Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 10, 1976 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1976
Page 22
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CREELEV (Cote.) TRTbUNE Wed., March 10.1!)76 Social Calendar Thursday, March 11 7:30 p.m. Alpha Lambda Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, the home of Georgene Walter, Northwest of Gilcrest. Friday, March 12 12:30 p.m. Chapter I, P.E.O. Sisterhood, luncheon at the home of Mrs. Jack Altnutt, 2126 Glenfair Drive. 1 p.m. Chapter EZ, P.E.O. Sisterhood, with Mrs. John D. Cooper, 1629 13th Ave. 1:30 p.m. Kensington Club a f the home of Mrs. John McKay. 1214 16th St. '2 p.m. First Christian Church Service Club in the fellowship hall. (i:30 p.m. UMW Wesleyan Fellowship dinner meeting in the church parlor. Two speakers on "Health." G:30 p.m. Weld Encampment Nu. 20 and Auxiliary, polluck supper. Meeting at 8 p.m. in the Odd Fellows Temple, 2532 9th Ave. 7 p.m. Greeley Coin Club ;it Long's Peak Council Boy Scout Building. Hints from Heioise Sunrise Sams have February luau Hy HKLOISE CHUSE All correspondence pertaining to Ihe Hrlwsi 1 i-oluimi should be mailed directly ID Helot si. K'mp. Features Syndicate, 235 K. 45ih Sired. Now York. New York 10017. Vicki Lynn Kressler Engagement announced The engagement and forthcoming marriage of Vicki Lynn Kressler and Balyn Keen Brent is being announced by their parents. Vicki, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kressler of rural Windsor, attended Windsor schools and is employed at Hewlett-Packard in Loveland. Her fiance, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Kimel Brent of Arriba, attended Arriba schools and is a graduate of Colorado State University of Fort Collins. A May 8 wedding is being planned. Good brunch: Soften canned or thawed frozen tortillas in a skillet in a little fat: top with fried eggs and tomato sauce enlivened with slivers of sweet onion and green pepper. To be bride on May 21 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Murphy of Yuma announce the engagement of their daughter, Tracy Ann . to Bruce Zulnuf , son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zulauf of Gilcrest. The bride-elect, a graduate of Yuma High School and the University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. degree in physical education, is employed at the Fashion Bar. Her fiance, a graduate of Valley High School, is employed as a meat processor for Kersey Meat Processing Co. May 21 is the date set for the wedding. Tracy Ann Murphy By Abigail Van Buren (ff H;fibyCriicjfaH.[jun*M Y W*wi S,na me DEAR ABBY: Please don't think I'm craxy, but I am a 55-year-old divorced grandfather who haa fallen in love for the first time in my life. I thought 1 was "in love" many times before, but those experiences were nothing compared to this. You will think I am crazy for sure when I tell you that the little lady who has me walking on air has been married and divorced four times! It's not my style to live with a woman, Abby. I want to marry her. My friends think I hiive lost my mind to consider marrying a woman with such a poor track record, but I cannot describe the happiness I feel when I'm with her. I know in my heart that the feeling in mutual. It's not our fault that we didn't meet 35 years ago. Do you think I'm crazy, and what is your advice? W A L K I N G ON AIR DEAR WALKING: No, I don't think you're "crazy." I congratulate you on your compassion. I believe you sincerely love this little lady, and if the feeling is mutual, I say, go ahead and marry her. Sometimes it's the last key in the bunch that opens the door. DEAR ABBY: My husband insists that he doesn't know where he belonged in this situation, and he asked me to ask you. At his father's funeral, he walked with his mother instead of with me. His mother was well able to walk by herself, but my husband was at her side, "supporting" her. I was pushed in the background, along with lesser relatives such as cousins and nieces and nephews. I am not putting his mother down, but I just want my husband to know where you thought his place was at a time like that. D A I L Y R E A D E R DEAR READER: I think your husband "belonged" nt his mother's side. But I see no reason why you couldn't have been alongside your husband, too. DEAR ABBY; I have been married to a doctor for thrre years. We are both 29. We live in a nice neighborhood, -ind our neighbors are wonderful people, except for one thing: Whenever someone in their household becomes ill. they call Dave, my husband. We were awakened at 4:30 a.m. by a neighbor whose daughter had difficulty breathing. She had a cold, and nose drops would have done the trick. Abby, this isn't an occasional happening, this goes on all the time. No matter hnw trivial tho illnos", they roll Oavn. He works 18 to 20 hours a dny and needs his rest. Tho^o neighbors have their own physicians, but they cull Dave because he's handy. Th«y never invite us to .my of Uit-i/ parties. We hear from them only when .somebody's sick. When they call, I can'v say he isn't home bucaust; they would see both our cars. We've considered moving, hut Lin- same thing would probably happen wherever we went. How can we get these people off our backs without destroying our friendship? DOCTOR'S W I F K DEAR WIFE: What "friendship"? Toll thorn lo mil Ihr-lr own doctors and to please call Dr. Dnvc only in nn emergency. Everyone has a problem. What's yours',' ror a perbtmnJ reply, writ* lo ABBY; Box No. 69700. L.A., Calif 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, plt«»c. Dear Heioise: Ever get tired of buying and fighting with shelf paper in cupboards and pantries? For years I have been using floor tile squares that have a smooth surface (not grooved), cut to fit the space perfectly and pushed together so they don't slide. They wash su easily and last for years and years. Don't glue the tiles down, so when you want lo wipe out the cabinet underneath them, they can be picked up with very little effort. Also, if you should move, just pick them up and take them with you and cut to fit your new shelves. The tiles don't have to match, so odds and ends arc cheaper to buy. MartieHeser If you watch the sales, these tiles can be picked up for a song Mrs. Billington joins Iowa Club Blanche Billington came lo the Iowa Club meeting in the Blue Klame Room as a guest, but became a member, when Mrs Rnlla llrower and Mrs. Ruth Itydcn were hostesses for the March luncheon. Thinei'M intinihurs answered roll uall with a poem or joke. Mrs. K e n n e t h Hogan reviewed a boitk w i t h a religious theme. Singing the birthday song and the Iowa Corn suny concluded Ihe afternoon. Tlie next meeting, al I p.m. April 7. will have Mrs. Velma Harsh and Mrs. Charily Hunter as hostesses in the Blue Flame Room. in some sizes, especially the cheaper qualities which is all you would need anyway as they would get very little wear. Sure would beat wrestling with pesky shelf paper periodically. Isn't Martie the greatest? Heloisc Letter of Laughter Dear Heioise: The other day while removing laundry from my dryer, a pair of underwear slipped behind my dryer. ~ :I " After efforts at retrieving it with a broom handle had failed, I hit upon the idea of fishing for it. I borrowed my husband's hook, line and sinker, and guess what! I landed the garment first try! Cindy Jay If any of the neighbors walked in while this was going un, I'll bet you had some 'splaining to do... Thanks for the chuckle. Heioise ui'iir Uuiuise: For the recipes that call for poking holes in those tall cakes such as hundl and sponge, I use it new metal hair lifter -- the kind that has several prongs. II goes much deeper than a fnrk and (he gla?.e gets nil the way through the cake. J. Worthan Why not use my handy little home stapler in place of the straight pins! Worked great! Just be sure not to staple on the stitching line and when you are finished, it's easy to remove those little staples with a staple remover. Vi Montgomery Dear Heioise: This isn't a hint ES such, but I think others will benefit from it. Have you checked the entrance of your home lately for eye appeal? That's your friends first impression of your home and should equal the hard work you've done inside. Are the walk and steps swept, Is your door clean and fingerprint, free, the paint touched up when necessary? I have seen some lovely homes with not so lovely entrances. R. Grazo R., you are fight! Another trick I learned is to go outside and see how the house looks to other people. Be objective! Look through the windows! Does your dirty kitchen show? Heioise II The Sunrise Sams enjoyed a luau at the Feb. 28 meeting at the IOOF Temple hosted by Wagonmaslers Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Woolery. The business meeting, conducted by Bill smith, opened with the salute to the flag and closed with group singing of "God Bless America." Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kay, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ehn and Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Libsack, the latter two couples becoming members of the chapter. Leon Bolilender reported on the meeting in Denver concerning the revision of the bylaws of Colorado Good Sams. A Hawaiian Club from the University of Northern Colorado entertained with slides of beautiful Hawaii and several native dances. Participating were Crystal Valerciano of Kaoa-Hi, Suzan Oban of Oahu-Hi and Audrey Hondo also of Oahu-Hi. Roosevelt High class oil 966 to plan reunion The Roosevelt High School class of 1966 will hold a planning meeting for a class reunion, at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 11. The meeting is to be held in the Roosevelt High School library at Johnstown. A 6:30 potluck is planned for i the next meeting with tfagonmai«rs Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Libsack hosting at Cottonwobd Condominium, 1975 28th Ave.. KCONOMICALSCRAPEH ·When preparing a dish (hat calls for a small amount /of grated cheese, use a. potato peeler rather than messing up the big grater. Before cleaning a butter*"or margarine container, wipe;it out with a slice of bread or some of the cubes you make from leftover bread to use on casseroles', in meat loaf and so forth. Then there will not be a drop waslfed. Dear Heloisc: I just finished covering some cushions with a vinyl fabric. I was having a difficult lime pinning the pieces together with straight pins as the vinyl was heavy. Then came the dawn! Dear Heioise; Baby crib blankets make excellent lap robes for those in wheelchairs or with cold legs and feet because they are just the right size. Thermal blankets seem lo work best as they seem lo stay in place better and arc lightweight. An K.N. Friend Copyright, 1976 King Features Syndicate Sheinwold on Bridge Middle course best with trumps ALL HANDCRAFTED INDIAN ITEMS NOW THROUGH MARCH 17th Now is your chance to get that special piece of handcrafted Indian Jewelry you have been ,, waiting tor. Km Each item is guaranteed to be handmade by Indian crattsmen. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each signed item. By ALFHKI) SIIKINWOLI) Draw trumps when there is sonic danger tliiit a defender will ruff one of your high cards in a side suit. Leave trumps alone when you must ruff u loser in dummy. Siecr a middle course when you're in danger but als't must ruff in d u m m y . S n i u h i l i - a l r r N'cilluT .^idr vulm-r.-iltli- NORTH * J s ;j 7 K H ) ( j 2 v A K () ;i *A HI 1 + K ( } f i f | - | SOITH * A K ! » 7 - ' v A rt .". -. (i -I ·f .1 !i 7 South Wcht Norlti Kas,t I + Pass -2 :· I':,ss 1! + Pass i * A l l i e s Oprtiitu; It'.ui · ,"· .! When playing today's hand. Los Angeles expert Edwin Kantar thought of drawing trumps In protect dummy's high diamonds. But then lie saw Hint he li;id to ruff a club in dummy and thai he couldn't do so if he drew trumps. It wasn't safe to draw even one round of trumps The defenders might lead a second Irump on being given their first club trick, and then a third trump on being given (heir second club trick.- Kanlnr got off to an early start by leading u club from dummy at Ihe second trick. East won with the queen of clubs and returned a diamond lo dummy's king. No. Hisk Declarer gave up another club, and West led a third diamond. There was no need to risk dummy's ace of diamonds. Instead, Kantar played a low diamond Irom dummy and ruffed in his own hand. The time had finally come to draw two rounds of trumps. Then declarer ruffed his last cliib with dummy's last trump. He could safely cash the ace of diamonds, discarding a low heart, and Ihe defenders could get only the queen of spades in addition to the two clubs they had already taken. Dally Question Partner opens with one club, and Ihe next player passes. You hold: spade 86 heart Q973 diamond 82 club KQG53. What do you say? Answer: Bid one heart. Show a major suit rather than raise partners minor suit. (c) 1976JXIS Angeles Times SKY f STONE Quality Indian Jewelry Downtown Greeley National Bai'k Plain Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5:30 Phone 353-7973 «12 nth St. GIVE YOUR WARDROBE A NEW LOOK WITH PROFESSIONALLY If your favorite suit or coat is looking kin- da droopy these days let us clean it with our dry cleaning process. You'll find y o u r c l o t h e s revitalized. /it- Suniiwy Laundry and Cleaners 352-5062 FASHION BAR LADIES' STORE AT 811 8TH AVENUE

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