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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, October 24, 1969
Page 6
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Page G GUEELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Oct. 24, 1969 5th Amendment Stands End Testimony in Graft Probe By LAWRENCE L. KNUTSON Associated Pr«§ Wrlttr WASHINGTON (AP) - Phase One of a Senate conspiracy probo that shook the Army from GI to general has ended in .1 wave of Fifth Amendment responses from witnesses who refused to answer questions about alleged multimillion-dollar graft operation. Phase Two, a public airing of large-scale black market and currency manipulation rackets in South Vietnam, is next on the agenda. The Fifth Amendment was invoked 114 times Thursday 38 limes by William 0. Wool- riridge, a sad-faced, 47-year-old sei-gennt major Who used to be the Army's top-ranking enlisted man. As television lights reflected from the five rows of decorations on his green uniform, Wooldridge refused repeatedly to defend himself from allegations lie profited from funds stolen from noncommissioned officers clubs, took kickbacks anc payoffs, and received check from a secret Swiss bank ac count bearing the code name "FISHHKAD." heir own clubs to conspire to CU Students Congratulated For Migrant Aid BOULDER (AP) - President Nixon has congratulated University of Colorado students sergeants of a corporation Three other men--all former club custodians--followed his lead and. on the advice of their attorneys, refused to give any information other than their names and addresses. Meanwhile, the Army struck Wooldridge's name from its list of command sergeants major. Although he will be removed from his current assignment at the White Sands Proving Ground, he will remain at the Facility .in New Mexico in a dif- 'erent capacity, retaining his rank and pay. A Pentagon spokesman said it was too early to tell if Wooldridge would be court-mar- tialed. Military investigators are following a web of allegations against Wooldridge and others in a worldwide probe leading from Augsburg, Germany, to Ft. Benning, Ga., to Vietnam to the Pentagon itself.? ' "These hearings]! have pro duced testimony which indicates a serious betrayal- of. public trust by a small number of men," said Sen. Abraham Rlbi- Ross E. Ducker Dies Thursday In Greeley Ross Ellis Ducker, 108 3rd St., Eaton, died Thursday at the Weld County 'General 'Hospital where he had been a patient for one day. He was a retired coal minor. Born at Barton, Ohio, on Jan. 3, 1902,' he lived there until he came to Eaton in 1961. Survivors Include two sons, ROSS (BUd) Ducker and William Nixon-Thieu Agreement Reported on Withdrawal WASHINGTON (AP) - 'Asia diplomatic sources «»y th«r are strong indications » privat understanding has been'reaehe between President Nixon «n South Vietnam President.Nguy en Van Thieu on a timetable fo withdrawing American troop from Vietnam. These sources say. TTiieu ha given assurances his troopi wi E. Ducker, both of Eaton, and do their best to replace the bul one grandchild. Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Monday In the Adamson Memorial Chapel. Interment will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens, coff, D-Conn,, acting chairman of the Senate's investigations subcommittee. lie said senior sergeants tool advantage of lax supervision and accounting and a tradition Ihat GIs themselves should run of the people to express their "profit from the pockets of their manager." fellow soldiers. "They also realized they hat i good thing going," Sibicoff said, citing Ihe formation by the who recently came to the aid of storm-bound migrant workers at Fort Lupton, Colo. The first surprise snowstorm of the year caught Ihe migrant workers without heal, and a call to a CU residence hall quickly produced blankets, food and warm clothing. The items were quickly rushed to the migrant camp just north of Denver. The President wrote CU President Frederick D. Thieme that "Ihis kind of posilivc action, prompted by concern for others, speaks well young people." for America's Deaths and Funerals BDRMSOH ' Relax, Beatle BOIES llii Mny Holes of Fnlrnci'ea lUnnor. Orccley. Motlur of Mrs. Tomlore E. ( K l l z n - lielli) Tumi of I'ortlnml, Ore. C i r n m l i n n l l i n r or Wll- H u m Theodore Tumi of PiiliiiiKO, WiiKh., mill Slcjih- en .liiM'pl' Tumi of Huston, Muss, (ii-ral - sriiiHlniollier of Kin-en AnBOliliii Tnnn of Piilonsp. Wash. 1' r I v n I e Sorv»:t's 10:3(1 11.111. lion- day from Ilio Adamson Me- morliil rhnpcl. i n l p r t n e n t Sims" 1 ! ^lonnM-inl flHi'ilcns. D U C K I O K Jioss K. Ilnol;or of 103 3rd St.. Baliin. ArriiiiKcmciils Inter. through which they sold goods to clubs which they themselves an. "The implication is very strong you have been a discredit lo the uniform you wear," Wooldridge was told by Sen. Charles H. Percy, R-I11. "Don't you realize what this investlga- Jon has done lo the morale of the armed services? Isn't there anything you wish to say in your own defense?" David L. Thomas, attorney for Wooldridge and two other witnesses, explained that one cannot invoke the Fifth Amendment selectively. Two Greeley (Continued from Page 1) needed by the community. He said as time has passed since the council-city manager system of city government was devised, city managers gradu. ally have developed into political persons and have developed political bases which make them v6iy powerful persons to oppose. However, City Manager B..H. Cruse Is not the issue involved in the proposed ordinance, Perchllk said. "The fact is the mayor and council have not been carrying out their responsibilities. The issue is the right of the 500,000-man America Force by the end of 1970--wit Iwo major sets of circumstance influencing the pace of the pro gram to Switching the battl burden to the South Vietnamese According to this schedule: --If the enemy maintains th present combat lull and if th Vietnamese forces get. quicke training, it may be possible fo the United States to withdraw men at the- rate of 20,000 a month. · ' ' · ... --If the enemy steps up at tacks or if there is a slowdown in the training' of; Vietnamesi forces, the withdrawal 1 pace would b e slowed, . . · ' · - . .Given the continued lull and Jie swift training of South Viet namese fighting men, Nixon could pull out a. total .300,000 Americans: by the end of 1970-including ; the 60,000 already:or dered home. The Asian sources Say would be difficult for South Viet- opinlon occasionally on the city Perchlik said he felt it was unlikely any city manager would ever be unsealed in an election unless the manager has been doing a very poor job. However, he observed he had Kp. -1. Tliiiinns V. Foldhntis of U.S. Army, of 12IH l l l h Ave.. (IrooU'v. Sou of Mr. mid lIi-K. K d w n r d L. Kohl- lnius of Gi'culey. Hrotlier of lidwnrd \j. Kolilhnus, Jr., of Aznsa, Cnllf., John M. Feldlinus of Colo. SpriiiRs, Dnnald T. Fpldhnns, Kenn e t h It. Feldhaiis, Jlarie Ehune F c 1 d h a n s. and Teresa Ann Keldhans. n i l of (Ji-peley. Arranpemonts later. of Bonell . Arrange- Bias Terroncs Home, fireeley ments lator. W E I X B E X U K I l Trai-i llawn Wpliiliendpr, 2S22 Sth St.. fireclpy. In- f a n t danshter of Mr. mid Mrs. Larry Wolnbender of Orccloy. O r n n d d n n R h t e r of JIi-K. Barbara Cooper nf JJenviT, M. R Wcinhender of Creeley, and Hoy Prt- tengill of Bryan, Texas. Ornveside serviees 10:00 n.m. Mondny at Lynn drove Ceinclcry. ENDURING BRONZE MEMORIALS For a departed loved one, let our 60 years of experience h e l p you to select a memorial for a garden type cemetery. Our selection is completi, our prices nodest. Pre-need selection also available, plus a payment plan to fit every budget. 60 Y E A R S E X P E R I E N C E Open Sundays by appolntmi Fans; Paul Is Alive, Well GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) Worried Beaile fans take note Paul McCartney is alive and ap |)c;ii's in good health. McCartney, his wife and thei wo children were seen and pho lographcd nt Glasgow · Alrpor when they arrived from Londoi Wednesday night. Despite repeated denials fron he Beatles and their buslnes spokesmen, rumors have per sistod in Ihe United States tha McCartney was dead. The mil lionaire pop music star (ok newsmen he and his wife were going for a two-week holiday on a farm near Campbelltowii. Laurie Drifts Southward as Force Declines MIAMI (AP) - After threat ening almost all Hie U.S. Gul Coast with hurricane force winds, tropical depression Lau rie Thursday became a dihiin ishing Storm, drifting slowlj southward. Laurie headed back to the Caribbean spawned. needed where! IS was State Rep. Cleared in Lewd Act Case DENVER (AP) - State Rep Paul Hamilton, D-Denver, has been found innocent of charges that lie committed a lewd act County Court Judge Zita Weinsliienk handed down the ruling Thursday after Hamilton was charged by a detective from the Denver police department. Hamilton, a teacher and Colorado's youngest legislator, was charged Feb. 7. GREELEY MONUMENT WORKS, Inc. R.lph Hollister John b.l.a 1015 7ih Ave. Body of Lost Hunter Found BLACK HAWK, Colo. (AP) Authorities Thursday said they 'ound the body of a Titusville, 'n., hunter, missing in the Colorado mountains for several lays. I Gilpin County sheriff's depu- lCnt |lics identified the victim as Ray- Imond Baldwin. 58. Officials said he body was found near where icen to many council meetings nd had yet to see any councilman oppose the manager "who openly enters into debates and is probably a better debater and carries more influence than most members of the council." City Challingti The third question given the candidates was what they thought the major challenges are that are facing Greeley in the next two years and how they would meet them. Rapp answered problems regarding annexation due to an exploding population, keeping city spending within reasonable limits, improving council's communications with the public, the trash dump and sewer plant odor wert some of the cha lenges. Saying he felt the counc lacks a good image becaus of poor communications with th citizens, Happ said he believe the cily needs as mayor som one strong enough lo do tl things a mayor should, provic ing leadership for both tl council and its citizens. He said in regard to improv ing the council's image, the firs Ihing he would do is to invit the press to attend all counc meetings of whatever kind. Trath Dump Referring to the trash dum 31'oblem, Kapp said the Count Commissioners and Count lealth Department had force he cily out of the dump bus ness by revoking the city's dum permit on the grounds Hid city 1 dump was sub-standard. He added that, if elected hiay or, lie would try to negotiat with the county commissioner so that persons Hauling tras n their own cars would no lave to pay a dump fee am he fee for commercial tras laulers would be reduced. Regarding the sewer plan odor, Rapp said he would, i elected mayor, repairs jhe had a scheduled meeting Iwilh hunting companions. ' Baldwin apparently died of a alfack attempting to' work to ge done at th lant, continue present odo control efforts and seek to read a satisfactory arrangement wit Monforts to build a new sewe plant to handle the packing com )any's sewage. Perchlik said regarding th dump that the council had votei unanimously to close the Cit; dump and claimed that Rapj and Councilman Gertrge Hal mce had said the city shonldn' )e In the dump business. "Th )all was thrown to the count; commissioners there." Crisis Decisions "Now look at the mess we'n n. The river is being contam nated, (he dump isn't conven ent and I understand it isn' open Sundays." Perchlik charged the presen council has put off decision; until (here is a crisis, then triec o do something when it wa: oo late. This is a rcsponsibilily o eadership when faced with £ iroblem and in power--not nexl 'ear after the election," he salt n obvious reference to Rapp's iledgcs If he is elected mayor, Perchfik also said he thoughl ouncil members should spend more time talking to citizens o find out what they want done. Dr. Perchlik gave as one dsllenge the cily was fscing was a need (o develop a long range growth plan that would insure (here would be sufficient parks and playgrounds for children here in the future. Cflm . 352-1807 c ij m b a steep hill, a spokesmam'munlsts have dissolved a News said. men's union. County Posts (Continued from Page 1) fore 1972," he and Commissioner Harold Anderson said. Ntw Jail Faciliriei Also they said, the county in the futu'ft is going to nedd -a lew law enforcement facility. Billings said in this regard there already is a need for a place where juveniles housed separate from adult law violators. He also said Sherif Richard Martinez has reportec the county jail now average: 40 prisoners a day, which is more than the jail was built to hold. Billings said the county also has a need to provide a building for the mental health center health department and welfare department. "A one-mill increase in the county building levy will avoit the necessity of making^ a big mill increase at some time in the future to provide these fa cilities," Billings said. Robert Anderson, county auditor, reported that, with the 1.0 mill addition to the building fund, there would be an accumulation of over a $14 million In the fund by the end ol 1970. Wolf Street NEW YORK (AP)-The stock market pushed steadily upward and was on firm and higher nsm to stick to the Schedule-- ground in active trading late this but the South Vietnamese are determined to do their-best to meet the target. Apollomen Head forTehran On World Tour KINSHASA, The Congo (AP) - The Apollo 11 astronauts left aboard their presidential jet today for Tehran, next stop on ,heir world tour. Kinshasa was their only African stop. During their 40-hour stay Neal A. Armstrong, Edwin 5. Aldrin Jr., and Michael Collins were made members of the longo's highest,order, the.Na- lonal; Order of the Leopard, watched a native dance festiva and .lunched with President Joseph Mobutu. Chicago Grain Market · CHICAGO''.-(AP.) - Soybean utures advanced 2% cents a ushel on th« Chicago Board of Yade today while corn futures advanced 1% cents, both on buying influenced by the weather. The strength in these two pits ended to influence buying of ther grain futures. Trade was airly active throughout the ses- ion and mixed. nd soybeans was strong from he opening. The possibility that oine rain and later cooler temp- ratures could slow down this eld work was a factor. There was a small amount of 'ofit taking in the corn and soy- Man pits 1 but prices again urned strong late in the session. afternoon, At 2 p.m.: the Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was up 6.40 at 962.13. At 1 p.m. the Dow had been up 4.95 points. Advances continued to outnumber declines among individual issues traded on the Ne York Stock Exchange and wer at a ratio of 811 to 475. Brokers said the market's up- .urn after Thursday's dip i )rofit taking was partly mot /ated by investor optimism tha he inflationary economy wa cooling, leading to possible re axation of monetary restrain! News developments tha might lead to that.conclusion in eluded announcement of a U.S rade surplus in September a ts highest level for the year ane that factory operating rates de clined in the third quarter fo the first quarterly drop in a year. Oil stocks -were mixed. An oil-depletion allowance of 23 pe cent,': down 'from 27V2 per cent MARKETS IJVOTOCK - DtllVEH (AT) OJSDA) _ CtlUt 50 Calvw mw. . ' '..... ' '. . . . . 190) M luM. . ' 400: bartowi and fUfl W-MO » atnui tx W «M bnvler 29 towtr: 2 ajn) 9 lb H.29-M.W 29.29-26.Ot: Iowa-2 lowtr- 1 to 3 DKMW lt» 23.UO-23.9C; 400- «00 IDs 2J.W-23.00.- · - was voted by- .the Senate Fi lance Committee Thursday The House previously had cu Jie allowance to 20 per cent. Before trading began some brokers and analysts said they expected further consolidation of the market and a continua lion of Thursday's profit-taking Then; when early . trading wshed the market upward, bro- Anderson reported the budget Dec l for Weld County General Hospital amounts to $6.3 million for 1970 but pointed out this is financed by revenue the hospita' receives. Welfare Excluded The.$6.3 million county expenditures projected for 1970 does not include $450,000 in county money which is expected to " added for the welfare department. : ' · " ' · ' ; · · ' · · . Billings explained welfare dfr iartm«nt Expenditures have not jeen definitely decidedi because a recommended plan for reorganization nf the department low is under study by state we! 'are officials. The plan was presented to the state welfare staff Wednesday and is to be discussed by the state welfare board Nov. 3. The pay adjustment for some county employes is being provided in the 1970 budget as a result of a study of the salaries leing paid by the county and he average salary being paic or similar jobs by cities, col- egcs, two major utilities anc "ederal agencies in Colorado. Billings said this study had ihown that, in some instances Weld county was paying more han the average but that, in most cases, the county's paj vas less than the average. Consequently the salaries of county employes receiving bfi- ow-average pay will be adjusted upward. Those receiving more than average will continue at their present pay. Panel OK's 23 Percent Depletion Rate WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate Finance Committee vot- xl Thursday to cut the 27Vi per ent oil and gas depletion allow- nce to 23 per cent compared rith the 20 per cent voted by the louse. An effort in the panel to retort! the 274 per cent figure in IS tax reform bill failed on an S-ft lie vote. The committee then decided i a 12-3 lally to adopt the 23 3er cent allowance. The outcome was a surprise efeat for Chairman Russell B xng, D-La., and other mem- ers from oil-producing states ho had been confident of re- oring 27 V4 per cent. It was a partial victory for ix reform advocates who long ave considered a reduction in e oil tax benefit as a main mbol of their fight. At the close, wheat was up to %'cent A bushel higher, December 1.36V4; corn was around 1 cent higher, December 1.20%; oats held a small fractional advance, December 61% cents; rye was little changed, December I.I3V4 and soybeans advanc- 2.47%. CHICAGO (AP) - Friday: Prev. High Low Close Close WHEAT Dec 1.36V4 1.355s Ufl'A 1.35% Mar i.40V» 1.39% 1.39% 1.39'A May 1.4lVs lApVt 1.40% 1.40% Jul Sep CORN Dec 1.20% 1.19% 1.2034 US'A encouraged by the firm resis- ance Thursday to profit-taking and the market's closing recovery of sharp earlier losses during the day. ^Chartists said the next objective was .'a rise in the Dow industrials to. the 880 to 890 area. Among 'the 20 most-active Wheat, oats and rye trade was stocks on. the New York Stock Hit.; and after a weak opening Exchange, 15 advanced, and 5 ··ices in these three iits .turned lirly strong. declined. Steels, mail order-retail, aircrafts, utilities, metals, rails and oils were generally higher. Motors were lower. ed up to 2% cents November P ° T *TM« ,, 1 jyP , (Ap) - u - s Colorado 4. Wnshlnslon arrlva none, unloaded none, diverted one, o trnck none. Colorado orr. one. tlnlonde 1.36% 1.3614 1.36% 1.36 1.39 1.39 1.39 1.38% Mar May 1.26 1.29J 1.25% 1.25% 1,24% 1:29% 1.28% JU1 1.31% 1.30% 1.31% 1.30% Sep 1.27 3 /4 126% 1.26% 1.26% OATS BEANS DENVER (AP) - U.S. No 1 1969 ITO Plnlos 7.00-7.40. No 2 FOB Dpi ·er rale basis; Great Northerns U S 1 1969 crop 6.50. U.S. No 2 6.20 j Nebraska rate basis. OMAHA (AP) -- (USDA) -- Compared lilh last week's close: Cattle: Stauiltte steers and heifers steady to 25 lower cows 1.50-2.1)0 lower; bulls steady; fecde cattle and calves steady; steers big ' ' and prime 1072-1244 Ibs 28.50 nd prime 10G6-1240 Ibs 28.10-2a.25 choice 1,000-1290 lot 27.00-28.00;' good, an choice 965-1,225 llx 26.90-27,25; Ktxxi 24.75 26.50: good 1,350 Ib Holstolns 25.00- stand ard and low good 23.50-25.00; heifers big choice and prime 1016 Ibs 27.10; goo and choice 600-975 Ibs 25.25-26.00; goo 23.50-25.25; fUhdaW . and tow-good 22.0023.50; cows udllty and commercial 18.50 20.00; canner and cutter; bull utility, commercial and good 23.oo-24.oo high.fowl and choice 909-1071 -Ib feede steers; choice 523-680 Ib 31.5033.50! choice 215 Jo steer calves 40.00 choice and p'rlme'SOMO? ID heller calve: 32.00 -34.00. . Sheep: Wooled slaughter lambs steady ihorn slaughter lambs 25c lower; slaugh ter ewes steady; shorn slaughter lambs choice and prime 90-113 Ibs with No. 1 pelts 28.50-28.75; wooled slaughter Iambs choice some with end prime 65-113 11» 26.25-26.7S:_ shorn slaughter ewes cull to .. _.__ .;M« 1-3 200-240 . .50-2B.OO; 1-3 190-230 tbj 25.50-28.00; 2-3 230-250 Ibs 25.00-25.75: Sows 1-3 300410 IB 23.25-24.00; 2-3 400-600 Ibs 22.50-23.25, good 7.50-8.50. Hogs: Barrowf and bs 25.51 KANSAS CITY (AP) -- Cattle 150; calves none; not enough of any one class i offer to establish a price trend. Hogs 3,000; barrows and gilts steady to weak, instances steady to weak; 1-2 225 b 25.75; 1-3 200-250 Ib 25.00-50; 2-4 250-300 b 24.00-25.25; 3-4 342 ]b 23.50: sows teady to 25 lower; most decline weights over 400 Ib, 22.50-23.50. Sheep Done; nothing on offer. ST. JOSEPH (AP) -- Hogs 4500; barrows anil gilts steady; 1-3 190.240 Ibs; 2-4 240-270 Ibs 24.50-25.25; 3-4 70-300 Ibs.24.25-24.75; BOWS 25 ower, instances 90 lower; 1-3 · 300-600 Ibs 22.50-23.75. - . ' ' . . - ' . '""* " - Track is; Colorado 16, Wyoming one. Market about steady--100 Ihs U S N 1 size A washed unless otherwise stated russets 0-14 or Colorado 6.00, some 6.75 50 11) carton* 80-HJOs, Colorado-Washing ton nomolds 3.Z5-3.75I WasMnKlon russol 3.7H-4.001 Colorado rtd McClurea 2MI In. 4.75-3.00; 2V4 In. mln. Colorado-Wyo 10 Ib sacks round red* fifl-Sfl cent some lower; russets Colorado 52-5B cents round reds Colorado 20 Ib sacks US " 2 85-«0 CCnU. CHICAGO (AP) - Chlcam Hercanlll Exchange--Butter steady; wholesale huj Ing prices unchanged; 93 score AA 67M 32 A 67W; SO B 65. ERRS steady to firm: wholesale huyin prices unchanged to 1 higher; 80 per cen or better grade A whites 47V4j medium 42V4J standards 42; checks 36. .62% .66% :69% .61% ..81% .66% .66% .68% ..69 .61% .06% .68% Mar May. RYE Dec . 1.14 1.13% 1.13% 1.13% Ma'r · 1.18% 1.18'A 1.18% 1.18 May 1.23 1.22% 1.22% 1.22% Jul. 1.21% 1.21% Sep · SOYBEANS Nov Jan Mai- Jul . Aug Sep 2.48 2.45% 2.47% 2.45% .2,53% 2.51% 2.53 2.50 7 /s 2.58 2. G'/4 2.57% 2.55% 2.62% 2.60% 2.61% 2.59% 2.58% 2.57% 2.5B 2.5614 2.49'/4 2.48 2.48% 2.47% Cosh Grain CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No ; hard yellow 1.36%n; No 2 soft ed 1.36%n. Corn No 2 yellow .18. Oats No 2 extra heav vhite 61'/in. Soybeans No 1 ye ow 2.42%n. Soybean oil 10.30n. EGG! DENVER (AP) -- Market steady, price unchanged, demand good, offerings adc (junto. Prices paid for consumer grade eggi. delivered In Denver loose or In cartons (cartons furnished by buyers) cases in eluded: larre AA 44-48, mostly 44'/4-43 medium AA 39-43, mostly 39-10; fima] AA 27-30, mostly 29-30! large A 42-47 mostly 43-441 medium A 38-41, mostly 38-39; large B 31-34, mostly 31-32. N*W YORK (AP -- Potato futures Maine closed 1 to 6 cents lower. Sales 2,198 contracts. high Nov 2.35 Mar 2.70 Apr 2.96 May 3.49 Clou 2.31 2.65 2.86 3.39 KANSAS CITV (AP).-- .Wheat, 75 cars i lower to 1 higher: No. 2 h«rd and dai - a r d 1.46',4-1.7(Hi; No. 3 1.44V4: No red wheat 1.42=1-1.44 n; No. 3 1.40-T 1.43 n. Corn 56 cars; 1-ni higher; No. 2 whi 1.57-1:64 n; No. 3 1.15-1.63 n; No. 2 ylllo mixed 1,27-1.2811; No. 3 l.W/j-l^l Oats 1 car; Unchanged l« « hlghci No. 2 while 6H4.7M4 n; No. 3 59V4-70« i Milo maize 2.13-2.15 RyS tB-1.04 n Barley 93-1.02 n Soybeans 2.34«-l54 n Racked bran 47.00-17.50 Sacked shorts 47.00-17.50 Wheat futures closed from 4fa lower I VI higher. WHEAT FUTURES: Open High Low Clos Dec 1.3711 1.38 1.37'i " ' 1.39 1.3K1 1.37-li 1.37 March 1.38}a May t.37 1.37 3 1.38' 1.371 July _. 1.33% 1.34 1.3351 1.33' Sepl 1.36 1.36H I.MTi 1.36 SORGHUMS Dec 1.98 1.99W 1.98 l.ffl! March 2.05" WOOL BOSTON (AP) (USDA)--Trading In d L mcstic greasy wools was slow on th Boston Wool Market this week at nomina prices. The demand was poor for woole wools and noils at unchanged prices fn last week. Territory Wools -- Two cars grade territory 38s staple, 58-54S sold 92 clean a car of graded fleeces, 54s staple, clean, delivered east. Texas Wools -- Fall wool Bold 40-18 Local Pinto Prices Pinto bean prices at D and D Bean Co. in Greeley were re ported at $7.25 and $7 Frida; morning. The usual 50 per cent slice or less than No. 1 grade beans is still in effect, the company reported. Local Market (Corrected fo Octobtr 22) Piutu Bean Crop: New Crop $7.00 Old Crop 6.75 Wheat 1.04 Oats 2.00 Corn ^.2.15 Barley 2.00 CHICAGO (AP) -- Futures trading on the ChlcafiC Mercantile Exchange Friday: Open High Low Clou Clots LIVE D E E P CATTLE Dec 28.55 28.60 28.47 28.50 28.47 Fcb 2«.D5 28.75 2B.60 28.60 28.65 Apr 29.27 29.30 29.17 29.22 29.30 lun 29.70 25.72 29.55 29.55 29.67 Aug 29.65 29.72 29.55 29.55 29.65 Ocl 29.07 29.07 28.85 29.05 29.10 Dec 28.92 28.92 a28.90 a28.90 28.97 les: Dec 336; Feb 177; April 254 ! 165; Aue 51; Oct 11; nicTO.T DENVER CASH GRAIN Wheat No 1 hard whiter ordinary 1.17-1.21; No 2-cwt sorghum 2.15; yellow corn no of- "erings. USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS 'CHICAGO (AP)- (USDA). Jogs 4,500; butchers steady; 1205-230 Ib butchers 26.50-27.00; -3 200-250 Ibs 26.00-27.50; 2-3 10-260 Ibs 25.65-26.00; few lots -4 270-300 Ibs 24.50-25.00; sows tdady to 25 lower; 1-3 350-400 bs 23.50-24.00; 2-3 500-600 Ibs 2.25-23.00. Cattle 4,500; calves none; laughter steers and heifers 25 o 50 higher; prime' 1,200-1,400 b slaughter steers yield grad and 4 30:50-21.00; mixed. hig hoice and prime 1,125-1,350 Ib 9.75-30.50; choice 950-1,300 Ib 4 28.50-20.75 choice 27.7 8.50; high choice and prim KIO-1,050 Ib slaughter heifer ield grade 3 and 4 27.75-28.25 ad around 1,075 Ibs 28.51 loice 825-1,000 Ibs yield grac " to 4 27.00-27.75; mixed gooc and choice 26.25-27.00. Sheep 100; couple lots choic and prime 97-110 Ib woolec Stock Market Closing Price* , (AiMCiifwl Prfti) V ·NEW YORK (AP)K«!s«r. fJJM-'tt - Friday's .elected Kencott 4Ki-l-'.*y New York Slot* E*-KMr .. S3W-- ;?i Cl«nj! prices: Itrartct HH-'H · - Close OiR.Ubljy 9 - Mr. Admiral 21W+ 11 Ullon 57;*+m Al,-.. Al 29 + « U c k h d »','.+ ?l Allied .Ch : 30 H- «p Lone S C 2OTi-t- U AHkd Hr. M1H- % Lone S G «?i+ V* . AWs Cha! 24!4 Alcoa . 75SS+ H M»cy M«d Fd Am Hess 37 +1 Magvox 44Va+' TV Am Alrlin 34V4+ Vi MaraUm 39Vj+lVi Am Brnds 37%+ 94 Marcor 309+ *4 Am Bdcst 0014+1H Marlla 20%+'?* Ant. Can - 4 9 . ' -- '11 Melton D .27 -- U A m . C y S g Z T W ' ' Merck -108 +l!i Am Cyan 3014+ V4 Minn ·· 112 P1H, Am ELP. 3214+ Vi Mobil 0 51H--IVi Am Fdy a + Vi Monsan 42V+ Vi AMet Cl 34 +Hi Mont U U 3Hi-- ?it Am Mtrs 11W-- 44 Mont Pvf 28Vi-- V4 Am Smelt 31M-- % Ml SI TT 23 Am Std 339!-- Vt Nat Cash 145 -- V4 Am TtT iWt ·'· Nat Dlsl 20VS+ Vi ' 46%+ltt Nat Gyp -- ' - - fe.Nat Ld Annco Sll 29'/«+ 14 Nat Stl 3114 .. . .. - .- 48 +1 Armour 49 +1 Nlag Mp 1814 Armst Ck 351S-1V4 Nor Pac 43»,1-- (4 All Rich 95 +1 Nwst Al lr 5433 Alias Corp 5V4+ Vt Nwl Bane 3TA+M Avon Pd 170 +1V4 Occident 26%+2?i leat^Fd! 40 + Vi OUn Corp 23H 68W+H t Air 20 -- Yn Omark tell B6W-.C6W1M Owens I leth Ell Boeing Pac G E 2OTi. H Pac P L 32M+-% Pac T T toise Cas 74%+ % Pan Am Irist My 71st ' ~ * ' ' / M .'57M ,- 32V4-- W ield grade 2 to mixed good and slaughter lambs steady at 29.00 29.50. URLOT DREISED MEAT CHICAGO AP) (USDA)-- Steer _, holler l*ff tlcndy: cow beet tully 5t lower; Steer beer, choice 500-700 Ibs 4*1.50 700-flOO Htt 4-1.00; 500-aOO 1IM 42.! 800-900 111. 43.00; BOO Holateln type' 500.W Ibs-42.90; ·teady- standard 500-700 42 fH Steady heifer beef choice 500-700 Ibs 43 00 good 500-700 Ibs 41.50; row beet com mcrclal 3C.50! utility 30.00-39.00; steer ai heifer fores 130-210 Ibi 37.50: heifer hind 120-170 Ibs 49.50; heifer rounds 60-83 Ib 55.00. NEW YORK (AP) -- Silver future closed 10 to 50' lower. Snles 1.5GB con tracts. Oct ................. Notf ...^ . Dec ................ Jon rtnr ............... , Mny : ............... Jill ................. ... ............. Ian ___________ L ____ . HlHtl LOW ClOL 1B0.30 1BG.OO 186.2 186,90 186.50 1QG.J 190.10 188.20 1H9.0I 192.20 190.30 1D1.W 196.20 191.50 195.21 200.20 198.40 150.01 203.60 502.10 202.BO Z07.50 205.60 ZOG.2 212.40 210.80 211.3 214.70 212.GO 213.3 NEW YORK (AP) - Dow Jnas slo k averages: Optn Nigh Low clou N.C ndus. ... 855.66 868,00 851.31 862.26 -H.5 Balls .... 200.67 202.45 199.45 201.23 +0.9 Jills .... 119.06 119.8S 118.00 119.15 -H.22 5 Stocks 287.07 290.37 285.35 289.54 +1.70 Transactions in stocks used in aver ndustrialj ' 997.100 Rolls '. 264,300 Jtlllties 233,300 65 Slock! 1,194,700 - New closing NEW YORK (AP) York Block Exchange ndex: darket up 33 cents ndex 54.89 up 0.40 ndustrial 57.90 up 0.50 Yansportation 44.03 up 0.12 Utility 41.89 Unch.- "'inance 74.36 up 0.65 ihare Utilities CALAIS, Maine -- Calais and t. Stephen, N. B., are examples f international goodwill, shar- Jig public utilities, community rejects and even holidays. 20%_V* 2044+ Vi . l?i+ Vi-Parks"" 36V4+V4 Brunswk 20M+ V4 Penn C 349i+ Vi Bucy Er 21V4-- V, Penn Va KA-'u Budd Co 17V4 Penney M +1 " Ind 37% Pens! 52M- U ase JI 16 PUier 99V4+M aslle Ck 30V4- V* Phelpj so +1W ater Tr 4314+ V4 Phil Mor 32 + V4 Celan Cp 65 - % Phil Pet 2TO+ «4 erro Cp 24?i-- Vi Polrld 139 +1H crt-td 26M+ ?s Procter 1 ^i+8 essna A 25VS+ V, Pub S Col 21V4- H 3FI Sll 20K.+"/, Pug Spl 299. hes Oh 0159% -It Pullman 47T4- H Chrysler 42W-- VS RCA 44%+ 'A illes svc 50V4+1J4 Hepub SU 3911-- !* oca Cola mv+ Vi Hey Met 35!d+ «S *olg Pal 43 +1V4 Key Tob 45V4-- "Hi *lo Tnlst 42V4 Roy Sut 44T«+ «i o l u . Ga. 27 .+.J4 Safeway 28V»--H oml'-SolV. 23M-- 44 Sir Jos Ld 39!l+2 -omsat sa't-- V4 Sf He« f 40=4+ « on Edls'28%+ Vfi Sa Fe In '-- m Foods 44?i-- V4 Schenly-.' int AM 14« Sehrlnf . ont Can 75-- V4'.SCM-:.../ ont Oil 28 -f-'yjiSiwt'p. ont D ·J44%+.llfrSi?.i^ owles'-.- isy, row Col-32' nvn Zcll 33Ui.. v urliss W 207s+' art Ind 50Vi--' Jecre Co 41%+: M Mnle 27V(i+. fcRGW 18%+ ! .. . Isney 107V4--W Std .o Ind 52V4 ow Ch m75V«+ '.i Std'.O .NJ: 665i-- H ress Ind 32V4--% Std.-Tack: ll?i+V4 uPont 117%^ 34 Sauff ' ' 35V5+ V4 nst Air 18 . :· Stcrl D- 42 -- V4 Kodak 77V4+' M Studwth 45M-- VJ Eaton Ya 45 +1 HwIIt, 29W-- Vt ElPaso N 19W · Tektralx 65V4-- V4 Evans'Pd 47V4+3 Taldyhe - ,4211-- 4i Evrshrp 27Wt-- Vt Tenneco - 2BH-- V t Kalrch C 95 +4W Texaco · 31V4-- V4 Firestne 55Wi+. V4 Tex G.Sul 25%-- Vi Food Fair 22y« te* Ihs 137V4+2V1 Ford Mot 44« Tejclron - 33W+ Vt For McK 28W+ V4 Thlokol. · 13V4+ H Frccp Sill 24W TImk' " 32V4 Frueh Cp 4C +. «« Todfl Shp. 4751+ H Gam Sko 24VS- 54 -TWQ '29V4--111 Gen Dyn 2514-- »' t Tfkns Am 27V4+114 Gen Eiec 07, ^ fe Trl Con: -33.11+ V» Gen Fd. 8l(4+l'/, TRW ,-j 40 + 4» Gen Mills 3TO+ % Twent.d: 22V4-- V4 Gen Mot. 75W+ V4 UAL ·;-. 92!4_ (4 G Tel El 35W- '" Un-Carb 4214- H Ccn Tire 20V4+ Vi Un OH Cal 44-' -- 4h Gn Pac- 52 +1-T4 Un Pac - «V4+ vfc Glllcllc .46 + % Unlryal -'/.SIW-- Ti Glen Aid-low-V* Unit Air Goodrch 3GM)+1 Unit Cp Goodyr 30K+ Vi Un Frt 52V4 H9V4+1 · 2)1l 32V4 . 45 --I iffit." Gt NorBy 45VS+ V4 US Gyp Gt WnUn 46-H+ Vi US Ind Ireen Gt 30 -- V4 US Ply ireyhnd 1841, US Smlt Julf oil 32-1i-- ?4 US SH Ilecla M 30 Vorlan Holly Sug 2354-- % War Lam 71 --pv, llomestk 2.1Vi+tM Was Wat 22 -- « Jlonywl 155 +4« Wn Air L 2TV4 Idaho Pw 32',H- '.* Wn Bane 43V+ V4 Ideal Bas 13'/4+ Vi Wn U Tel 4614+ % - -:enl ll»i-Id We«tg El M I 4 + M - .-" .364 +7'A'Wyfhsr',- 43M+ M Int Harv 2BK,+ ?« White M 35rt-- 14 [nt Nick 39-Yi- U Woolwth 43V4+ «· Int Pan 40H+ 14 Xerox lOitt-- V* Int TiT. 58'A+3Ji Zenllh 42H+« ' lewcl Co .«»!+ at Total "N.Y. ' Stoct Jone I, 22»t+ V4 Sales: 13,IM,(PM. · · - · NEW YOHK (AP)Fed Rsyre« «14 -- Today's selectedGronllcr ' '«*-- H American Slock Ex-Gcn Ply · 7«+ H change prices: Husky 14VJ+ H Close ChseKnlser 2 0 - 3 Aerojcl 17',* Mid Fin 12'.*+ % · Ark L Ga 30',*+ T* Scurry 23V4 Asnmra 191'«+ 16 Synlex 81T-- 14- Cdn Jave 15'/ 4 Techneo K'l Data 11V4+ « Wn Nuclr 1114+ H STOCKS IN THE 1POTLISHT NEW YOHK (AP)-Sales, clollnf ' prlo nd net chance nf Ihe filleeji most at. ve Blocks traded on tile NY Stock El- lancc. niroyal 837,000 TM'den Pel 313,500 nt Tel Tel 283,200 Ity Invest .'...144,700 unk rtamo ' .'138,000 ennls MfK 132,700 Oil Cat 1199,00 118,700 109.400 108,300 103,100 102,200 97.200 95,100 95,400 139 en Instru shlnnd Oil oyCr Cola erry Itnd )mput Sci iilf Oil olaroid 5814 33«i nil, 31V4 44 34 .11V4 16V4 48 2894 31Vfi .!* +m ±8- -- 4 +1H Stock Ax-erases Compiled By The Associated Prest. ' 30 15 i: 60 Indus Halls Utlls Stocks AO.S Al.l A0.8 Al.l 446.1 156.8 141.4 299.1. 445.6 155.7 140.0 29IU 437.5 155.2 137.5 29S.S 428.B 154.0 133.8 289,7 517.0 209.0 149.3 35S.7 el change riday rev. day eek ago onth ago ear ago NEW YORK (AP) -- Associated Prew'l ock price average range of 60 atocka. rlday. . High. Low cilia N.C. Indust 450.0 442.6 446.1 +.1 Rails 157.7 155.1 158.8 +1.1 Ullls .._ 142.5 140.1 141.4 +.8 Total 301.8 296.7 299,5 +1.1'. LONDON ;- Rules governing age nudity are sought by ac- rs. QUALIFIED and INTERESTED Dorothy Martin ZABKA Incumbent FOR MAYOR Interested in YOU as a Citizen of Greeley. I have been and will continue to be FOR GREELEY Ear-Minded so t can continue to ba YOUR Representative "Well DONE ts Better than Weil $AI6» Ben Franklin

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