Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 16, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 4
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·AGE FOUR Las -N«wi Tuesday Afternoon January 16. 1945 PORTS LANTS By HUG!! Fi:U,EHTON, .III. NEW YORK, J a n . 18 f/I'J There fie ems to lie some J u s t i f i c a - tion for the basketball (oarlif-.s 1 com pi Hint t h a t allowing a jlayi*r a f i f t h personal f o u l has resulted in a rougher ganif . . . A f l i - r observing »n ftrrny game from w h i c h four players were cji.Ttr-i] ami 48 free throws were t r i e r ] , S-Sgt. Si'I Gray aakod what wan llir g n - a l e H l . number of fouls ever mad' 1 Jn :i game ( w i t h o u t h a l r - h ' - t n , of ^nursM old or new rulc« . . . Tlu-i-f'.H DC answer at Imml, 1ml ovi-i t h e J,;IH[ week-end, St. Jfihii'.s n rid Temple were charged w i l h ·'!* pei'swiiii foulH, O k l a m t m i i ami N « ' h r n « k n with .'). r ) ami C r e n l Laken and M a r - quelle w i l l ) ::.'!. r n l t - a t i - ' H 20 foulH Hguinal A r m y gnvi- tin- Oidi-ls M free Ihrnwa . . - Any bi-U-r igiin-H t o o f f e r ? * YOU C A N T IJIIRI, liltOOKM'.N In t d c cum-iil " I n l c - r - A j i i ' - i i f a r i " magazine, .lain"' N. Il.'unnan «·- views Hi" a i n u t i M i r baseball wnrld .Hurica at * ; i i i i r r i n , Vencxnelii . . . T h e a r t i c l e d«'nl.i l a r g e l y w i t h iiqijHliMcH. [ m p - l j i i l l l e p i t c h i n g , J t n i f e . - w j e M i N g ami f t f i n a l ( i r g u mi-lit w h e n Me.xico'ji leairi had to YOU KIDS! WHY DON'T YOU BRING THE SUN-NEWS SOME CLEAN COTTON R A G S ? WE NEED THEM VERY BADLY! Hurry! Hurry! Las Crupcs Sun-News CAGING SCORES GnPWnmenAskpdi /nJusfr y By ASSOCIATE PKESS UUF «UlllCJl/lKeU | J llself By ASSOCIATE!) I'ltKSS Mij-Hi.isljipi !t(itc 47 Loui*iana .state ::u. K o n t h Carolina !',',, flcorcla 25. Chlraf,"! Ml, Whi-ntnn .14. North Dakota Af,'Kk-H «2. Monr- iH-itd tcachirrs .'16. M n y v l l l G ten:hr:r» 48, North Dakota 40. N o r t h TcxaH Slatf 40, Tex- n» Slnli! 2K. ],owry Field 82 Fort Loffan .19. Hnckl'-y fir-Id fiO, Cnmp Carnon .'M. U t a h .".S. Wyoming .':2. I l l f i l l SCHOOL C l n y t o n M, DPH Moinr-s M. Silver Ciiy General Leads Basiogne Unit WITH THE II. S. T H I R D A R M Y I N HICU;lt;.M, J a n . ](1 i/l'i ---The I Hh armori-fl d i v i s i n n , commanded hy Hrli;. 'n. Charles K l l l i l l r n of Silver r l l y . N. M.. In f i g h t i n g n l.hi- t h i r d a r m y front in the.! I'luiloxnc area. I II is the tenth U. K, armored I division I d e n t i f i e d on the wmterii Chinese Seize Base On the Burma Road By ASSOCIATED I'BKSH J-'rom U n r m a today .-ame word l h a t Oiinc.ii- troops h a v e r u p t u r ed N a m h k a m , .lapancsr- Htronj,-h'lcl (,n 11»: C h i n a horder. O n l y V.-HIIUIIK and 2fi i n t e r v e n i n g mill's need to lie t a k e n hefori. Inn k i-'iiivoyw can begin to roll over the Ledo-I'mma road to China. MOBK K I I N K I I A I . I N Q U I R I E S .SOCOHHO. Jan. 18 1\'\ John M. K e l l y , director, reports t h a t more I h a n t w i c e as m a n y i n q u i r i e s ·A-ere received ill 1IM-! as III HI4:i hy Ihe M a l l - b u r e a u of mlne.i and m i n e r a l resources. M a n y I'urlu Bin m a r i n e cneinos contain BPV- mil thousand parts. some wd^liing IflllV f o r f c - l l I h e - decldliiK ( j u m p liecailsc most of the players u-nllied out in p l o l e s t of a Vene/m-lan n i n - plcr'.s decision . . . In coni-ltiHlon, idle fplotvs an e x ' . i l t a n l f u n : "Curacao: U n l i l now f a m e d aw the M i t h p l a c e of l i o l l v a i . h e r e n f t e r to be k n o w n as Ihe l l r o o k l y n of .Smith A m e r i c a . " «· ONK-.MIM'TK M'OIITS l'A«K A h i n l on w h u t may liapprn w h e n I h t - y s t a r t rcrla.sslfylne, .|.F a l h l e t e s : A y e a r or no ne,o Horlles- l e r l i n . i a s w e l l shorlslop, A l I k e d ) Schoendlenst. who was considered a c i n c h to s l l c l t a r o u n d and mayhe HO u p t o t l i e C a r d i n a l s lieianst; a n eye i n j u r y had p u t him in -i-K . . . l i n l Al wa» reclanslf.ed and in- i l u c l e d . . . The o t h e r d a y Owner Sum l l r e n i l o n of t h e Cards' received w o i d t h a t .Sclioi-iulicnt hud been dii.chnrc.eil . . , The A k r o n U. bim- k c l h i i l l players, w i l h I h e e x c e p t i o n of one 17-year-old, a r e (nnployed i n A l u o n war p l n t i t x bcsid.-s ijo'inj; lo sclinol. The s l u r , l-'i'il/, Naj^y, w o r k s Ihe H a . m . s h i t ! . Sne was.Lorccl ;nnJ Lcatilil'ul ,' He was Lol J and Jianclsomc j .and lie waitcil/' / 1 /'' ' ;lor her* . i l . . , JOAN F O N T A I N E . STARTS SUNDAY For Law Advice ALBUQUERQUE, Jan. 16 /P) -Republican women have been Jn- vited to name seven v;omeii to s«"ve on the Btate GOP legislative advisory committee and are considering appointment of committees in each local dun to sutdy proposed laws and visit the Je- KijOature. The plans v/ere laid in a. slate Republican women's club convent i o n yffltprday at which represent a t i v e s of Bernalillo, Santa Fe and SOCOITO at tended and cluha Alamn^'ordo. LftH Crutes, Los Lunas and Raton sent reports. .Suggestion for .study of proposed Jcgtalatlan came from Mrs. E. L. Mou I t o n , n a t i o n a l committee- v/ornan, and P h i l i p Huhbell, state GOP chairman, invited naming of members to the legislative advisory group, An election of slate officers was laid over for a mail vote after the n o m i n a t i n g committee was unable to prepare 'a ticket, Mrs, Dorothy Greenwood. Santa K«, state president, announced. Plans to Rajion U.S. Fags Supply CHICAGO, Jan. 10 (/Ft --Cigar- cts, which since last fall have been one of the nation's wartime hard- to-get commodities, will be available at the rats of about 15 daily to civilians under a voluntarly rationing system planned by the national Association of Tobacco Dis- tributors. Association leaders estimated the average daily civilian consumption last year was slightly more than 17 cigarcts. The association, with a membership of 2,800 which controls distribution of cigareU to the country's. 1,250,000 retail outlets, said that a card system of issuing smokes will be inaugurated within two weeks. The plan, described as designed to achieve orderly allotment, would mark the first time an industry attempted to ration Four More Prisoners' To Slate Penitentiary Sheriff Santoa'Ramirez and Deputy Roy Gree'n left this morning /or Santa Fe and Las Vegas, taking four' recently-convicted nien to the state penitentiary and four recently-adjudged insane, to the state hospital. The prison-bound were the last in wartime a scarce Commodity. four of seven convicted in the re- meeting yesterday of the ninth cent criminal term of th« district district farm credit and adminia court; three others, along with tration directors^. three juveniles sentenced to the The board governs farm credii state reformatory, were nent to units in New Mexico, Oklahoma their new places of confinement Colorado and Kansas. last week. ' ·-- OIL OUTPUT INCREASES TOLSA, Okla., Jan. 16 W IT. S. crude oil production increi ed 41,250 barrels daily in the wee| WICHITA, Kans., Jan. 16 UP-- ended Jan. 13 to 4,718.600 barn J. A. Games of Duncan, Okla., was daily, the Oil and Gas JournaJ re-elected chairman at the annual said today. Farm Credit Chief Returned to Office N.M. Solons Talk New Districting (Continued from page 1) with « couple of thorny offering: On tht house Bide, a bill to abolish thf slate police, hy Rep. laidro Annya ( D - R n n t a Fe, Guadalupe, Torrancol was c^rlain to cause a stir, a n d in the Bcnato, a pro- postiil f u r licensing nf practical nur«en n n d lemporarily jiui f o m i n p i n t o the state providec possihlf! coiitrf»vrrsy. Senate m a j o r i t y J-cader Don Dioknson I D-Hernallllo), who Lrofluccd thu nursing bill by request, H i t U i it was aimed at nieeling a warlinii. 1 shortam 1 . Eiu«^ Sorvlt-c Mall Oiif b i l l WHS pa.ssed yesterday in (iHbrevinled Hc.sslon by (he m;- nate a j o i n t memorial to con- grvxH a.iltinf*; revision or postal regulations to aK.iure service men';' rcM-cipt of mail on which postage, \x due. Tin.- Henntu passed it unanimously. Before a d j o u r n i n g uiilil 10:.'JO .1. m., t h e upper c h a m b e r receivect the \vithdni\val by Lcundro I-Ierrera, Deinocriii, of conU:Ht proceedings against I-'iliberto Mae.Htnn, Ilepuhli- can, fc»r the Rio A r r i t i a county seiil, iiml n bill by Senator Uur- Lon Hoiu'li, Dmioeral of Hillsboro, to approprinte $20,000 a n n u a l l y for two' years lo match federal funite for n campaign predatory animalR ami i n j u r i o u s SKNATOH I11KH SUDDENLY M R H I D I C N , Conn.. Jiui. 1(5 (/Pi U n i t e d .States Kimiilor Fraiui.s T. Malmicy ( D l , ' r 0 , i l l fiiiit-e .Inn. 1, died of a h e a r t a t l n c k at t h e M e r i d r n hospital today. Churchill Backs Atlantic Charter 1 LONDON. J a n . IT. I/Pi - - Fi-irao M l n l x t i T C h u r c h i l l tcild Illr limisc or c(iiii]ii()ii.s toilay lit- \VIIK in com- |lrU- n(, r ivviin'iil w i l h Pri'Hiclt'nt ltiHi.-s.-volt's views on the A t l a n t i c C h l i r l i r niul llii- ulijirlliv now wriv just t h e Biinic n.i in 11)41, nl- MioiiKli all of tlirni could not be achieved i n i l n e i l i H t e l y . \Vlu'n the ineniljerH pro.ssed rlniri-hlll to « i v e n report as noon as posailiie on what ]iurts nt tile cllarti'l' were "x-alid inlnu'dlutely." C l n n v h i l l .injipped Imi-U: "1 i v n l l y ilo nnl t h i n k there is liny need to en i n t o t h a i . H lias heen \'ery well diwrihed by the lire.-iidenl ns a s t a n d a r d of nlnis .-an i m l i o a t i o n of llir dim-lion in whii'li u e are ploi-i'edinf,'. II i.s not lav.- " Cllun-liill told the lu-wly-eon- ve ill plohin^i'd u n t i l n n i - o n d i l l o n a l Hiir- render han bet-n ohtnined." 14 Persons Die in Chicago Hotel Fire rlllCAl'.O, Jan. 10 l.l'i A movine,. H p e e t a e n l a r f i r e early today a t t m - k c d tlu- seven-story tlen- eral (.'lark hute] in north riark .streel. on Hie ed(;e of tile loop, k i l l - ing nt least M persona and i n j u r - ing f , v e others. SK binir.s a f t e r the t ' o n f l » K r a t i o n was illseovered firemen eontlnueil tn scinch the r u i n s for bodies. The Moil Bo.ulHul Womtn God Evor Forgot lo Put i Soul Inlol i i n . J H i i i i BB Today Wednesday 2 · Brand Now Hill · 2 Hit No. 2 . A Laugh Riot I N*w Color Cartoon "JASPERS PARADISE" SNOW rOIU'KS A TltlTF. HOMK. .lull. Ill l.l'i IXvp ;mnw IIIH) j'odr v i . H l l t l U t y l n o i i ^ h t a ooiu- pin ill Ivo valni ttuhiy (u tho T i f t l i mill fih|!lli nriny (mills in llu- hlgli Aii|u-ii!iu's niul tlu .-asti'Mi To val- STATE $5 Esta Noche v Miorcoles BIG SPANISH SHOW "CaminiJo Alegre" plui ·n umailng laugh hill Wake up and eat! Do you have trouble getting your family up? Then try enticing those sleepy-heads with a breakfast that has sparkle and zip. How? Read ., the Homemaker's Column in this ad for recipes which add variety to this all-important meal. · In 1945 expect more for less at Safeway · Listed below arc just a few samples of Safeway's low. every day shelf prices. Try buying all your food needs for a month at Safeway. The savings will be a pleasant surprise.- MISCELLANEOUS CRACKERS, NBC Premium.. 2 lb. PINTO BEANS, US No. 1... 5 Ib. RICE, Water Maid . . . 21b. BISQUICK, pre-mix (lour.. 40 oz. GRAPE JELLY, CE . 16 oz. PEANUT BUTTER, Howdy. 2 lb. APPLE JELLY, Imperial.. 2 lb. TOMATO JUICE, Libby's.. 18 oz. COFFEE, Edwards drip or reg.. box36c bag 4Ic bagZlc box 31c gls. 20c gls. 45c gls. 35c . can lOc . lb. 25c COFFEE, Foloer's drip or ret/ lb. 33c Aristocrat of Thrifty Coffees COFFEE, Airway Ih. 19c Campbell's Tomato SOUP . . . KH oz. can. 3 for 25c Mountain Pass, in chili sauce PINTO BEANS . . . 20oz.canl2c Town House GRAPEFRUIT JUICE... 46 oz. can 28c SYRUP, Karo Blue Label. 16 oz. bol. 15c For Fine Things LUXFLAKES 121 oz. box 23c PiCKLE RELISH, Libby's. 18 oz. gls. lOc SALAD PRESS'S. Duchess. 16 oz gls 24s CATSUP, Red Hill brand... 14 oz. btl. 14c All Purpose SWAN SOAP . . . 11 oz. bars, 3 lor 29c Highway Sliced or Talves PEACHES 29oz.can24c Kalyer's Chum Salmon 16 oz. can 21c Granulated Soap Rinso 24 oz. box 23c Cherup, with Vitamin D added Milk, 141 oz. cans, 3 lor 25c Pure Cane Sugar . . . IQlb.bagBSc Vegetable Shortening Spry . . . . 31b.g!s.68c Vegetable Shortening Royal Satin... 3 lb. gls. 60c Extra large paper shells Pecans.. 1 lb. cello bag 33c AValon in natural oil Sardines... 16 oz. can lOc Nabisco Shredded Wheat, 12 oz. 12c Gardenside. point free Tomato Sauce. 11 oz. can'4c Sleepy Hollow Cane and Maple Syrup ... 16 oz. bottle 20c Suzanna Pancake Flour, 3£ lb bg 19c POINT FREE No Points, Utility Grade ROUND STEAK, lender veal... lb. 30c Point Free, Utility Grade Veal RUMP ROAST lb.22c Point Free, Utility Grads Veal LOIN CHOPS - lb. 28c Point Fr*e, Utility Grade Veal SHOULDER ROAST lb.20c LAMB STEW, grade A, point free.. lb. 17c FRESH PORK, fai back, point free, lb. I7c VEAL TONGUES, point free . . lb.28c VEAL HEARTS, point free . . . Ib.l9c[ Assorted Varieties LUNCH MEAT, point free . . . lb.32cl PORK LIVER, point free . . . . lb.22c GROUND VEAL, point free . . . lb.28c Utility Grade RIB CHOPS, point free . . . . . . lb.29c .Utility Grade Veal RIB ROAST, point free . . . . . lb.29c PERCH, red fillets . . . . . lb.46c Utility Grade t LOIN ROAST, point free . . . . lb.28c BEEF HEARTS, poinlfree . . lb. 19c POINT FREE Breast of Veal . . . . . Ib.l4c! Mincemeat, in hulk . . lb. 18c BULK Pure lard, in market,.. lb. 18c : Grapefruit, Texas Seedless... 10 lb. bag 47c Green Chili, long green . . . . . . lb.25c Apples, NW Rome, Delicious, Winesap, lb. 12c Avocados, California Calavos . . . lb. 69c Oranges, Arizona Navels . . . . . lb. lOc Dates, iresh California . . . . 12 oz. pkg. 45c Potatoes, No. 1 Idaho lb. 5c Carrots, Arizona clip tops lb. 7c Squash, Italian spring variety . .. lb. 20c Onions, sweet Spanish lb. 5c Lettuce, firm crisp heads lb. lOc Broccoli, green stalks lb.24c CELERY, Utah Pascal Ib. 15c LOW POINT Chuck Steak, grade A beef Arm Roast, grade A kef , Rib Steak, grade A beef . Lamb Roast, grade A leg . Beef Liver, fresh sliced . Sausage, pure pork . . . Bologna, all meat . . . . Spare Ribs, meaty cuts . Frankfurters, all meat. . Pork Loins, end cuts .. . Fresh Ham, whole or half . Rump Roast, grade A beef Calf Liver, fresh sliced .. Luncheon Neat, spiced . Beef Ribs, grade A beef . lb.25c lb. 25c lb.28c lb.3Sc lb. 35c lb. 37c , Ib32c lb. 22c lb. 35c lb. 31c lb. 31c lb.23c lb. 65c Ib. 30c lb. 17c /rs A/O S£CXCT ANVMOKE WS THATOUR ND3 KNOW WHERE SHOP. tOOK M THAT WONDERFUL ROA3T f¥vT AND S6KVCO SUNDAY THIJEARE WONDtRFUt RtOPfiS. IF 1 COULD ONU HMO SOME IMIAL.U MKAT; TXIS ONE WOULD STAN'S «CTTIN$ ALMOST } NAsrv ABOUT IT. i MUST e srupto. i See. JOAN t R6OAROLE3S OF GRADE OR CUT. SAF£WAX GUARANTEES IT. SATISFACTION J Oft VOLIR MONEY BACK ) Trtat Yourself «« SAFEWAY

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