Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 10, 1967 · Page 4
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 4

Nampa, Idaho
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Monday, July 10, 1967
Page 4
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Idaho Free Press Caldwell New-Tribune, July 10,1961-4 PAGE OF OPINION HENRY TAYLOR COMMENTS ERUPTING AGAIN Ethnic Vote Bid Tempts LBJ BY HENRY J. TAYLOR The consensus President Johnson seems to be looking tor in the Israel-Arab postwar dispute Involves much thai is not our business. The quick Israeli victory got us off the hook In our policy of being all things to all men, which is at the root of most weaknesses in U.S. foreign policy. Exaggerated internationalism is as foolhardy and dangerous as narrow isolationism, and we should take the getting off this hook as a blessing. There are, in the American Interest, (wo sides -- and even more -- to the Israel-Arab dispute. The Arabs traditionally consider Ishmael their ancestor; (he Jews, Isaac, Ishmael and Jsaac never really understood each other but both were sons of Abraham and, ultimately, they did forget their differences long enough to bury their father, Not all Jews and Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Many prominent Jews protest the impression that Zionists speak as the col lee live voice of American Jewry. On the other hand, some organizations, such as the American Council for Judaism, seem to hold that Jews throughout the world, regardless of what citizenship they have, owe first allegiance to the nation of their EiMical ancestors, In effect, the Messianic Zionist interprets adualcitizensMpforevery Jew -- one in his country of residence, the other in allegiance to Israel. The most dynamic Messianic Zionists speak ot an ultimate and total "ingathering" of all the 13 million Jews in the world to the Promised Land, This is totally unrealistic. Last year, largely for economic reasons, about 11,000 Jews moved away from Israel - almost as many as came inlo the country. The Arabs use the argument unfairly but, on the record, Zionist aspiration does call for Israel's expansion up to her "historic boundaries" -- thai is, Israel as it existed under King David and Solomon. This would mean from the Nile to the Euphrates. Knowledge of this is deep and decisive in all Arab thought -and has been ever since 1948 when Israel increased her territory in the Palestine war by 3,000 square miles more than the United Nations resolution of November 29,1947, gave her. The Communists, of course, will gel into the Israel-Arab imbroglio on either - or both -sides In accord with the standard Red policy of fishing in troubled waters. But our gratuitous intervention would merely end as another shambles for the United States. Yet it is clear that Mr. Johnson is constantly tempted to make his usual pitch for the ethnic vote here at home, thus again violating first principles. COP HCWSUTTtlt ASKS Have Demos Reformed? TODAY'S EDITORIAL Let's Eliminate Handouts A total of 7.5 million Americans are on public welfare. Of these, one million reside In New York and it is estimated thai another million New Yorkers could qualify for welfare It they knew how lo apply for this aid. Because of tills alarming tact, New York has begun a new concept In welfare. Noting that most states cut otf welfare recipients once they find employment, thus discouraging them from working, New Vorkhas instituted a sliding scale ot welfare payments, depending upon the amount earned. Thus the person receiving welfare money gains an incentive to work. This definitely is a step In the right direction. But we'd like to see slates go even farther. We'd like to see able-bodied welfare OUR READERS SAY recipients required to perform useful tasks within a community until such time as they are able to find employment. Sen. Len Jordan, R-Idaho, would extend this Idea into other areas. Speaking at a Canyon County Republican picnic-Sunday in Caldwell, Sen. Jordan proposed that all federal government rent subsidy payments be considered as either loans or should be earned. Sen. Jordan suggestedthatapersonreceiv- ing rent subsidy money be retired toattend classes to learn a- trade orlo perform a task such as sweeping out a fefleralbullding. We like the idea of providing those living in poverty with ways to earn money, whether it be for welfare or rent subsidy. 1! makes more sense that LBJ*s handouts. Reds Want Church Neutral; Infiltrate 600 into Clergy (Reprinted from the Republican Congressional CommitteeNews- letter) Have the Democrats seen the light? Within recent weeks, Demo, crats have begun to talk about the evils of centralization of power in Washington and about local autonomy and local participation in Federal programs -- views which Republicans have long espoused. Kor instance, one of the early architects of the New Frontier and the Great Society, Richard N. Goodwin, declared the other day: "The growth in central power has been accompanied by a swift and continual diminution in the significance of the Individual citizen, transforminghira from a wielder into an object of authority. . .We are trapped in the liberal rhetoric which defines positive action as Increased spending, greater regulation, or new programs. "Centralized bureaucracies tend to become increasingly ineffective and proportion to the scope and intricacy of the problem they are established to solve. . . "One need only look at the fantastic labyrinth of welfare programs, the monstrous incapacities of the Department of Health, Education and Weline . . .as well as (he foreseeable futilities of IhenewDepartments ot Housing and Urban Development and Transportation to realize that something is wrongwith the old approach. desire tor goals toward which many remain indifferent oreven hostile while they are the province ot a removed and abstract central government." The idea seems to have caught on with the President's Cabinet as well. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare John W. Gardner came out the other day in favor of greater local authority and initiative and a number ot leading Congressional Democrats have voiced similar what not too-long-ago would have been "heresies." What happened? Have the Democrats reformed? Apparently not. They have just been reading the polls which show that people across the country are becoming more and more concerned about Big Brother and Big Government. A recent Gallup Poll, for instance, revealed (hat TOper cent of the voters-Republican, Democrat and independent--favor sharing Federal revenues with the States, a GOP position first advocated as far back as 1959 by Rep. Melvin R, Laird of Wisconsin, now chairman of the House Republican Conference. Another poll showed 49 per cent ot the American people view "Big Government" as the main threat to (he country. Another 49 per cent in another pojl believe that Stale governments can spend money more wisely than (he Federal establishment. Only 18 per cent felt the Federal Government could do it better. Columnist RoscoeDrummond, writing inlhe "Chn'stianScience Monitor," sounded this warning the other day: "it may well be that the Republicans will have to watch out lest the Democrats succeed in taking the issue of Federal decentralization away from them." Although, as Mr. Drummond suggests, the Great Society's Democrats may be trying to make off with long-held Republican positions, we are pleased rather than piqued. We welcome them aboard-whet her it be in support of the bloc grants approved for school aid, anti-riot legislation or decentralization of government originally proposed by Republicans. However, we believe it pertinent to note that many of I he Democrats' new-foiiod viewpoints are, in reality, oldRepub- lican principles that have guided the party since its founding more than a century ago. Perhaps the motlo of the 90th Congress should be: "The minority proposes and the majority confiscates." For more than 30 years nothing has been possible within the Democratic party without the backing ot organized labor and the Jewish and Negro votes. Today's dilenimatic pu'tl on president Johnson was thus sue- cinctly (and courageously) summed up by former White House aide Theodore C 'v-rtjnsen, speaking to the Ne A State Democratic Foru ..· .· the last national election: "The old urban coalition of labor and Negroe? and Jews and intellectuals las split into smithereens. The unions can no longer deliver their members; their preachers can no longer deliver the Negroes; and the ward captains can nc longer deliver the precincts." The Jewish population of the U.S. is asloundingly small. The Jewish Statistical Bureau officially gives it as 5.6 million, although this is nearly half the world's entile Jewish population. Nearly half the Jews in America, -in turn, live in New York City -- almost five times as many as in Los Angeles, the second largest in numbers. The concentrated political impact is disproportionate in the country as a whole, but (vital) the support President Johnson can get for himself and his policies, including Vietnam, among many of our talking-writing- teaching intellectuals, much of the news media and much of the communications industry will depend on his stance regarding Israel. Like our African policy, which is in a shambles, our Israeli policy reflects Washington's pitch for an ethnic vote in spite of the fact that our toreip policy should never -- never -proceed on the basis of domestic politics here. Violating this principle is one reason that what we do is treated with such suspicion in I he world. (C)1967,United Feature Syndicate FOREIGN COMMENTARY Reds to Attach Strings to Arms To The Editor: Is Atheistic Communism subverting the churches? tn his book "Masters of Deceit," FBI Director J. Hoover stated: "A dedicated clergyman, being a man of God, is a mortal enemy of Communism. But if he can by conversion, Influence, or trickery, be made to support the Communist program once, or a few times, or many times, the Party gains. If, for example, a clergyman can be persuaded to serve as sponsor or officer of a Communist front, lo issue a testimonial, or to sign a clemency petition for a Communist victim of persecution, his personal prestige lends wight to the cause." The church in Communist eyes, is an "enemy Institution" to be Infiltrated, subverted and bent to serve Party aims. How many Red sympathizers In the churchs? According to J. B. .\btthews, former chief Investigator forthe House Committee on Un-American Activities, the Gallup Poll a few years back made a nationwide canvass oftheradicalviews of clergymen. According to this Gallup Poll, 88 per cent of the clergy expressed the" view that "it is impossible to be a good Christian and a member of the Communist Party." Dr. Matthews then asked the question: "What about the 12 per cent, or 30,000, of the Protestant clergy who were either unable, or refused to affirm the complete irreconcilability of Christianity on the one hand, and the Comimnist conspiracy on the other" Dr, Matthews continues: "I confess that I find something alarming in the situation that finds 30,000 confused Protestant clergymen ministering to the minds and morals of the more than 6'A million members of their congregations," Communist clergymen -During the hearings conducted by the House Commiiiee on tn-Amerlcan Activities some time back Joseph Kornfeder, an eJt-Commimist gave valuable In- formation to the committee exposing Communist Infiltration in the churches. It Is estimated that there are up to 600 members of the Communist Party among the clergy In America. The Communist utilizes four means of infiltrating the field of religion. 1--The planting of Communists among the clergy . ..; 2--The channeling of Communist clergymen into seminaries where they can train fulurecler- gymen who will preach to multiplied thousands, 3--The reinterpreting of the Bible in such a way as to support the materialist philosophy of Communism a n d . . . ·1--The organizing of "social action" groups of socialist-minded clergymen, vho then lead segments of congregations into such political activity as will serve the ultimate purposes of the Communist Party. Many Americanclergymenanrt laymen are not aware that the Reds liave a well worked out plan for the infiltration of oiir churches and church organizations. Thisinfillrafionisplanned by a secret group of high-level Red agents labeled the "Clergi- cal Commission of the Communist Parly." This Red "commission" is composed of Soviet agents and American Reds, pos- in» as ministers, preachers and priests, v:ho have fallen away from the church and joined the Communist Party. Why are the Reds after our churchs? The churchs of America have, in the past formed an Invulnerable bastion of morality, opposing atheism and all evil. As such, they were able to imbue moral courage and integrity in the citizen of this nation. When the Communists invade religion they invade, as Stalin once said, "the ideological fortress of the enemy." If they should succeed with their deceptive methods to confuse religion to such an extent that It too, will be neutral in the fight between capitalism and Communism, they will have scored a tremendous victory, a great International a s s o c i a t i o n of churchs adopted a resolution declaring (he churchs to be neutral in the struggle between capitalism and Communism. If religion as the very foundation of civilization is made Impotent to the extent that the church declares itself neutral in this -- the biggest, most important struggle of our century -- then indeed there is much to worry about. A fellow traveler may be defined as an Individual who, from lime to time supports one or more organizations or campaigns operating under the indirect and usually unpubliclzed initiative and control of the Communist Party or its representatives. Every citizen of the United Stales, regardless ct religious affiliation, will be directly affected If Comnwnist goals are achieved. Remember -- Christianity is the strongest single bulwark against atheistic Communist. Defend yotir religion and your church by helping to root out Communist influence. It's up to you. Ne:iman Stallings Nimpa 25 YEARS AGO Caldwell Briefs -- Russia has nothing to teach the United States, President W.W. Hall, Jr. of the College of Idaho told the Klwanis club Thursday. Communism has taught Russia organization and unity, but democracy has taughl America thai too and If democracy has shown llself weak In peacetime II Is now showing llself strong In time of crisis, he declared. (July, 1942) "Decentralization would not only shift responsibility to Stale and local government. Private groups would also be involved, either by government. ., .or through Iheir own, self-generated efforts. "By thus directly engaging individuals, and giving them a sense ot participation and commitment, we coulrj stimulate the FACT and OPINION A concentrated attack on costly and thoughtless federal fiscal policies was delivered on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Wendell Wyatt of Oregon. He pointed out that, since 1960, the U.S. population has grown 10 per cent; total federal spending has increased 83 per cent; nondefense spending has increased 9V per ceni; the number of federal employees has increased 25 per cent; the cost for federal payrolls has increased 75 per cent and the federal government has rolled up a doticit of $50 billion. Cor., gressman Wyatt stated that if the government does not return to a financially responsible outlook immediately we could easily have a $300 billion annual budget at the taxpayer's expense. Today's Thought By If.B. DEAN "And God shall wipe away all (ears from (heir eyes; and there shall be no mure death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any mure pain: for (he former things are passed away." Revelation 21:4. Heaven will be a place of release for the redeemed. Mike Heaven your eternal home by laying claim on Christ the only way and means of getting there. Jesus said, "1 am the way the truth and the life, nomancometh tn the Father but by mo." By PHILNEWSOM UP! Foreign News Analyst Notes from the foreign news cables: RUSSIA IN MIDEAST: The feeling among western observers in Moscow is that the Soviets will continue their flow of arms to the Arabs--but with strings. The Russians, it is believed, will insist on sending "advisers" to Egypt and Syria to train Arab officers in the use of sophisticated weapons and also will seek some kind of political control so as not to be faced with the accomplished facts such as UAR President Gamal Abdel Nasser did twice within recent weeks: Once, when he asked removal of United Nations peace-keeping forces and secondly when he blockaded the Gulf of Aqaba. The Russians, meanwhile, will continue the reassessment ot their Mideast policy, KIKE WITH FIRE: The South Vietnamese armed forces lost one out of six soldiers to desertions last year but American officials now profess optimism that the trend has been reversed for good. They say the desertion rate nosedived after the government decreed heavy sentences for deserters with a possible death sentence for those who walk away from a battle. The usual sentence for deserting is five years of "battlefield labor," a penalty made dangerous by the fact that the prisoners work in combat areas without arms, digging bunkers and rebuilding fortific* 'Ions, b r i d g e s and roads. MAILED FIST: Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos has now given businessmen and criminals a glimpse of the mailed fist that ha has been hiding under a velvet glove for the last 18 months. In two swift moves, the frustrated president endorsed strict regulations to curb the steady decline of the nation's dollar-reserves and ordered a massive and ruthless crackdown on lawlessness. He placed two Manila suburbs under control of the Philippine Constabulary (national police) and warned that more communities face the same fate unless their local officials clean up crime on their SPEAKING Of TAXES How to Boost Efficiency By MAX YOST Associated Taxpayers of Idaho The one-cent Increase in the gas tax beginning Jan. 1, 1968, passed by the special session for the two years ending Dec. 31, 1969, will produce an estimated $6 million, about $4.4 million of which will be for the 19G9 biennium. Not all of this amount will be available to be used by the Idaho State Highway Board on the state or interstate highway system. There are several diversions, which we hope do not increase. The diversions are in compliance with the constitutional pro- vision that all motor vehicle revenues be spent on Maho highways- One per cent of the gas tax - not diesel fuel - is transferred to the waterways fund; this fund is used fo improve boating facilities in the various counties. This is not a diversion of Highway User Funds since the gas purchased for boat operation includes the highway Appropriations to operate the Department of Law Enforcement are made from the Motor Ve- hide Fund and the Highway Fund. It is nroper that the motorist DR. MOLHER OH HEALTH Won't in 111 BY JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dear Dr. Molner; How much eyesight does an infant have at birth? Please discuss its development up lo six months. -MRS. D.H.M. Little can bcdeterminedabout a baby's visual sense until the child is old enough lo cooperate. In early infancy the eyes don't focus. They wobble every which way. Either lhe"littlestranger" hasn't yet acquired the ability lo see, or hasn't learned how to aim his eyes. However, they apparently see light, shiny objects at a very early age-- eye movements can be determined after the age of about two months because the baby's eyes will follow a shiny object or a light. By about 16 months or (wo years color perception is present; red being dlstlnguistied first. Perhaps colors are recognized earlier than that, but we have no way of finding out. Of course, certain defects in the structure of the eye can be determined and examined by use of an ophthalmoscope which does not require the child's cooperation. It is an Instrument which permits the physician to look Into the eye. By six months a child should be fixing his gaze (not necessarily focussing) on objeclsand persons. One wonders, because of the motion of babies' eyes, whether they may not all be seeing double most of the time. If so, it doesn't seem to bother them. Dear Dr. Molner: I have had a duodenal ulcer for quile some lime and would very much like your opinion on how lo gel rid of it forever. -W.H. People HAVE healed duodenal ulcers and kept them healed,but it's a matter of leamwork between doctor and patient. If you want my advice, send for my booklet which, by the oddest coincidence, Is called "How lo Heal Peptic Ulcers and Keep Them Healed." Send 20 cents In coin and a self-addressed, slamped envelope lo Dr. Molner in care of the Idaho Free Press or News-Tribune. Dear Dr. Molner: Mydaughter has just returned from two weeks in the hospital with encephalitis. Is this "sleeping sickness"? How seriais Is it? Is It curable? Are there after-affects? -- E.F. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain, and frequently called sleeping sickness t-ecausethe patient feels drowsy. It roust always be considered a "serious" disease, but the intensity of the attack Is often the important question. Has it caused bleeding, abcess-forroa. tion or pus in the brain? No answer can be offered without some idea of theanswerstothese questions, because encephalitis can range from relatively mild to fatal. Likewise It can should pay for this protection. The largert diversion of funds from the slate highway system is the 30 per cant of all motor vehicle funds that is apportioned directly to the counties and cities as their share of the motor vehicle funds. Eighty-five per cent of the 30 per cent is apportioned to the counties and highway districts, and 15 per cent of the 30 per cent to the cities. The city's 15 per cent vas increased from 9 per cent by the 1963 Legislature. During the last fiscal year ending June 30,1967, there was $7,753,921 apportioned to the counties and $1,368,339 to the cities - a total of $9,122,260. An attempt was made during the recent special session to change the local distribution formula so that the cities would get the full 30 per cent of the additional 1-cent gas tax by changing the percentages from 85 per cent-15 per cent to 73 per cent-27 per cent. The attempt received immediate resistance from the county commissioners, and the effort did not gain the light of day on the legislature US al1 our Iives ' cephalitis, influenza encephal- Thus you see you've asked me Good' highways, roads and come from her doctor. '°

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