Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 14, 1961 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1961
Page 21
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' '· * R«l Flint* At ·r«iii^ s r .,k » U'lMH To Rent 1 LMt ·1^ FWWHT 1 OWNER of sorrel BUM »t E«ani laV* call EL 3-IOM; LOST-- BUel: l**0.*r c*rd JsoMw cnn- Uininc- He*n»* *nd other important cirdi. Reward. £1. MOJO. LOST -- 0« eanr, dark trown, b«tn-wr. 14^9 Hth St.. e*st to Sth Ave., north U 10th St. Reward. R«PP Inc. £L P^rMMrt' 3 GUARANTEED witcb and clock r»- FOR (Jrinlrfnr problwu coitaet Al- eokwU« An*nT»wi. 2601 7th A»« P. 0. 120». KL S.CM1. /L t-14U Tr«ii» ·*·.!·« 1 KI.LI Rent A Car. 921 N. Jltk AT*. CAR r«aUk, .Utlj. wMkly. nenthlr. Gr«J«y LcaainB Cowp»«y. 1L 1-0174. IliW Sth Ava. ' A""****"*"* 1 KINKING of bfrreJ-7 Tki.V ml Alkire*a SportlftE Good*. EL 1-M SELfr-SERVICE dry c Wa dlfi r, J2 ·*» ptr. lead. Claule Cleaning C*nt*r 2«« Sth A«*nu«. EL 3-3S7i. SELL 915 worth at Waftins . Kamw Vani.ta and wiak* ISO for your o fanintkti. For Information, call £ 1-4424. . " ibovrinr in Ike efficM nf Jack £11 worth Co., Oil mo nd BroVeri, V Pint National. Bank B u U d i i K . 1 Ct. SoliUira, SG9.0 u p : ^ Ct. So Lsir«, 1-^2,00 up; 3/4 Ct Xalhaire* IllT.iB up; ] CL Solit«irH, IHZ, up. ThM Brie. inc!uM 14K whit. yellow Eold motrnfinc. AiV for diamond . conip«rMo ibowlnf. C* PrWntfM.1 S«rvk» GUNSMITH In townT YN *ir 1 At Busmen S«rvk« r.REELEY CurUla Cl*an«». No JR marki. 704 Ith ATI. Ph. EL 1-Hifi OA8TNET ibop. Krw work *M r«p» r Grwlt? Lumber Co., 1461 loth £L PORTABLE wtldir.r, rl«-tric and tcctrl«n«. RMtonatte r»tt«. Brawn in GarAft* £L 4-*.*! 1 . * Alklrt'a SpertiRS Good*. C«mf!«Jc Hotel RUff. EL 2-95«l. FOR TR08E aoft bacteria free diap n, call Gre«I7 Diaper Service Wi! wtih' ronn or rent , rcu eara. El 2-3 1 «. is!i p«npiration odor. Fealhrr p)lk* cleaned, /luffed, deodoriied and p »e «r». 222 10th St. EL J-3*H. H R A K E Rellne Spftctal -- Moit ur $15.95 labor ineliid*a- 1 24-h«iir Serviee BraVe and HphL Iiupeetion aUtlen We plekcp and d#HTtr, Diek p « T«z aeo, 1744 lit Afe. EL 2-«7»7. H*1f W.Mt*d VARIETY store clerV wanted. App at 123 ft Li Street. WANTED-- P u t r y eooV. Stexdy. WHOLESALE route ·* Tarn MI fo CreeJer are*. Apply in ptnnn We. rr Thuri., 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., Cut nation FrfaTi M i l k , *«t ilde o[ Or«* ley Jee an H Cold Storiite R u i M i n ; Wanted Couple To Manage Local Store Must b« sincere, honest, furnish references. Apply at 723 9th St. Need Extra Money For Christmas Colorado Company needs t* larli«i to work out of Iht hom* assisting our public rel Uftnn dept. Pleasant telephnn -. olre required. Above a 1 er*s W. B. J-.nrl. 320 Majeslk Bld| AITRESS, rlfMi, : /ull time. Wbltt Hor»e Bar. ANTED-- Younr woman for piMtli:r 4H4 foldinx. Arp'y at 623 10th St. al offlftf woHc, permanent. For .n- (ervhw writ. Box V-12. c/o Tribune. iSKWASUEU and eooVa Kelp«.-, MlphL iltt. Apply In p*r»on. Hurry't, Dtlv- a So. Sth Av*. W A N T E D - -' S«cret«rr, 1-4:15 p.m. diily except Sat. and Sun. Some ibortband required. Ph. EL 2-15?4 OUNTA1N hit n and rashltr, nluhl formi f u r u . Apply In penoa. Harry 1 * Dr vln. So. £t)i Ave. - ond ierrtMter. Enroll I n ' an aclhe mftncy^ Western States. Teacher'* Kxchanire, Box 204, Boulder, .Colo. 'AXTED--Hrxiiewife or mcther for well p*ld p*t\, If me work. Hour* »t- r«ngert .for y o u r convenience. Write XFEP.IENCEn niiciit fry cook, top wajn. iDod^woikinr conditions, prefer w o m a n iee 2o to 45. Art IT tn EMALE help-- A lady needed for V-irl- houn p.m. Tn *n»wer, telephone. Apply 2145 10th St., KedirinK Motel. Apt. 11. rV ANTED -- Two men or ·women fci rural route, work. Earn $2 to IS per hour. Chocsi jour o«-n houri. For appointment ealt EL 3-i42,. or ilo.t KAUTY CountcJori offer, n reveallm No rinvauinir. Call KI. 5-J7SJ. or El, 2-6M6 before 10 a.m. *nd ifter WANTED-- Harried man between ace* 24 and 3L for b*v«rai;« rout* itl*J- inin trainee. Permanent job with excellent KdviaceincnU. WriLr Box V-l. c/o Tribune, . 'OUNK man Tef,uit*4 tmm^di»tf!y «? route nnle'sman to' work in th« general are*. Sales experience would It hcTpful. Secure position v.;ith excel enl f u t u r * for willinc ·worker. For p«no»al in'lervlew , conUct Mr. Moore at the .Hedprir.* Motel on Wed l p from 1 till 9 p.m. k**p*c-aeere.lar-. Good ial«ry and working cord it ion i, Shorlhind am typins ne^essiry. ran train booV- keepir«r. Alt applicationi *!11 be heli person. Hibbs ClotMng, SU.S1G «lh Str«*t. WAITRESS WANTED Sight S h i f t ' Top Wages Exp*rteiiced. Apply Jn person. CAPER CLUB WANTED Experienced Painters for winter months ahead Call after 5:00 1114 ISth St. ELgin 3-131B Wanted MANAGER FOR APT. HOUSE -- In Gntltf Must bk qunlitied to deal wil public and acc«pt re^ponstbi: ty, btwe«n JG-45 yri. Prefer n children. £xctllent opportunil for right parties. Cull after p.m.. (Littleton) PY 4-4600. SECRETARY SCHOOL OFFICE Accurate, .fant tyuist reriuire shorthand preferred. Five da forty hour week, twelve month Vacation, aick leave, retlr menl,. salary Advancement,: i Burnnce, etc. Beginning salar np to $237. fid ner mnnth. der»n Ing on experience and aallit Must apply Colorado SUte En ployment Office, J001 Sth S for testing. STENOGRAPHERS URGEN LV .VfcEDED. Must take ill tilion. GRBEI.EY E M P L O Y M E N T SERVICE Mrs. Gwen Craven. Mfcr. 322 Greeley Bldjc. EL 5-01 · Alen and Women Needtd TO TRAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE JOBS Age IS- to 55. No experien necessary, grammar school ed cation usually sufficient. Per anent job, no layoffs. «ho houra. High nay. advanceme r Send name, home kddr» . phon* number and tims hom · Write Box O-34, c/o Trlbu · If rural, give dlrectfoo. iii«.ii Offtrfntfat WANTED-- Dealer lor Ttki««d Hrbri corn In Grttler arta. Write Dt!« F Welmtth. Wtllll«t, Mebrnkl. WANT · auecMifnl bi;sinrn o[ ywi own? A .mall InvntmtDl wil] w 70U np aa a Mac Tonla Dillributo for thb ara«. E. A ill. loi 411. »·» itr. tfolo. · KhHrt^, W«HW 1 LATH1KG, p!ari«ri»ir. patftilnr. »lu«e Rtauntblr. EL t-OHt, F. 119. WINDOW was.lnt-. Home) and L u WANTED-- Iron ini. WANTED-- Iroaiat. KI, M5K. WANTEI)-- Baby aittlrtH in w? RMK Call KL 3-31JO. · inler mnrtth'. Ph. F.T, Z-Vtlf. ,, THOMISON Floor Sandinr. i'h. E ft.0305. I . I K ita ^t., TrnMlFy. Col EL 1-J3SS. e rlall El. 1-il\l . PAINTING. 4noratl»t. Uaca. " F.I. 2.S21I. ' repair work. F.I, 2-6119. ' wil.l. lU hahT .iltlnr la m j bom ^rtising SIN^., WMM 10 BY *IUtn* in ia Home, day or n f h i 1714 Sin St KL 1.2MB. PTIC U n k i tad ewipooU eJcaned KniOnablc raua Call Bi, t-1740 AINTElt H e a u t l f u l work. No job too atnalJ or bis. Call U A R'a. tL 2-U43 ONOMY Painiini Srfvi«,'K r « «U- mRtd.'lMiMdUt* i«rv[c*. EL 3-3:70, AINTTKCi and decorating. GUtxrl .inipru. tL Z-W7B. aft*. C p.m A H T K U New b u l t d i o , OJ rtmiKltl- nx. IOWH oi country Call tS4-EEtHJ ANTKU--A11 trp«ft ol icwknz. «ew an1 Bllern»tioai AT 4-569S A U Y .aittinK in your home. Mlddl^ · Eed'v,-omin. K*pcrienced. 1214 llth R K N O H t K U ^ f o i wai«t lint*. **pt.c H a r d w a r e . A.T 4-7632 AtNTlNG. r«id«nUjl mtinltni^ct a ip«claj|y Kirtl class work and material. L. S- VcUanlel Ph £1, 2-D25Q /JERAT1ONS-- Ladii-j men i rJs'.h- ini Urare'a AUfratfor Shop 812'^ Mb RL F.L 3-3973 clan work, low pric** Frr* Mil- m»lea. Ph El, S-ISS KSS POOLS. KrtBx- tr*ci, puraprd. Km Inipectioii. Pb EL MICS. . Rn U A K A N T t F . i l p.mtinr *nd pi^i Don Moore. F.I. 2-i)3t wajri. pillM. (loon a n d block work A and II Cfm«n1 Co RL T.I5? ILL cart Cor children KEO 2 L ,2 a n d up. In my lictnsed home. CoTiiUal crenrn. RL S-47J4 A I N T I N G . . - x i f n m . , inltrior K«a. tnntht* ir.d court«ou» icrvicc Eaton 18. G K Kyrkk F.I M095. W J. nebhardl. -TERNOON cmployicenl. E x p r r l e n r e pen*ral office, tjplna, IJiiht nlK»rl- h a n d . Txical rtftrenet. All inqulr** inin-er*H and confidential. W r i t e Ilo* V-15, c/o Tribune. Curtam Work 11 ITSTOM ptowlnz, C.try J*ff«r». Call Windsor 96H8 collect. ILL WORK And iirf-huni door*. H ?-,!- ler Cabinet SHcp, 7 Ave. at 26 St. OHM i loll chopplnc wilh Iiuniklt. Will i!k italVi. 2E1-6I9A. 1CKER. khtllcr »trvicc. Also cujn ahelirnjr. Wilbur! Robtr.eU. EL 2-E25: ORN rombin.nir * - ith John Jlrere row G5. 2M-E45. USTOM corn pick^K, plowing Oliver Oiler, Glltreit S16U USTOM corn drying. lRoy Rayburn. Ph, EL 2-7ESS. r' A NT ED -- Doier work. Corral or · nythinz. Don* rtaJoniblr 28J-T902. USTOM corn eomblnlnx. Harold furrow. KL ?-2776. ORN combining or picking. Elevator furnith«i. $10 ptr «er«. LuLhir. EL 2-S-J Bl- A Y and alraw i aline with new In- ler/iitiontl baler. Paul Bus eh. Eaton issm. wide, b ft. d*«p Vi» S' anjwherr fait mobilfl unit Our price* i r e conap«tUiTi. AUo real nv,ne on plaitie pip*. Centm] Trtr.chtas S*rvi«. "Ph. EL 3-4»4. llth ' AT*. at- *ti Street. Traik Hauling ' 12 R U B B I S H rtmored. Pa. CL t-IICS ASM and traak baujlnt. Gto. Kurjph-. EL Z"dlZ4, * rrcflrdxl number OKSSPOOLS. i«ft!c unki. greau traps pump«d Whittalcvt EL 2-9057 · or EL V1363 Warn* Abbot I ASH and Inib ' oalina rr«d OlUa PH. R). 2-13EI ·niLim.. John Kline. EL 2-1673 M*vm| **it Storage 1 3 M O V I N G and ttotaii prob!*m«7 Call Laffej-t* ar»nni and SU-rixi. EL 7-6516 FOR local or ton* diilancc raovini. ice Truck RcnlaTi, Inc. and IITC. El- 2-1*54 01. 26th Str««t W-Kt*4 t* Rtiit M WANTED-- Goo-l irrigate*! farm w i t h Grade A d*iry. Hive references. AT 1-79SS. For ^«fit -- Houut 15 FOR RENT-- Three belroom hcuie. ISi 3127 South lllh Are. EL 2-3012. FOR RENT-- 2 bedroom house, rlo« n I5 month. T.L 2-85BS. TWO bedrn. homf In Evmns, i m m f . i - FOR RENT 3 bedroom 1vou». ckie in FOR RENT-- .Nice ^ bedVoom hoir.e fl05 per mojith, EL 3-2404. FOR RENT-- Thre* bedroom u n f u r n haute. Ckci* la coU*s*. El/ J-MS2. THREE b«dnK)m boui* for rent. Av»ll . able immediately. EL 2-2377. FOR RENT-- House at Ault. 3 room and bath. 2£4-?S£*. TWO bHroam unfurnished duplex fo rent. tOl* Sth St. TWO b*d room d uplcz lor r*n U C »l ONE.brfroom duplex. New, furalihea AdiilU (SO. EL 3-1U9. EL 2-2I04 FOR- RKNT-- 4 room furnished HNHC f.ta h u t furnished, baby welcome Scntta Trailer Sales «rd Court. 2-S652. or EL 2-712?. TWO bedrm. unfurniihed Hill, r] ho'j*. Availabl* DK, 1. (110 month Ph. EL 2-6310. THREE bedroom new J-.ouje. Dui t- THREE bedroom brirk ho-jif for ren Newly cteeorated, attiched g*T*ft. 2 EU.clt Court. KL 2-3US. FOR RENT-- Small near eolltgf unfurnished,- fSO. Lnq-jire it flit St Ave,, week dayi S to C. THREE room modern tcuie. Spar, i community. I n n u i r * at 1001 13l Av*. FOR RENT-- Kke 1 Twiroom hoi i with hue. 151 per month. H2 8t Street. Ph. El, S-42.H. hlinriK. will to v.ill ciTpeL Pb. E 2-52 »«. 4 FOR RENT-- Home, 1 btdrwra briek EL 3-2678J or N O r m i n d y 1-I51S l/jvelaneT. r ONE b*droom hoajf. 1 blk. from co t l*rt. 165 p«r mo. EL 3-11*3. Joyne j Renlty. " F'OR RliNT-- One or two b*droO» nw bile kom*i, elcclricity. T-attr. ipic ) carnperi. Kuisen. EL 2-7 !S8, - UNFURNISHED, motfem three rtxi Ivoun, f I»M*^ poreh i n H part IVIM men). 1 North and 3/4 E. of Greelej F.L 2-10S1. . FOR RENT-- AvuiLiUf Nov. ». fm room houir. A d u l u only. A*ai it with f u h drive In baiem*i.t. for iln FOR R K N T -- 2 bedroom houi*, U2 23rd Av*. Welt of Heath Junto r. Hiirh. 160 per mo«(h u n f u r n b h e PXon« EL 2-fi747. ovtn. r*nff, (riipoxil. rOU at cab T nela. Wall to wall eirpttUi, drape. ,, Aduiti. no p*'" 1110 montK E 1-35S. THREE tcdroorn duplejr. variie. blocks «eit f t Courl Houfi*. 165 r month. Kf. pt'J cr pmall chllJrc Renl«r tnwt ear« tot !*»» and iH «-*]'M. EL .t-1169, EL 2-24CI. FOR RKNT-- 5 room, 2 bedroom IWKJ waaher Full bti*iT' | nt t extra rowfl eariffe lOt lllh Ave. ( M S . * monthly. Cull Dave M a n r a n . WVi For R*«)t -- HIMIMI 15 OMPLETLLV t u r n . 1 and 'i t'edroom 1MEDIATR rH.5.-r-.^ln ni $ bedroom brirk home, 14 baihj, Crural.?. Jaea. Mm-imth irhoo dlttrict. t i l l )or nxin.h. Call o u n r r In Demrr. Sh'r- 1 n* 7-OR47. Built In n v r n anil rar.sjr. draprj nnd fArp«l. 92* 36th Avp, $100 ]H-r month. Stay une year nr.d eft the 12th n.onlk rent free. EL 3-*35J, ^ Fw R«nt-- R**mi ; 16 IOK. litre room, cto*t in. Xeaturiahk. 810 12lh -Street. ,' · LEAN, (kllrablt rootu for working min. KOSaBtK Av*. EL ?-667i AllTltV Hnlel - Wreklj a n d racnlh- ly -rat*i tn w o r k i n g oecplt TV It;E. clear bcttroum n-lth .irivvte bato. ttxsonable by week Motel Hnn.-*r -i $ l|r-= A'vtnu* ' . - . T K H L I N R .MoleF.- Koor.ii \*M\ or with- ai- luw «» ^7.EO per v.fck with bath. M»id icrvlce. phone. eiOlerr*. tark. nr lut. All ronvr-nieace* 0 CnLI,F.OF,-hiiy trf teacher ----Im-Ec ·unny Raulh room, clow n it i i rr, halh »n,l vrlvate cnlranrc. DTeiVlasl 1'Hv. llcircs. RcnsunaMn icnt. Apply At 1*20 I21h Ave. COM3-- Winter rxUa-- Mculi. Iloomi from S20 nm. Itoom and ^ nieili rl.ily from 120 wk. or JbO inn. Lunches packed. A11 conv.. levntor. TV utid radios in room*, car lot. See Mr. W At* on or Mr. \ValHrw. OmfMd p»^ thiin your own hrir.e nr dpi. . For Rent -- Apti. 1* WO npls,, f u r n ihrd or u n f u r n i i h e d , c h i l d r e n . EL 3-0663. L H A N three room furnished l»Mi«rr.cnC Mil. A'lulU, 1202 Sth Si. 1 mil ire- 1012"^ l E I h Ave. APARTMENT/ futnbhed or u a f u r n - N EVANS. Nice furnished apt. ] l ri- va1e bftlh nnd entrance. KL 2-6(59. FOR RENT-- Lure* room turnlsnni main floor apartment. Inquire 18*4 ilh ' A v e . KL 2-4176. after E .30 'URNrSHED- 3 ToVun n p x r l m p n l . p r t - vule b a t h , ^nd ft.trir.ce. Near high school. 14A. Rf. 2-2616, sder 6. SMCE 2 bedroom Apartment; in iluple*. Hlh Ave. Ct, Electric, i-tovp. r e f r t w - cratnr, canel. drapes. Call Ztt-lWl, TV, iwaihcr hookur- IG'- month. I n - CLAUENDON h u t f e l apt., Inclixlinu f u r n i i h i n r i i f45. 502 6th St. EL *AR(iE 2 bedroom u n f u r n i i h e d bue. apt. A v u l l n b l p no*. Call dfter 6 ; .ni. EL 2-«79. ' LAIKiK f u r n . * room front dpi, Tlio bath nnri ( irainboar{. U t l l i t i r j pld. Clnse In. C o u p e preferred. 11fl6 7th Avenue.' : OR RENT -- A two rtFoni furnished · p a r l m p n t , wHH bath and private tti trsnre on fir*!, flntir. Newly IecoTRl rd. Utilitleft (LirnishiMl, 1206 10th SI. an" ha'f *rom toiler Aduiti." 1 E! 3-0041. (JADLES Apt. Korlhrast « r ner '13th SU- and lOlh A«e. MaEn fkxr. tieam healed. Inq. l^P^ Oth Ave. Ph. EL FOH RKNT-- U n f u r n L i h e d 3 rooni r e m t - hfljement apt. Stove. No pels." Middle ace couple. 112 7th Ave. - Call . f o r appointment a f t e r 5, KL 3-P.17.' , FOR KENT -- Downtown p«ct-r.*nls. 725 10th SI Reasonable ' rite*. '"!nv rrfi1in(r rvo-^msion. petti illj furniife- ed. Op^yke Aecnej. EL 2-5741 . . F U R N I S H E D completely, 1 and £ bea- Kcroti it reel from ikopplnv · t*nt and laundromat- UtiUtiei pHirl. week\y and m o n t b ratu t409 10th Si NICE apartment, 1309 Slh A-.e. Will- tivwall carpeted, close to i hopping aten, I lirge hedroom. llvina rm.. or Ph. EL 2-0400. or EL 2-5C-S8. FOK KENT-- Small.- i\lc*ij f n r n ·« ond f.oor apt. Clott in. Utilities paid TV a n t e n n a . SuiUbk for ornrkin «H T . Call to' ice at 1124 9lh S Apt 1. or Ph. EL a-S'TZ TWO bedroom unit fn foiirpl«. H lo wall.- .Drapei. ' dishvraiher. e evel oven, surface - burner, hnt w ter heal And rarage. All of th for 1120 per month. Ph. EL 2-S6S FOB RENT-- One bedroom apJTtmer. Second floor, private entrance. Etui refricerator, dmp« and utiliti furnished. Adult*, no dost. 3 bloc vat Tori Office. I60.CO. EL 3-1169 EL 2-2404. FURNISHED APARTMENT Furnished spnclnus" 1 hedroo a p a r t m e n t . Greeloy's finest; A electric Itttchen, hot water hea garage, pprmanents only. 172 ISth Ave. Tn see call, EL 2-711 Large Apt. For Rent Two hdrm., wail lo wa carpeting, drapes, refrtg ·erator and stove. CAMPUS PHARMACY . FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnishec 2 bedroom apartment. Unfurnished 2 b e d r o o m duplex. EL 3-1888 - U N F U R N I S H E D APARTMENT FOR. RENT J Ground floor, private entrance and tiath. I'Cj-mar.ent. singl* KL 3-OJ'fl PARK PLACK APTS. h Furn. or u n f u r n . b u l f e l apis h Steam fieat, hot waler anc ! jtilities. 530 per month. Ap ply 827 Sth St., Rm. 210 Ph P El 3-0752 or Opdyka Agenc b.tnc. Pli. EL 2-5747. - IT COSTS NO MORE TC - LIVE IN THE BEST! r -ft 2 Bedroom ft 1 Bedroom * ft Buffet . « $100 to $140 Per Mont* : Now Ready For ] Occupancy i. Call i EL 2-0152 M !· Ol t\t\ O«?n.rl A ,.« F M Rt«t -- A)»r*. 17 VO uiobllf honirj. CIK cai hrit ( u r n . OK RKNT-- Two b«lroow, b n f u r n l i h - f t Uupl«)r. KI. 2-7792. VO room fur*. upiUlt* apt. (or lady. UK HENT-- Midi rlwj% 4 r.xun f u r n - hhcJ IDC. 1616 Sth Av«. KL 9.1102. Oil RENT-- Furntihtd .ipi. it lil!C lOlh St. N'o children or i«u. " VO trtilrcKHn apU at 15CO 121 h Ave. IK RF,NT-HjrnnhW '.pi. Utthlta furri.ilwi: 'Apt Wo i i M t I t k Av. m u n i h . 2|b N Hti A** - . .KAN two room tpt. NMI w !!··'· U t i l i . L M . p i i d EL t^n* " Koovci, Y13 l l t h Ait. · Oil KENT-- C]n«, a toom «pt. 111.! IKKE.rooin nounil floor *pL Co u p If of «dr.- EU 2-0^$. WO bedroom tuiitnunt »pt. U n f u i n shed. ,.C»1I EL J.J291, After B. OK JIENT-- Law IVYO bedroom *it.. fiirn. i «r u n f u r n . C*1I KL 2-44X6. I.KAN*. cnmfort*b turn. b**e. iipl. [Jtilitic* r«^- U. ft 17th St. EL 2-2770. HRL-e room brick dui1». Kurni3hel ur it n furnished. MO 16th St. EL WO rocin.furnii.xfd Mil. nl 61? lOlh Avf. 140 mo, ulilHic* paid. Suitable OR HENT-- Haienieal apt.. fuTtiUhed, itllitir.t ralrl. Arlulti rrlj, (S5.00. ]«0 13th Ave. El. M i l l . anl.. unfurn., uUHltei puirf. Ph. KI 2*3137. Unfurniihed. r^oor. Cluic in. Ph. KL 2.31JJ. TRUHBL Aparlnifnli. C:»n, nkely furniihtd »ptrlni«nl. Ckat In. for H-orkinc girl. I2«l Fth St., Apt. 17, OK RKNT-- 3 room turn is bed »pt. clot* in aJI moilern EL 2-3122. before 'f p.rh For Rent-- Buifdingi 20 UILD1NU for rent · 1! 10th St. EL -J-S4M. tISINESR IsxaUon, 1,100 ii. ft., Kt 15)7 Sth Avc-. He»l for retail »tor«. OEt HENT nt leue. Hujinej* build. F.MENT bulldlnic. ^.100 «q. ft., suil- nge. Part bawment, hnt. wntrr heat. KL 1-7 5«0 MMJII.ILI. Homes-- Cabins 21 ENTERTAIN, special partln in moun tain cabin. \V13I aecommrHatc 12. KI. .V026S. Offki Spact 22 GROUND flDci office sparr. 1019 10th Ave. f h . Ef, 2-2536. t0 nm.. incl. heal, ]inht. El. 2-0(00. OFFIOK space f«r r e n t in CuronaHo niiitding. Newly J*rorated. Inquire Wheeler Realty. EL 3-Q34G. OFFICES for rent. KJrvxfar. miHtics, j a n i t o r iervle» furnl»h«rf. All ton^ eniences. Ircluiliaj: purVlnr. Renl reasnnahle. Cumfield Hoifl. KOR RENT-- OfVltF spaer. Two eJinin. "furnlshert; 'i7S l . ^er month.' Ph. EL "Plare B U f l d f u p . til Rlh St. 'inquiri *OR R E N T " - DMlrab^ off.e* Br»« tivnilable in r,retlcy Tl'jilrlinr- Kle KOR HENT-- Three room nfflce suite N n r . l v !frorMeI.':Utikilie3 furnished Whetler Realty Cn., 1SS1 Sth Ave Call Dave M a n n a n , El/ 3-0346. KOH RENT-- Medical .ml Denial a i n r ven.ently Wale-1 lo the facipiu Conlacl-, WHr*Eer Realty Cn. El OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT . Ground floor. Campus Pharmacy Tiaibr Sp«ct 23 LARGE convenient p a r K i n i tpace. SI per month. K»pp'» 2 SO 1 10th St KOR K E N T - Uoder» traUet .pare;, N a t u r a l vi* · Homer Trailer Cotirl 213 l l l h Av« Ph Ri ?-«S91 ·o«rd and Room 2J P R I V A T E Koir.« for eMerty people, Ph EL 3-3-MP. Fre* p x r k i r R r«mfWrf Flntel Miic.lloncouj I J * KOK SAI.K-Ovrrhfail. on* piece, XI* race 3oor. TiU. I'h. KI, Z-5160. VI5LT our ToyUnd. Layaway I6y. nuu - .t Ramtiln, Bl» lOlh Bt £L 2-91*7 ' NKW n n d . u i t d xildin. 31'AltK plun. M. Cub and e-r-r ' KOU SA!,E-Ul»J Iruck lire.. !.»». rr E D W A R D S Chtvmlcl It heiulquii-trrt J N K While, imt five ruora Slcaltr (.11 DStll) air eumpmior. G , KL t-~,tm. IMlilllCAN J u n k Bm an,- Ihlni. cll . r i r v l h l n c ID] Slh St f KOK SALE-- Ultl. cr.,.1. Also m u « r dltl. I'h El. t.O'tlt M O K I . R A K K n (or r.nL ' .KI. 2-1 OM rilF: aiixJtra.n-- - Wf'.teinwear ' XOH I H J U S t movir.r in BlBtm. i'H EL i-tl'a A!..-.' bulldin,. for tali IIATTKHIKS IVo y«at i t u n r a n l n T t » . 9 i ' l U . » S It.volll K.pp 1 . Gi WANTED-- Ck.p colti-n ran. Crrfl» Tribune t'OR SALK-- Collier', clneycloi-edim. h New a p t . r.«rer keen used. Call after 4:10. KI. 2-30SO. "TOt Men. t Sat. N.E. fleree. 1'h. ' N u n n SOII3. and ulher trailer, for rent. 0. K. Trailer llenlals, 103 N. lllh Ave. S STUKM duui and -«ln(!v M *. Ctihin linV lenei A l u m i n u m .wninai A l u m i n u m . /IbreKlasi. ivood v^alio eore'ri a n d e.rnorta. Klre escapes A r'Ott e A S I l.nill) laundi} ierlct call Crj-Ital W h i t e Laundr Waihnl. Kr«e dtlivery. 9U l l t h Ave. EL 2-31U2 1910S -- " I S I I S -- 1512S - lOlrlK ~ U 13HD -- 19US -- 13ISS ~ iy2!D 1522 -- 1924D -- 1P311) -- 1031S -- IM2 -- 1SJ3D. Craiiy Trnilt, 17M !1h Street. _ GQINfi irmuai. mult icll 1SES Chev. roiel V-S J10 Italian n.jiOn. Eland healer. New- 'painl job! J795. ' Seraeant Smith. I'hor.e 351-1021. El. POO1, table*, complete uilb twu Ii2 triaiijrle. Petl adji:itrj-.«nt. a u t n m a l i r tfi4.SQ. 84x» inch. $69.93. Ynu r l n eharice it al Gambi, 910 10th SI. El. 3.51 S7. FOR NEAT dependable r-rlnlinR you celleflt lelectlon W. follnw eopj · c a r e f u l l T and ire Eive von qL'alitT wnrk al reaion.ble coat Brinr UF vxlr p r l n t l n f r wor'^ 'rodsy Ph. El 2-0211 Tribuce-ReD-Jbllcan Tub Co -JEW. batleriei. euaranlKtl on. year. 17.98 »ch.nse. Ilirf batterlci 13.03 - ttra ar.d itarteri. AM tyr-ei Q f »nif pickup*. l*ow prkea. easy terms Tohp Thcmpion'l (tarace. 601 Cth Aie. Ph. El. '-IKS SPECIAL Used Plastic Coated Egg Baskets $1.25 each Meyer Bros. Hatchery KILL-MITE Especially Effective f o r Clover Mites and R e c '[Spider Mites. Balcom's Industries GOG 10th St. EL 2-0057 A L U M I N U M *. Storm Doors * Storm Windows * Awnings * Siding Greeley Glass Shop 200S Sth SU EL M25:- 1 Houtehold Goods 30 HouwhoM Goods 30 dough's Used Furniture Mahafcany Dreiel corner china. Like new. 1135 Five-piece bedroom suite, wa nut , ?S9.5Q Baby CHh , , ? I O O O Drojilcaf table anrl four chairs Dining room suite, eifilit pie-^c Velvet love seat, like new ,,. Two-piece sectional, newly rec 00 yards of green carpeting a Take what you need. Rug i CLOUGI 1215 Sth Ave. ' Greeley ri 2600 S. Sth Ave. Jseri hide-a-bed sofa wit innerspring mattress Jsed walnut bedroom su with springs and ma Used babv bed and matt Used X-Bnr-X twin bed 9x12 wool rug with pad. Used chrome dinette set 1 Solid walnut china, like Used dropleaf chrome ki and two matching c 5fi .f)Q ?M Si) ovcretl Jn turquoise H39-50 nrt pad. Very high q u a l i t y Wilton, intl pad. _ 56. On square yard H'S, INC. KL 2-6822 jrniture Co. Ph. EL 2-5441 h full size _ $49.95 te, complete Ir.rnss SO.fl,- r?ss- 14. 93 7.5(1 Like new 39.05 19.95 new .....'. 99.95 chen table lairs . 29. 9c FREE DELIVERY OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 8:30 PLENTY OK Dim'B OU GREELEY TRIIUJNE Mfic«IJantoiii 27 'AttlNKT work, itorra *iirt t'ompJttir *tok ol wfit coat lumber. Won) rianfns Kit) CD CI, 3*7054 r()MI J L.KTK rcpfllr wrrk on nuLci. balers, tracto/i, CtlL Un.Mii«i G«TIEC. Kt, 3-351S. 613 lllh 51. KOK SALE-- yraill 2 fixm hoiu* to tx mo red A-lyp* box houiri (o/ iaJt. Cnvjii I'roducti, 1939 23th St.. S.W GLAHSKS -r«piiTea Hrukcn iet*.i Optical Cu. 912^ S Av* tL 2-57Z .*nt*i lij-«. Weight* lite! O K. Rubl^/ Welder*. 103 N llth Avc KOI! SAt.K-- 1 tyllr.der rlratrfc llx'ht Lilsnt for cabldi or Fallout iKeltcr. 1123 Uh Ave. hcKlen rcpUco) utlhin 24 hn. l.VH El. 2-UQ2. jour WnlvJevr Coait'to- aiorc, 241Q 10th 51, THADK in whni rou rion'l mini .01 10 met hi tij rou e^n n\» A| th* Wen- tter \Vhil Hul, 1632 Ul Av«. BI. 2-2701. KI^KCTMIC mot on, all ILI«I ~ new · no rebuilt. Hirrfng Electrical \Vnrh*. 6!) Elh St.. 2 blt*k, i nf Peal Offke I'h EL 3-0610 I1ICYCI.KS. l»r t » »lectloi Irum J'l.^' up. fluns. ·mmuni'.LOTi. fi»h1rK lacVIr St. F.L 2-^Sfl. SIKOLKE. in ar.L oil h^ien. nen 10 Com 1. 3llii lOtn St. EL 2-.a02 ALL lypes ti^»in *ork Mur* tj -n- pervised siudrnti KI grtally rc.InceJ prices. GrMler Hcauty Srhool. 82Q'X ^lh Slretl 2-QU66. 1^01 lllh Av« UNCONDITIONALLY su«rantrrc. ui« tlr*s - all »it«. Nftrtfcern Gcnctnl Tir* Ine. t 1710 Rth A** Th El Christmot Gift Guide 28 MAKE the ne«' Wwtvicw Cnasl-lo- C«-Wst Slorc your lay (Hid pift hcm!- quArtrir. ll.CM hoI/Jj any elft nn lay- n^ay. 24in tllh St. Open ei*ery pvc nitii: till ?:3B, Itnlpri Merrill, owner Hay, Groin, Fc»d, Straw 44 FOH SAf,i;-- KJr.t sn.l rMond cotilnx hiy. KL 2')«91. ^ FOH SALK-Xar Corn nnd (uyl'Pb. Ix)«F*ncr, N'Ormanrfr T-2202, evtf. KO H S A LK -- H » IcH *· hf fl t nnd b^r J py Itrairi rk 2E4-G411. FOIL SALK-- liar. IIM*-. I'ar^ fuy. Dcllvrrnl. Don Kelly, KL 2-9O1. I'HK S'.tckni«n-- \VANTKU--l'aitur« for call!f. Coro, beet topi. hay. etc. Call EL 1.0EBC. or KL 2-3H3, ' Livestock . 41 W. nf HtaccAell. Afl*r J -. 30 GOOD fletefonl ealvri- Call £L 3-UJK6. 3i,6 Ifiih St. THK Klcx-kman -- .{KIIKKOHU bulif.. Sec WltTve-'* E l SLW Knr.rh. Priced rlifht. KOU SAI.F, - 00 fallen Dari-Kool bulk tuck. Three unit De L a v a l pt)ic!int] millicr. C,ai] --onditkiji. Aull 2.1t-4«". KOK SALB-- 18 hem. feetier plk'i. tll.CO per head, T. K. Chrint, 1V1 n.l1« N;W. Nynn. 10W11. 'OK SALI--T«n Shetl»n.i -.ion/ m.irei nr.d colts. Cull George Krick*;, Chap- pcl. Krbr»kn heforc 7 ».m. · LIVESTOCK (prnylnir. O v e r 20 c»n r^Tvrlrnrc llmnlnrr. Ph. EL 3-1635 \HTinUIAL l.rccfllr.5. Cu-jrteouj, efficient Bcrvlcr xvlth A.B.S. proved ONE rolled iierefor.1 hull. , Good hrcMinj,. Call EL 2-03K6. SG6 L6th HI reel. ANNUAL Welil County 4*11 foundation feeder calf tale at WeTd Co, LUE slock Co mm Ins Ion ' S«(-, NOT, IPlh, I p.m. FARMERS, HANGHEKS In Greeley Area $3 and $5 cash paid for fresh dead cows nnd horses. $5 to $10 fur crippled and down horses and cows. (Call as Soon as Possible After Animal Dies) ImmcdlALe Service Seven Household Goodi N I C K rfrrl s *ralor. Hi; 2L In, TV eon. ·olc, 150. -El, ?.1S(J. VAN'l u buy or tr.dr .ntE'iuc (lUTiri funiitilrc. F.L 2-20f=6 or £1. 2.3SO 'OH B A H G A I N S . »lwi[ Evani KuTnl lure. TV«, |3S.»S. EU J-0698. TWO p:«p living TOO^I ktt: »l?o U sectional id; and dinette iet. 20th St. Rd. EL 2.32SI5. FOK .SATrE--Kitchen alie Sipgl^r oil ·Tier utovc with blower. EL 3-2420 FOR SALB=-1lBfay Kblp. N O r m a n H y «v«ninR*. crili. etc. 7-1105, ern Uir.V b«di. compJeK (cam maltrewea. JSO.Pi '* Furniture, 2301 ^th St TAKE Boil .T,-a- thr Rill* Lmlrp w from carpels ar.rf uphoMery. ]t finest. Knm.g SLorr. CHECK Evani Tranini: Post for b buys la uicd furnK'Jre. Sojth U S. ». 1UY IheT^Tln usci! tutnililte at lowest rost and taki no chincts the Evan; Tr^tlinR Post. 2 miles i m i l h ^n II. S. SS. r K E K tiirk.y vilh the purchase or loFa ileeper. Ui« our thrifty ray- rr.ent plan. Gamblej, O i n 10th SI F.T. 2.9IF-7. 5E"f.L u-hat j-on .lon't «-anl--hu» whal yo'i r.rH. Cor.stgnTnont? roived dally. A u r t i o n Mnml.y nil 7 p.m. Private «le daily. Firtl Ave A u c t i o n 17M First Ave, F.L 2-737J FOR SALEr-*6 In. W e f l l n u h n a i r ttrj.e with iv^rminc o.e/i, cluck nuli. trn:tj-. Afso fi ft. Coldwulf. ]»or«]«Jn Knpidiiire refrijierator. CaC EL 2-E3S7. or K« at J910 l l t h Si. Jid T H R E E foot 3 Ortho-comfott Ho], lywood fcrrl with box a p r i n p ar.l n trp.«, pud-!'.! hreHr*.arrf. m r t a l 'fr« !7^ Othrr V3" HolLjavcivl hpili S6( nnrf 151. No rtown pnymcnt, J6 a tr.onlh. Gamble*, 910 10th St. EL Week -- N'iehl or Day Call Collect: Grcclcy EL 2-1788 LEE DOG FOOD CO. FARMERS.... f You Need.,.. : TV service inan, a: a fine place to live : , a good used car or truck, a tractor; a job . . . READ TODAY'S : CLASSIFIED PAGE: Poultry DUCKS anil Kent EL I-SII3. nd turkru. I'On SAI.K- C.Cfse, ducks. . Ph. FI. ^-flj7. ^ POULTRY »amtJ. Also casloni dicss- ir. B . Honilay IhruUBli Friday. EL 2-1255. Grceley Po-Jllry House, 1111 7lh Aveiiy*.- v . Complete Household Goods, Washer and Dryer, Frigi- daire. 30 in. electric range. 7 ft. refrigerator. 1 bedroom suite, jand Misc. items Can be seen at AETNA FINANCE 70S Ninth Avenue Money to Loon 31 Farm Ranch Loans I.ONCi TKH.MS - LOW R A T E ASA T. JONES, JR. YEAR OLD Heavy and Light Breed Roosters Light Bree 1 ! Heus LIVE lOc Per Pound MEYER EROS. HATCHERY 13 7th St. Pet Stock EL. 2-3-151 43 SIX wefki aid Chihuih-JB p'ips tar ·!·. 514 UIh SU doMnitiirs »pl. FUiURlNFiS. tropical (ih. Supplies. , 535 H i h Ave. Ph. KL 2-8171. LITTLE Chibuihuft P'Ji-*. KL g.5». PUREBRED German Sh«pr:frd p-Ppf«. A K C ttud. Ph. 352-6558. FOR SALE-- Refist*re. Collie puppi«. iplewood. Littleton, Colorado. 830 Arrk Vhor.« PY 4-647: plunls. KT, 1-29; , r.fir shipment ot aquar Walor-l.«nd. Z33I Slh CANARIES. I'araktetr, Hamiit«f. (·»E(?5, complete line of ?«t luppliw- Frank 1 * Seed and H a t c h e r y , TOJ 10th Street. TROPICAL f.»h. srldfiih, a q u a r i u m ? , f M l e r j , air j ^ m f * (Acratore), Frank 1 ! S«d and lTateh«ry. 70H Ifllh Street. S«**ing Machines--Vacuums 44 tnsuraiice |^D Years " Loan i Kansas City I Company. Cliffortl G Campbell. Mgr. HH9 8th Ave. Ph. EL 2-6117 Corrfsponrteni VACUUM rieanfri, Sr anit rai»« Perry at Farm loans U)\V COST LONG I'KRMS M A N Y P K J V I L K C J K S KEYS AGFNCY for .tL ir.aV». Call Ed Rerr'i. Ph. F.L 3-OO^a. 5ISCKR nial.A-Ptitch. Built-in belt:- lur maVes fancy ci«iKr,«. Na af.acb- ments to buy. Overcasts. blir.H h«m», bmwn-lwfcs. Will ir.onfffrair. rmbroli'cr. Mak« list lix p a m r n t l of IT.Qt rach or cash ray n ^f c * IV'.M. Write Trihunp. Bux V-1T. Sewing Machine Sick? Call Dr. Dimbar!!! calls are .only $2.50. Call EL 2-5544 F:rl Nxlonai OunS Bid: Greolej Boits Supplies JOHNSON Sea-Hern Mies an let. Wiltrtr's Outboard M A r i n lOlh Slrttl ^ f K K C U R Y outboard ir.olon Complet* cnaria. *alri and iervlc* R E4iiip-tn! Co.. Eatl ISlh 5t SEWING MACHINES CHUISTMAS SALE SAVE: SAVE; KL 2.007(1 if'^ight salvago sale, all goods jsljghtly scratched cases, several Xig- Zag ?40.50 and $5.00 per no. terniH. Limitcil ;|sii|ijIy only. Cnll KL 2-554J. Wishing Machines 45 !'OR SALt^Ker.mori wtlli- fr. 1C CL 3-143D. IK KOA1 Do TCu Kno« ijrj iwalrrf w i n t e r fttorin* for u u t h o a r d motrtfrfisu ?o-J nothir Cairadr H.rln.t !lll lOtl- Si Sporting Goo^s 35-A TV -- Radio-- S«i»ice» 46 NEW TV picture tube*. S34.5S ir.Ma Kg'.y t e r m s . ' K I . 2-3130. a f t e r f. USED TVs f u l l y tecoirlitinnril rantee.1. !3».0i. »1CI and S10 I Z C5AUf!E double barrel (SolBiin. US; TV . Bice 23 and .t'l rill» [nr «lr. .Ill Ulh Ave. d«ys. or tall El. 2-fiSi'S eveninr?. HI. 2-5130, a f t e r 6. i k k ? fill TV hc.pilal. Compl-I« .. 1'fc. KI. 2-011«, : th St., Kvans. r k e all ma F.L 2-S150. 1214 Fruits ond Vegetables USED TV set.i. (ully guaranteed . l)jo , new Sylvan). TV, Hi-Vi, a n d Sterw. 391 TV Mospltnl, ,12H 1th St.. Evan,. VJ. WKST Skpr lpr.*l and pearl; c r a p e . ' ' fruit, srangei. and lomatnej. pota I lo«i. oniiiia. and nllver vez«sabl«A 1 - Dale'i Pr-jit i n d Vec.lahl. M k t !r H03 5th St RI. *-»J:i. | Hay, Groin, Feed, Straw 40. TV Mospltnl, ,12H 1th St.. Kvi 1-0113. KI. ZoSoO'. Muskal Instrument* ttinir.ic .r.a rer*trit\i. Wo-k Tit««d. BOJ "12. E.ton. Pi. 435. Rtol tstota 4* Ixnver 2, Colo. I «» nth ct. t\ Ave. K R E B I'ARKIS'a iPOK SAI.V^-Vieih baled atitbb!. .trav [ -- no werd»--and al.eV bale.l Sort f \ P a i k hiy Stewart'a H a y and Grain. a v n e n r o l rhl "' J 1 - """in.. H U n l e r :-S2»rS. AMI SAVEl o, H U n l e r ;.U",n f W O r u r nld three bedroom brlfV. 1 b'.ncV (rom arhool, xparale dlnlnf rnorn, wall In w a l l carpeting. drape«, fer.ce.1 r-«rk »rd. 711 »5tk Aia. Ct. I'.L J - l l ' f . '

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