Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 21, 1962 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1962
Page 3
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La Salle. tA SAIXE - «., IJTA COOMIY H ^, -- ""no nonte ^ · ·» »»*» ·* · Builder, Club mrt M the home ***»*, the flew ^ Mrs. Ed Weber, Tuesday alter- ""· »'««»* read the "°°o. for their annual covered «*"*«» is each circle fluh turkey Christmas dinner tnseat met in their individual and exchange of gifts. Assisting circi ««- '« "an* officers lor the hostesses were Hmes. Doyle """"^ y«»f. Circle 1 will have u Jenkins ano E. C. Norris. The chairman, Mrs. John Parker, with group was seated around color- Mr NoWt Love aerviag at at- ful decorated tables in the holi- silUnt - 0"»r oficen will be se- flav truirru lositwl K* «L.:_ tl i »; _·_ day theme. Following dinner an exchange of gifts was nek) with the reveal- mg of secret pals for the past year and new names were drawn for the coming year. The balance of the afternoon was spent socially, with most of the women inspecting the bomb shelter. Those present included Mmes. Otlo Christian. Sr., Carl Christian, Josephine Davis, Sara Davis, Clayton Edmonds. GranviUe Hay, John Hemple. Will Huggins, Say Givans, Chai. Godfrey, Doyle Jenkins. Lee Johnson. Aubrey Ughtsey, Hazel BcKenney, Elmer Moore. E. C. Korris, Dale Norris. Guy Rowac, Ed WeDer and guest. Mrs. Lillie Barton, mother of Mrs. McKenney. The group usually meeting lo do cancer sewing the first Tuesday of the month at the Town Hall, will instead meet the second Tuesday. at the home of Mrs. Norm, with Mrs. Dale Norm assistiM the Presbyterian church met al the church Wednesday afternoon, commitlee as hostesses. MankaU. Mrt. L«v* "-- 'tri her w ° rktri dura* UK pit ys»r, the nxcfef ««r U Mr. Fred KidMrd Taiiri lected at their first matting ia January. Circle 2 elected officers as followi: Mn. Chat. Ginrao, chairman; Mrs. Chaj. Sylvtater, assistant leader; Mri. Ruth Quart, secretary; Mrs. Otte Chrktian, Sr., treasurer; Mrs. Lucille Stewart, Calling chairman. Uri. Chas. Girvan will be hosteu for the group in January with Mn. Carl Christian assisting the hottest. The meeting was closed with the singing of the hymn. "Silent Night, Holy Night." Mr. and Mn. Max Moter and ...,,..,,,,, their daughter, Paula; Mrs. Rose f\r p Moser, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boh- Ul tVQDS lender and their daughter motored to Sutherlaad, Nebraska to spend the holiday with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth White and their family. Mr. and Mrs. Freu Welgandt and their family; and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Weigandt will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. John -- , ,,,,,,,,,. ,,, w saa las J0|in Yieieann The January monthly meeting will of Brighton Christmas Eve for he at Ih, hnm. ,,( «,, £ c iimK an) g familv ^ Mr. and Mrs Aubrey Morgan Eagle Scout Richard Taziri. 15. received the Boy Scout Eagle Award at a Coiirt of Honor this week at Trinity Episcopal Church. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Noble Taziri of Evans. The award was presented by Charlei F. Clementz. former Mrs. Josephine Arens will have her guests Christmas day her Mrs. Francis Smith of Denver. scoutmaster of Troop 3 and now ' scoutmaster of Troop 10 of Evans ! ,/ * nd "" of U Salle : Mr - Taziri h U been a member of ?" d Mrs , Ger .^ "^tay and roop 3 for the past four y.ars theu " famd v of Gre * le ' from the group as were also In circle leaders. The meeting wa opened with the group singing "0. Little Town of Bethlehem, accompanied by Mrs. Chas. Gil van. Mrs. Melvin Blake conduclei the devotions, reading a Chris mas essay entitled "How High I Your star." by Frank Johnso Pippan, closing with a prayer b ORVAL JOHNSON GARAGE CompiiU Auto Servlct Ull llh St. J52-79U GARDEN KITCHEN Din*/Out (Carry Out) SPECIAL FOR THE DAY Golden Cruit Shrimp Fnnch Frlci « Shrimp Sauce Toned Iliad Hot Rolli and Butter S1.25 119 ISlh Street Ph. ,152-8045 guest of Mrs. Marian Donovan of Longmont, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Other guests will be Mr. and Mrs. Vern Welch and their family of Denver. Mrs. Verna Cunningham plans to spend her Christmai holiday with her sister at Alchison. Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Christian will entertain at dinner for Mr. and Mn. A. J. Power of Denver and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Christian and Urita. Mrs. Josephine Davis will have as her guest' during the holidays of Fort Madison, Iowa. Mrs. Minnie Hull and her father. Ed Fuerst. will have as their guests, her grandson family. Master D. M. Downing. Sgt. and Mrs day. Mrs. George Behrens, Mrs. Nell McKenney of Greeley, and " . Mrs. Ruth Wortham of Cheyenne ' Wyo. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. D. Birrcll Birreii and their family in Greeley. Mrs. Grace Behrens will be a t of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Uhan Mr. and Mr. Clayton Edrwods, Beatrice Taylor of Grwlev and'n L J k. I i aod tteir childre. will te guatsloscar Mttiiinis of Bould.-i." jreflDOdy Named at tie home of her shier and 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bohleflderia,i__., ""OSS. j brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ho»' «* their family in . entertain for Mr. and Mrs. Russ an or r. an rs. Russ - . rs. | f i g h , Wilson and their family of West- «»«« *· Dale Bohlenders will ^ minister; Mr. and Mr.. Roy John- * '"^ at a P 3 ^' TM* 8'-"- «"- Ma^ son and their son and Mr. and chan S e for Messrs - and Mrs. Vern Johnson and family of Kersey; Mr. and Mrs. Bob John- ersey; r. an Mrs. Bob John- e e y ; ajne son of Greeley; Mr. and Mrs. Ed H"? 1 * 5 and th fir 'amilv; Milo Tanberg and son of La Salle and Bon l CT der and Vandeen of Fort Mr. and Mrs. Herman Martin and CoUins *"* Bwn son of McCook. Nebraska "*« «* Greeley. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Weber will " r , ^ "?' Cra '? M Todl1 entertain Christmas Dav for Mrs r . son - Oar '' wU1 s l* nd e n e a n rsmas av or Mrs . , - ' Elsie Cleveland and family of hobday vacatlon "" California at D ° W1W wlth Mr ' Todd ' s m o t h r Denver; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Web- of Greeley; Mr. and Mrs er of Greeley; Mr. and Mrs f "". reatives ' En route Fred Weber of Denver; Pat and .? wJ ! Vls " her brolhei and his T ~,.i:_ rt\ ____ i . _ j _ . . j . » ..... Wile. Set. anH Vr RainK^M Richard Taziri Troop : during which he served as patroi leader and senior patrol leader leaoer ana senior patrol leader. "J""" TM m »pcro me oay wun He was alto nominated for the tneir so ° iuul famil . v ' Mr - "^ Mrs. ""' """" : " " ------ Report to the Nation. He received the God and Country Award of the Methodist Youth Fellowship and is also on the wrestling team at College High School. Don W. Chaloupka. advancement chairman, presented first class awards to Steve Little, Rich Maylolt and Rich Straight; second class awards. Ken Maylott, James Stewart and Jay Underwood. New scouts sworn into the troop were Clay Gorman, Sob Kelly, Mike Jones and Mark Halverson. Scoutmaster Joe Boshinski re- Mr. and Mrs. Lee Johnson will C * ne Da - v and lhelr l »TMly: Steve - Daaa - ^ * Gre *ley. On Christ. - · J - J - Bender of La Salle; Leon M. v. wuKuirci wi t^a ooijc LJCWI . , · J Bohlender of Greeley: Wajnei^l* '^P 1 * 1 *' 1 M oftidal caj) - D °, W1WJ ; wlth Mr ' Todd ' s mother re ' atives ' En route Leslie Cleveland and Judy Walker of Loveland. Mrs. E. C. Norris will have as her guests for dinner Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. Don NorrL- of Sunday guests of Mr. ud Mrs. Will Huggins were Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Aubrey Lighlsey will entertain at Christmas dinner in the evening for Mr. and Mrs. John Lightsey and their family of Montrose; Mr. and Mrs. Orton: Mr. and Mrs. Leon Vannest and lheir family: Mr. and Mrs. Wilbu Mr. and Mrs. Guy Howan and Byron will spend the day with Otis Rowan in Denver. Mr. and Mrs. GranviUe Hay will war . . e ay w last Sunday. Taziri is a member spend the holiday with their two !"· K °" a lil ! uor °P lion issue of the aTM a " Ttlls would P ermit Mle s of liuor Alan Chaloupks was awarded :he Bronte Palm above Eagle by Dean Clay, Long's Peak Council W M t l b l U l and his execul i ve Mrs. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS The Rev. Charles V. v oung of A coffee hour followed the cere- at dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Chas. plan to spend the holidays" with Cbeek of Ba t«'sfield. Calif., and their son, Mr. and Mrs. Ben H Ch( * ks moU ' er ' Mrs Dora chrek Mrs Donna McClcllan will be a guest in the home of her brother and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Johnson in Greeley. Christmas day. . . ,, , ------ -- '' in Grcelcy, Christmas evening lor Mrs ' Nellle Me and her dau S"dinner. ler - Penny, will be hostesses to Mrs. Bertha Woods will have as Mr ' and Mrs ' GetK Cole ana lheir her guests for the holiday, Floyd TM lly !"' Woodliln ' i !?ar t. Colo; Woods, and Mrs. Melva Griffin of Mr . ani , Mrs . ·'. M. Girvan and Chiro, Calif family of La Salle, Ray Lehman Mrs. Hazel Pless will entertain of Lovelaild and Gcr O' Carrol of Mr. and Mrs. Kred Weigandl We Will Be CLOSED Saturday, December 22 and Monday, December 24 Moffat Paint Glass 1115 8th Avenue 352-6625 now the exquisite New Spray Eau de Toilette · Bellodgia · Fleurs de Rocaille · Nuit de Noel 56'-'° each ( ; n 0; ) -.Refill The woman you remember.., wears Caron ADAMS' PHARMACY 9nn itlh AVI?. Gill. and their family will be Christmas day dinner guests ot Mr. and Mrs. John Martin and their family of Fort Luplon. On Friday they will attend a Christmas party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. It. J. Vincent. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sylvester will entertain for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bauer and familj of GRB- loy; Dr .and Mrs. Galen Callender and their children of Arvada: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sylvester with their family of Longmonl. and Elmer Sylvester of Denver. Mrs. Lucille Stewart plans to spend the day with her daughter's family, Mr. and Mrs. John Gordon and their daughter in Denver. Mr. and Mrs. (T«i. Dkkman will spend Christmas at home with a dinner hi the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Ludwig will entertain nt dinner Christinas (or the following: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kn.tub and family of Denver; Mr. and Mrs. Barton McKinney of Gill; Nadinc MrKenney of Ixive- land; Delia and Hoy Hevcr of l/ovcland; Henry Gooch and Mrs. Hay.rl MoKenm'y and Mrs, Lillie Barton of Greek 1 ). Thp following group will havr Christmas d i n n e r toRollicr: . and Mines. Koper Reeve: Ralph Reeve and family; Roper itocvc .ir. ;mn Kiinily; tleo. Mc- Clella nand rhildrrn: Donna Mc- Clcllnn of Grccey; Ixwll Straight and fiimily of Grerli-y; Jrrry Straighl and family of Kurt I'ol- lins; John Morris of Denver; Jimmy Morris rf S.ill I.tke City, Viah and l/niisi- Hccvo. Mr. and Mis. Konnoth lleadlry ! Millikrii will entertain for the llowinc Christmas day: Messrs nnd Mmes. linbl. Kidci; Kennrtli (Alloy ,-ind [nmiiy oi Denver; N«ilr jC.irh,ii!!;li anil fnmily (t IX'nver: Ted Kur7.yn,T nnii eliiidren o[ 1^ i.^nlle; Kllim ('np)icrninp ot Gil leresl; Ullic L\ of (irerlry Mr. nnd Mrs. t;. II. Braltir wil spend a week dm inn t'hrolirm: vaealicn nl ihr hnmc nf Ihei,- son Mr. nnd Mrs C. W Bpallic mid their fairiily at Omaha. Nebraska Mr. and Mis. May will l'.,i\e t'liiistmas ilinwr at liifii Iwme for Messrs .-ind Vmes Marian (iivnn of Rrrxanlifldl For cst Straight snd Mrs. l.i?uc (inan o( U Sallf, Mrs. lAK'ille Johiwn «nd chiMron and Mrs. Mahle ningmati of (irrvlrv. and their families at Glen- le. Ariz. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Moore of reeley will have as their guests the Camfield Hotel Christmas . and Mrs. Merrill Adams and Mr. and Mrs. entertain at Christmas din- !^ Uv 'Jfe- 21 ' 1%Z ^REELEY TRIBrXE Page 3 . TM re «-nt STON AP -it's ofdnai -j xrrat Endico'.t Peabody has overcome a \igorous election! ~'[ht. a recount and court action: aod an- wyes and K '«» V* « Gov ' - Ma^achuse'ts ' , ~ , 1 roumil Thuriday! WILD BIRD SEED 10 lo«. . ....... ____ 794 50 ibi. ___________ JJO ANDERSON SEED CO. 710 Sin A v e n u e Material, _ installation All styles WELLER U:MBER co. wife, Sgt. and Mrs. Reinhold Grosskopf at Phoenix, Ariz Mr. and Mrs. Gene Freeman and their family will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hutchi«or California where they will spend the Christmas holiday visiting h relatives ia Lakewood and Gardenia. -Mr. and Mrs. John Hemple and Richard will have as their guests for the holiday dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hemple of St. I/mis, Mo.. Mrs. Matilda Osier of Greee- ley and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Johnson of Greeley. To Hold Liquor Election BOULDER of this (AP) - Residents city will vote I permit sales of liquor by the drink hi restaurants, hotels and clubs, and by the bottle in liquor stores. At present nothing stronger e a m e ote Cristmas , e sronger y Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moore lhan 3 ' 2 P* r cenl beer may be d their children of Albuquerque, s ? ld here - Petuion s for the elec- M. and Mr. and Mrs S C '' on w * re presented to the City ill and their sons of San Jose' ilif. Christmas dinner guests of Mr d Mrs. J. L. Carpenter will be Council. A liquor-selling defeated at an el in 1958. proposal was !ction in Boul- P l HT-AYTIi !()FCIIII| STMAS llAilAAllll GIFT VALUES NO PAYMENTS 'TIL FEBRUARY. 1963! * ftl full Mtttti iptiktr 4 }Mt ··ft.ttic ti»»twtl,lf Hif-ttmr i..e ,rm G«l 1*1 for on exciting icniotion in lound wi thit W«itini|h3ui« phonogroph in duolop.*, luggagc-lypo tobinel. Duol lopphir* (lip-over tottridge plo,, 16. 33'/i, 45 ond 7« tPM rccofdt. Suit your tone in lound with inaividual 1 ZALE'S TREE TRIMMERS FOR LAST-MINUTE ^ GIFT SHOPPERS TV TRAY SETS with rack. Metal fiber glass. 10.95 to 15.95 Swivel Rockers S 42 95 Nylon fabric, foam reversible cushions Recliners Nylon or plastic fabric HASSOCKS A L L C O L O R S MosL site?, slinpes in- cluding atorape type. .4.95 to 22.95, to Platform Rockers ? 27 95 from Occasional Rockers Nylon or plastic fabric SAMSONITE 5-pc. Card TABLE SET Sl'ECl.M. 29a95 TABLES SPEHAI, 14.95 CHAIRS PEriAi. 7.95 Set of 3 LIBBY GLASSES and CADDY Special 1,99 PLAQUES and PICTURES 2.95 to 29.95 POLE LAMPS snd ROOM DIVIDERS 10.9S to 42.95 RECORD CABINETS' Walnut, mahogany, blond, maple from m*am*ifj 'I STKI' TABI.KS. MA1THIM; COKr'KE TABLE 24.95 HIRSCHFIELDS Furniture 2207 9th St. 352-3187 Parkin? -- Ternjs _ Kr*e I»tli%rrv

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