Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 17, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1951
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OUR .HOME TOWN, Las.Cl'uces Blue Sox and White . Sinds proving,Ground Rocliets In- . ·«U£urat'e baseball play at'Lion's ·! parli at 2:30 thin afternoon. Don't' inias this opener! ·News VOL. 71-No. 63 IMOCNDEHTMM MO SUNDAY NEWSMPe*. SEW/NO SOUTHERN NEW t !)£XJCO THEWEATHEH LAS CltUCES AREA:.Pair .today, tonipht, and tomorrow, no Important temperature changes, i'roba-.. ble high, S5-05. Estimated low Saturday. 35. ' ··· . . ' I ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, SUNDAY MORNING. JUNE 17. 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS Violence flares, Tear Gas Used SILVER Cm-. June 16--UP)-Tour gas was used by peace officers as violence threatened.anew lit the strikebound Empire Zinc Co. mine today. . About 40 persons hod been jail-, ed shortly, after noon ih' a new series of picket line arrests outside Empire'properties at Hanover, about n.'miles .east of here. Sheriff's officers' used two tear pis bombs to,disperse what they called a mob of women this'morn- ing. The group scattered for a short time only. . ' Tension MfflinN Tension mounted today as wom- en.'somc accompanied by children, .. picketed.on a road leading to the Empire plant. ' In an earlier coimt._ Sheriff Leslie Goforth reported 27 women ant] seven children 1 in jail. Hi said tht arrests were' for violation of a court order against blocking; the road. One of those taken into custody was the,wife of Clinton Jcncks. international organizer for the Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers Union. "Knnir Nothing" Jencks, for whom the sheriff said he was obtaining a warrant, told a reporter he knew nothing nbout today's picketing. He .said the .women took up stations voluntarily. , (In Santa Fe, State Police Chief .Top. Roachi said, he is.watching the situation and is Waiting : for word from the Governor .before return ing'to Silver City with some of his men'l . ' ; . . ' ; ' · · · · : . ' ' . · ("I understand 'the 'district attorney iiT contacting the .Governor about whether we are needed," lloach said.) ' .. . . .Strikes'Nine Months · T h e . u n i o n has .been on strike ngajhst the company.; for . n i n e months. Tw'clve"persons .were arrested Monday,-when the company issued a' back, to work'invitation, nnd .charged with blocking a-pub- llc road.'. : ' . ; ' · They will he defended at their IrlRl'by-At(y. Nathan Witt, who was aicus'6d^bofo'r«:the"Hou'so'"Un- American Activities committee .of belonging to a Communist cell in Rearguard Reds, Allied Patrols Clash Head-On By OLRN CliKMENTS TOKYO, June 16 I/Pi -- Rear-] guard Reds nnd probing: Allied' patrols clashed head-on today in scattered battles across the jugged mountains of the central fronts im; Korea. The Communists fought desperately to save their escape routes j to the north ns Allied armored forces thrust toward the new Red fortress city of Kunujong. '· · Chinese and North Korean main"forces, continued to fall back along the front ahead of heavy Allied artillery fire. Expert Offensive The U. S. Eighth Army com-. mander warned llwt another Red offensive is expected. In a frontline .Interview Lt. Gen. James A. Van Fleet said "the Communists' declared intention is still lo throw us into the sea. We do expect a third round of the Chinese offensive. The enemy has sufficient enemy reserve units that have, not been in contact for some time." Las Cruces Designated One Of Four New Mexico Critical Defense Areas Restrictions On Labor, Building Will Be Eased ' Photo by Armemlarlz NATALIA GONZALES Photo by Mathicn HEHMELLA CAHBAJAL I'holo by A t memmriy. ANITA CHAVEZ Old Mesilla's Ninety -Seventh Frontier Fiesta Queen Candidates Vie For Crown .THIS IS THE result of of several atomic tests on Eni- wetok -atoll. The picture has just been released by the .Atomic Energy corqinissiun, which says bombs tested are several times more powerful than those used on Japan. In the story below, one. scientist says even these new bombs are obsolete. (International) Top Scientist Says Atomic Bomb Has Become Obsolete Cruces Business Is Affected By New Slate Law · Laws passed by the recent New Mexico state legislature require -' businesses which handle food or; drink of any kind "to purchase a 510 license before July 1, · ------ o---o -y " ~~... ...-,., .T,. I.L-H in The new ruling instrument the- 'Agriculture Department dur- 1 of the New Mexico Health Departing the. 19303. The union was ousted last year from the CIO on grounds it was dominated by Communists. More Expected More arrests were expected .before the day was over. Pickup orders have been issued by Sheriff Leslie Goforth for Jencks and Cip- rlano Montoya, president of Local S90. Those arrested were charged with contempt of court, on the basis of a temporary injunction issued earlier In the week by Dist. Judge A. W. Marshall. The injunction is designed to keep the road to the zinc'mine clear. Goforth and Oist. Ally. TonvFoy contend that the pickets are blocking the road They said they were hunting i bus to transport more pickets t jail. - ' , . ' · · . Children In .lal] Many of the women . arrestec this morning had their children with them. The children accom panied their mothers to jail Sheriff Leslie Goforth and i niimber of deputies begun making the arrests at one picket line across a road leading into the PJmpire plunt about 7 a. m. Those arrested arc being bookec on'charges, of blocldng a public road. · · Follow Warrants The arrests, followed the issuance Idte yesterday of six wa rants ngainst wome'n supposedl on the picket line on charged of assault and battery. They were alleged to have torn the shirts of several men trying to go through the lines and threi were said to hn,ve thrown rocks at an automobile. The sheriff's office had word Issuing of licenses in Dona Ana and Otero counties is being handled' -by Fred H. Johnson, district supervisor of the New .Mexico Bureau "of Revenue. Johnson's address NEW ORLEANS, June 16 i/Pi -A top. scientist of the Atomic Energy Commission was quoted today as .saying the Atomic bomb is obsolete. . · . ' . · ' - . How .literally' t h a t . w a s meant Native Spanish-American danwsj -.r . .,, The Moodiest fighting Saturday floor slltnvs ' aml ° UlL ' r cnturUiin- i iV.leXlt'O \\ tltfC'S ° was north of Inje on the eastern! » lcnt wil1 m u r k festivities at the! front, and in the wooded hills de- i »l«ty-scvcntH annual Frontier Fi · fenCng the road to Kumsong.Kimb-! esU '" Old Wcsilla July -I. .song is 12 miles north of Kuinwha on the west central front. Hejwrt CountoniUai'ks AP Correspondent George ilc- A r t h n r said- Itye Reds northwest of Tnje launched two 'counterattacks during (he day. Both were thrown back. In' the. same area, an Allied patrol crashed into a village full of Reds., A short sharp fight followed before the patrol returned to Allied lines.. A pooled dispatch from the west or what relation it might have to ! central front said United Nations " ' " " *" ~ ' ' efforts of the/ U. S. to create hydrogen bomb waa not" clear. Rep P. Edward Herbert'(D-Lu) infantrymen captured a strategic hill overlooking Kumwha. The fought bitterly to hold the bomb. Is 438 North Main. Las Cruces. j amo^^everaroff'iciJs. ami him- Hc is collecting license fees and sclf whjlc hc was at Kn i wctoh ; or mentioned the matter today in the \ hill only two days ago. Saturday third of a seriefi.oliarticli Enlwetok" tfe'stsr'wrftTen^ for ^ tli New. Orleans States. The" Status j Reds 3 made them available to the Associated Press. . '·- The scientist was Dr. .Edward Teller, physicist of the AEC's Los Alamos, N. M. -bomb laboratory and' one of the men who helped . t)ie.j however, '.they left 'only a small e j delaying force on the ridgeline. In the "iron triangle" area bounded by Chowron, Kumwha, develop the first atomic Herbert was telling of t h a t tho;pickets tried to stop Goforth when he tried to go through the line this morning and that he bogan nrrcsts then. Chaves County GOP Backs John Knorr UOSWELL, June 1C (M --. Chaves county Kopubllcftna hnvc'made IIP indirect split with Governor Mcchem. They gave state chairman John Knorr a vote of thanks and confidence at their county Republican convention. Knorr and Mcchem have been split over several matters, principally patronage." The ClmvBw county Republicans also reclectcd chairman Frank Worlniftn and other county party officers, Socornv ami 'Sumlovftl counties aUo hnvc aided with Knorr, who Is expected to be replaced at the next stnts Repub- Mean meeting. turning them over to the local health authorities. Johnson is authorized to give . receipts for ail such license fee paid. N According to Johnson, there are .some 250' business establishments in Dona. Ana county alone which will be required to purchase the new license. He also estimated at least 150 such establishments arc In Otero county. II i.s suggested that those businesses not having this ' license should get y. as soon as possible, as'' the deadline for having the license is July 1. Johnson added that any one desiring an answer to a specific question should contact his office at the above address. STOLEN CAR F. C. Fiance, 804 North Alameda · reported to city police that his 1940 model Chevrolet sedan was stolen'while it was parked at 826 North Campo. The theft oc- c'ured about 11 p. m, Friday, .said he .had remarked) FORT WORTH, June 16 (^Pi -Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur closed New _ Orleans" airport, j atomic tests in April nnd May. Airports Obsolete Herbert that the when built in 19.13, w a s - t h e most modern in the United States but now is obsolete. Thereupon, Herbert related, Dr. Teller commented: "ThatVnothing. In 1934 nobody had ever heard of the atom bomb and today it is obsolete."Herbert, in the 'first of his scr- ies on,Thursday, made,an .oblique reference to what appeared to be a phase of the atomic test concerned with tho hydrogen bomb research program. He was dnscrib- ing the cloud which formed after the explosion he witnessed. He wrote: Could Cross WtirlU "That cloud would go . around the world several times' before it dissipated. "In it were many, of the secrets of this thermonuclear experiment. (Continued on ;a£e four; j Highlight of. the Fiesta will be j coronation of a Frontier Fiesta, iniccn the night of J u l y -1. Queer candidates arc Hcnnilia Carbajal. Las Cruces; Natalia Gonzalez, O l d ; Mcsilla* nnd Anita Chavez, KMr- arrcs. Miss Carbajal is an assistant! terduy t h a t he w;is aware ( nurse at the Memorial General ho.s-j sharp rive in infantile panil pita! and is the daughter of Mr.' i" Mexico :md Unit slept-: were and Mrs. Mnrco.s Carbnjal, Las I I"E taken \» combat it. The )n Poliomyrlilis MEXICO CITY, June Hi f.Ti -All public health resources of Ihe. government wc;e thrown i n t o :i fight againat poliomyelitis t t u l s y on orders from President .Miguel Aluinan. The President told reporters yes- Cruces. She is a 19I0 gniduato Las Cruces Union high .school. break came 1 with spell. Natalia Gonzalca is the d a u g h ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. c. ( j o n - j T ^ * zalcs who arc natives of Old Me- M- ^ silla. She is ulso a lOnO graduate; ,\ ,. of the local high school. Anita Chavez is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Chavez. Fair- acres, who are deccndcd from some of the first locate in th'e Fall-acres vicinity in the early 1880's, U n ( | ( Rock Sali Can Regulate Rainfall SCIIEXECTADY. N. Y. Juno 1C i.Ti -- (Jut; of tin 1 sdeiili.stx to prodiu-e man-made i niti .siig- firsts t h n t oulimiry rock salt might be used in uf foi Is io rogiiliilo ruin. Dr. Vincent J. Srhiicfcr said lust n i p h t thai "over-wodinp" of with rock suit or sorllimi chloride mijrhl priivt'iil. i-rtin in curtain normally rainy coast ill regions ami on- able cloud moist urn lo lit; niovet inland bt'fcre it f a l l s in i-:iitli as rain. SchaofVr. who pimiftiral in the use of tii'y ic'f nnd silver iodide to milk clouds of rain, spoilt 1 last and Pyongyang, Allied patrols Flag-raising at the celebration will i be done by personnel from White j Sands Proving: Ground. Local units ! of the Veterans of Foreign Wars ! and the American Legion will as- j sisl in .setting tip recreation fmiil- ALBUQUERQUE. Juno 1G i.Ti Forest service b f f i c i n b stiy Lhr range and forest fires oast t j i ' - A 'qui-rqiic a i o well under control. The largest was a rnngc! f i r e ! in f i n e pa i t trie form ut tract ami Las Cruecs' Mayor Samuel Klein I wntcl1 swept 300 acres about 12 | collect liny molecules of w n l o i will crown the queen of the Fiestn. i llliles northwosi of Mountainnir. j viipor in clouds and opon air. nipht nl the .summer iiv.:ellng of I t h e American · Physical society. | Ih 1 explained t h a t c r r l t i i n sail searched vainly for Red units. MacArthur Ends Tour Of Texas itics for children uUcmii , celebration. I ! lights c lApodac trio whluli sings Spanish-America ·incnt spending and taxation tire i play.s and j song.s. The Oi\c of tho smaller fires was four I The?r- virtually "grow" tiny rain- mile;; north of U. S. GG in Tijcras | dropn, whie.h "Hweep up" or ool- Canyoit. The other was west o f f Icct droplct.s in their path resull- Darton. j ing in general rainfall. Sun-News Subscription Cost Equal Others In State out his: fourth day T«*a» lour t o - 1 l r i » is ' mmposcj a! Mo do R t,,."EJl,- day with a ciiargc that govern- j and Reuben Apoduca. They making the American people "servants of the state." The five-star general put aside foreign policy and Korean war issues to hammer a.t wlmt hc c;ill- cd a "drift toward socialism." He came here from Dallas for the fifth speech of his campaign against the Truman administration policies which he plans to carry throughout the country on other play guitars and ;ue from LHS Cruces. The Fiesta, held in L-umcmoia- tion of the Gmlsileu purchitbc in 1853. is one of the most picturesque occassions of its kind in thu Southwest. . Las year it\v'as attended by pco- Last year it WHS attended by people from El' Paso. Alamogordo, Juarez, ami Truth or Consequences, find several other places. This year invitations havt heen tours. MacArthur finished his Texas I extended to the m n y n r of Juarez, campaign convinced the people and t h n r city's chief of police, and will now demand an eml to what Baseball Today Marks Opening Of Lions Park . Lay Cruces Blue SON and W SfmdH Proving Ground Rockets! j Subscription (H'tcus uf 11 u L;is CMICUS Sini-N(!W.s will In; adv:inuu(t ; from 18 ci'iiln por wi:ok 10 ~2» i ci-nts t.'or week effL-ctivo SfflHSfi'' | July 1. i This i.s tin.' soi'oml jm:roast? in | the priuu of the daily Sun-News in I a period of 10 years. Despite the i increased cost durini; this period t i n u , wi[h n c W H , ( r i l l t IMlV an.:| ing in price over "00 per cent, tlu* Hit? prii't: of t h e . paper has only been increased tmce hefoie. Nt*ws- 10 fire department. Kvrryone i.s he calls a U. S. policy of appr-ns- vited to a t t e n d n fun-for-all Fihn- ment. If his ouster by President \ tier Fiesta in Old Me.silla on Truman is a factor in the m o v e - j July 4. ment. "then I would be t h a n k f u l ) r i d d e d . " O i l IT Male Newsmen Death Toll From Tragic Fire In Catholic Deplore Sealing Home For Children, Aged, Rises Further \ Of Three Wrilers MONTREAL, Juno 10-- i.Ti -The death toll from the disastrous fire which gutted, a n - orphanage and home for the aged rose today to 32 anil firemen said it wiis feared the figure might reach 45. Searchers continued to bring bodies from the ruins of the home, St. Cuncgonde's ' Hospice, which went lip in flames yesterday. A morgue attendant said early .oday that 32 charred bodies have )een carried from the rubble of the 5-year-old stone and frame but king where some 400 old people and children lived. One searcher said t was. believed 13 persons were still .missing. \ g r d A r c Illihil i mother house of the Grey n u n s ! city, meanwhile, hailed the mcm- who ran the hospice. Urunlt.s At Noon The fire broke out "about noon yesterday in the Roman' Catholic Hospice. The Rftv.' Father P, M. ory of Mother Superior Rita Ccr- vals. 52, who rushed into the blazing 1 inferno to try to save her She was last seen clutching a fire decision over I he Sux in a ^nmu j earlier this soitson. I The Prfiving' Cromul mi'ii curry i n ten m b u l l i n g average nf ,::02.1 A SOHSOII record of ·! won, .'J lost, i stands behind the Him; .Sox. j lioth tcnniH declined to announce; ihcir' starting Jinc-iipM u n t i l game ' t i m e today. Blur: Srx Mrmng:-r Art. i Ile:iley. who recently truth over l h c | | helm. said vuc.nUo:i:', injuries, n n d ! I down hi. 1 : materl:)! for today. j I W h i t ? SnmlK hail a wealth c f j beating find (wo nlffhls a,;o ! " 11!ttl '-' ; "- i»cl.Jtling U K six-man i of a Santa Fc New Mexican rnport- i P |U ''»"B surr - today In thu Lions; park diamond opener. Game time is .scheduled for 2;:tOj p r i n t w:ia uiouml 5-i-l per t this aHL'niooit. AtlmiHsitJii clmrges yearM av:n. will bt $.'2ri for children. $.51) f o r ) (·|, r .|,, rs | H.,|,. a(iulLs - ' · Tin.- Sun-News im- m a n y months Tlu- teaniM l y i H ' W a hoi c'oiiipeli- nmv | l(1 .s been Ibe IHWI-H! n.M i l n i l y lion which was incionscd wlmn Hit; | m -w.spapi!i in t i n 1 Mate. It has Rachels won a luirshrcmUh 11-10 I IJCH-:I tlu- only dully m-w.spnpet in the Kt.ilf 1 w i t h a Sunday issue whii-li hn.s bi-en oiii'md foi [e : ;s t h a n H5 cents a wr-ivk M n n y nthei' paper;! are now eonsidei ing furl.h- er incron.sos in their charges. Only lv:o (ith(.-r piipciH, both a f t e r n o o n w i t h o u t n Sunday issiio, are sohl for 'J(t cents per wi-eli. Newsprint, i ho~ most cmll.v it'.-in lh;'t R0!-;i inio the piihlk'Jit 1 Las Cruces .has been declared a critical defense area by agreement of Secrotaiy of De- fence George C. Marshall and Defense Mobilizer Charles E. Wilson. : . . It is one of four New Mexico towns so designated. The Las Cruces action WHS taken because of the i n f l u x of personnel for nearby White Sands Proving Ground. .The Mesilla Valley Chamber of Commerce lias o-sliniated t h a t nt leant 00 families are coming, to Las Cru- rcs every month. The announcement, carried Sat- urtlny by th'e 'Associated Press, was reveal ed when the Senntr hit n king committee agreed oh a program for cNtcmiiiiR t'cilcfnl rent ronlrols. Thesi 1 pontrols would be imposed in "rritirnl defense areas." The controls program will not interfere with stale or- Iocs) rent controls as long as rentals in Uncritical it ITU nrii Kimllur to those in oilier dti««. . Othui 1 New Mexiro communities affertcd art 1 CnrlHhiid. Fnrniliii;- ton, and Koswoit. ' I.s sue StatrnuMitH Both Col. - K . CJ. Eddy, commanding officer sit W h i t e Sniula Proving Orounti. and Mayor Klein wore informed of Uic announiM 1 - mont by tho Sun-NeWH. Uoth men lii.sucd statcmrnts. Mayor Klein .said the city, .in conjunction with White S:imln, has urged Washington official;; immure than a m o n t h to dec-tan* Laa CruccK nrcti an emrrgortc^' ccnlff. "We did this in view or tho c r i t i c a l housing dhortuBc," llu* Mayor saitr Saturday. "Since Las Cruces liaa lcPti declared n 'critical area,' onir b'j.-ri- ncH.smcn can no^v' grt malcrlnl.i they need for construction oT ri'nl- al units to luuihe the many, many newcomers that uumc in hero every month," Mayor Klein uiild. Under the "criticHl »rni" deaig- na lion, Los Crncc.i ca n now j;H- inulcrinls, labor, nnd u t h u r commodities needed lo nccomod'itc iln Increasing }opulHtion. "The overall result of this ilr;;- ifVnntlon as an emergency area will be beneficial lo Iho city." the Mayor Jiaiil. "U'c have nut yet hml details on jtiat v.-hnt this designation is. 1 believe it will allow foil- cm I housing in 11)i.s nro:i. The rt?nl. controls will not sfi't-et ntimy landlords and tenant*, since we no\v .eeni to be on n par with other itie.s. It would affect anyone who lias u n f a i r l y In If en a t l v u n t n ^ u uf the tifilit housing Hh(.irlaj;e nnd incased their rents out of all pro- rtion. Clvrs linlUIcrs (^luuicr "Tliia ptvea the people willing to lnvr.^1 money n chaiu'o to go alu-iid and buy nmird mnteriuU to build liousing and other nm'Ui'd "Rl^ht now n tiomcnd- OUH demiuid for better rental hoim- in^. Las CruceH hoy nlwuys been ·i I'ity ttf htimi-s rntlKjr thna h.ivin^ t u n n y iciilal units. Thin lU'tdgim- lion gives u.s a cluince to acconio- tlate people who want t".r«nt," the Mayor noted. Colonel Kdily told Ihc Sun-Ncxv.i t h a t "In view of the rapid growth nf tin- Proving (iround nnd in:tf)t SANTA Convening a rc.snlntlbn loday saying t h n y i ".shocked and surprised" at I KK, June Jo nc\v.spHpr:rmcn Scguin. chaplain of the hospice, t extinguisher pitifully trying to said it was apparently started D C - I break through a wall, of cidcntally in a tinder-dry elevator shaft. One report said a blowtorch being used to install a new elevator, fclljnto the shaft. ' Flames shot tip the opening to the roof and, billowed through the corridors cutting o f f . oscape for those trapped on the top floor. All available fire-fighting equipment rushed to the scene, but was hampered by the thousands of er. I hiis! f K l v u n c r d .sini.'c Jnninry I | MO p - r ttm malting I h o t o t a l j ndvtiiu'c :;ume 5^iO per ton. Till:. | injreas;t'.; tin- -ost uf the car ol ' p:iper over $;tOO pt: iTiir. j Other lleiiui going' into a liilior cost. | piiH-y uf housing In ban Cruc.v-;, c.-iM-nUal thai thh be si^imtod ti tlofciiMi* (uvii. slKiiiitlon NtTdrd . . This bcfamc ncce.ssnry ^ti that iCunlimuMl on j»:igi- fourV About a dozen of the aged were j lunch-hour curious \vtio jammed blind and many of the children vcr'e. cripples. Coroner August^ Clement said an iqucst would be'held this morn- ng.'- . '· Bodle.4 recovered during the light were kept nt the scene of hc* ttlaze, In the 'over-crowded morgue 25 bodies wcro laid out, The -bodies of two nuns, Mother Superior Rita Gervfil.s; 52, and Sl.i- tround the building in Montreal's mid town south siJe. . Children Itrmvrr The Red Cross was on the scene early and watched over the rescued children who, once over their shock, took the tragedy AS n field day.' Not RO the nged survivors who watched their home burn in stony silence. Pious rc«IdenU o( this predom- whlch, cul ; her off from those she was trying to aid. Firemen later found her body with th'e hands clasped as though in prayer. Distraught Sister Marie M n l l - loux, one of the 26 Grey nuns who ran Si, Cunegondc'a, sobbed: I tried to follow her. I Gould- The New Pros, As Hilon wnnl on . record as orfL-rlnfj | aympnthy to Uill.Uniley. New .\u-x-. |Jy icnn -sports nnd p.illrr icportcr, ' J . . . ' . . ' .. ' /"'I so.i- ; ]} j | | 01 j.|) 0 ] |., r - i anrl hi« irnllcngites on the per. | The renolution added "that this , BKsociation feels .shocked and aur- i j.- priaod nt such tre»tmcnt of a i r - j ( t ) porter, apparently us revenge f o r ! H.IV.H Mexicans U ITo I n l ' l a l i o n 1 paper, all have advanced Hhrirpiy / i ·SIMCI- tho Korean HltUiitHUi Uevd ! I .I' ; oped. i ~\ i V * Cri A l l ' CAHLSRAI), .Iiiiu- 111 l Ko beginning .Inly 1 The Him- NOWB w i l l ]),. ·j.'i ront.s per w,H-k;: Ui'l'wvl L. May. 24. #o\\ of Mr. ?l per month; or $10 pe: y e u i ' ! TM ' 1 Mr«- G - K - Ia .v of 803 .Smith v i i h l n the county nnd utau; and ! Efplna. La.s Cruccp. has recently coope, a tliroctor of Iho Nation- j $1« per yt-ar oiUwldc liio sttile. ! nt:cn tnuisferred Jiy Ihc Air Korce Aaftociiiiion nf Manufacturer.!,. . Thr pVirea which will p r e v a i l ! 1 0 WHS" ficltl - K1 Pufi °- ·t Tt u i ui pnncr, mipurrnuy H* revenue u i r ; Hr ,y iH inflation has already coiit »ni*r J u l y i, it is pointed out, i TI i t i ! i , 7 , . I l l i ! i pap«r'fl revelation n f smnbliiifr.! ,\ m Mexicans » hilllnn doilnj H . Mill rnnsldniiihly imdr-i siil)«ci' H e n I tilwl a g a n . I wanted to t n a t mcinh(!Ifl hopo 1Iml M l c h n n ; l|f , } chargod and a follow l i e Superior. H was im- inc | (icnl is not t y p l c n l oMhc Santa f » l c « » w ;'"· N A M IS , IlllU " B I «nly In line with the price r SibIC \. . . .. l" tlly police attllude." ^ '«»' ^ r « ^fi!!"" 1 ^j!"'. °V^ "the, .l.,lly pan,,, in tho Hlale I SUtcr Marie was one of the nuns ' who calmed the 175 terrified chll-1 drcn and led thorn to safety down fire escape. The youngsters were at lunch in the third floor dining room when the fire broke tit. , The toll was highest among the aged women because they were at the top of the building. Old men rr Chnuvin, 60, were taken to t h n l i n n t e l y Frfnrti-Cjinndlfln C n t h o t i p | n n i l children livrd In lower rooms. Balle.y and two other.H were bent- cii up at a Santa l r e niglit club Thursriay night. Thai day tin- New Mexican had printed a mnry.quot- ing clly councilmcn HK charjjlns thnt gambling was going on in Santa K«. Balloy charged club operator Ji mSllvfi with nsHRiHt nnd battery. Sllva filed a almllnr charge nnd n drunk nnd disorderly conduct romplnlnl npn)nnl Rntlt\v, Kioup.H to help f i g h t I n f l n t i o n . And ho nridcd that tho "only hope of n voiding f i n u n e l n l ulunw in this country UOH In locul M i p j i u i l of n foil i -point program atlvoi'alcd by tlio NAM." ' Tho anHOcIallon coiitcndu thai only frea production will bring prices down lo normal. Coopo «airl the "65-cent dnllnr" l.n Ihc } facing Amrrtrnnd. May, A tci-hnlciil Sergeant \vilh i | i - ! l l i c Air Voice, 1ms seen duly in t i e ! .Inpau wheie he "'UN an nln:lult o f , tiininu'nnnco tec.lmlelnn. iiy : pilce.s which liuvu picvjiled in nf (he cities of tin* ntule which luive tliiily pii[iQVH for a | mttny months. Hprcliil Offrr A l l present HI i b«c rlli era or now ·ftibicribors who denim Lo tukc (id- vantage of tho present yearly rato of 57..'»0 can ronow their suttcrlp- lion;, any t lino botwcrn now nnd rmtlmiPil nn- pftge four) " I t l t K A K - t N An iitteinplvd break-In Into a rallroiul rar at the railroad·ymU'j liiht night proved unsitccoMjful WJicn tho attempt wan reported, city iolice Investigated and'found a scat of the citi* dour lmt b^c)i broken. The only cluo found.wft»'a .small nhbc-trkck' n»»r tho ctir. Tho box-car \vna loaded with lyih- ber. . - . . - . .

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