Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 18, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page 2
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TWO Uft CrucCTftin-Newft Thursday Afternoon January 18, 1945 Las Cruces Sun-News V V A U . A C K I ' l ' . H H Y K. II. I K I V I . K M I - M t u ' I t Ml' -I U K ^ ^ n i - i . v i t ; i j-ju-::,s T K U - ; i ( H ( i N r . .n nit J4 * i i U c r i | . f ' J i i i ,.,i^ l l y f . i m . r !ti I,;,- I ' m , . , a m i M i l . i i t l i . i n « r r k ,,, ( . ; _ , , . ,, ( . ., , J 1 M l , ! i ; | . r n . i l ! i l l I x . i i j , \ l i i i ( M i l , I V . fi I/...V. .1 vi M I . J . i ; ' , " r-Mti-,,' 1 "ri'l!'!...'"m..'ri''ll . y (^r.-n'l .''·"'rii-j |?*l .1 c . i i . M J ) | s n U c n i - l i M . l l'liv.,1,!,- ,,, ; l ( | v j t i , r r . Maybe Hitler and Gang Will Gel Theirs .Any way Legal Notices NOTICE OI :TO tllANOE NV»IK NOTICE IS HEREBY', GIVEN · ---."·" Tv.vtAfj BARTHOLOMEW- PEPPER *as flMd a j)e- ..... ,, i*y m.-i guarcj.fir) ad literi^ KATHEKINB BAIiTHOU?J!EW "K'OIT, In the Third Judicial Dlu- rict Cnurt for Dona Ana County, New Mexico. iK'ing i]umbered-9?0B, DriiyiiiK fnr an Onler o f . the Court 'ii chni:(!» his mime lo PHILIP L.Y- MAX BAKTHOLOilpW SCOTT; N,M. YanksDn Luzon (Continued rrom page^i; memorial also Bald-"itis-deslrable to make $ treaty at this time so that there -may be -a jfirjn ba^is for postwar-development of-Waterloo projects In the Unl(cd States. The.treaty relates to use of.the im! thnt a f t e r publication of tl|la I waters -of · t h e , Rio Grande below notice ns herein set forth for two fort Qyitman, Tex., and of : thc :ontj-:nUvc weeks, hg will present i Colorado and Tijuana rivers. hi* petition by his guardian ad Htem, K A T H E R I N E BARTHOLOMEW SCOTT, In the Judge of said Airrmlt operators of the;state scheduled a meeting today to ··dls- CUHS proposed regulatory lej;isla- Court In Laa Cruoes, New Mexico, i tir-n for their Industry. Corporation .iiiiiiii; 11 regular term thereof. | Commissioner Don Cosados said f'vliUoncr'.s pltice (if residence and f the proposal Would"bring intrafitatc :)f)Ht nrf'ce address la; Las ; Cruces, } air operations under ·w Mfxlco. P J I I U P L Y M A N BARTHOLOMEW Petitioner, Sgil. K A T H E R I N E BARTHOLOMEW SCOTT, Pelitioiu-r's Guardian Ad L l t c m . . ii. is -ir, IN TUB ntOHATE COtJRT ()!·' DONA A N A - C O U N T Y , N'KAV MEXICO I N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OK L I L L I A N LEEPER, Dc- 110 ','·.·!( ' I l i u m . : ' ^ « hi- I , I I M , S ( I M ! Un.- I r n i willl III.- I . M I , . | , , M l - - | i l l luih-. Hi ann'i-: I" II Illi- -Mu:-c ..--· I l i d l i i l i n i n i t r a M ' I n s M m ; ! ; ! ; · ! · I l i i - l i l , n i : n i i ;n I l i i - M r v . " i ; i ; i pr I ' n i v i l i i In l l n - u i . M v i-.-iu J , . i i l l m l . « l I . - , i I - : I . I , - I : | . I I I K ·'«,- ,,11,-,,-lvr. n-lll J i l d K r l.irhiri-is null I I I I - , u i - M i l l i-n I nisi In i i i i h i i i l y . \ \ i - M i l l , i - u l l h tin- I l i u n i t l i t H! Itrrlin u t i i l u l l h n- iuniti H r r n utii \ i i (hi' MIMIC UIIMIL.III \ti' Mr il'iun JOIN THE MARCH OF Dl FIGHT INFANTILE PARALYSIS JANUARY 14-31 up . M - n i M i - r c h u i - " h l i r . . i .[c- "i i n M i l ' I I H I I S I - n ! I ' o m i l J H i n ""' ' " ' , ' 'I' 1 !, l i ! ; i - , Ilia'; " I t i i ' W i l l - \ v i l l In;;;; ; : v ·'..". .M,,,: i i : .,i IHHH ,i,,,-,,,,,in.,,,,,,i .·.,,,- , . '. ' ' · ' '·· l ' · li "i "liliii I. 1 i I h r l i - , 1 in- li i i i - i - i - | - ; i : - l i . M | ; H i . ' i ; i . r i i i : i n I l i i f i . H I I I i n l f ' l l l y !i.-w . 1 1 . i-.-.ivr n - i i ' - l i i n t ; m i n i Eiisl I ' n i s - i ' i n;! l l u - n o i l l i . i l i i u - i i a r i - n s - . ]'u: . i ! ; - l i n i - h i i l i n n l l n - f u l l n W n r - : i . . . s m i t h t n H i , - r a r j i i i t l i i i i n . s . I! H i l l .-i.-.i.-i I I I , , l l i i s n l n n . s "iiri' I ' l I " I n n - . - I I l I c T l H I I I I I III' til,' m i l l l i i i l l i l t i - l y ii t r i i i v _ r H e r Cruces Awarded Bronze Siar \VAKHL\I;TON NOTICE OF HEARING ON I'l.VAL KKPORT M A R Y MURPHY, KATHE H I R E SCHIFFERDEGKER, M A R G A R E T A. MURPHY, EL- LF.N R. DIEHL. AGNES MURPHY. HATT1B T. MURPHY, THOMAS A. MURPHY. JOSEP H I N E .SCHAD antl PATRICK J. ROONEY; and all unknown per- SOIIH c l a l n i l n g any Urn upon, right, rnci'n'Ht in or lo the es- L 1 L L I A N LEEPBR, Dc- cnsoii, CiREETING: Yon aix 1 htroby notified that the iKlnilliiHtriitor of Ui? estate of LILL I A N LEEPER, Deceased, has filcil liiH f i n a l nncoiint and report, In tin- nhrivc entitled estate .and t h a t the Court hns fixed and ap- [ V i l n l r i l as the d a l e for hearing siinie, for nljJeetioiiH thereto, the s r t t l e n u - n t thereof, the determlna- ( i o n of hi'lrship and ownership of Baid I'stale and Ihe respective In- ti-n-st of -."aeh claimant thereto a n d thc-ri'in and the persons enl l t l e i l to t h e diatrlhlttion Uiereof, T l i u i H d n y , l-'clinmry 15, 1045, at ten o'clock a. m. R. C. GARLAND, LIIK Crnci'K, New Mcxleti, Is at- lo-.-.;y fi'r said administrator. WITNESS my hand ajid seal of .iaUI Court. gulation. I'roposes Four State !Io»[)italji .Sen. L. ,C. .Ginn (D-EernallUo. .Sandoval, San-Juan; ,told reporters ho plans to seek appropriation of 3760,000 f o r . construction of ;7qur »tatc-general, hospitals, .distrib.ut^d n four zones, in-the,-pOBUyar;-. period. , Gov, Dcmpsey submitted rlO ap- nointments to the aenate fpr, eon- flnnatlon. .The eenate approved designations, of ;18 subcommittees .to ; investigate the various sta.te in- Htitiitlons. P.n'wskT.llwuis -AM ViHitors These institutions and the/ flub- commlUec.'j - aBsigneel to . them Sn- clud^d: . New Mexico A,$M Colleg:, Senators -Brewster, .Hall, , L T,urner; Eastern New-Mexico college:-Jones Gamble, ^HlnKle, ,Eager; ,s.ta,te. Insane asylumt.RublOr.Moore, Clarke, Eager. Paohecp;.;Silver Clty.teachers: Turner, Roach; boys' industrial school: .Morrow,-Stringfellow, Des Georges; ^Military,institute: .HlnHIc, /Smith., Gamble; ;School of vMineG:,iEvana, Roach, McWhlrter; penitentJiary: Montoya, Closson ( Smith, Maestae; ds iin^verstly: -Moprc, Rublo,.^J|iRer, Pacheico;,un- .ivqrsity or--Now-,^texlco:; Dickaspn, Ginn, Gottlieb, plarke. 'Without Battle ., .(Continued froni page 1) rubio- and -three miles north at Bab,onan virtually seals off whatever-enemy forces were along-the northeastern coast of Lingayen gulf when the Americans landed JanvO. Mu$ti Dig for-Japs -Front dispatches from this.Rec- tor, said the Japanese were "irmly entrenched in .caye^and hilltop po- : sit(ons, Sfld ..^digging them out ,waiUd be. as difficult aa it was on 'Peleliu Jn the^Palaus, MacArthur's communique today failed, for the first time since invasion .day, to mention progress at the deepest point -of - penetration. Yesterday two tank-led columns were reporte,d converging on .Tar- lac the north and northwest. -Tftrlac,.about-70 road miles 'rom Manila and onl y2i- north of the blg.-enemy air, base at Clark Field, was in pro-war days the site of Camp O'Donncll, Important Amer- .icanrFUipino.arniy bare. HeliM,iapisl Getst5D^;Teiin -ALAMOGORDO, Jan. 18 Iff) -Malvin Clare^cerEvans,, Along the "Route to Tokyo , being rc-tlred on a 1943 case charging rape of a white:girl,,has been Bent-enced to 15 to 20 years in ihe .italo penitentiary. DiDstrlct Judge W. J. Barker of ADI3LAGONZAL1CS. i Santa Fe. occupying the bench of ( S l O A L i Clerk, i Judge Nuina'C. Frenger^sentcnc- J i t n . 4. 11.18.20--45. fid the youth late yesterday and -- --·--r-- [adjourned court. Frerigor had disqualified himself in the case. EVRHH. when 13. pleaded guilty at Uie original tJccymber, 1943, and was; Judge KraiRcr to 20 to 25 years' i m p r i - sonment. After four months' i m - prisonment, he -was granted a re- iMnl after intercession'by the Association for the Advancement of Colored People on grounds,the buy had not had benefit of coamsil. Both sides waived trial by jury in yesterday's proceectlings. nnd ovidencc was presented before Judge Barker, t who returned the verdict. hn.s ln-i-ii (iwarded tin- bronze star nn'il;il. the di-niy rvportod toilny. L t . - O ' N e i l l is un infantrymnn. 99 S'.-VV H.i l : r , . i s the ni.ip below ^lH^^^'S, is an port.i m I ii p o u t he "K out c in Tokyo," h.n's \ \ l n , i l u i i u j ; tin* past .several n l l i s , i r . t v c l c i . s h,»\c srcn nrtnics ot en .it-\Vork" n i l aloii^ our liiu-.s. ftfiJtwtwiMStl.rSMllm S A N T A FE S Y S T E M LINL'S Cu/Kiql.v o/ our yards Ms been Ciinvs have been i coned out so ir.uns in.iy ^i't iiround tticm faster, Ni'U' nii'scl "hciul t-nds" are pull- \i\£ lii^ger loads up mountain grades. Jtii;fHioii.sCfiifiii/J?i'/ Trn/fieCon- trol SvMi'iiu have been tnsullcd at iinpiriitni points so tin- sunto rails cun carry 30 per ceni more t rathe. A new Ninitfi l ; f (ind^e is now hfin^ built ;UTO.S,S the (Colorado River. \\ e have enlarged our cupucitv »o inert ihe increasing lo.ulsofwar/I here w i l l be no .slackt-ning of our job until the \var i s completely \\on. S. J. 21MMEHLY, Atjonl Santa Fe Stnlion - - Phono 13 Lai Cnic»». Now Moxlro Santa Fe Fight Infaniiio Paralysis -- January ^Rancher Increases I Holdings at Socorro I ALBUQUKP.QUE, Jan. 18 ^Pi ! J-Inrry Badger, New Mexico ran| rher with 'hoadiiuftrlers in AIlui- j quorquo, has acquired tho La i Jrncin ami'Three Mile ranches in Sncorro county from Fred CJun- . doriuan and Robert Timken. Tom j Hughes, who negotiated the trans- t action, reported today. The purchase gave Eati^tM- a much of 186,000 iu-rea. as he al- ri-iuly owned the Hear Spring ranch in the sflnu 1 urea. The flprt'nd is said to rarry about .'1,000 hoiul of cuttle. Only recenlly, Badger di.sposed of his Mule Shoe ami Double Circle rftnrh holdings In Socorro county. He also owns tht 1 Box Lake ranch west of Daltl. Oolng uvvtty, IHR a party ? · the Sun- Now*. c hoiw», h»» C tolenhonn BAYLUS CADE ·PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT .Vmllls - l\n\ Jlatlrre - Systems ISOE.Grlgga Ph. 284, 477-J D0 FALSE TEETH Rock.JSUde or Slip? I'ASTICICTM. an ImvrtfvH t Kt«.1 fr to t« - . . l»at. i*.tr '«r (ffltni; FASTICli'MI i» · I kill ft. (.i,,i«. Bl U). D,K» n,-! K^T. C h r i k i ' i-l»tr i,nm ' u k n i u r c 1'icatli). Oft 1'ASTHKTII it mr\r .1tug not*, WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 7PI -Inauguration activities began in earnest,(it the.white ?ioiiae today. (President Roosevelt started work on his inaugural .address and Accepted,an imprint of an inaugural medal. -The chief executive -had only two appointments, thus Riving hiin, time to begin'.the first draft of. a apeech which he\ hopes to. limit to 500 words.'-The .whole .Inaugural ceremony -Saturday js scheduled .to last only,..20 /rniriutea. The wh'ite .house .disclosed today that so far only 11 governors have .replied to ; a buffet luncheon - at the .white house .: r ol- Iqw^ng - the inauguration. - Gov. Thomas ;J3. Dewey of -New York, will not b e , f t m q n g thpsc-present. In :Albany,: De\vey's secretary said his invitation liad been received .but that the governor would not- make the. trip. No replies were requested to invitations to the ceremony itself, only to bids for the luncheon. yoaijhs Gel Death In Briton Killing CAIRO. Jan. 18--£) -- Eliahou Uct Souri and Eliahou Hakim were sentenced to death today tor .the nssassjnation of Lord Moyaie, British resident minister m the middle east. The defendants, both young Jews from Palestine, admitted-they.had jointly planned the killing of the diplomat near his residence here last- November. Lord Moyne's chauffeur also was killed. The defendants had said JJvay killed Moyne for political reasons because -he symbolized the British-government policy in Palestine, a policy they believed to be unjust. ,eeting qpiil Leaders Is Set ·Date-.for the'.annual meeting of the-Dona Ana Girl Scout organization was set at Feb. 14, when the council met in the' rGhjmnber -of Commerce rooms ]aat night, -Mrs. -K. E. Morgan of Hatch was elected a nejv.cpuncil .member. An invitatlcpi ,was extended : to the district organization-to hold its meeting in 'Las Cruces in March. Mrs. G. .A. Feather, Girl Scout commissioner, announced the formation of .a new intermediate troop at the Chamberino .school, with -Miss.Francisca-Barrio as its leader. Assistant leaders ar^ Miss Dorothy Stroman and Miss Virginia Leds. 'Tfit Lrqop is sponsored by the Chamberino PTA. A change of .leadership' of the Anthony intermediate troop was announced, with Mrs. .1. C. Mc- Clcary succeeding.Mrs. E. M. Oros- aett. ;Last .nights meeting was attend-. e.d by Mrs. Rose . Hunt, regional representative. ive Tea Eor Their Mothers A mothers' tea was.given by the Brownie Scouts at South Ward school yesterday afternoon. The girls opened the meeting with the, Brownie pledge, following the roil call by Mrs. James Reese, assistant leader. Aiter a program of recitations and musical numbers, Mrs. John Owen, troop leader, introduced Mrs. Rose Hunt, regional scout advisor, who spoke first to the girls, then to the mothers. Mrs. Ruth Johns, .chairman of the organization committee, also spoke to Tea and cookies were seryed. ifter which Mrs. Owen visited with the.mothers while Mrs. Reeso assisted the girls in tjieir games. Twelve mothers cooperated with the.leaders in .the meeting. Going away, (wining; Home, Imv- Ing a party ? Please telephone the Sun-NewH. First try lo g*t It In COmG-EVENTS Pan American Round, Table of Las Cruces will meet Sunday afternoon at -.3:30, in the home oc cottage at the Union high school in order -that members may have in opportunity to enjoy the Blu- .nenschein art exhibit. Speaker for the afternoon will be Miss Hildure Anderson, who will speak on vh- arts of Guatemala. Hostesses :"pr the meeting will be Mpadames L, H. Addington, O.'C. Cunningham; James Poe and ; WiJUam Adalr. A general Girl Scout sing will follow the investiture service in the Branigan library tonight, with Airs. Rose Hunt, regional repre j sentative, leading the singing. All Brownies and Scouts are urged to attend the ceremony and remain for the sing. ' , The ways and means committee of the.W. I..A. wqman'.i club will meet at the home of Mrs. William Scoggin, jr., at 2 p. m.. Friday, to make plans for a benefit card party to be given by the club Feb. 9. Following the ways and means committee meeting, the executive committee will convene at the Scoggin homo at 3:30. Mrs. L. Stanley Edwards, president of the Anthony Girl $$ls Sergeant feom Pacific Miss Dorthy Neatherlm, daughter of the late S. D. Neatherlin and Mrs. Neatherlin of Anthony, became the hrWe of Sgt. Amos N. Gaume in a candlelight ceremony in the Anthony Metjiodist church 8 o'clock. Rev. Hunter Lewis .reading the service. The .bride was given in marriage by her uncle, Jphn Hankie, of San Antonio Texas.,Her only attendant was her sister, Miss Irma Neather- Jln. Only the immediate members of the' famllyand a few friends were present. ·· This is Sgt. Gaume's first visit home In 38 months, having spent 33 months in the Hawaiian islands. He is the.son of Air. and Mrs, E. .1. Gaume of Cutter, New Mes., and the brother of Mrs. J. V. Boyd" of Las Cruces. The groom's attendant was A G. BardweJl. Following a brief honeymoon trip and visits with both families, Sgt. Gaum 2: reports at Part Bliss on .Feb. : 15, for reassignment to his former station. The bride is a teacher in the Alta Vista school near Anthony. Circle Votes $100 To Christ Crusade Mrs. J. A. Griffin of Eairacres was hostess to Circle number 1 of the Methodist church this week, when the group voted to give 5100 to the'Crusade for Christ movement. Mrs. Emma Salisbury served as co-hostess. The program consisted of the candle lighting pledge service led by T, J. Graham,.president of the circle, Mrs. P. W. Thorpe and Mrs. A, \V. Marldey. A panoramic view of the Methodist women' in America was given by the Mesdames Griffin, Dzment, Markley, Salisbury, Newberry, Renn and Davidson. Mrs. G. L. Maveety was welcomed as a new member. A salad course with cooikes and coffee were served by the hostesses to the 18 members present. club has announced. · will meet Friday night at the Tern- pie of ;Agricultur2 at 8:30 p. m. with Prof..A. Armcndatiz furnishing;'the music. Delta Kappa Gamma sorority will ineet at the home of Mrs. M. P. Whitney Saturday at 2 p. :m. The program will be a trip through Casa de Las ; Cruces. Grow Scarcer Mr. nnd Mrs. J.'T. Lyles, leaving on a buying trip this morning, said "it's getting 'mere and moro Hifficult to obtain merchandise, and we jvoed something.for quick delivery," explaining that the eastern as, 1 well as the west coast markets are represented in Fort Worth and Dallas, where they.plan lo make their 'firfet stops. The Lyles. -who came to Las Cruces from RpsweJJ to ; 6pen their ready-to-\vear store at ,106 South Main, plan to be gpne for about ten days or two : weeks, continu-' ing on to St. Louis and Chicago from the Texas 6ities. In sper.king of the women's ready-to-wear Mrs. _ said: "We are continuing with^thc^arni 1 'cpcndHblc lines that we featured ji our Ros\vcll .itpre." , The nationally Advertised Paula Brooks originals, exclusive ,hvth L.t.J'2-s in Las Crnccs, offer exquisitely tailored frocks as well, as,''inore ,!rr-ssy numbers. This line .comes out of St. Louis. "Th-. 1 Mocrdalc ,iuits .and coats arc all wool," said -Mrs'. : Lyles,' ·'and faultlessly tailored" Display- 'ng a single .suit left from a ship- mi'-'. r^'.cntly received, she. sa.Ui, ·'\Vi: just can't keep them on hand." Tilt 1 College Princess line, coming out of Chicago like the Moor- dale line, b another satisfactory seller, she stated. The store carries a wide selection of samples for Leonard tailored suits for men, and will feature a complete line of men's haberdashery as soon as' a delayed shipment arrives, Mr. Lyles announced. Orders for women's · suits are also taken in the same line, he said. QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms off Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeftooKTellsofHomeTreatmenttliat Must Htlp or It Will Cost You Nothing Over two million hollies of the WILLAR D TREAT.MBNThavohpiin sold Tor relief of iymptioms.of distress arising from Stomach and ^M«**nit Ulcm duu to E*ei» Acid-Poor Dilution, Sour or Up«! Slpmnth, duo to Ktcen Acid. Sold on 15 days- trial t Aik for "Wlllard M«»as«"-«h[cb fulty eiplaina this treat men t^--tree--at Standard-Walgreen Drug Mesilla Park: 'Holmes Drug Store Rectory Mortgage To Be Bimied at Episcopal Supper .The annual mc.p.ting of the members of St. Andrews' Episcopal church will be held tomorrow in the parish house, at 7 p. m. "It is Important that all be present," the Rev, -Geo. Wood ,?aid. "The rector is taking it for granted that pledges will continue .at the same level or better, .and then 1 will be no cnnvass for funds at this gathering." The ladies of the Guild will burn the mortgage made four years agn when ihe rectory was built, he rcidcd, as a happy climax to what should be an enthusiastic meeting. Telephone 33 4'lien you know ·Spoils Sleep Tonight You'll like the way Va-tro-nol works, right, where trouble Is to open up nosc-rcHcyc · Gtuffy transient congestion. (Also grand lor relieving sniffly, sneezy, s t u l f y distress of head colds.) Follow directions In folder. DrogsMiki Easier-- .Inltts , -Slew VICKSVA-TRO-IIOl Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS ,Wc buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 . Main St. Ph. 445 ' I You're my kind... Have a Coca-Cola ... or allies enjoy a friendly pause There's a friendly phrase that speaks the allied language. It's Have a Coke, Friendliness enters the picture when ice-cold Coca-Cola appears. Over frosty bottles of tec-cold Coke, minds meet and hearts arc closer together. It's a happy custom that's spreading 'round the globe. Coca-Cola stands for tbt f^imff that rt/rtskct,--has become an everyday jiigh-sign of friendliness among people of good will. l O T U t D U N D I I A U T H O R I T Y OP T H I C O C A - C O L A C O M P A N Y IT LAS C H U C K S COCA-COLA BOTTL1XG C O M P A N Y :iD VY. U* Owe* Art. T i l . J,' I. n Oiico. N M. It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbrcvla- i tions, That's why you hear I Coca-Cola called Coke. -O 1943 TV. C-C C*.

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