Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 24, 1969 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1969
Page 3
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LAFF-A-DAY NEW YORK (AP) - How normal are you? · This is a question many people are asking themselves today :n a world which seems to get wackier by the hour. They wonder whether it is hey who are getting daffy or merely the time in which they live that is out of killer. Too much worrying about the Boyle Sees It By HAL BOYLE problem can be dangerous as well as confusing. After all, a fellow might'go off his rocker brooding over whether he has already gone off his rocker. Fortunately, it is fairly easy through a little self-examination to tell if you still have all or most of your marbles. Just ask yourself the following questions: "''to Can you name threo vita ^ v -- ..tu.iw wu*w UMJI viufp) but. v* lak/uilf UlU VUUT Uilr" differences between your moth- ents have to feed the animal er-in-law and the Loch Ness Monster? Would you rather Inherit a fairly often because you neglected to? Most of the time when you go* fortune than earn one on your up and yield your seat on the TM? ' bus to a little old lady, doesn't it When you study your face In make you feel good inside, re- Ihe mirror i n ' t h e morning, do you feel it shows more character lines Uian wrinkles? Do you sometimes lose your lead when all about you seem to be keeping theirs screwed on nicely? In telling -- - a a funny story to your boss do you nervously muff smoking if you ever really made up your mind to do it? dog, cat or rabbit, did your par- gardless of the fact (hat you Intended to get off at (he next stop anyway? At the cocktail parties you go lo, do you sometimes have the conviction that the host bought cheap booze and put it in bottles of a more expensive brand? Do you tell friends you are :he punchline about half the holding off from buying a color "me? television set until the color gels Do you feel you could quit better, when as a matter of fact you are doing so in Ihe hope hat the price will get lower? ·" "-- "·" *»" " « unit me JJHI.G w i n gut JIMVUl . As a child when you had a pet If you see a pretty girl in r Friday, Oct. 24, 19G9' G R K E L E Y TKII'JUNE 1'age miniskirt Approaching, is it difficult for you later to remember ,, (vhether she had dimples or wore ' glasses? Is it your conviction.that you are underpaid, but that three- fourths of the other guys in your office are getting twice what .hey're worth considering Hie little work they do? Now and then wouldn't you like to make a pass at your neighbor's wife--if she were only a little prettier, and he was six inches shorter and 40 pounds ighter? At least five times every Monday don't you wish you had the ready cash to flee home and job and get away from it all? Those are the questions. Now o your box score. If you answered "no" lo more than five (jiirries, you are a . manie incnacu nr a chronic liar. But if you gave a resounding. "yes" to all Ihc queries, you arc lo be congratulated: You are normally neurotic, with just enough touches of livcsaving paranoia to make you able lo adjust healthily to the demands of a balmy world. If you were any more normal, you would he abnormal. ' May Offer Flying GATTON, Australia-Queensland's agricultural college here :iopes to be the first in Ihe country to offer flying training as part of its technical cduca- .,, f5 tint F*Mu(t« Vnfe»'t. Inc.. 1969. U'orld 1, . "Good evening, .sir!" Sonny's Death Casts Doubt On Man's Survival in Space By STUART AUERBACH The Washington Post WASHINGTON - The death of a monkey has cast doubt on man's ability lo survive weightlessness during long space missions, the chief scientist for NASA's Biosatellite 3 said Wednesday. Dr. W. Ross Adey said astronauts have suffered mild forms of the same illness that killed Bonny, a misnamed male pigtailed monkey after just S-'/z days of a planned 30-day space flight last July. He urged NASA to postpone plans to fly-men ir, space for months at a time by the mid- 1970s until it conducts more weightlessness experiments with animals -- perhaps on some of the manned flights to the moon. Furthermore, Adey reveale that the President's Science Ad visory Committee reacted to the death of Bonny by making the same recommendation in soon-to-be-released report. "It's not realistic to go ahead with plans for a major space system without information on man's ability lo perform at a high'level on a continuing basis in .space,", said · Adey.,. ..a^pro. fessor of anatomy and physio! ogy at the University, of California at Los Angeles. Echoing the view of lunar sci- Eiilists who are leaving Ihe space program, Adey charged tiiat the engineers who dominate NASA are not concernec with scientific data -- in his case bio-medical information that he said is not presently available. Without this information, Adey said, "It is not. wise" to go ahead with orbiting space stations. There are no plans for future Biosatellite flights. Dr. John Naugle, NASA's associate administrator for space science, said "severe constrains" on the budget made space agencies officials wait for Biosatellite 3's results before planning future missions. Although (lie mission produced a vast amount of data, Bonny's illness forced NASA to bring the spaceship down 8Vi days Into the 30-day mission. Bonny died 12 hours after the Pacific Ocean landing. Bonny, in "very good health" at launch, died from a series of changes in his body function that ultimately stemmed from prolonged weightlessness, Adey said. The final cause of death was vetricular fibrillation -- the wild, uncontrolled fluttering of his heart. The first signs appeared in the early days of the flight, when scientists on the ground noted with telemetry, data unusual side-to-side "pendular" eye movements that ended abruptly wilh a jerk and Bonny tried to stop the uncomfortable reaction. This, Adey said, was due to the effects of weightlessness on the monkey's inner ear, which controls balance. He said this may have caused She "space sickness" that made Rusty Schweickart feel nauseated during Apollo 9 and the 'gastrointestinal upset" caused Frank Borman lo vomit :wice during Apollo 8. During Boriny's flight, scientists noted · that .the monkey vas losing more fluid than normal -- both through urine and sweat. This, Adey said, is related to shifts in blood volume and distribution and eventually to the heart's ability to pump blood. In what Adey called "the most significant finding," the pressure in the veins that return blood to Bonny's heart increased greatly soon after launch and stayed high. All this, he said, "reduced the capacity of the body to respond to stress" which in Bonny's case ' included weightlessness, restraint in the capsule, isolation and dehydration. He noted that astronauts have shown some of the same symptoms -- especially complaints of excessive sweating during space walks. Bonny lost 2.2 pounds in space -- 20 per cent of his weight. As- ronauts p usually lose 3, to 8 per cent of their weight during a mission, most. in the early days. Sonny's calcium loss -- a fac- or .noted in men in space'-- was also greater than · expected. Tree Plan A Success KNOXVILLE, Tcnn.-A seven-year program of planting or seeding of forests in seven Southern stales has more than louhled the annual average. Juring the program the annual iverage was 55,000 acres against 11,000 acres previously. COLD BEER TO GO 7 DAYS A WEEK MCDONALD'S Superette I I I I . 1001 E. 18th St. , in Bloom Too are invited to visit our hardy Chrysanthemum field, and our display yards for your enjoyment, or to make selections of varieties suited for your garden. We have thousands rf "Mums" in potted plants that may be planted mr in f uB bloom. Shade «xJ fnrit trees, evergreens, ornamental ·hrabs and vines, perennials and roses all established m containers for fall planting. Make year selection «f Dutch butfae £roa oar fine ··ode rf targe imports* bolfoi CHECK OUR WEEKLY RED TAG SPECIALS KROH MISERY Open Seven nays a Week--8 .i.m.-:i:,'!0 p.m. , One Mile North of Lovcland. Colorado--Highway 2P7 "WHERE OUR Cl^STOMERS SEND THEIR FRIENDS" 200 APPLIANCES MUST BE SOLD THIS WEEKEND! WE WILL TRADE FOR ANYTHING! Frigidaire BJG 20 Side-by-Side Giant! 7.05 cu. ft. Freezer! » Special Feature! Add an Automatic Ice Maker now or tater! Replaces the .present ice service in.thk refrigerator. · Easy moving! 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