Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 17, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1951
Page 4
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PXGE FOTTR LAS CRUCES IN. M.) "SON-NEWS Sunday Morning, June 17, 1951 Las Crudes Sun-News 'Founded' 'irf'iSfll" 1 published daily, except Saturday--weekday afternoons and Sunday mornings--by the Sunshine Press, Inc., at 241 N, Wale"t~'St.j'iAj"CrUi;e3,' u N. M. Entered at Las C'ruces postoffice u l.econd-clasa matter. ' Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager ' Orvllle E. Priestley. Editor and Publisher . National Advertising Representative: Inland Newspaper Representa HVM, inc., Chlcsgo, New York, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Atlanta^ Member of the Associated Press. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use tor republicatlon of all local news printed in this newspaper, ns well as nil AP news dispatches. TELEPHONE 33 "nil's newspaper Is n member of the AlUlt Ilurenu or Clrcul- atlons. Asli for a copy or our latest A. E. 0. Report giving audited facts and. figures about our circulation. A.E.C. -- Audit Bureau of Circulations FACTS as a measure of Adverliting Value SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In Las Cruces and surburban areas, 18c per week or 75c"per month; by motor route delivery in ' Dona Ana'cbunly, JS.fiO'per' yeiir or SSc per month. By mall in New .Mexlco..75c per'month or J7.50 per year. Outside of State SSc per ' month'or. $8.50 per year.'Mall subscriptions 'are payable in advance. : We Have'No'Choice ' * ' For the second lime in 10 years the subscription price of The Lns Cruces Sun-News is being advanced. The new sub- scripljon"rate.t become effective J u l y 1. For months now we have continued to face increases in practically everything t h a t fjoes i n t o the production of The Daily Sun-News. We have absorbed these as Jong as we can. One of these increases has been on newsprint--it has advanced twice in the past six months and each time some $10 per ton. It has increased a total of $20 per ton in this period. That is a j u m p of $HOO per car load of newsprint. Other'items', all needed and necessary in the production of the Sini-News^ have continued to climb. Y f t (luriiif! the past four years The Las Cruces Daily Sun- Ncw.'i has had the lowest subscription price in the slate for any daily newspaper.. Even with the increase it still will only be nt the same price as o t h e r . d a i l y newspapers over the state with a Sun- day.utlition. Most of these papers have been receiving the price we are advancing to fur these four ycai'S. Some of the daily papers in the slate w i t h o u t a Sunday issue have been charging the price to which we arc now advancing. Only two d a i l y papers in the state, both w i t h o u t a Sunday e d i t i o n , ore charging ies~ t h a n we will be charging after J u l y 1 and there is little question hut what both will be forced to raise their' prices. M a n y ' o f ' t h e large metropolitan dailies have raised their prices a good many times during the past few years. They have hnd-icrdo it in order to meet increasing costs. An opportunity lo allyelirly subscribers to take advantage o f t h e present ratcsjiind renew their sub'-criplion will be a f f o i d c d at the old rate u n t i l J u l y 1. After that date the new rates are in effect. · Starting Sunday, J u l y 1, the rate for the Daily Sun-News will be"US'c'ufrlS 1 per week; $1 per month; and $10 per year w i t h i n the slate. Outside the Stale the subscription price will be $12 per .year. This is our second increase, we say, in 10 years and di'.ring this p a r t i c u l a r period 'newsprint has increased over 200 percent in price and everything else,.Inclu'dinj; price of labor, lias practically doubled. Your carrier boy, of course, w i l l share in the additional ehai'ges"fo be niadc for your daily newspaper. Changes In Church The..churches of America have traveled a long way from thosu:d.'|.vs..\yj;en 'prods',\yorc employed lo keep the members or tliostj attending awake d u r i n g the long, cjrawn-oul sermons. And this, did occur,,so history tells us, during the early days In'tills nation. Those aitcndinr; services were woke up 11 (hoy dox.ed-off ( l u r i n g the.message of the.pastor. ·· But dowiv'lhrough the years the church has slowly changed. 11 is no longer necessary to go lo services and he uncomfortable d u r i n g -the summer months. The church has been 'm'o'dovnteed a n d - t h e comfort of those a t t e n d i n g services has been' given every consideration. ·"·;"*Mosr i of"lhe churches are air conditioned so that individual^ frequently can be more comfortable at the services than 7tljc),V"li'e in'.1lioii':o.wi'rl;fcmcs. ^-iv, · So the argumrnt that it IB loo hoi io go to church doesn't \vfirk.H})j;,mo'l : f!., .The church 1 has eliminated this excuse. Other coiiiforts have been provided by the church in order to make It'more pleasant and comfortable for individuals to a t t e n d services, Many special services and special features are offered and there 1ms been a marked improvement in the messages nnd (he type of messages brought to the lis- lener.s, .,'.-', y [ " " ' , . . · · ' '" . . These changes, of course; liave b'ecn made for one reason -- t n - n H r n c t mnreVpeop'le tti the church. The success of the eluuVIvreaching, its,jjoa_l depends on the church members and those who attend qhurch. The goals o'f the. clnirch program of our .ualion ca'n.and.will only, he reached if and when sufficient people in our nation are active"Helping in ( l u r e programs. .. .._.,.,. . .,,.·· So the church hns;soughl not only to make the church more comfortable for its members and the regular atlenders but for others as well,"becailse the church realizes it.needs these individuals In - t h e 'church. ·Most of the church lenders and the church workers rcal- i/.e ami.fully appreciate the fad the church has missed many ' opportunities in the past, but they also know t h a t they were handicapped by lack of workers, support nnd backing. They are limited in the work they can do and the jub they can do by the number of individuals aiding and assisting them in t h e i r programs, not only in America but in foreign lands. The programs they seek to carry out cosl, money-»plonly of money. The workers they seek to employ go out and preach the message of the church, must be paid, and they must have funds w i t h which to work. The church, of course, depends on its members and on those interested in Hie church's work for f u n d s for this program. 1 - · ·': If and when the clay and lime'comes when all peoples who should be active in church work are active, and if aw when they make their contributions to the program of tin. church, Ihero is little question but what the church can movi ahead more rapidly and more sucX'essfully in bringing its message to the world. Jlut us.w'cj'cccntly pointed out, it. always 1 has-a double ' j o b -- D i n job at home w i t h Its 'own members and the nonmembers and the missionary work in foreign fields. : ' · Hut the church can do this job and it can reach more people and It can sell the Christian religion when all of do our best lo be better Christians and when we arc willinf to make our contribution to the only organization in the wor) which is preaching and teaching the messafje of Christ. · · A n d slowly but surely the church as it modernizes ant keeps' abrthsl' of the times is eliminating more and more o IhC'old exeitscs we always used for not going lo church. AS A'NEIGHBOR, HE DOESN'T LOOK so-PEACEFUL'; Chamber Of Commerce Aids Cmcens To Fight Swindles STtJDKNT IS HOXOKKI) Among those listed oil the Pharmacy college honor roll ;it the University of Kew Mexico at Albu- [jucrque was Ralph Cutirrc/. of LIIH Cruces, Dean Roy A. Bowers of the school uf Pharmacy released :he honor roll which was for the last term of school. Critical Area (Continued frn;;i pngn one) construction of housing, commercial concern;), and community facilities could he expedited. "The designation of Las Cruces as a critical defense area i.s but Inother example of the close cooperation between the Proving Ground and .the citizens nf Ijns Cruces." Colonel Eddy and Muyor Klein, with other officials, have worked closely to fiucitro the doHignsition. Lns Cruct'K nnd i\w surrounding urea weru recently inspected by a federal offlcitil, who agreed the community was fat'ed with a critical situation. Khuinchil Brni'lils The designation, in addition to mulling; materials and labor available for building, also means installation here of low cost credit arrangements for purchase of housing. BuulncHfi men will get ccr aln waivers on morlgngo, leml- iiff, nnd priority ruling. The ruling relaxes constructinn ulings which have prohibited uiidlng here becnttsc'of materials hortagc.s. Since more business will bu necd- d to nrcoinodalo incrimed nuni- iur of rc»;liltints hero, materwls vill also be available for theii oiiKtrucUon. If anyone comes* 10 your door and. offers you a chance to get rich qnlclc'in the oil business or" calls you long distance and tries to fcell stock In -some proposed company that is going 'to make millions, call the Chamber of Commerce office nnd check up on the company or corporation. Chances are 100 to 1 that some confidence man 'is trying to make off with your hard-earned savings.. Vnfidencu rackets are .nothing new to tlic citizens of Las Cruces. Clint Smith, manager of the local Chamber of Commerce, is always ready and able to assist any citizen with' such matters. The chamber keeps records on all known rackets of this type. -· The latest racket and one that has been used here for quite Home time is the phoney Canadian oil stock racket. The set-up works something like this. The vk'tims or "suckers" are contacted .by mail and sent glowing, accounts and examples of how others hove mode a killing in Ca- niidian oil. In addition to this a business reply card is in the material sent. The sucker is given an Subscriptions (Continued from page one) nly I nt this raic. This means saving on the yearly rate to hem of $2.50 or n saving of fi.IiO year if they pay by .the weofi or noiuh. 1 lowcver, this special price of i7.ii(1 in advance will only he gotid mtll July 1. A t t r r thai ditto' the irw rale of $10 a your becomes ' /iris ra'Vher nmnzing sometime* how lililo we know abou wJjnl'ls /join/,' on in (Ms world despite Jill of lht .sb*cnllcd cclu caffonnl niedlunis, ! "*' v GOOD MORNING Pleasant Listening K O B E 1450 On Your Dial SUNDAY ' ' A.M. 7:00 T:l 7:30 7:-ir 8100 S::iO !i:no .11:30 10:00 10:30 lOM.I 11:00 I'.M. 12:01) ·1:00 fM. R:00 B:30 (1:00 6-M O/.'O 0:25 Ji:tHi l':15 ii::m I1:»B 10:00 News Sunday Kfimimle Al Your Service Bihln Time clnirrh of Christ Assembly (if Ooil Jiaclt In' God Royicwini; Hlaml Vnlre nf Pnipheey Hnzol Mnilii'll ]'-ninli * EniMt First. Pi-e:il\vtiii'lnn Chuivh St. 1-oltln vp, Boston ItftV Hloi'k Pl'VHOIlta ; Ti«i« IVIcctlvr Cli.ilhMiije of Hie Yukoi Niolc Carter Oo.ipM Ilro.lcldist Sports News III' Nowi ' War News . DmolOyn vs. CliioiRn Hi* News Hero's To Veterans wiiii mil niciioclc Miiluul News SlRll O(f K O B E Your Friendly Slullnn Cruces late P*ridJiy evening resulted in minor tljimnpc to two cars. Tlic cnrs bcionffcil tn John,K. Ellii;} O p pm -tunity to reserve as much as of 40-1 Jewcs Kti-eet \Cloyis, anri j 2,000 ahfu-es of stock at Mrs. Otto GI-IRK vt 937 Hess Ter- » ahnro. only ! I,as Cnices. The .accident IV 1 The company' then phones you long distance from Toronto, Can- TM» lnvo.stig»t«l by'-r.:ity, pl,l,tl- , = u ,.g in g. yol , to send' your m n " r '"''" ""-·"""·- ; . ' ; cnce,, 1 immediately, since stock is, man Galje Guzman. Ahnllt 10 million tons or KU.T floaL in llin Hargossn Hna.![ .. I scllins' fast. I RlH'hi-t Tor SllfkcrK \J IT you siioukl receive a letter i from the L. Corlin Coi'iioration it, MISSION / - M f 15;! 1 la* Pa r^t' Admission 50c - 40c - lOc Phoni'413 ; SUNDAY MONDAY· TUESDAY -BRA'-N'-p* N-EW FIRST RUN!! .Therkiiid of, Woman ..Who Made ' Now Orleans Famous . . . . Ltd. of 91 Yonge. street, Toronto, 3, Canada -- throw it in the waste basket fast and call the Chamber of Commerce and tell them about it. Manager Smith has been confronted with a new type of confidence racket recently that has proven to one of ihc most vicious. It is appropriately called the "Gold gimmick racket." /' '. The-racketeers work as door to door salesmen and operate in the following manner. The salesman enters the home by telling the housewife that he is making a house to house cun'ey for some' reputable manufacturing firm. (Jwhtioiis IIousftivirR He asks the housewife if she listens to the .radio. If shn does he asks her if she has a crrtain type of product in the house...Yes she tells him. The con man then says that since she has the product on hand, .she is entilletl to purchase at a very low price a set of encyclopedias or some other item, as a reward from the maker of the product. Shn is then talked into signing n contract that calls for $1 a week- payments. The contract is soUl 'to a collection agency at a discount and she is: forced to pay it,. The victim ends up paying for something lie never gets. These arc only two of the many fce/.-kets- that exist, If someone tries to sell you something at a dirt cheap figure or .tries to sell; you. stock in an unheard of corporation, call the Chamber of Commerce office and check up on the individual or firm. . Boys State Officials Qpvcrn Territory, . Lawyers.^ rgite Cases EL RITO 1 June 16 IJPi -: Boys State officials'governed their miniature state and youthful lawyers argued .their cases in Boys State court Friday in El Rito. Governor Mechern said that 'if all New Mexico citizens were' as interested in politics as the bays, they would have less to complain about. · . Don Wright of Santa Fe, sworn in as Boys State governor by Eugene Lujan, chief justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court, conducted tftc affairs of his stain. Young lawyers who passed- fj. S. Dist. Atty. Everett Gvantham's bar examination aired their cases jn the Boys State .court. : Slate Senator Quits As C of C Manager To Help Finances , TRUTH OR- CONSEQUENCES, June 15 tfPt -- State Senator Burr ton Roach has resigned as manager of the Chamber of Commerce to help -the organization .get uut of the red. The chamber, he explained, hns only .^28 in the' bank, and his monthly salary is $300. It still must meet additional expenses each month of about S500. Roach blamed the chamber's troubles on the community's businessmen. He said only 38 out of the 14p tourist courts, apartments and. hotels support the orgnniza- BOX-OFFICE OPENS 7--SHOW STARTS 7:40 P. M. - Kids Under 12 Free When W'.th Parents I 1 f CLOCK Off U.5.60 OH COLLEGE ROAD I TONITE AND MONDAY NIGHT ! (SffiU PLUS -- BUGS BUNNY and FOX NEWS! A SU1TUAI, XKTWOItK "'V'lLIKEIT See or Call Us for Compleio Service and Information PHONE.S 199 *! I SWFGAS ANHYDROUS AMMONIA NH3 CHECK THESE ADVANTAGES ·1. 82% NITROGEN. The highest percentage of all Nitrogen Fertilizers. · 2. Long lasting and resistant io Leaching! 3. Can be applied as a side dressing or with irrigation! ' · .: · s · i 4. No stirring or handling! : ' - 5. Field tested and proven to be the Best and Low; esi Cost Nitrogen Fertilizer. EST F E R T I L I Z E R C H E M I C A L C O . 'VALLEY BRAND" FERTILIZERS "SWFK1LL" INSECTICIDES · ANTHONY, N. MEX. Top Scientist ' Sv Cpontinue'd from Pa'ffe One) . ^ :n' the 'muitituiiinous highly sensitive instrument. 1 ), placed on the surrounding' Islands were many other' secrets." . · 'The joint AEC : De : fense Dcyarl- ment'amiouncement-on the Eniwu- 1 tpk tests. : made nt a news' conference? jn Washington on Wednesday,, said that '.'new information-and un-, derstanding of the basic phenqmc- '· ·underlying' .the. theory of a hydrogen homb had been obtained in the tests... . ··. , ' , Deirtore .Speculation - 4 '"B'tit" ;the'- AEC -officials . at tliaj same' time'' deplored speculation that,,''we cilher.have a .hydrogci^ bomb, have tested a hydrogen bomb; or are o'n the verge of prc-^ (hieing a hydrogen bomb.-"' jpj'bert's reference' to "secrels the .'ihennbnuclear exj)eriment"J being'in" the atoinic 'cloud,he saw caiild; have me'a'nt"' that a small quantity i: 6f l material which woulcJ be v UKed r i iiu a. hydrogen" bamb h;ul] been YncluUed ; in. .or .attached \\ '£Jie atomic-bomb: .for 'pitTposcs of making-studies of-thv reaction ofj tiib"inat'ei : iais to the high heat oJ the" A-bomb: ' - · ' ~- \ · " Scientists helinve that hc-at o£ several im'llion degrees, such as it p'roducecl by an atomic explosion] would be needed to set off- the fusion-process of a. hydrogen homb. 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