Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 13, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX, criociJis^fr. M.) stnijcifws . Wt*i«UT g, Jun« 13, 1851 Las White Sox' Kreilow Comes Through In Firsl Shuioui In Major Pitching Ry K.tLI'U ItODEN {'Ahscriati-a J'rcss Sporls \ V r l f i - r ) - U n t i l now, Lou Kiellow'.s chief claim to f a m e WJIK: | 1. He received a ^ofi.OOO bonus to pipn with Detroit in lfl-10. ' :'2. He wan Chipped to St. Louis ulmit: with $100,000 by Detroit for J i ' n y Piiddy. · · L u n k Lou IIIIH blossomed into ;i winning pHrhi-r for th»; a i n n z - j ing Cl:icngo White Box. The Sox picked him up for n.nong from the Btuwmi yciir, T' l( -' fomlrtg 'if K j r t l o w i n t o . b i n own is J U K I nn- nlhcr feaUit'r in tlio cup of frenh- i n i i t i indnager Paul RichiirriH. renowned iif« n handli'r of pitchcru, I'Hrhi-s Klrsf Sliutmil Krciinw,' v.'hn fnlled us u at a r t - nr c u r l y in the xennnn, fiicnl I n p l o n last n i g h t t.a the Hox open- rd Micir wncojiil tour of- Hie i-iir.l. Lfni cnnic through with t h e first fihiii.oiii of Ilia major league ca- lei-r n brilliant :i-(r. f n u r - h i l joh. Tin- ylctoiy ciiBhtnd the fv.x, w i i i i t u r -if Mivi'ii iilraight t l i e law! l i i i n - Un-y vlHllO'l the r-ft.'it, \n boufl lln'ir lead lo 111/,, ganieji ovt;r Ihe r u n n e r - u p Mew Yorlt Yjinki-CK, The Y n n k n Wf.-iu upHi't, Tj-l, by t i n * low]y SI. Louis "Browns. I I H I I : I C Piiletle, exllml In llu- K i o w n s n yi'tir ago, rnino back und h i M i ] l - l UK.- Y i i n k s at tin- shKiiniii. The i l i n i l g h t h n m l c T Mopp,-,! Hie I HonibiTH on f n u r Rci'iitfli h i t n . \«ir tied Hiiv I Tin- ClcvHmid I n d i a n s moved tn J w i i h i n it j ; ;tini' ol' tlio t h i n l plucc H i w l u n Rod Sox, niiUii.stlng l l u - ; P h l l u d H p h m A t h l e t i t ' H , S-H, hi it n i ; l i l ^ n i n e n t I ' l i i l n d e l p h i n . The J!cil !io di(ipj)i'd a 7-11 decision to Ihe Di-trni! 'l'ii;cr.-i iintiei' t i l e lights til Musi on. cJcvJiind'!! il'ih Keller, w i l h help in llii 1 n l n i h from Lou Hii.'isie riml M i k e (.Jiirili), gnintil otrdlt for his n i n t h viftory. T."i crny t i i r n i - i l In his iiecond v i c i o t y for llu- Tigers hi spiking I h e Keil Sri.x. C J i n y is I h e finirth v i j i i i f n j ! li i t h a n d i T to go the roiih; unil win In Ho.ston's l-'onwjiy pink t h l ; ; yni. Th'.- Tij;ci'H nssmvd Cray of v i e t i u y w i t h n flvt'-iiui bluwt in t h e H i s t i n n i n g against H n r t y Tny- Kcm KjiniH Win Pii'achej-'Hoc and the New York Gi:mLn provided the fireworkw in tlie Nu lion fit Jx'iiRUc. HOB turned in his ninth victory w i t h o u t u lof-s aw he pitched the pare-.solfinfj Brooklyn DodgcrB to ;i (J-2 vlciory over the Oanlinnls in St. I^oui.s. Home riinK liy J a c k i e Rtibinson und Gil Hodden' jfnvu Roc an e;uly marpin and hn remained in f r o n t the icst of Ihe wny. Thy Oinnl.i whipped the Hodii, O-.'i, In l;n I n n l n K H at Cincinnati, The victory moved the New York- em from f o u r t h to second place, .six ^tiiries behind thn. Dodger, 1 !. Tim Hed.H dropped Into u thini-place tlu with the Cardimtlfi. Monte Trvin brolu! up the win in willi n tlnt'e- rnn liomer in tin. 1 t e n t h off Km Knffi:nnbi-re,er. .lohnny .Sain cofi.stcd to his f o u r t h victory nf t h e .season as the Uojiton Hiavttti hunibled t h e l'iU.sbuu',h 1'hales. ^'·'··^. 'Plw FiuiveK poiindeil out J f t h i t s and icoreil in f i l l hut OIK- i n n i n g . IT'S COOLER INSIDE Sports Briefs lly Thp AshiK'lah'il rri'ss R K N K I t A L NLHV Yoilt - A v m y Bi-iiiula/ff 1 . 1). S. Olympic rmiimilti'i! piiuliU'nt. rL-puiti'il A m u i l f i i n to:iin piohubly will In.' flown In K l n l n n i l fur 1HS2 (·iiiiu'H at Hclsinld. . WnKhhiKtiin Clyile Klul'.x.. HI. I^nl.s liiowii.s' c.-itriict, wns Kiild In (Me \ V H H h i n f ; t ( t n Hcnalnr.s nn wiilvcrs. I t A C l N O W l l l i i l l l K t i i n . Di-l. Hi-pi'lilirc (J-I.'JO) won l.iini'sliiiii' |nii-Hu nt D c l n w n j o piirk. Now Y o l k . Nnvy Clili-r ($11.·· 1101 wiin B i n c i K i a l c ClnHHlfictl hiin- i l l c n p ill K r l m n n ( l ^ n l k . Chicapq New York Boston Cleveland Detroit Washington St. Louis Philadelphia. Summer Softball Games Turn Out Lopsided Scores Lop-sided scoring marked play In the city'n summer soflball lea- ue last night. Shock's Rcctippcr.s walloper Hiv- H Sturlio by a smashing 2.'t to 'i score. Leading" hitter was Singleton, i who knocked out three in three time* up and h a t t i n g out a single, double, and home run. Lawrence was winning: pitcher. Losing pitcher for Hives was Rodriguez, who yielded ]] hits to Shook batteni. Riveta lead hitting with two in three times up. The; game WHS in a uiiior league^nalch. In the Senior league, Stevens Furnitures larruped Turrcntinc hy another lop-sided .store n« the Chcvtolels wfcnt down to ;t humble 15-1 defeat. Joe Mullock, winninj; pilche) save up l i v e hitw, while Moreno allowed ntne hits to the Furnitures. Occrgc Garcia whammed oul. three hits in three times u p ' f o r the Furnitures. Hcrreia knocked out a home run to .score Tnrren- tinc'.s only run of the game. In Ihe Junior league tonight Li- ai'H Lodge take's on Popular Dry GnodH. Senior Inagun play will see P. It. Hum with the Wash- Coach lludy Cuinunez said today l h a l tonight's ^ame.s piobably will l,i. Pluy,'.l on the Jlusciuiu Tll( . tdllv . s ,,,.,,,,,,. purli iliuiiiuml, sinci! the J u n i u r l ,,,..,.'.,..,_,... ,, hi|:h iitliletie field is nol yet dry. .Should the field be r:h:iiiReil tofun.s will lie ituliOeil, he KUlil. ' MAJOR lly Till' AHKOcintril l'rpsn AMICItlCAX ' , . I* I'CT. H -.708 ID; :.627 22 ' .509 23 ; .5-19 2?,' ··-. .521 30 .375 34. '.?AG 34'.'··.SOB W. 34 ·'.'32 20' 28. 25 18 18 . 15 Schedule Pf. Louis at New York Detroit at Boston Clevel'd at Philadelphia ' Ghicnpo at Washington ' . Kt. Louis 5. Now .York 1 ' V ' Chicago 3. Washington 6' ; v Detroit 7. Boston 3 · Cleveland 8. Philadelphia 0 NATIONAL W. fc. PCT. · Brooklyn New York St. Louis Cincinnati Boston . Philadelphia Chicago Pittsburgh 32 28 28 2! 20 18 .610 2 6 . . 51!) 24 ' 2 7 22 25 .51(1 .510 .tiOO .471 '.408 .380 New York at Cincinnati \ ; . Boston m Pittsburgh fj- Philadelphia nt Chicago ' :; V Brooklyn at St. Louis.'itnlRlit ) W. J. LITTLE REALTOR H K A L BSTATI3 A- LOAN'S Kh.',t N i i l l o m i l H a n k lililg. I'll. - 1!70 or 1.10.1 7 MISSION / - M . H , l t , C P.. I 1 Admission 50c - We · lOc Phone 413 KiO SHANDE STARTS TODAY "GO FOR BROKE" Means "Shoot Tho Works" SS rjrv P L A Z A * Hoy Nomas CANTINFLAS · "Puorla Joven" Con Sllv'» Pln.l Thurs. · Fri. · Sal. KI.ICKS UAIIAVAV "CLASSES" ·BUDAPEST --C.-VP - The hithnr- Lci exi.stiHK; tliret; clnssus on l l n n - g i u i n n niilwjiys v.'ill be maintiiin-. eil only on i n i c r n n t i o n n l linos, it | WHH iinnollncwl here. Only l\vo [·IHK.SP..H. t l i e "eii.'iliionHl" anil Ihe j "wooden bench" clasiie.;; will rc- nifiln on home line;;, the State R;H1- \v:iy.H nnnounccd. ' Philndelpliin 0, Chtaigo B. '.'. Biwiklyn 0, SI. Louln 2 fJow York G, Cincinnati' :i (10 nninffs) Boston 13, Pittsburgh 3. . .KIDS UNDEH 12 FREE -- WHEN WITH PARENTS. Open 7 P. M. Nightly -- Show Starts 7:40'. . 1 '".·' I BLOCK OFF U.5.80 OH COLLEOf ROAD TONIGHT AND THURSDAY NIGHT aowiw BIMIT AHD Giop.mus turn sn ' \ x ., , \.\ $:} 10 JUOME WliS'S CHAUSI HIWCAl! ... fa HAYWORTH 6** KELLY TECHNICOLOR EXTRA! ON SAME PROGRAM! . Actual Camera Record of "THE KEFAUVER INVESTIGATION" See America's Crime Kings on the Spot! Also -- 3 Color Cartoons! Good cheer reigns when you pour . Old · Sunny Brook 1 You'll s«« that dilighled look whkh has grHltd this (hear- fulwhhktysinct 1891! Watch a man's fati ttuTnst slily seconds after he's tasted Old Sunny liook... Bad Weather Is Forecast Tonight For Louis Fight NEW VOKK, ,luim IS--}-Tonight's I5-r»Uiul flRht Ixt- twecn JDP. Ix)uls und Leu Suvold was postponed 24 hours at 1:30 p. rn. (EST) today iMM-aune of rain und (hreiitenln(j weather. \\'ealh(tr iwrniitting, the two nged hi-jivywelghts' \\\\\ shiff It out tomorrow night in lhe Polo Grounds tinder thc'sttirm no television, no radio provisions. Rddlc Kagan, chnlrnuin of the New York A t h l e t i c Commission, said · t h a t If the, Imut was held then a isM-nnd we.ifh-in would not ht npfcssary. Louis weighed 21IJ/J .poiindH totlay and Savold 390. NKW YORK, June 13 UPl Cloudy weather with accasional rain was the gloomy weather forecast for thft Joe Louis-Lee Savold heavyweight fight at the' Polo Grounds tonight. The temperature will remain in the 60'a. the United States Weuth- tr Bureau reported in its prediction of showcrt, today and tonight, with the added possibility of thun- derKtortim tonight. j Should it be inadvisable to stage the bout as scheduled it will be held tomorrow night, weather permitting, the Intel national Boxing ^Si'WH-tWfg- -»*·.-· ·' -'-»* ·*· ·l-"-T--.'.-IV Delendiig Bei H*gu Gloony Over Coirse For U. S. Open Natch BIRMINGHAM, Mich:, June 13 l/Pi-- More outsiders have won the United States Open Golf championship than any other major tournament. Ben Hogan, the defending: champion and ranking favorite in the Slat open winch begins tomorrow, pointed out that historical fact as he tried to find the successful method of playing over the tortured acres of Oakland hills. And if you listen to Ben and the 161 other contestants, you'll hear ttiat there's 'a good chance for a longshot to win this year. The Oakland Hills'course, completely revamped and made immeasurably more difficult than it was when two previous opens were played here, has brought wails of anguish from the top-flight pros; They can't name, a probable winner or even the kind of game that might produce a winning scorfc. club reported. make-or-break fight for both of Louis and Savold pi-edict all sorts of explosion;; in Ihe clash -but only about 15,000 cash customers will shell out about $100,000 for .the the aging /heavyweight contenders. Louis ruled a 3-tp-l favorite La win the 15-rounder but there wasn't much betting going either. Fights Last Night · By the Asirodated Fran By The- Associated Press Cleveland ·-- Gene Parker, 141, Indianapolis, stopped Harry "Snuf- fy" Smith, 140, Rochester, 3. , Los Angeles -- Keeny Teran, 117, Los Angeles, stopped Armando Felix, 119. Los Angeles, 4.. Miami Beach -- Danny Nardico, 172 i/ 2 , .outpointed Reuben Jones, 173, Norfolk, Va., JO. Brooklyn {Fort Hamilton) -Eddie Compo, 132, New Haven, outpointed Irish .Dave Shade, 132 14, Charleston, 1 W. Va., 10. Duluth, Minn. -- Corky Gon- zalcs, 127, Denver, outpointed Eddie Lacy,.129, Minneapolis, 10. Salt Lnke City -- Oarth Pander, 159 %, Salt Lake City, stopped Joe Arthui'i 163 i/j, Chicago, 9. That leaves it open for some "unknown.'.' come through. :·.-'·· VOU'KB GETTING WARMER And-thiy is just the place where you can really cool off. And there are lots of exciting things to do. Rates are moderate. Write for folder. The Crorglun Hotel and Apartments, Kimin. Mtmlcrn, California. East.German'Tots faugln To Pray For Man Who Needs It BERLIN, Juno 13 (in -- Tinjj';? tots in Soviet east German ItinUei'r!/ gartens arc being taught to-prnyi j lo Stalin, the West Berlin news-'' j paper Telegj-af reported today. ;',, ; It said Communist teachers ili! the state of Saxony instruct tlfeiV. pupils to repeat this little rhyme every night just before they go to sleep: ' -.' "Haendchon fallen, aeuglein sen-" hen, -.cine minute an Stalin den-'hen. 1 .'.... . ' Translation: 'Told your little hands, close your little eyes, think' . a minute about Stalin!" -i "MINOR DEVIATION" !·' ' ALBUQUERQUE, June 12 UPl --\ : .Just a minor deviation, that's all,said the movie puhlicfty man. Ho*;'··'· said "Ace In The Hole," film oil.' an. Albuquerque newspitperman lou'. Iw premiered ; Thursday,; will brtlji good business for the city oven':iC though -it shows Central avenue??-' with a.-trpllcy. · · · . ·£' . --^----^ ''._-; ; fc ' LAS. CRUCES.LIQUORS The Store" of Good Spirit! PUNCH'BOWL, CUPS AND* .OLASSES FOR WKUnlNUS Your'Family P-sc-kage Store · .' 334 S.-MAIN KENTUCKY WHISKER A ROBERT PORTER "fc SONSrlnc, -'Exclutly. DUtrlliuion · Albuqutrqu* 8c Lu CrucM THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY S P E C I A L S MEN'S SLACKS Hundreds of pairs of these nationally famous slacks . . . . Tropical rayons; rayons and nylons, and 1 part wool tropi- cals . . Especially for "Pappy" »m ·' days. 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MEN'S WHITE DRESS SHIRTS 'Made by famous manufacturer ... pearl buttons, fuse collars, very fine count broadcloth . . . just imagine giving clad one of tftese fine shirts, worth so much but priced so low to you . . . sizes I 4 tn 17 . . . 32 to 35 sleeve lengths . . . . . size; 2 GREYSTONE CHANBRAY SHIRTS Two flap pockets . . . very fine grade .. ·. all sizes .. just w h a t dad likes . . . special for dad's day . . . $3.75 or 2 FOR es .. just w h a t 7.00 MEN'S SANFORIZED Broadcloth SHORTS With guaranteed clastic sides . . . gripper front . . . sizes 28 to 42 ... in neat patterns . . nnother practical gift for dnd 2 PAIRS MEN'S SUMMER RAYON DRESS SOCKS Anklet style . . . all new summer shades . . . all sizes . . . guaranteed first quality S PAIRS , . 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