Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 17, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1951
Page 3
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h fttwUr Moraiag. Jun* 17. 1951 J, ,! » ' · » ? , LAS CBUCES (If. If.) SON-NEWS PAGE THREE Coiiiy Rhualion Board Announces teachers For Coming School Year · A llatfof .teachers fmploycil by Dpria-'j^na.- county 'Board uf ·Edu- cation 'fiiT. (Jje' 1951-.52.. sshooi .year riafiV'bcelV, released, /by ' t h e · office of. county , school .' superintendent Haskel Smith.'. V · · · · . "· · ' ' · ' ' ·'· '.With "few-exception's ' 1951-52 teachers · have^'had at least' 'one year's-experience in the Dona Ana schools. 1 . . : . ; · . ... .·. Those., teachers r iie^' 'lb' Dona Agi schools \vili be" SftzaneUfa- . (iln^ton. returning 1 from "one year's teaching in the Virgin ' Islands; Elizabeth P. BooiieJ.VAlamojjordp; , Ujis' A · If MIC-a' South' Dakota woman whose' tl husbarri L l ; ;iH/ l ^taUon- eif at · Wh'lto;-: Sa'r^.'iV:Piovin"g: Grounds; arid. 1 -Ch'est'frr"7^.'." Way; neSy Mesllla superintendent, . ·- . Jlere/is the 1951-52 list; ;Elis:abeth' Arlington, George Al- latd,. Anna Allender, Knrel Ans- Jey, Elizabeth ArmenflaH7, Wandn ff, Esther Bardwcll, David Barcla, Ernestine Barclt, James Q. Harnc.-, Patricia Barnhill, Oleta Becker, Edith Bc'rrlcr, Lucille Boenttier: Elizabeth'.P. Boppe, Mabel Bryan,' Erma D. Carlqr. Mar- .lha Castle, .Kate .Cavasos, Cecil Chew, liugy Clear', Jessie Cleveland, and Robert Coicgraove. .: Clarence Colcman. ' Marjjaret Coleman, Mary Cunningham, Otha Dcasoh. Juanita Denneyi Faye Dc- penbrihk, Waldo DcpendrinU, Jlil- licent Easily, Sarah Fandey,' Tcr- esina Fullerton, Ralph Garner, Ann Gould. Kathryn Grifith;. Alma ,B. Guinn, Nancy. Hall, Georsia Harder, Lois A. Haugen, 'Mabel Hawthorne, .June Heick, Philip Susie J-iowell. Daisy Huggins, Katy'c'Horton. ' Margaret Jobe, Merl Jolly, Dora Kimbrell, Bertha Lavin, Gladys Lawlcr, Glennis Leach, Anna Bell Lee, Eeatiice Letclier, Ruth Louthian, Bonnie McCnIlum, Marlon Clou.dcM.-oft Roping Club To Hold Its Ranch Hands Rodeo CLOUDCROFT, June 16 Ufl -The Cloudcorft roping club will stage its annual ranch hands rodeo here July 1-1. CbntestantK will vie for $100 prize money plus entrance fees In each event. Stock is to be furnished by Buster Prather. Completion ot a new highway from Alamogordo to this southern New Mexico mountain resort .is expected to swell attendance at the holidVy show. j VALLEY.LOAN FINANCE COMPANY 122 West Gi'iiits Ajre, -»4-as Cruces, N. M. -- Phone 818 ' · · LOANS - DISCOUNTS- REFINANCING i·· AUTOMOSflLES'VRiBAL ESTATE - COLLATERAL . . · A.^ir-^-We Buy All Types of Contracts . : -.'"' ' "0"It'i Eaiy. ,WtY Our Finance -Way" MacDonald, Ula Mae Magan, Alice Maycs, Vcrdis L. .Mayes, Salome .MelendrcH, Marie O'Donnell, Lois Olinger, Sam Osboi-n, Eugene Parker, J'o Perrin, Elizabeth May j Pricharil. Kathleen R. and MarJ' Lou Rath. Winnie Ritcli, Natalia Robertson, John Roulie. Andy Hutlcdgc, Marguerite Samaniego, James Sharp, Jean Skaftgs. James Southall. Virginia Spikes, Cay Stater., Tessa Stiers. Essie Stpy. Edith I Strickland,' Mary Swearcngcn, Robert Tliompson, Evelyn Thwalts. Edna Tracy. Mary Louise Tylci', JMith Waller, Era B. Wallace. Chester A. Way, Allenc Webb. Eugenia. .White, and Norman White. ".· . Sunlan Overnight Attempts Leave Serious Burns LAS CRUCES JvWtlPLE LISTING BUREAU FOR THVcONVENiENCE AND PROTECTION OF BUYERS AND SELLERS OF: REAL ESTATE. ( . : SELLERS! List wilh the Broker of your Choice --..he alone is responsible to you. He will ih»r« your listing with all pthar members and their salesmen. The combined effort of all fhe .mmb*rl insures cuick results when property is priced in. the'market. BUYERS S^ee the Broker you prefer to deal w : .th. He had all the listings of all the other APPRAISAL.SERVICE -- ASSISTANCE IN FINANCING. ' For b«*t rMulis whither you are buying or · selling, contaci a member of the MULTIPLE LISTING BUREAU BR'OKER MEMBERS) . Yancy. Clark 438 N. Main. Ph. 535 A. T. Co'x 304 N, M»m Ph 30-J. Fred H. Johnson 438 N. Main. Ph. 535 Seaborn P. Collins 108 N. Church. Pli. G16 Holmes Really Co. 109 W.Griggs. Ph. 1021 '; W. J. Little First Nail. Bank Bldg. Ph. 270 Quesenberry Realty Co. 101 N Church Ph. 52 Albert Socolofsky Norlh ! Highway 85. Ph.'1.403, Ross S. Williams * Masonic Temple BIdlg. Ph. 15 . ' , · Associate Members: B. W. Snody, wilh Holmes Really Co. ' ^ George P. Tarver, with'Seaborn P. Collins -" By BETTY CLAHKK ,U» N«wsfi i atiircs Braiily Editor Once-upon n time ·· there was a littlc-'girl who dRCidcd she'tl like to '£et hcr f 'suntan overnight. I'm siire yon know what happened to the little ilear. She wa.s'pracUcally burned to a crisp. Most of us .make the mistake of trying to devour the .sun in onft big gulp. But if should be thought of as a nice big fireball that -can only be chewed off in little bites. We wouldn't climb in ovens and brown ourselves under the broiler in order to keep warm. So why would we expect to lake all the heat the sun rays throw off in one day? It can bum Us way through buildings to keep us warm, so' Imagine what it cnn'do to delicate .skins.- i The only safe w:iy of suntaninff.j is to set a sun-routine for our- 1 selves. If you can be out in the sun-' shine each day, it will taken only j a week or two to get a nin; even ! tan. If you can't gel out each day, don't bo greedy and try 10 gel your suntan all at once on weekends. Fifteen minutes is fine for the first day, increasing the time up to a half hour or -15 minuter, the first week. That is. of course, if you use a suntsin lotion which-affords some protection fro your skin. Select your sun-tan lotion wise : ly. If you haven't had experience with it, don't depend on it to protect yoy In the sun for an entire day. There are many good lotions .on the market. One which hns\taecn accepted by the Committee on Cosmetics of the American Medical Association is said to filter out almost 90 per cent of Ihc burning rays, yet permitting 90 per cent of the tanning- rays to come through. It does not contain iodine which might slain clothing or blankets. But whether you get that one or another that you know to be good from experience or which is ier.- onimended to you by another, take vuur punt tinning in stride. A bad burn can leave the skin in hoirible condition for years. I Huge freckles will make, their ap- | pearancc on the back, face ant arms. H can keep you out of the sun for an entire season, and ruin your zest for sunshine for years to come.' After a session in 'the sun. rub your skin with witch hasel. This seems to help the tan grow tanner somehow, as well as making yoi feel- nice and cool. Slate Commission Seeks $20,000 To Hold Hearings r SANTA FE, June 16 iffi -- The State Corporation Commission will ask Governor Mcchem for $20,000 for a survey, of the tcluplionc hold- Ings amr earnings in New Mexico |arly next \w_eeli.; ji Commissioner" Dan'Seclillo said a Santa Fe'"accounting; firm told the commissioners* a "comprehensive engineering; "and 1 ., accounting survey would cost la. JitUc over ?20,000. . . - ' ' · . . ' · · The. commission, is planning to investigate the proposed rale in- (jreasea by the Mount nlh.' : -Stales Telephone and Telegraph find the Southwestern -Associated Telephone company.. * Sedillo said Governor Mochem 'has not .said how much money the 'con./nission cnii expfict f o r : the survey, but he · said he gathered 1 tlie governor "felt the money i would be well spent" in :i talk I yesterday. . ' . . Sedillo said he expects' q u i c k ) .ction on the money rerniest. Ho ifls asked several accounting inns to give estimates on the job. yieWhiter Studies State Handling .Of l Its Insurance : SANTA FE, Juno 36 -- UP* -- itate Purchuaing Agent G. T. itcWhirter Tuvors fflvinif "very crious.. study";; to, proposals that ho -staiu hanJle its own inKiironcc. He told a rcpoiler today lie has given some 1 thought to the pokHibil- ,ty that the state could savtj money f its insumnce were not Jmndled hvough regular ^'commercial njjcji- ' es - ' '· : .,-.,' "I hnveh't studied the nmttt'i- enough to fuel like'advocatinfj ntiy change, but I'd certainly favor giv- ng very seilous etiuly to the idea." McWhlrter Bald." He added he see;; j 'a definite poKsibiiity" o f ' finan-1 :ial savings under some such system. W. J. LITTLE REALTOR IIKAl. ROTATE * LOANS First NuUonul Bank Bids. I'll. - 270 nr 1.H0.1 TIME-PROVED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Chevrolet alone offers this complete Power Team! Aulomalic Tranimit «ion* Extra-Powerful 105-h.p. · Vajyt-in-Htad Engine EconoMittr Rtar Axle Here's' ilie aiilqmalic power learn that brings you finest no shift driving at lowest cost Nb^eliBch' ped il, no · gearshifting. A smooth, unbroken flow of power at all speeds Time proved dependability. Come ·in and try il! . . ..Remember, more people buy Chcyrolets' tian any other car! . - ' - . , .-'i *'* ' j.: L.'/:' ' /JiV moilrls at extra edit. BLOSSOM-TIME" 1 "^' "'" COTTON.""·*"""'·"···- -"'·· eyelet' enchantment by - · It's a Sanforized cotton Blip lavished, with; dainty eyelet embroidery t r i m . And you'll applaud t h e Artemis Figure Perfect cut because it fits divinely. White only; $2.98 and $3.98 Popular In the low-price field, Chevrolet built the flrsl automatic transmission . . . and Chevrolet builds tho finest . . . to give yoy smooth, dependable no-shift driving at lowest costl Take Your "DISCOVERY DRIVE" TURRENTINE CHEVROLET CO. INC. 101 N. Alimeda Phono 123 A N T H O N Y ' S F A M O U S W O O L M 1ST 100 WOOl E X T R A S I Z E D BLAN KIT Certificate of Guarantee ·'' ! Against 5 Years iMoth Damage : , Lau-'Awau Sale Price $1499 14 Sale . . · . . i . » A Deluxe blanker at a special money saving price! Guardritaed all new wool with moth proofing--guaranteed for five years.__\l:arge size 72x90 inch . . . extra wide 6 inch rayon satin binding. And/the 1951 colors ore gorgeous . . . salt mai:e; flame, chartreuse, hunter green, pole'blueand rose. Be sure to see this outstanding blanketbuyitornorrow! The ANCO CHIEF' 5 Ycor Math Proof Guarantee ' Anlhony's n own famous blanket, "Anco Chief." It's brand new, it's different . . . more warmth, more beouly, more wearability. A blond of fine fabrics,.25% wool, 5Q°,'o rayon, 25% cotton. 6 inch royon satin binding. Colors: flame, hunter green, cedar, rose. Size 72x8*1. 'The ANCO ELECTRIC 1 Year ' Unconditional Guarantee 29.75 After Sale Finger tip control (or ony desired temperature , . . now ' you con sleep under one lightweight blanket . . . and have exactly the right, healthful covering and warmth that keeps you cozy all night long. It's guaranteed washable, safe, and thrifty. BUY THE CCbNVeNIBNT W A Y - O N ANfHpNrS LAY-AWAY-SMAll DEPOSIT)

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