Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 22, 1957 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1957
Page 14
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Reports from Oil Drilling New Weld County wildcat has been located north of Stein-ham by Anderson Prichard Oil company. The new lest is Michel No. 1 in NENE 35-10-56. It is four miles northwest of Ihr Cotton Valley oil lieW L. J. Williamson Inc. has run 5!i Chosen To Attend National Heeling BOULDKP ·» - Wohlauer represent Colorado at the annual Buys National Convention Monday In Wishinjton, D. C. The pair was chosen by fellow delegates to the ninth annual Col- · orado Boys Slate, which ended I ... _. -- a fclfc tiulllaucl Ulduu 1UVS ^ule, wllllll £HQtU I or Brush, and Danny Martin o f ' n e r e Friday at the University of Denver, were chosen Friday to!Colorado. i j Also honored was Barkiey Clark Gas surfaced ia M minutes. Kloiv of Denver, who was chosen by ihe pressure was zero lo 160 pounds i 330 delesales lo be the gufst Bunger States Water Plentiful Blue River ablo for the proposed project Hunger vas being questioned about filinss of v.'jtcr claims ,15 listed by the state cn^neer's office when the hearing was re ccssi'd about 3:30 p.m. Friday by Donald A. Carpenter u n t i l a.m. Tuesdav. jlowry · *» · f and 20 minutes shut in pressure I" 16 ^' av ' or d two-days expense 1200 pounds. 'paid visit of Great Lakes N a v a l NO. 1 Boiu-licr is K:ni!;a!) C-jun. 'Trainee Station ly in NWNW 20-13-57 was conlinu- "-=-" - : ing tests after the well swabbed iCoa! Mine Blasl Inch casing to total depth of 6700 feet in No. 1-G Government in NENE 12-11-57, Weld Coucty. The firm ran a second drill slem lesl in the well which was slightly less favorable than Ihe frsl attempt In the interval of 6529-6602, with tool open one hour, recovery was 80 feet of free oil, 60 feel o! oil cut mud and 280 feet of water. - - n n THE CAMFIELD HOTEL CRYSTAL DINING ROOM (alr-condllloned) Saturday and Sundays SPECIALS Spring Fried Chicken (Tenderized) Cocktail or Soup, Salnd Potato and Vegetable Choice Dessert and Beverage SUNDAYS'" COMPLETE SEAFOOD SUNDAY DINNERS SPECIAL $1.25 Safari Chakula (Feast) at Amani Mgeni Uwanda (Harmony Guest Ranch) 33 barrels of clean oil in two hours. Pay is from perforations in the J sand 7MO-7150 natural wiUi swab lc-M-1 3100 feel off bottom Operators arc Lewis Brothers Inc Carver-Dodge and Slucrco. Colorado's dctpest ml test is in Hio Blanco county in PDWD)| Park northwest of Meeker, in NWNE 27-1-95. It is Phillips Petroleum and Trident's No. 1 JIannel and i'J preparing lo core ahead from 16,688. Last (op recorded was Shinarump at 15,930. Elevation is 6053, derrick floor. FIRST METHODIST C H U R C H Tenth Ave. at Tenth St. Worship Services S:.10.10:45 a.m. REV. H E N R Y L. W E I S S , Minister Selected Topic 9:30 a.m.-- Church School Mln atcra Henry L. Weiss John Jorden Geurge Oerke Christian Science Church Services Eighth Ave. at 14th St. Sunday School-- 9:30 a.m. Service -- 11:00 «.m. Subject-- J u n e 23 "It The U n i v e r s e I n c l u d i n g Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?" -Wednesday Evening Testimonial Meetings 8:00 p.m. Thla church IR R branch of The Mother C h u r c h , The First Cuurch of C h r i s t , Scientist, In Boston. Mass. .. "How Christian Science Heals" Radio TV KFKA C h a n n e l 9 . Sundays Sundays '8:45 a.m. 1:15 p.m. Availability of water for the pro^ -- .r n-: ed BUtp^«\ii|\ Phito ir^n 1 :During the eight-day Boys Siatc,, mountain water diversion project Wohlauer was elected governor, | was the subject of leslimuny at defeating Martin, his opponent. a hearing in diiiricl court ben 1 Commencement speaker was | Friday afiermmn. Louis Benezet, president of Colo- Mills E. liimscr, furnier re rado College at Colorado Springs, ·"--' - - · ' - · · · . . · . - - . . · - . . . ... who cautioned the youths of their great responsibility to the future of the country. "We aren't sure that Firemen Ti Saturday,.June 22.J.937 GUEELEY THim'NE -Prise 7 jrado Siale Kirenicn's Assr. meet- teams lrn:n l.r.-.lci....|i rr! '"·- tlfte - 'Mursaii. More lhan l.M firemen ' A trophy donated by iho Colo?l! 'l 'i'yif ia:2:iii^ frim 150 IVo- ; : .ori'3 fir*. 1 til-pimiiieni plated 5L-J- 'rfo,. rin^l r i n i 1 i~-i ":...i, r - ' r , , , . The Safari Chakula 3 miles west of Eatei Park will give-you a wondertut new experience in dining out, for Harmony Ranch hi* became famous because of the fabulous food. SATURDAY, JUNE 22 6:00 p.m. and each Saturday (hereafter. · Following Harmony's extraordinary Safari Chakula THE INCOMPARABLE MIMI holdi court In the beautiful ARKTISK KULING SLENTRE (Arctic Gale Lounge) Where the King of fun relgni until 2:00 A.M. * Come this Saturday night. Enjoy th^ fun and lee one of the FINEST COLLECTIONS OF BIG GAME TROPHIES Gathered from many part* ef the world. * It's SAFARI CHAKULA at AMANI MGENI UWANDA (Pent time it Harmor.y Cuett Ranch) ESTES PARK Siunal projoi-t plauniin; of the rcclaniulioii bureau, irsti; ficd ihcro was an w.-v | ter runoff above the proposed proj- y o u ' r e j e c l 01915,165 acrc-fi'i'l. prepared to lead America," Be-1 He said 570,(KXI acre-fret of this 'We arc concerned | was available for diversion by the SAITOItp. Japan m - Kyodo -News Sfrvice said a aas .'xploiion in a coal mine at A k a b i r a , SO miles norlheast of here, entombed !! m i n e r s Friday LOVELANU * - The fire d e - l partiiical of I.owrv Air Furce Ba-e -i i r , ' *..^... ,,....,..; ..... , ' .. . · " 10 Iireinen's itch a n n u a l con- on stale ucc:i,ii.-n i, i--.V! "u'! won top honors I rulay m i h n i v e n u o i i endi Siilunl.iv viih a PJ- l{-,iiluMnii- " It u- I ·,, M U i year's contests held by il K . C 0 |g. rii ,| ( . all ,| W U , I T f [ \ . M ,,,,,,!,.-,,, (u ' L . Us [.^"V:.;,.." .-'i l-i'm";'' ' II.AST DAY: -JOHNNY TIIKMAIN- nezet said. about today's He stressed _ . facinj a ''fast changios world 1 'ling by M. 0. Shivers Jr.,' and recommended that they begin | wood city attorney, a outh." that they project, be j Bunger admitted, under question j to learn about themselves during I the nexl year--their senior year j in high school--rather than lose themselves in a "frenzy of activity." Alternates chosen for Wohlauer | L ,,,_ ,,,,,-,,,, ,,,.,_ and Martin were tanning J o h n - [ d e p e n d e n t study made by h i m s e l f 1 son of Wiggins, anil Dave Brenc-, and his broiher, Howard ]'. Dun- on the project by ilu lion bureau had .slated iinly 512.-; 500 acre-feet of water was avail-; able for the project a n n u a l l y . However, he said Ins figures on i the run-off were man of Aurora. JHow Colorado Solons i Voted on Hells Canyon WASHINGTON OB - The roll- call vole by which the Senate Friday passed and sent lo the House the bill authorizing a high federal dam at Hells Canyon, showed senators from Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska voted as follows: For passage: Carroll (D-Colo): Mansfield (D-Montana): Murray (D-Mont), and O'Mahoncy (D- Wyp). Against passage: Allolt ( R - . Colo); Barrett (R-Wyo); Curtis' (R-Neb), and Hruska (R-Neb). . Bungcr said the study showed an annual runoff above tlu 1 proposed ( project of 415,930 acre-feel in Ilic' Clue river b.-iiiii, 130, 910 ai-rc-fei't in the Ragle river h a s i n , 121, Ms' acre-feet in the 1'raser river basin, ( h i l : i r e r i .'IV'':'? He calledIJp-;. ·-'·.: ;{ himself ;|pt .%·. -':-\ 'the Preacher':|p V .'! ...and he ''£'.-. ' · · , · ' ' - / wrote h i s ·!// ; . ; · . sermon ff : "|^:,:;.;· 7 ; . -. . - - , i inleadlii'Iv-'i . - ' _ v :.i- FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 16th Street and 21st Avenue 9:45 a.m. Worship In Farr Chapel 11:00 a.m. Worship in Smic- 1 tiiary "Tho Sign bt the Christian" Rev. Elizabeth McGiiHte, Guest Preacher Rev. Fred W. Hyslop, Minister Immanuel Lutheran Church 14th Avenue and Lakeside Drive Rev. G. M. Chrlstensen, Pastor Schedule of Summer Services 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship 10:00 a.m. Church School Welcome Summer Students First Covenant Church 10th Avenue at 8th St. Schedule of Summer Services 9:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship 7:30 p.m. Gospel Hour Guest Speaker Sunday, June 23 Mr. Clarence Pamp i 6^0^(PO^O^I5 = x(i=^Q=x6 T ^Cb^ff=rt^C=«0^0^0 = C^ OurSavior's Lutheran Church S. Wegenosr, Pastor 21it Street and 8th Avenue, Greeley CHILDREN'S DAY SERVICE ONLY, 9:45 a.m. at the Parish Hall. (No 8:30 or I I a.m. service this Sunday) ANNUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL-PARISH PICNIC Eaton Park, noon / /* /· / ^ ·6i C^vanaeticaL ^rree 15th Street and 13th Avenue LaReiu N. ThorwaM, Pastor A Special Welcome To SLudcnti and · *· Summer Visiton. You are cordially invited to hear Rev. Gerry Dean of Bergen Park, Colo., this Sunday. Morning Worship : Evening Service Sunday Bible School Nursery provided wilh competent care. CHRIST . . . CROSS . . . COMMUNITY CENTERED PASTOR KENNETH WOLD invites you to the great BiBLE DELIVERANCE REVIVAL with EVANGELIST EUGENE SMITH Good Gospel Music Powerful Preaching Prayer for the sick at each service 7:30 Nightly Except Saturday THE FOURSQUARE CHURCH 402 l l t h Ave. Greeley, Colo. Last Times Tonight "DAY OF FURY" with Dale Robertson and Mara Corday COUNT THREE AND PRAY with Van HcNin and Joan Woodward Also n Color Cartoon STARTS TOMORROW Sunday, June 23, 1957 "THE GREAT MAN" wllh oze Ferrer and Dean Jeager "PUSHOVER" with Fred MacMurray and Kim Novak amounts in smaller streams. investigation of recent water dc might effect the water supply avail- SOLID GOLD CADILLAC Judy Holliday, Paul DouglaE - PLUS SUICIDE MISSION ,, With Leif Larson GREELEY ROSEDALE i , ·'·: . .. . .-. .TONIGHT Here^Are The Two Shows You Have Been Walling For! LOVE ME TENDER Starring Elvis Presley - PLUS HOT CARS Starring John Bromfleld and Jo Lansing EA.-..J v ; MIDNIGHT SHOW TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE . . . . . IN PERSON VIRG ALLEN In His Rock 'n 1 Roll Scene -- First Intermission Gates Open 6:45, Show at 8 JAMES CRAIG : ANGIE DICKINSON Starts Next WED.! DAY! Love M'as Never More Fun! Aiidie Murphy in JOE BUTTERFLY SPECIAL MIMIMJ SHOW DRIVE IN Regular Engagement Starts Tomorrow,' Doors Open l:la 60c (o 2 p.m DANCE Moose Lodge 909 June 22nd - 8:30 |i.m.-1:30 a.m. MRS. BOLENBAUGH'S Piece Orchestra 75c per person MEMBERS and GUESTS ·· ··· ·.!·,**·'·$.*%· .'-.'· ·'!'·· ,"-·¥.« '·'-£"··* .'i''5 : '",---^,'f£/t'-;' '- ·· " JOAN COLLINS JAYNE MANSFIELD · DAN DAILEY RICK JASON _TM Betty Lou Keim · Dolores Michaels · Larry Keating AduKs Sflc Kids loc Sa!.: A d u l f s 3iic lo 3 p.m. PLUS Honeymoon Paradise Color Cartoon and . Latest World News! "Purple Plain" THE NATION'S LATEST IN MODERN THEATRES

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