Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 27, 1972 · Page 42
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 42

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1972
Page 42
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ffiGRKELKY (Golo.) TRIBUNE Thurg ir April27,.1972 For Rent--Aplt. 17 '·'i be1roon.,' rarp«[[n,r, drives, GK chfn. riDil incl. f l f O - I t W , 2218 Sth ,' 353"TIO) or 3o8-S197. FSSTI Want W D« ftcroii from campui clone to ihoppiuc -- jlndrntt? """ AP» l(rtient8 356-1331. _ _ RENT -- 1 bdrm. apt. for couple r;6nly. C*rp«Ud. completely furnisher!. " ' incl. Call 353-7717. t£LU,\£ S . bedroom 4-plex. Carpet, };:drnp«, til eTectrlc k f t r h e n . u t i l i t y Mroom. Hoi water heat. 3J-G350. yNE bedroom unfurnished -apartment. j'.Stov* ; *nd refrigerator furnuhcd. t;$137.£0 ring liuhL*. ' No vtla'. See . ;plrop*ri]^j.ianaccr. 1102 13th St. 21, woulrTHVe to share ?ilipV'.2 IwJroorn, furnUrifd, l u x u r y i apt. UCO month each, phu 14 utili- .··lie*. 353-3793. WAKT\njt of the city Hruhfl of Gree- ·" ley? T s k e . R loolc «t · lhp« onr anrl ''two bedrooms aparlnicnl*. Call 35C- tL 3 ?\L__ _ LARGE. 2 bedroom fnrni.ihrd apurl- Janen... Utllilfo. p K ji]. ; c . r 3 'al intent. i ;- or family' No pet,*. See properly ·.jn4.mi.eor at 1102 JRth Si. WORKING man, 45. wuuH like ·: share his 2 bedroom, fnrnishc'l, l Vury apt. flCfl month each plus Vi j to Mobile Home Space GJIEELEY'S final. Vlll* Weil Mobile Home E»UIei. ^700 C St. Kctittn; it f45 v*r rr.Dntb, 1 month free rent (or NEW .p»rk In a ma) I f,!lft town, 2 b!oerii from «^oppln« »r*n.. Storac* ISuiWIrff!*, 2 car oft *tre*t · parkins, launi. ItO per month, I J arAf]i*c' Vil- UK*. JohnMown. Call 6S7-I602. SPACE avaiiatite lniri.rc!la.eiy. ' A l l modern convenlcnew. Children and dokMt wirkf ttelcome Vatlejr . and RSvcr St.. Plattevllle (20 miltt ·south of Greeler V.S S5). Phont m.n*jtr UlilittM. 3S3-373, U N F U R N I S H E D 2 bedroom «parlm. '"Appliance*, drape i. tiMt furnished. - SJ-iO month. No |*U. 352-2 23 ; 333 I/1S68. BETTBR.lake a Kxk I 1 iwrfroom apnrt- !ments located near thp UNC r a m p u ; nnd close to Ehnpjiir.E- tJ40-$l60/ _ , month.' Call 352-1371 or 356-1331. TEMPORARY borne*, eooiplewly funv ' i jib*d 1 to . . bedroom Kitchenettes, 'daily and weekly ratei inly. Mouiv '-lain Vfetr MitpL 2*09 lOiIS SL COLLFXiK Kirli -- Apia. Summer nlr- ,-$125 per rjlr. per irirl. Utilities pair,. ·'.kitchen' privileges. 125 deposit u-,11 " -hold. 1 No -pels. 352-A-112. Ahn acrr jjjn'p. reservations for fail rjlr. L !-- Older apt. hiill.JInp. 2 ·'-tint hetlrwim " npls,, f u r n i s h e d , utili- t-ti« paid, S7.*i. each. Sec m a n a g e r in -front apt., 613 Denver, Evans. I'lioni hfire lovely nevr 2 bod- unfurnished apt. and p.iy only f '(85 per month plus ',? utilities, nil 'appliances, carpeting 1 and dra[ifs f u r ,,,,«. ~oVlnRl Thlft ts It! Demit, fill 2 '·bedroom -towjihousM w i t h all !«cli" : Vilfcheni. Air conililior.e^l w i t h 1 ,. featris. Call 3S3-7673. 853-7883, MB- llT MONTH, conventcnt locution, 2 ·pedroom «pL, l*/j buihs. carpel, -"tiripes, air coniHtionc'I, l a u n d r y hooTr- ··{ips. No pel*. J!H.-m3 Hajar 352-22118 ONE and Z her]room apartment*. Cou, ,J]a- preferred. Appliance* and hot · *at«r heal f urn in hod. Other extroe. 4180 and JUT,. 1924 Slate Farm IM. _Phone 352-8*01. 1 "BEDROOM apl.. f u l l y cr)ii1pp*r1 kii- /ehcn. Carpet nnr. drape*- Loralcrf *l 2018 Slnte Farm ili-ml. Cnll Mam.ii . 363-^12; builn phnn h^fttt apt. I.aiiTTlrr, a t r toner]. Park at your f r n n t rioor. ic-. rprwna'jle. A'lulln only. No L« Snle Co:irl,.10 2nrl, !,* · VERY.-'very practical for money*mini]eil to'uples ar.d idiJcnt?. Not far from e*m|uij. Furn.j licit nparlincnt.-, Rvail- , k1,}e Hay 1st. f I M / m o n t h . Cull MS- »rACIOUS Z bedroom sirden le-ret dii. ·jilex. CRrpetji, drapes, ill electric kitchen, u t i l i t y room, boL w a t e r , heat, trnih pieV up. A vn Untile May 1. Mnr- ^.Herl *oiip!»._l. child. Photi* S53-3110, TJ^NFUKNISHED t hcdronni apt. Avail* . -ftble" immediately. Drapfl. ntiatr cur- \HClrrt. full laundry futilities, elect HE - kjtchen. I'el.i nnd rh.Mren wel-tjmt*. . .fJeur Mo to re nil Drive In. HBO per · ctnonth, SbS-OB?1. J O H N Deere 140 unrdcn tractor tiuM- bkiu-er. waiion, hurl f r n n GREELEY APTS. INC. 1105 7th St. bedroom " 'Washing furnished facilities. Married couple. No children or. pets; $135.50. !-l" ' 353-6626 .'·I For R « n t -- B u l W l n g j 20 STORE hililrllnK Slh Avenue. fiQQ sqnair . feel. Available May Is!. J.13-M74. Office. Spoct 22 ONE ROOM oUttt for rent. 1723 Bth 712 i n t h St. 260 in. i - fL IIOO month, all utllille* fur* *, pjjihVJ. 3*2-4603. , ,E hoiiin on deluxe MUCC. SklrL- UH r)nivn, remly In llvn En for Hltl* as $115 a month, trn-]itrlinjt ci and payment. Cull S53-334I. CB iipnre -- TIMJ i r j t f i a ir-orm, il renulMil. . iFnll tlir.r s p r r e f a r y nvallnbic i\vcr ;hnne ani\ f « i r p n r l lime tin ' Office space new building West Grceley. Up to 1000 sq. ft. 353-4709 h- COUNTRY LIVING AT ITS BEST L'cntrally Icicatutl in .heart . of ^latte Valley, Good churches mrl schools. Two car luirkiD-K. lutios, utllily sheds, and ofl Irpols. Wide ne]cc(jon of p;iccs. Chiliireii und pets wei- conic. Uniier now management. Valley Village Mobile Park Pliittevillc 7S;1-2288 ^^ ^:I.EC·^llO^IIO^'l(; stereo eiulpment for . Call 3S2-7929. OH SALK -- 4 gOOxl6 tlrei. 35S-8658. ULACK and y h l l e . T V , eieelirnt »'ork- intr coiiiiltCdn, {(5.: Cul 'n Jump sVI J«ckcl,-n«w. fZO.'3S2-01«l. SCOTTS d e l u x e - h u n d mower and catcher, used I i en son, Excellent con HI- Jjun. 352-7061; · .· ·. " illAGUV flux itorlfs aren't funny. Try Hir iroominjr aervlce. Woody't Pet _Si^pply^720 Sth St.. 363-1777. lilED "coal "or wt.od. healer, KQid con- ·lltion. Elates a n . RnoH ax new; uiH corn iheiler, «.«.! condllton. Cn]l 352-5*77.. 1971 .IACOHSON power s,upcrflow reel mower, uaed 2 month*. .Miisl ecp to appreciate: also aoo-l older refrTifer- «tir. 618 23rd St., 3S3.11E5. .NKEDKD -- Iln'yer for small scroml morlgaife, Payments, r.ever late. Seller buying new home and*!s cash. Will t a i n ISTt interest. 3S3-7677. H K A U T I K U L roposseascd Masnavox Bterco coniole, Hhe npw. Must sec to wllpve. · Dalance of $188. Call Mr. Simmons. 353-0339. A D I l I N u machine*. cyp«wrllerB, All makes, n«w and used. Sales, scr- v f r e iruursnter^ Fid Feldht'ia, 120) I l l h Ave. 352-00t. Household Good I 30 -Is W H I T E L'cjronalo ip(rl?erntor-frecicr, l i k e n e w . Call after !,. 3S3-3525. A Little Salesman In Print . . . that's a I Classified Ad! SPANISH couch, nearly Excellent condition. 3."i2 plki,], TOR SALK -- 14 ft. aluminum /Uh. In'jr ho*t und trailer. Call a f t e r 5, _353-2470. 12 FT. Starcraft klumlnura cartop boati pa^dlf. life Jacket?. Excellent rond[- llon, J16'J. 351:2780. Sporting Goodi 35-A R U C E R : 357 rr.ajf. w i t h " holster »*! xl(. 'I9. C1] 352-0742. FOR SAl.K -- 3l7 Magn-im Uuger Colt frnme with v,(.^trrn style holster and wj.Jy lctt. f320. 353O926 di». 5x5 FT. umLj"e!l*i lejiti, rcKular 153.05,' now liCo off. (.reeky T«rH and Aun - ini^Co.. }2» 5th Ave. FOR SALK --. ()]ie ect Wihun xolf clubs, 1 wood-ij 9 irvna, puller, Lng, 2 net* of heart eo^ers, umbrella. A]l uteil only one »eaiqn. |16i). 353-0926 daya. TO G I V B awi, -- Cut. AIM3HAULE p'jpplpB need lovinc homei tMl'cralcly. 284-53S7 after 8:30. * AUSTRALIAN- Snepherd papprei. 6 ' A f t e r 6, 352-3321. ST. HERNAl.n pup pin. r-.ll «B3-6863, ' THREE only -- Black and white Hu». l.Ie.7. 426 each. 352-7701.- KOK SALE - Spilt Fruiti and Vegetable! 39 WH1TK rolatoes 13.50 per hunilred: SO Ihs. 12.00. 1/3 mi! e , east of Lucerne. 352.2846 cveninRi. DAIRY Dnn Hoy, Grain, Feed, S t r a w 40 Delivered, a l f « l f » _ Straw. £l|y,_352-9»l. W A N T E D -- SMane. 281-6143. Mitcclloncoui 27 U M i f A d E ile from 9-5 Saturday, B21 13ld St.. 352-21SS. 2 USEIJ refi iBcralora and atovrj. 3i6-! ISM. _ FOR SAI.K - - Good, used, ilecp fleeter, ! _ lloljioinl. S cil. ft. Call 350-4105. CONVENTICTNAL Maytag washrr and set of rinse tuU.- 284-6324. . WAsTlKR] TcfriKcralor anil dlnins nKJtn art. 1630 2nd St.. 352-1S21. O R C H A R D and brom« «rii, comt mixed with a little a l f u l f a . I.arn bales. 11.76 bait. Also Klfal!«. 2SI 6472. Livcitock WEUDING ilieii. Ha S. M25 n srll for 160. 1S2-031J. McRULI.OCH ehnln law .ales anil i vice. Sixteenth St. Conoco. KOIl SAI.F. -- Art. «iie a«i raniie, Jike new, fJIIM. 353-20S7 after 6. (iOOU irsed Thilcn refrinerBlor, Kt.OO. Call SM-5130 or SS7-2S70 after ft :3'J 7 YEAH old 16.2 hand,' 1200 pound bay Kdiliny, »300. '356-12J9. S Y K A R o!d «ririlcd geWlnj, 1275. AIJTOMoJfiLK JI.L dirt w ri3-"630. YKLTb'w KO ment ring , r comliliunin^ r,. 1105 I I I30 E. Ifiih St. .Sixteenth St. Conoro. 110S I 6 t h St. nletl. veddlnjr ar.d 154-2553. r hepatr and Sharp. 2C07 !t» St.. 362-0730. WACON whcrl-., pnwn lurniLuit- -- anLb.ue j . f f c l i h r r pHlo!, misc. 352-0)27. FOR SALB -- G5 n. ydi. LJuck re«i Bhair car pet. Huhbcr backir.R, lieu-. Cull 1S4-2721 a f t e r A. under AIJTIIORIZET) SKI-Doo Dealer. Frank. in JJ2.649Z. _ FLKA Market -- Evtry Sunday trcct from H o n f o c l I'acklne Co. TracksUr for la Sal«. S52-4MJ. NEW Clubman Franklin Cjel K I K E i Y SH?rA and Service it Hruml. _r'??l^ 0 ^5. rln «- 18Sl 9th St - P10NEER chain »aw fleatar. Fiank- lin Cjrclt Sale*. J52-6992. 'OK SAliB -- Km lira Fde red orsnni ^eildlnt? sown, /Ere 9-11. ,Via-UM. rpol type K n n p e r K l l p j w r xwks' illte neu.'. f i b . .1F2- ROYAL jKirlablc.lyr-ewriler. Koni] i diliun with curryfns case, I3.S. FOR SAI.fil WrtRh't h.iii;e cooler. W.. Iprtype. Side draft.-Use*!'2-ino. 4100 CFM. D03-2I08. HEDUOK: F.XCCM fluidi with Muldox. tl.d'J -- Lose welKhl nafcly with JJex- A-IJlct, D-'tr. At Citmtiu:. I'harJiiHcy, 'AS liiileir,, fiot Tratir links, ' f u r - nreJ. ovf-rheadji, bid if. matrrlrfl. 352- R463. LiqUEDATO/13 nf -n merchandise, Gary Greenwood, AuctJontwri and LinuidBtQfj. 260 8lh A«. 362-4822. J'ulveiEfet] Eawn ar.'J 35'J-EfSfi, 101 Sib SALK -- rder, ferlllk alle: TftAILERS for trash h n u l t n r ** as II.BO for 2 hourj. O.K. Ti Rentah. S20 2nd Bt, I I U V uied culnf or black and TV'aj itectui, r n d l u i , or tap* ~" Mf.rU «2-7200. 3TKA,^ jlrlta cirjx-l _l-jn]np. The closest t h E n r to Rtttinz new enrpet- __*y;6'S4. MONKY to loan. VT* buy, iell and trad* for ·.trthfnff of value. Gr«lej P a w n bhoc. 365-4137. 402 llth A-«. WE w h t rliyen. TV JAHT'BTS i f r i R h t ? Mnb* thrm * l^antlf-il .Tight wilh . lilue L.iMlrr. Rent ctccti-lr shnmpooer, 31. Crec- Tey Furniture. JTUHDIEST hunk bedft in t o u n , only f i f t y dullum. .Made nnO guaranteed bj J i m m i e Kellie Furniture Farlnry. Phone 3RX.MW, fill, St. and Hinhtvny W. in Kvann. C~"UNTr"mctf..l kitchen c-ldnet. incluiFcs: i-inxl* sink, lauccts; am*]] clrclric rtffrixcrntor; ffan ran^. 11 , r!r,r- .trk roa^lcr · wilh atand. SW-HSaO, J'JOI Si. 2 K A R I . Y An:erkan rutfs. 0x12, eieen nyJiin, T50 each; ismiLI u n r l ^ n t Jrct?.- c.-; J S J ; cliro;n« trt-akfiist art, S I B ; rop|icr(*inp Krumore wmher, 0 cycfc, IflO. All in exrellent condition. Ph. :lf !.il 0 _ 1 _^I ter - WTETAL/Klasi rJo/.r r h i n n cubhiet. mro- rar!t», $3. r -; KrJiridair* JcL A c t i n n iv-nsher, avncacit., JSA : cnn.inl* rccorrE nlnyor cumbinalton, J7B. These are all f i k ; r.u*. Wttht woctT, anlid. ottkr tnh!e r b u f f e t , t3f; water cooler ar.d hi nii'l. l-JO; f.tctric healtir, tuaUnt. liral, J I 5 ; i c i l KcclConBl rauoh, fr-lr ft] i HI: P. $3-1, Call 2!3-llfi:. 1^-fnre 1 :;'0 p.m. W I N D S H I E L D S -- P k a i * B.JLU, window ultai, new or uied. Kurl'i , Greeley _PlH*_J5!? t l r ' 210B [L St s/is - 2118 QUALITY can*a* wont of nil Vimli, rceoverintt of track icati. etc. Woodi Canvai rroduclj. 1939 Reservoir Rd. S'EWSPRlNT for JKle. 5c Ib. Roll endi from i Trlbun*. . la 30 Ihi. Thg C A f t A f . K *ale. Tnetday t h r u R u n . TV, NtM-InK ninrlilne, ' tup* plnycr. A l l iHjiiichdlil KfKJili. 63fJ I 7 t h St. d hiixky or i;oir nine tie «l. 3.S2- FOEl SAl,; -- ' ^ a i rarl, K N ' encinr, 0521. Mobile Home Space 13 ._ color connote TV. F,s ililion. Cull Mr. Simmons «r,TJK I.iiMr«-~nr.L only r.di riirurlji nf »oll. E:ut leavri i.lln ic*ft nnd lufty. Kent elect r if. slmrrnxmcr, f l . f.ilhrrl IXCF.LLKNT. efficient ninl ccnnomlc- n l ,'.* lilnc LiHlri? c n r ] i r t and up- hfiNlrry clcmirr. Unit rlortric *liain- P'lurr, f l . Hanch Whdlriuli?. r 6".y"s'XT!iT"^-- lUilo-Hllrr f i l n nil Jcdm Decie prtrtlon trnct-us. In ea- rcltrnl rrmiltllon. Price Icrf t h a n V-i «f_A_ ncw_ftnp. Call .152-30.*, FO» HALF. -- Wntnlya ScV^r (-anier* UTL 1000 with US mm 1.1 lens, U1 mm Idcph.'tn lens, .Jen-iity filler. V i v n l n r IK« plectrnnic fl*»li. l e a t h e r S 'SPACES available for mobile homes 'up to ia*60 ft. 3f,3-«54S. TRA1I7FR space for rent. .362-1013. SPAfXS fo7 rent. Tlleliljnd Mo'olls ' nomt Part, rh. S3l-a«0l epace for rent. HOUSE trailer lou ror .Park. Ph. J52.4S33 GARAGE SALE S n t . A p r i l 29 0 lo 4 Toys, rlolhliif;, ice a n rt roller skulcs, 12 volt laflh., . S c h w l t i n spend hllif!. clillil's l i f e jitck- els, OrlillB, m i n e . I - I H S 2 ^ i d Ave. Cnurl PRIVATE 'space for one trailer in 'country. Reply Box P-7 c/'o Greclcy Tribune COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE PARK NORTH We h a v e a wldo selection of lots to thoono from -NOW RENTING MOBILE HOME SPACES Slop At O u r Office At 2036 I s t A v c , - · Phone 356-0711 G A R A G E SALE S i i t u r d a y 8 fo 6 J f i 2 l 11 Hi Ave. \ n ( i q i i p » n n d u o l l c i ' t i l i l c m . f t i r n l .lire, l u i l i y n n i l rlilldren'R cloth- tip, l i k e now women's c l n t h h t p , inlHc. lre;iiiiires. DENVER POST OFFICE HOURS In (Jroelry i n n.m. 1111 7 ]i.m. t l a l l y 7:30 a.m. t i l l 1» a.m. S u n d a y GARAGE -SALK F r i d a y N ' l B h t . R p.m. A l l r l a y S n l u n l n y l l d r P l t ' s clothes, n i l a wontF.-n'fi 10-12; hod 1 1 n o n n b l a n k e t * , iliftlifjfl, n i n n y o l h c mlKC. Hoin«. 282S W. 12lh St. lid. W H I T E French provincial wilh KoM trfm double tic«] ui:h ijihllrt^s and bun si.riim. JM. oil 353-I1EO. liiwn n-.oicrr, i] nioilern, i5 20 THRIFTY u p a n e r nigs, a v p r a K e - 4 0 352-41'r4. KOK KA1.K -- Z movabie fnrrowing housea. Calt M2-7324 n f t « r 6. . f i^ns. TWA Dairy. Call evcnin[ti. NKW inilividu«] fiSG-2fl]]. HO USES lor i 234-7810. iinTI'OINT dishwasher. Copper tur.B SSZ*QfiS3 after »lx P.m. :THt SALK -- Fo n h h , V,i, ca»li cjr q u a l i f i n l I.) ft.'surtic liaymenls on 6 month n!.!, ·M in. while clrttrit rnn»« wilh sdC- ckKnlnK oven. 353-6G72. MO VI KC -- Mu.'l sell ncn- Inink licjs^ rltctric stijvi*, likr ntw : *,lh- iHiuschoM fuiniturc und «p!,llnn. licit offer. M2-1309. CASH for your f u r n i t u r e and ir.iacel- rnneoiiK. Fast ar.d courteous fiervke, Sth Ave.. 351M322. FOR SALE - - EnirlM. nuMie. Call jt5J-72oB after 5. HORSES boarded 13. acm. Riding .tena and paiture. 356-1742. LIVESTOCK aprayina. Over -^0 ejtp. HrAnlrrr. Phone WZ-BSZB WANTED -- .Summer pnsturt for 60 pairs. Call 151-21*3. WANT to b-jy nil typei livestock, 1 heail lo carload. 35U-39D. (jOUi) rexistoiej f f U K r l t r liyrhe KcIdinE, 6 years diet. flM. 45-2a«0. IIOIISESHOEING -- Tralnir.u. Custom chaps and tack. -Dwain Crow, 5884122 eves. Money to Loan WE SPECIALIZE In small and lar«« tnsns, 1st And 2nd mortgages or liusl ness. We also buy 1st and 2nd mortgages. Coniolfitation lo.ins nur sc elaltj. C.K.C. Corp., Redd Nnlnv... lnve=lment, 6th Ave. anil l l t h Streat. 352-0131. Roofing ond Iniulation 33 AI.CO Roolint Co. -- All tjrpM roof. IHR upplleH. 422 26th St. 352-2332. B u i l d i n g 34 fi(H) SQUARE feet 'no. 1 onV tlnoring. fi\V sharpening, all kEntii. Or.t day ·ervrce. Alklre'i, 613 B Ave. 152-9^01 SHOPWOIIN lumber, [deal for corral* and many f a r m ufiet. Murphy LLI lcr Co.. 712 flth St, CUSTOM mmle church-top doors, some w i t h stained glms. For the iwison who likes the u n u s u a l . Rooi tile. 552-!Ma. IIILDREN'S outgro\ra clolhinijf, toys and furni- HIVC sell (jiiickly wilh a classified Ad. HORSESHOEING and trimmitiir. Uar en Clever. 35.0616. . 10 UNITS M K D A milk b a l e for sale. WANTKD -- I'asturl for eattle. 3530886 or :52-12u3. ' QUALITY AKC German Sh«phenl"pups' ^76. jlad ihota. Term*. 32-6I90, CUTB PUPS -- ? J j (Jerman Shppherd. J5.00. 353-3760. STUD aervice--Small mCnfature poodles, 'peci*liiinn in rturk apricot: 352-^355. AK'C fcmnle Dearie, 7 mos, Ohedknce (rained. Children nreejaarj. All ahoti 35C-2452, party lino. OLD Emrlfsh aheep dor pups for sale. 451-2623, 1 mile north of Eaton stop light, % mlje nest. ' FOR SALE -- Purebred Acslrailsn Shepherd puppies : 2 females, 8 vteeks ol'J, blue eyed. 284-6200. TRACT--1 -bedroom .-home,' den, ' T V .room. Corrals. 2e4-77S2, · '' ' TROPICAL f l s n : Wno Countys mosl complete line of aquariums and *up- pliei. Highland Aauarlum. HM Sth. TROPICAL lisa, loldfish, aiiu«rlums, filters, atr pumps (aerators). Frank's Seed and Hatchcrj. 709 tOth Street LAIUIAIJOR puppies. Litter papers for registration. Males, 175.: females. J50. See at Weld County Hi-Products 1012 North l l t h Ave. K R M A N Shepherd puppies, AKO. Ueauttful large loneo:. Excellent tem- pelament. Top parents X- rayej. RcaBonable.. 7B6-2538. G I V E away to Rood homes -- Mixed dermnn shepherd puppies, 5 wsek old. Will bo OIK .tous. 356-2315 anytime except ThuraJay and Saturdny after o:Sy. FOll SALEr Registered 'yellow Labrador retriever. Male, three years oil Russell Hound, red and while, four yean old. registered, male: Call 3523426 or 353-3636. Sewing Machines, Vacuums 44 P t H R Y ' S V a c u u m Center. Rebuilt t irby'a. !59.9B.lGn| 9th St. 353-0034 PARTS Tor vacuums, noses,' beita, brushes, «t t . Perry's Vacuum Center. ^8-0084. 1^01 9th St- I'ORT ABLE 1971 m-zaK Drea»mal:er sewinu mathine. 190. Space 66, 200 37th St.. K v a n s . . · . FOR. SAI.F. .'- Used Filter Quee'n va- i i u m , very cheap, like new. Call 353- VIO for arr. Moore. FORCED to ell -- 1971 Sinner. 'Will ziR-zne, mono^iam, etc. T/\ke for |Z9 or 5 payments of 16.60. Phone 3526515. TV--Rodro--Services, 'Sold 46 IICA TV eulor console, 21 Inch, «125. Plains Mnlrl, apt. 7 Itfter 5. TV RENTALS. »10.0(. per month. Color 130.00 per month. 352-7200. ERN and Sni bwU' nnd tj 18th St. s Tac'^ ftoom. Sn ·\t repaired. 217 Real Estoti TV--M.II*--ScrrtcM, $·)·· 46 BOB'S 7V. ZOli-tti' 31. Ur,; 17.40. 155-47!i. · FOR quick TT frtiki. TV Mart, iit- 1200. Strvlct »all« yog w»lu UOOO uitd color tat bla.k and white TVa. Budiel lern-.a; Telerlsloa Mart, 114 25th St 3S2.7EW. Musical UitrunMittt 47 MALL upritftit rTano walnut ffnlin, real nice. SSa-S603; 1963 'Slate'Farm R d . . . - . . . - . - U N I V O X ba'ii i'uitsr,';Si]veftone4'mp. Excellent condition. Sell'.to bei'l '6U- tr. Call fiury, 3M-a6?4. - . -; .j-' FOH SALE -- ,!· Uandniaster ainp. Little i'rlnceu 'ahip:, plus stratocas ter guitir. Call 383-6559 after 6 p.m. Rtol''Erterti . ; . ' . ' _ 4* FOR. SALE -- This loyilyr 3..b*iroom nome, plus.den and-'tiyinK ro-m'wilh double.fireplace. Call Sallyc (iroiistal, 353-6913 or Trlanjtle.Really, '352-SCOS. BY OWNER 2120 21lh St. Pleasant west Oreeley home: bedrooms, 2 baths, built-in appliances, wall to w n l l carpeting, fencetl yard, attached garage. Call . . . - ' I-772-5G02 Collect for itupointment. RIVIERA OF THE PACIFIC. · Excellent hbmeaitca, Condominiums, and Investment opportti itily in the Sailfish Capital of the World; : Manzani]]o, -Mexico. CM A Kealty · Investment Co.,701 .\V: HnDindcn'.'Ave., Eiiglewood. Colo. 80110 1 7GM812 . ..Attention; ·Veterans Duplexes--4-Flexes No flown, Gl, R e p l y to FRONT RANGE BUILDERS .. 218 E. 6th -Ave," " - Loveiand ' 660-1177' ' · ' . HAVE YOU LOOKED, TILT, THERE'S S P O T S - BEFORE YOUR. EYES? HALF ACRE. 3 liert., garden, nasl'ure, .two car gtirase, fruit trees,' J1S;500.00. TWO, 2 beti. lionics. along \vith a 4 bed. home, or we can^show you a - 7 hed, lionte, Town or country. IRRIO. FARMS 149 acres, 160 acres. ISO acres, No. 2 Big T water. FLINN REALTY No request " too small or too large. Cha's. A. F l f n n , Broker - 68G-2510 Gehlcn -Miller, Salesman 352-2371 ROUNDUP arep* r\nd stable. Ken son* ah!c, Unse jirice for feed *mJ Etablfi. tas. rmfirdprl: Hay and Brain fur- Tiishrd. Iftst ri-linn arc* in town. StarV Feei and Supply, 352-1735. H A V B sroonrobe 7 year A Q U A Reld- intf. Ahu oltcr «onL broke horsei. itainlHiw Ranch. SADDLE hnrfiCJ!, w n l l hroke; 2 yearling colM, jrooxl 4-H projects, 35fi- 4302. Fuctns brecdine DUIOCH, bTorki. ' iind 5, Pork btock. KeuEsltred B R E A K I N G , tra.ninr anrt nhnwlni-. Quarter ^OTSM f«r f*\r. John Stroh, THREE RentTe pack mules, suitable for children to ride; 2 Ben lie kid.,' horses; fi Ktnt!r. ranch hones. 1-30E- 74P-2270 nftrr fi p.m. AQTIA anfrcl fteldinfr fi yn-. oH. Currently heintc nhown (ind \vinnInK in Western . Plemure. Should be Rn excellent all around youth show g\ ina. JHOO. John Htroh, A58-440I. Poultry 42 FAF1Y chEclu -- Hatchlnj tw[c« weekly Dahcock, Cr«y -I/e?horns, Cal- horns And C-22, EMcEal on started -Bnbcoeks ant. Calhorn nullet chiekt, .Meyer Hcothen IUtcher, Gr«]ey. BOOKING ORDERS NOW Turkey Poults -Ducklings -- Goslings and Guinea Kcet Meyer Bros. Hatchery Houi«hold Goods 30 Household Goods 30 Greeley Furniture Co. 2600 So. Sth Ave. 352-5441 LOVR Sent T-fide-a-Bed, like new _ ?159.05 fc.n Baby Bed,'complete ..._ _ 24.95 Brunswick Bumper Pnol Table, complete _... 99.95 Rnfrifrorator, like new 99.95 Used Maple Coffee Table, Dough Box, and Drum Table 14.95 ea. Used Vanity, Bench and Bed 39.95 Reclining Clinirs, new _ _ 59.95 Used TV Console 39.95 Metal Wardrobes 3-1.95 Kitchen Cabinets _ 24.95 and up Mobile Home Space 23 HOLIDAY VILLAGE MOBILE HOME COMMUNITY Spaces available for double find single wide mobile homes. Call Bud Larson, Park Manager or come by · o u r new club house, 3102 17th Avenue. 353-77'sT OI'UN' WEEKDAYS TILL 8:30 SATURDAYS TILL 6:00 PLENTY OF DRIVE OUT FREE PARKING AND SAVE FREE DELIVERY Setds, Plants, Flowen 38 Sud), Plonti, Flowers 38 ATTENTION FARMERS Grow pickles for early cash DREHEU PICKLE CO. Now conlractinp; pickles for 1972 Excellent price, plus hauling Phone 353-2016 284-G274 48.1-4168 WHEELER REALTY GOMPANY;:'· . ' * REALTORS * 1331 8th Ave. 356-1331 - .--. 51 UL.TIPLB LISTING SERVICE ·' WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN PLUS SHAG CAKPETING t[as recently been iustHlled in Ihia lovely three bedroom brick ranch s t y l e ' h o m e in Ihe H i l l s i d e n r e n . Tho f u l l y finished basement offers a fourth bedroom. -'i hath and rec room. The fenced' yard is well landscaped and excellent VA l o a u ' i n t i y lie assumed.. N*u\v on Hie m a r k e t BO call today! $25,000. . - YOUR OWN PARK - C h a r m i n g t h r e e bedroom home on half acre In Alles. Acres area. Enjoy country l i v i n g ' w i t h city .convon- Senses -- all citv utilities. Immediate-possession .and- · priced to sell TODAY at $20,750.' '·'_ ':· -.-· '.'.'· ' ; · . , ' - . ': TIRED OF LOOKING?''' ' "· . QUALITY CONSTRUCTION And excellent ( a n t e In decor make this four level home one of the best buys on the market today. Three bedrooms, formal dining room, ffircnlrice and t e r r i f i c huilt-lns, Lwo f a m i l y rooms and f a m i l y sized k i t c h e n . Ilcnutifiilly landscaped yard with wood stockade f e n c e and excellent patio area. Choice Royal Gardens area so call now! If you prefer an older home w i t h modern featured, IPI us show you I l i i s terrific home on a 75 i HO ft. lot in Eaton. Two h e d r n n m s , full basement, u p d a t e d k i t c h e n w i t h lovely stove and refrigerator i n c l u d e d , commit! tile bath and b e a u t i f u l carpeting. Quiet tree lined street nnd low taxes. Only $18,000! SPACIOUS FEELING Over 1100 st|. f t . on the main floor plus a f u l l hase- nifint m a k e t h i s a t e r r i f i c f a m i l y home. Special feat u r e s include two fireplaces, \ bath off master tied- rofim. main floor d i n i n g room or f a m i l y room and b u i l t - i n k i t c h e n . Well landscaped lot and double car K.irnne -- Holling Hills area. TWO'LEVELS Fully f i n i s h e d In this f o u r bedroom contemporary homo In Holiing Hills. Tbo u n i q u e floor plan and s t y l i n g offer* two baths, f a m i l y room with fireplace and f o r m a l d i n i n g area w i t h s l i d i n g doors to deck Double car gnrafie and extra storage facilities. Brand new on the m a r k e t ! TWO STORY Executive home In La Salle area.' B e a u t i f u l l y decor a t e d with the finest q u a l i t y materials, plush carpel- Inc and custom draperlcn. 2500 sq. ft. o.n (he main f l o o r plus n finished hasement a n d second level One of the loveliest homes we have h a d iho show. Larfje 125 x lilfl ft. lot w i l h b e a u t i f u l : trees n n r l shrubs, 31,4 car garage nnd quiet Blreel. Call for a l l t h e d e t a i l s . Leola Rusfl .Terry Dedon Sam C i l v n n Roy Tankey Joan T h r a p p Merlo "Mac" McN'nlty 352-6956 353-1044 353-17SO 352-4021 353-6571 352-700* Marlon Shoop Margaret Can« Hurl Slert-n-ell Jerry R a l l t f f Dolores JIarlch 353-2828 352-0826 35M768 35M13J 3B2-133J Rtol Ettef* 48 FOR S A L E -- ' 2 room house, H*28 ft. to be moved. S34-2I33. FORMER home of Dr. Wilkinson In La Salle. 10 room), beautiful home. Car- pellnt and draped. 204 Slnln St. NEW home for sale by owner. 3 lcd- room, Kaiac;e. [ u l l basement, sprinkler system, corner lot, partly fenced. Call 362-CS03 after 6:30 p.m.- ONK TO nine acres. ro'Jr choice. Now 3 bfdroom, i'/, bath, tircrl«". l»»l- scaped, po!c fence. low la-tcs, south . Kersey. Call 353-9502: 352-6171. SlLLSlDt -- 3 besfdom brkk. Full biserr.tnt Main door utilities. N'civly . r*dcor»t*ii. Shown by appointment '.. onlf. 3t2-73id. 10 'ACIIK tract north ot Gslelon. New S beciroom bl-lcvel home. 2 (i«rl»ces. rec room, sun deck. Cnll flobcrt ' Kfepi, 45J-26S6 or Star Hcally, 3524718/ 2 BKDnOOM home wlih ·U»J»d i I«- r"nc. Call after 6:30. "B2-3628. -.. . · CAM' KM Tlmolhr for (nrma - ranehM . land. 3J3-23JE. Ijirt.n Realty. . "UKIJUOOM house. Carj^l*^.. fenced yard. DcUohed K»rnte. 353-1609. AHr T K oU~VrlcV; home., close to downtown 6 tulrm. 6 car icarflfrc. Cur- renlly rrnlcd. »U.e?5. C.ll 35!-439(. SCOTT School »rca. 4 bedroom .bl- fcvrl. 2 tathi «lr conditioned, .toibl. Surairc. 552-J22S. No accnts ple«»e. 2~Bi;DHOO.M house In Eaton-wltb fir«- ·0 snd (nil liascmcnl. C»ll «fler 6. il-2S2. ' : - - ; · ( Foil SALE by owner -- I(«ldentl«l tem^.S^"TM«S^* *" : FOH SALE -- New 3 bedroom hom«: fully can:e{cj, 2 baths, lnrK« kitchen »nd family room. 2 car f»"ief Only S2C.OOO. Will trade. Tlione 353-1S8S. ·0~K SM^K--3 bedroom home. Fully carnotcd. In excellent area. .Good ] M n «ss»m[-l:on. Hay Larson Rpal- li- 353-235S. Call Joan Johnston, 352- 0"S4 or Kny LnrFOn 3S2-8589.- .-; .ift ReoI Estate 4* MOW IS the limo 1o liuy this ««1; Irnl rejilal iiroperlf. 9 "nil" convenient w .ioitotoivn «rf». CuiiJ Iiiveil- nicnt «ilh S3IO monthly c-.^h flow. Call Klorcnco nt 3S2-0405 or Stor lic.ltr, 352-1748. T~Coijrf?fs fnmily looking for J20,- 000 to 12^ OCO S bLHifoom home trt liny In Grcclcy. Musi have tt«J, Isrgp ynrd, quiet street, waraKB. Call j u i lr Krnmcli, 4S4-6095 or \vrile 1619 \Vhedb«e. No apents plcaie. FOlt SALE -- 6 ncrc t i M t . l(!eal.sho;r- lilncc for rreislcre.1 llveslock or suit-. able for other liii^ineM^. i bedroom, .1 linlh horn*, cormls nml fully oqun- rist o:itbui]ilin»». All cily utilitiB. Must s«?p to appreciate. Immediate liossession. Cull 353-5515 to lee anytime. COUNTRY HOME SITES 1-2 acres. City water, 1 mile cast of 1-25 at exit 131 Berthoud. Call Northmoor Realty 1-'127-2020 Denver PART OF OLD RANCH Hacks lip iisainst national for- csl. Ueatitlfully wooded. I^ooks clown niion o p e n valley and ac'rnss Hie valley to spectacular rock cliffs. A former c a t t l e ram:h tills area lias tlie feeling of being itnfleveloped. Just right foi 1 your u n i q u e m o u n t a i n cabin siic. -I acres near Estes. 1-6691134. 5! J. P. THOMAS AGENCY y ·i 3 South Parish, Johnstown | Office Ph. 587-4330 '-I Home Ph. 587-2423 f. ,! Two bedroom home w i t h basement n part moot. ·! - - - · :-. Older 2 h'edroom home. ;·; Three bedroom h o m e with 4th bedroom in basement,' ·· extra lot. STOLL SEAY CONST.'CO. Builders of "DISTINCTIVE CUSTOM'HOMES" Presents a complete personalized home building service including designing, drafting, financing, and a home trade-In program. We specialize in quality construction and crai'tmanship, plus the riev,-est ideas and innovation In custom home building. Phone 352-5687. - WANT A GUARANTEED SALE / ; ON YOUR HOME? . · For Information Call: ; ' SCOTT REALTY CO. - 1212-8th Avenue, Greeley, Colo. 352-1212 AUSTIN AUSTIN 1 Ph. 353-0790 t It '% 1203 9th Street I 'fi sir ^| FARM THE BEST S ^ * M^ ^ 800 arres -- Ran Txjuis Valley. Water w i l l never be a % ',\ problem. Call Realtor Stanley. 0 '·S , IF YOU LIKE TRACTS | 5| Here's 10 acres cast or K a l n n . Home, garage, corrals a n d *? I pasture. For more i n f o r m a t i o n contact Realtor Stanley, ij ' MAY BE JUST WHAT YOU NRED | - c? a i? rSS ' w " h . n ' a l n r ' 'oralion. n x c e l l e n t amenities. Realtor ? _;: blanley can give you more Information. l| M e m b e r nf M u l t i p l e Listing Service Realtors To Serve Yon | Clmck Cumlierlln, 352-5355 | Carl Hirsch, 352-2031 ij Stanley Furrow, 352-52-16 "' Sandra nonley, 352-6611 l~.*,u*.r.- v 'K*j:, ,-;,..-..,··_-.. ·^.!.,*.'.(S:"::;:,r;.';:-S i !.',:j:Wx3y£yt Ann A i i a t i n , 3M-3569 .jj Roger Llhfack, 353-7571 E. R, "Kid" Austin, Broker k Mobile Homci 48.A Mobrla Homci 48-A MARK V MOBILE HOMES and COLUMBINE MOBILE HOME PARK HAVE TEAMED UP to offer you the best in mobile homes and mobile home living, featuring the FABULOUS MARK V - r , no ejtra charso for c h i l d r e n or pels, K n t low r * le '- MARK'V MOBILE HOMES and COLUMBINE MOBILE PARK 1 miles ' ri - Lvrk - 214 miles n o r l h of I.ovelntirl ..... r,n 2S7

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