Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 8, 1967 · Page 10
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 10

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1967
Page 10
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Idaho Free Press 4 Caldwell Ke«s^Tribune,_aitarIay, JulyJJ ?!!_ A 1 Astrological Forecast By Carroll Righter GENERAL T E N D E N C I E S : After a slow start in Ihe morning w h e n you can m a k e t h e preparations t h a t can b r i n g you a happy weekend, you have an afternoon a n d evening Hut can be filled w i t h de- lixhls and Ihe things y o u like, value and appreciate the must. Get oul in the world of action and show you are t h e one who can amuse all about you. Carroll (tighter ARIES: (.Mar. 21 lo Apr. 19) If you show more loyalty and interest in higher-ups, you get some very fine results now. Do some exceptionally fine work and this also helps a fcrcal deal in y o u r a d v a n c e m e n t . Let y o u r conversations be inspiring. TAUKL'S: (Apr. 20 to May 20) Doing whatever will improve the s i t u a t i o n at home, get con- d i t i o n s heilcred. is fine. Slart new u p t r e n d there. [Manning e x a c t l y how lo get allies to cooperate wilh you more is good, also. G E M I N I : (Jlay 21 to J u n e 21) .Making arrangements For trips, talks at meetings, etc., are best done today. Buying and selling are also good. Show usual allies how pleased you are lo be associated will) them. Do something that will please I h e m . MOON CHILDREN: (June 22 lo July 21) Much care must he taken where financial matters are concerned, and although t h i s is a free day for you. make plans far i n t o the f u t u r e . Ue sure lo budget wisely. This leaves u u plenty for days ·head. I.EO: {July 22 lo Aug. 21) (.'onsider those mailers that are vilal lo you in a personal way, and then dress nicelv and oul lo Ihe social a f f a i r thai you most like. You look and feel very d y n a m i c right now. M a k e a wonderful impression on all you see. VIRGO: (Aug. 22 lo Sept. S2) It is up to you to contact those individuals of intelligence and character w i t h w h o m you wish lo be allied in (he days ahead. Oul socially and show d e v o l i o n lo host, hostess. Then you gel excellent resulls. LIBRA: (Sepl. 23 lo Oct. 22) You understand what others desire of you and you s h o u l d carry through and please Ihem so lhat you gel favors, support from Ihem, also. Show others y o u r finest c a p a b i l i t i e s , q u a l - ities. GROW. ' ° LC| - " " N ° v 2 1 E \ e . n though others expect " K° od A TM [ from you, do even m o r e *" d *»" 1 lb " r . Kraliludo. c c m c n ' bo ter . . r .? "'T^'YT ""PUnnal ability. Uc highly |» S '~- f£^'*TMft TM easier for you to bring joy to Ihe one you IGVC the most either d u r i n g day or P.M. lie sure to follow your hunches in dealing with everyone. They are precise and can help you m u c h . CAPRICORN: (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 20) Trust your i n t u i t i o n and you finrf lhat you can gel lhat backing you have wanted for some t i m e from others. Have a more w o r t h w h i l e plan U. ful- low. Do whatever will delight trusted pals. AQUARIUS: (J»Jn. 21 lo Peb. 19) Many s i t u a t i o n s break i n t o Ihe open so thai you h a n d l e well and gel Ihe support of others readily. Analyze others better and you gel fine ideas. Then begin lo work on Ihem quickly. I'ISCES: (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) L'se all t h o s e new gadgets you bought to make y o u r work around the house more easy: don'l just keep them in Ihe closet. Cot all spic and span. Then off lo fun w h i l e concen- Irstlnjf on how ta get business affairs on a better basis. IF YOUR CHILD IS IIOK.V TODAY . . . he, or she, w i l l be one of those fascinating young people who needs a uat nn the back now and Ihen in order lo do his, or her, best work, and t h e r e can be a tremendous success in (his chart as a result: since the a b i l i t y lo t h i n k big is tfieat. Uigwigs will appreciate early your amazing, progeny, .and give favors.. . · · - ... , i',"Thc Stars impel, they do n o t ' compel." What you make of your lift is largely up | o Y O U i Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast fur your sign for August is now ready. For y o u r copy send your h i r t h d a t c and Sl.OO lo Carroll Righler Forecast (name of newspaper). Box 1921. Hollywood 28, California. TO -we AWT Hlt-U AWP HAVE At-ns IMPOSSIBLE? AN AUTOMATIC BUILT-IN POLE REVERSES MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CRASH THESE MAGNETK: SPWCE COUPES, HESTRyWGTO CRASH AND I VE GOT NEWSf - FROM NOW ON IT'S JUST FOUR DAYS NOTHING BUT WATER ANDCIOARETS.' 7-8 8. Bitter velch 9. Acknowledge 10. Itnlian coin 11.Infant . Dressmaker Ii2. Conjunction. 24. Pronoun 25. Knock 26. Personality 27. Cushion 29. Fate :tO. Before :il. Color IJ5. Pronoun M Middle 37. French city 38. Printer's measure 41. Caresses 42. Stale 43. Plexus 45. Land measure 47. Neglect 4 8. Tree 49. Formerly (archajc) 51. In favor of 46. Cord 50. Goddess of retribution 51. Early invader of Britain 52. Arabian ruler 53. Make lace edging 54. Scarce 55. Transgressions 56. Pronoun 57. Cnnlina.1 numbers 38. Printer's mark VKIITICAI 1. Graven image 2. Inlet 3. Level 4. ilis'.rict 5. New C. English river 7. Inclined MARY WORTH »i CAML OUT f TO TELL VOU I llfT AT THE POST IN UN VtKV FIMT RACE.! Answer to yc.sUT*l:iy's HOW OPP.' VOITKE WE StCONO ' PERSON TWS WEEK WHO'S MI5TAKEH ME FOR A PERSON NAMED CHRISTY. AMI SUPPOSED PLEASE. I. A WRIST PLEASE. i I CERTAINLY. WE HAVE THEM W A L L PRICES FROM...SIR, IS SOMETHIN6 WRONG? 600P AFTERNOON, SIR. MAY I HELP YOU! MKT YOU KNOW ME? Average lime ol solution: 21 mlnulcE. (O 19S7, King Features Sync]., Inc.) KNOW ME; HAS SHE LOST HER M1NP... OR SOME TrllNfi? DON'T TEU_ JOKES E THAT IN C«ONT OF PSENCH POODLES-.THEY'RE SENSITIVE A SUEST MOM6 PD« HORIZONTAL :. Chills 5. Price 9. Priest's robe 12. Pigeon 13. Always 14. By way of 15. Furnace 16. Peruses IT. Sphere 18. Home 18. Conclusion 20, Oscillate 21.Weight 23. Female sheep 25. Tell 28. Casino need 32. Culture medium 33. Additional amount 34. Raisei! platform 37. Packed in graduated series 39.Anenzme 40. Insect 41. To rib 44. Dailey Today's Almanac By United Press International Today is Saturday, July 8, the 189th day of 1067 with 176 to follow. The moon is between its new stage and first quarter. The morning star is Saturn. .... The-'evening. stirs, are Mars and,.Venus,..,, ... ; ,.. ,..:···.,·,, Born on this day in 1839 was American capitalist John D, Rockefeller. On this day in history: In 1796, Secretary of Slate Thomas Pickering issued the first American passport to one Francis Barrerre. In 1940, after 62 days of continuous fighting against the invading Nazis, the government of Norway moved to London and continued the struggle on an underground basis. In 1950, Gen. Douglas MacArthur was .appointed United Nations Commander, in Korea! In 1951, the city of Paris celebrated Us 2,000thanniversa- ry. A thought for the day-. American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time See how pin tucks seem to nnrrow. narrow your waist -this Is the eaay-sew skimmer that's most In demand now. Sew (t In linen, creiia. Printed Pattern 4805; Halt Sizes ]2',i. H'4. iOH. 22',i. Size 1GH rernilrea i*b yards 45-Inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS In coins for each pattern -- odd 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Idaho Free Jress Pattern Uept.. 243 West Kth St.. New York. X.Y. 10011. P r i n t N A M E , A D D R E S S with ZIP, SIZE and STYLE N U M B E R . Summer's Fashions are a JOY FOR ALL SIZES: See 115 styles, 2 free hat patterns, fabrics, accessories in new Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog. Gift Coupon for tree pat- I tern In Catalog. Send 50f ! VZm'K. THE FEARLESS FOURSOME NOTHING OF PLAV1N6 18 HOLES IN A DRtVIMS DOWNPOUR L/YE5/DK. MORGAN, COULD VVK.'AND f VOU HOSPITALIZE HER FOR \ X)U HAP I A FEW WWS ? SHE'S AFRAID \BETTER Ai 10U kNOlV, I U'AS WITH HER LAST V NI6KT--ANP SH SEEMEP FINE.' I I 1 MNT7H1NK I WAS AT THE OFFICE ' ^. MOKE THAN AN HOUR MEN SHE F CALLED ME -- 5AIO SHE'D RECEIVEP ! ANOTHER Of THOSE PHONE CALLS -- ANPSHECOUIPNT STAY ALONE' KIBLV HORRIEP ABOlJT FCAS!/ I ro\'T MINDSTAYiNb MEe IF rru HELP- eur i 1L50 HAVE MV WORK TO W AT THE OFFCE -- EiPECIALLV \VHEK' XESSLEC 15 OJt Of TOWN' RIGHT; V'f A LITTLE RAIN NEVER HURT ANYBODY TO STAV HOME ALO\E--VET AFSAIP TO LEAVE THE HOUSE.' NOT X_--^ ^N--/ I'/A GOING RUNNING OUT IU^7 WHERE'S \7 INTO THE BAR- THAT- LET'S WAIT j THE PARKINS \ THE WIFE WON'T TILL IT STOPS! / ATTENBW i EXPECT ME TILL THIS IS OVER'" FTER THE If S ONLY SLIGHTLY DRIZZLINS-ANP THEIR CARS ARE ABOUT THIRTY FIVE YARPS AWAY--' d OH, GO OVER TO THAT CORNER ROLLO IS TAKING A ME FOR A RIDE IN J HIS HELICOPTER ^ TOPAY AMD A TI THl TAWvTO VIHCZMT T. TRWQUILU1 K«T MARIE ROAD FVk. DONALD DUCK VEARS A6O MEN HAD WHAT WERE CALLED HCRE5 AN OLD-RvSHlONED COFFEE ONE Of THOSE OLD-FASHIONEO COFFEE M'JOS J DH! AND THEY) -OOKED LIKE 1 DFFEE ' { WHAT WON? THEX HiNK OF BEETLE BAILEY THAT WAS NICE OF DAISX-' ; OH, yoo SARSE FOUND TtJE COSH I FLAKES OM HIS /· -'/- P.LLOW AMD ''/.- , \ THE 8URRS IN Cl* ] ' ' V V MlS SHEETS THK FLINTSTONES GIVE HER THAT OL ... ABOVE H/GH C... ABOVE VDLJ MEAN TO AV PINO THE RPST PLACE CUP IN TH' COMTElJT WITH HIS VP/C£ ? PON T B£i(T.'.' I THINK wre CHARLIE DO /HWNG A PEN-PAL K \ THIN6 COWTRies CAN DO WttTIO FURTHER yNDER$TANPlM6 AMONG TKEiR BEING fWALS! IOKIT1N6 LETTERS!

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