Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 15, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE'TWO I i H M v · ! ' ! LAS CRpCES'vN. M.) SUN-NEWS; Friday Evening, June 1 -i_. :,:, · y " ',' ' 5,;1951' Haippy Chandler's Career As Czar . Hears End Today 'EW YORK, Juno 15 Wi -A.' II. (H tippy I Owmilnr'.s turlni- ICIIL term nw rommiKsiom;!' of base- 1ml! lii'iiieii its end today. Sonic t i m e this afk'inooii War- mi Olk-H. pif.siflont of llie Cliicin- iiati Ittiils mid tlie eini.wury of the Iti^ Itrif-tm wiiei-fi, will tulviSi; lifm I h u t his pcvrram;fr conditions have boon am-pled. ' It l.s undcistood Hint in r f - t i i i n I'm ngrccing In Cliamlln-'H dr- 'mifmK ' t h e ' commissioner v,'ill Ti.'irni- ihf- date on which he will IrMRn. Slilrli-y 'Povich, Washington H 'us! spnii.4 t'ftlunini.Hl, .Html Chan- MI?T' tolil 'Him' by^tulcphane last ^iii^lit U i n l lie will resign on .fuly ;10, n f t e r i Jit- n l l - H i a r game in !");- itt"»"., . . . . S,:- t - , . . "Mittkod ta, Ppv kih r but 7 will rJH'ilher iif/inn 6r.dfi.ny hln Ktory," raid Chiiiidlei In Kiinxvlllif, Turn. 1; Tin 1 expected aniKiunci.'DUTiL en "ill"' eu.d uf ChiuulUir'H i f i x - y c n r i '-iftu 'will f?orW from (he pri-si- .ill-nil; of Hi" t w n l.'iipue.S -- Fncil · Ki It-It nl (hi! N a t i o n a l . Will Har- Nidfcr of tin; A n i f i f r . i t ] - - f i n d from ·rii.-mdlet himself. 3 "I m n - m i l ' . a . t i f t n U f i l H L f f o r nf- :tfirr. hul I ' j u n » r n n c J i d n l r for nn- Minor Leaguer Files Suit Charing. Pro JBasehall Is Monopoly ; C I N C I N N A T I . J H I I I - l. r i i ' H h l l j i i i u l h c r s u i t e h n i ^ l n j ; jTii'/.ril i i f i « i - b ; i H \ v i l l l h e i l l f ; ! FLYING BOXCARS REINFORCE THE ADVANCE IN KOREA Chicago White Sox Extend American League Lead Over New York; Brooklyn Remains Six Games In Front UN TROOPS CLUSTER ( l i f l l alicnit tliclr l.'inli and Lrllrlis a.l snpplips and ammo Iloat clov/n liy parocliute l i m n Klylnj^ Hn.\i:;ti.s to rclnioice K n r c u [itfvanct. Note inounlninriils Icrralu IJcfonse photo. (Inleiimtiuml) r i l y iif l l ; Ml"' Unit lii'fori'." i^ will rccnvc pnylnrnt .. The s u i t , imkliitf llJio.QDO iiiim- :imi-;(.. wu,1..1iltyl % iii ,IJ. H,, DiiiLiU'l .i-'.iltrt l i e i e ye-doVdfiy M' WiillCl J. :Kri\\';i!;-)u, n minor IctlfiUi 1 oUirield- '·_ X a i i i i - t l :IH (Irf'inUiuitj; wore the r ' i n n i m i i M ftejls hhill lironldyn nntl- i l ' e t - ; ; A. H. DianilliT. holli :\H In" d i v l ' l n ' j l anil nii iiu.fuliiill [.·oitimlK- , ' i i m i ' i . I'l'i.-uilrnt Oorjjr T i a n t ' n i . n i .r t h e N u l i c i i K i l AHKntuiLllon ..K I ' K i t i - i t h i f i n i i l l B a. si? hull I.hifnuii; Mlii- ii'iimn'i), iknd Km. Fiielf. lind ' N:t- nl AmiTi " Knwitlnku who .plays fnf .riisllr. I'll.. I ' l n l l i i i ' i l t l i i i III n iuiHHi|»ily" wllli-li "vlnln'l j S l l i ' i l n i i l i mill-ll-LIM ncl. riiipti next A p r i l :IO, wlicn IIIH ; Kcvrn-yc. 1 !! i c m i rnil.s. iind a gunt 1 I iiim« hi: w i l l iml lii^ f l n u n r l i i l l y ! i-i'KpniiHlll» fur liny "I' I l i o [ipiiil- ' i n p !li\v ."tlll.s nj;niii!'l hii.^i'hall. Minor League Scores II.V Tlii' Clovly :t. A l i l l f in- '.'. J ' l i h i p t i 1'. A n r i i i l l i i 1 (Ti i n n i n f : (Hci'iinil /;:ini'' i»)^tjitiiiril. r u i n ) K U I I I I - |i|»l.. m i l l ) l.aiuiisii 10. A l h n f j i i c r q i i ' 1 -1 T K X A H I . K A I i l ' K lifiiiiiniiMi' ii-n. Tiiimi n-7 Kurt \ V n l l l l I , H u l l A l l l n n i l ) I) Huu.itiiii 7, Onllii.H (I Oliliiliiiinn r i l y ·!. Rln-i'Vi'imit SIU:TII\VI-:ST I X T K I I N A T I O N A I . I.EAIHJK I'liili'inx 7. Mt'Xii-iill l! 'rur.miii i:{. v u i i i i i « l*:i Crnll'd Ci. HiHlii'f-l)nii(;l'i[i ! Down-Trodden Clovis Takes AMleneJy 3-2 Ity Tin- AssurialM J»n-? down-li'oddcn Clovfii Plo- M i i ^ h t the West Texas-New Jjcajju k'adur. Abili'ne, off Itih! nlfcht and pounded out Germans Renew Wursi Making FRANKFURT, Germany (/PJ Gorman meat dealers arc putting everything 'they've RoL i n t o ' t h e i r wursl these day A, They want to get hark on the American market with old-time specinltir-s like Ger- " By. 11AMMI ROUEN" {Associate^ Tress S|mrts Writer) It will be sink or swim for major league teams at midnight tonight. The deadline for player trades will toll" then,-After midnigh.t-no major league teams will be, allowed to trade u n t i l ' completion of the championship season. The only loophole -is. that players-may be obtained on waivers. · At the pace the Chicago White Sox and . Brooklyn Dodgers . are moving it is doubtful if any team will trade, with them. Yet both nre looking for additional strength. Stretch Lead The Sox stretched their American League lead over the New York Yankees to 4 '/ 2 games by heating the Washington' Senators. 3-7. and 14-5 In a twi-nlght doubleheader last night." The Yank's game w'ilh the St. Louis. Brown; was rained out. , Brooklyn remained six games in front in -the National League as a result of a stirring 2-1 triumph over the-St. Louis Cardinals. 1 Pinch-hitter, Floyd Baker's two- run eighth inning double gave the White Sox and relief pitcher Marv Rothlatl victory in the opener at Washington. .Joe Dobson breezed to his f i f t h victory in the second panic. The Kox scored six runs in the srrnnd inning to sew it up. Ifi-Gamc Win StH'nU The sweep extended the Sox* winning streak on the road to 15 games, two .shy of the major league record set by the Giants in 1'JlQ. The Sox began their amazing streak in Detroit on April 29. Sixth inning home runs by Ray Boonc and Jim Hcagan" sparked the Cleveland. Indians t o ' a '3-1 triumph '·? pycr."' the Philadelphia Athletics. Bob Lemon.went all the way to post-hls seventh victory. Rain.washed but games between the SI. Louis-^Browns and;' the Yanks and t 'the-Deii ; Djt'Tigers arid Boston Red ,Sox'....; ; - ; -J f .-· Gil Hodges''h'omered. 1 with two ·jut and one. on in the ninth in- nng to give .the Dodgers the nod aver the Cards at St. Louis. Rase Running Hurls The Cards, pounded out 15 hits lut blew, the decision because of nept base.-running and t h e ' a l e r t ilay of Dodger caU-her RoyCam- panclla. Jnc Gargagiola grounded to Hodges who nipped Ston. Musial itttcmpting to score from third, jiiragiola apparently thought that 'lodges had the out at first before, firing home and was easily Joubled up. The Cards collected three hits, i walk and got .life on .an error 'n the fifth but failed to score. Campanella picked two men off second to kill the'hid., · Joe Presko, rookie righthander blanked the Dodgers;-on four hit- Until the ninth. He retired the firs; two batters - b u t ' Duke Snider singled and Hodges'followed, with his 20th homer' to break up. the 'gome. . '. . Keep Second Plane . The Giants remained in second place by beating the Cincinnati Reds, 11-6. Lan-y Jensen, provided with a 4-0 lead in the first inning, coasted to his · seventh., victory. Hank Thompson and Willie Mays accounted for seven of the Oinnl'r 15 hits and drove i n - t h r e e runs apiece. ; A M B U L A N C E Fulmer Memorial Phone Stale Tax Board , To Coiulucl Survey On Property Values SANTA FB. ,Junc 15 l^Pt' -The State Tax. Commission is -be- ' llnttlng: to, ; siii-vey property . over '.he state to, determine its'reason- able market value. Chief,.Lax commissioner Fred W. pxcy'Ts^iil.;' yesterclay the -_ move is a step'in a long-range.program to- equalize'ilhe "burden. ,.The.-.oh-t iect..iK . to.iget-.unformity within and 'among-;count!es.. '. · · . ;': -The depression holding, the Pacific ocean.lias been called Lhc.scar left when a .massr was wrenched free to forml the moon. USE T-4=-t'FOR"" ATHLETE'S "FOOT BECAUSE-- " ' It has greater PENETRATING Power. With 90 r /c undiluted alcohol base, it carries the active medication DEEPLY,'to'kill.the germ on contact Get happy relief IN 'ONE HOUR or your 40c" back at any drug store. Today at Baker Drug, Standard Walgreen. Dollar lor Hollar ! potitp cd man-made .bratwursl, blutwurst, I bockwurst, and frankfurters. Tfme was when hungry Ameri- "ans could sit down to a big plale of sauerkraut decked over with f a t , juicy sausages diiect from Germany. ."But now I lie U,, S. Department of Agriculture is In HIP {|ii'M(:r.s, however, Pinni;!! j closely studying Germany's food itnppvr Aimirillt) 2-1 in five in- heulth and quality. When they o i i h t m l Urn r i r r u i t , rnin t h e nijj'nlcaps of I wo .-licii'k'i-fi. Tlip second A i n a - P-'iinpa and Hcirgur-Ltihlmck i hugged down. ninpj. mid UorjjiM- edged I liy t h e same score. In t h e o t h e r giimn. Allnitjuerqiie. I he i ( i d (tiniii[;H) i 1C I Pi'so 1^, Las S T O P I M - " · · .' . - , . Spe Our Now and ^COMPLETE SELECTION ^ CJf GIFTS FOR EVERY " : -....OCCASION ·· THE SOUTHWESTERN ! ;.;* ;;J : GIFT CURIO SHOP i i \ N»w Merchandise Arriving Daily 113' S. Main Phone 966-J second in I'Mtffii' standings, lost out 10-1 to Lame.'ta. Tin- I'nmpa - Amarillo fracas went l i i t n ihf! .sixth, but m i n put ii d u m p e r nn it. and it was o f f i - cially ruled ended in t h o f i f t h . In tin: Borgcr-Lubhoclc jjamn, Kay- FiniHl. I l u b h e r righllinndcr, allowed Btij-gcr only Um:i! hits, but two were for extra IwfiOH am! pnnliifvil a urn ajili!i:fi. At Albtimiercjiii!, 'Don .Stolid. 1 ;' IripU' w i t h tin- biit^'u luad-.d in tlie seventh hi old; up a t i g h t hrill game. I I I . * blow f.-itui- l i f t e r Hlarlui 1 Sieve Ijif.iintai-sinn filled tin- haiuiR nn | lltii'i! walltx and gave tip it .single to IVilm Kimtliign. r n h h f i f i i.s grown in uiosl parLs of ihr wtirld, but chiefly in tem- quality. finish a committee of Allied High Commission men find WPS! Cier- man rcpremntaUvcH will inapert about 10 per eent 'of Germany's food processing plants. 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