Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 21, 1962 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1962
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for Parties Everywhere AN ADOftCSS »Y SANTA CUUS - just «s kids and Kiwanians were singing Christmas «roi,. He went ,,, the microphone and held I t a A TAP SOLO for the 175 children at the Wks Club Christmas party for crippled children Thursday afternoon was performed bv Judy bicemann. Judy's was one of several dances performed by members of the Mary Funk School of Dance. Judy is a full-time m- sutant at the school. Her nlo was the "Song of India " Tribunt photo by Paul Edscorn. Millions Begin 4-Day Holiday CHICAGO (AP) - Tor millions of Americans, the Christmas holiday begins today with the windup Donovan has eipresaed opti- of office and factory chores. mism "»t th* veterans ot the Chraimas is neit Tuesday and A P ril 1IM n«*ian at the Bar of tta pattern for a majority of p «» *fll be Iterated by Ckrfat workers was a four-day holiday cau - ^ returned here after an Deluding the weekend and Hon- ··""I** riaittonortto t* check day when little commercial acliv- on lne «t«*piles of drugs and ily · expected, and ending at the foods . "Ported worth' »SJ million, close of Chrislmas Day. accumulated by plane, truck »~* The long weekend is expected train - Donovan took with him on his .., , C * RN * T '° NS were S' vc " t« numbers of the Golden Age Uub Senior Citizens at a special Christmas parly held Thursday morning at (he Colorado Theater. Here Sue Andre present! car* nations to Mrs. Bertha Itlioad.irmer. cenlor, 1026 23rd St Rd and Mrs Helena Scliiutcr, 518 9th Ave. 5lwl«i of IK. jxrtiti art n j ------ - -- . P»?t W. strands Air Firm Advised JTravelers in STOCKHOLM-A Swedish bail- KJ-.I.L,, r I 1 L bearing. company is conlr,bul.j I N O r t h e r n t o l l f . ing technical experts (or a newl SA.\ KRANCISCO HP) _ steel works being built near Sao Tho-i«nc)« nf ir n ,,j A i»rj Paulo. Prmlurtion is to , , , ' 5l TM d?d hollday au ' travelers braced themselves Fri. for another IOHR wait al fog-bound stflrl In 1965. The Weather The temperature ot 2 p.m. Fri day was 4,1. I/oral for "4 Imurs ending ! a in. Fnrlny- Great Western: IliCli, r.; ln\v. !R Public ^erviec: High. 31. low. 17. Barometer al a a.m. Friday: . 30.02 nnd fulling. Run rises ami seti Salurday: 7 IB .i.m and 4.30 p.m. COLO. FIVE-DAY FORECAST The average trin|x*ralure will range from a little above normnl wpsl (11 n little below seasonal east, frequent temperature ciiang- e-, east p.iiticin: scattered light snow likely in inmiii.ilins and east iwkoti around bff'.iiinim: of v/eek; highs in 40's \\anncr days. 30's and ,10's colder days; Imvs 20 lo 30 warmer mglils. in teens i-nl(ler nights, nnd near wro in airports Ihrougboul Northern Call, (ornia. The weather bureau ssid a ground · clinging blanket of fog extending inland from Red Bluff In south of Fresnn would most likely persist .M least until Snlur- dav. io include holiday trips for countess families bent on joining reunions, and thereby, the National Safely Council says, hangs an unusual traffic accident peril. Wilh heavy highway travel, un- between 650 and 750. The estimate covers a 102-hour wriod from 6 p.m. (local time) oniplil until midnight Tuesday. The council also estimated thai wtwcen 27.000 nnd 33.000 persons will suffer disabling injuries during Hie period. Negotiations Continue in PW Exchange ·y GEOftGf ARFf LO HAVANA (AP)-Ne w York attorney James B. Donovan is reported still making progress in his negotiations to win the release of 1,113 Cuban invasion prisoners. This word came Thursday night from a spokesman for a commit-i tee of Cubans in whose name Don-i ovaii is negotiating for release of j the prisoners in exchange for mil- tons of dollars worth of American drugs and food. Donovan provided no details on the progress of his Ulks wilh Ihe Fidel Castro regime. The freighter African Pilot sup- Plied by a committee of American shipping companies to the Ameri. can Red Crou, began round-the- clock operations at Port Ever glades, Fla. Truckloads of donated medicines and foods were transferred to the dock from an airfield near Miami. -- - ^ """mfcl*"!*** IVfV Kennedy, Mac Announce NATO Nuclear Pledge ~~ ~~ iy WILLIAM L RYAN tan mriM-ln,** «--,.., ,j ...-:_ ._..*^ Forecast Shows Snow Likely First of Week DENVER (AP) - For Colorado residents thinking about Christmas weather, forecasters today iredicled scattered light snow in i« mountains and the eastern action at the beginning of next eek. A mixture was predicted for £L " YAN * 3 '?' (AP '-r»*- homber forces for use by NATO · which would decide Ihe i" naroia Macrrullan an- cy missions and targets nounc«i Friday a historic deci^ -The United Stati agreed to ion to create at once a nuclear force and put Polaris-armed Brit- isb submarines in aclion under (he North Atlantic Treaty Cation banner by 1970. The far-reaching agreement to give the Western alliance a broadened nuclear shield takes effect in two stages: -The United States and Brilain agreed lo set aside immediately Announcement of the Nassai agreement followed four days ol talks between the two leaders Both considered the document the -ine umted States agreed to most important and portend Bnum intermediate- product of any of their sbc ££ warheads-tor -- ~~"«"ivu iirtiu uu- :q rrencu dec clear force and the United States reached, however. was believed France al. has been invited to accepi ~ , ... . Pclari s weapons under the same These forces will be committed set of conditions. to the new mullination NATO will asign to NATO one Polaris- the British. alurday, the final big shopping day before the holiday - fair ties in the soulhwest and lighl now in the northern mountains ind northeastern section. The warmest temperatures expected Salurday will be in lie Ws in the south and west. Eagle! ·as the state's coldest spot to-j · FRANK GAPPA ay with 3 above asro. I Greeley's School Board faced ajgram He told More snow hit the mountains crucial stage in the district's morning that ' id the eastern Klnna Thm-oli,. Vhml Klttl/tinn HI.HH._ ev.:j . . ,TM j u . , -- ---··»· "K ouiitai oaie ai wucn Brit armed submarine for each simi- ain could begin buying American Ur undersea craft equipped by made Polaris missilS would School Board Defers Action on New Bids ht but at the lower elevations a"er new bids on proposed ele- was a puny slorm for De- mentary school No. 4 were open cember. It left less than an inch ed late Thursdav. covering on lawns in Denver md skies were sunny today. Fogginess hampered visibflky tre Thursday and caused some No decision on naming the successful bidder was announced following an informal board meeting after the bids were opened. -- .«_w v «u u vauacu MJQK 6 «"i« urc uius were openea delays in plane landings at Staple- The board has 10 days in which on Field. Control tower officials '" '"' said the fog did not oVlay takes. Pueblo had the state's highest mercury reading Thursday, a mild 52. Ljp^tuga wuu a UIQ 01 9463,459 The Weather Bureau warned ol Apparent low bidders on the dec a severe cold front heading into trical and mechanical phases the Grea "TMTM «"""·» ri~j.;- -« " -- - · ·----*«"· *··· umniiuajr, «im niooi*na UK Reports from the United States Wy 0 ""!? catching much colder said the freighter will be ready w * a ' h * r ""' "·· --"-'- ·'··-' to sail for Havana by Saturday weather. But the bulletin did not Jay this frigid front would extent into Colorado. The Colorado Highway Department reported theae conditions on Florida visit a list of goods prepared by the Castro government. Castro originally demanded |S2 million for the prisoners' freedom. Enrique Llsca, director of the ,, ^ "·-·- "" uiujuuc j-ixca uirecior 01 trie favorable w.ntcr driving condi-Cuban Families Committee said lions in many areas, and thou- in Miami the fact that Donovan sands of relaxed and inept drivers did not confer with him during his on he roads, the council said, visit was a good sign that to tfaf fatalities are likely to run .ad been no hitch in the talk! the Great Plains area from Canada Saturday, with Montana and Loveland -- Overcast, windy, tibilky goor, pound blizzardj road snowpacked, sahcleii." Bertboud -- Light snow, road snowpacked. La Vela -- Clear, 1 inches of new snow, road snowpacked. of new snow, road snowpacked sanded. Wolf Creek - Clear, road icy in spots, sanded. Vail -- Overcast, road snow packed, sanded. orward looking program." He said the district was going into an entirely new educational (Continued .on page 20) to act. C.l«. Sprinii Firm L.w Apparent tow bidder on the gen eral construction phase was Lembke Construction of Colorado Springs with a bid of were Mitchell Electric cf Greek' with a bid of $46,i« and Wra ; Plumbing and Heating of Fort Collins with a bid of $150,165. The bids, if accepted, would make total costs W59.864 not in eluding architect fees and cost o some movable equipment. TTiis amount would be origfnaHy , for school No. 4 in the bond issue proposal. J Ctntral CMtrnicfiiin BMt The board received five gen- ral construction bids Thursday as opposed to the two received at the original bid opening Nov. 16. "_n «uun, iw«nj uiurijJdUACu. "J^ viuijuiiii utu uycumg :\uv. 10 Monarch -- Overcast, 3 inches Johnson BuOders of Salina, Kan., f ..... -- j , , contractor on the three new elementary schools now under construction, were apparently second ow with a bid of $470,000. Second ow on the electrical bid was J and H Electric of Greeley. and works. The safely council's spread of 00 in ils holiday projection of ataiilics covers a range includ- ng (he all-lime Iraffic death toll or any holiday -- 706 duri Adlai Denies Soviet Threatens in Congo Battle Mountain -- Partly over-i^ 3 "TM and Co. of Denver cast, road snowpacked, sanded. J '""" Rabbit Ears -- Snowing lighl ly, road snowpacked, sanded. dUric with a new. Dominican Leftists Take Early Lead By ROBERT BERRELLEZ SANTO DOMINGO (AP) -- Th left-leaning Dominican Revolu tionary party surged into an im pressive early lead Fri. in una ficial returns from the Dominican Rtpublica's first free election in 38 years. Returns compiled by independ ent newspapers and radio stations 970, since no especially-equippec submarines could be built befor« hen. Britain will pay for all mis. iles supplied but will not shan U.S. development costs of 12J illion. The British will furnish their own Polaris warheads. Both the United States and Britain placed one condition on com mitment of nuclear forces tc NATO. The two countries reserved he right to employ independently bombers and Polaris submarines assigned to NATO, in any caw involvin "supreme national interests." The agreement represented a oog step toward the solution oi wo problems which have plagued the two countries for months: reform-minded J u . j ----· ·-*"« !·*· fa tOft *rHt. Vinaio A. FialJo of the conserva- . - tive National Civic Union in the race for president. The morning newspaper El Caribe said the conservatives scored i ·ictories in the key Cibao Valley region but they were not expected to be enough to overcome the Revolutionary party's heavy vote in Santo Domingo and its environs. El Caribe reported that in the ederal district, where one-tenth national vote is concentrat- low on the mechorJcal . Costs on schools No. 1. 2 and 3 have already exceeded the bond UNITED NATIONS N.Y. LAP) .. p^ Mw ut u ,,, haye -AdlaiE. Stevenson declared Fri- 16 in mid-Januarv. They will be day tna the sole objective of the from Ethiopia, lialv. the Philip- o.S. military mission to the Con- pines and Sweden ' go is to strengthen the efforts of o\vesl four-day Chrislmas tolls ince World War II was 535 dur- ng Christmas weekend of 1951. n Insl year's Ihrec-day holiday, here were 524 traffic' fatalities. COLORADO-Fair tonight v'HillnvcM S ; i t t i n l a \ ; im ro elonitine:ss norlli and ( day \ \ i t h light Miuw mountains anil norlhr, afternoon; uannor inn 2nd Hoffa Juryman Dismissed by FBI By GAVIN SCOTT NASHVILLE. Tenn. (AI'i ~ A second juror was replaced on Ihe Hoffa Irial panel Friday. The juror said. "An FBI agent lold me somebody from Detroit or Ixiuisvillp was trying to con. tact me." However. Crallin Fields, a 70- year.old retired worker, denied that he or any member of his family hail been ccntnctcd by unification plan. The U.S. chief delegate lold a news conference he knew ot no Soviet interference in the Congo and said there were no political implications in the Congo visit of the eighl-man U.S. mission. "As to Soviet interference," he said, "as far as I know there isn't any whatever. 1 hope 1 am properly informed on that subject." Slevenson's remarks were made as Robert K. A. Gardner, ihe U.N. in the Congo, headed back LEOPOLDVHLE. the Congo (AP)-U. Gen. Louis W. Truman and a U.S. military mission arrived here Fri. amid a storm of opposition protests in the Leopold-; ville Parliament. Gen. Truman it here to assess the U.N. Congo Army's needs for military equipment. But extreme nalionalisl Congolese members of Parliament earlier in the day accused his mission of being the Mrs. W. M. .lolmMin of Bicksonj mother of seven children and wife - r of ?. doctor, moved from the firsl unification, alternate's inio the chair va- Gartli ner, a Ghanaian, followed filled by Fields, one of («,, Ne-i an e 'Phl-man U.S. military mis- p-ocs on the jury. | si TM headed by Lt. Gen. Louis This was the second change in | W ' T r u m n n ' two weeks in Ihe I ' S District! """"n* 8 rou P 'eft Andrews Court jury's makeup I A l r Force Basf in Maryland laic After Mrs. .lames Paschal TM^? f*r Uopoldville. Woodliury housewife. ·· - '! said nc niillii:ist. ni|!ht: . colder smillie.'i.'-l SiiliirAiv alter anybody S.ilur- HIP Teal been charges Fields' re ·d on the nine presi l on cnn-piracy ]placed las! week, she denied published report! that s h c ,,,· am . member of her family had been iippro.icl.rd hy anyone alioul the (rial. r flvc or the Congo studying whether the Unit- Slatcs C01lld tai Mw but u ,,, haye ,, of eslimates is not blamed on actual building costs, according to board members and j the architect, but on unforeseen site improvement costs, additional sewage project costs, additions lo the size of the buildings originally proposed and certain improvements in equipment and construction in order to take care of future additions lo be made to the buildings. Also included is a S65.000 figure error in the original bond proposal. Board Ccncirntd Board members Thursday expressed concern at the higher, costs in excess of $235.057 in the! ahead with 174,810 votes to 88.595 for Fiallo. While unofficial relurns showed ihe Irend favorable lo the Revo- cenl barometer upon which observers could make def dictions of the outcome. At Moca. in the Cibao Valley, Fiallo was ahead 14.349-2.299] Fiallo also led Bosch 12,757-7.075 at Puerto Plata on Ihe north French decision has beet The earliest date at which Brit -To give Britain an acceptable substitute for the now dteSrded Skybolt nuclear missile which would have been launched from Britain's Vulcan bombers. Mac- millaE insisted that Britain needed all nuclear missiles in order to preserve her status ai a front- rank world power. j -H marked a first Kep towra OssAle resolution of the problem of Western European nation d*. fiance. BriUi, «id era Allies can pnl their i unch under common direction; ; A secondary feature of the igreement was a resolution that' ath leaders are of one mind "on * importance of increasing the iffectiveness of their conventional orces on a worldwide basis"-, something the United States bai een seeking. The agreement, as announced was one of three ideas discussed y the British and American leai ers in their talks at secluded Lyord Cay. . Initially, President Kennedy proposed that both countries should share the cost of completing de- ve! lat plan, , een free to order an unlimited number of SkyboHs, onc^ the missile was perfected coast. These relurns were but a fraction of the estimated 900,000 voles cast in the election, the first free million each. Under this Britain would have been i! rejected the Skybolt plan. It was underslood he 'was leery of putting Skybolt in the British arsenal because nabody Mew with certainty what the ulti- bailol in this republic since 1924. mate cost might be" or whether an" Final official returns were not ex-! effective Skybolt could be devei- peeled before Sunda forerunner of an attempt by the United Stales to set up "once again a military base in the Conof the «3 Decision evening Parents Say Auburn Community Not SplitE? Parents of victims killed andim judgment of om e»cry nw\c" ^ *! injured in the school ous-tram|We are trying to go on w.;h r-ur ,,,,,,',, ern:h IT*u. IA I M I .1.:. ,_ ^. , . ^ mittec loped. 0»tr» Houndog , The_Presiden-. also offered Brit- jain the Hounddog. a relatively jshort-range air-to-ground missile Macrrullan and his advisers did not want Hounddog because oi technical difficulties in adapting it to British use. The communique on Ihe aree- menl said Kennedy and Macmillan assessed the significance of the agreement in this way '·in September; ^'TM"^\i'$^*? a -1 1 ***".changing their minds." - l t TM, ( L f n 5- ' 5 ^ TM' j «c consented on the f«*r-!^^^^^J^TM- agency s jo-ahead schools if the low bid on School; No. 4 were accepted. No decisions I were reached st Ihe meeting and! members were attempting to] DENVER (Ap) _ Or Rpy M schedule another meeting FridayiCleere. Colorado health director' Fri. the U.S. Public Health commented the district was at a Different from' the ones they had crash Dec. H. |%i. this week re-llives as pudiated an Associated P r e s s ".in: slory carried in the Tribune and,public , w.U n v ' l because »e were m thc'f 0 . 0 eye for so leap shouldn't f,i. f ilaeeiwiil on Ihe juvv ,' ·ln«xld · se»io ofi 1 " 1 '?^ lion leadt Ihe Irial Thursday aflernonn No ' of ,., tna nixin; I'iiaily unidy imriheas nidil; l o w « . / e i i i l o l i i i i b m i - m u u n - j ,,. ., . . ; ··« »n % sioil nl llw Oel · lains. 20s l,,»,. r el.-valions. hi..|iJ,,' , ( i s wa!l missln S »·" Ihe jury![ 0 ,, r alternate juror, were --eat Salurday JMii mmmtains nnd ' '" K ''' ; ll " """'"I 1 n f i » H h Ihr regular i;ir,..* (!,,,. .,j ir " 40v ;md smith an,l V'wl.jl:!!^ 1 ;,^^ 1 "^^^"^'^'^jnalc is sti " Iolt - " A *TM ·''^"'at WYOMINO - MiKily r|..udv lo !)!ivrn to the jury later in Ihe day. ; p('J|',7i'!rd'' '" '""" ''" " rm;hl and Salnnliy: lishl Miovvj At his |,,,, m . i.-j r |,u ^,4 l t t n : Th( , )n ' 1( '. M , mn sin-padini; llnniii;!. r.mili iwnlimiiFHI ,-yenls eame lo him follim-!w.i h-lil i" !o.ii)iliii,n,iNHilliSar.irJ:iy.v,aiiii-|ing H,e -re.el session am! loldigovrinmrat iforne-v M c,,|,ih|.:is( loniRhl. tinning him Ihfy had :m order lo d;smissiwnnU-d taken IIP ,,·' 't! i.-older Salurday: misrb eolderjhim from the |ury · ' nc.ilhea-l nnd eas! railial. windy| "One of them told m innighi nnd east Saturd.iy; !..»;.;somohmty svas l i v i n g In l..nichl jnv lower rlcvaiinns :,im r from Dclrnn'or Lo; mniinl.-i.nv liictis Sati'.iday 2,V33|l-'|el.k -.:i;,: |{,i v.ij,| i v , ( moiinl.nns .'nd norlh. 3040 south : im further information i,e also followen airfor him lo leave anybodv in ret session of the «n- Congo awl no plan^' for" j million-doll-ir cunspir-,military (raining mission ·j .1 . i--* v "' other topes, includinp -viid the suite com.lEw.Wrrt relation? in the Zr make Us deepen math of Ihe October CulJI ^ ·umrng t he prowan, in 3nd the communique said h«: ;n plrnty of time be--joined in the hope that a sat? nouo season MI thdt^thclfactory resolution of this crisis settlement ins outstanding be- ns nan as - l"r but iile Charles c-nhled thnt Ihf I'nited upl'ly fighter plan Allea. Mr. andure moving from the Auburn com lving rWwns who hod re- 1 Edward Hcimback. Mr sre NOT in renflk! M,th eei\ed no vaccine their neighbors. Ir, f.iet the . c.nd remind- B want to wh,ch supply the information a

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