Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 14, 1951 · Page 7
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 7

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1951
Page 7
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TharwUVEvraingV JubV 14! 19S1 LAS' CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS 'PAGE SEVEN Rotarians Will . Hold Barbecue Next Wednesday The annual barbecue mceting^'Of the L»as 'Cruces Ilotary club nl the Ijoosburg, dam w i U - b e :held'next ww^*§4*y nifht,. JUM SO, it WM ·JW'yf^fjl *t'-th« rvfuUr nut'taff of : UM ehfe fct Vdni* LH'* W*d- neid*y noon.; ' . '· V-Th* Wrlncuo ii slated for «:JO and all JloUriaia, their. Rctiry Anns and friends are Invited to be present,' No special program will' be : held in ; connection with the j I'hitlton barbecue. · ' ' . i (iuldunw Vork Thu program on \vWnesday Consisted of a t a l k by J. L. Gill, foi- inur principal of the Union high Ht-Iiool and now guidance director. He discussed tlio work which he seeks to do with the .students and the effforts inside not only to direct the students in the right line tif work but to encourage them to! continue in school. He described'iii some detail the annual career day held at the school when student^ in thii Junior and Senior cia'sSes/ 1 alt end" conferences with rfi'jn-eVe'ifVtftfves of various fit:lds of' · work allt) va'rious professions. He' statctf that the FOR' · Self Service AND General Laundry TRY HIGHWAY 85 LAUNDRY· Mr. and ^\Irs. NOR, Ou'iicrs Phone 357-J Captains Start Own Blockade Of China SINGAPOHK (/Pi. -- "The newspaper ' "Singapore Standard" says many European captains and 'officers of ships taking valuable cargoes from Hong Konp to.Red China have started their own "unofficial" boycott of Communist ports. Tlw.rva'coi) for'tall thU, ;«*ld the "SUadu*," ii-;th»*»« are; "dtituiUt" with tbtlr, treat- ·nwnt by O^MM CwrnmuniJU aad art now refuting' MC 4JOmrt« and Wnuiw id Mil to RHI China porti. Tt quoted unnamed captnins nnr! officers us saying 1 t h a t upon arrival in Red China ports, they usually were .invaded by swarms of officials, heavily armed, who chcrk and re-checli the ship, officers mid crews. The newspaper said foreie"n officers are closely questioned nbout their entire life history .and at. the slight-si excuse are licensed of insulting the Red . "Peoples' Government." Many written apologies are demanded, follower! by hourr of further questioninj;- and "corrective indoctrination" lectures. attendance for the 18 conferences this year ranged from 3 to 70 for these .mepllngs. . _ j Given rnforttmtion . ' | At . these conferences students] are given information about the j various professions of vocations | and permitted to ask questions, of the represenlntivR present from I that particular profession. - i The work of providing counselor I was inaugurated in the school sys- j tern two years ugo and the boards! have been highly commended for [ t h e program. hen Voider wns in charge of the program Wednesday noon and presented the speaker. AM Fraternity To Install Arizona Alpha Tau Alpha - Four student'members and the faculty, sponsor of, the New Mexico AM college ch*jrtfr..of Alpb* Tau Alpha, arricultiirml education hon- onuT-yfufWyiQMl r faiittfblty will lutail I'.obapUr at:the TJniveni- iy of Alixott*;, June, 14. ' . Th Arteou. ch*»t*r will b« th« twcnU*th;tti the nation. New Mexico -AATs chapter WHB installed in 19-10. The AM installation team will include! '.Thomas Tarleton, Taos; Stanley VV. Johnston, Clayton; Alford Howard, Hartford, Conn.; and Henry Gronewoller, Beloit, Knnsas. Carl C. Howard, head of the agricultural ediicntion riepartment at New, Mexico A*.M", will accompany the team. ; Tarleton is president of the AM chapter. Johnston is past president nnd represented the chapter at the national conclave in Miami, Kin., last November. The Snlvntion Army operates in i)2 countries and territories {if the world. THE FOLLOWING BARBER SHOPS Wltl IE 'CLOSED EVERY THUHSMY ... ; UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE HERNDON HOTEL BARBER SHOP LAS CRUCES BARBER SHOP 1 BILL'S BAHBER SHOP. MesilU Park LOUNGE BARBER SHOP. Wesi Side SERVICE BARBER SHOP. Wesi Side · SANITARY BARBER SHOP AM Instructors Depart To Spend SummerAt School School bells will ring- for 22 members of the New Mexico AM college -staff thin summer. Following i.s u list, of instructors by departments and the col- Juges they will attend. · KnglUih: Harold Stobie. Michigan State; Edgar Gari' Denver; J. b. Brown. Perm Siate; Ht-r- .shtil Zolm, Stanford; Richnnl franklin, CohimbiH; and J. Paul BuitsIieUe. Southem California. Mathematics: Ralph Croucli. Illinois; Frunk Kros, Colorado: antl Walter Hein'/.man, North Cnroliiia. Music: Kenneth Bender. Colorado. Physical education: Conrad Moll, Stanford; and .Tame? Patton. Oklahoma A or. flh'rmfst.vy: . K*nmstt ^felja^rd, Oi-lorpxio. · · History UIKI ^ociiU jnlr-iii'.p; fit- i7ir.ii KVcpp. rTiiiXicuri.. .:.. Foreign lunffun^e.-i: G e o r g e Crow. Tcxqs. ;' Animal luisbandry: .r. LX" Afan- Idn. Texas 'AM. ' - ' Electrical engineering: Rnssell Rie::c. Florida, Extension service: E. K. Anderson and Charles Taylor, Colorado AM: Clyde KeaUm. Minift-«ola; J. Z. Rowe and Gordon Huff, Purdue, _ · .,' ..'. ^ :. " DISCUSSED CONTROLS WITH TRUMAN Tile moon's density is inucli Uian Uiat of thn earth. LIV£ WAT£R ACTION REALLY CtetNI Frlgidoire's exclusive Livff- Water Action put* surging hot iudi through and through the irlolhe GtU them really clean--gftnlly. Clolhei are in the water all the time -not half in, liolf out. live-Wale Action a ho riniei tlothei !v.!ce in cleao, frtih water Select-0-Dial does tiny kind of wash the way you want! Lets you pre-jfclecl the washing lime you want -even for Rayoni, Nylons and Wooteni. The Frigid- aire Waiher doei all the rest -- a l t automaticull/! The new Frigidaire Automatic Washer $304.75 Come in. Aik about terms! Ask for demonstration! Sec these features! · Only wather with Lif*tim» rarctlain-on-ilcel flntih · New styling --alt control* in eaiy r*ach · Underwater Sudt Dltlributor · .No bolting down · Exclusive Unimatlc Mcchanlim · Rapidry-Spin "Uamp-drUt" quickly TRADE IN YOUR OLD APPLIANCES NOW FOR A -NEW · Frigidaire Electric Range · Frigidairs Water Heater · Frigidaire Automatic Washer · Frigidaifo Home Freezer · Frigidaire Refrigerator AT THE DRUM ELECTRIC LEAVING THE WHITE HOUSE, after a conference with'President Tnimaii on ! new controls legislation, are Hup. · Brem .Spcn'ce CD-Xv.), tcft. and Sen, ! Uurnct Maybank D-S. C.), Chairmen o[ the Mouse and Senate Banking j . Committees. They prnmiscd the ChuT Executive they would try lo ' pet a new controls law phased before ihc present one o::pires June .lu. j The Picsidcnt ivtirnud 1 "11 we lei iiilkiUun run h'.vuy ihc Russians wil] j have.won the cold war wilhnui nniiL* ;· shot." (/nk'niutionu!) ! AIMMtOACJl TO SAKONGS Jamboree-at Snlzknmmcrgitt. Aus-1 SINGAPORE i/P' There'll be tria. next August. They've been · no sarongs for the l.'J' scouts who told to forg'et about such M a l a y a n ' are to represent the federation of £itrmont.s and t a k e instead wiirm ! Malaya at the internatidnttl Spoilt. pajamas as nlcepinff nttire. : Young Chinese · Flocking To Flee Malayan Draft SINGAPORE T) -- The lodging houses in Singapore. -- there are hundreds of them are overflowing- with "draft dodjcm." Thousand* of younfr Chine** are flocking into .thin Brltlih "crown colony city from the Federation of Malaya, all hoping to ret quick pauaffR to Red Chini. Moot of thiisp are Chinese between the U«PB of IS and 21. The Federation novermntMit 11 few .month. 1 ; ago onU'red a niHn- pow^r registration of all within t,hesp a^e flaKsifinitirms. Tin- eov- e r n m r n t hoped to iniso ?0.flO(l men, some of whom would In* assigned to fight u^alnst Commit- nist terrorists in the tlensi- jungles of Mnlaya. Every lodging house lien- is jiim- nifiL Chinese are (Crowding tho halls, pasapeways aiu! dining · rooms. They sleep on r u m p nrds ; and plunks besides gunny sackH, bulging baskets and siiilcjisi-s which cnnt'iiin thoir haggagi 1 . , A yrar ngo, only .')0 to 100 Chi- · nose came to Singapore L'lich ; nnmlli seeking passage to China. , Most Europeiiu cabbage 's grown in the Balkans iitu! I t s i l v . Singapore Businesses Coincidence SaV6S AicTlte.1 Terrorisis- Trapped pl atoon j Sl-VGAPORE i/I'i -- The "Straits Times" claims an organization bucked by plenty of money and be- lievi'd to include a number of Singapore buslm'suinen is operating in this Britiuh colony a supply agency for CommunlaL ter- roriata in Malnyn. The newspaper'uatd these supplies include opium, tobacco, tinned food ar.d drug?. It added that thoiiRnndfl of dollars are spent by t h e "organization" in vm1fn£ thu i-u.stoms ptitrols and in landiu^ supplies nt ccrlJiin points alonj; thi' west coast of Johnre slati'. Tho "Times" (inserted police are i-xppctcd to iiinkt 1 a hirgi- numbm iif iirrcsis sunn in Maluya. EAST-CENTriA^ FRONT. Korea (/Pi -- The American patrol was in trouble."About 50 Communists, dug- in on a hill near Chuii- cuon, had pinned down the platoon with small-arms fire. Thi* platoon leader radioed for aid from air gr artillery, anything available. . By coincidence, at that moment a B-» pilot called the ·ame ftri- control headquarters, gmyinf: 'T\V fot a dead enpine and havo to gtt rid of 12 1,000-pound homlw. Hutu to wasie 'em. Hnvc yuu tiny un- J I H H l i n t e t H K C t r i ? " The answer was u iirofan-T y*s. Mmntiiits J a t L - r . L h u i-.uih shuok foi- miles around w i t h tin' htirrit of Immhs. i RALPH B. COOMBS, M. D. AnnnuncPs ihc opening of his office fiir the General Practice of M E D I C I N E a n d S U R G E R Y ' " at 11!) E. May -- Lns Crimea, N. M.,. O f f i i - L - P h o n e H18 ' . Home Phone '1405-M 123 W. Las-Cruces Ave. Phone 340 FRIDAY and SATURDAY Last Days of S H I R T COTTON PLISSE Sport Shirts 2 for $4.50 Of cotton plissc crepe in modern, large tint nnd flnrril patterns. Two-way r n l l n r fitylc . . . two Inr^K brOHHt porkftls. Sanfnriy.i'd and color fast. S17PS S. M, L. COTTON KNIT Polo Shirts 2 for $3.75 ic'laslic'luiit cuff :iml waistbands . . . .ill cotton duvcno finished. Vortical cal-U- stitrli or diamond chnst stfiprs. Colors - silver, ciiniol. Jiqua. Sizes 3. M. I.. ' JERSEY KNIT Slip Over Shirt 2 for $5.50 A now cool jersey rayon slipover sport shirt. Elastic k n i l cotton waistband. Txvo-\vay collar. Sizes S. .M, I.. HAWAIIAN PRINT Sport Shirt 2 for $5.50 A l;irge aasortmcnt of bold bright Hawaiian prints. Fabric is of .soft cool rayon crcpr. T\vo-\vay collar, short slocv- cs. Many color combinations. Sizes S.' M. L. RASCHEL KNIT MEN'S Polo Shirt ·2 for $5.SO Vertical or horizonisil rasohrl k'nli rMl6n''poloH. In j;lo colors and regular colnrs.-Klnn- Uc Itnlt-fiuff.i nml wnislband. Assorted colors. S, Nt, L. s\$~'\ E M ' S B R O A D C L O T H \ \ 'V'-j; $ 2 2 for $5.50 Nock Sixe M lo 17 A smart Stricction of new v,nvtin itnpt 1 pa I term in ctiorr.biay. Ttilly sQiifor. iidl nriil vnt ilyeiJ. Grays, Llui-i, greens, und tain. Sleeve lengtht 32 lo 35, Colton Skip Dent Cotton Limo SPORT SHIRT SPORT SHIRT $144 ' $2.75 I Two-^.'Cy ctiHor . . . tpi-n or clc*?.l wilh J tie Lj|jtn nife',1^ wtuvu. I'v/ bifcil putkiMi MiOit i iiZtii b, M 1.. What; cnj Meal leno optin weave for cool l,i.U.i-ulli(.-i tuinfoit Tv.-o-wjy t^lloi . '. li-'o larg« Lftcit Smarl 'C a ,»lL -?· » GABARDINE WESTERN ^ SHIRT ./-·' ;.:;^i i;;i: ^ ' \ 2 for $11.00 ./* I I :. · j -I '· / ·# ^ L \ Silte! · -$ -^ y s~ \ ^-^--v fc'W^v i H to 17 ^_,.|5c_\.) v -i J-- .-.^I'.'TiP--i-^ Cot on.l loilorcd lo lit \:i.^;. \ / / . 1 . ^\ stvk- ih.M. Roy\i,^;' ·· i en gnbrmiir-.i? '\v/ J ' ; '.ncp* rcploci' Eiulloni. 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