Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 18, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1951
Page 2
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PAQE;TWO . LAS CHOCE8 IN/M.) SOM-WEWl-: . . . . ... . . Mondiy Ertning, June. IB, 1951 ; . * - .;,!! v'.ilv'.' ·.;.'!*« fl'- · Jheakfasi ,; ^ *'"_!. ^ . . . , ·. Pinner AMERICAN -.MEXICAN. j DISHES ' · BOB'S CAFE jj '';BOB HOWARD · · 12JO W.'Picaclio ·Pb.'994-W r CACTUS \ MOTOR tO. 'Poniiac - Cadillac, ' Siles - Servic* . EUGENE TH'ARP Foods Worth Freezing ·' Are Worth Freezing : Well ?. · We sharp ;freeze it.., 25 · bolow. · ' M e a l s ol .wholesale i prices. Cut, wrap and Tr'SKS"'for "locker or homo froezor. m M.. ·. 15;. " -1 ·. .' v.- t - · Discounli., on Frozen F *f* "··* t-'lu... ooae. ;' · - t*t Mn -1 it:, · Lock* Heniilt. -.; fcl- i: ···,';· ^, VALiEY LOCKER ..CO-OP. 104D W. Iladlcy Ph. 133 GLOVER PLUMBING HEATING ; ·""'* '· : . Cb^TRACTING Phono 796-W G. T. GLOVER Las Crudes Business dnd Professional, Garr's Pottery Has Flower Pots -Summer time IH Hit t i m e fo p l a n t i n g flowers in and around Hi house. CHIT'S Pottery Ixit is In place to gn to get tho ncceBHar flower pots for your 'in-the-hous plants. Of course t h e r e arc hund reds of sizes, shapes and color to chooHC from, , You can mnlch your drapes o your fm nlturc if you like. N( njalter what need you have fo pottery, Carr's Pottery Lot wil hove Just what you wanl. · Several hundred Hems in thi pottery line have been added lo the lot. Figurines of all types arc available loo. Right now Uiey are In the procesij of inn king all sorts of figurines right in their own sit tip, Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Carr do thu work themselves, nnd make special orders if you have anything In mind. Right now would be a pood Lime ' In.Install a bird h a t h In your hack yard. Cnrrs have a selection of bird baths available or OIK; can be made up to stilt your standards. H ,ynu are planning a p a r t y of some kind, why not drive over to CBIT'H Pottery Lot and select your grnpri/eK. You'll »»» delighted with the .selection of gifts and novclUcH. CaVr's Pottery Lot Is located jusl west of t h e viaduct at ll11 Wesl Picacho. Nd Paris For Car? ('Ml Roy's Wrecking , Havu you nollce'd in the papers hiliily that the government is going to raise Ihc excise tax on all new autoinohlk-H? Thai's right. Very shortly -you will he paying er before when PICTURED ABOVE is the Carr Pottery Lnl located at 1144 Wcst'ricacho^wrjere colorful pottery items are available. Hundreds of gift a'nd novelty items are on'displayit all times as well as a selection of tropical fish. , *.:·*·· . Did Debbil Rum Causes Some To Cry, But One Lady Leaves Her Money To li NEW YORK ;bhll rum.. - Oh. that olo than Horn tax ;jou buy a new car. 1 *Of course tin: wiflc tiling- to do f.s lo lihvn your prrnpnl car repaired. ParlH I'jiay hemmi! nearer In the near future,' no 11 m i g h t pay you to Itiok I n t o the prospect of buying one parts now. Koy'.s Wrecking Yard at i20 North CltuiTl) .street would be thu place; in Las CniccH to go lo find those much needed parts. No imtltL'r what kind ow autmuo- Jl|e yV.ou own, Roy's Wracking Yard will probably Itavu lliu parts yuu aru looking for. Tlioy nmy not IIIVL' all thu new parts you need, :mt'UHJ rhimcuJi uro t h a t yuu can 'im! at len»l a lined pint t h a t will 1 your needs. Don't li'l your car go loo long icfrtro mtctng t h a t it is ntpalrctl. t'ou may run into serious trouble Some people cry about it whilo liuy arc alive. Some pcnpln buy . wlillti they arc alivp. have been known to drink I absent minUt'illy, Some UHC It an Imlr lonlu. A fair-minded few in ploy it for both purposes. Ll«|iior lins ih[ii u Jut of things tii pi'uplr IhrouKli thu affps. Rut Vi-ry few 1 pi-Dpli; hnvtj rrinnu'd tin- favor. \Vliu fv«r offered fo dr. un.vtliiiij; for liquor? Oh, of course, 1 don't mean a n y t h i n g so ohviouii QH imiiilnjr your (laughter after it -- such as Champagne Smith or Ambrosia Jones. N n t n r n l l y Jiny family (lues t h a t . Even the bourbons. wry n.s t h e y arc. But tliij you ovnr henr of nny- hody nlmost leaving their money to liquor, Never mind the jirvonlln ruins h t i u n l l i i g our kinderfjartenn. Never mind llu: t i t a r i l l n f r f»IHng rost of attplrln and the dlslurblnply ,slr:uly! prk'o of beef. Let's pet down to | ftinilanKiiitals. The nuhjoet. i Well, 11 lady iiuntftl MUs Nan- : i!.v Alum Mvlncston IHt rainy I-»s Anyeles lasf Tf«:cinln!r for t h e KUntihlrif; winctoary (if hciiv- cn. 8ho veun a stubborn 71, ' BcBfdes the wet elf mate she left behind some (1,134 to 19 relatives. That IB darn nenr $60 apiece, if it wore split evenly, which · is Homuthlnff the average relntivc ordinarily mightn't forgive.. But Miss Livingston put' In her will a stipulation that If any portion were refused it should.go to "some saloonkeeper' society fund for the promotion of liquor drink- Ing." My friends' favorite uartendcrs all agree the lady's will, is unreal. "Any relative who can get 560 out of $1,134 today, isn't likely going: to contest the will,", said one custodian of the mahogany. Hut tho general consensus.of tho Iwr hoypers was' (hat the very deal was mi insult to (heir trade. "If any pn.mmUon 'of liquor drln king-depended on.the rejection of inlmritiiiHTS," Kiiid oiu% "I wcMild beeome a traveling KiilrMiiiin. "ObvlouHly, a wise man is not going lo turn down a bequest and SUXNVSIDE TOKYO -- ( A 'compnny of ' j S. Fifth Cava'lry's'pldiers reccnt- Jy got frttsii fileU.'.effgs while in ,thelr foxholes : atop* a; 1.200-foot hjil. , : - : - ' ^ . n "Nothing hasV". helnci] morale more--short of rpUtion r " eald Pfc. WllliH j. .Marcantellj'Lake Charles, La. He's a -cooltv-The credit went to Lt. John Higgs, commanding officer of the groiip. He consulted a' mess steward, arranged for it field stove, the eggs and two cookB. .Usually such foouMs' prepared- In the unit kitchen at a.;5atta]fon' real position, then- brought up. For Saturday Fulfils Mountain View Inn, Located^ AX Pool 0£ Organ Mountains The U.. S. Army. hue. _ i t s . . o w n pilots, trained ili.U. S. Air Force schools. * :, ' , . . ' let it go to. the promotion of drinks for someone else, What'll you have?" ,Of course, it miglit work. It never 1 has been given a fair See Conoco Number 1 For Good Car Service There are etUl many of you who have not taken ,u vacation. And there are still many of you who have not hart -'your car checked over lately.. One thing is sure,' if you are planning: a vacation soon, it would be wise Tor you to take your car to the Conoco Service Station No. 1 and have it serviced. You'll find that when you start on ydur trip you- can leave in confidence that your car will perform well on the entire trip. The Conoco Service'Station No. 1 is not si garage, but they can tell you when'your car needs something. Experience-.lias taught the attendants at the Conoco Service Station No. 1 to recognize any defect in your'car. They will suggest that you _have these minor things repaired before you start on n long trip. ; There arc probably many motorists in the valley who are having { trouble with their cars heating up. That is probably the fault of the car's cooling 1 system. You are probably still running" with" last year's antl-frcezc. in the, radiator. After a time the antifreeze becomes useless and tendg to clog up your radiator. This will cause your car to heat up. · Why not drive"in"at"the .Conoco Service Station No. 1 at the corner of North Main street and Las Cruces avenue, and* have them flush your radiator for you: You'll find that your car will run cooler and smoother when the cooling system is working'properly. .',,'Tt is about time thut you took an evening off for u;little fun Of course, the place to go to have that fun is the Mountain View Inn at Organ. Every Saturday night there arc "oig doings at the Mountain View Inn. Everyone who is looking for a cool place to go select the Mountain View Inn, Sure its cool, and not only that.there are plenty of your favorite drinks available. · It's only a few minute's drive from Las Cruces to the Mountain View Inn at the foot of the, Organ mountains, and. you'll have : -hours of fun when you gel there. . Make up a party .this 1 wuek and drive up to the" Mountain Inn al Organ. If you haven't already been to the Mountain View Inn there is a treat in store for you. If .you have been out then you know that everyone has a big' time when they visit the Mountain View. There is a competent bar-tender on hand at all times who knows how to mix up your favorite drink. Come on out some evening this week and have the time of your life at the cool Mountain View Inn. Cruces Dentist To Siiidy Methodthal Removes Pain From Tooth Drilling North Church Hti'i-cl or plionc for Information. OLIVER EQUIPMENT CO. GLENLILE, Mgr. Sales and Service 1700 W. Plcscho Phono 63 FRED'S WELDING SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CONDITIONING -- COOLING Phon. 550-W 642 W. Organ PalnlcnH drilling of teeth IH on Ihe way to Ln« Crimea. Dr. 0. D. , Walters, 120 Went Grlggt: said utti li.'L-aune you failed to replace yCH i m | ay l l l l l t u la |1()w 0]]ly part wliPti It bocitnii! worn out · ' - -· Slop In at Hoy's Wrecking Yard Thu local dentist WIIH not talking t h r o u g h his h a t . A new process IK out which removes t h e puiu from drilling teeth. The new process IH called the abbra.slvo tcch- llquo. All beat and vibration from drills ire removed hy using m i n u t e par- iclptt of sainl. The SRIH! Is forced igitlntu the tooth under heavy iiir In short tlin doctor said tbo irocctis isiiylil compare lo the sand ilastlng process used lo clean buildings and ships. The only tllf- HAZEL'S LAUNDRY WET WASH and ROUGHPRY 220 W. Gr!gg« . PJi.' 858-W Guaranteed Repairs On All Makes of RADIOS Good U»d Ridioi CHARLIE'S , RADIO SHOP 404 S. Main Si. Las Graces WeUjng fc Fabricalion Company A . n-'fplrtyfliijLB, Owner --·" · - . '·$'.' T?'' v V/!)'::'. .wf FABHICA'TE'xfcL^TTPEs BOOF TRUSES "Any M»Ul.Th»J Ctn Be W«ld.d--I C«n Wtld II" West Iliglm-n.v BO Lns Cruces ATLAS LUMBER CO. S tO"! T H E R U I l . t j F R fen-nee, Ihu dential'saidy was that tlu- Hiiml pHnicies I n ' t h e case of the denial machine aro.rajicli smaller anil have been treated strongly with distill fee taut to remove all germs. I The sand is forced into the tooth under air pressure and since |t is «ti ( librtisivc it begins to \ gimd aw'ay. Each snud particle curries part of the tooth with it. Dr. Walters Is leaving LaV Cruces today for Ran Francisco where lie. will l a k e a special course li the use nnd operation of this ne^ denial technique. The classes wll start' on J u n e 20 and are slatct to last until July s. The course ol study is being instituted by thf College of Physicians and Sui^i. ona of San Francisco. Home And Commercial Wiring ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Fixtures and Appliances SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 1301 W. Picacho Phone 289-R DAVIS LUMBER COMPANY · Building Material-' · Lumber · Plumbing Supplies .,·.- . i ' CompleU Line ol ,. , ,'.. Paints - Laquers - Varnishes 1210 7lh Street (Hwy. 1 85) Telephone;3S3-W. VICTORY LIQUOR STORE ·LIQUORS -- WINE -- BEER 1 H O N . Church Si. ' · ; ; " LAS CRUCES MEAT CO. WHOLESALE MEATS CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Packaging and Quick Freezing For Your Homo Deep Freezer , , Highway «0 Weet · Phoiw 4M Lobster Or Beef Ribs, Neff's Will Have It For onn of the best meals you have ever eaten outside your own home, you should try the Neff Restaurant. Recently the Neff Restaurant lias built up a reputation for serving some of the finest food in the valley. The specialty at Neff's is a nice juicy plank steak which will almost melt in your mouth. You get all the trimmings with it too. Then there is prime rlfi of beef which is prepared just the. way you like it. For those who are a little more" particular, lobster is served. Only the finest of foods are served at Ncff's. If you have guests any time this week, take them to Neff's Rcstaur- aunt. They'll marvel at the food and compliment you on your choice of eating places. Neff's Restaurant is located at the junction of highways 80 and 85 just west of the Viaduct. There is. always plenty of parking space for your convenience. Lowest recorded-temperature on the North American continent was: the 82 degrees below zero at Snag; Airport in the Yukon, in February i 1947, says the National Geographic! Society. · . j MEBCHANTS Know .Your Local BUSINESSMEN The news and; advertising on this page.'is'tp, help you get acquainted-- and 'serve "^ '* you better. '·'··;) ;: · r DELUXE CAFfc ,;.·..·,... GOOD 24-HODBS 130 S: Main PHONE 520 GUARANTEED Bluing- i 'Repairing ·.. Custom Gun Building Sporting Goods On iboaxd Motors "If its Guns, see Joe Hicks" JOE HICKS GUN SHOP 1016.W. Picacho, .Phone 1Z23-W -.' . C O N O C O STATION;..HO. l ' · Service' Department ·: ConocoTfpducts.. ; Phohe 108-W 305 N. Main Las Cruces CARR POTTERY LOT CALIFORNIA POTTERY, GIFTS 'Sc NOVELTIES Vl»ii U»--Sw The Very Newest , 1144 W. Picacho · Phone-289-M STKETCHER CASE U lowered from the Consolation, first Navy hospital hlp to return fronx Korean war service, at San Diego, Col., clock. The Consolation. carrlcid.ieS wounded, 90 of them stretcher cases, following nine monthS;iri the Far East'. ~ . (International Smnidpliolol P.O. Box 228 Phone 168 EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. ' Of New Mexico, Inc. v ;. Allit-Chilmorc Tractors and Farm Machinery GMC Triicks - Packard Cars . 137 Soulh Cliurch St. 1 Las Cruces. N. Me.x. WAYSIDE INN For The Best Hiniburgeri In Town - Curb Service N. Main . Ph. 851-M TURNER'S Electric Motor Service Sales and Service Electric' Mblbr«'. Pump* Generator! ." 1169 w. ricacho - pn;'73S-M T H R I F T GROCERY STORES NO. 1 NO. 2 . IIS LAS CRUCES AVE. 1!3 NORTH MAIN Phone* 70-71 Phonei 11-19 On* FrM Delivery Daily -- 10:00 A.M. , SAVE TIME - Let Ui Do Your Shopping - SAVE MONEY Only th,e Frcslu-st.imd.Highest of Qupllty Foods Arc Sent Out On Our Deliveries The Most Modern and Newest Restaurant In New Mexico-Specializing In PLANK STEAKS · PRIME RIB OF .BEEF LOBSTER NEFF RESTAURANT . i Highway 80 Wont, Next lo- Nefi Court. Your Favorite MIXED DRINKS Good Food Dancing Just A Pleasant Drive From Las Cruces MT. VIEW INN ORGAN PBICHABD Book Stationery Company Complete" School It Office Suppllet ' -and Equipment 302 N. Main ' Ph. 918-W NEW AND AUfOPARTS"' Phone'7S5 : J ROY'S Wrecking Yard GREEN'S Authorized Bulova Dealer Fine Repair. Service 136 tt Main "j Ph;.9S3-W VALLEY TRANSIT NIX, INC. Transtl MiKfd Conrrrtt For F.vpry Purpoii- AccuritHv Balchod S R T T T F R · ·b H.H ly To P..

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