Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 19, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1945
Page 4
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·AGE FOUR Las CrMp§||ifl'Nevn Friday Afternoon January It, II Pahllibcd Uu, cuvpt Saturday-,.... by the U. Cniwi Sim PUdlvblrtf Co., ; Uttc/ed at Lai Crucn wtuifiite a» »ec ·Mews Sunday morning*-. I,ai Crucci, N. M. WAU.AOK P E R R Y . R, B. BOVI,F, ;u, Nrw*Vw"! i Sl.*Cru1iI l Kft"i# CUj", Omll |Jiipi-( Kcj.rcirol , A t l a n t a . The AiMKialed l,t,, i. fncal «·*» (ttitlUheil Aerei TIJUJl'HONK JJ OH J4 IJy rarritr in i mnnth; liy in. fnnnlbt, tf mil J,nt Crucr* ;. i l l in Uoriu At) i. a mom I,; !,y i POUNUKI) IN I«l THE FINGER ON THE PULSE OF THE WORLD Problems Grow as Veterans Return from As the stream of war vett'rahs returning to civilian life rises j to'higher water JeveLs, the veterans administration is discovering problems "by the thousands." Asked to set forth some of the more important ones, VA officials came forth with more "don'ts" than there are in a Mother's Day with a rambunctious youngster. Here arc ;t few, and if you're not a discharged veteran, clip them and give them to one who is. Most of them are elerncn- j tnry but ail are sound. Don't carry your wig in u) 'll«- charge around wlUi yuu. Jt will pet dn^-eared. d i r t y , n n d pojiwihly unreadn-hle. You may lose i t . In cither raKf the red tape Involved jmiy r e s u l t In HUC)I a Hiiiir) '.hat you'll loBi! belief H K you di'wrve, or f v u n worse. Get a ptiotu^tnUr or c e r t i f i e d cr»py (it wouldn't !/·· ft bad idea In £c-t H;veriil at once, If ymi'n- inclined to IK- rareles-i). JSlUier of Ihiiw will :;erve jji nio-sl VHRKH. Pm the original (and every other item nf official HIT vice d a t a .;) In n HiifuLy (lepoull box ·proof »al« or flirting box. ·i vi! u.H(i for It the teal of you liav or n fir You'll h your life. Don't p r u c n i H t l n a t e In finding w h n t t i e n e r i l H you are ontir.e',] to FIN a v e t e r a n . M a n y "f Unw MIMIC- fitH e v e n t u a l l y expire, depending on how m a n y monlliH or years you liFivu been out of Hcrvlei'. Onr-f tlu 1 H l a t u t i - of J l i i i l t a t l i i i i H JIIIH r u n , you urc ilimply mil of lueli. your rijjhl.'i an n velermi us [MOD UK potable (Mid then Itucp I n f o i m - cd on Uii' « t a t 11.4 of all UKIHI- r l t t H In vvlilrh you are J n l e r c H l e i ] . Oon'l tun* off your remljiiKt- IH if it were VH- DATELINE: PACIFIC KWTOIt'K NOTE: Tliln I flr«( eojuirm of u new AT feature, for cvcnjqg [Wi|ii "Dateline: 1'nHfli;"--wrlllc A*FMr.intr(1 PrcKH war com; nicnt iillowanre. c n l l u i i money Y to any time u n t i l two years u f l tin 1 war. JotiH lire nisy to gel 'low. d itmiint!ice u^ntim! I h e v don't runic HO Kim^li! from wnr planiw, wurMlilpK and jungle iHittlrficlilK. AN ADVANCE PACIFIC A I R BASE W)- Ten l.'lth and f i r t h air- forrt! nlrtnon, nhot down during Philippines nild«, roturneil to this base r e m i t l y with a homoric tale if reHnji' )y IHlipino guerrillas. From many pnrts of the island t h e y Wfri: Hjtiritt-d through .!ap- linen to the mountain home of a guerrilla captain, fed ami nlothcrl and t n k r n on )i 20-day h l k r to u .safo .bench from which it'n- C a t a l i n a s were able to pick them up. S t u f f Spt. W I l H n m 11. Mills, Klushinf,*, N, Y., Hole survivor of tine bomber crew, told of cludinj,' .Inp JAP PRISONER It may I a period viutllv, nd* yo ' n'l h; s l i f t e r Hie crawl i !«n «el il u p j b y hiding In-hind rishnet jilHnjpi. lie was l a k r i i anhore by 20 n a t i v e s and cm.'orte.d to the guerrilla rap- j t a i n . Ifln m u l e they ptusHOd a Jap- |amM' a i r f i e l d and w a t c h e d A m e r l | ran J*-;i8'R Htrafe, U, The natlven j e i i i M - r e d wildy. ! Once, lo crows ii mad 1lilcl ( w l l h Japune.-ie t r a f f i r , the unlives cover; e , | Mil!« w i l h m u d . dri-H'd h i m in ; ra^s. p u t htm alop a carahuo. The niiiM|uenide worked. Kit route, the M i o u p captured I wo .Japanese p i l n l H . On the t r a i l I hey came upon a wrecked U. S. navy Hellcat f i g h t e r plane. The KIIII.H had been ranovcd, Jn a m-arl.iy town natives Mills t h a t , to c o u n t e r Jap of the t o w n , I wo navy a l r - ·e lit, c e r t a i n l y i i b n u t \ v h n l \' ilo In Jlfe, jicxlej'.t U)e lien nffered under the ( Rl(;hU for fuvlJl'T i!iluciitn ' vocational I raining. There'* »ln l u l l * of l l n i l l a l i o i i H on · pa»«i-d pv«r for a job t h a t In ten p o r a r l l i y r c m u n e r a t l ' (ml e q u i p ,yuu lo Uk,i: in the f u t u r e . | i n « « --MJHCO rnsuc^l had h rnn't purmubT your i m l l n n a l | Uie Klllplnos act up the (TUNS. They flervlce life inauruncn for -a»li | «hnl down two H t r n f l n j * Jap planen Even If you arc [ilneheil and iee|; ln-foro oxpemllnt* Die n i u n n i n i t i o n . !-ad Iti | IVIer Gjerl.son. Lisbon. N. D.. I- Jiiay I tyld of the Mwiirrs and mirvivora . 1. ! 1ml w l l l l t u l d u(Jvanln(;i'8 en luivcn. II that money on the h u r r e l - t morr I m p o r t a n t now, Uii- enint 1 when you can ni'Vi-i j^ei Hint [ f i n d i n g a I f l n d of I t i H i i r a n r e 'ovcnir,r i i ^ n l n . \ Imniln't' For t h e BIIUIV rca/ain. dun't ^cl it lajine, Don't f a i l In n o t i f y VA J r i u i n - d i a t c l y of l-pi-j]ilfi]i-y .u- miiril.'il MlaliiK. U m l r r iniiliy nl cliailf,M'K, you may di-Mrm- i n u r e h e n e f l l H t h a n ynu a r e ri'n'ivinj;, J l Mi.shed, btirned Aiiicrlnin to the g u e r r i Cruz Gtin-iu, jr.. above, still IH "well,' though most of tin- lime n i n i T the fall of Dutimn and C'urrc^idor has spent in a a Jajmm'.se prison camp, lie writes his f a t h e r , Cruz U n r e i n , K r . . ' former pence juMk-e here, on u postcard received from him yesterday. It was the first time his f a m i l y hen; had heard from S^l. Garcia In more than a year. It was many months a f t e r the Philippines fell before tlin f a m i l y Knew Unit lit- had been taken prisoner. you i l c H r i v c II-HH, f u l l u r r . t o n o h f y w i l l D i m p l y vxpo;ic you to duiiblc- troulilc \\-in-n you lire 1'omnt 'Hi, ·lon't in- in n I.JK hurry to b u i - r(jw moiu-y for a JUDIH-, l a t i n , buts- lii^wi. iir itnyUilng I'lwc u n d e r the O. I. Hill of Itjghlii Joan iUlpnla- lionii. Hempmbi-r M i n t t h i n l.i it Inun nnd IHIM to be paid h a r k Toil may lie Minm-inj; your dmiRit i n t o ft Well. JpHAPARRAL (C'uitimie,! irom page 1) nnd n !HK ])"itliin ol the tninint'iis b u l U l l n ^ ^ f i t hit,, !· j i i c t u n . l:t il too late lo nature M a i n fltreel? Wi.uUI II rout too imich to rhnnge linwc Ironlj* h«rk torvioin'- thiiiK of t l n ' i i .iriKim*! fippt'ni'tttiei 1 " Would tl In- to CM H 't\B!ve l( ^ (il1 l l l '» and recapture Uie e4ty'« lilrtJi- t l f i h l ? N.M. Soldiers In 'Lost Battalion' hi Jitp-lHd terri- t o r y , b u t t h e y wailed u n t i l nightfall, removal the Imdlew of two Amei'U-an a i r m e n , ami ^ave t h e m m i l i t a r y bin la] ht'Cnre resuming nmrvli. "They Ju-l^J t h e f u n e r a l tn a di'Ufcle uf rain," *atd (ijertaon. "They evtin Huimded taps.' This p a r t y al«o piuiHed the wrroked Heik'iil, One A m e r i c a n w l l h an injured foot bad lusi o n e , »hoe. The :iatlvcn. uHliig litiluK | '' (;l(K ' (! w l t l 1 wippllca and am- haeked off a s t r i p of rubber from i »""iUon. t h e b a t t a l i o n had to fight the phuic'.H wheel nnd fashioned htm a pair of Hhr.ea. They observed ThanksgivinK " Uu- t r a i l . . ! ti ( cent inued from page 1 ) Hlf lit-himl Mie enemy al Ormo his cli'fe.HMe Hue. i the enemy and torluoiia ntijinilaln j t t - r r a i n for four days to roarJi the : road. A f t e r '2\ )inurs without fowl, men fought savasely to t a k e Gorman a v i a t o r s , l i m t n i c t l i t K i l I f t m l n i l l i » K helKht.t. Then they ate Japum-se fliers almoat cost S^l rliv f r o m t h ! P |U:lts (lf dml J n P- Uk'himl Heard Ft. Scott, Kan., a n i ' K t ' !in ! strippt-d the hearts from h l H t i f o . H i - p a n u ' l m t c d i U K l w h e n h e ' ] " 1 1 " 1 tm ' s - An ll;: * lril P I'l'ovtQcd luntli-d b e a i d .-.everul rllle ahola i " l " l '" l ' ti(1 ' 1 (1 f n m(ial P«' r »"*n. He hplU his bands a l n f t in aur- TM ( 'v I'stiililisliwl the rmut block i-endi-r, and an old woman fltnoli- a u i lu ' KI i l f o r l m i r ll " ys »Jf i t ! n s l InK n r ^ a r ran o u t . saw be was «·»'»!' t:i»U«. t n i e k s cobimns, a r t i - nn A m e r i c a n embrae.-d ami K K s - i Mt ' r - v t ! r i ' !uui f " I 1 1 l t i ( ' l l l ''barges. i-cJ him pi'ofuacly. ! » ' » » n l « t o u ^ b t lor food liopl"'l "Slu 1 explained they t h o u g h t 1 WIIH n CitTnuin pilot," . Thoy ntiiin The com. mi|;ht tie iM'iivy, but jt j inl^ht pity dividends f o i e v e r , j H a n l a i-'e f u r yearn hdj* inadt- it ; pay. i + + + I W i t h t h e i-lly. tlii' v n l l f - y . Old /-'mi /{mi//s of '1 by i t i r n l i i n i ' M ni'itr t b o cni'lny f o u g h t lor water from n mi .stri-iini. To iMiwrvi- tbi'lr 'Iwiiull- in^ a m m u n i t i o n , tin 1 mi'ii won 1 onli-ivil t n i l r o only u-hiMl tlu-y n i ' l i i n l l y t i t i i l d .11-!' tbi'li- tar^ft.s. Mm \viTi- (·ontlimoiisly w o t . I'Vi't lii'pui to swell ll'UI "Jungk' l o t " ilrvflupi'd. Pyni'iiU'i-y nnd s t o t n a r h trouble* \\ eiiki'ili'd ninny. Hut Ilicy HunK uoKKi'illy tn tlu' 1 v i t a l s u p p l y road four (tny.'i. l: a n u t l i o r I - ; H J - rmr. J T U A N N. JAUI.IN jmrvtllly on t h e In i n k of a |;rcat 4ftllt Infiuilr.v DUMim jwit-wnr devcloiMt.ent, tt f l t .fj n s Jf WITH TJIK ' 4Ath INl-'AXTRY : tli.Ui in to be Uoiie U must |v UtUM 1 1UV1S1ON OF Tllfc SKVKNTII 'lltw. Mmv. Ixforr \\wrv IIHB been I AJWY IN O K I l M A J ^ Y ( R y M a t l t f u r t h e r buHincM r t nn r x n a i i H i . m . ] W h i l e b u » l l y ilodKliin enemy I've no qailirel wiUl tin- £rniitil | »[w\}* ill a m-wly llbci'illeil v t l l u K C buil.lln« mati'riMl« "it's tlui n . - n t s i in Krauoe a few weeks am*. M u - t h a t litlk. i j , , r .Uwph W. l.«\ve, of LH.S CTu- A n d an expert t i ' l l n me wn-li re- | et-.s. New Mt-\l.-n. L l o u t . I v a n K. I r i B l i t 8iiiidnilKi oi Me(J»h«ysvllle, Va . ."»· Ux 1 a n i l dipt, K l n i r r S. pickutl. were _, * * * ({itrted, tn Kntflkh, by n nwcrt ! - . _. . _-.. Worth t l u i i K i i i f ; iibout. W*.rih Utib- old who op«ncd h e r ; Solon ProlOSi HlkOS ; «bou( (»r '!" ymi t l n n k n»f iio,tr l i r t w n a r t i l l e r y btirsUi Itrqiitrr Manxitiioir Cilvpi Icii rutlrstv «n m i l k [or in fXli'llllrll pmliij n.ny drvrloi) Ilillll- nf"lum drlli'loncy w l n r l i will ri'sull In convuUiuni. iitutlrnlutri mid dt-Blh. In lli« iuMvl»oin nl tonif u n j . m«U. I U r k ol iiifflclint Iodine ouin siini'i ,, wrll , hlrlti5. nv,i xnd other Itlniurinnlllit,. A de- flclenc^ of mnniiinfifv II one of the MUSOI i.l pttotli or lllp|rd tnuton In |to»'ii| cinrki n,J poulu. block acros.s u n t i l m-den-d The r e t i r e m e n t tt I'nur days ;-f 'IjjIitinR. When t h e battered b a t t a l i o n f i i u i l l y n-tu hod the n u i i n A m f f i i - a n f.H-i'i's. i t s caMimllie.s WITP 10 pel- cent Hilb-d or witiimfed H lui.i c"iintt\i (Htt) dead' ami many u n d o u b t e d l y weiv piilli'd I n q i M r f i l : "Wluits t h e u n y i i K M - t - r They ]llSl W M f , " A»d tv M - y e n i - Thonw* F. A n t o r i V n n s y l r n t i i u . n L-ariylnf; n pull of water he tripped AIM spilled It. exclaiming a la Cl *lun«: "Oh. my nchhm back!". Politely. (b«- K t r l ukml in perfect G n K l i R h : "In there Numrthme. \vivnt; \\itn 'v*ur litu-k" .Beans Support Price nintti'i ·? Don't I W A S H I N G T O N , .Inn. Ill l.T cood M o r n l i i K " , T h i ' 1W4A slipporl priee f u r i n i i l n -lid dlirlllK the ! brims hn» l i e r n sel lit SS.7S |ii-r hundred pounds, War KmiU Ad- Id R l t l KIIV.' I'vt. I n i l n i s t r n l o r M a r v i n Jones l i i f o i m o i l . l I'biUididiilila. I c o l o i a d o While j grriisntrn. The HK\U d M e \ i i on- Is "ft li»44 price, but M lev'fl f i m t (WOiHyti iy the W P A . Tile eollftrcjwme ' ei'nta below t h e eenUs above the st tor this yenr n hsd proti'sii'd ' JS.40 floor. Legal Notices IN THE FBOBATE COURT FOR DONA ANA COUNTY, NEW MKXICO In the Matter of the Last Will and Testament of GEORGETTA E. GATTON, Deceased. No. 3319 NOTICE To G E O R G I A M. ISLES. FRANKIE E. TALBOTT and FRED W. GATTON and to all unknown heirs of said decedent and all persons claiming a lien upon or any right, title or interest in ·r lo the estate of the decedent: You nnd each of you are hereby notified that nt 10 o'clock A. M. on the 22nd day of February, 194. r , nt the Probate Court room in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Probate Court will proceed to hear the f i n a l report'of the executors, and any objections thereto, to de-! tcrminc the heirship of GEORGETTA E. GATTON, Deceased, the ownership of said estate and the j interest of each respective elaim- | unt thereto and therein and t h e ; persons entitled to the distribution! theieof. You arc hereby notified t h a t the name and addrcr" of 'i-o T7 '-- ecutor's attorney Is EDWIN MECHEM, Post Office Box Gl), Las Cruces, New Mexico. WITNESS: The Honorable ALB I N O APODACA, Judge of the Probatf Court for Dona A n n County, New Mexico, and the .seal of sakl Court this l l t h day of January. l!)45. ADELA GON/ALES, ( S E A L ) Probale Clerk. Jan. 12. 19.20, Feb. 2- 45 NOTICE OF PROBATING WILL In the m a t t e r of the Inst. will and testament of SPIVA L. NEA- TIlEttLIN, Derca.soil, in tile Probate Court of Dona Ann County, Nrw Mexico, to: M A H E L NEA- THERL1N WINKRKP NEA- THKRLIN! REDEL WEATHER* LIN, DOROTHY NEATHICRLIN, MARY ELIZAHETH SHANNON, nnd 1KMA N K A T H K R L I X : NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN and lo all whom It may concern, t h a t the last will niul testament of SPIVA L. N E A T H E R L 1 N , Deceased, was on the l l t h day of January, liMS, produced before the Clerk if the Prubate d m r t of miM county, opened, read, ainl liled by the clerk of said Court, and that the 10th day of February, 1!)45, nt ten t h i r t y o'clock A. M., has boon f i x e d as the day for proving said liutt will and testamt'nt. Any persons objecting tu the proving- of said w i l l a i e n o t i f i e d to prosont the sumo to the said Court on or before .said d a t e anil slunv cause, if any they have, why .viid w i l l j shall not be a d m i t l e d to probate, j WITNKSS my h n n d ami .seal of i s;ilil Court at Las Cnii'ea, N e w ) Mexico Hits 1Kb day oi January, [ li'-lft, j ADKLA CiONZALGS, ; ( S K A L l Clerk or Probate Court. Jan. 12. 19. '^6. Fob. '2 -4ft. Militer Mnlarln Vivnx m t t l a r i n , wliicb is ihp most common l.vpc, very riireiy persists fur more tliim ope to twn years, nnci three .vo;irs is the in.iximum lime, when the disease Is properly tri'nted ¥ Lieut. Cul. Kr;;tu-i-; H, Hieu- Hide, moiiicnl corps. clmf of the li-DpU'ul disease tri'iilnirnt brniu-h of ihe medicine division, s,iui. There also Is no evidence to ni)'|nirt (tie fenr ttuu tlu- iliseasi- leaves ;uiy per- tumifiit ilattinj-o in Us victims. Nametl alter the specu-s uf m n l a r l n (.uirasilp which causes the mild fonn of the dlsoase. vivnx m;il;ria rarely cnti'vx death, Its nitm-ks »f chills and fever orcur every oilier day. Try tin*i to grt It In Crne«.t: ROME SOLONS ABE JEALOUS · TOPEKA, Kans., Jan. 19 WPI-- The Kansas house of representatives Killed a bill that would raise the pay of doorkeepers and janitors at the legislature to $4 a day, $1 more than that paid house members. U.S. Siiperforls RipJaj)War Plant Areas (Conttnued from page 1) them. Before dawn all was quiet.' Hardly a houss was left standing; aa the infantrymen moved through to find twisted and mangled Japanese bodies, but not a live enemy soldier. The remainder of the Japanese garrison likely was pumied'.^outh- wcstward during- the night. Capture of Urdaneta will enable Uie sixth army's right wing to start rolling southward again after 48 hours nf mirking Urn? waiting for the left wing to catch up. After bringing up equipment, this right wing took Panfqui on Wednesday to consolidate com- njand of two western h i g h \ a leading toward Manila, 79 road miles to the "outh. I Airmen Opn New Field MacArthur's already overwhelming war machine on northern Lu- 2on rfined additional striking power Wednesday when far east air force fighter places begaji operating off the Lingayen airfield, which was captured within a half hour of the Jan. 9 invasion. This meant American land-based planes were flying from a Luzon base for UK first time in more than three years, Associated Press Correspondent Fred Hampson said .several hundred fighters, including Lightn- ings of the "Dirty Dozen" squadron which has been knocking down the enemy all the way from Guadalcanal, were poised on the new airdrome only 350 miles south of Formosa. . On the north end of the 50-mile beachhead the .sixth army was moving northward from Damortis toward Agoo and was pressing eastward toward Rosarlo against stiffcr opposition along a mountain road leading to-Baguio, summer capital of the Philippines. FIfi't Btnnbanls Itosario Today the Americans, were re- WHEN JAPS LANDED LUZOh V forci Announcement Jan. 9 by Gen. Douglas Mac"A:rthar that American I invaded Luzon. Uie largest ,p{ tJie'.Philippine islands. puts into historic focus this Japanese, photo made Dec. .24, , of Gen. Homma, 'commander of the Jap Philippine expeditionary force, stepping ashore on Luzon at Santiago in Lingayen gulf -- tha body of water which bore the Yank invasion attack, (AP.WirephotJf yrom navy) ported on the outskirts of Rosario, around which the Japanese have battled stubbornly and skillfully for four days. Seventh .fleet guns bombarded Japanese positions and installations -in the town. American planes raked Japanese rnnmiunications .supply areas and airdromes throughout Luzon, and night reconnaissance bombers returned to Formosa to bomb the Okayama airdrome and Tokyo seaplane base on the southwest coast. First try to get it in Graces. Passenger Trains Cut for War Loads WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 UP) The office of defense transportJ tion has directetj railroads to diJ continue passenger service irrnnel diately "wherever,required" to asl sure 'the mpyerilen't of war freight ODT Director"J. Monroe JohJ son said the railroads were current ly suffering jfiiin severe weaUie 1 conditions, but that he hoped thi situation would be cleared shortly^ *. ' : - . J Save.,tires, gas; shop In Cmc« AGAINST INFANTILE FABALYSIS WHY NOT DANCE, SO OTHERS CAN WALK? LAS CRUCES ARMORY SATURDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 27TH, 1945 M U S I C B Y T H E S T A R D U S T E R S 9:00 p.m. lo 12 Admission $1,20, lax included Service Men 75c, tax included

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