Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 20, 1962 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1962
Page 22
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- Fagf 22 GREELE Y TRIBUNE Thure, Det. 20, 1962 iYour Holiday Eggnog Pie tan Be Made Ahead Now I- By CECILY BROWNSTONE ,tive pie recipe for vour delecta- AcCM*lt*jl Dr... C_^J t^J'A i. * "«* Pr«» Food Editor jtion. Take a load off you mind, you EGGNOG CHIFFON PIE holiday cooks. Not all delicate 1 2 enve 'opes unfavored gelatin desserts need to be prepared* CUp ; The day before Christmas ori stiff * New ..Year's Day, you can make Brazil Nut Chocolate Crust ;up ; tii:EggiK)g Chiffon Pie. let it Ho!ida y Garnish -repose,' overnight in the refriger- Cator.'and offer it as one of the ".desserts at your festive holiday .:. dinner. We tried out this over- J night stay, and found the dessert 'stood up beautifully. Our only · last-minute touch was to add the · garnish. ; Eggnog desserts, in chiffon-pie · or .molded form, are being served · increasingly at holiday time. -When today's small fry are old -enough to have their own Christ- tmas and New Year's Day dinners ^to prepare, the desserts may have ^become one of Ye Olde Traditions. j^Why this popularity? Our guess ·-is that the non-alcoholic bottled .eggnog, now widely available, ac*counts for this trend. It's so easy Mo use the eggnog in a delightful «-dessert. '- No pastry-making necessary ;-for our Eggnog Chiffon Pie. This ·-year we had a bright idea. Why Ijiot take a standard Brazil nut "crust (made with the ground nuts ;and sugar) and add some mor- -sels of semi-sweet chocolate to ".it for additional delicious flavor? tNo sooner said than tried, and ap- *wilh we give you the whole fes In the top of a double boiler, stir together the gelatin and sugar; stir in 1 cup of the eggnog. 3ook and stir constantly over boiling water until gelatin is dissolved. Remove from heat; stir in remaining eggnog. Chill until hickened but not set Beat until luffy and uniform in textui 'old in whipped crtam. Chill . few minutes until a little of the mixture mounds when lifted and dropped back with a spoon. Turn into Brazil Nut Chocolate Crust, -hill until set. Cover and refrigerate-overnight, if you likc- until serving time. BRAZIL NUT CHOCOLATE CRUST cup finely ground Brazil nuts 2 tablespoons sugar 4 cup chopped semi-sweet chocolate pieces In a 10-inch size President TO Fat Turkeys Display Lean Lead Kennedy PriceTagsThlsWeekend , i^inn. j'eru f AP--The gotein- inent has declared the work ^op- page at the U.S.-owned Ccrro d« · 7 THE ASSOCSATED PRESS .many stores after a large crop .I*"TM mines illegal and warned . ., _. ! Fat turkeys with lean price Mushrooms ate relatively low.;12.«00 strikers to return within 48 I n f l l l V IA rla ' U 8 S ^ a * clcume supermarket : and other vegetables in good sup-] 11 """ or face toss of their jobs. El 11 III A IV I IQ i i feature this, weekend as house-! ply for the special dinner include! The strike was called when the ' ives do their Christmas dinner'artichokes, yams and head let- workers rejected an per cent lopping. tu.ce. .wage increase set by a govern- By FRANCES LEYVINE s-hopping. Prices aren't quite as low as tuce. Basic ii* i I A n ( v a President leads an influx of Ken-. 4 ' st KI- ( A P I Tt,» 1Tlces aren ' ! u ' te as low as B3S1C «g« al)1 «s reasonably n ( v last Christmas' record bat heavv priced include potatoes, brocolli, n influx of Ken-. 4 , . , , · . .. . , '. vegetables reasonably jment board and demanded * 20 per cent pay raise. T11E llAGUE-Dutch candy Is glass pie plate WA inches inside diameter and iy» inches deep), ,,_.,,,,, Ufcu( . ui , u nawtcu wiui i laulc- mix together the nuts, sugar and spoon confectioners sugar and chocolate. Press mixeture with It teaspoon vanilla. Garnish the back of a tablespoon against cream with dried drained mara- the bottom of a 9-inch size pie schino cherries, bits of angelica : , . , . . · -r of plate; or press in place with and Brazil nut chips. To make the ,pl uded by our asters. Here- the attorn of a 9-inch size pie chips, in a small saucepan cove · W i t h WP Oil/fr Vftll tin. Ulhnln fop nlnl. D-l :_ _ _1 ,« . . . . . . . v ^ « » V I EGGNOG PIE -- A chiffon filling has a holiday-wreath garnish of whipped cream, cherries, angelica and Brazil nut chips. grees) oven for 15 minutes. Re- water; bring slowly to a boil, move from oven; cool before add- simmer 5 minutes. Drain; at once ing eggnog filling. thinly slice nuts lengthwise Toast in a moderate (350 degrees) oven, about 10 minutes, watching They have rented private homes vithin a block of the oceanfront HOLIDAY GARNISH Just before serving, top pie heatproof with a circle of whipped cream: I so as not to scorch. cup heavy cream beaten until stiff and flavored with 1 table- r ,_ vu^fnj) 4M u ..iiiiuii aauicfjau tuvcl plat*. Bake in a slow (300 de-8 shelled Brazil nuts with cold 815 10th St. Greeley, Colo. Phone 353-0204 TOY STOCK Reduced ** ··Some Items up to THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY-MONDAY 'Stuffed Animali »Reg. 2.95 IK, J£Toy Poodles »Eeg. 2.98 TMiuical Bujpipe -Reg. 2.49 ^Airport Kit JReg. 7.98 Gl 1.47 1.49 1.25 3.99 d Race, battery, . 7.98 _ ^-Erector Set jReg. 9.95 £or. and Nurte Kit JReg. 98c 49c Diih With Set Reg. 89n Hone'Raci Q«m« Reg. 6.98 Party Doll Reg. 8.98 Alpine Expre.. Reg. 3.98 Dres.ed Panda Reg. 4.39 Dew Drop Doll Reg. 4.95 Double Holiter Set Reg. 3.98 45c 2.99 4.49 1.99 2,19 2.48 1.99 Eldon Dump Truck Reg. 3.49 Stuffed Toy. Reg. 1.95 Tool Set Rfig. 2.49 Mattel Fanner Gun Reg. 2.98 Talk To Cecil Reg. 4.98 Klssy Doll Reg. 13.99 Swivel Trlke, 16-ln. Reg. 16.98 1.75 98c 1.25 1.49 2.49 7.00 8,49 Notes From Hollywood HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Doris Daj jnd Warren Beatty had the doubt ull distinction Wednesday of being abbed Hollywood's most unco iperative acting pair in 1962. They were named winners o he Hollywood women's press club's sour apple awards Tues day. Winners of golden apples most cooperative actor and ac tress were Dick Chamberlain, tel cvision's Dr. Kildare, and Conni Stevens, formerly star of th ·Hawaiian Eye" TV series. HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Actor-pro ducer Dick Powell is hi sever pain from a cancer that apparent y has spread to his lower back lis physician says. Dr. John C. Sharpe said Tues day that Powell, 57, is under a most continuous sedation. Dr. Sharp said the malignancy although not detectable by X-ray apparently has sprcsd to Powell lower back. The physician said cobalt treat ments have practically cleared u cancer in Powell's lymph glanii and upper right chest cavity where it was first discovered. Powell entered a hospital Nov. 27. for treatment of what was then believed to be a muscle spasm resulting from a heavy cold. Powell revealed last October that he was suffering from cancer. 'n the Midwest, prires are run- ni " g aboul * lo * cents a jand tomatoes. Fruit prices are also beginning to feel the effect of the Florida SKI HEADQUARTERS !nedvs"'"arr\ine' 1 '' "rYdav" 'T""i s ' ora S e stocks and another large;cabbage, carrots and onions. 0 jcrop have kept prices at bargain! Prices have begun to climb ooj ^^ HAGUE--Dutch candy Is ilevel. SIJllle of the more tcndw vege-itaking over the market in Franc*. The weatherman promUes an! '»'he New York area, for ex-jtables caught by the Florida · nd to the chiU that hit this pabv^'^.f^'^'VV*?-^"- *** mdude ^ ringed, tropical resort last week. mg 10 to 16 .^° md blrds at W. S »W"»TM. PCPP««. cucumbers emperaturi's in the- 80s are fore-; ast. President Kennedy is expected n late afternoon, flying into West Palm Beach International Airport y jet from his Bahamas meet- tigs with British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. The President's family will be, own in force. Three of his sisters: and members of their families ire scheduled to fly in Thursday, are scheduled to fly in Thursday For those who lean to smaller weather, but most markets «~ poultry, baking hens, roasting! 0 "" the makings for festive fruitj chickens, ducks and geese are'bowls at reasonable prices. At-i tractions include oranges, apples,, limes, avocadocs, grapes and] widely featured. Many markets are also featur- jing smoked hams for the holidays. I One chain is quoting them at 39 cents a pound for butt ends in its! R n A » 7 A V n , v r u j ,, New York outlets. ! BRAi7M ILLE - Cold storage Other erected in the S A R G E N T SHOP 1011 Ith Avt. Ph. SS3-4M7 The winter vacation ...... jcents a pound, round roasts and mine sjr | oin ^j p 0rtcr j louse louse is all ready for the Presi- lent with special communica- ions installed at the home of C. ilichael Paul, the lush estate overlooking the Atlantic where he President spent last Christmas too. Mrs. John F. Kennedy and the Am °° g . S "* dls . ll . . -·hildren. Caroline, 5, and John cranber TM« "« sa '« P r "«l Ir., 2, have been here since Friday, enjoying the sunshine and warming weather. The Kennedys will observe Christmas this year in a far happier atmosphere than in 1961. vhen the President 1 ! father suf- ered a stroke and was hospital- zed. He is reported making continuing gains in the slow process of rehabilitation. Aside from the elder Kennedys and the President's immediate pork attractions include chops, loins, sail WIT,,, TAKE REAL BREAD! [arnily. only actor Peter Ijiwford, a brother-in-law, has been among the early arrivals. Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy, youngest brother of the President and recently elected senator from Massachusetts, a r r i v e d Wednesday night. Due on Friday, just about the same time as the President, is Lawford's wife, Patricia Kennedy Lawford, and two other Kennedy sisters, Eunice Shriver and Jean Smith, along with their husbands, Peace Corps Director Sargent Shriver and Stephen Smith, who now runs some of Jowph Kennedy's business interests in New York City. They're bringing their children, a bevy of playmates for Caroline and little John. .,, _ PARIS-The French now buy lands M per cent of their cars abroad. Holiday company coming to call? Buy It At Your Favorite Merchants USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS ^ « « ^ ^ ^ M M w ^ · ^ H H i i i i i M M m M B B i i i i i H w^c i n c iFsiDvuE nnni «ua ^KWKWIEIKAUl.^^ I STOLL'S Food Market Mor-Valu Stamps Open Mon., Frl. and Sat., 9:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M. Tu«... Wed., Thur... 9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M. North llth Avenue Christmas Gifts that warm the Hearth ...with color For distinctive Christmos gifts to warm the heart as well as the hearth, see our complete selection of fireplace screens and accessories. Available in 17 frame finishes and 9 mesh curtain finishes. .. Mnuwreen to. 501-T. ,, ,, ,,,,. oft with block or broii lini.h.d cvrloin. Eoiily'ond if'tklr oll«h«d H your firsplote. No holtl M «"ll. Adjutlt to lit your fireplm«. Variety ol (in. nk«. Standard Moileritri.n IHi lir.plo« optn. I 24 lo 30" high onrJ M" (o 40" wide. $00.00 4 nratt Ko. 2012. »«.. T W.I, Irodilionol liritil in g'* 0 ' 71 ' 1 *? polliKtrf br*tt. Addi a not* of Ivxvry le any htarfc. Shortl, poktr, bruih and ilond. 29%" high F«iet H«. $78. Four- block finlth oddi |k« modtrn touch. S»l ja- cludct ihoT*l, poktr, brvih and tland wilh poliihcd broti fip. 28^hI 9 h ' ' Mlttmmtn No. 575. Popular ,cr..n in block ond broil leoluni tolin black wrought iron frorr.e with tolid bran lop bar and trim. Beauli- fin yc.ur,lir«ploc. wilh lmO rl. good loite. Sfonji. ord iit«, 38 wide » 31" high. look for this tag Holsum Pure GRAPE JAM 2 Lb.Jar Delicious Assorted Flavors JELLY Dixie Belle FIG BARS 2 Pound Hox 39c Purple Plums J a* $| ·f cans | COFFEE Reg., Drip CORN 9 303 $-1 cans I lit. 44Z. AD.OCI . ttorolll your h»e,th. .l,,p, »,,,,,( b a nd,~ a . Ill* (irt. Sturdy lir,iih ,«,!,), .,,,, ctioin e( boiltl lini,h, with blok hor,dl onH 1^,1 li"« II" CLOUGH'S INC. Pinn Pi irrti11 irn ^ii-\rrt 1 QH4 KRAFT VELVEETA 2179c CHEESE SPREAD Cudahy's Wickiow BACON 8th Avenue Swift CHICKEN and DUMPLINGS Heat nnd Knl Curtist CARAMELS 6 Flavor Assortment Louis Altbergers WIENERS ft Lb. Poly Bag Always A Welcome Gift Washington Extra Fancy API'LES. 113 Size '. Ideal To Give SimkiKl, 72 Size, California OKANCES ___. Danjou PEAKS Arizona YAMS Snow W h i l e PARSNIPS Green or Ktd t'AIWAGK l)ox :KAN»EHRIES_ ONIONS Yellow, larjrc ".8. No. 1 Kcdfl POTATOES · 1 I-h. Cello ---- 3 I G l b s 4.98 3.98 n, 29c iiis. /DC Sc Sc 19c lOc 39c lh». Complete Line NUTS and CANDIES CHRISTMAS TREES - All Sizes Tree Lot Open Sundays *^TM^^"^'·^'^^···········i SHURFINE SALAD DRESSING 39c

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