 'anc orget you. They'd be glad 'ou died." Clinics have to walk a tight ope," a Health Departmen ipokesman said. "If they pre icribe too little, the addic ooks eleswhere; too much am is tempted to feed the blac market. Hut the clinics keep he balance about right." Nothing To Offer Some doctors are discourage: by the low withdrawal ra(e "There is nothing we can offe an addict," one doctor com lained, "nothing as exciting a he buzz of heroin. They tab drugs because Ihcy like them." Although fewer than 25 pe cent of the clinics' patients op 'or in-hospital withdrawal care and many of (hem return late o drug use, the clinics ca claim some success. The state was prescribing 3. 100 grams of heroin a month i 1968. This was down lo 1,35 rains in December 1970. Th lumber of new heroin addict under the age of 20 droppe from 291 in 1969 to 140 in 197C according to official figure, Tlie big question has alway been whether the number of ai diets is not higher than the I tal that registers with the go eminent for legal drugs. People who use the black market, some experts say, could double or triple the official figure. In setting up the clinics the government faced the possibility that addicts willing to gel legal prescriptions from their own doctors would shy away from state : run clinics and look elsewhere. Denies Increase The Home Office, which is responsible for narcotics control, denies any significant increase i illicit drug-taking since the linics started. 11 claims this ·ould have shown up in a larg- rnumber of addicts sentenced i prison for other crimes. Or i hospitals reporting more inergency admissions for drug verrloses. So far there is no uch evidence. Addicts themselves claim ighter control of drugs at gov- rnmcnt clinics has forced up ie price of black market heron--from a pound a grain in 367 to 6 pounds or more today, 'hat means a rise to $15.60 rom 52.40. The Home Office admits con- :ern for evidence of an upsurge n illegal "Chinese -heroin" imported from Hong Kong over Ire past year. This is cheaper han pure heroin because it is ill with talcum powder or itoinach powders. Because o lie low heroin content, however, only a new addict on a ow is apt to find it satisfying To meet the black market, a aw due to lake effect later this ·ear will sharply increase jai leniences and fines for drug Kishers, while relaxing then or.users. M a n y British specialists doubt if the British control sys em would work in the Unitec tatcs. Dr. P. H. Connell, dircc or of the Maudsley Hospital's Irug dependence clinic nea xindon, says: "Our experience s (hat if there are other drugs avaclable illegally, the addicts vill want to score on Ihem." Britain has had little coping with problems of sof drugs like marijuana, which i completely illegal here. Unoffi cial estimates put the total o marijuana users at up I 300.000. There were 7,520 con victions for marijuana use i 1970, a GO per cent increas over 1969. Another British expert, a so- ial worker, believes (here is w real answer to the dm; roblem. "It is like a balloon,' e says, "when you press it in ne place 11 swells up in anoth- r--and always will." Redwood Country ' CRESCENT CITY, Calif. Jedediah Strong Smilh was the first American explorer lo see (he Northwest redwood country. He (ramped through it in the summer of 1828. A slate park 12 miles cast of Crescent City now bears his name. The Puzzle with the Built-in Chuckle ^fe Rearrange Fellers of Ihe four scrambled words below lo form four simple words. T U G R E T i F A R I E d K 0 D P E * 2 i A P E N 0 W 5 b 7 Woman Receives £,000 Damage Suit Award DENVER (AP) - A U.S. District Court jury awarded Suanne Rodgers of Colorado prings a $2,000 judgment liursday against Colorado Brings police officer David Turechek on. charges of false arrest. The jury dismissed false ar- est and false and malicious prosecution ' charges Bgains 1 liree other officers. Mrs. Rodgers, head of (he 'olorado Springs chapter of the S'aliomil Association for the Ad vanccmenl of Colored People, vas arrcslod in January 1971 on a charge of being drunk. A Colorado Springs Municipa One t h i n g n i c e about money is tliaf Ihe color of it never clashes with anything you're . it *-n y Q Complete iho chucldo quoted by filling in the missing \vord you develop from slop No. 3 below. f\ PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS ^ IN THESE SQUARES f\ UNSCRAM81E LETTERS TO w GET ANSWER 1 I J 4 i 4 " 1 Scram-Lcts answer on page 20 SAVE $$ on Vinyl Coated Steel or Vinyl SIDING We can cover the overhang We Can Cover Window Trim 4 * * * * *~ * * * f Deal Direct with Joe Pease, owner 14 Years Experience Pease Home Improvements 352-0936 Greeley, Colorado U03 9th St. 'ri., April 28, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 11 Court jury found Mrs. Rodgers nnocent. Mrs. Rodgers said she was at wlicc headquarters on NAACP msiness when a policeman asked her if she were drunk. She was later placed under arrest. She had sought $25,000 in damages plus $25,000 in punitive damages. COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE MURPHY LUMBER ^·········t ··········«· ·*· GRADUATION! · Think Ahead · Plan Ahead give a SMITH-CORONA from "Everything for the Office" ·=· 1303 Eighth Avenue , 'J Distribute: inquires invifeo Greeley Ice Cold Storage 1121 Ok An. « i t a a a o t» a e a a «_·a a a t a P _·_»·* e a e a a a n a a t a ^m a APRIL SPKIAL! i COMPLETE AIR CONDITIONING S E R V I C E · Completely lesl Ihe entire system (or refrigerant and ot! leaks · Clean insects and dirt from the condenser · Replenish refrigerant as required · Adjust compressor belt tension · Performance lest the system. Up to S12 (depending on condition) plus parts. E D W A R D S C H E V R O L E T CO. 721 Tenth Slrcel . Phone 352-7HO See us tor Ihe best in Chevy Service iVTiTTTS » » » » ' H I » 8 tVTfffm ft'ft'ft 11 8 » IT! WE'RE OVERSTOCKED! , . . IT'S GOTTA GO! 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