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Nampa, Idaho
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Monday, July 10, 1967
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FAIR Treasure Valley "niglK and T«K,by Widays mostly i n , lows tonight low -IDs. VOL. X L V I I I NO. 29 CIRCULATION PHONE If you ho« not rtcei«d your FREE PSESS by 5:30 PA plw» «" 446-789) lot piompt delivery. Circulation ptiorwi clow ot 6:30 P.M. n Independent Daily Ncwspajicr Dctlwatnlto Community /Vogrc.i.s" NAMl'A, IDAHO, MONDAY, JULY 10, 19G7 14 PAGES 10 CENTS METEORITES FALL OVER BIG REG/ON LONGMONT, Colo. (UPI)-A meteorite shower, apparently centered over Wyoming, was reported sighted from widely scattered points throughout the Rocky Mountain region early this morning, a Federal Avi- alion Agency spokesman said. Eldon Todd, an FAA traffic control supervisor, said reports had come in from as far south as Farmington, N.M., west to Pocatello, Idaho, east to Scot I s- bluff, Neb., and north to Dickenson, N.D. "It apparently came down somewhere up to the north of us," Todd said. "It must have been somewhere up in Wyoming. All of the reports we have gotten here indicate it was quite far norlh. One report in Dickenson indicated il was south of therei" A number of the sightings were made by pilots. The meteorite shower moved from southeast to northwest acrossthesky. Arab States Open Top-Level Parley Peace Feelers Denied By WALTER LOGAN United Press International With a friendly Russian fleet sailing nearby, Arab leaders gathered in Cairo today for their first summit talks since losing a six-day war with Israel list month. King Hussein of Jordan, REVOLT RAGES Yank Planes Aid Congolese Army KINASHA, The Congo (UPI}-- Joseph D. Mobutu. Fighting still transports carried 150 men Three U.S. Air Force C130trans- faB 611 a ' Kisangani and Mobutu consisting of crew members, port planes willi American para- said rebels there were holding trooper guards arrived today to vhite hostages at the airport, bolster the forces of President The American turbo-prop UNITED NATIONS is the topic of this conversation as U.S. Sen. ten. B. Jordan, R-Idaho, visits with two of the Canyon County youngsters who will leave Thursday to visit the United Nations. They are Molly Smith, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Smith, Sunny Slope, and Ita Blakloy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Blakley, CaldwelL Both will be sponsored on the three-week U.N. tour by Gem of the Mountains Rebekah Lodge and the Caldwell I.O.O.F. Ixxlge No. 10. REPUBLICAN PICNIC Jordan Says Handouts Won't Solve Problems Congress Resumes Session WASHINGTON (I'PI) - The House and Senate returned from a 10 day Fourth of July recess today to face some bad news about taxes and a legislative workload that may with his former foe, Egyptian President Carnal Abdel Nasser, flew from Amman lo join Nasser and Algerian President Houari Boumedienne. His plane left only hours after the United Nations Security Council empowered Secretary General Thant lo supervise the lot Egyptian-Israel cease-fire line on the Suez Canal and after Moscow announced its "goodwill" warship lleet would visit Port Said and Alexandria in the war zone. MtHAMARA HINTS Mekong Forces May Increase More Arab iwders were CALDWELL -- Republican 2. Allowing private investors mental exam. i , , i it . . . _ . . i n' i i * *'·*-' "»»»· *- T I « I utvuu nut* i n n j i i i v i v .niau ICtLUtTl h V congressmen believe there is a to put capital into the public 6. Giving a better break to Keep them here until Thanksgiv- reported en route to Cairo better way to solve the nation's housing program. farmers. problems than to just hand out 3. Stipulating that persons re- "The budget is getting clear out money. ceiving rent supplement pay- of hand," Jordan fold the GOP gathering. He pointed out that the federal This was pointed out here Sun- ments consider the moneyaloan, day at the Canyon County Repub- not a handout. lican picnic by Sen. Len B. Jor- 4. Granting tax advantages to government was $11 billion inthe dan, R-Idaho. those industries which teach a red for the past fiscal year. Jordan said he and other GOP trade to unskilled workers. Estimates for the.current fiscal congressmen advocate: 5. Refusing to excuse fromttie year's deficit run as high as 1. Cutting the federal budget by draft hundreds of thousands of $30 billion. $5-$G million. young men who do not pass the "We're inrealflscaltrouble," ^^^f^^^^f^^^^^^^^^f^^^^f^^^^f^^f^^^ he pointed out; "Non-defense spending is up at a faster rate since 19GO than are expenditures for national defense. This ad- GOP SOLOHS OPPOSE BUILDUP IN 5. VIET WASHINGTON (UPI) - Congressional Republicans, growing restive with the Johnson administration's war policies, tocV a dim view today of any new U.S. troop buildup in Vietnam. Sen. Clifford P. Case, R-N.J., said in a prepared Senate speech he was opposed to increasing the number of American troops in Vietnam barring "i clear demonstration by our defense experts of an overriding military necessity. "This conclusion is by no means mine alone," Case said. Sen. Jacob Javits, R-N.Y., joined Case in opposing "any new infusion of manpower in order to escalate the struggle beyond the point at which we wage it. "I would not favor any increase which resulted in escalation of the struggle in Vietnam," Javits said Sunday. Case, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the United States must reserve "the right to withdraw from Vietnam" if the Saigon government balks at U.S. policy objectives. Case said there has been talk "in high circles within our government and elsewhere" that the United States mustaccept whatever the South Vietnamese do because "our prestige is already so deeply involved we cannot withdraw." China Proclaims Revolt in Burma The feeling of many members was that Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara would bring back from Vietnam a request for more U.S. troops; that this would trigger a demand from President Johnson for more revenue; and that this in turn would embroil Congress in a late-session wrangle over whether' to raise taxes, cut spending, or both. There is possibly "noescape" sr^,ss;s°;Es y S" £ s Key Republican legislators Israel, which announced it was setting up a lighthouse "presence" in the dispute Gulf of Aqaba, also denied officially in Jerusalem that ii had received peace feelers from Cairo or Amman to end the Middle East conflict. Observers said Ihe summit gave little sign of opening any peace drive. By ROBERT KAYLOli ABOARD USS BENEWAH IN THE MEKING DELTA, (UP1)- Defense Secretary Roberts. Me- Weather Fouls in Big Area Namara today indicated that (he United Slates will expand its river assault forces in Ihe vital Mekong River Delta south of Saigon. McNamara said the war against the Communist's hard core "main force" units was "going very well" but that the pacification effort--the "other war" to win the loyalty ot Ihe peasants and drive out the small guerrilla units and political cadre--was "proceeding very slowly."' McNamara flew to this ship in a muddy river "It's time lo get this fiscal house in order," Defense expenditures can be reduced because of the waste that goes with any amount of f o r n ers By U.P. International Heavy downpours, flash flooding, tornadoes and high winds strafed the Midwest Sunday as 20 mlles sou(h of Saf e° n for a part of a cloudy weather system brlel - one-hour visit In the that covered the United States course-of a whirlwind tour of from the Rockies to the ° e delta area - Tn « t° ur Atlantic. included stops at a Special , At least sl» weather-related Forces can) P near the Camboon the west bank of the Jordan deaths were reported, including dian border which has been River, was considering a four teenagers who drowned attacked by Ihe Viet Cong four when they went wading In the ilmes since Marcn ' raln-swollen Canadian River The barracks ship USS near Roy, N.M. Benewah is the command A two-year-old boy drowned center of the American mobile while trying lo ride his tricycle riverine force, a combined Sources in Beirut said Hussein, bitter over his army's crushing defeat by Israel and the loss of liisvaluableterritory dramatic swing toward the left. They said he might align his imera ; policies with those of such a growing number of hardllne anll . Israeli leaders as Nasser ' B °TMedTMe, Syrian 111 at KITC. T T 1 L I I OILJ a i l l l A U I l VI n n o H C T*ae4rn1h4- nnn r»ti;t ~ - ~ - t · - U ~ I I I ^ . U I V I U I L . . ujl |«UI . , , .. . .,,..-, u u u m u i i i b u money so great, the senator in- ", . restr . alnt ' "TM; m " ltar f President Dr. Nureddin Atassl J rough a swllen stream and a Army-Navy river strike force- sisted. ederal "P"""* should be cuf and Iraqi President Abdet ?TM*" J^ " a TM5 ° n a the first of Its kind since the sisted. "We, as Republican congress- first. They point to the federal and Iraqi President Rahman Aref. poned," he said. "We believe there are many programs that can be done more efficiently on a slate or local level. We believe there are a ear. It already is estimated at $3 billion, and some people are talking about $29 billion red ink before Ihe year ends next June 30. INSIDE New building ahead Page 3 Teen Scene Page 0 Operation Kami Wife. .Page Al Almanac Pago 3 heavy rainstorm, Killed person and hospitalized others at Dakota City, Neb. In the same area, winds were clocked in excess of 70 miles an hour and numerous funnel clouds were sighted. A tornado e five -search and destroy" operations In the De lt a . the joint congressional Econom- ?'*f i"' 6 a ° Sl '' aecs A £ . f\ -n j , · i V U l l l l C b . . . . . . . . .Fi age Crossword Page A2 Deatlis Page 2 Dr. Molner Page ic Committee, a decision to send an additional 100,000 U.S. troops to Vietnam would add $5 billion to the budget deficit. Editorial opinion Page 4 Last January, Ihe President *£££ ; ^ e ° A1 proposed a 6 per cent surcharge sports. ..'.'.'.'.'.','. '.Pages 57 on individual and corporate Television'log'.'.'..'.'.Page A5 (Continued on Pg. 2, Col. 3) (Continued on Page 2, Col. 0) Women's news page 5 McNamara authorized the new warfare concept las! y^r ^ tn ' s was " lc firs ' 'l me he destroyed a boxcar, barn and had a chance to see it. farm machinery near Nome, n-o Army battalions live on the air conditioned Benevrah, its sister barracks ship, the USS and crime. Jordan saidGOPcon- gressmen have solutions for both. Collection, and a barge. Attacks are by troop-carrying river assault attached to the HONG KONG (UPI)-Communist China today declared a Vietnam-type rebellion is underway in Burma. If confirmed, il meant mainland Southeast Asia is blanketed by guerrilla warfare. The Peking Peoples Daily, official organ of the Chinese Communist party, said Mao Tse-tung's regime is giving full Utahns Discover Rich Silver Ore AMERICAN FORK CANYON, Utah (UPI) --The first load of ore from what could possibly be a rich silver strike in (he American Fork Canyon leaves the area this week for the refinery. John J. Badger and two associates leased Ihe property in Major Evans Gulch early in the spring and have since been making test drillings, Estimates of the value of the ore run as high as $180 a ton. the current price of silver Is around $1.70 per ounce. Forest Service officials and veteran mining men are view- sympathy to a "revolutionary peoples war" to overthrow Ihe Burmese government of stiong- man Gen. Ne Win. The newspaper described the i\'e Win government as a fascist regime of "greedy bloodsoak- ers" serving the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union. U is "doomedJo destruction. . . Ihe armed'reynlution, led by the Burmese Communist Party, represents the developmental orientation of the people of Burma. . , "Now, the Burmese people of all circles who are anti- imperialist, anli-fe'udalistic, anti-dictatorship, anti-national betrayal and who want to be friendly with Ihe Chinese people are, under the leadership of the Burmese Communist Party, further uniting together." It is the same language Peking uses in describing the Communist rebel and invasion forces in South Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. It fits the description of even Communist armed bands In Cambodia, where ruler Prince Norodom Sihanouk is a neutralist to the outside world but thick in battle Ing Ihe strike with caulion because of inadequate shipping against Communists in his own and hauling facilities in the jungle realm, area.. Burma since achieving post- The mine Is located in the war independence from Britain Mineral Flat Area of the cannas mov ed toward Its present yon. strict neulnllsin. N.D., Sunday, but no injuries were reported. Most of the nation's weather damage was in the form of flash flooding, caused by heavy downpours such as the inch and __ Barter of rain accompanied by j^'s ^"7, three-quarter inch L ~ ; l ~' minutes. More' than''l %"inches Newsmen asked McNamara If fell In a six-hour period at Sioux lne r ' verirl e force would be City, Iowa. expanded. Auto Unionists Submit Demands DETROIT (UPI) - United and contract provisions rigidly Auto Workers President Walter limiting the right of the DISCUSSING the second annual Snake River Stampede Golf Tournament to be played July 19, 20 and 21, are from left, Bob Sample, Roy Shannon, director, Dean Oliver, Dave Tapp and Ken Sparks. Each contestant in Ihe tournament will play 27 holes in three days. The tournament, patterned after last year's successful event, Is open to Stampede contestants and members at the Stampede board. Handicaps will be established on the first day. P. Renther today takes his $1 billion package of contract demands to Ihe auto industry. Ahead are the most turbulent negotiations in more than two decades and the possibility ot a strike. The union is militant, and is backed by a strike fund that could rmch $65 million before the Sept. 6 expiration of Ihe contracts. Reuther first calls at General Motors to present his "laundry lisl" proposals to GM Vice President Louis G. Seaton and Earl R. Bramblett, the company's chief day-to-day negotiator. The aulo union leader was scheduled to present the same demands to Ford Tuesday, Chrysler Corp. Wednesday and American Motors Thursday. Principal money demands include a "substantial" pay raise for all Ihe Industry's 150,000 production workers and an exlra Increase for the 150,000 skilled trades workers; a guaranteed annual income with a switch from hourly pay to weekly salary status; wage scales for Canadian workers matching American standards, companies to subcontract in- plant work or to buy parts from auto suppliers if Ihose firms paid lower wages than the UAW standard. The size and complexity of Reuther's proposals, the most comprehensive in the union's history, have bewildered some industry observers. One industry source called Reuther's money demands this year "fantastic." technical personnel and 45 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C. In an Interview published by the Congolese press agency, Ifobutu said "aggressors" were holding hostages at the airport and that he had ordered his troops not to reoccupy the field. The hostages, including women and children, were believed to be Europeans preparing to return to Europe for a summer vacation. It was also speculated that foreign correspondents who landed in Kisangani Wednesday, the day the fighting broke out, might he among the hostages held by mercenary-led rebels loyal to former Premier Moishe Tshombe. Mobutu's announcement contradicted earlier reports by the Congolese Radio that government troops were in complete control at Kisangani, Bukavu and Kindu. The three towns are In the Eastern part ot the Congo, Brussels reports said at least 13 Eurpeans had boon killed in Lumbumbashl formerly Ellsa- befhvllle and Bakavu. Floods, Slides Kill 239 TOKYO (UPI)-In Japan's worst such disaster In lOyears, the torrential rains of typhoon Blllie today left hundreds dead and missing. The floods and landslides nit especially hard at the atomic bombed cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Kyodo news agency reported that in 16 localities of western Japan on Ihe islands of Kyushu, Honshu and Shikoku 239 persons were killed, 120 missing and 446 injured. Many of the victims were buried alive by the hundreds of muddy slides from the mountains that overlook Japan's cities. Rescuers said they fesred the discovery of more victims might send the casualty total soaring toward the 856 persons killed in 1957 flooding. The blow tell hardest at noon Sunday at the Hiroshima suburb of Kure. The sky suddenly darkened and burst. Thirty minutes later four persons were buried alive in rain-triggered landslides. The worsl was yetto come, By midday today there had been 146 slides in Kure and at least 140 persons entombed. A river fattened and spread across Kure. Watery disaster engulfed Japan. Officials reported at least 200,000 homes hit by water. Japanese took to the high ground. But sometimes the high ground came dov/n on them. Al Ihe port city of Sasebo, where U.S. warships were docked, tons of mud spilled down from a hill into a housing area. Wesfy to Return Home For Mother's Funeral COLUMBIA, S. C. (UPI)_ Gen. William C. Westmoreland, Carolina, Mrs, James R. Westmoreland , commanding general of Ameri- died early Sunday moraine can forces In Vietnam, returns home early this week to attend the funeral of his molher. A Pentagon spokesman said Sunday the general might leave Saigon today to attend the funeral. Military spokesmen In Saigon said Westmoreland would travel to Hawaii to pick up his wife and then continue on to South the age of 81 in her Columbia home. Her family described her death as "sudden." Westmoreland was touring Vietnamese battlefields with Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara when his mother died. Westmoreland had last seen his molher during a brief visit In April

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