Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 8, 1967 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1967
Page 12
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S«rvk« Dilatory 1 Service Director SPRAYING Lwerjied i in.ured. IVe ·spray jnythiiii. [« Norland, 43'.-3257 alUT 5 p.m. MAUKH CAJMXET Co. If US nude of wood, we'll build H! Try arxl beat my price of satisfied service. Business Ph. 466-8166 CUSTOM SPRAYING" Insects, lives-tock, spider mites A. II. MEIHONIMl'S ·166.0347 ur 45V-1Q29 PLUMBING Remodeling - Contracting-Service Calls, hrei! esl. FIELDS PLUMBING SEHV1CE, 166-5827 KUIBY SALES t SERVICE nu,v in Nanipa and Caldwrll Factory Authorized sales i Service jloward Brow nlee, 466-6674 eve. VACUUM CLEANER REPAF Sales 1- parts f i r all makes Reuten Moser. 466-t:0!. JOH.V.S SJUU'SBKHV .SKKVICK S l l l l l ' B H K H Y S H A P E D i- T K I M M E D ALSO YAUD «-(JKK, 4551-3021 Moore Tree Service Uctaied, Insured i Bondtd 466-331 't or 939-6700 VASSAK MOBILE .\IJM.I.W SF.KVICE, Grinding, Kollii,:, ..lixin,!, Molassifyins, Pli, CnW. ·J59-3553. TREE SERVICE" Brasstield's Free Est. I.icens- wl. Ins., i. bonded. 466-52M SHARPENING SERVICE SAWS - KNIVES - SCISSOKS MOWERS- CUPPEHS-TOOI-b ADKINS Ll'MBEK YA1(D Ni'lus H'l Caldvc'll -)S9-708I PAINTING Commercial A Hestdential ReasojiaLJf pric^, free est. Ph. 459-0125 or 585-2^19 Service Directory ) Service Directory Ptnonok Mist, for Sol* Idaho Fm Press t COtrwD Nrn-TtfeMM, Mw*J, Mr 1,1*7 - A3 SPRAYING Licensed i- Insured. We spruy anything. [-(. Norland, 459-3257 PHASSFIFID'S SPRAYING 1'ri-es, stirubs, lawns, e a r wig .itiil ^litters. W K SPH.-1Y C V K U Y T J J I M G ! Phono 4C6-B135 CONCRETE WORK Curbs, iirivi",i-,iys i walks, etc. I'll. 4G6-70!jOui-4C6-GH5 1(1.1) C1NUI.US * I- ill Dirt WELL DRILLING Serving Hoist 1 V a l l e y since 19^4, Cable tool iir rotary drilling .· tjravel packing. TPSI doles, Irr i g a t i o n i d o m e s t i c , JKSS DUTY Caldwell, 45!i-%l' or 451-'l627 moV.iy Mwy. 30. CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS- S P R A Y I N G PAINT1NU- PAPERIIANGING Quality work, fair prices. Ph. 466-0093 after 6 P.M. Insects, earwigs, elm trees, maples A. everything general. Alan llalfield, 466-2074 or 4C6-0151, P O R T A B L E W K I . D i N G U i l l Marls Phone 4C6-OI73 L A W N LEVl.'I.INc; Sod cutting .Seeding lion HUGHES 466-6758 Western Landscaping CLASSIFIED DIRECTORY RENT ROLLAWAY Aph. Furniihid Apt*. Unfurnijrml Anrk)U«» Auction Sol«5 *ur»m«bil«iterSol« Bui. Oppertimitiej Iviirtf si Prop«rlii Card of Thank) CMWCor. Chinchillas fotm Impkminlt fatrn f rop«iti« Acnag«i hrmtr'j Column F**di Ii S«id« F«mat« H«lp Wanted Howtn k Monti r»rS«k»rTrod« Fruiti * V»jelabl«s Fwmiiurt A Appt. H«»y Squipmtnl H*UI*I For Rent, fum. H»u»*i For Rent, Unl. Intern* T«« lnv«tm«nli UvMtock Uirlr found Male * Female Help Male Help Wanted Mi«c. hftent 41 Mac. for Sale 42 Mobile Homes 22 Moiwyrolonn 36 Men«yWanred 65 Motorcycles 51 MusicolMerchanciiie 52 Ftnonals 3 fid 16 Poultry Rabbils 26 R.olEitate Appraisal 31 Estate Exch. 49 Real Ettote, Nampa 50 Real Estate, Caldwell 33 Real Eilate, Sale/Trode 30 Rtal Estate, Misc 11 Ktal Estate Wanted 21 Room 1 Board 37 loom lor Rent 29 Sobi'.ople 21 Sthotlt t Insttuclion 3? S«rvic« Dir.clory 44 Situations Wonted 45 SfWtiol Notices 6 Sporlinj Goods 16 IwiltrSpoce Denial 34 Tronjperlafion 5 Travel Trailers 12 Trucks A Trailers 10 Wanted to Buy 47 Wanted to Rent 19 67 17 18 60 20 2 25 27 53 56 54 55 57 58 59 39 40 13 8 1 14 4 i3 46 7 63 61 38 48 CI.KN IVk'Y i J01-: SMITH Grain spraying, crop i dltcli bank, Trees, cattle, weeds an?, all types insects including (er- mitos, Equipped for any kind of job, Cull 466-%08 ur 466-2005 fur est. BASEMENT WORK Under Hcuie Excavation CONCRETE WORK AH kinds Cenenl plastering. Free estl- moles GARRISON YOUNG. 466-7369 AND CRIBS RE SERVE NOW FREE PRESS -- NEWS-TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED 16-20 53.50 S9 50 21-30 $10 50 512.00 S 14.00 LOCAL ClASStfEO RAFES Tinci 1-3 4-6 7-10 11-15 3lhei $2.75 $450 S6.50 S7.50 4I'"« 53.50 S5.5Q S7.00 S8.25 5 li-ei S-J.OO $675 S8.00 $9.50 50" DISCOUNT PER ADV. IF PAID IN APVANCf MAIL ADVERTISEMENTS Ad«r)jjenenli may be placed by mail W iuffici'enl remittance (or definite number al hsues muit be enclosed. N'alional Regional Clashed Rote 60 : A line Runs m bolS paper* Idaho Free Press and The News-Tribune · _ {Minim-Jin 3 fines) Te Free Presi and Ihe N'ews-Tiibune reserve (Se right lo deleirnine clossilicarion u.ide' whith oi! copy shall bff pub'ijhed. In cose of error (he Free Pre-.s. and fht News-Tribyre will cn!y be lespcr.iible lor lJ-e first insertion. BUSINESS OFFICE HOURS 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday ihiu Friday 8 o.m. to 12 r.oon Saturday Service Information Of Reliable Firms S 4S BUYS "351,000 DIRECTORY ADS LIKE THIS YOUR AO APPEARS IN BOTH THE IDAHO FREE PRESS AND THE NEWS-TRIBUNE EVERY DAY FOR 26 DAYS. Phone 466-7891 or 459-4664 TODAY! ' 13,500Circulaliontimes 26 Publishing Days. FARM JIRES ON THE FARM SERVICE nd GEM Firestone Store -., OK TV SERVICE 466-7827 We Service Repair All Makes-- Pickup Deliver. y our -^-y Headquarters For New, Used and Color RCA-Zenlth -Wertinghouse. KINDERGARTEN Contact Christian Schools, Drawer G., Nampa Phone 466-9151 -- Eves. 459-1238 FROM TOASTERS TO REFRIGERATORS WE SERVICE ALL MAKES! ft.w4J9.i505 HARVEY HOFF Better Living Center 2922 East Cleveland 459-7484 EXCAVATING - TILE LINES · PIPE UNES · SEPTIC TANKS MODERN EQUIPMENT BOB BLESSING EXCAVATING 337-4223 HOMEOAU 337-3837 · REMODELING · ADDITIONS · COMMERCIAL BUILDING ·BASEMENTS o EXSIUSE PITS « IMIUTI9M NUECTS KNIE BROS. CONSTR. CALOWEU 459-3476 LAWN MOWER SERVICE ,-ffi majffi -- expert repair » LAWN BO* 9 TCRO * MERRY TIUER Salei i Sflrvicj CAFFERTY S TV - 466-3647 Our New Address--224 12th AY. So. CATALOG SALES AGENCY NOW OPEN! HMIH115 13rh Ave. So., 466-9261 CAUWEU 116 So. 7lh Ave., 459-0063 John B. long, Own«i 351,000* Directory Ads Cost Only '49.00 Per Month "It Publiihing Days Times 13,500 Circulation Fret N» Ph. 4K-7891 News-Tribune Ph. 459-4664 FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY SHOP .'f.5 IrrtM r.'.v/jcripnrr LARGE SELECTION OF FINE NEW FABRICS Over 250 Yarn* of Fabric in Slock 0»er 150 Yordj Notgahyde in Slock C I DCI/IC IN HEAD C. L. KCVI5 1414 Arthur Caldwell ACROSS FROM KINGSROWN'5 459-7531 * TV APPLIANCE REPAIR DON McNABB - LYLE KENNEL Experienced -- Reliable - Guaranteed Work OkVVHEE SHEET METAL PRO HARDWARE 1020 111 SI. South Nampa 466-8401 Take it Easy. Use Classified to Sell, Buy, Rent, Hire. Dial 466-7891 or 459-4664. TV SERVICE-Radio Dispatched Crly-Widfl and Surburban Covilrog* Color - Bio [I. and While - All Mokei All Work bv Mr-lter Radio » TVTechnitian TREASURE VALLEY TV 466-3231 103 I6lh Ay«. North, Sompo i Itell 45')-niO'J I w i l l nol IJP rc'sjtnjk-jljlt. from this lUtr. July n, 1'icv fur any bills, cliari-r accouiiU, layaway^, contracts nf any JcinJ, nf my |inKiitt nurrbKi', j i i a i l p ly Jliyi ..... b u t myself. Alsn I will /KI( bi- ru^pimsible for any lulls jijudr? conlr.ictpj for Injure our marriage. The tiarnos i f t h i s imp ijerson are: M r s . Ar:ttur I.. r'nrdice-Chrra IJ^t 1 l'(irln;e-AH.i.s foniu-r name i:.U. Junes. SK:NI-:I: A r l h u r !,, l-'onlicc 2000 (.-ollffp, CdklircU I w i l l nol bp res|nmsiblo for jny ijebts ir»"urrpl by anyitfic ntljer [lidn niyst-lf. Timings HatuT 1'ariiLa. [dalio n«id Grief Charlie! Whortwen- ycm last ni^htv Wo inissi'rl yuu liXe crazy at the Clmarrun l^uitgc. Pepperniint Palty. CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS RENTAL CENTER . . . _ , 466-7 1 5 1 CATS HAVE WHISKERS Nol laille.s. Consult Fisher's l-.'leclrolysls for iv- nuival of unwanted hair. I'h. 466-2552, 541 Ureenleaf, Nanipa If you have marital problems j'f 'ny kind, plwne 466-8288 for frc« counseling service. Canyon Family Counseling Service.' (Sponsored by Nampa Rotary Club. IHE proven corp«l cleaner Blue Lml/e it eosy on Ihe budgel. ««slores forgotten colors, Benl electric shompooeV il. Halei Furniture, Nompo. Stop abusing prrinaturi'ly atf- hill your skin w i l h wax filled creams A rosmi'lios. I,el us show yuu Natures way lo a ni'W beautiful you wilh OVATION rosUI-.'i'lCK. ph 45!I-'I126 »| 459-855.1. Sptcial Notices 4 VI/JOHOLICS Anonymous, Nampa proup meets Thursdays 8:30 p.m. and Sundays 8:30 a.m. In Counly Bld»., ath Avi. 4 2nd St. »)., P.O. Box 1084 Nampa Dial 4(16-3312. ' Lost 4 Found 5 l/jst or stolen. Pug pup, lighl Ian in color. Child's pet. Large reward. Call 466-7790 or 4G6-G74I l,OST: Small Weasel-type animal in Nainpa. I'et Ferret. Ph. Culled Wilder 482-7351 after 5:30 njn, Pound small black 4 gray ^°V,i purl Peku. Call 46G-D32G - idenlify £· pay for ail, SichMh ln»luction t .Sl-JND KOR FREE BOOKLKT on huw to compile your high school education al home in spare time DIPLOMA AWAHIffiD. American School, Box 7646, Roise, Malio ir phone 342-0580. .Siller seuing Machine, runs like «·»! $25.50, (.Tjaranlei'd. Call anytime collect 315-6605. 22' u p r i g h t devptrc'-^e, Cyp|J(.T ti'jocl for ranije, both like new. Ph. 46C-0538 (Jirl's roller*outfit, lavender wit]) wtiilr- Irather trim, si'.e 10-12 S10. I'h. 46C-587C. 41 NKW Windows. Anderson .Strut-Wall, 3 X 3S; 4 x 4's and oihur .sizes. Also, Thk-rmo Panes. 466-0140. 466-36bS YOU laved and slaved lor wall to wall carpel. Keep it new with Blue lustre. Rent electric shampooer 51. Becker Hardware, Caldwell. Grocery .store dairy A; vegetable case.-., 2 open frozen fwdcaspi, inmlcrn scale, meat case i cold nxjru equip., 2 adding machines (one elect.\ shelving, twine ducplreuve. Ph.-166-5827 Krt^itlatre elei\ stove, custom deluxe, double oven, 4 yr. old, exc,eiml. S150 Trigidaireelec. dryer, l'JG7 model, never been used 3120, ph. -159-7950 eves. CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULT'S G,E, ir p r i g n i [-RtEZER. Like ne^ 1 . photK' Caldwell 459-1125 PHOKE 46S-7891 or 459-4S64 tu place your classified ad, h's fast, tasy i economical. 4 plate elect, stove i refrigerator, good cond. plus 5 pc, -rlinetlf .sel, all /or S70. Call 466-13«a vXJOU B A L K U H A y D K U V i . i l I M STACKING, 10c PIT bak-. J.D. BENSON. Ph'im' 4C6-25C1 CLASSIFIEDS GET Rl,fn.T? ,"farm lmpl«m*nts . 3). I.H. 400 Tractor, top cond. 31500; New J.D. Disc, svali'd bearings. 5600,' I.H. tt«y Baler 55 P.T.O »»' cond' 5850; Rear bar Corn Cult. 350. Good cylinders 325; Wood Harroud, Barbed wire, meial "ter troughs, misc. cheap. Nampa 466-5787 farmer's Column 33 Majestic Uanije. Oakland Wood Tiurncr. Solid oak table- ·) leaves. .Solid tiak 4 i^lass Buffet. Used Refrigerator- Crosley Shulvailor. Assorttnenls of ,'hests. Treadle .Singer Sewing Machine. 1912 Oliver Typewriter, ph. 450-2141 Toro lawn mowers, Walker's Lawn Mower Sales i Service, 524 S. 9lh, Cald. 459-8566. Ip Wanted 10 Wimlrowi'r baler operator for Nevada hay job. Contact M.muel Perry, Middlelon 585-227H Watiled food lechnoloKist,chem- isl or baclnriologisl for quality i.-tmlrnllcd crtaitiiKer in new potato processing plant located near Nampa. IK^ree necessary, frozen frcnch fry experience desirable. Salary open. Please send resume lo Q. c. Adininis- Irator, Box 078, Idaho I-'alls, Ida. I«ual established firm \»ants lo hire a person lo sell inside and nut.side .store. IvXCKU.KNT OPPOliTUNITY Department uf ECinplciyinent linter lo Mrs. Dunn at 517 SoiiMi loth Caldwell, Idahu -- 459-4617 HESPONS1BLK Parly (n take over small balance on Singer Console Sewing Machine. Payments as low as $5,00 per mo. Conlacl Credit Manager, 4C6- 6589 FERTILIZER PULVERIZED - CURED NO TBASH. 466-4861 PIIE is soft and lofty . . . colo/s retam brilliance in carpels cleared with B!ue luslie. Re^l electric inonpqotr SI. Hotl Beltw Uvi.ij Cento. NOW AVAILABLE. Aluminum Sheets 23 K 30 1/4" - .007 (hick, . .10?. Call at the Idaho Tree Press office, Nampa. HYDRAULIC JACKS R E P A B K D Abbott's Auto Supply 126 llth Ave, No. Nanipa 466-1422 WEtl fcept carpels show ihe results o! regular Blue lultre spot cleaning. Rent electric sharrpaoer SI. Owyhee Sheet Metal Pro Hd«e.. 1020 lu Si. So., Nampo. 200 GALLONS Pr.hl i Redwood Stain. Bolfi Excellent Quality. MUST SELL SEAL BROS. -- Ph. 466 0105 finest Aged Beef and Fork. Buy the half or whole, cut, wrapped and Irmvn. Beef bundle $20.75 ea. Case and 1/2 case lot uf groceries, cost plus 10%. No membership charged. Custom cullini; 5c Ib. Pork bundle $19.75 ·159-9725 or 466-6161. Daveno, oak arms, gotjd cond. Make offer or will trade for yot'd quality maple desk or CIV.-SE. Ph. 45a-2!54, USED DEPARTMENT USED FURNITURE. . .3'4 size Rollaway. . ,3 old irunks, . . small office desks. . .2 older office desks. , ,2 pc. sectional, light green. . .brown davenu. . , wood arm daveno. . .dineties, .. oak chair! USKD APPLIANCES. . .Chest Freezer, large $85.00 . . . .25' Amana upright freezer$l-19.00 . , .Under counter refrigerator washers. . .dryers. . ,ranges... refrigerations. . . Stokematic Heater. INDEPENDENT F U R N I T U R E COMPANY 623 Main-Caldwell-459-1691 SUPER C r'AKM.iLL Backbar Cultivator tools, i-ncellemcond. 8 (1. disc. 45?-2609 CUSTO.Sf HAY ST.UKINt; PHOKE CALDWELL 459-0273 or 459-1395 _ l^aniinateJ Bee Boards; 2,000 holes; 4 inch deep; 33.15 list. Phone 585-2553, 466-9917, or 495-2211. CUSTOM BALING KiibxA.Kijirfoll 459-7248 W1NDROWING BALING Roy Allen, 466-5061 Inter. Elect, feitcer service. Owyhee Sheet Metal i Pro Hardware by 11 ave. Sub. Nampa. CUSTOM HAY HAULING and STACKING Leonard Roso, Ph. 466-4918. LeupuM 3 x M7 rifte scope. Johnson 5 H, P. trolling motor. 129 Delaware. Ph. 466-6484. VIRGIl ROBERrs BALING 466-C585 12 ft. Larson boat, 7 1 '2 4 3 H. P. Motors, 254 Delaware, Ph. 466-0051. 2 boat motors; 2 boat trailers; 2 boats. Also 2 man rubber bual. Ph. 466-7037 Peti IS Purebred Lab pups 6 u'ks, old. $25 Ph. 459-4011 Rei; AKC Kt'D DACHSHUND $£5 Ph,466-5683 Knglish Pointer pups. Lemon i while. Will hunt this fall, S10. Ph. 466-2968 6 month old male pup. 1/2 German Shepherd, 1/2 Husky. Ph. Caldwell 459-3014 BEE BOARDS Wholesale-Retail Prices $1.50 to $2.25 Phone 692-5735, Kuna E L M E R MICHEL Idaho Animal Products Dead Animal SERVICE CALLCOLIECT 466-4604 Radio Dispatched Trucks Female Help Wanted 11 . ... NIGHT CAM HOP I.llllo Cliief Drive-ln, Nampa ( W u m a n lo cure for elderly lady Ar do li|(hl tmusvwork, some coiikiii!,', days. 405-2217 Mclba. ' 1 ·-- l«uly to caro fur semi-invalid lady light linuspkerping, live in- -16fi-4?P.O HKLPI! ladies to help -serviCL- l-'ullnr lirush cuslotners: 1. Pleasant people 2. Protected territory 3. $25 lo $50 per week for 15 hours. Call 46G-5238 or 450-0156. The NBW BANK cipenina in MKKIOIAN is now tahinu ap- plicalions anil inlcrviewint; pro- spi-ctivc Ifller 1 boukki-cpnr persoiittul. Km- .^ppointmciil call BBB-44n7 ur M-O us in person al 70S Kasl 1st. Salary upon to experience. Hegis-lerod Nursns neededtoas- sist in devnlopint comprehon- .sivc cotinlywide Itcallli program in Canyon County. Public hcallh Iralnin^ and experience desirable, but all applications will be considered. Ujy h o u r s . Nurses may be stationed in own population area. Salary com- monsurato wilh (raining ami experience, c. c. Department of Health 450-0049, or 70G Mnin St. Caldwell. Male Female Help 12 COOK wanted. Hn.spilnl exper- ic-ncn destrod. Caldwell Moiii»r- Ul Hospital, 45'J-4C41, lxt. 27. FOII S A L K - T O B E M O V E D O F F one and one half story frame house approximately 35 by 47 feet, 10 rfloitl's/Also'frame tjar- aire 3E by 45 feel wilh attached one car yarago 12 by 21 feet. Located at 424 I2lh Avenue South, Nanipa. To he moved off by Sepli-r.iber 1, l'J67. Bids yiM'.epled through July 21, 19G7. Ten pe: cent of amount to accompany bid and bolanc-e on acceptance of bid. Right is reserved to refuse any and all bids. Call First Methodist Church: 466-0971 or 466-6649. LAWN SPRINKLER HEADQUARTERS 3/4" Plastic Pipe. 100' . . . . $2.25 l/2"Galv.Pipe.21'len9ih. . 11' fl. 1/2 PRICE on Visqueen PAY PACK 824 Cold. Blvd. X64-7807 Sheltie pups AKC reg., lop champion blood lines. Sable while, ready lo go. Country Kennel, 459-4840. FOH SALE COLLIE PUPS Ph. Middlelon 585-2574 2 females black registered MINIATURE POODLES. Phone Caldwell 45JI-8853 eves. Purebred Siamese Kittens for sale Phone Caldwell 459-2476 POODLE GROOMING. Ctomji- ions at s.tu.d, allcolors. Puppies tor sale. 459-4216. POODLE (7ROOMING Appointments nol necessary Kves. 4 Sundays Ph. 466-2664 34 f ou | tr , t Robbilt Cel your eggs fresh! 8000 daily. Heavy hens dressed. Lynch Bros 9 Ave. i 7 St. No. 466-4151. Fruiti Vtgttnbht 29 SWEET CHF.HR1ES 1/2 mile West 1/2 mile South Huston School. Charles Foxx Muikal Merchandise 10 GOOD CHOICE Icpcondilioned Uprighl Pianos GON10N-PIANO OKCiAN CO. 224 ;.'amp3-(Mld. Blvd. ORDER NOW 30 Pound Tins R.S.P. PIE CHERRIES N A M P A CUSTOM C A N N E R Y Ph, 466-5987, Carma 466-5750 SWEET CHERRIES ready /or canning. Saxton Fruii Farm, South of lake I/ivicll. ^Situations Wanted 14 F A M I L Y IHONINUS DONE i n m y homo. 124 Aven. $1.25 per h r . Ph. Catdwell 459-3231 W A N T E D (JAUPKNTKR W O R K , new or remodel Ph. 466-7003 Child Care 15 D.nby s i l l i i y in my horrie by hour nr day. I'll. 466-7H7I. KINDKUflARTF.N KiiMie K'rop Kinderearton -' '·hlld :ar«. I'alJ. 45fl-4?t . BABY .SITTINI; Any aje. l).iy or niuht. 619 I8lh AVf. So. 466-93M. B1NG CHERRIES -15c per \b. You pick. No Sunday sales.start picking July 6, ph. 459-7253 Iin£ Cherries, Excellent Oual^ it)-. 15f l.'-pick. .Mum .Morency Pie Cherries, lor I' -pick J E l - K ' S FRUIT FARM Turn rih'hl al .Sunnyslopp Curve rn Karchrr road, 1st house. 450-4032. Family milk cow. Jersey 4 while face. Also comb. Washer-Dryer. 466-3732 Gentle Shetland pony, Ideal for children $45. ph. Mid. dleton 585-6662 Quarter horse gelding. 5 yrs. old,prfll broke, SlOO Also: full brother yearling colt, $50 ph. - --459-4829 Arabian-Morgan mare, 3 yrs. old. auarterhorse mare, well broke t gentle. Ph. 45S-7265. GOOD SADDLE HORSE Gentle Ph, 466-1960 FOB SALE Y O U N G YORKSHIRE BOAR Ph. Caldwell - 459-3068 WANTED TO RENT: One 2- horse trailer for week of July 9th. Emit Shorb 459-2636 or 459-4281. Horses properly trained. Slim Kepptnger, Box 97, Middlelon. 585-25)4, no -Sat. calls. HORSESHOEING i TRIMMING All Work Guaranteedl Jerry Vincent Ph. 466-8787 TOP PRICES PAID For chicken feed horses Ph. 466-0405 HORSESHOEING VIRGVAIi 466-4953 MASTITIS COWS. 1 buy good or bad! Or old crippled stock. Please call 466-5390 collevt. HORSES FOR SALE Several lo choose from. Ph. Middlelon 585-2161 Mix. for Sate 19 STRAWBERRIES YOU PICK $2 a crate PAUL STETTLER 459-3842 CANNING BEETS S2.50 per bushel. Nishitanl Farms, Caldwell 459-8181 -8 to 5 NAMPA CUSTOM CANNERY Midland Blvd. al Davis Avenue OPEN FOH 1967 SEASON Always phone tor appointment Phone 466-998T or 466-5750. WE WILL HAVE SWEET CHERRIES al 15c Ib. you pick, Will advertise *hen tree ripe 459-7253 N«d, * S**cii TM BAL.K in ihe field. Ph. 4^5-2432. Tnri'O 565-5HO X 13 (Ires Otic 5HO X 15 I'h. 4C6-r,G2f. ion I'osTS 9 ft. lunsi treated, !Mfc i-acti. inn shppla 4 X B- 3/8 Chip board, $2.50 Ph. MV-4213 Larj.'e wind*)*- ev.ipor.itlon cooler. $50. Phono 4C6-677S' ur .soo al 2^3 AlmnivlSt, Nampa Assnrtiueut of t'ttffco l.iblo.s, l-;»l Ubli"., DIlH-ltf l.iblos Hilly. C.iriK-l, |)li. -150-1575 , U.i( 'IVrrlor pups $3, Chiluu- IIIM $10. Urili-r ri'il nr bl.icV riis|tlirrrli-s $n.5(l, ynitr i:initan v rs. I '2inilc. N K.Li-chrr M.ill. Shop The CLASSIFIED PAGES of your Idaho Free Press AND The News-Tribune Far Corn for sale. $2.25 per CVi'T Ph. Caldwell 159-7339 Baled Alfalfa Hiy, Good. In the field, $18 Ton Ph. 459-1036 200 Ton HAY. Bale or ion, Al farm or delivered. Elberl Myers, ph. 459-4793 GOOD MAGIC V A L L E Y HAY Call Roy Harris. Ph. 888-1252, Meridian, Good quality b»)ed hiy de- livtred. Also haullnf i or blrt L, 1.. Ackerman 46B-1IJ6! IUY BOUGHT iToLD SWORD'S HAY 466-4862 HORSESHOEING Ph. Middlelon 585-2761 ABC DEHORNING"" Phone 459-3525 or 459-4049 HORSESHOEING Graduate Oklahoma Farrier's College. R oimy Martin. 45D-7392 or 466-2976 DAIRY COWS FOR SAlF Have 35 milking 4 20sprlnfers. Heifers t cows, mostly Holstelns. Terms i gnat-, antee. Bulls of all description for rent. P.N. O-'DELL, across from Nampa Livestock Com- mlssion Co. Ph. 466-5574. 7 0 ~GOOD~BULLS~ For Sale or Lease Ph. 466-2179 eves. MERIDIAN SALES YARD For free appraisal on all your Uveslock, ph. 888-1872. Auction Wanted r»luy Want to buy Photo Tripod 466-4182 Ph. rL, L 1/l IM P ** U P '1 good shape. Standard trans Ph. 466-4052 Travel trailer not over 20 f t ' "^"'^"''^yUk.r."I! "·Mired N«v Chief. Box 1011

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