Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 29, 1955 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1955
Page 13
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Viet Minh Red ' e *'£ : -K'' f ' ; "--'-'j SaidPjrged AP For«ign NIWI Anniyit Reporls. frbra-Vict Nam .say. the Communist. revoluliqn!in (he Norlh already is^begmiimg.llo.^ey'our its own children' in the. manner/of all CommuntU revolutions'/' These, re- porls say that imong those purged is the Beds' brillian(''archilect lit military victory in the . Nortlil-Gen: Vo Nguyen (Jiap. '--. ·· It this v is true--and'it seems fairly well 'documented-- it is .impor-. tani political newsl'Giap's'cpmmu^ r ism was. oriented toward the Chi- tese more tlian toward the, R sians. 'liu ''purge, would carry" the strong' hint of a 'struggle' between two factions in the 'party.. '' The reports "from .Hue,, where Giap; spent his: early years, say Giap' has; not' been seen in public for more than, a 'month, and that to c'over' v u'p ' his disappearance, the , Communists - of North, ViefNani ·re spreading rumors that he is' on a 'secret tour - i n . China or Russia; The Bed press and -radio remain 'silent on thc ; niattcr but word is ·pre'iding that' Giap is in prison. And fear is spreading among: the Communists that the purge' will enr velop .thousands .of them/ ,' · ' Giap. 'is 43. '!Hls life "has" teen mostly : violence. - A brilliant . student, he was ''a* professor of his.- tory and geography in Hanoi 1 at. the age .of. 26, - h u t his -revolutionary activity, dated 'all-the .way .back to his teens. · ' ' ' · ' ".'" .' Giap. got his training as a Coin- Iminist party leader from the^ Chinese Communists/among whom he spent a number of years before World War liJ.He'returned'ld Viet Nam .in 1943 and. became a-lea'der of. guerilla forces fighting .the Jap anese .occupation. ."At 34, Giap. was Ho Chi Minn's first. interior minister, and at 35 he .became . the · Communist com man'der';in chief. 1 His military 'lea rtership was 'confined 'to' leading a long, .furtive, bloody s t r u g'g 1 e against the , French in" the jungle fastness of Indochina",, but he con ducted ,lhe 'war' brilliantly. [''- · A fervent Marxist, Giap is-es ientiaUy; a man. of Violence and 'a tnsn .'given extreme" solutions of; poiiUca.rproblefns/'.bhe. as 1 bril iant and ii : ruihltj« «j Giap iur«^ y-was'a leading contender for the ;one' through' ?a ·.'purge; 'The/1 felt lie, heavy^ijrf'or ^oscpw/once ·je'forc," in "*a - thoroughgoing - Pu jrge af "right'deyia'tioniits,":who were hose.' C^mnYunists' 'suspected ·': of. wtting^nationaiism^before^heiirlil- cgiancV; t to the'. Kremlin.;^ ".I ^-~. · A -Ddfge.oiF.GIap''Dkely7woufd he he work of. Moscow,, once', a gain: !s'orih' p Viet .Nam is 1 Vn* agrarian, country arid,the "Communist,parly was'" prganizefJ. there/'pn ; "the"' CM : nese;pUern, I ; ; But - atos 1 cpw r --has i ex- i ilbited ieal(Hisy.Oof' such'.Chinese influence,' nplably^in North; Korea and in' y the f Japanese ""'Comhiunist aarl y.' T^h ere. L woUld' be" a ^suspicion !hat "Giap. was "more ·MarxUt'thaii Stalinist, :"and' ·more 1 :' Natio'halist Lhan is.considered'safe^for^Cbm'- munist. leaders. ,H"is. : .kriovrTi;'that in his youth ..'Giap, wavered '.b£ Uyceh 'eriibracuig ".'socialism ;'nd cominuriism,/and -bHecanie/an'-'ar: dent Communist after his wife'died in a French 1 prison. ' r .*· l!a!ianSenale ; .Finds ; · Nojliing Offensive in; Bathing Beauty Events ROME'Lfl"-^ It's takeii : 't year and a half/ but a .committee o; the: staid' Italian Senate,- is finally ready with- a majority and "minority .^report- on bathing beauty contests. The reports-find nothing offensive-nor immoral in them. The minority "dissents'- only to suggest that there mieht^be^robm /or just a bit more supervision a n d " control. ' · : The issue came" before .the Sen ale i n . June 1954; A 65-yea'r-oic Christian Democrat and *a 31-year old Monarchist demanded tha something .be, done .about, v '/these sinful sex shows;'.thc5e'expositions of ..vanity and stupidity." .- · . '.The matter was referred to com mittee.- After philosophic discussion and contemplative.'sludy'of photo grapbs.'the committee 1 is 'ready "tc report to the.firsL-Scnate session after the new year. * - · / . .'Majority, and. . minority'i ! agree nothing should be - done to-" stop parade. The minority puts; in.'the suggestion that; "per haps, the state .should'regulate':o control,'auty contests/'-'bu eliminalejthe'm-^ertainiy "not". USE THIE TRIBUTE .WANT-'AO! * WASHINGTON-If ;S anl a · pa ck ed ji model- train - to..,the.-house Ithls ^hirJslrnas^thereJs'.'aTsafe bet whb he engineer is: Pop/. . · , : . .'' r -. -,:THe fahiiUarfChrlstnias morning question,v'.'Who. got the tr'ahi,'. the alher-or.the son?".:stems back at east 50'years, .t!ie'iNational- Geo- ir'aphic ;"Sbciely r says, i About -1900; foshua^LiorieVCpwen. usd 'dry cell b a tie" r.ie5 v a rid : lights/ to-·illuminate mttcd flowers for commercial display, '-Tinkering furlher with batter- es he produced a small electrically' driven car. J'J ' \ " · - . t · : · * - · ^·As -a : consequence,' thousands^ ol men today .band iri a ."railroading" orotherhood centered: around mode! trains. The ' ofttimes" handmade models, are" so'- exactly, s'caled .-to actual trains that 'they rank as probably the most realislic.of anj mechanical-playthings. Train build ers sometimes'give model railroad ers 'their 1 designs' of-' forthcoming eqitipment.' j · ··' .' . ' ' . ' .Miny- Impresftv*. Production* Cars couple and .uncouple auto mattcally. Engines wail for. cross ings.and-puff realistic smoke Iron their stacks. Semaphore signal blocks guard against collisions. Sta lion doors:open and out.come toy passengers.'. " ^ . ' ' Some hobbyists' go so far as to manufacture -. theirTM own trains Several hundred, hours; w o r k m a n go into a JocomofiveVabout 50 ho'urj into a caboose. - · - . : , The job .is- never, completed · -improvements · constantly beckon Whistles may be changed to mimic belter the haunting wails of eveninj trains; Cars may be overhauled tc dump .coal- faster.. Wayside depic tions of' mountains a n d valleys towns, villages*, a n d . plants -- a] necessary adornments -- "'invite defter.touches.." - ·There/.'generall:-, is where thi housewife^'cbmes .into .the game Mpre'skilled-in decorative arts th,an her husband, ( she .suddenly.-find herself "M r s. ".Casey Jones," in cKarge of the landscape. The.,hobby; claims .enthusiasts from-all-'ranks "of society. One de votee explained:" "The tensions th.i well^up in you.ori'ygur regular jo! flow out-through-your fingers a you ,work",.on.' these 'model'Tai! roads. Railroad» compapJes -^ »pur VthV y in t various^ .way 5 ·.--: some- s.-by^erilJRringi.]t:. themselye_s. he Baltimore '.and Ohio':owns''a system 1 .' with i 10 feet 'of .double- rack main line, £20.. locomotives, ·oth steam^'and dlesel,;'and, 100 reight.- a'nd- passerig^ef.".cars- i cpn- rblled by scores of 'automatic' 1 slg; als and electric'relays.;A current Isplay-by "a'.doien"-railroad'com- antes" in'New Jersey has.800 feet f'track;. lts"trni!is" will run 30,000 liles "in. 30' days! ' -' . ". ' \ v. Other.modcl-trnins now are used n atomic age'laboratories to Ira'ns- x)rt'dangercm'K-samples-fr^m one lace to another while workers keep afe distances at control "panels. Icklels were used in'_ World War II o train specialists in demolition of ' e j n y railroads. - _,_·'· , "-\'- MiniatureTaiirpadmg'has felt'Iri- oads from" model airplanes; "But here alWays\will be, trains/. 1 :^,an nthu.siast -insists. .Some. '-130,000 lobbyists affirm .the'view; v j Feiriiiiiiie-StaifrShine;'- : 1/on'BfwdWay " iBy MARKBARRbN; ·'. -'··' ' ' r««.Wrirtrj... . . · n j e x c i t i i i g .season of petticoat feyerV,th*'year.of 1955 found bpth \cterari^an'd'- -fledjjling v fcminiii'e stafs'-i'chSeving'a number-or mi- jbr'trlumphs" ta the' Broadway.the' aler.- ; ';£..'-.-;·..:.."; ' "· ....-.'.. .'.. :v f?HeIen : Haycs.had a' heart warrn^ irie;salute'' : to her-.SOlh/anhivcrsairy as a;sfa'ge:actress by playing.'.'The .Skin'of pur Teeth',' in Paris'as part of:the\Ui S'.:D.cpartinehf'!of State's "Salute'to.- Franco"-:.p'rogram.. She IhenVrelurned to' repeat-hcr,per- fb'rmance* of the same role, of Mrs. Antrdbu'i-in revival of the.Thorn- ton : Wilder^comedy! on- Broadway. Outstandfng "among . new' stage actresses ft is 17 : ye'ar4)id - Susan Sfrasbc'rg',' .'daughter, ol · acloWi- re ctor -; p'irents,' '.who:' g iv« *»: tender, moving ptrformance of a is- year-old:fie«tag'/rom the'Iron Curtain lo.the'riit drama,';',The Diary of AnneJ.Franlt.V'^Tlils^'It; Miss Sfrasbcrg's" Brda.dway stige'debut, but she has.'playcd/previously-in Ilplly.wood. films and she'recently playciOJuliet on-television.: \ ; ',V ?'Helen^ Traubel.'broke th'rough from h^r.classical confines of Met: rppotitan . Opera':to'"play'_ a baiidy madarhc in-the' new'Rpdgers and H a m m e r stein v musical, ^"Pipe Dream,'*-and she woh'-boutiuets^in this"-;d6\vn-to-earth mood 'fari-rfr; nioved frbm-her Wagneriaii operas tic roles. · , . ' ' . . - . . ^, .' V.' ; : From her previous prize-winning performances; in$"A . Member ;.of the Wedding':' 'and.VI'Am A-Camera,".'{ Julie -. r Harris ' returned . : -.lp Broadway'for additional accolades in her- sensitive pcrfor m'ane'e. of - a young"Joan of ;A'rc iri Biliian Hell- man's (.dramsUiilion pit' 1'The y ^ . , ' Barbara Bel 1 Geddes {established H?rseU ' as ' a major "crhqtlpfiij ''· 'acr tf«5!''with,.her 'performance' in' the" PulitMT^Priie;'; Winning -"Cat. On '-Hot j'Tin'V Roof. '."j-And:' Shelley' - excitenienl .wiUi ; her r: unrestf ained . -. ..»_'-_* '-"-^' -t ·- i^_. .1.1^11 .-.'.. ttz~t^ ; humorous pcrfo.rraanbe' in the-musical "Damn'.Yankees'.". AJso,Vta 'ihe* irrepli'cablfl 'comic- tragdienrie 'Shirley B,ori'fli : iri'-!'Desk Set," and'to Patricia-Near as the young post-war' .mother 't in '.'A Hoomfurof j'Pipua'.ls in the market for. 26 tons' of /'native twist" 'tobacco,- 26 s : ticks'l6'».pound. v V , . ; / ' : .. . - ; ' )^neya;^ ; Back;.- : 1 Brief 'taK)BWa1kbuf . '"' ' ' ;.,OREM, Utah:'(fl:'ifi.'.iii:VS.' Steel' Corp. ( . gradually ;expanded(produc- ikih;ia( . : its ..big -.Geneva' 'wbrki,; v Wcan'csday, t markuig;tJio end of, a labor, dispute which had'cut-sharpt- ' ly into 'operations suice last Fri- ·'.'·*·; v" ; :':: ; --tv -. ( ·...'.Geneva '.officials said- eight o f , the : - plant's ' 10 open v hearth .-furr naces ; 'remalnc'd;bi 'operation dur- ' ing^the^ .dispute/. i. v; -/i- .r.V { .. The company .statement follott'ed . one 'earlier by a union "official .who' said ."the . workersVirivolved", are .back-on the job a' they were be: fore' the 'trouble started.'* : f 'l' i iV--: ' ' '· . ' ' '"'·'' ·'.·'·'·'··· -i : A l W A Y S F I R S T Q U A i SPK/AI ;,;.; BETWEEN-YtAR BARGAINS I SPECIAL BETWEEN-YEAR BARGAINS! B*«uiiful HUNDREDS dnnw f»f.'pfic», »ty»« «*4. qvoHtjrl · AEinott .ivery. important f»bric /«· «»n! think?of','·',., : »tyles to flatt«r ?my figurt, : ...' »nd, «very one si new next Kafor\. f Comt to P«i.Tiey'8 today..,';. give your' wardrobe'iM your budget* treat-.,'. discover why fashion doesn't ««Jt» fortune at Penney's !c Every Cqst'N.ew!- High Faishlonl; .; ; Milium' Linings or 'Wool'Interlihinga; Juniors! Misses'. Petites! Half Sizesl t I SPECIAL PURCHASE! BETTER QUALITY COTTONS «M RAYONS · Sportting SoIWoHJ · CVomfcroy S1rfp«i, Solldil. Now, t th« beginning, of the season, Nwuy's ou«mb1«i a mar- v«toui colJ*«tidn of b*K«r coJtoni and brirtfl* tfifi you at tfMclal savlngii Come ,,. rqulatc your spring- sewing pinna here;iit f -Penney'sI Find exciting priTiti,'g»y colors, easy-cure finishes. I . Come* B*«... come 'sew"..'. come save at Penney 1 * * ,i-\ '. 'i - · ' ··· · - · · . ;- '· Campus coats in deep textured or , Zibeline fiee'ces!.- · .."· · ' - . . ' _· Full le'ng^ coats in deep textured 'or Zihelih'e fleeces! . · Neat all woo! little 'checks! · All wool knit curls,' cotton-backed! \ FOR ! UUST · Ctoud-soft fros.'.y Zibeline fleece! · l u x u r y blends of ; wool, mere! . '· '·.-. · ' ' · · ; '. · · · ' . . · -Natty a!| -wool checks! · Handsome, warm blanket fleeces! So-imporlant polished-look wools! , ...... ·$ Penney's special purchase of H TOP-SUCCESS, PLASllCS 'Krery bog'i a alar In tho fashion field . . . a prlza nt Pe'nney'i.tlny price! Find uleek. hlncX ratenlsi Find '^glenmlng 'calt-gralns! 'And whnt.'Bhape'Bl 'all' 1 the.btB^oit.hlls .of the reason! - - . : . - . T "' GIRL'S COATS SPECIALLY PRICED! $ . Slie'l 3 . t o 6x $' Ac pre_ttrja..xrpup of cpM-weathftr bufferi a you've.aeen , ,·. s.n-sp*- c|ally prlc«d/at' Pftnney'a, All In 1 the '-season's newest huei, You'H find each one Is superbly detailed . . torae wflh yoke bucks some doubl«'breasled,'many with novelty bo ttone, many, rayon, velvet-trlm- zn«d " REAL,SAVINGS NOW AT PENNEY'S , CHENILLE BEDSPREADS Twin «nd Full Size '/ Pener. lowj prices *rc, fabulous. and. Juit look at the ijual- l l y l ' Pluth, Telvety chenille t«dBpre^d ''in decorator colori.'-Vertlf al wavy, line 'de- «lpi. Come»' In full or twin size. Bef«f« you buy, Ity Penney's . . Toff-name qualll^! Record-low prkes! Beautiful Baj-aains for All Thru the House! I ! . ' · ' " ' . " : Startx Tuewiay, January 2 ..... -.-· . iv: .......-:3r

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