Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 6, 1976 · Page 21
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 21

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, March 6, 1976
Page 21
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Citizens used by drug runners . . *^ band radios Berry's World Service Directory S. N..M .. :H - O Stale Pol . v M ''«· motorists trying 10 avoid s w liokefs. ,,, . ular e ,ui pBim , ' runners s "".'sbramio just anoihcr tool " , '"''"···luali r ; , 8 ontralwml." sa ,,| S gi \ei| oilTM 1 ' " su " f p " lla ' narco "« Slali' piilici- have mixed reactions about the rapidly "M'aniing use ,,f citizen band ra 'li°- Although ihey cm be used '"fl-'sisl Uitt'eiiforcemeiii. their iwitiii- use SK , ms , 0 | )p | n . motorists Irving to avoid policemen Since a large uniuunt of drugs is smiiuufeil through New Mexico on ils highways, ihe CR radio is helping drug runners avoid police for a different reason. Curl-in estimates 75 per cpul "I all state police seizures of more lhanltxi pounds of drugs- particularly marijuana - have ""·olH'dihpiiseofal-Bradioin some farm. "About 90 per cent of the traffic on the CU radios is to find mil where 'Smokey' a police officer' is at. ami you don't know wheiher (he person w a n t s to know ihai Iwrause he's speeding or because he's i-airying a load »f grass across the stale " t'lirrnn said "Tin. drug runners are sollins the smokev repurls jus! like ilu-y vuniM if f'hey were someone who was speeding" t'nrraii said some drug running across the slate unolves ··cmivnj!,." several vehicles «'hich are in constant communication by C'B radio "They nun have someone running the -(rout door' (the term used (or (lie lead vehicle in Ihe convoy i to try 10 locale where ihe police are so thai Iwu or three other vehicles carrying the drug won't be slopped,'' 1 lie said. Cm ran also said CR radios are used in drug smuggling operations by air. "The wound units ami the aircraft can be equipped with CB radios to help (hem locale any police in the area." he said. But Curran and Capl. M.K. Alexander say there are advantages for police officers in the growing use of L'H radios. Alexander said US of the stale police cruisers are now equipped w i t h CB radios, roughly half of (fie black and while units mi Ihe force. "I think il actually assists law enforcement more than it harms it." said Curran. Livestock, produce NORTH SALT LAKE. I'lah ifPli Idaho. Utah, eastern Nevada leedlot and ranso sales for (ho week ending .March 5: Tnide very slow until midweek and Itien niuderate: slaughter steers dosed 2.MJ-3.00 lower, hut some firming up noled in late nui;iis: slaughter heifers 1.00-2.00 lower, in the b ee{ sales mostly 3.00 lower than last week: confirmed sales Ihis week on ·UIK slaughter steers and 1.335 slaughter heifers: average price o( steers sold f.o.b. feedlols this week 35.55 at an average weight of 1.1-W: last week :I8.I9 and 1.145 II).; last year :l5.i» and 1.141 Ib. Slaughter steers: Good and mostly choice 3s and a few -Is 1.075-1.200 Ib. 35.00 36.1)0; some al 38.50. 2-3s: mostly mixed 3- 4s 1.200-1.300 Ib. M.00-35.00: good and mostly chuicc 2-3s: 1.250-1.300 Ib. hulsleins 34.1) 0-3-1.50. Slaughter heifers: Good and mostly choice 2-4.S. SCO-1.050 Ib 33.00-34.00; few- early scried 2-3s 35.0-35.50; couple of loads of good and mostly choice 2-3. 1.150 Ib. hnlsteins 34.00. Slaughter cows: Utility and i-ommencal :M feedlot cows 28.00. Feeder C a t t l e : Trade slow: hardly enough represenlalive sales confirmed for a price tes: thin calls suitable for grass, firm; yearling steers and heifers aboul lower, scattered lots ol choice 351H50 Ib. steers 41.COH4.UO: few choice 400-451) Ib. heifers 3100-34.00: few mosllj choice COO- 700 !b. steers 39.00-40.51): heifers 31 00 32.0(1: load of standard and good 600 Ib. holsk'in bulls 30.01) IDAHO FALLS. Idaho lUPIi Potatoes: eastern and southern Idaho, demand for mesh id's lighl. market steady, demand for count cartons good, market slightly higher; Hussels. C. S. No. One. 2 in. or 4 oz min.. hundredweight basis. 10 Ib. mesh sacks, non size A. 8.00- D.5I). occasional sale low as 7.50; 50 Ib cartons. 80-100 count. 11.00-11.50. occasional 12.00: 100 Ib. sacks size A and non size A. too few sales lo quote; 10 oz. min.. 8.50-8.75: IV S. No. Two's. 4.00-4.25. Onions: Western Idaho and Malheur County. Ore., demand moderate, market about steady, few orders booked opon. prices to be established later; 50 Ib. sacks. U. S. No. One. Yellow Spanish. 3 in. and larger. 2.75-3 25. mostly 3.00- 21 , lo 3 in 2.25-2 GO. OCDKX IUP11 - Grain prices Friday: No. I hard winter ·.vncal 3.43 bu. No. 10 protein wheat 3.43 bu. No. 11 protein wheat 3.43 bu. No. 12 protein wheat 3.65 bu. No. 13 protein wheat 4.03 bu. No 1 white wheat .3.45 bu. No. 2 barley .110 cwt. Arrivals: 17 cars - 14 wheat. 3 barley. Selected stocks NEW YORK tUPI' - Prices closed mixed Friday in slowed-down trading on Ihe N'ew York Stock Exchange amid the uncertainty surrounding Federal Reserve Board monetary policies. The Dow Jones industrial average, up 6.:)0 points at tfic outset and off around three later, was ahead 2.28 points lo y72.92 shortly he fore the close. The closely u'ulchcd avorago. uliieh soared nearly 150 points in Ihe Cirsl two months of Ihe year, fell U.1U points Thursday Advances and declines were almost even among the UMS issues crossing the lapc. Turnover amounted to ahout 22.500.000 shares, compared with 2-1.410.000 traded Thursday. The market's pace has slowed cntisiderably this week from the 30- rnillinn-a-share level of (ho first (wo months. Prices were lower in moderately active trading on the American Slock Exchange. Ft'd figures released late Thursday showing a sharp decline in the nation's money supply failed lo shed light on the magnitude ol the board's recent decision to tighten credit The market rallied slightly after the Fed made a modest move to drive down federal fund rales in the early afternoon. But observers drew no conclusions. even though short-term rates were lower. The uncertainty and the fear of higher interest rales were major factors in Ihe slowed down Rig Board (ratling. Higher rales tend to draw investors oul of the market. Lower rates played a large role in the January-February rall\ Lockheed was sharply higher in active trading at one point. 1-40 AtitioM L 13 H i I 011 I I- AirtO I dtp 1 11 1-7 Altan Al 13 31 up M AllegCp 4$d 10 I S Allid Ch 1. 10 *1 1-2 OF! M Allii Cha 40 U 7-1 Up M Alcoa 1.3-1 -i; i ; Up i 4 A M A X 1 7i il i 1 Up 1 7 AmHei 30 g II M OH 1-1 Am Airlines 1C 7-1 Oil 1-8 ASrdnd 7 tO 41 OIF 3-g A C*n 1 10a ]J J I Up 11 A m C r J n I 1 3 H 1 4 Of) i Am Morort i 1 1 Up L-| Am.NG ].S4q ]4 l-B, UfJ 1 2 Am $iard 1 33 1-4 014 I S A-nTRT ] 13 iS Up I I AMF in I f * JO 1? Anicrda tO 19 11 Am PS I ]* (S Up 1 ? A r m r o I. £04 J3 Up !··) A r m s Ck 10 2? M Up S 8 Atar«, iC 17 1-2 Up 3t AihlrtOI ' Jl Ji 1 ! OIF AIIRithf 2 1.7 t: ) 4 Up 2 A y o Corp 1C Oil J J eabWilcox I Jl ' * Uo i -« Baiiclnc dO U J I up I S fleckmn 74 is Bell Hwl It 17 M up 1-4 Bendix SS i 1 Oil 1 * SfihSlPfl U IS 1-4 Jp )-| fl oh tic Brk* S 5 4 OH 1 I Boeing Co 1 n II Up 1-4 B or den 1 10 17 Oil 1.4 Borg W ! JI 17 J* Off It Bni .'Ay HO it M OH 1 4 BrirnswV .41 IS i ( Up l-l flutfd Co 10 I a Burr?hi 44 101 ! 1 Up 1-4 CanPac fib It 3 4 011 11 Cilerp.tTr ] 1) OH 1 1 I C B S 1 44 W VI Oil 1 I Ct'antc 110 S3 Oil )·! Cheiiip no as 1-1 on 1 1 Chrysler Cp M SI Up 3-4 Cit S«rv i.4o 11 r-i up 1 1 CotJCol Mi It il 01 f 3-i Co'qtte H If Up M Col Gil 1 M 13 M Off M CmwEd MO H II OK l-l Ccmm Sa 1 2* Up l-l ConEd 1 (A it S I Ud i I Contm Pw 1 70 1-1 CtHtiL fJV I 7| Up 1-1 CnllCan t CO II S-l 04f 11 CoMinNOil 1 40 Up I I Cocp in i. II 41 UB l CPC liM M» 44 1 4 OIF 3 1 CrcwnZ 1 19 4S 3 4 Up 1 I Cy:lepiCp 1 17 Dirl In tiq II 1 OFI 1-4 ruvfonH t4 n M up i-i Oe'Edit I 41 M II Dumd'nii 1 41 f I Up '-4 DUKCY "q SI Up l 3 Dow Ch I tO MO 1-1 Up t OuPo-if Id liJ 04' 5 1 OuqntL Ml " S I Up i I EAllern Air I * Up S CJIIK i it; 104 1 * On i * EiNiC i 16 II Up II EITraCp l H 4) 1-4 U* 3-1 E.Mf.ln 110 14 1-7 Otl l-l Eimirk 1. 11 H Up M Elhvl C 1 *5 44 M Evint P'M ' 1 1 EiCelO IMO U 1 4 EIIIKI Hid II M OFf U F4ni1«l 40 I) 3 4 Up 1 4 FnclFd .1M U Up :i F.nlM 1 19 11 'I Oil I t FMC Corp 1 II U Up II PscdFar .70 4 Up 1| FcrdMo 1 43 S3 M Up L 3-i FrtptM I iS 7J ]» Qlf M Ftuehuf 1 13 ?t 3-1 Up ] 9 GATX 1.J 3C ].4 Up l'l GerCabl n I] 1-4 Up 14 Gen Dynjm »J 3 4 Up 1-4 Gn E1?C 1.60 SI Up 3 4 Gr.Focd l.SC 11 l-t Up ]·!· GfnMoT 4Cd i| M Up 7-1 Con Pcrtlnd t 7 1 Up 1-1 G T E 1 10 IS 3-4 Ofl iJ GJ Pic |0g SI Up 1 ) | Gillerte i . S O ]} 3-1 O f f I I GOCtfnc 1.12 1) J-t OH 14 Goctiyf ) 1C ?3 1-t Up M Grfal A P 11 3-B Up \t GIWIU Iflb 77 3-B Oil 1 4 Gryhnd 1 0 4 If, J.t Up 1 4 Gull Oil 1.13 11 l-l Heini H I.II 19 14 0(1 1 \ Ho1F Etectn I 011 L-B H3UvS ].4Ca 41 M OIF L4 Hamilik la 44 M Up 3 Hony^l |.4« SI ] I Up 1 8 HousLP I.Si 11 1C ind 1.30 10 \-1 [Catio P 3 0 17 Oil 1 4 ItftJlBaiiC i *U 3-i Up 1-1 Ing find IS SI Off M ln!dSll 1 tdi so Up I.] IBM Corp 1 357 M Up J M inlHdrv 1.70 37 3-4 Up ] 4 lnlNk 1 401 it j-| up 1-1 IMI Ptptf 1 7( 7-1 Up I-J inl TIT 1.10 71 UP M JohnMv 1 10 30 II Up 1 J KmrAI 110 01 I-} OFI k.J Kercoii .Ha is 1 4 up 14 Kerr WcG 1 tl 1 4 on |.j KriQhT R .S4 3i 3-1 Up II Xopprs 1 O SI 14 up 1 1 B Xrallco Ml 41 S-l Up l| Kresqe .14 IS 1 4 Up 3-1 K rater I J* if 3 i Up M Uh VH Ind I S-l O f f 1-1 Liqq My ? M 11 1-4 OH 1 1 liHon 3 J - J k J * Olf 11 Latkd*cd 1Q -4 Up 1 LTV Corp IS 1-1 OH 1-4 luknSII )7 1-7 Mar Oil l-IC IS ]·« Olf · ! MircorlflC 1 1* OIF 1-4 MinhF 1.14 I) 1-4 OFI I.] WtDonD .44 \7 Olf 14 M G M 3Sd U 1 1 Up 1 I UdSaU 1.31 it 7-1 Mot, 10i 140 SI T-2 Off M Mois«n 1 40 11 1-7 OFI I 1 i MonlD* 11C ill M Up 1-4 WenPw ) M I' 10 Up I * Motorcll -70 44 11 Up 1 MfStTfl 1.41 1} M Up I I Njb.SCO 14) U 1 I Up l| NiTI Cin .SI 1] 1-1 Up 3 4 NllOiitl 1 40 14 Ofl 1-4 Nil Gyp 1 0! «l! 011 3 1 Nil M 1 1-JJ t) 1-J Oil 1-7 NCR Cp .11 14 1 4 Oil U NiagMo 11 3-4 NL irtduil 1 17 M OK 1 4 NfttfslkWi S 71 Up V4 NNfGi 1.7, « 14 wostpw if* » i-z UP M Nerthrp l.M 14 011 II NwitAirl .4S 10 1-4 N**jn 1.70 44 id 01' ) I 011 Cp 111 O i l OFI f I OT.l E1 1 K 31 1-1 Up H Outt»!M I.JO )» 1 4 OIF I 1 t OwenCF H I ) M Up 11 0-tnMI IU SS 1 4 OH I 3 4 PacGai 1 IS JO 1-2 up 1 4 PatPwr 1.30 70 S-l Of! 1 1 Pan Am Air 7 Up i-J Penr. Cenlr ] S8 Pe.irpy 1.16 S4 !·! OIF 1-4 PennPL I.SO (fl I-] (jp 1 4 Pernicl 1.10 11 !· PepsiCo 1.43 71 M 0» 1-1 Pliier In .81 ?4 J I Up |.j Philip Mor 1 si 1-3 Q1F 1 ·! PhilPel 1 (0 10 7-1 Oil M Polaroid .31 31 Up \.J PPGlnd I 13 IS 7 S OIF 1 1 Proct «Ga ? II 3-| Off 1 I PuS Col 1.30 it l-l OM 1 a Pgiimn 1.10 ]j s j Ralilcn P I 41 1-8 Up 1-8 Ray1h:-on 1 *i 1-1 Up t- RCA Carp I 14 7-1 Up 1-1 Rep Sll U3 31 1.3 Up L1 Rev ind J 01 tl i I up 1 1 RCrfldMcl J JJ J-8 Off 18 Rdbrlirt 1 M is T.J up 1.4 Rocttvfllln 7 76 3-4 Oil M Roinon Crp s 7-1 Up M RovID 1 lib 44 1| Uo 1-4 SafewaySt ? t7 i t 01F i I SUMnrl 1 73 44 1.3 LSI 41 M up 1 1-1 Sears 1 (Oa n Olf 1-4 ShfllOil l.tO 47 3-4 SimniC Hi 11 S-l OM l-l SVaqgCo SO 7S OFI 1-| i ii 3 4 up s i S CalEd I il 11 1-4 Off M S3JhCo 1 4 0 14 S | Up Li S o P a d F 1.14 31 It Up 1-4 Sp Rtnd 7* 45 Up l-l SI Brnrt I Ii ]i 1.4 Up 1-4 Std Oil Cil } 10 Up t-| SIOMr-d 1.30 4] U up M SlOUOh !.]) 44 SI Up I 7-1 SloKlfV 1-10 19 1-1 SludeW 111 41 ) 4 OM M Sunshine .31 11 1-| Up ) 4 Te'«dyn« li 17 S-l Up 7-| Teltpromp 10 !·] Up 1 S I renee \.tt 74 j.| od i-t Tf**t6 1 14 3-4 T« Inslr 1 113 7| OH M Tfifran ua Jt T-t Up i- Timtn l.lOa II U Up l-l Tramim .(} 10 ! | Oil l-l T r a m w Air I? 1| Qtf U Tn Con 444 71 1 | Up 1 4 TwCFo -SC 13 UAUnc 40a IS Up ]-| UnCarb 150 73 3-4 Up I 4 Un Elec I U 11 1.4 OFI 1 4 UnOCil Ml 41 3-| 01! I | Uniroynl H f 1-1 Uld Brandt I ! I UH J l UnCorp lib I !·! Oil l-l US Gyp 1 4 4 21 7-| USSrtcl 1.15 I! M UP k i t Uld Tct MO 51 M Olf l-l UniTd 1 ! li J t up II Uplohn .ff 40 3 1 Ut*h|pl 1.43 II 3-1 on 1 t UV Ind in (9 1) 3.4 Up 1 1-4 Waitjreen 1 u 1 1 Wang Lb .10 II I.} up 1 1 Wi Wai 1 M 1C 3 1 Up l| W!fi»K 1-44 10 1-} Up I | WUnion 1.40 II 1 I Otl II Wtslh El .V U 3t Up IJ! WnlfPilf Sli II l| On M White Molflf I 1-7 WOfllwfe 1.11 11 Li 01F '.| Xtrtx Cp I 4? Jl Up U YnfStOr 44 10 S | Ofl II Zen.thR»d 1 11 l.| Ofl ) I "What's the latest? Are Liz and Dick back together again?" Soviet pays price for poor '75 crop MOSCOW lUPI) - Nature takes the blame for (be Soviet Union's crop failures, but Dmitry S. Polyansky paid the price. Polyansky. 58. was purged from the ruling Politburo Friday by a leadership slill feeling (he embarrassment of bread lines in ntie of tfie world's most advanced countries. As agriculture minister, Po- lyansky had the thankless task of overseeing the Soviet farm system that each year must (ace a volatile and often inhospitable climate to k-ed the nation's 250 million persons. When Ihe weather was good, [.'regress was achieved under the outspoken I'olyansky's reign currency earnings (o the United Slates and elsewhere lo ensure there ivoulil be enough food (or Ihe winter. Fnr Ihe Soviet leadership, asserting its strength abroad, the disaster must have been humiliating. Like Premier Niki la Khrushchev be-fore him in ISHJ4. Pnlyansky was singled oul for the failure. For Polyansky, once known as one nf Ihe ebullient and willy younger members of the Soviet leadership, the ouster nol only cut short his career but also rlashcd the once high hopes of some within Ihe Soviet government that Ihe Ukrainian born peasant might rise eventually in the top job in the Kremlin now held bv General Secretary - Snviel farms in 1973 produced Leonid i. Brezhnev the nation's liesl harvest of Polyansky's career has al- gram and 1974 was again a most cmiiiimnusly evolved around farming, from his graduation al Ihe Kharkov Agriculture Institute in 1938 lo winning his posl in the Politburo in I960. Khrushchev served as his mentor, but Polyansky joined other members oi the Politburo bumper year. Hut when nature turned againsl (he collective and stale farms with a withering drought last spring, the ycare of slow advancement were erased wilh startling speed. The Soviet Union produced ..... .. ------- ut .= u , ul c i-uumuru just 140 million inns of grain - a in 1964 ill turning out his former full (bird under plan - and was teacher, again in a year of farm forced In send ils coveted hard disaster. speak to BLM board MAUSING - The Bureau of Land Management's Idaho Multiple Use Advisory Board held its second meeting recently al Hie Hodeway Inn in noise with former Senator I .en Jordon as chairman. The Idaho Cattlemen's Association inviteil members of its women's auxiliary, the Cowlicllcs. In attend in support of the livestock industry. Those representing Owyhee County CnwBclles and cattlemen were Inez Jaca and Dick Hass ol Reynolds Creek, .Mr. and Mrs. Asa lilack, Hruneau. and Mrs. Ted Cossel. Marsing. Mrs. Cossel ga\e a report to be entered into the uiinules on the "World Hunger Program" and "Why C.illle Should be Allowed in C.raze on Public Land." Recently Mrs. Cossel attended a luncheon meeting of (he Malheur Counly Cowlielles at Ontario and spoke to the group on "U'nrld Hunger" and hnw (he livestock industry .should be involved. Service Directory 1 PUBLISHER'S NOTE A'/ retl eilj'e atfier!is»d in thii reyn- pipti ii si,6icei lo IK FMtuI Fn HOI.I ng Aci ol i-}£8 «h.:h .na»cs .1 i"eoai 13 a d - e i i s s '^-/piere'eicp Ijn-ijj 3.1 01 diicnnnahon oi-ica en tac? colo rel'gon. ior. 01 njlcnj. onj n C f ar. ·n-tt-il an lo naVf jny ijch p'eicenc* Jin lil'dn. or^nc'in njl.on This newspjpn A ,n i3Dn,», r nl. J c c e | ne«ipJ^e' nt jij.i Sei vice Direciory A L L T Y P E S O F FENCES INSTALLED, CALL JIM. __ iff 1737 _ NOW TAKING O R D E R S FOR~ POSTS AND POLES. CALL J51-855B Trees and shrubs trimmed or removed, f a s l e x p e r i e n c e d service. Free estimates Phone 45J9S58 D A F F E R N ' S C O r V C R E T E W O R K . Allflat work. Phone 4o6 1S9 Need work on your Toyota? Call -!66 8 ; i O a f t e r 6 p . m . Your repairs reasonably done. SEMI-RETIRED! Experienced in interior exterior painling. No iobloo small, what have you? Reasonable rales. Len Day. Coll 154 9509 evenings * S 8 . S . 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Prompt, accurate service. By appoinlmenl only. Piione 467-4358 Schools Instruction 8 Piano lessons. All aoes, SI? Month. 911 Clark Ave . Nampa Phone 467 2092 Sign op lor Lingerie Basic Knit Sewing Classes starting now ill Nampa Sewing Cenier. 122 12lh Ave. So., 466 05B1 Irene Means Diane Scrimiot Painting lessons. [Many paintings lor sale, reasonable ) May Miesen. 303 Sunny Lare, Nampa. 466-7417. MaleS Female Help 12 Looking lor ambitious individuals who are inlerested in job with good money advancements. Phone itt-HBV FREIGHT CONTROL C L E R K - Good typing 10-key exp needed. DOE. Call Gwen al C A N Y O N P E R S O N N E L SERVICE, 21st Arthur. Cald 454 1411 D R A F T I N G TECHNICIAN Dulles incl. producing legal notification, letter forms, radius maps attendant research, site plans v i e w f o i l s . E x p . Conlact Deputy Director, Ada Counsel ol Governments. 525 w. Jefferson, Soise, 384-8953 An Equal Op porlunity Employer Need service slalion attendant. Start at 1500 with benefits. Experience not required, reference n e c e s s a r y . Jim's Texaco, Jordan Valley, Oregon Call 503 566-7744 Hard working born-again Christian w / e x p e r i e n c e on larms ranches wants outdoor work. Needs Sun. 9-5 5-8 off Call Tom DeWill at 459 4364. Need help lo mate minks. No experience required. · Phone4S9'6015. BOILER OPERATOR Immediate lull time opening for experienced Boiler Operator, responsible for operation ot gas, oil fired steam hot water boilers, as well as associated equipment. Must be familiar with A.S. M.E. Federal State codes. Apply personnel office, Mercy Medical Center, 1513 12th Ave. Rcf., Nampa. PART TIME BOOKKEEPER exp. needed. Ideal lor male social security supplement. Call Gwen at C A N Y O N PER SONNEL S E R V I C E , 21st 8. Arthur, Caldwell 454-1411. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS RN'S LPN'S Immediate Openings for experienced RN'S f, LPN'S in moderate 162 bed hospital. Excellent fringe benefits and salary. Please apply personnel office Mercy Medical Center 151M?lh Ave. Rd., Nampa EOE v ----- __? INSURANCE CLAIMS C L E R K ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ~ Medical insurance e x p fllir^ nillHt f t. _ .. «nr.^^ J I-IA*. _ .. S - A J J . I will nol be responsible" lor any debts olher Ihan my own, Jonas M. Jones, Box 337. Parma Ellective2/ 21/ 76 COMMUNITY M E N T A L HEALTH C E N T E R S Counselling Emergency Aid Days 466 8981 «4 0421 Eves 8. weekends, phone J54 0421. Special/Notices ana c o m m e r c i a l equipment. ideal for local persons or semi- retired. Salary + commission Call (or appt. 466-254! nays. Person i n t e r e s t e d i n photography, will train. Ideal lor tall, slenoer, welhdressed lady. Pan time now oul must Be available lor evening, Saturday Sunday work. 467-2?94, n to 4. M A TORE H O U S E K E E P E R S and DESK C L E R K needed __ CallManager, 466 3594 Need experienced person lo work in leedlol Phone 585-3530 Farm help wanted. Must have row crop exp. Relerence req. Send resume. Box 46, c/ o Idaho Free Press, Nampa. Lady wanled on small income lo live in. in exchange for board 6. private room, for sitting with older people and a small amount ol light housework. Real nice home. Call 467-5460 R e c e p l i o n i s t - l y p i s t required immediately by local mobile home mfg. Applicant must be a good lypisl, experienced al typing business lellers enioy meeting the public. Reply to K. Carrulhers, Alco Homes, Inc. P.O. Box 530 Nampa. An Equal Opportunity Employer, Immed. full time opening for Administrative Secretary Must have good typing telephone skills, bi lingual req. Call for a p p t . Admin. O f f i c e , Com- munily Health Clinic, 467-443). LONG BUN D R I V E IN, help wanted, lull 8. part time. Call 459 6925. ~ ON CALL ADMISSIONS CLERK Immediate ON CALL opening lor admissions clerk. Responsible lor various jobs in hospiial business office. Must have good typing ability and m^et the public well. Apply at personnel oflice. Mercy Medical Center, 151212th Ave. Road, Nampa. WANTED: Experienced f a r m e r Good salary w/ house furnished Lyon Farms Inc., south of Caldwell, phone 459-2909 NEEDED: Experienced only, interior wood moulder, metal finisher, installer, interior finish, cabinet setter, electrician, roof builder-wood, roof Installer wood. Apply in person IDEAL OF IDAHO, 211 So 34th Ave., Caldwell, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday-Friday, No phone calls please. Broiler dinner cook, -young, dependable, c a r e e r minded. Contacl chef, Saratoga Hotel, Caldwell, Mon.-Sal. after 3. Experienced mechanic needed for foreign car dealership. Must have own tools. Top pay fringe benefits. Contact Gary Palmer. Service Manager, Royal lm- ports, Boise, Idaho. 345.1001 Residenf a p t . manager in Caldwell, couple p r e f e r r e d . Light maintenance and cleaning required. Please send resume, including phone number, to Box. 49, c/ o Idaho Free Press. Nampa. Management Trainees Sales Representative positions now open, if accepted, excellent earning opportunity while learning. When qualified you w i l l a t t e n d management 'raining school following graduation 8. appi. as branch manager. 5200 per week guaran teed. Draw available. Want stable c a r e e r - m i n d e d person willing to give lull commitment Phone 375 3136 J*""- "is"'- CounT/ Bu^ng, Nampa. 8 p.m. Call 466-3312 nsf , ded 166-3312 i C A N Y O N P E R S O N N E L P A R E N T S ANONYMOUS Parents are you concerned about your parenting but have no one available lo help you? Days 459 1766. eves. 466-8657, 467-1635 Hospital. Sun. 8:30 a.m. Com munily Cenier, Caldwell, Wed 8:30 p.m SI David's Episcopal Churcn. KaleyMed.Center.104 Logan. Wed 8:30 p.m. 4592152 454 10.13 466 5476,4666674 Inleresiedin FREE ENTERPRISE? II so. plan loailenrjihe SEMINAR by the FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION APRIL 2-3-4 McCALL, IDAHO HfcV ()-· eonOn-^:,s leo-LHd Pej} Jr:1 o: K ci top !cc-:-msts ;rjj swiVci? WRITE: National Alternatives Forum 907 Nampa-Caldwell Blvd. Mampa, Idaho 63651 S E R V I C E , 21st Arthur. Cald 454-1411 "CAFETERIA HOSTESS a.m. to 7 : 3 0 p.m. Apply at personnel office, Mercy Medical Center, IS1? 12lh Ave Road. Nampa. New r e s t a u r a n i openiig IP Caldwell, t a k i n g interview's starling March ism. Apply A W MANAGERIAL POSITION IN BOISE NOW OPEN Aeck.T"* shoJa car 464-2595 'c-ac3- A W FAMILY RESTAURftNT Nampti Caldwell Area. Milter's Appliance Center. Phone 467J933 _ Vard tree spraying, lawn fertilizing. Now is the time for dormnnl oil spraying. A-Ablo Pest Control, under new management. Phone 4592507 ivey 8. Decker Sprayers. Time lor dormant spray ground kill. Termite inspection. We are government qualified i will spray anylhing. Ivey 466 9603 or Becker J66 6363 ^ VACUUM ^ REPAIR * Almosl all makes. Parts, bags, hoses, elc. in stock Mel's Repair i Sales, 1116-lJth A v e . So., -146 3541 Lost Found 5 LOST: Red watch" Vicinity! Holly Shopping Cenier R E W A R D . Plionc 466 2534 aft.5. LOST: Male Norwegian Elk Hound, silver black, vie So Montana and Ustick, Caldwell. Reward- Phone 459 7227 LOST: Light brown, male pup with black muijle tali. Red collar. Reward. «6 671J after 4. LOST: Female German Shep herd, vie. ol Wilder. Answers lo "Pearl". Call 463-7496 if seen. Ave , Caldwell PLANT ACCOUNTANT ARE YOU THE ONE TO TAKE CHARGE? cai-ees-.i *··· mtyre pw. 33,101. leco-d at sa'es r 3s - SAVE TIMf ! APPLY IN PERSON Bring your resume to "The People Who Core" BROADMORE HOMES OF IDAHO, Inc. »1lE.ComslocV. Nampa MOBILE HOME MANUFACTURER NOW HIRING! ·Good Wages · Insurance · Incentive Bonus Program * Good Fringe Benefits Apply of KlT MANUFACTURING I'-,

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