Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 14, 1961 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1961
Page 10
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Page 10 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tuea., Kor. Li, Iflfil Murrow Tells Movie Makers To Improve Murrow had two strikes against him: 1. Film producers don't like lo By BOB THOMAS AP Movfc.TV Wrll«r HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Edward R. Murrow lias come mid gone, and his mission lo Holly-wood was considerably less than a smash hit. The itoted newscaster, now di, reclor of the United Slates Information Agency, came to town lo .... , tell (he film indiislry Ihal il could the dinner -will] producers. Fed bo told what lo do and will yell speech he delivered, It was not Ho a better job in presenting the image of America abroad. livercd lo news offices In a plain envelope amid mystery and lurncd oul lo be not Hie exact "censorship!" when someone in Ihc government tries. Murrow realized Ihis and even blunted some of the pointed remarks in his pre pared speech. 2. Curiously for a onetime news man, he barred reporters from casl Asia--'Movies misrepresent-- surprising thai he got a had press. Murrow 'cited overseas reports: "FVom India--'movies arc doing o lot of harm lo America." From Latin America--'Movies arc a lerriblc influence.' From South- cral officers reportedly en(drce( his diclum. His speech was de FURNITURE AUCTION Wednesday, November 15, 1961 Starling nl .1:00 191 G Glenmere Blvd., Grceley, Colo. We will sell at public auction for Dr. and Mr». E. A. Cross located at 1916 Glqnmere Blydy Greeley, Colo., on Wcdnciday November 15, 1961, starting at-^OO, trie following Hit ff furnl lure: · ·- ·-· . . .- - . - · · ;. -,..- Hotpolnt electric raho'l Hotpolnt electric refrigerator; dlnetto set with four chairs; oventuffed couch; coffee table; arm chairs; overstuffed chair with. footstool; 2 floor lamps; table lamp; 3 book cases; 2 table radios; several wall 'pictures; m'a hogany twin beds complete (with .Ihnersprlrg mattreis); night table; 2-plece bedroom set; desk, with desk lamp: wall mirror: Royal typewriter, like new; Hamilton Beach. MJx Master; -lot! of good cook ware and dishes; lots' of crystal ware; Havllanc china; porch furniture; pottery set's; porcelain top table; utility cupboards; Hotpolnt chest type freezer. 8-ft:; chest of drawers; single bed complete; desk; Hotpolnt automatic washing machine good; wardrobe; several scatter rugs; -2 electric heaters; TV trays; 2 electric fans; several quilts, blankets and spreads; plated silver wnre; power lawn mower, reel type; step ladder; lots of hand tools. This Is all nice clean furniture so be sure to attend this sale, SALE CONDUCTED BY Weld County Livestock Commission Co. 20-! Bust ISlh St. Greetey, C o l o r a d o ' . Vc think of American housewives is useless drones always smoking and drinking cocklails.' " Producer Eric Jolmslon arose 9 deny Murrow's reports calc- jorically and proclaim thai Amcr- can films were doing a splendid ob overseas. · "The wlxle tiling was embar-| ·assing," a producer loir! me iftei.v.'ard. "N'obody seemed " t o ;el .Murrow's message al all. Tiicy lidn'l waril lo." .To Ihis observer, it -'scorns "a ihame that "Hollywood continues lo neglect ils responsibility fo present this natioii to Ihe world. A look al Ihc upcoming product shows a" large supply of sex-- ·Thq Chapman Ilcpoi I," "All Fa.l! Dowii,"/|,'Sr)lsndor i n - t l w .'Grass," and . morbid, psychology--"Swcel Bird of -Youth," "Summer ami "Children's Hour." The.American government wil jc'piclitred with "Advise and Con enl" and "The Besl Man," which lisplay ihe use of blackmail and :orrupllon by high .figures. Amer- Claude Redman Ralph Greenwood, Aucls. Tom Kime, Mgr. Elmer Morgcnsen, Clerk 58 - BULLS - 58 Horned and Polled Herefords MONDAY, NOV. 20, 1961 Starling at 12:30 P.M. (Lunch Served at 11:00 A.M.) , at Bohlender Bros. Hereford Ranch L a S A L L E , C O L O R A D O CLAUDE KEDMAN, Auctioneer .. . . --REPRESENTATIVES-Ted tjiomat _ --- __ ---- American Hereford Association Rice --- j^_ -- . -- ....... . ...... ________ Recor ' i Western--"How Ihc Wesl was lime. Von." Bui they are scarcely a mirror of contemporary America. "The republic is in greater daii- ;er now than during the lasl Iwo rars," Ed Murrow said in asking lollywood's help. He doesn't ap war lo be getting it. John Francis 'Dresler ' Herbert Brandtner Mao Jones Kermlt Karst _ -- d Stockman L.._. .._ ......... -'Western Farm Life American Polled Hereford Association . _ , __ Western Livestock , --------- Hereford Journal CATTLE AND MACHINERY SALE TUESDAY; NOV. 21. i9~i ,' .,, Starling at 10 A.M.- L u n c h by \bt. Prairie View 4H and Sunday School.. We will sell at public auction for Mr. Kermlt Golart, located 13 miles east of Ault, Colo,, to government sign, then 7]/4 miles north or 11 miles west of Brlggsdak, Colo., then 7/ 2 north, the following: 83 Hereford cows; 5 yearling Hereford hfrs.; 76 Hereford steer and hfr. calves; 3 Reg. Hereford Polled Bulls, age 3 and 4 years old; 1 Buckskin Gelding, ranch broke and 7 years old; 1 sorrell yearling Colt. 1950 Chev, Pickup; 1946 Chev. truck with end hoist, good-condition; 1940 Chev. truck, good condition; 1949 Chev. 2-Door. 1951-55 Massey-Harris Iractor; 1953 44 Massey Harris tractor with pump; Model L Case tractor; 34 CC Case tractor; CC Case tractor with Laurldsen loader; 2 K2 Case combines, 12 ft.; 12-ft. Cachshut combine, self propelled; 16-10 Oliver drill; 10-14 Oliver drill, deep furrow; Massey Ferguson baler, like new; Graham Hoehme 13 ft,; Calkins rod weeder; Kraus one way, 10 ft.; Baldwin grain auger with gas motor; JC corn harvester; Massey Harris 17-ft. disc; MM mower; Dump rake; Oeerlng side rake; Maney Harris heat hous:r; 4-row corn lister; 2-row Go-dig; 4 row Go-dig; roll over Miskln scraper; 3 3GO-gal gas tanks and stands; Hammer mill;, fanning mill; 3 ton block salt; 4000 bales good hay; 700 bales bright wheat straw; appr. 3000 bales straw; 2 14x34 tractor tires, good; stock saddle, like new; some tools, shovels, forks and lots of misc. 18 sacks spring wheat. - Mr. and Mr. Kermlt Golart have fold their ranch v;hich Is the reason for this sale. These cows will be sold according to age and are from 3 to 8 years old; These cows will all have clean bill of health and have been pregnancy checked. Be sure to attend this sale, as these'are good cattle. Sale'Conducted-By We!d County Livestock Comm. Co. Grecley, Colo. Aucts.: Claude Redman Ralph Greenwood Howard Con- can fumbling abroad is Ircalctl Whether Camp David is to be- way for Kennedy's three prede- n "Judgment al Nuremberg," 'Town .without Pily" and "The dent Kennedy resled Monday 'wilh Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Ugly "American." Are lliere any films that show he .goodness of America? I don't SK: any, unless you can nclude a couple of musicals-'Music Man," "Stale Fair" and Syrian Election Set for Dec. 1 DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) - The nterim government has called for i nationwide election Dec. 1 lame the first constituent ; embly since Syria's break from inion 1 wilh .Egypt in the United irab Republic. Syrians also will vole on a new cmporary constilution, according li a government decree broadcast londay by the Damascus radio. The. total number of assembly cats has not been announced, hul is believer] there will be be- veen 170 and 172, on a population asis. After a permanent consli- ution is ratified, the constituent ssembly would change aulomat- cally into a parliament. vlany See Model Homes NEW YORK-Housing experts climate Ihal 20,000,000 fami- ies visit some model home at east once in a year. )«sign«r Says Men i'.ie Military Look NEW YORK '(AP)-Ko mailer ow Ihe wind blows in'lhe Berlin risis, American men will be In Hilary clothes, if haberdashery esigner Robert. Beacli has air, 1 ing lo do with it. Men have -hover really gollcn u(.o( them anyway, lie claims. each discounts any suggestion at a former .soldier or sailor iglit be lired of or psychologi- ally depressed, by khaki, olive ab or navy blue. Indeed, using ese colors, he is designing a nc of suburban dollies based nn ose created by Uncle Sam's ilor:' ; - ·- "I live in [he suburbs and ail c men I know out (here fish or ork in Iheir yards in khakis melimes with the pants cut uff the knees," Beach claims. "Or cy wear military jackets, hunt- g or sailing." Because from "Of course th« fundamental rrouble wirri husbands that they're men'l-" -· . . : . . . Gamp David Soon May Be Kennedy's Weekend Retreat THUKMONT. .Md. (AH) -- come a weekend retreat for Frei- dessors i n - the White House-- his wife and daughter. Truriian and Dwight D. Eiscn- Caloctiu Mountains of western Maryland Sunday for (he first Camp David served as a hidea- Kennedy brought his wife, Jac- hower. quelinc, and his daughter, Caroj .-The' .._ line,|to thejsolaled camp i n ^ t h e day. for ah'overnight.-slay afier attending . Mass : at St. Stephens' church. 'They 'brought several The' Kennedys -flew' here 'Sun- guests,. I n.c I u d i n g .Kennedy's ' ' If Mrs. Kennedy and Caroline brolher-in-law 'arid sister,- Mi';' and like the mountain cainp, (he Ken- Mrs. Stephen' Smllh of Washing- nedys may abandon or al least spend much less time at Glen Ora, their leased Virginia country estate near Middlnburg. Caroline will be 4 Nov. 27. NEW Portable Typewriters From 59.50 All with one year guarantee. Tom Kime, MB. Elmer Morgensen, Clerk. Ph. EL 3-0246 807 8th St. Those Drafts With Aluminum Storm Doors and Windows From Window Wonderland Greeley Tent Awning Co. Just A Shad* Better 91S Sth Avenue Telephone EL 2-0253 Cold Vaccine May Be Near By JOHN BARBOUR Associated Prus Scienc* Writ«r DETROIT (AP) --|New clues lo a sor! of uncommon cold--one linked with croup' in children and "ninny noses in adaHs^-may lead to a proteclive vaccine, a scienlist said Monday. A newly discovered trio of iruscs that strike adults wilh cold-like symptoms have now been :ound in 6 to 19 per cent ol the respiratory .illness of children. The. influenza-like viruses -called para-influenza 1, 2 and 3-were found in six percent of 4,676 children with respiratory illnesses, said Dr. Robert H. Parrott of Children's Hospital, Washington, D.C. And evidence of Ihe virus was found in 19 per cent of another group of children hospitalized with such illnesses. "A vast majority of adults have been infected at leasl once," Dr. Parrolt told a i session of the annual American Public Health As socialkm meeting. Both children and adulls can be reinfecfed with Ihe viruses, but he body does manufacture pro ective antibodies that can prevent serious illness -- and may even protect against infeclion. A potont vaccine could theoretically prevent much of the serious respiratory illness'in children, Dr Parrolt said. And with frequent vaccination, it might even be possible to reduce the colds that result from later reinfection. The type 1 and 3 viruses seem to be in season all year around, while the type 2 virus occurs more iporadically. Researchers found Ihe viruses in a variety of mild cases of nose, :hroat and bronchial or windpipe infections. AH three .viruses can cause more severe infections like Ihe croup, however. Type 3 in more severe cases was also found in cases of pneumonia. In another session, doclors discussed the new measles vaccine and the possibility that it may eradicate the disease. Dr. Alexander D. Langmuir of he Public Health Service communicable disease center saic doctors had long been reconciled io living with Ihe measles virus on; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spald- ng- o f ' .New'"'York; long-lime riends; and Princess" Lee Hsdzi vill of London, Mrs. Kennedy's sister.. ' ' Camp . David, located on a mountain lop, is in .the. Catoctin National, Forest, cloaked in misiy and chilly weather. The Kennedj's' and Iheir guesls were kept-comforlable by fires in open fireplaces in the big living- dining room and each ot Ihe four edrooms of Aspen Lodge. Half In New Schools LONDON-Nearly naif Ihe public school children over 11 ii Britain are in school building; erected since World War II. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS ·Nave You Had 3 aJOLLYTlME ; Lately? SfOR FAMILY FUN" 1 TONIGHT, POP ' ·HEAPING- BOWLS OF ' JOLLY TIME-THE TENDER EASY EATIN' . POPCORN! . By OViO A. MARTIN WASHINGTON (AP)-The Agri- cullure Department predicted in an outlook report Mun. (hat abundant supplies ot food arc virtually assured for 1962. The agency said crop produc- .ion nexl year is expected, lo pect from now unlil mid-1962 are change lillle from this year's lev- moderately' larger than a year el. Livestock produclion is ectcd to increase. 10 to 20 '"'years ive passed since, many Arneri- in men were issued their last ivernmcnt wardrobe, B e a c h ave won oul enough lo need re- acing.;^He is also influenced by e number of American travels who :buy military looking en's-wear in Europe.) Thus Beach's , suburban clothes poplins and chino cloth have enty" of cpaulels, straps, knit ""..and slide buckles for realm. The line is already exlreme- successful, Hcach claims, ex- 'pt 'for one item. Because men seemed lo like em .for boating. Beach faith- lly copied a navy blue chief :lty officer's jacket. But compe- ion' from. Army and Navy sur- us sldres was too keen. Beach. couldn't find a way to amp'former'.soldiers' old serve numbers in his jackets. "Mwi em lo like.lhis touch," he sighs. I adds charm." Ag De»t Predicts Adundant Supplies of Food for 1962 dairy products arc expccled to be abundant next year, exceeding domestic requirements by · wki- er margin than in'any year since 1DH. Prices are expected to iv- erage no higher than this, year. ·Kruit--Total supplies in pros- The report said p'rices are not likely to rice very much. Consumers were said lo be spendin^ around 3 per cenl more for food his year Ihan last. Expanding economic activity was said to xrinl lo a continued rise in consumer incomes and expenditures 'or food nexl year. The 1062 pullook by major types of food included: Meal--Produclion expected to increase enough to provide civilians wilh almost half a pound ex- earlier. Fresh fruits may not cost quite so much as a year earlier, iut processed items are expected o average about the same. Vegetables -- Supplies of fresh ·egetables for months alwad will ic somewhat smaller than a year earlier. But supplies of canned md frozen vegetables are larger. Sugar -- Supplies will continue imple with little change in aver- igc prices expected. . ;ured some items surely must more meat a person than this year's average of about 160.a wunds. The increase will be in xrk. Prices arc expected to be close lo Ihis year's levels. Poullry and eggs--Supplies are expected to continue large in 1952 and may almost equal Ihis year's record supplies. Dairy products -- Supplies of USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS I Love a Softy! Try a Pair of Softy Heels. Shoe Q-I---,.»,«'· Shine shop oaizinan * p.rior 911 8th Ave. Shoes dyed to match FIRE SALE! FURNIT! ' R E S A L E ! Enjoy the huge savings on fine New and Good used F u r n i t u r e , b e d d i n g , appliances, at the Colorado Furnihtre Co. (Across from Camfleld " Hotel) Starts Wed. 9:00 Boys' REVERSIBLE JACKETS Reg. 2.9S Girls' CAR COATS Reg. 5.95. . 1.00 2.44 SHOES 'For Kvcry Member nf {he Family Name Brands SAVE . ' 33V 3 to 50% Men's STRETCH SOX Reg. 4 QC 49c pair V pr. 9Jw MR. AMERICA Brand--Men's Polished Colton PANTS Regular -1.95 2.66 pr 2 pr ; Men's Uniform PANTS, SHIRTS, JACKETS SAVE 33y 3 % Old Safeway Store ALLEN'S 923 10th St. If anyone had told him, a short while ago, that his 1961 Cadillac could be improved on--he would have regarded them with disbelief. And yet, after only half an hour in the newest "car of cars", he knows that a year of Cadillac progress has made a world of difference. In fact, the list of Cadillac advancements for 1962 embraces each of the great motoring virtues. For added beauty, there is a lower, longer silhouette . . . greater simplicity and dignity of line . . . and new interior elegance and luxury. For improved comfort, there is increased spaciousness . . . new convenience of appointments . . . and a ride that is unbelievably quiet and smooth. For finer performance, there is greater power . .. more responsive handling . . . and t degree of all- around road ablenesa that u new even to Cadillac. For increased safety, there is a new dual braking system . . . a new three-phase rear warning light system .. . and new cornering lights that illuminat* your way around turns. And we would like to say that even Cadillac; quality has been enhanced for 1962. But the truth is simply that the car continues to be built to the highest standards that can be brought to the production of an automobile. Stop by your dealer's showroom soon, won't youT He'll be happy to demonstrate to you what a difference a year can make--when the year if thi» on* and the car is Cadillac. 811-815 Sevtnfh Slre«l VISIT YOVR LOCAL AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER McARTHUR WHEELER, INC. Greeley, Colorado POR S I X T Y Y E A R S THE S T A N D A R D OF THE W O R L D ·V V-

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