Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 22, 1957 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1957
Page 18
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Saturday. June 22, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 9 The Creelev Daily Tribune Ml LOBCD a HAKSZN LEO O. KOENIC - J A K F ESTKICk' J R ond The Greeley Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF ba i FtoifO E MtHRILL , ·BI Wo I A. L PETERSEN"" Cire Utr ICLABU PACE FuDIUBra t«rn Tbi Tribune Republic W(K, iu Eilfali Si Week Di) freaiE ublican PublUhiM . . -- . effirt tl Urteltr Caloridc under Lh* An Umrefc | IflTV Ucaibti Auaciiua ficn Ualarida Frw AisoeUtton Inland Dally Prm A o« La- lien A'idll tiur«»n of Cirnliiioa Tfce AnocilUd Pf« tlveli to lie me cf repi Ihi local niwi printed In u well u ill AP eiwi muuie acJa- 'DSllcjiion ol nil ipltoB priM-- Uj | BOQL tO i«.oo. on* . . . . II-M Bi mil ouUld* of Colorado. I rur 114.W mv m n!l llJt 1 F«ttIS3 KMlHe tZ.OB toonth Ciu CcrrlOT l l J f t ucralb f U B L I U TO R U M r-oblic i o i a · MUr» mint bt BO lenicr thio 100 vorii. Corrtd mniiur* ntui W pnt«d Hit thn ^iD P u b ! UU4 Gr«elq T j p ft- il Uckn No. IBl Pause nnd Ponder: -God's Power through Faith "We knu'W Inat In everything God works for good with these who love him, who are called according lo his purpose."--Rom. 8:28 Eaton EATON'--Mrs. Opal Long and Star met Tuesday evening for Ihe final mi-etinB of Ihe current season. Worthy matron, Wanda Nicks, and Edwin Harden, worthy patron, North Bend, Ore., are here visit- ins her mother, Mrs. John A Sullivan and other relatives. The visitors came Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cazcr spent last week with (heir son-in-law and in charge. Wilma .ti tne iiiuie aim r Rittersporn will be married June 29. The wedding will take place at 11 o'clock in the chapel of Warren Methodist church to be followed by Harden ] a brunch at the Columbine Country Mrs. J. D. Siver of Ault. and her daughter, Mrs. Bruce Pfeutzen- reulcr of Boulder. Mrs. Widmaier is honoring her daughter at a coffee Saturday af- o! Denver are leaving Sunday to I college,- Claremont, Calif., and »·.. drive to West Virginia and other I planning to oints east. They will be gone two'September, weeks or longer. propriate scripture. 11 w a s announced that Wanda Nicks has been invited to serve as one of the guiding lights, or em- G r a n d Chapter ·aii au iciub. 'me S ruom : s parents, Mr. and tcrBOOn m , hc v.'idmaier home al 'Mrs. Dernard Riltersporn of Wln-|| part; avenue. Mr. and Mrs. EmU Reinke left carrier, at session ncxi fall tion. Mrs. Florence Love left Thurs- neiks, IU.. will be hos'.s for the rehearsal dinner at Baurs in Cherry Hills. The first of the t h e parties honor- She was a l s o ; i n g the bride-elect, a 1 o'clock id miscellaneous show- 'en by Mrs. Leslie R. ing the convention which will b e ' L e a k e and Mrs. Milton Rutherford . . ~ , j l( f , . , 31.1.11U1I IIL.\! lull hlllv « aa a[3u . lll£ HIV Ull daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald | invjt( , d , ( , (;lk( , nr!r( jn a , av rer .! Um , he , m an , Collins and children at Grand June- resenting inc Gulden'Clcancre d u r - r . was giv Before It's Too Late! Sterling has started a campaign io clear merchants' shelves of fireworks not authorized by slate law. Injury lo two children more than two weeks before Ihe Fourth of July caused the alert. A 3-ycar-old boy bit into a torpedo designed to explode when hurled onto Ihe walk. It exploded when bitten, burning and bruising the child about the mouth, and giving him a serious scare. He may have mistaken it for candy. A 12-year-old boy received second and third degree burns on his left side and hip when a fountain, known as a "sunburst", became Ignited,in his left hip pockcl. , · -- · , · Torpedoes and fountains are not authorized for sale in the stale. iBoyd, L. H. Brooks, Wayne Sulli- Both pieces of explosives Uial did the damage were held-over merchan- ] v a n j andj c []! 11 [J ren ^ K 1 r1 sllep " Order of E a s t e r n SUir. _ _ _ _ Ilcsular meetings will law. Firecrackers, bombs, skyrockets, founlains, and Roman candles day following a week's visit with her cousin, Mrs. Blanche Edwards. Alter a weekend of sightseeing in the Denver area Mrs. Love will leave Sunday on the train from Denver to return to her home at Farmington, Mo. Mr* Edward's ^ ^ sisler, lora, and her husband, J o e j f u n ' J | un Winser of Denver were here Sun- 1 ra j sec | day visiting Mrs. Edwards and h e r 1 houseguest. , « , l ' eaUl w . as honorcd at a Wednesday morning, In the Leslie Lcake home with Mrs. Leake, Mrs. Gordon Wilson. Mrs. Jack Cazcr, Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Jay Nichols as hostesses. A group gift was presented to Mrs. i Galbreath. | Guests were Mesdames breath and Mike, Howard Lair._M. J. Overman, Dick Farmer, Darrcll Purccll and children, Gary von, Duane Wilson and Knrcn, John The Rev. and Mrs. Eric Frohman of Richmond, Calif., formerly of Eaton, are in McKcesport, Pa., for the 75th celebration of the McKeesport Evangelical F r. e e church ii'tirh Rev. Frohmsn served as pastor at two different times. After the week long celebration th» Mrs. Loretta Gibbens at EuphraU, Wash., was here last :his week to return to their home I weekend visiting her uncle, b'rnei in Belleflower, Calif., following a 'Wilson, and family, and aunt, Mrs. four-day visit with Mrs. T. D. Hicks!Lark Scott, and family. Mrs. Gib- and others in the Eaton com-j bens was en route home from munily. During their brief stay the {Rochester, N. Y., where she eaw Californians were widely e n t e r - j h c r son. Bill, graduate from med- lained and managed to call o n j i c a l school. While in New Y o r k ' ' many old friends. She is the for-1 Mrs: Gibhens had luncheon witli., are among the fireworks now illegal. Let us repeat, this is a slate law, and it applies to roadside stands outside of towns as well as lo merchants in Ihe business district. Tuesday and in celebration of the event his molher, Mrs. Jack Cazer, entertained at a party. Guests were Mrs. G. C. Cazcr and Gordon Wil- (Jrecley/pioneered in this stale in an anli-fireworks ordinance. | son, grandmothers o[ the honorce; community has had much praise for "safe and sane" Fourth of Mesdame; Dick Farmer, Kris and The July. Now Ihe slate has caught up with Greelcy. Enforcement officers should be alert for possible violations of the law, perhaps by those not aware of it. If the state law is rigidly enforced one Fourth of July hazard will not occur. That is the dangerous combination of traffic and fireworks, the tossing of firecrackers at or into a car in traffic. With two injured, Sterling is gelling busy. Now is the time for people in Weld county to check to see if old, illegal, and dangerous merchandise is offered for sale. Before the law, many merchants handled fireworks simply on a competitive basis, to preserve other trade. All Ihe time they feared the hazard in their own stores, for each year one or more in this stale suffered a serious fire in his place ol business. Plan Proposed by Stassen Offered by U.S. Last Fall Billy, Gary Sullivan, Diane Jay Nickols, Mindy By J. M. ROBERTS AP Newi Analyit The iu-med forces limits suggested by Harold Stassen at London were first proposed by the allies last fall and were Ihen rejeclcd by Russia. Laler, Russia said .they might be reconsidered along with, some general disarmament suggestions of her own.'Slassen now is prepared lo test that assertion in connection wilh a general package deal, other parts of which are to be announced later. For iiine years Russia has be?n basing her force limitation proposals on percenlages. She slarted out by proposing a 30 per cent re- ·duction in all forces and weapons, and a complete ban on atomic weapons. That was when the United Stales had a stockpile and Russia didn't. In 1952 the Uniled States proposed, that her armed forces and those of Russia and Red China be limited to between v l and 1V4. million men, wilh Britain a n d ] France t o ' h a v e 850,000 each. T h e ] Russians flatly refused. Last fall's offers were the next step, with the British-French figures, not mentioned Thursday, set at 750,000 each. Now the United States is proposing Ihe 2V4 million figure as a first slep loward even lower levels which would be worked out after political settlements, such as the reunification of Germany. This seems to be based on the theory that Russia, needing her manpower and money for agricultural and industrial developments, wants lower levels. American intelligence, however, reports that Russia has not made. s a v £ the,1,800,000 manpower cut she an-1 to J3 V? " it dismissed the com-! nounced last year, although even I pi,^ a s "queer talk and absurb that would have left her wilh a theories." neat edge in manpower. That may mean that Russia still clings lo _ hope of a percentage cut which j c i s m ol u, c p a r ^y an d JLS institu- would leave her still relatively bet-1 tions as parl O f a Cheng Feng ' rectification campaign. Since] Mark. Jack Galbreath Vicki Sue Wilson and Hoskins of Sterling were also present. Mrs. Arnold Dalton and Jimmi Lou called later in (he afternoon. Members of the Mueller family held a reunion last weekend with a dinner Sunday at the Loveland Waterworks park. The group went ^ " lo the Brechtel Hi-Vu cabin in the canyon for the evening meal. Attending were Mrs. Leo Craft ol Lincoln, Mrs. Ed Davis, her son and daughter, Ihe Rev. Leo Davis and Miss Margaret Davis of San Diego, Calif., Mrs. John Arnold of Bellvue, Neb., and her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Brechtel of Fort Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mueller and Jim and their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Fred MegeL of Rapillion, Neb., Mrs. Don Wendey and children and Miss Alice Megel. Also present were close friends of the family, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Anters and family from Grand Junction and Mrs. Fred Mueller's mother, Mrs. C. F. Wheeler. The out-of-state visitors were houseguests of the Fred Muellers and return there mer Mildred Ling. i h c r cousin, Julie WiUcn. famous Mr. and Mrs. George Payne left [night club, musical comedy and ' Sunday for Ihcir home in Seattle.' T v -'lar. Miss Wilson, called the; blond of Hie year by Hal Boyle, ... was visited by Ed Murrow on nil Person to Person TV show recent- 1 : irea. Saturday evening more l h a i i i ' y . Mrs. Gibbens went to Colorado " 10 relatives gathered al the John- [Springs from here to spend a'few.'.. making from Henry,'Neb. Chapter No. 67, Order of Eastern of Communism Is Printed in China HONG KONG Ifl -- Red China, contending with a tide of criticism against the regime, has published , a university lecturer's statement that in the past eight years the Communist party has been V p e r - j fidious" and that Communists "no · longer serve the people." The authoritative People's Daily, which speaks for Chinese Communist leader Mao Tze-tung, published this and other statements I like it under Ihe headline "Who' says there are no rightist theories ' Publication of the statements i came after Mao urged open crili-] ter off. Mention of fled China has been dropped from the last Iwo American approaches lo force limits, sumably with Ihe idea lhat she could be taken care of later once February there have been m a n y bitter attacks on the parly. The allack on the regime by Ko Pei- Chi, was extraordinary even in a deal is made wilh Russia. |j n j s wav e of criticism. In a letter Nobody explained Thursday why published by People's Daily May j Stassen led off .the presentation of| 3 1 K O wrote: his package wilh this spavined i f : "70 kill Communists and ovcr- not dead horse. throw you (the Communists) cannot be called unpatriotic, because you Communists no longer serve the people. Even if the Communist parly is dcslroyed, China will not perish. This is because we nol become traitors, even if there is no guidance by tne Communist party. . - . "I believe lhat the parly-masses relationship of today is as different from the party-masses rela- libpralion (the as two poles Foreign Sccrulary Sclwyn Lloyd of Brilain .said l i m i t s would be a necessary part ol any first step disarmament agreement. This, however, is the first time it has been mentioned during Ihe discussion of "open skies" and a sus- nuclear tests as the 'pension of first steps. Reopening of Ihe issue can h a r d - ly be anything except z maneuver. Indeed, there is a growing suspicion in United Nations and other circles that the whole business in London is maneuver. tionship before 1910 revolution) apart." Despite shortages of food and consumer goods, Ko complained, the party still insists Ihe living standard is high. He said profi- leers are party members "who be- BONN G e r m a n y W - Chancel- fore wore worn-out shoes and who lor Kon'rad Adenauer must slay | now ride in small sedan ears and nurse i wear woolen uniforms. Ko said Adenauer Has Cold home o'-cr the weekend lo nu a "terrible head cold," a government spokesman announced Friday. Prcsi Chief Felix von Eckardt laid the 81-year-old statesman nas, no fever but is doing his official in 1949 the people welcomed the Communists, but lhat now they are unwilling to become loo familiar with Reds who seem to them lo be "ghosts and spirits." "It will be very dangerous for work at home on the advice ol his the doctor,. I" 01 ' party, known as the Cathedral session. home, fwenty-two meeting i guesli were invited. Grove, N. J., for Ihe national-ton- Wash., after spending a week with will be Sept. 8 in Estcs Park with ! Orient Chapter of Lovcl.ini. as host Rutherford and Mrs. Floyd Tyson churches. Rev. and Mrs. Frohman Johnson, and ollit-i lelaliiei in the Reservations must be in not entertained al a coffee in Hie Smil and their son, Itodreicu, drove into later t h a n St'pi. (i. Ealon Sunday afternoon and they A report w;is Riven uy Ilulh V a n ; vjletl. r hon: days with friends. She is left Tuesday from Staplcton for Me- son ncmc for a picnic suppt Why, c h a i r m a n of (he OES l l o m c i Ault friends honorcd Keesporl. Rodrelck is staying wilh dessert bridge parlv his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. Miss Annabellc Keirnes has re- with eight tables playing. Hostesses turned home to spend the s u m m e r New officLTs were elected with were Mcsdamcs Earl McCall. Sam with licr parents, Mr. Charles Keirnes. Miss Keirnes com hints paraded in Banbury. Eng-. ll.isbrouck anil George Andorsen. plcted her f r e s h m a n y e a r al Scripps Miss Paltv Ralston. Miss Nancy Peggy of Phoenix, Ariz., are visit- Iron. Others chosen lu nnd Miss Jo Pack gave a ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl for Miss W i d m a i e r jn Denver matron: Tommy G r a h a m , with 12 guests present. join his family here in the near mother-daughter luncheon was Sivcn Saturday for Miss Widmaier and Agnes McClurt 1 , Mrs. G. P. Springslon, her and Harlcy Sprint'tton and wife, Neva, EsPaNSSSTo 4l)flEsfloNS Kit BUAOST lOeNTICRU IN Mrs. Nicks welcomed Mrs MISTER BREGER Porlcr of Denver, Worthy matron closed the meeting wilh lliis question Whnl Is Ihe PlMEDNTHECEKftR FTHEWSIDB'SCftKEW l-RtfeR CEKWONIOUSIY sumcu Sept. 3 wilh installation the supper was. served with Carl and Esther Magmison and Enid and Ttamona Kirkpalrick us hosts. Tables were lovely with arrangements of garden flowers. Ceramic flower compoles were used for UUfA, NFMED f OR1H6 HOfftST frlE SUM, HtvS 8EEU USEBTb PRODUCE THE MOST INTENSE rColD 458° BELOW salted mils and petal embellished series of parlies since Miss Witunaier, daughter of the W. Widmaicrs of Eaton, and PAP, Dip YOU KNOW the value of surplus commodities received by the Greeley public schools this year was $22,281.86? "While you were on vacation a most interesting discovery was made on your back lawn!" Stymied'Existence HALF ACRE CASTLE IF A GUY W^ A DULL, L. COLORLESS rlESUlZE ISN'T GOIN6 TO 6RAG ABOUT IT/' MRS, ORVILLE ABENDS OF ALEXANDER lOWA.KGES THATASflAU TEARINA GARMENT flA BEREMEDIE fAT LEAST TEMPORARY By.PUTTING A STRIP OF ADHESIVE APE ON THE EvEflSE SIDE. IT WILL HOLD ECLTKLY WnHat HOT (EON. . I STILL THINK WA-3T1 MONEV OH, NOT ANY WORPFKOMTHE. I VET... IT ENEALOGI5T WHO V,\ TAKES LOOKING UP MY FAMILY the Brechlels. Only member family not present was a HY HAM KIS;-)ER-' YOU'VE GOT A LOT TO LEARN JOE PALOOKA COME MI55GANNIS...SHAREWmfMEMV GLORIOUS MOMENT OT VICTORY... WE WILL GO TO TOWN AND WATCH THE DECADENT DEMOCRATIC ) HUMm.,WVE FORCES FAIL IN THEIR /60T A LOT TO STUPID ATTEMPT TO SURVIVE ' CHOW-CHOW ...2IZ CHOMP ALAS; HE B \ CHOMP ONLV AT THE h Zll HAtF-WAV MARK,,. ;URF; OOPS? un.. ·SCUSE ME f MUST BE THEM FRIED APRYCDTS AND PRUNES...I'LL BE OKAY IF I CAN HAVE 50ME BICARBONATE Of HUMPHREY... WH-WHAT'S WRONG? NO / WORE * FRYING, LADIES.", LEARN ABOUT US, JE3AI.TIW5HJ The Guard Is Gone · ·fauns urge scceew BIDS JMJS NOJW. TAKE VO/e MEN AMD aPRIBE 03 PESTUW BOTH Trie FLAKE AW IS -THEtf THEY TQMSKT- III JUST CHcK THE PL4ME K WE WELL.GAL, VOU HAVE P^NTV CF OM? fax we sicsy WOOSLir DESE7T, A HAKIDSOME M«STEey - si AFTER THIS SHOW LET'S GO OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN I" Coming: The Worst M A I D E X S M O D E S T BUT IT'S NO VICTORY.' JUST ROUND OHE Of A FK3HT TO THAT'LL GIVE EM SOMETHINS TO CHEV/ TOR AV/HILE . OOD LITTLE you PUT THIS THAT'S THE GREATEST PAKTY IDEA SIKICE I LEFT WASHINGTON, irsUNAMERICAN!.' MV SERVANTS HAVE MORE. THAW | DO.' HAW//NEAP.LV GOTTHEUZARft THAT TIME AMD VICE VEK=*! KNOCKED 1M "EADCWER'EELS.7 4-H Filling, and Showing Demonstration on Friday A livestock fitting and showing demonstralion for 4-H members will be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Island Grove park! This was rescheduled from Thursday. The demonstration is open to all Weld county members and is in,' ^ ^ ^ ^ __ preparation for the county Junior brolher Frank MucUcr and f a m i l y Fair, Aug. 5-7. Older 4-H members will give the demonstrations and bring the livestock. They are Larry Bohlender, Box Elder, dairy; Sam and Mike Spencer, Fairplay, sheep; Terry Horn, Beebe Draw, beef; and Gary Anderson, Cloverly, swine. "Maybe- U we could hit one ol them they'd haVe lo Introduce themselves'."

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