Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 20, 1962 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1962
Page 11
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Pat Graefe Flies To Hong Kong On Three Weeks Vacation Trip Pat Ciaefe u[ Greeley. who has .they had to eat wit] taken many trips all over the las no other utensils world since siie became an eni-'ed. !uye of Continental Air Lines in ...· Denver seven years ago. recently j^^TM 8 u °?. e * * returned from a three weeks'[^ tour of Japan and Hong Kong par- decUred - Accompanying her was her their purchases. roommate, Betty B e e b e, who also works for Continental on the international desk as a reserva- tionisi. Her home city is Trinidad. M i s s Graefe is in reservation sales. Thsy share an apartment in Denver at 6H7 E. 35th Ave Tlie young women flew British Overseas Airways, departing from Los Angeles for Honolulu where they spent two days. They were house guests of Lee Adamson al made eight pieces of luggage for the remainder of then- travels. --^ Returning to Tokyo they checked in at Tokyo Towers, acrosj from the famous big tower of the city. Their accommodations eluded sleeping on the floor. Although it rained al! the timej they were in Japan, they toured extensively by private car, going from Tokyo to Yokohama then to VflBl- ( I P . T...« --;l YORK iff,- Two mil- uoo women interested enough to belong to national or- ganiiatwns affiliated with Amer- LMrniitg DtftitM §y MMY CAMMf Lt after a major operation, and arThure., Ott. 20, 1J62 former Kansas women's pistol champion. Her late husbaad, 0*lie. was a Topeka police captail. Korum on NatJMtt SKurity are: ,,, she , earned ,,,. wi .range. ! fr Enoshima, making a side trip Diamond Head. They be,';,me K TM ^ TM , 1 " J"* '"* ''"»« friends of Miss Adamson when ^ ^ T h ' they visited Hawaii last vear. I "* ** W , ent 'I 01 * "* raa *Krom Honolulu thev new to l lmc ""t.M^t Fuji area, slay- can war v crash three-day infonnition-gath- ering session on national defense in Washington, D. C., in January. All two million won't attend this, 10th annual Women's Forum on National Security; each of the 16; patriotic organizations to which they belong will send delegates. 1 And the delegates some coo strong, will be charged with making full reports' when they return home. Mrs. Mary Koger, Topeka, Kan., j president of the American Legion Auxiliary and chairman of the prKikt ~ patriotic organizations veterans will hold a. tthich participate - m th j Wo men's GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 11 : jican Veterans Auxiliary. . GoM Star Mothers. Legion Aui-|Heart Auxiliary, Veterans iliary. War Dads Auxiliary. War;Foreign Wars Auxiliary, Jewish Mothers, Amvets AuxJJiarv, BluelWar Star Mothers. Catholic War Vet-Kvar ________ _______ . trans Auxiliary, Daughters of i Widows of World War 1 and Navy L'nion Veterans. Disabled Amer-ldub Auxiliary. \'elerans Auxiliary. World 1 Veterans Auxiliary. SIXTY-FIRST WEDDING anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Lair of Severance, above, was celebrated at the Greeley Country Club Wednesday with a dinner. Honoring the couple 'fonim this year, promises three were their sons. Howard Lair of Eaton and Lloyd Lair of Fort !lay» of intense cramming. Collins, their daughter. Mrs J. L. Sullivan, their daughters-in- law and son-in-law. They end the celebrants comprised the partv. Hung Kong by way of T o k y o where they had a four-hour by- ing overnight at Kowaki-ea Inn. I a beautiful resort up on the moun-! tain in Hakone Park. over. They spent eight days in, Hong Kong instead of the four) hultowl nff a 'our by car of the they had planned as they found f ^ arca ' llw y boarded the city fascinating. They were an eleclnc train to K y° t0 ' Centuries of Song Ring Out From Holiday Record Albums guests at the International Hotel and were highly entertained by the S1TA Travel Agency. Their sightseeing included the WOOLWORTH'S ing overnight in this large city. The next morning they went sight-! seeing, visiting several shrines, j and that afternoon viewed the ·y HUGH A. MULLIGAN AP NtwifMturti Wrl*«- In the dark ages of histor Hong! " -- jl Tramway Peak Tour ,, U6 , KOIIR Island, which Is the old part ! TM flm * on lo Oslk * «f the great city. Travel between frora thorc b ' a local Hong Kong and Kowloon, the r ° k '°- largest Buddha in Japan at NaraJ' 01 * Mvn most modern niusi- jcal instruments were invented. new part, a by water only, taking five minutes by motor boat. 'Ilioy vUiled Titerbalm, which Mi^ Graefe rfewrihed as "a rich Chinese home that at present is a showjilace with a w.inderful rollcclion of jade and beautiful by This flight airline t 0 ' mu *' c Me most other arts man- in a smal plane was a "frightening experience." Miss Graefe confided. Iteturning to Honolulu, the Colre d»yi there they were widely entertained by their friends, many of whom are j;arden«." They al* traveled lo professional musicians. Seeing the show, "Hawaii Calk," w«j a the lied China border. Taking a 45-minute drive alons the shoreline of the bay, the Ucn- M-r tourists arrived at Aberdeen' where they were taken by sampan, a small Ixial. In a floating' restaurant. They were served a ID-course Cluncn 1 dinner which highlight of their stay. hid to survive the barbarian in- choir of vaskms of Europe behind the protection of convent and monastery wall]. Plain chant or Gregorian chant, chant. F*rum' I The executive committee of the American Legion Auxiliary and : of several of the other groups will meet for two days after the forum and possibly may pass na- tirnal defense resolutions for; their own organizations. The fo-j rum itself, Mrs. Koger says, is solely for learning; it does not I itself usually take any actkm. in the Cloister." a moving Greg-i The Legion Auxiliary, largest, orian chant recital by the Cister-iwomen's patriotic organization in cian Nuns of Ml. St. Mary's Ab-;the world, started the forum 10 bey, Wrentham, Mas.?. i years ago and the auxiliary's And for Christmas music in the president is forum chairman ev: traditional church manner. the'^T other year. men and boys at St.I The lady" who wields the gavel i Thomas Church on New York's this year has an unusual back- Fifth Avenue sings brilliantly inlsround. Mrs. Koger is a former "Noel," a superb Mirrcsonic al-jlawyer. who gave up practice bum. One of the few churches in -operate its own] « . . ^! laid . th6 b ^ '« most modernj^ir school. St. Thomas' is musical compositions, and churchi' amous '°r its tower bells, which music in almost every form dom-iP rov ' lie a!1 excellent background) mated the works of most majorS' or itji justly famous choir, composers from Palestrina dowij · · · through Bach, Mozart and into; " was b°u n i to happen. Some- Graefe's mother aceom- the modern era of opera and or*, panied her and Miss Btebe on^orlo. their night from Denver to Ui| Music and song still ring from Angeles and saw thtm off. Herjconvent and monastery gardens parents arc Mrjmd Wrs. William »pd rweation rooms, just as they .« ... .... . . through the H Graefe of 1910 1Mb Ave. smashinglyJ lily" album! AMARYLLIS HOLIDAY SPECIAL 3 inch Imported hybrid Amaryllis (red only) and 5 inch White pot and saucer . . . all for 98e ANDERSON SEED CO. 710 Oth Av«. 353-0188 FIRE SALE SAVE 33% to 50% Off of Regular Rttall Price On Your CHRISTMAS GIFTS COME IN A N D BROWSE Every Ittm In The Store Is On Snle. Why 1'av .More? Old Safeway Store ALLEN'S 923 10th St. one in the record industry would come up with a quick follow-up on Vaughn Headers M ' aicccssful "First Famil. in an attempt to cash "in on its popularily. In the industry, this! lately have "* known as "covering." it usual- thcy attracted the attention of Ihe 'v fails record buying public. ]n 'he case or Roulette's "At Columbia's recordings of the Iiolni -' wilh Th at Other Family." chanting by the Trappist monks ' a wocfu "' unfunny attempt'to always hive down centuries, but onlv MINGS TOP-QUAUTY BEVELED-EDGE DOOR at Gethsemene, Ky.. and a number of recordings by the famous monks of Solemes in fYancc have been on the market for several yean. The latest batch of Christmas records, however, shows that not all of the songs sung by convent and church groups are of ligious nature. The Jesus and Mary Choral, a spirited group of singing nuns from Hyntlsrille, Md., mixes a number of swinging show tunes wiLh more traditional numbers in "These Things I Wish You," an excellent Columbia album. In a similar vein but an even more startling departure from straight religious themes is a fin*i album called "Joy." recorded and distributed by the nuns at Mount St Mary's school in Newburgh, N.Y. It fcalurcs the "Singing Sisters of St. Dominic." under th« direction of Sister M. Jeanne D'Arc O.P.. and includes such joyously unclnislered numbers as "Seventy-Six Trombones," "Whis. (tic a Happy Tune" and a rmis jing "Allelujah." The singing sis- r ind some humor in the Khrush-' chev family, it fails disasterously ll Featuring a garble 'of pseudo-j Russian accents and a cemet-l barge load of heavy-handcd corn-ill edy ? i skits, the album lacks taste, point, wit and just about everything except one of those maniacal studio laughters who wax hysterical al each inanity. Although it got a late start, "At Home With That Other FamUy" could well b* Ihe year's worsl album. lers loan heavily Richard Rodgers. on composer whose si tunes have been praised for their ^ almost spiritual qualities, but their approach is sheer joy, as the album title attpsls. For those who prefer the religious life, (lie World Library of Sacred Music offers "Christmas Love Interest Nil LONDON'-The mating call of lie peregrine -- Britain's biggest, fastest and fiercest resident fnl- con--has hardly been heard this summer. Bird lovers and Whitehall are baffled. A House Office'| spokesman said: "We have asked] for a census." 1 \ \ ITATIO.X TO B1U ···I ] M i l r u . i N... t. b o u n t y "f tt rH, amity. Colurmlo Afo ,li'.|,,,e of 4 H ( m n n l n p I in.-h |.y 12 I n c h lumber. I. imiis removed. f l e n n . ITI 1^ ami 24 f ol ,t l e n g t h * . . TIU« lunilxT had b e f i i l »alv«i;t.| rn.m t h r hi llif Ills!) ' ivill Hli.liu ,. tlrr.-li'y. folorhdi* "throiiVlV lie" :;. 1S6:. The Scliucl D i f - t r j c l rfnft\cy th* riKlil 1,1 n.-. '·ppl ^r rej^,-t n n y ..;· n i l Jni-ppctlnii cf the lumber may be nipile on the Hlph Silu.ul jr.,,,. 1-flll firl.l. J. K .luHAXSKX, .in Tie»» r. s.-limil l i | » t . ^ 0 c The i:r,Tle; |i.,-ly Tribune Her. :", :i, 1?^: ^ B e a u t i f u l , s e l e c t e d , double-strength glass. k Makes a perfect Christmas gift. 16 x 60-in. size complete with clips and screws. 8 95 Each is it! Balance of Hutchinson Furniture, Appliance and Sporting Goods at Auction ODDS and ENDS! NEW and USED! Austin and Austin, Auctioneers New and U^t'il hudi'dum, living room and dining room snitr-s, Spvinj; Air mattress^, and box spring, ow.aMonHl tnblr.', lamps, wall plaques, chairs, refriporatw 1 !', ranges, T\"s, eleclfic imnpr, rug.", washing niachinps, guns, amnuintinn, rohiiiding t'(|uipment, gun cases, gun .scoprs, mounts, fishing tackle, outboard motors, floor samlers. tools. K'ds, springs, ini'tal cabiiu-ts, liospitsl bods, wheel chair, Hollywood beds, hnl frames, water skis, Imnling caps, pants, parkas, socks, elk heads, deer heads, antelope heads, Admiral TV stereo combination, portable radio-phono combination, washer, dryer, pictures, bookshelves, cameras, tents, cols, camping equipment, pas heaters, hassock?, patio f u r n i t u r e , baby funiiture. tmpainled furniture, antique furniture and desks. STOKE OI'KN 8:30 to 5:30. Come in »ni look around. SALK BKGINS FRIDAY. DEC. 21 at 1:0(1 and 7:«0 evening SATURDAY. DEC. 22, 1:00 and 7:00 evening. 225 Jefferson. Ft. Collm*. Colo. COME SEE THIS LATEST MODEL REGINA ELECTRIK BROOM · Onlv 6,; Jbs. * Vacuum-cleans everything-without attachments, · Handy dirt cup empties like an ash trav. 95 REGINA TWIN-BRUSH FIOOR POLISHER, LADIES SHEARLING LAMB BOOTEES 299 Genuine long-hair shearling lamb with leather soles, padded insoles. Pink, blue, red, gold, orchid or white. Sizes 5 to 9. FOR THIWHOLI FAMILYl LADIES' BALLERINA SLIPPERS $1.99 Soft foam Tinyl I» itudded with j;em-HVi tionei. Fotm cushion iniolei. In ilui S, M, L. Infants' PLUSH BOOTEES 11.00 Moving eyes and big button noRe for tht little ones! \Varm rayon p!u«h. Pink, blue. Sizes 2 to 8. LADIES' AND GIRLS' FUR-TRIMMED SIOCCASINS $1.99 The slipperi of "purUzed" Tiurl wiUt gilt nailheadi, vhit* fur collars. Ldles' 5-10; firli' 8-3. TRANSISTOR TAPE RECORDER S24.88 WORLD GLOBE 8 TRANSISTOR RADIO with bittery S21.95 SIX TRANSISTOR RADIO Beautifullr designed to (it in your pocket. Compact radio comet in hindMtne cist with fingertip control station (elector, plug In ear- pbont. Sutioni come in loud and I clur. 9 99 START YOUR OWN AQUARIUM 10 GALLON KIT 19.99 Includes aquarium with automatic heater, filters, air pump, food, incidental equip* meet, instruction*. 5 GALLON KIT For beginners, w i t h aquarium, pump, filter, f o o d , a c c e s s o r i e s , instructions. 10.99 ZIF KAYSON BINOCULARS wilh leither C91 DO cise, 1i35 ccc. BINOCULAR 6CF COATED LENS tloO. $19.95 BINOCULARS . $9,95 OPERA GLASSES Pocket size. . SUPER 27 KODAK B R O W N I E KIT : Gift Boxed; camera, hst- ' teries, bulb *| Q An ind (ilui. VlOi99 DESK P E N C I L S H A R P E N E R Battery pp«rated, Without battery. _ Men'« Necktiet Min'i Tie T»ck «nd Cuff Link Set »1,00 Men's Banion Stretch Socks 2 pair In Box J1.15 Twin Pin Boxed Jewelry 59c plus tax Ladies' Costume Jewelry. Boxed. $1.0041.9842.98 plus Ux TV T R A Y S with stand: K i n j Siie Each JI.77; 4 for $5,98 Quetn Size ... . Each $1.59: 4 for J4.98 Heavy Duty Metal Bathroom Organizer. White. Pink, Blue. »6.77 Casual Furniture. Book Racks, R e c o r t Racks, Magazine Racks, Vanity Chairs. Handy Hold All (or Outsize Hair Rollers FlorAi printed plastic bag takes the biggest rollers. 11.00 Wil-Hold Organizer Roller Box. Keeps curl clips, rollers, bob pins tidy. See-thru top. . 51.00 Choose creamy rich milk chocolate or tangy dark chocolate. Each with a wide variety of taste pleasing centers. Many in gold foil "extra special" covers. 1 2-lb. Box Tease H*ir Brush for Bouffant Do*. Specialty designed to brush added body into your hair, _._$1.00 Charg* If. 1 On Cook't Revolving Charf* Plan COOK'S PAINTS ii'^n 9(h Ave. T«iv[cici i-r i ' l f t u l i p'us? siv';-' in J ; !;nrntiiH' hnislu-slcinvliuii 1 . K»l. tuniiiiiiNC IT :-,ntii|'ir \\lult'. ( n u t OtoniO 1 Jilli".' c«ni:uio lull- ii'Mi iu iol. I'lj.vl. antique wh'.tf, Ti«|i-qn.ilitv r i R s k i m . M u m c t , ) h-.ilhi'i. n«\\iiulr Httli i.i'i t .r S.llllllf l i l i l l l , - . K;i u ,|, ln,.,,.;,_ i,.. 'plus t 1,1 NCH D K r A R T M K X T OI'KN A M * S K I t V I N i ; MEALS I NTH, YOU* MONfY'S WORTH MORI AT \/

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