Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 14, 1961 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1961
Page 16
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F-»ge 16 GREELEY Nov. U, 1961 Dr. John Furbay to Speak Nov. 18 To Greeley Knife and Fork Club Dr.' John Furbay, director ol Air World Education in 28 countries (or TWA, a job which takes him flying over sonic quarter ol » million miles annually will speak on "Wings Over the World" lu members of the Greeley Knife an,i Fork Club when they assemble loi 6:30 o'clock dinner meeting Saturday at the Greeley Community Building. Dr. Furbay, a lop aviation ol- licer, and a man who lias traveled more al the world than all of Ihe explorers of History combined, brings the divcrso and confusing elements of the modern world into i clear and forceful picture, His global air-commuting gives him the rarest opportunities to sec the ripidly developing pattern of a Dew world pidure. His various activities and contributions to aviation earned hlr the awnrd as. "Man of the Yea in Aviation for 1955," He receive the "Oscar," symbolic of recognilion, from President Eisei hower at a mammoth dinner i W»shinglon on the anniversary i the Wright Brothers' histor flight.. Opening Hour Special Wed., Nuv.-.lo, 9 a.m. Irorilng board pad and cover ieti . · · EQ- going at _.. ..... «"C During our- Floor Sample Clove put Sale at the Colorado Furniture Co. 125 8th Ave.,rQreeley Dr. -Win Furbiy One of the best educated speak' Guide to Rooks SHERIDAN IN THE SHENANDOAH. By Edward J. Stackpole. The Stackpole Co. In Ihe summer of 1864, when llobort E. Leo found himself up against a foe o( unaccustomed tenacity in U. S. Grant, he at- lemplcd a tactic of diversion. Ho sent Jubal Early, a canlankerius bill capable general, whooping through Hie Shenandoah Valley, seeking (hereby to draw strength (rom Grant's army and case the pressure on his own Army of Northern Virginia."-' The initial success was spec ijlaeular. In a brilliant raid, Early led his troops to tlw outer fortifications of Washington, confounded and confused the .forces sent agamst him. A few months later, £art of- Early's command stabbed into Pennsylvania anc burned Chambersbnrg.' l/jng-range results · were not so happy for Ihe Confederacy Union forces, which had been crs on Ihe American circuit, he wlds a doctor's degree in phi- .osophy from Yale, is an autlwr of no!e, a Fellow of Ihe Royal Geographic Society, London, and of ';he Royal Anlhropologicol In- stilute. ' Iri 1955 and' again last year, Dr. Kurbay was guest lecturer at tlie Iiilcrnalional Seminar.'- Geneva Switzerland. Busy on" his job with TWA, he also was Ihe cons'ultani on Disney's film on aviulion. In constant demand by lele vision. Dr. Furbay appears wilh almost clocklikc regularity on variety of network programs anc is scheduled for. further appear m ccs. Presently he is writing a book to be printed by Prentice Hall ciililled, "the Global Conccpl Takes the Stage." · Canes . · Crutches Folding Wheel Chairs ·$110 and up Folding Walkers §100 -$118 Rental: 510 per month · Bed Tables · Commodes Vofuv6^rC^_ ft TYrescription v PHARMACY 81! N I N T H S T G R E E L E Y , . C O L O . rustralect and dispersed by con- licls of authority and responsibility, were brought under one command. And that command was placed in Ihc hands of Philip H Sheridan, who had woii laurels as a leader' of infantry in the West and had 'rejuvenated the cavalry in the Army of the Potomac. He took his. time- in moving but when lie did, he mov ed with vigor arid assurance. Ear ly's forces were annihilated an the Stie'nandoali Valley was de stroyed as a Confederate gran ary. 'Sheridan in Ihe Slicnando'ah' is the. story of-Iliat last; Valley campaign. I t : is another in the series · of Civil War campaign studies by .Stackpole, which ;o say il is written with the clar ity which'appeals 16 (he genera reader, 'and with the insight whicl appeals to the Civil ^Yar schol ar. And, glory be, there are map: aplenty, and good ones. .. Robert D. Price rom ^_S*felotAf »y HELOISE CRUSE )ear Heloise: . ' . . , Tb« grandest thing I have is my child's litlle toy carpel sweeper. sweep up crumbs from the carpel under the dining table, Saves etling Ihe big one out. This is my "silent butler." If you use a azor blade, lo slice off the end of your lipstick lube diagonally, it will give you a very sharp outline when applied. 11 seems lo fill out wse minute wrinkles and cracks around your lips. 1 put Ihe dis arded lipstick ends in a small ar and use them with my lip irush. · ' For those who are tired of canned and frozen biscuits . . . bake 'our own. 1 make a large batch at a time and bakeAhem unlil slightly underdone. 1 do not let he tops gel brown. I then separate them and pul lie desired number for each meal in foil and freeze. When ready for ISP. I bake in the same foil so ! old back the lop of the foil so the tops will get brown. Bake as usual. M.L. Mamie's 65th Birthday AUGUSTA, Ga.: (AP)-Gen. an Mrs. 'Dwighl D. Eisenhower pro pared lo.celebrate Mrs. Eisen hower's 65lh birthday Tuesday. Tlie former president and hi wife are spending a 10-day I three-week vacation at "Mamie* Cottage," a plush ; bouse on Ih edge of the Augusta Nationa Golf Club course. ATHENS -- The Agricullura Bank of Greece will buy R.DOO metric Ions of crystalline coppe sulfale estimated at 51,600,000. Dear Heloise: Whal is Ihe funniest letter you lav? ever gotten? And how old did Barbara Duck 'was installed as president of the Greeley Stitch and Stir 4-H Club in a candlelight ceremony last- week at the home of Mildred Littleton at 1515 8th Ave. Other new officers'lnsfalled were Janet Comber's, ' vice' president; Connie Combers, -recording secretary; Peggy Fryzek-, correspond ing secretary; Paulette' Anderson treasurer and Pat Garvey, reporter. Miss Garvey conducted the ceremony and presented the new pres ident with IfJSifc'Svhich will be you say you were? I anl very serious. Roberta Gralz * · « Dear Roberta: Some letters aren't printable! I roar with laughter at others. The funniest one I got this week was rom a woman who said she coulc never please her husband as she cither cooked spaghetti loo hare or too soft. Finally she found the answer: " now 1 pick up a piece of spaghetti on a fork, stand back a little bit and throw t at the wall;- If it sticks . . . it's perfect. If it falls .off . . . it ain't done! Needs more cooking!" And, Roberta, people are verj serious and really nX mean such hings. But I don't advocate throw ng spaghetti against the wall for testing. (But we did try it and the woman is right). I am now 42 and get more fun out of this job each day. . Heloise Dear Heloise: Paste wax will remove crayon marks from furniture if the ! vax is applied on a cloth and then wiped off. If Ihe crayon hasn't al disappeared on the first try, re leat. I am sorry I didn't discover this with my first child instead ol my third. This will also work on ename and painted woodwork. I have no Iried this on paneled walls, since so far my artists haven't though' about murals in our den. worn by ea Completi were pr'c: Tom Kerr. : j certificate Keccivini Awards .w Resident, fjcates for 1961 " e" leader, Mrs year Merit ra Buck, Pat PARE You Get All These Conveniences Only In This New 12 % KELVINATOR Compare the Price! $ Z29 95 with trade How Gin K«tv!nator Brine YM SeMuch Vtlue? Because Kelvinator, unlike others doesn't make costly annual mode changes . . . mere "change for chango's -sake." Instead, its Constant Basic Imprvilment program brings you the newest advances just a.i soon as they are t«s(ed nnd approved, giving you plus value! MORE FOR YOUR WONEY! Kelvinator Value Festival BUDGET TERMS Open Evening* Til 8:30 -- Drive Out and Save Greeley Furniture Co 2MO Eight*. Ave. Telephone EL 2-5441 Mrs. Robert Ashley * * * Dear Heloise: If you want to be real fancy when having company: put a few dabs, of cologne on a piece of cot ton and wipe Ihe phone. Thi leaves it free from dust and shiny and it retains a delightful frag ranee. ' · The alcohol in the perfume alsc acts as an antiseptic. Mrs. Janet Millman ty Crawford^|Jria?-Hamlet, Olive Kerr, Marleni? Knipschield, Sandy Knipschield, and Paulette Ander- Girls who earned their sec- nd year 1 awards.'were: Karen atz, Peggy Fryzek, Patricia Garcy, and Demmie Kerr. Pal Grey was top merit award mem- ier with the most points. Girls are irded points throughout the ear for participation in any 4-H ork open to all members'. New 4-.H projects, knitting and lild care I being offered in Weld ounty, were discussed. As a civic project, the club will ccorate a Christmas tree at the nnual Christmas party Dec. 14, ·ith coins in silver paper and mall toys for. a needy family. Peggy Fryzek and Janet Combers ire in charge of the tree. The laity will take place after a short lusincss meting at the home of 'at Garvey al 1717 8lh St. Demmie Kerr, Sally Kerr, Paulette \nderson, Alyce McNeal, Linda Blake and Miss Garvey are in barge of the party. After the meeting,-Janet Comb- rs entertained the group with an sloe solo. Mrs. Allen Walso was hostess at i meeting last week of the Au- mrnettes 4-H Club. Members dis- :ussed plans for a Christmas party and gifts for mothers. Elaine Vhite gave a demonstration on making a tooth-pick tree cenlcr- picce and Kathy Heimbuck gave ips on measuring. Elaine White ;ervcd refreshments. Mrs. Frederick Burbach of 1700 5th .St., will be the leader of a new 4-H Club which was formed ·ecently at her home. There are six members all nine years old. They are Karen Lejs, iresident; Gloria Day, first ,vice resident in charge of songs and cheers; Lee Ann Reichert, second vice president in charge of games and calling; Rosemary Kerr, third vice president, publicity and cleanup: Suzy Renner, secretary; and Diana Gregory, treasurer. Next meeting will be held Dec 7, al Ihe home of Mrs. Gene Day at 1705 6lh St. Members will choose a name for the club at that time. Dear Heloise: Stale beer is a good solution fo: setting the hair and making pin curls as it gives the hair body The hair will not retain the bee odor when dry. Even some beauty shops use this method. Just dampen .the hair and roll Reader * * * Just checked wilh three beaut; shops and Reader is correct. , . . Heloise LONDON -- Six million Britis evening listeners have dcsertc "The Archers," the B.B.C.'s lead ing radio serial, because of a riv program. (He describes a good-family asion the lowest rung by getting your ·' one that used to bo better.) ., Inttant Arittacrccy j "The progeny of the well-known' family was usually social in its .' generation.. The next generation, ' i f the family'held up, was whal ! passed for itocracy. our American aris- lame In the paper, and UM highest by' keeping it out. 1 '.'Nowadays Ihe woman charts ler course from column mention to column mention until ihe'l at he top--chairman'of In* tawfit "Mil." . '.' . -'.;,' Needless to s»y", AmorV, kas "Today people are just trying not won friends among lh» k«ut lu go from celebrity to aristocrat in one generation." Women have ruined society, ho charges. "They should never be allowed to run things. They are I not good at II." . .-' . ' -, Along with society's death, he mourns Iho passing of stern Boston-type grandfathers who ran private flubs and somclrew did a good job of holding up aristocracy. 'Women sway with the wind." ' Going Up "Women are at the bottom ol this publicity age, too," be complains. "In the. old days you got allowed to come out." monde with his forthright M(u« and pen. "If they .likwl *bM I wrote, I'd know 1 hadn't doM * good Job." ' . '; But the. big-boned, rumpled man from the right of Ihe tracks keeps right On H»- seeling their kind of llir. "1 hate any kind of divUio* of so-called right people and wrong people," he says, "1 told my daughter she can go to any college as long as its Radcliff. »nd she has complete choke about a debutante's ball because she tart CLEVELAND AMORY Vl*wi Social L«U*r Social Ladder Today Rests on Clippings By JEAN SPRAIN WILSON All N«wrf»turtc Writir NEW YORK fAPI-Society was ironounced dead by its self-ap- winled coroner, Cleveland Amory. Jut the social climber L'ncverthc- ess as lively today as she was the gitled, Victorian age. Now, instead of buying a gihger- jread trimmed house with a ballroom, she hires a press agent. However when she gels lo Ihe top of the ladder, she's not really a socialite, rather a "publicalile." The · Boston' blueblood coined :he word lo describe people who are celebrities by the weight ol heir 'press notices. · ' "Once you could identify the upper crust by their clothes, tlw ilaces they went and the kind ol cars they" had. Now everybody's all mixed up. You have to read the papers to know who's who." M*atl»ring Success?' The aristocratic author with an impressing tonnage of clippings himself is tolerant about Ihese high, rising methods, although he laments that allowing Ihe society or gossip columnisl !o be society's arbiter has its drawbacks. With his friend Earl Blackwell ie is at present weighing' the! clippings of. 2000 more persons! lo include in a new Celebrity Register. The firsl book came about because the two men feel that unrealistic social registers and statistical who's who's do not reflect the times as they are. Thus, while a VIP might not get into a social register in his lifetime, he can make it in Amory's book. "Every good family tha_t loote back three generations will find that it started out by being famous first," points out Ihe social his- lorian. 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