Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 7, 1967 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1967
Page 12
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Waho Free Press 4 Caldifell News-Tribune, Friday, Julv 7, 1967- 41 .». Unf. 45 e. Nompo 54 Reolfitolt, Nompo 54 HORSESHOEING Graduate Oklahoma .Farrier's 'College, Ronny Martin. 459-7392 or 466-2976 DAIRY COWS FOR SALE Have 05 milking 20sprlngers, Heifers i cows, mostly Holslelns. Terms it guarantee. Bulls of all description for rent. P.N. CVDELL, across from Nampa Livestock Commission Co. Ph. 466-5574. , Nompo 54 Neat, clean 3 rooms t bilh, ADULTS, NO PETS. Ph. C a l d w e l l 450-4418 In Nampa - 3 bdi-jii. bath 2 Bdrm. hsi-., lrg. fenced back 4 Bedroom, large living room 1 2, built-in-,, util. loom, car- yj 412 ciu-sliml $tt 000. Inq. with fireplace, I l.-'2baUis, large 455-3D37. " purl. Clean 4 rms, bath, upstairs Trailer Space Senlal priv. entr. Heat A uli; pd. ex- cepl. elec. garage. 459-4364 ex- Green Acres cept mealtimes. un Midland. l'xci;Uenl location. $3500. Neal IbcSnu.home.Cor- Can acciiiiiniinlaU' My si«. ph. nor location. $500 dn. §40 per 3 bedrooms, main floor, bast-- , .-- . . - menl wilh rec. room 4 work- 716 - 12lh Ave. -S. Ph. 466-6200 kitchen with oatlnsaroit, 514,000 sflupj laree k j tc) ,,.,, 4 separate dining room, large carporl, patio, enclosed back yard, $11,000. Ph. 466-3130 $9,850. Very well-built 3 bdrm CJood 2 bedroom hoiui.*, base- home PLUS full finished bsmt. merit, go, furnace, large 1u(, nubile home park will UI, .south side - $6,150- $500dovn. Small single apt., everything furnished $60 mo. Grey-stone Hotel. 466-4G01 466-7486 Pay 2 ams, rent, get 1 mo. _ FKEE-now renters only. Lar^e rooms, Large Bath. Stoker shady spaces. 466-4447. munln. Vern Underdah! heat. Ground floor. Private En.-^ _ _ . _ _ . ., , -. «?ai. uruunu uuur. rrivaie in- VjOOL) B U L L b trance. Close In. S50.-ie-i-UG94 *""9« 50 T 3J3-13tliAve. Rd. 464-7671 Ev« Rithaid 6uH-- C. CASH HARPER CANYON LOAN BLDG. 1200--hi St. So.--466-2452 lk Crate 466-7080: Jim Cruse 466-3631 Horotr 466-3607 CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS NICK SUBURBAN HOME Short Acre, wall lo wall carpeting, fireplace, between Nampa and Cald*ell. Only $18,000. H»s SLOVEK AGENCY 211 Juniper Phono 466-0823 For Sale or Lease. Ph. 4S-2179 eves. Clean, comfortable apt. near Exc. neighborhood, 1 1/3 A. Acres, 3 bdrm. home, 10 downtown area, *-,V carpeting 3 B.H. Small dn. lo O.I. 327 stanchion cow barn, garage, ma- privale entrance. 46"-21IO S. PU.L.H line, Nampa. chtne ih °Pi °-" r ~ a - 524,000. chine shup, r.or~al. Terms. Comp. mod. 3 room, apl. Close By owner, 5 view acres, Jbdrm, 40 ACRES, 3 bdrm. house with laree basement. 10 stanchion MERIDIAN SALES YARD For free appraisal on all your in, adults only. Working couple house. Alrporl t Star lid. Slar livestock, ph. 888-1872. Auction pref. 1119.2nd Si. So., Nampa. fire Kennels, Nampa. every Tuesday at 12iOO noon. 51 Pasture cow barn, garage, family orchard. Crops are included with possession. $26,500. Terms, PASTURE FOR RENT: 4 1/2 acres. 2'i06 Lincoln, Caldwell. Phone 1 Bdrm. Duplex, ground floor, !B«. Opp«rrunili« roomy, buill-ins, ulil., furn., j.TM, 459-7553 after 6i30 Sunday. CAFK and BAR, Business and lul( ' Ci Close in. All ulil. pd. except equipment. B 4 B LUNCH, Cdrp l.ted, automatic oil heat, elec. 459-4161 or 459-2637. P a r n a, 722-9106. lar^-e family room. landscaped, 1/2 455-3505 Retirement Plan available. 36. WARD'S AUCTION 1424 Chicago St., Caldwtll FURNITURE MISC SATURDAY, RUMMAGE SALE EVERY SATURDAY BUY -r SELL -t- AUCTION Phone 459-3332 :iow would yuu like lo have In- TMwTM "lew appro*. 1 1MOOENE APTS " come of approx. $350 mo.inlce acres ' B c =' o f locallt " l! * 34 ' 000 Mod. Close in. Adults. No pels. P'aee to live? Close ln.466-7112 RQARK AGENCY 1615- 2nd St. So., Nampa. SKilVICF, BUSINESS FOR SALE Hwy. 30 Eoil in EogWH*otb ~ ~ ~ * t , N O S E L L I N G Private entrance, free laun- Relu(res approx . one fl) hour dry facilities. All utilities furn. eac ,, WMk ,,,,,,,,,. a mrox. $35 East of Nampa on Hwy. 30. Gem Motel, Ph. 466-2775. Clean 2 room furnished apt. 119 I2(h Ave.N.Nampa AUCTION NAMPA FURNITURE AUCTION 1406 I st St. South, Nampo. SAT., JULY 8th at 1 P.M. For this week we have: 3 piece bed set with triple dresser, box springs and mattress, desk, weekly. $1,060.70 for slock and s!de lncome property. 2 - 2 br. Inventory. Car required. Write unl(s plus 2 M r m . house. Needs Box 38 % Idaho Free Press, clean-up, fix-up, Possible $130. to'ipa. per mo. income. Asking $3200 : fo.' the equity and assume $3800 ReoUstate, Nampo 54 mortgage. One br. furnished apl. MIDLAND BLVD. 3 A.-3Bdrm. Ground floor. No pets. ph. 3 BdJ 'TM- house, carpeted living plus , in ba .j emeilli i 4 1/2 459-4258 or 459-3548 room garage, on Venice Ave. bat! ,.;. Barll loafing shed. Ph. 466-1478. land [5 ln grass, neal nice place. New 3 b d r m . home, large L.R. Priced al $21,500haslargeloan. dblo. fireplace, 2 1/2 baths, SCHOEN R E A L ESTAT |J All Utilities Furnished CLEAN t CONVENIENT Laundry Facilities. 466-7012 carpeting Un-oughuut. Covered Heal clean sludlo apl, with cer- patio, abundant storage. 2 car 1209-3rd St. So. Nompo 446-7747 e a , - p a , u a n . amic llleshower, small kitchen, garage. Jack Hivens, 466-3382. Eve, Eim* Sthotn 446-3832; Ellii Ai- etle, washing facilities. Located --- °"« M M-I»«8; France! Coyls X64 5 blks from center of town. BY OWNER: Real guud acre- ^'^ ___ 466-9211 before 6 p.m. agu. 3 acres, good4bdrm. home, - - -- - outbuildings. Ian. with view 4BKDHOOM, '-609 1/2 No. Indiana, Caldwell betucun Nampa k Caldwell. -'LO3f IN location, gas furnace, - Furnished 2 bdrm. newly dec- Price $16,000 TRRMS 466-5787 garage, $12,500. Lovvdownpay- orated apt. wilh brand new lur- -- inei1 ' nltur*. $15 mo,, 6 months lease OWNEli IS GONEI required. Call 466-9211 before Must sel,l almost new Ubedroom 6p.m. house on half an acre West of friger»torr«l»v"eno'ai!d"ch»rr, ~ : : titm V t, 1 1/2 baths, fireplace, 7 piece dlnelte set. . .all from *ftt. Unfumiitwd 42 utUl1 ^ double earage. c "eaP one place. Also, 1941 Chev. al «» "K'ns P rl =e »l $15,500, Pickup' 1940Ch«vroletearj 1951 2 bedroom duplex apt. par- but make an offer. You may buy Dodge, tricycles, bikes,lumber, ' la "y fur ".i f as heal.carporl, a bargain) ^mattresses, springs, 6plece Ph. "66-6610 VEST OF HIGH SCHOOL dlnelie set, usedTV,2dressers. very nice 1 br. duplex apU ^vMoad Addition,Sbedrooms, Nam^7ur nF °*f A Vlion\snr ^TOve^ """^ *** TM °' S *°TM'" under new ownership and man- ""· " 9 " 0! eve " ln8S ' a superior location. Price VACATION TIME , . , b , cabin on ' '/ 2 A * »"« *«». *,000 agemenl, so when you have any UNFURNISHED 2 br. DUPLEX $ 18 600 ' Kern to sell or consign, Just Wall lo wall carpet,fireplace, BRANDT AGENCY ACREAGE Nice home, garage, barn on 3 Acres of land $12,000. Terms. Schreiner Agency !2I2--Isl St. So., 466-8)21 John 466-0537, Beil 466-0135 Clarence 466-7177, Uvi 466 8084 Mac or fVne 466-0210 call us, Nampa Furniture Auction 1404 lit St. So., Nampa -406-2112 466-8022 F«r Soft or Trod. 37; elec. heal. 459-6546 LUXURIOUS 215 llth 1 Avenue South 466-7851 160 TOP INVESTMENT Acres good row crop soil cious 2 bedrrn, fully carpeted and draped, storage, carporl, panoramic view, patio, fenced yard. Adults. By appl. 459-1191 3 MtNougiM66-588i. Don. 466-5159 -- Cecil close into Nampa grows sugar OR FURNISHED: Clean I br. DUPLEX APT. Near town, i-ii. 459-7231 after 5:30 p.m. I For sal« or, trade: SS Ford 2 b r Bas · heat, water Si gar-. ; l.2._. .Tss p!j);up . for Calves bjge pj. c i ose i n . pi; ora , oald-' i or car. ph. 459-4867 we |] 451-2332 W?ntad fetor 31. HOUMI f*r Rtnt, Furn. FOU SALE Ddrm. home, roomy, near school and shopping area, Gas hc'al, Tolalprice$6,750.Terms. FOR UK NT SMALL 2 Ddrm. house. . . .$50, -, ,A.D.A-., REALTY ; 204 12lti Av«nue Rood -- 466-7863 Eves: DQYO Jorvii. Int. 466-0277 VonH.WitMl 466-1176 ·65 or '66 1/2 ton pickup In Travel trailer not over 10 ft., self contained lo ouy lIXe rent. Retired Navy Chief. Box 1011, Caldwell. Old books, st»mp collections, old furnllure. Call 466-9341. Write P.O. Box 323, Nimpa, Commission Corner Furniture 1 pc, or a houseful. Sale every Tues. Evening. A.K. .Milpass 466-4237. WARD'S AUCTION BUY+ SEIL+AUCTION Furniture Miic, Ph. 459-3332 or 459-8B55 FURNITURE BUYING IS MY BUSINESS! Cash for good used furniture, appliances misc. HOUSC OF BARGAINS .5th 4 Main, Cald. 459-25«7 THIS IS W H A T BEEN .An Invest- Fully rented Small hnusu, $30, close lo llol- for children. 466-7022 during business hours. pro*.'$200" p e r ' m o n t h net in- 6 rm. mod. house, ne^r Holly «me. Terms available. $16,950. Shopping Center. Lawn, shade, COMMERCIAL PROPERTY wilh gas heat, reasonable. 466-5817. tey Wfflwav {rMk i xMan . Small 1 bedroom, suitable : ° rnor l ° l 50 x 15 °- tor I or 2, 512 1/2 Garland, Nampa, $35. Ph. 466-6240 beets, seed corn. This Is one of Ihe besl buys we have had for a long time. Scllle partnership. Will take $85,000. Good terms. We have all sizes of farms and cattle Ranches. "Al Ihe Sign oi the Bull" ROB1SON REALTY 2 OFFICES Nampa 466-0208 ·Meridian 888-7301 Eye.8ob45v.704S Clint. 2 room house suitable for 1 466-1264. w/bath. Clean or 2. Phone Completely furnished except bed. 1 br. house. Close in. $50. ph. 459-8919 LOOf'REAL- TY, 407 W, Ash, AMERICAN f REALTY 812 A IJlh Avc. So. Ralph Moan 466-8118 E. G. "Jerry" Jenfcinj, · A PLACE OF DIGNITY · For a dlslinguishedfamily,ri£ht in the middle of a lovely residential section. This beautiful brick homo features Sbedrooms, (one 21x14), carpeled living room with fireplace overlooking covered patio and nicely landscaped yard, birch kllcben with eating space SL builtin appliances, 3 baths. Huge family room with fireplace in finished basemenl, oil heal, dble garage d chain link fenced back yard. Price $27,500.00. Better see this today, tomorrow may be tou late. H6u»t For Rent, Unf. 45 · VIEW LOT · In Mangum lleiehls - too x 200 ft. A real choice building lot »wm It Board 39 Nice sunny, comfortable front room, available for couple or 2 ladies or 2 genllemen, Also 2 olher single spaces. Carter Home, 466-1311. 2 Bedroom modern house w/w carpet, full bsmt. $15 mo, Ph.466-8847. Nice 2 B. R., built-in oven * range, nat, gas heat. Plumbed i wired for washer dryor. Carport with storage. No dogs. $75. Ph. 466-4152. 4 Bdrm. house wilh gas furnace. Water pd. Close in. $60 month. Ph. 450-8665. Small 1 bdrm. house, No children or pets. Water t garb. pd. Ph. 459-8204 ader 5 p.m. 10 Acres i Bdrm. home. Grade D barn, .*.»,,-. other outbuildings. $17,000 - and worth the money at$2000.00 $7.000 down. V Splinter Agency Warren 466-3475 ACIiK 2 Bdrm. home, carpotcJ, car)40 3-3rd St. So. Diol 466-6721 port. $G950. $500 down, $50 Evti Sorn 466 . 4778 . Arl 46S . 5172 Of month. NEW HOME 3 Bdrm., Carport, air conditioner. Only $125 a month. 600 ACHE R I V K R R A N C H $175,000, MOAD REALTY 122 HlhAvtSo.Ph.466-5281 INDEPENDENT Room for litnt Nice cool room, close to town. Very Reasonable! 519-16thAve. So., 466-4345. Aph. Furniihed 41 All modern I bedroom furnished apt, 1212 7th S(. No. $40mo. rent. Ph. 466-7844belween946. Modern 1 ir 2 B. R. trailer house-,, good localion. Rent or sale. Ph. 466-7170. 1 bdrm. house, partly furnished. 318 -9th Ave. So, $45. ph. 466-7817 1 bedroom, gas heat, 111-lOth Ave. N. Phone 466-1601 Clean 2 br. $60, permanent renters. Inquire 1204 1/2 Dearborn Caldwell upstairs. Cozy small house, carpeled br. newly redec. 1 block to huspiul i stores, 1601 Arlington, ph. 459-2609. ED DOORN - 466-9449 TRADE!! BE SEll BUY 34 ACHES- grain and pasture, excellent horse or cattle set up, running water year around, Lays nearly level with nice hill to build on. Near New Illway . $31,000 with goodteiym, EXCELLENT Dairy or Slock . ,, . ., , . setup, 40 A., 3bdrm,briclchome Children all n.arrind - house w/ bsmti Urge block machine too big - owner wants to trade. aho I09 ,,_ cemen , or s , onc 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, huge rcc. bar ce(nen , teedtneslrh , ce . room with fireplace and beamed : mcnl ditches ceroenl sidc slta ceiling. Large living room and 8 Aorcs hced [5 Aores a l t bedrooms carpeted. B If t b a i aiK e alfalfa. Adandy family---izo kitchen, lotsofcabi- · , _ , ' » , , » , n ,, Mnnn^u,TM naLi / Fencf . d pool and patio, "^ "^ 523.500-$3,000down, worlds of sPnragL 1 . Double c;tr- NPW 5 Bdrm brick ranch home port. S25.0006 I/2S Interest on on 1 1/2 Acrc.v, double garage, prev:nt mortgage. Owner will full bamt wilh 2bdrm,fii'eplace, take smaller house or escrow family room wilh fireplace, 3 2 .Apis, one - 1 bdrm. apt. upstairs and one - 2 bdrm. apt. in bsmt. 208 South 6th Caldwell. Ground floor lurnlihed apt. Wash. fac. n» pets. 2230 Oak. Ph, 459-2J61 or Inquire 2224 Oak, CalnVall. _ ___ COOL Bsmt. apt, i bdrm.,com- forlable for single or couple. Ph. 450-9765 or 459-2079. Furnished 3 room apartment. All utilities, 523- !8in Ave. So., Nampa. (;ool 3 room furnished basement apartment. Utilities, Bll Bemnnt Caldwell 459-1743 1 Bedroim furnished apl. .See at 407- 8lh Ave. iv), Nampa PARTLV FURNISHED 2 hr. house. $35 month, For infm - malicm please intiuiro at 211 Denver, Caldwell. Spacious now duplex apt., carpeted, covered p;Hlo, lawn, carport. $70. 466-8055. 2 br. modern home. N'n pc:ts. Children wt-lcome. Phonef.'-iM- wcll 459-2400 ctmtract In trade. G1ESE REALTY 1308-2nrfSt.So. Phone 466-7011 Nights 466-533 1 ) Bdrms. living room, dining riom, all carpeled, built-in kitchen, biMulifuily iandscapefl. Excellent view, underground Irrigation. $34,000 with trriiis, NtW 3 Bdrrn Ranch typo with livingroom, dining room, kitchen, 1 1/2 baths and attached garage, good location. Only YK-S! Bi; 1Mb nice 4 yr. old 3 bod- rootn tioniu with carpeting, drapes, garage 1 corner lot lor $13,500. Owner tort Inwn. Immediate pussossiiin, will O. I, or soil wilhsEnaLLitownpaymenL. WATCH MOTHKH! he will I.OVK this! A 3 bed- 3 BDRMS on main door, 2 in $23,000 with gcxd terms. 1 ACHE in paslure, 3 Bdrm, dining room, livingroum, kitchen, breakfast nook and one balh. Only $15,500. I hr. furnKhi" apt, lose In. m, ph. 450-1611 eves. New, roomy 2 bdrm. duplex, Oarage. W a t e r , lawn care furn, 22L: 46li ' ! " )36 rlwm "brick" hon.'e *ilH c'.irpc~ied »sinl, fenced back yard, single Newly redec. 2 br. pan hsmt. living room, fireplace, dining garage, nice corner lo!, large gas heal $70 S, .side Cilriwct! room, large kiiclicn wilh table Hvfrtgroocn-carpoted and large ALSO .1 br. .-. side $90 ph. ·,.,.«·, I 1/2 tatts, attached fa- kilchen and dining aroa.$l2,750 rage, lar^e lot. Owner trans- (;I a ' "'*· Approx. $300 dn. ferred. Quick sale price- " n Cl. about $550 on FHA. S18.500. Terras. VOI'R OWN I'AHK! Bcautilul parklike landscaping 459-8290 Or sell - 2 B.R. Iwme, Oab rnacu, w.'w carpet, drapes curtains. $77 inn. 466-2573 Lovely refinl.shcd 3 rms, priv. *ntr. Ideal toe. ALSO: single apt. 1204 Clev«. 459-0430 2 Bdrm, apt. Including utilities $54. Call 466-5684 or stc Mr. .ilr*,«14 - l l l h Av«. No. Srr7.11 2 br. housi:, nice lawn with gar. 4 carport. Itcf. required. $50 ph. 459-1486. IIF.NTAL I N F O OF.N Landlords- free! Just tell when rented. Renter-Info plu-,! hnme w i t h basemenl, 2 car garage. 1.3 ACRKS, One nt Sampa's top Irwallons, 1st lime nllored. Price $21,500. BAKE YOUNG REALTY ATTRACTIVE, neJl 2 Ddrm. liomc, close in. Has nearly a full bmt with gas furnace, car- (url, beautiful yard ami good location. All tor $11,750. SEL-RITE CORP. , mili . . . . . _ ol H.5. on IJnS Aw. W. NATIONAL LANDLORDS ASSN. 208 12lh A«. So.-Phonc 466-3525 » oy clojM 4666530, D«»IX Walll 466-7638 En, Don 46664vl »' Bob 4660398 466-7216, C. O, Ihompian 466-1010. 1 ACRE, Large 2 bodruom, homo, 1 1/2 balhs, new k i t c h e n with large oalin^ area, separate u t i l i t y , carpeting, carporl and storage. $1,000.00 dwii. Payments of SU9.50 per mo, Total Price $11,500.00, 30 ACRKS. ROW CHOP So. of C'aldwoll. Small home, good barn and olher bldgs. Choice location. $10,000.00 dwn. TotuI Price- $32,000.00, WILL TRADK. Nice newer, 3-beiiriNimhunic inBuise on large corner lol, carpeled, c a r p u r t and storagi'. Total Price $12,000.00. low lnt.paymcntsof$75.00per mo. Will Trade $3,000.00 equity for small rental properly in Nampa. Willord Cravens . Frank r"ivecools. . E. B. Grigg. . . . Don Goutd . . . . 466-1179 466-0516 466-7724 . . Broker 624 3rd Sf. S. 466-92li Open till 6 p.m. and all doy Saturday 2 OPEN HOUSES Saturday Afternoon JULY 8th, 1:30 to 7:30 pm DIRECTIONS TO NO. 1. from Hiway 30, turn on Orchard Avenue (at Edmark Chevrolet), go to first crossroad (Midland Blvd.), turn left on Midland and drive 1/4 mile to trie New Camelol Subdivision. Watch for Signs'. FRESH AS A DAISY! This charming new home West of Nampa has a lovely view ol the Owvhee Mountains Plus a resriul country atmosphere. The spaciairt living room with iU white bricV fireplace leads into ihe elegant formal dining room with ili attractive lighting, 3 nice sized bedrooms, one and one-half baths, built-ins in the kitchen (wilh glazed china closet too). All of these features . . . and many more are offered to you and your family. DOOR PRIZES ... (Registrants must be al least 18 years old to qualify.) DIRECTIONS TO WO. 2. Drive Soulh on Midland Blvd. [approx. 3-1/2 miles South of Camsto* Subdivision), TKen, Watch for our Signs! YOU'll BE HAPPY in this practically new, sparkling clean Ranch type home, located in the Restful Selling of the Elite V/oodview Acres. 4 Bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathi, spacious traffic-free living room, ideal kitchen with double oven and separate range tap, dishwasher garbage disposal. All windows are eleganlly coveredj carpeting throughout . . . with approx. 2,000 sq. ft. of living area. Charm, convenience and a lot of living m this lovely home. We, of Action Realty, invite you to view these outstanding homes, on Saturday, from 1 ;30 lo 7:30 PM. "MAKE A OAFE WITH YOUR HUSBAND AND COME ON OUT" 7878 REALTY "SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY* 1 2 ) 4 - 2 n d Sf. South -- 466-7878 Don Weslmark 4M-133! -- loam Benedict 466-7476 -- StonKtim, Forms, 466-0170 -- Carter Richmond 466-3142. Dave Westmark 466-4109 5t I-..1 SALE OR KENT: 1 acre with 1 rm. house in Sonnj'stope area. fh. CaldvtelMS^Wg; 3 Wrrn. older home. Very reasonable. Phone Cald*ell 45*8278 after 4 p.m. Selling 5 acre tracts or more. Tmi on Highway 20 E. Cumact owner Boise 375-2921. LOOKING FOR BARGAINS in ontiques? Check Ihe Cloisified Columns now! 100X135 ii. corner lui. Willow - ~ Ohio, Caldwell. Ph. Narapa Moloityct.i 466-3991 PKONE 466-1891 or 459-4664 lo place your classified ad. New 3 bdrm. QDI. garage. 1/2 acre. $13,500, low down. f t i . Middleton 585-2761. I 1 2 acre 3 bides, pasture, 3 br. house wilh full bsmt. ph. Caldwell 459-3433 Real Estate, Caldwell 55 Real Ettate, Caldwell SOUTHS1DE COUNTRY ESTATE 5 Bedrooms plus den, on oiled road. UptoTVi acres, bam i tack room. Splendidly built brick home with 3 bedrooms on main floor, 3 baths, 2 up and 1 down with 2 bedrooms up. Family utility rooms, daylight sliding glass doors to combination patio 4 car port. + 2 Fireplaces + Pasture + Built in Appliances -t- 5 Bedrooms + Drapes-carpets -fSprlnMers KXCELLENT TERMS $34,500 REAL ESTATE 2155.10th - CoUwtll 459-1509 loSonKerr 459-8647 NtiwIIUiwx . . . . 4W-S7W DonWindtr 4S9-J615 · CLEAN TWO Hb'UROOM « i t h f u l l basempnl, garage, close to sUire. $7500.uO. · TWO BEDROOMS, fireplace, aluminum siding, beautiful yard, garage, $12,250.011. · TIIHKK nUDHOO.VW PLUS F U f J , BASKMRNT 1'OR BXTRA DKDROOMS, Cuvored p n l i u , faces West. $13,800.00. » F A M I L Y ROOM, three bedrooms, 1 3'4 halhs, all newly carpotcd 4 pointed Inside A mil. $15,600.00. NKAR ALL .SCHOOLS, · NtAT T I I H K K 11BDKOOM, foncod i well landscaped yrd, laces West. $15,000.00. « DOUUt,!: BIIICK croNSTHtlCTION, three spacious bedrooms, twn firepbcp.s, very Inrge family room, 1 .1/4 balh.s. $16,500.00. « ONF. ACHK with beautiful three bedroom brick home, pailo, court yard entry, Dutch fireplace, built-ins, vacuum system, very nice. $22 r 800.00. · ONK ACRl% HAS very Isrge r,iinhlir homa, three bedrooms, baths, huge family room, don, other extras. $30,000.00. · nusiNKSS OPPOMTUNITY: Tavern * eqirpment dning excellenl business. $6000.00 plus inventory. COIEY SMITH Agency 107 N. Kimboll-rfuflt 4597419 Evening t Chop Burton 419 3416Forrm O-v Collins 4S9 9584 O«ntr COOL BASEMENT -GOOD TERMS, Surprising storage In 4 BR 1 1/2 Bath family home. Ontario l-503-889-5212for appt. (After 6) or 459-3579, Cald. 3 only Wc.c. Gileras, 10 H.P., brand new, reg. S460, n»«- S29S.93 in the crate. Full-i-ar- ramy on all parts. Do-wr s Westerri Auto, Nampa, 1S67 HONDA 160, excellem condition S510, n»h helmet. Ph. 466-2522 FOR SALE 1965 HONDA C.B. 160 ph. Caldwell 45S-H47 1966 BSA, 650 cc Excellem condition. Ph. 466-5095, between 6:30 1 10 p.m. 5 rm. house in Greenleaf for sale or rent. 1 block Nonh of slore. Rent - $40 month. Sell lor S4300. easy terms. S.T. Clark ph.459-4845 2 bd. house. Well located. Canyon Hill corner lot. Would consider lease. Ph 459-1691 days or 459-3520 eves. BY OWNER: 1 acre wilh view, Nearly new Deluxe 4 br. home, built-ins, 2 fireplaces, 2 baths, rec. rm. outbuildings. Top loc. .S. of Caldwell. Price, $28,500. TERMS. ph. 466-5787 Truck! fc Trailers .61 BO ACRES, good level fields, very nice 2 BR home, $53,000 terms. PRICE REDUCED on this attractive home wilh basement located 2116 Washington. New price $14,700. Terms. NEAT 1 BR, 1402 Chicago - S4500- $1500 down. Stanley L. Jensen 7l6H*nnurSv 459-3112 AK* E. Harfii, farm 1966 - 4 w h . dr. Jeep pickup. Would take good older 1 1 '2 T. iruck as pan pymt. Marsing 896-42C5 morn, or pves. ·55 Ford 1 -2 ton pick-up, overdrive, radio, wilh cab high camper shell. 466-7108. 1959 Int.-metro milk delivery true*, good shape $200. ph. 466-2974 '55 JEEP Slation wagon. 4- wheel drive, warn hubs. In good condition. $695. Lodge Motor, Inc. 919 Bloine -- 459-7473 Caldwell CMC PICKUP ^2291 64 Small 2 BR home, nat. gas furnace, small yard. This properly is very clean anrt well kept. Jusl right for retired couple. Only $4,500.00 Cash. Harrison-Frank P r i c e s S t a r t a t . See America'! Finest Truck with Creoles! Power Selection al DOBBS BROS. MOTOR CO. Your Oldsmobile-GMC Dealer in Nampa 466-3563 Mobil* Hornet 62 MOM 459- 1 671 College couple must sell 1961 10 x 55 Great Lakes 1 Bdrm. washer air cooler, $28D5. 459-9248 after 5 WANTED! FIRST CLASS TRAILER COURT ... MUST BE IN WHY PAY RENT? Don't waste money by paying; TIP-TOP CONDITION AND CM ^ot,E^or BILL at GOOD LOCATION WILL TRADE! A : A : A ; REALTY Wwltfidi E«s.--459-3412 MIDWAY TRAILER SALES 459-1235 WOULD YOU BELIEVE A business mac's farm in the Huston area. 33 acres in 2 fields, row crop land will grow anything! e year old, 2 bedroom home with western type fireplace, PLUS older 2nd home. Lots of shade, berries, large garden already planted. Buyer gets last half of cash rent. Immediate possession. $2B,000. Very reasonable down payment, · If you can beat this, call us, For the person who wants income property that pays more than a good return on their money. $260.00 a monlh Income on $16,000 investment, Beat it if you can! Smith Vogt 707 Arthur-0tti« Ph. 459-8612 Eves. Ahho Bish-896-4380 George Vogt--459-3239 Walt Smith--459-2803--Ranches RtalEilatt, Sole/Trade 57 Payette Lakes closeinlot, trailer, sun deck, well, beach right. $4,000 Consider car, boat or lot. 466-8036. 55 K«alEtlot(,MiK. 58 YOU'RE INVITED TO SEEOURQIMUTY PRE-BUILT HOMES ON D1SPUY from 10 to 5 Won. thru Sal. 19 f lani in 2-3-4 Bedroom Hornet Campietely Btiill-- Ready to Move S70 to $16,250 fiwocinj Available Boise Cascade Component Division 888-4419 EV.I. 375-2314 2t»W. Bower, Meridian Virgil Hughes 466-0617 1966 PLYMOUTH VALIANT V- 200 4 door sedan, V/Sautomatlc, power steering, AIR conditioning, only 7,000 miles. 1966 DODGE CORONET 500 2 dr. hardlop, V/8 automatic, bucket seats, luxurious r«d Interior. 3 1966 DODGE DARTS. . ,270's 4 door sedans, all equipped with 6 cyl. automatic and power steering. All bw mileage, Come In and take your choice! 1964 CHEVROLETImpala2door hardtop, V/8 automatic. Sharp! PICKUPS 1961 DODGE 1/2 ton Pickup, 6 cyl. 4 speed, long wide bo * $1695 1964 CHEVROLET 1/Z ton Pick. UP, 6 cyl. 4 speed. . $1495 1964 KORD V/8, 4 Speed. .$1495 1961 VOLKSWAGEN BUS with camper equipment, .$895 DOBBS MOTOR CO. Dodge--Dart--880 Dealer Nampo Dial 466-2483 446-OB17 v em 444.0755 OPEN EVENINGS TILL 8 P M MONDAY THROUGH fTilDAY Truth ft Tralkn * Trucks I Ttoikn 61 ATTENTION TRUCK FARMERS Limited production landem axle trucksl New I n terf,,i Mod F-1800, 136" CA for twenty too, bodies, Powe? S FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL COLLECT. 342-7711 Boise International Inc. 4000 Foirview Boise, Idaho

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