Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 6, 1976 · Page 16
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 16

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1976
Page 16
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: The Idaho Free Press, Saturday, March 6. 1CT6-16 r«nei USD* CHOICE, FULL CUT ROUND STEAK Ht """'WKVt:im llussla^growiiiK naval |IO« ( T -,.,Tinti'iuT «f ships i»irt pianos f rillll five nations'is'fi K htiin-V inn^'war ...theH K esTM,,bmc,!fleetsexercise it, ,,,, ir ,il, ; ,,, ,, .leca.t, ,iIf tl,e [ :ll ..f,i- Coast. Here the heavy missile miisrr I'SS 1 ""··"K VPS ij)lu position aslcrn ,,f (he midrar currier KHlrrprhP In ,!,,, tl ^ t{mt] aTTlrT^ealand ,JjJ US/S ( ; mortar,-. Iff,, (hr destroyer l.'SS (irldlev crfler "I. « r . . ' . , er . r e v c r l e r "I. ;« r«hl. II,,. h,. av) missile deslru, er I IMS (He m,Z,, ' i ?i hi", r ; i: "'!'"y" ''»· »^p ««·«!« .,.* iiriuiin. ( j lhiu |:i, .\iislr:ilia i \e« Xral P/pe dream gets stalled H.v Churl tr.SpriuTr he disc of Ihc missing drain lile has been Temporary playground lEGAL NOTICE N O T I C E T O C R E D I T O R S Case No. IP U98 in iiie District Court ol tho Third Juuidal District ol I!-.? Slate of Idaho, in and lor the Count/ ol Canyon Magistral? D. vision Caldwell Section In trie Mailer of the Ksiale ol P A T R I C K G R O E S B E C K . deceased M O T I C E I S H E R E B Y G I V E N lhal the undersigned (1,15 oecn appoinled personal represen lalivtf ol Ihe ahove cnlillecl e s t a t e . rtii persons h,,wint| c l a i m ? :it),,insl the sdul d e c e a s e d ,nre r e o u i r e d to present iheir c'.ums within (our months titter ire rj.ile ol the f i r s t publication ol lh;s notice, or sam claims will be 'orever barred C l a i m s TIJSI eitner he presented to fne p e r s o n a l representative cl tfc estate, a' Ilie olhres ol Schiller, WHIiams 8. Traoert, Chartered, A t t o r n e y s at L.nv, Box ? ' . Narnpa, Idaho 83^51. or claims nidy be liled with ire ,i!jove entitled Co'jri. 18th 01 D A T E D this ^ebruriry, I'flt, EAAV.A Personal Representniivo S C H I L L E R . WILLIAMS 8. T R A B E R T . C H A P T E R E D A r t o r n e y s lor Personal Representative [)o» ?1 ' t j m r i t i . Uar.G 33651 Feuruary ?!. ?8. March 6. '9.'5 N O T I C E T O C R E D I T Q S i S C A S E NO IP15I] Iri the District CO'jrl ol the Thir: Judicial'ic! ol thr Sl.ite ol Ica/'.o. in dnd tor tre County of Canyon iV.agisiratc Division Section One in tt-e Matter of the E s t a t e of C E M E R Y S C H L A P I A , Deceased NOTICE IS H E R E B Y GIVEN That the undersigned has beer appointed personal represen Mtive of fhe above narnec e s i a t e A l l p e r s o n s I'avirnj c l o i m s a g a i n s t Ihe sa.d d e c e a s e d are r e a u i r e t j 10 present their claims within four monlhs oiler the dale o: ti:e hru publication of this notice or s.iid clnims w i f l be forever oarred Claimsmusfeilhcr DC presented lo Richard B. Schlapia, personal representative of the es'ale, at fhe o f f i c e of Gig^ay, Downen Gigray, Allorneys at Law, 9th Dearborn Streets, C.ilrJwell. Idaho. 83605, or filed with the Court. Dated Ihis 18th day of February, 1976. R I C H A R D B. SCHLAPIA Personal Representative, Route 1, Box 2065. Htmpa, Idaho 83451 G I G R A Y , DOWNEN i G I G R A Y 1tl\ and Dearborn Sfreefs Attorneys for Personal Represenlative F «b. n, ?B; M a t c h «, I97« Permits issued NA.MI'A - I'ci mils for II new domes were issued in Nampa ilurinj! Ihc las) niunlli. Devco, Inc . was given five permits for Monies lo lie luiill on SwivUVHoc! Circle, in (he Warwick Subdivisiun. All priced al Slli.-iil-) Hie homes ;ire lo Ijc liuillal HUH. 1U24. lliiiT. I Ian and 1194 Sueelwiind Circle. Tlinv house* mi Washington Place and Court are ID lie iniill hy Hruck Cimslriiclion under pennils issued The lliree. ei'di priced al SIH.iiui. uill lie huill al and 12-1 U'aslntii!!ii!i Coin;. Hriii'k ('(instruct!,,:) was also issuer! a jn-rtiiil l;i build ,'i htf.'ne al IIH .M,'er. xallied al SIS.4SU. Tm nliici linusc [icr.'.-iits uvrc issued In K A Warnitek. fur a S21.:ift» Imtisc al m:i \V Kcnluii and \Vadc HICKS, for a iiu.i] Iiiune ill filir f : Ciilnradii f'erniits were iilso issued fur iwn garages .lames ClaOmrn (!iiriij;,'alf;iH2ii(ISl S . aiiddail Anilersun rci-en-cd ih- f rt:r .,i f»r a S2.."iininarB(!eiil 111] llully. IEGAL NOTICE N O l l C t OF Hf/.R.fir, r ic ',o i p i s j i ·r, tt.f Oi'Jncf Cn-jrf cl Ihe Third ,' Di^'ric: ol li-.c Mole ol lii.lho. in ,n) l,, r Ihe Counly ol C a n y o n f/..i(| srr.Hc D i v i s n n . C.i'ii.'.eil c; r: l on if rri,. v,ii'.-.r ot iii,. rjsr.ite of V ' O t r r H A T . A H B U O T H . CALI)W|.;LI. solved. Nearly a week after a Caldwcll man discovered lit five-fool TM« hs of ihree-fooi-diameler ceraenl pipe missing from liis Ituld. he lias liecn lohl ilwillhc relurncd I'cle Kcltevama ,,f sm Hill Av e., reporled to Ihe Canyon wnly .Slienff s Office lasl Salurdav his used lile was missing from his field easl of CaldivelLH was tile which had Wrenlly ,een excavalcd when ll, e interslale was p,," in nciirny. and was lying on the bank of 1 lie Nolus Canal -- 'it least until Friday night. Wie'v-irH-i''-^ missi '*. tile tlilnsc ! f ovcr Ihu weekend, front end loader which had made trips'in and oul'of'his'ri-ld remavinii Hie pipe. Time between (rips was short so the eement seclums cnultln't I* far away! he reasoned. vsll' i,!,7tlrr''w«l'li,e i V ' 1rrii ' ^'^ "'° ""'^ °' " Iase onto a truck. ' ' °'" K Tlie suspccls: Several memliers nf the Van liuren Parent- it'iifiK'r ()i'^;iMi?.jiiion. l..)c.-.liKi,rf the missing lile: Van fiiircn School grounds future site of a I'TO playground projecl \U.y the lile was taken without Kchwarria's permission wns Hie nexl .jueslion. |. ; ,hevarria said earlier thi? week h" SU Iwasn Isnre: "Hut I'm jiislgoinglohirBmcalawyorand Hel to Hie linllinil if it." He was disgruniled Ilinl ihe sheriffs office had by then iinert -in, felnnimis inlenl" on the part of the alleged per- jidralors. H was now a civil matter only, Echevarria was Keilh Harness, a I'To nieinher mentmncd on the sheriffs i-eporl laler would only say "1 made ,111 error" in regard to Hie lile According lo the rc|ioi1, Harness had said he iwcived s.ime kind of okay From Cahhvclt Mayor Hobert I'asley to take Ihe lile. raslt-y. in turn, said he hiid a "vague recollection" of about scum- Hie. "I was informed lhal it was nn Ihe (.inning pmnei-|y." I'aslcy said, referring to some property purchased Jasi toil I,, ||,e :ily for Ihe new Caldwell Industrial Airpark. Meanwhil,.. the pipes were atlracling the attention and imaRiniilion of the kids at Van liuren. With visions of future underground tunnels and nia/es al the new plavaround Ihe Kirls liart an caily pul Ihe pipe to good use Dreatus were dashed for the lime being (hough As of hnrsday ,if(em.nn, .Maynr Casley reported it had been determined Ihe tile was removed from the opposite side of Ihc canal from (he city properly. The citv^a'l not had (he aiillmnly U, give il a«ay - - no matter how well inlenlioned llie l.ikers ihe coticrele hulks would be relumed im- inediately. I'asley said. Hansen in 'black' WASIII.VCTON (|!|'U Hep. (Jrorge Iliitiscn, H-lilulm. sus liis 11171 ciinipaijin lel,l of more than $ has lieen paid off and fie is now "in the lilack " llansi'ii said tni'inliers ,if Ihc 1 (ieiirjji 1 Iliijiscn fur Cimuti-ss ('iniitniliccloldliinilhedc'l)! had hci'ii eliiinnaled as a result uf I'uiilriliiitions hv ninre Ilian li.iKin IH'riple. He iidded llu-y said a U'pi:rl Hiiulil lie filed uilh UK- Ki-di-ral Kleclion Cnmimssion ii!lii« ,1 fc» flajs. almiil a tr.nnili lu'lnreany li'porl is dm'. The Cotigressnian said of- licials of ihe Kepuhlican Nalional Congressional Com- niilu-e informed him lhal $5.000 had het'ii allocated for the up- i-oiniiig primary campaign. With thai cimirihulion and oilier mnney. " I am in the Ijrat financial posilinn I have ever licet. In hegin a campaign." he said. Hanson has nul officially annouiHi'il his intention In run again fur (he Second dislricl .seal he now holds, lull indicates "il will come in due course " N O r ' C f i Hereb Hie ro rioi'ijorors hfrt'in lurve fi!fl Ihr- ' ",.niion for Ad .ulhrrthon ol inu-slfic/ ,ind A p p o i n t m e n t o^ Co /.dm-ni 'jlr.iJors. .1 r.opy of v-h:rh o .T'McherJ ticroM'i upon ^,iid polil.Oh will he M^lrf on V T 'I flnr--,o.n/, ire l/ of f/.lrcn. I9M. ill 9'10 o'clock A M in llu^ filtovr n.imr'd Court, dl w t n c t i tune- ohicrlions lo "ni.d ppti,ion will tir tn",ira DMED tni", Ulh U.l^ cf Fetiru-iry. I9'"A M A R Y A L I C E MOORE Route 1, Shady A c r e s E.lijle, Icl,iho 83616 A U R I E V I R G I N I A DUNCAN Roule ? Doise, Id.iho Co Petitioners W E E X S . Y O S T , W H I T E AHRIINS, · A A l l o r n c ' y s for C,j Personiil Hepresenl.iiivps P 0 Bo* 7-1/ N.imj,.). lil.lho SJftil Fell '/I, ?fi. M.lrch 6. I9'l 'WS * Cheese ^ factory * Star Rd\" S^-^s^ '^ VcT Varieties nf Semi-Dwarf Fruit Trees · Evergreens Flowering Shrubs Variety of Grass Seed ) Vegetable Seed Fertilizer ) *«* Pich up Vour Soil Aid Ou-RITE NURSERY^ LANDSCAPING J East of Nampa on Cherry Lane M Opin 7 d n y i a wool " o.m.-7 p m m 888-1359 ^jj_ MARKETS High Quality Low 3# HOLLY SHOPPING CENTER - NAMPA - PAY YOUR UTILITIES at MW · WATER . ELECTRICITY · TELEPHONE, h, POST OFFICE OPEN DAILY 7-10, SUNDAY 8-9 SMOKED, PORK $129 ; 'SX- S i l ?pSafc-4il** ^^" _ ^ ··:timm^mii$wm SKINLESS WIENERS Sigman Reg. or Beef 12-oz 69 SHOULDER -J« LB. ·: ?"'«"· · Sigman's £r-," Hickory IVvi'" smoked . SLICED BACON Short Shank. / FRESH OYSTERS Faslpoim f* jn 10-oz.Jdt Jl CUBE STEAK Fresh! 54 gg Now LB. 1 BACON ENDS «P!ECESi«, Hygrade LUNCH MEAT BONELESS STEW HEAT Hygrade. Beel-Gprrnan- Reg.-Boloqna or Salami CABBAGE TURNIPS- PARSNIPS RUTABAGAS CARROTS ^a'^mms^^^ ^^^^"^'-_ ;. · --' · --- - - · · ' · - · CARNATION INSTANT YOGURT 0 QQ r. Gaymonl %/ 8-oz. Ov BREAKFAST POTATO CHIPS fin M4W, 12-oz \)Q CREMORA Aft Non-dailyciesmei. ls-ti V V CEREAL ftQ Kellogg's. Cuunlry Morning .. W V POP TARTS 0 $1 Kellogg's £ ffjR J, PANCAKE FLOUR CQ Krusleaz 2-lb. «/^ CHOCOUTE SYRUP 0 Heishey TEA BAGS OQ Upton. 48 cl OfJ - BAKERY- GUZfDORSUGIWD CHOCOLATE CAK! ,- $1| WNU1S . 12i«*l ICE CREAM MW Premium '/?GAL FINGER R O L L S . . . HOT CROSS r BUNS . 6f, r MEAT PIES 5 COUNTRY KITCHEN GOOD A T N A M P A M 4 W EFFECTIVE THSUMXRCHSHl GOOD ATNAMPAMW

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