Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 14, 1961 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1961
Page 15
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'-Brief Malxl Swrman Canton-Easy One Dish Meal Gary GIHord BRIGGSDALE High Georgt Baxter Senior Class will present ,, School's "Faith, Hope and Klarity" at 8 p.m., Friday at the school gym. In the cast of the three act comedy by .loy Tobias are .Cathy Bunting as Sally Parsons, the maid;''Maty'Jenkins as Faith Crabbc and Mabel Sierman as Hope Crabb.i.'.twin girls; Gary ·Gilford as Terence Flarity, a young Irishjnu.i; and George Baxter as Jack Quinlan, Terry's pal. Other students in-the play are Bob Freeman, Georgeanna Bunting, Helen "Kallsen, Kay Washburn, Bob Van Doren, Tom Cass, Virginia Stapleton and Dave Gifford. Direclor is Mrs. C. R. Van Doren. This'll Fracture You DeWITT, N. Y.-On an auto repair shop near DeWilt there's a sign that reads, "May We Have The Next Dents, Please?" OWat40-50 60? Man,GetWise!PepUp wxrtAois are ptpfj at 70! So, If yen feel vrf w fe rntrn, f 'old" al 40, 50 or 60, (pit bl iag it «n iae v If jw »a»t to ftH yiMVr. try Oitrer Tor.ic TlWsli al *«. AJ» for rfetililr A* ID randcxn fco^i f*(lr ef few. Ihr ^!BWV psr" feeDrfs JKKJ nay ca'l ^W:^ olo". Pct both Mies . Try Osliex-f«l pr$P1i youcgf r- "·»rt-Aq«3iB'.ed" jfje cos Li [tUFt. All ±u- Group -Seven', of the Christian Women's- Fellowship of the First Christian Church will meet Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. E. I,. Accomasso, 1220 9th St. Address of Miss K.yelyn Suchanek, who is heading the .current fund drive of District 8 Nurses, is 1D10 15lh St., and. not. 5th St., as stated in yesterday's Tribune. A one-million dollar campaign is in progress throughout the country to raise funds for the. American Nurses Foundation. This is a onetime contribution and tax deductible. Donations may be sent to Miss Suchanek al her home. She is employed at Weld County Gen eral Hospital. :'. easy living foods such novel one-dish · meal, The Chinese openly acclaim f ood as one of the joys'of human ife. You will, too, when you make as this 'Canton Ctiow'Mein Tuna" nice Ring." It's-Oriental in flavor and appearance but ' American indeed in ease of preparation, using landy convenience foods. Canned tuna, mushrooms, and chow mein 'equirc no more than heating, and packaged pre-cooked rice needs only to be added to salted boiling water and let stand '5 minutes.- Canton Chow Main Tuna RIct Ring LAY-A WAY YOUR BULOVA NOW FOR jjl fractfal, f« citato*'tear-drop da* tig*. The m$i UBY )m 23 j-^eis for fUwlm 'peifwjnar.te. Maltli- Ene ixpiruton brace lit. (59.50 The fMWu$,tUUVA 23-the watch tli11 has everyUine. 23 Jewel mtvervfint, i«lf-wi:idir.j, water* procf*, shoeX resistant, luraUcj* hrxls ard d'Sl. coi-WwIlon tl/iX tod irpjr.slon bind, Nixon Urges U.S. Strategy Of Victory By MORRIE LANDSBERG SAN FRANCISCO (API--This country'needs a strategy of vfc- ory · to counter Nikita Khrushchev's strategy of demand, - former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, said at a $100-a-plale'Re- publican fund-raising dinner Mon. day night. Former President Dwight D Eisenhower wasn't at the Cow Palace--where Ihe 1956 Repuhli can ticket: was born^-but; he-sen a' message. '' * "This is the time to lay asid divisive talk about 1964," he said and- to concentrate upon the challenge of 1962." Nixon's advice was beamed a President Kennedy and Gov. Ed rnund G. Brown of California whose job he hoped to caplun next year. Nixon spoke oul against "a psychology of fear almost ap preaching hysteria" which he said, is building up in America ii the wake of tlie 50-megalon bomb he dangers of fallout and crise such as Berlin. "There is loo much talk of th 'ear of war and not enough tal! of the hope for peace," he saic Tliere is loo much talk of on weaknesses and of the strengtl of the Communist bloc. 'And there is far too much lal! about compromising, which wouU he defeat, and not enough about victory." Nixon moves on to similar $100- a-plale GOP dinners in Indianapolis Tuesday and Portland, Ore.. Wednesday night. An announced 2,500 tickets were sold ^or the San Francisco affair--Northern California kickoff for the 1962 state election campaign. 1 can mushroom'chow awn can- (7 ounces) tuna fish, drained and flaked 1 can (4. ounces). sliced mush' rooms, drained . L' cups pve-cooked rice li.cup grated clreese Prepare chow mein as directed on can, adding tuna fish and mushrooms. Allow lo heat Ihor oughly. Meanwhile, prepare pack aged pre-cooked,rice as direclec package. Tlien add gratcc cheese, .'mixing-:lightly with a ork. Press hot rice '.into ring mold. Let stand 1 minute then unmold. Fill center of ring with ihe hot chow'mein mixlure. Garnish with parsley,'and serve with spiced crab apples it'desired. Big Baby , ST. LOUIS AP--Siegfried,' the 15-monlh-old walrus -at the St. Louis Zoo, has been pulling on the pounds at the rale of three a day since checking Inlo Ihe zoo Aug. 25. ' He now weights well over 300 pounds and if he keeps growing at Iho present rate, he'll get up lo around 3^000 pounds at the end of his growing period. "'But zoo officials aren't -culling do.wn on Siegfried's food intake. His diet: Thirty-six pounds of mackerel and clams, daily,, topped of by a quart of whipped cream. Tues.,-Nov. H, 19(51. GHEELEY TRIBUNE, Payt 15 of the room.-And in front 9f Ilic' area where;there is no window.' they placed a 6. by 6 foot panel of walnut· piyboard, anchoring it to both floor and ceiling. QED C|ijit/Finlshes Toys' for "Children ' ' '. . ' Eighteen toy's, for'cKildrj*'*;;. Home wore completed at an iuv,V Mrs, Lee. already had Rcgcnc/ j^y meeting of the QKD C|ub !**'' ..=... .--.i .-U1. :_ M...... reck at ffio home. of'-Mrs. Harry; i chairs ' a n d ' t a b l e in tlic.--T«iom and she and Ihe .decorator decided the largo panel woiild bo a wonderful frame for a 4 by 4 foot 'painting picking up the colors of the upholstered,chairs.-. She says, '"\S'o ?skcd artist Guy Maccoy to do , a.^la'nds^ap'e with walcr ond.ilrces, one (hat .would be. recognizable without',bijng conventional. ...lie.'. 'Studied /llie room, sn'ippqd pjf a .'little 'bf'.,lhe soft grccii and, apricot cliiiir' fabrics' lo' guide him :and produced the ideal painUng for the room." Another... prpblenij'-: though l ','-a lesser- .one,/ faced. Mr£ Lee . in decoralinB.tHc gamp roam:,'- f , v '. ONCE A BLANK WALL -- Six feet of uninteresting wall space between window and corner becomes the focal point of Ihe room with the addition of a 4 by 4 foot painting mounted on a 6 by 6 foot-panel of walnut piyboard. Possibilities for Making Your Windows and Walls Interesting flic, othor'win'dow./stio. explains? \,' 0 f\ "faces'casl. and offered'(he nossr- East biUly of ^flooding, sunlight. Fabric would ·'go'fp pieces in no tinie (here, so -wo iis'ed a beige home-spun window .sliade nearest: the corner and sermsheor beige linen by Tuesday. ' curtains, hangjng Ihcm from the same valance. . r ,. - "We put a'.d,oublc. carpcti fringi on the shade and Ihe window gives a unified look without Ihe dull cf- Lyons at 328,18th St. A- luncheon was : . served' by··fiit". · committee, Mnies.. Walter McNul- '··· ty, Charles Nero,'.JJcrle= Woodard ; and Lyons. ; .-: .;.''i · -'-V''jj ^tr's., Monley-'.-Yftutig-' coriducted.V * a Ehort'.bus|ncss';meeting -'at liW'.V;' ).m. · Finn's .were · made : for'."·'·;^Ji Christmas' luncheon . And ; party,f ; "f; pici 'J2.' In vcli.atgo''oi.'.:arrange; · : ·" ments'arc'iSlmcs. -Laurence Kime, ' Nero and Paul-Croissant. Those unable lo attend,are lo notify Ihe committee .by-Tuesday.' : ; .'.There will .'be : a gifl. cx'cliaiige arid secret pal : gifls"at- 1 a parly'16 ; ic-given alter-a luncheoii al-ilye - ' of jMrs. Floyd Shai'p,: 507 . 18th'St. Commitlee'.oii ,lh's ' Mogram'tor the party'^is-Mrhes/ '· Freerhyei-,- .-piivis 'an*' .McNulty^'. : s.'Mcmbcrs'Who arc finishing toys at home should have them-ready' feels we might have "achieved by Kmya (j rrr Weiss Jewelers No Charge Kor Credit 819 Tenth St. M cricti Vj lc'5 0 By VIVIAN BROWN Valance-to-floor drapes are fine, hut there 'also are other, newer possibililies for a room with a generous 1 supply, of windows. I Take the home of Mrs.' Kdwarc Lee of Scarsdale,'N. V., for example. The game room in lici house was bujlt for indoor living with an outdoor view. Windows comprise · mosl of the north aix east walls.. On the east wall, the windows extend from the corner.-But on Ihe north there is six feet wall -space before the windows begin. . . ' . ' ' Mrs..'Lee 'regarded' that blank six.feclas her mftjdr problem-ii decoratnig thd room.' 0 '.'Suggestions"included curtair ing-.the entira'^aVca'· so that : BRINS'ORIENTAL ATAtWSPHERE right to.the table and build up appetites in a hurry with this Chow Mein Tuna Ring entree, served with lots of good hot lea. Moke il in lightning speed wilh canned luna and chow mein and packaged precooked rice. , during the BJK Furniture Ssite Starting Wednesday at 9:flO Colorado .Furniture Co. . 623 8th Avenue ould all give Ihe'impression of ing a window," she says.. "Bui y hiisb'an'd said it would make m feel uncomfortable lo know ere. was no window behind tile urlain. "Besides,. it would .be 'a 'dull ay to solve'llic problem." The.suggestion which appealed 'both Mr. and Mrs. Lee came o'm a .professional' decorator is neither expensive hm rniplicated'to execute. ! They'hung drapes, from a val ncc along UK cnlirc north.wal NAIROBI --'Capital.and leihhical assistance lo moderrirze and ex- land its safety match procludidn 'acilitics are-being sought' by '»'cpmplclcly."- Mrs."alsp has some advice about .working witfi' decoi-alors T\vo tried"'thfir han.ds. at:.'decpr ling Her'home.-'With' Hie first she says, "I,felt so restricted vas afraid to buy molding for the closet." The second decorator made some suggestions she liket and some she didn't and she 'inally finished the job herself. "One should assist the decora :or s'-thaUie can.coordinate the things .you like. -Then the house may wind up looking like the per sons who live in il,".Mvs. Lee says. "If you'give a dccoralor carte blanclie.-the rcsull may "make you unhappy. Every, decision of the decorator's must be. weighed am discussed if. you'd be ; happy Ihe results." . H a ' F a s h i o n s B-y Damaged Hair Repaired To Near Normal . $3;00 Plus Shampoo, Set, Haircut, etc., if Wanted. Announces . . . HAT CLEANING and BLOCKING MEN'! Save luor.'ey on your hat wardrobe..'-' 'We'll "'maice your hat look'"(ike' new"'with cleaning and blocking. Cleaned and Blocked "Like New!" Age Discrimination CHICAGO --Fifteen stales bar job discrimination because of FREETOWN -- A seven story office building will be buill in the hearl of Westmoreland commercial area in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Holiday greetings that mean more yet cost no more.. Christmai Cards for imprinting or for your personal signature H«8ro«rk Christmas cards say such nice things from you ' . . . »nd about you. 25 cards from 1.00 up, with a ·tight duigc for our quality imprinting service. Free Delivery--Pay Monthly. Across front the Camfield H o t e l -- G r e e l e y TEMPTRESS JI J 0 Ut« Our Convenient Charge Plan ·CHARGE IV e Life Stride calls these wonderful pumps "Cuscino".,. a descriptive word that says "pillow-soft", "glove-fit" and "maximum flexibility" The lookhns the easy-going European influence for the American 1 woman's relaxed way of life. You'll love the care-free feeling and tl flattcVing Life Stride look of perfection. "RandaUk Sih SI. Open Friday. Evehiaga

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