Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 14, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIT LAS CHUCES ,(H. M.) SUN-NEWS Thur«d»y.E«nlng, Juiit 14. 1951 ·-- i / Plav Beqins Today In Country Club * ^ i T - i i - 1 TVff 1 Fifteenth Annual Invitational Meet Summer Softball Rescheduled For Junior High Field Llora I-odge xliol homo a pnin- ftil JIM defeat bull into Populnr Ury CcodB last n i f i h t in a .Junior ngue f;anie at Mosquito pnrk. Apodacn l«nd for the /Jars with two home runs and a doit hie in CAREER SHORT BUT GOOD - By Alan Mover I,.it f i n c e r Cninitiy club fifU-en- lli n n n n i i l invitationnl f c ' H l f tour- r i : i i i i - n l opeilH t o f l n y will! mole lh:iii "iRht rllKlim «l plnycrs cx- !,,.,!,., I in participate. The- louni-! v:i!i law! f'i" dny.i. June 11-17. v;iih thii-c t'.'iys "' tf".irna- Mi-nL play. Thr f u m t r y l u b is in I . M I H i i l i a p e ' l l i n n «'vcr befon' ;iud is i-xpi-i-tt-l tu c x t t a r l the best M . . I I I a iH'j.l nt S.jnllwcHtern run:i'.-.II- r i i i r n:un-i. «uch n» Kl PIISU'B K i , , l T i n i H ' i mid F i n n k H i ' i l m n n ; l(.i-.'.v.'ir« Tr-'l While, and Las Cni- v.vlI. r h n i i n i u n of Ul- j i-nmmitti'i'. t^li ;i nlm liole couit.c, nir.V ''bib i-imini! bus Ix-i'li :in^i-il w i t l i IH I' 1 " 1 " I"" 1 shmteil- I n a |i.ii-7li i.mrw. (iil-.r-i nnmc-.-i in tbi- t n i u n a i u i - n l a n - Major 1-M Mci/.voy f r u m Wallc ihi- MAJOR Il.v AMKKH'AX \V. I.. I'('T. 11 .70H I In- , j Ail . .IIMH-IS. M.»icn: f.'liiil-liM Pnwell. l-;l Pa-.'i; mi'l M a r k Thompson and i-i,|. ,111-1 l-'iiinhlin llartlini- f m n i A A M cnl!ej;e. yrnr's p i l z r a d i l l e r f m m i n l "'lip tyjli' prize. Then.' priwa in raeb f l l l i b t ; n- w i n n e r . Ihe i n n n e r - u p . ,-imsolalion winm-r. 'Hie TM , l i f l i d i i l:i to recel V e i i i n b l e i ; the rm,ei-U|, a rr ::l|;arett(- liox: n n d the i i i i n winner, a snmllei all- v.-i ,,|-.alrtle box. Thr mrdnllM. of Ihe timrnamenl i-.-dl In- .ic-lreteil today v.hen low.-nl .....ilfa-i ,s |,i('ll,.,l fM,,n II... Hi i , . , M | i l i t i i l K w h o will vie f o r thr . l,:,n,plniwllip fllRlll.- -Tin- lowest ..,-,,,,. ,n this liioup will be medal- i I and lie will net a I U I K . ' silver n,,y w i l b Ills name wi|;r.u ..... on .'· Winner of Ihe l-'.Bhl Will eel th New Y n i l i '·'·'· R'uton ' "' Clcvclnn'l K 2:i - r ''" Detroit 2!i 2-1 T,lf Washington is :KI .mr St. Loms 18 :i-i .::« Philadelphia ir :ii ' · :;01 llmrsilii.v'K Srheilnl.- Chii-ai;o at Washington 12 IWi liomcr and a Uiple. Pitching for the U.-ira, Snliiin allowed three hits. Oamboa scored tiie only nm for Ihe Dry qoodfiincn. Walking to j first, he carne in on a hit by Moreno. In the Senior league V. H. Burns squashed I h e Washington school l'iratc.i hy 18-2. Lawrence Lopez pili-hod fni Burns, letting In three hits. Cnr- ryini; off V.nllini; lionors for Hums -.v.-i.-i Marshall K(. .John v.'ilh single, double, nnil triple-; Jolin Mcriav: v.-ith a single iin'l double .leans Scrnandez witli a sinf.le nn W : li-iplc; ami Lrank Dominant, whii · r 77 | :4ma.-:hi:d out a home inn. · rM 1 J u n i o r and Senior league play in · r i l«';!ln! .'minnicr recication softball · :17r play will move |JBC|( to Junior - : ' l)(i i high M-h.Kjl's diamond tonight. ." nfi ' tlliim-H me C. n. A n ' l l i f i n y against United 111 Junior li-acne play at ". In Senior league I.-is Ciuees l-'niniture clashes \vith iv at 0. St. l.oiiiB :it New Yin-It j ' Detroit at Hoslon j Clcvl'il al Philadelphia ( n l i l l l l l - 1 Weilnesdiiy's HesnlN l l o K l o n '2. Deli-oil n St. Ijinis 111 New Y o l k . 1 pnned. l a i n Cliieano al. W n s l i h m t n n . pnstp'.n-i H I P ,v l I N -CiH A M. U_ J^ Qp JJ| Tourney Has 162 """"; Shooiers Lined Up , M.?Q,*tso "CHICO" CARRASQUEL, Z.9-YK.OLP VEHeZUELAfl SHORTSTOP Of 7 · Tft£ CH/CAGO WHITE £0C, /·5 Oh'i-Y /// ///$ Abilene's Melton Pulls Iron Nan Stunt In WT-NN By The- Associated Press B!R Jim Melton of the Ahllene Blue Sox pulled. an iron mat^stimt in the Sox' twin bill with Clovis last night, He hurled Abilene to .a double viotory over the Texas-New Mexico] circuit's second lowest team 'G-3 and;2-l. Meanwhile, ·){ was easy sledding Road Schedule More Profitable For Dodgers Than Ehbets Field Citadel for I'nmpn . in doublcheatlcr Bar Berts Mt 7/te COM//V6 A'o.l *GOOP -.-, 'S A r ,*i.w,v rHeflO/,1, MAG 0/ICS THE PROPERTY aF BftOOKU'fJ, 'Jr 0.f.=oz (SO with Ihe Amaiillo Cold Sox. Pam pa bounced the cellar dwellers 6- ·i and 10-5. It wns a lot tougher for Albuquerque, in second place behind Abilene 1 . It took- Albuquerque 11 innings to top Lamesa S-8. Lubbock at Borger was postponed by rain. Melton held Clovis to si.x. hits in Ihe first ga.ine In Clovis. But it took an extra inning- for the league leaders to'ring up their second victory. In the eighth ' o f , the nightcap doubles by Ralph Rahmcs and Art Bov/land broke up a tight pitchers' duel between Melton and Dwight Stoddiml. »' . In the Lamesa - Albuquerque game, Bill Hinson ended an 3-8 deadlock in the last of the l l t h By ItAkPII HODEN (Associated Press Sirorts Writer) Home may be a man's castle but Ihe Brooklyn Dodgers are finding the road more niiiifut than their Ebhels Field citadel. ' The Dodgers, six games in front of the pack, are terrors on foreign soil. They have won IS games and lost only five'away form home f o r - a terrific .750 pace. At home they have won 18 and dropped 13. The Dodgers are unbeaten at Boston, Cincinnati, New York and Pittsburgh. They have lost only one game in St. Louis and two each at Philadelphia mid Chicago. EnrnsTwo Straight The league leaders euvrently on their second tour of the west, made it two straight over the St. Louis Cardinals last night, 7-4. The Cards, in years gone by were one of the Dodger's toughest foes. This year the Brooks have beaten Uic Cards seven out of nine clashes, four of the victories com- Duke Snyder. was the big gun t'or the. Dodgers last night. He pounded out four hits, a home run. n duble and two singles and drove In three runs to spearhead the oni'lllol K III Llie tit.-SL ui I I I L - J I I M ! · 'in a single with the bases load- Dodger's H-hit attack. L . u . I Deadly. Homer * Snider broke up the game with a three-run homer in the fifth inning. The blow was his 14th and I nl Philadelphia, pnsl- Clear, Warmer Air 't^v'hi-K-m l"'si"ji IS F ° reCaSl N A T I O N A L U i o o k l y n .N-ew Y . . l k Li,His 1 '" r - ' i, r .0-17 ! ri .'" y , ' J.J. i n l i l K l y ;; i|)f| ' Diunu; .r,i» ..' ' 111 als e n d i n g r h n m p i i, Ihe a r n i y uf ] nd UK nnminii l juo- par-70. (i.I)2 7 series of playel I., g;lln l i n n l i o p h y I l l l i - i l l l l l i - H will lieep It piMlilillli'lltly. Sc, (in-, the only Iwo-tiim- w i n - ^ ner tu pnrtli-ipnU' in t h i n l / i u i n a - : nil-ill la lli-nnii- l l l l l o n , of l-"l Pilfiii.. 101 KnKler. who now · lives In j Yiuiili. A i l z i m n . nml In di'feil'linil | " _ ,.1,,,,.,,, i,, ,,,,t ex]r,-i.-,i 1.1 he inipjmor League icores lly Th" A' 1'res' . | . |1M| . Ml||j :.., s ,.|,,.,|,,],. I l i i i n l i l v n at SI. Loiiii" NVw y - (]| . u ,,, ( , ir , c |,,,,,,,i ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, n l ,.,,;,,,,,,, l!,,M,m nl Pitl«lm, K l, ' w ,.,, n ,. s|1]lj , s K ,. Mllls p,,,,,,,!,,,,,!,!., s . t -|li,.-i,«o 0 y ]( , c,,,,.-,,,,,,,,! -2 j,,,,,,,,, 7 S l i U) ,,, B ., |i( ,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, sl ' t l n t . i i i t n a i i i . ' n l , In ad.bli.m to a pitrlllni; p u t Hill;, anil ilrlvmi; ronli-.'.t e v e i y - , djiv. t h e I n i n n a i n e n t is In be i n l l i i d - j nl will, n i.nmil "f .-i.irlal i.r- ] u v l l y . · ! Tln-ie will be n (,'ah-llll.a d m - j ner al Ihe f o i i n l . y club lonltlit \ and a r i . i - K l n l l p u l t y III D-ID l''li-'. .lay n,|;hI. A ilnni!.' is tn be b e l d ; SalurOny nichl l i r K l n n i n i ! "' !1 I ' - ' All IheBe fealivities will he I'-.r-l lleil on in Jl newly di'L-oiated and ! u-novaleil C o m i t i y t-lnb. a n d t i n - j f ' a h - l l l l i i dinner will be hll.idii'd i,y t h e wmn.'n's I!"'.' ''I" 1 ' "' '-"' WKST TKX.\S-M-:\V 51KXICCI Abilene 0-2, Clovi.. .1-1 Pampa t i - l l l . A i . i a . i l l i , 2-r. Alllllilllrl(|lle !1, I ..... irsa K I.llbhoell ill HnipT pii!!l ponei I - Neither of the aged gladiators j .showed any outward concern over yesterday's posponement. Roth voiced a dc.'/.ie :o "get it over with" tonight. They've train- d for a month and at then- age - Louis ir, 37 and Savold 35 -over j night, brightened i If the'weatherman is crossed up Uy D I I K K A Y ROS13 NEK YORK. June 14 l/Pl -- , l h e y could lose their edge ·'orrcasls of clear and warmer j night, for tonight Sports Briefs Hy The. Associated Tress G E N E R A L Marietta, Ohio -- The Intercollegiate rowing Association decided !o allow the University of Pennsylvania to compete in the Nation- i] College Rowing Regetta on the Ohio river Saturday despite Penn's jtand on televising of football games. Minneapolis - Ecrnie Bierman, former U. of Minnesota football roach, announced he would sever all connections with the school July 1. Bierman, succeeded last '.,',!..! yuul l».vcir.t In s t l i r l l v "" ' Mian-ri mid di'llisiiins. | Tin.' 72-hole medal play test with a hiked .$lf.,oi)il prize list calls ioi IS holes'tnday anil tomoriow with Ihe lid low "Ciuer.i i-inniHK to Brips in Satin -day's dilslllR 3r.-lii.lul liiiml. App:uenlly seenliiiK brisk btisi- ni-.,s u t the gate a f t e r all the tall! of how much peril lurks about Oakland Hills' 121 traps, the spun- LIU iii|; U. S. (lolf Association yen- ti-nlay raised the prlzu money f , D O , 512,0(1(1 In S1.UXKX the hopes of Joe Louis and Lee i and forces another 1 postponement. SuvolU a-i thcv awaited the start- j the scrap will he. transferred in- ,,...., -. 4 gong f o r ' t h e i r make-oi-brcnk, doors to Madison Square Garden j [all hy Wcs Fesler, had held full 15-1 mind fight at the Polo grounds. | and he held Friday night. athletic professorship. snapped a 3-3 tie. The "New- York Giants remained in second place aa a result of their ii-2 victory over the Cincinnati Reds in a day game. Errors by Virgil Strdlcup and Connie Ryan helped the .Giants to score three runs in the eighth and break a 2-2 tic. Errors also helped Rotai^Tloberla and the Phiaclelphia Phillies beat the Chicago ..Cubs, fi-0. The Cuba made four errors, which figured in three of the Phil's runs.- Sox, Tigers Clash ' American Lenguc action was restricted to one game in which the Boston Rod Sox. defeated the Detroit Tigers, 2-0, behind the five-hit pitching of Bill Wlglit. who went the distance for, the first time this year. The Red Sox nicked veteran Dizzy Trout for only .six hits. They scored In the second on Vurn Stephen's triple and a fly ball., Ted Williams doubled Dum Dimagjsio home' fioni second base ' in the eighth Inning with the other run. The . league - leading .Chicago White Sox and Washington Senators were rained out along with Ihe St. Louis Browns and New Fork Yankees, the Cleveland Indiana and Philadelphia Athletics and the Bo'ston Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates. Fish . l i v i n g at depths greater than 1,500 feet are black, deep violet or brown. C O P E WITH CASE. SWEAT IAR LIMIT 2 TO A CU5TOMI* - WHILE THET LAST I ^ v'AJJJSY DRUG STOKB - Main Organ, Las Graces. [IT'S COOLER INSIDE ·aln. COAST i.i-:A(ii'i-: Fighis Last Night Si-nMIc li. K:in l-'iaii'-is'-o sail Diegn :i. o i i k h m i i l l i i l l y w n i K l I I . I ' o i l l u i n l I T K X A S I,K.M!I'B lloiisb'il -l-:i. K"H «'"H I f l l - s l Kiimt! U I I I I I M I B : ' I I niillus l. S:in A n t i i n i n -1 Shievepon (1. Tulsa 1 . Onkliiliniiiii I'ltv U. 1 Opon 7 -- Show al 7:40 IDS UNDER 12 FREE WHEN WITH PARENTS ! FATHER 11V I 111- AuMlulllllfll O.ililiiiul. Cnllf lliil'liy .liiMi-s, l l f i ' j . (u)ilnnil. iiiil|niliili'il Mniir- ic-i- l l j i | » - r , 110 . OiiUliinil, 1-'. ri.ill.linl. Mr. Jucy Cnill. 12-1 l:,. Ilinltiil. 'stiimii'il Ili'llllo M u r - liiy. ISII ij.. Oiililaiul. Mo, !l. "lOillii-uwl. Wiilm Cliaik'K Hutiu-r.. Hll '.i. l r i:un-r. i n l t p n t n l ^ KilJl.- 'rlintmiH. 115 '.'j. \VnlM, ir,. I f n i KIIII|II':III wi'lti'i-ivi'iiilil I l l l o ) . Insure and Be Sure ol LOSS PROTECTION Aulo - Firo - Polio LIABILITY lie .sure anil insure with Bill Utlllnn Goncra! Insurnnco Ajonl CHILTON LOAN INSURANCE CO. VJ3 Nfi-'CJunoli Si. KIDNEYS i MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE - n »( kliltiry nrr f u n c t i o n hf r fJr\ iTni » i , it baeUrlit-fttl - i . Mom Mlicr ion. Try ' . » | i t i * *, H l m r M ti.n« tllct mur i n i | * lt.i»ti' «ful]f ti i rtu*h out WMtw. Get Dnnf) 1 * 1'ill* tt EXTRA -- A D D E D . . I ''THifkEFAUVEn INVESTIGATION' Camera Story ol ' Amoricn'a Crime Kings On Tho Spoil ALSO - 3 CARTOONS., AIR CONDITIONED BIO Today Thru Sat. "GO ron BROKE" IMoans "Shod The Works" H2Q FROM DUNLAP'S.. STYLEV'TOIUS TASTE Of' COURSE ! · High Count. Broadololh · iVIerccriml and Sanforized 7 MISSION / M i - « 11 In' P« i-1t Admisalon SOc · 0c - Phono 413 lOc Last Tlmos Tonight P L A Z A * Tonight Thru Sat. ; ,MI-( olur AH-Aclloii Illl Kliite S7 -- TUza Burlap's Value Demonstration! SUMMER MATERIALS Choice of Krinkle Crepn, Tissue Ginghams, Printed Voile, Chambrays, Ginghams, Dotted Swiss. Kayon Seersucker, Cotton Seersucker. Values to $1.69 yard yon auei SUCM.M , 88c yd. ANOTHER GROUP SUMMER MATERIALS Choice of Check Lawn, Voile, Seersucker, Butcher Linen, Chambrays . . . V U l l l . , O U L I - yds,$l LADIES' SLIPS AND GOWNS Designed for summer living. All delicate lace trim. Pastels and white. Sizes 32-40 '. . ner living. All delicate Only $1.97 · Fused Collars · Pearl Bullons · Barrel C u f f s EVERYTHING "FATHER" WANTS IN A SHIRT! Timely Special Purchase Fine Quality Shirts! Buy Several At This Low Unusual Price! Sizes 14 to 17 All Sleeve Lengths! LADIES' NYLON HOSE First quality. 51-15 and jk« 54-15. All the new sum- V I |l| ·mer shades. Only . . . . . Vf* (*" ' LADIES' DRESSES Summer sheers. A very special purchase. Tissue Ginghams, Printed Batiste, Rayon Gabardines and many others. Sizes 10 to 20, 14'/2 to 24Va. Priced at. only . . . . . MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Men's cool sport shirts. Sizes small, Medium, Medium Large, Large. Cool Cottons. Dotted Swiss, - Seersucker. Values to $2.95 ' L,arge. cooi $1.74 MEN'S SLACKS Cool rayon tropicals, Rayon and Nylon Cords, Part Wool Gabardines. Hundreds of pah's to choose from. Values lo $12.95 for only Men's Broadcloi'h PAJAMAS Dad will or sure to enjoy the comfort of these fine Pajamas. Selected patterns nml colors lo choose from. Priced a t only . . . . :cted patterns $3.98 MEN'S KHAKI SUITS Shirt and Pant . . . Genuine first quality. Sanforized, Individually tailored for perfect f i t . With flap pockets. Sizes 28 to 42 in pants, sizes 14-17 in shirts. Priced at only :Kels. oizes 20 $5. suit GIFT WRAPPED NO CHARGE! __ Mil -- Open Friday Evening

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