Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 27, 1972 · Page 32
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 32

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1972
Page 32
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National League Roundup Astros Win 8th Straight in 10 Innings Bv A R ^ I V I A T E n nnr*r» . · ' ' ' By ASSOCIATED PRESS Don't put the winning run on base. Mot when the game is tied Not when it's . in exlra innings. . And · especially not when you're the visiting'learn," That's one of the unwritten laws of baseball. The Chicago Cubs decided to break (he law Wednesday night-and they got busied for The Cubs, reeling under the weight of a seven-game losing slreak, were employing this bit of. unsound strategy in Houston as they tried to overhaul the streaking Astros. ' I Deadlocked 4-4 in (he boltonv ...«..., ^^HOLV.U ua.i u^gu g-i. Keas locKer room after the'". 111 !?' u was 110 ' my most ar"\Vc don't have Just one guy squeaker aglinst Pittsburgh.'I'stic effort," s;iid the former to do the hitting like last year," "These Pirate bats--they scare' Philadelphia hurler, "but we a tight game like this. May had already doubled home a run. So TM u « ": nming HKC usi yuur, the Cubs decided to bypass IheiSaid Wynh. "Bob Watson is hil- SUISsine first baseman oivino'tine. I,0f Mav is h i f l i n o anri May is hitting . .. and ·-·"b"' i n at u u a u i l c l l l , giving l l "6' ij -t- mtiy IS l l U U I l g . . . HI1C him an intentional walk to get· when Lee's not lulling, Bob is. lo Bob Watson, hitless in four] This is a great Icam--a beau- previous at bals. liful team!" He had plenty lo be frightened alimit. Cincinnali took a 71 lead into the eighth inning. But the Bucs scored twice, then " m - n i i _ u i i \ . o i3V.MI I, U m l^U, LI H 1 1 . . " When I pushed across three more runs lw °-TM s!l «l for Ihe Cards. er fall! in the bottom of the ninth be- 1 , UvHmt . two-run double by won and that's the thing. lie won it despite successive ..sinei's in the first inning by Ralph Garr and Hank Aaron of the Braves. Joe Hague drilled a two-run shot for the Cards. t t . · - · · Watson didn't take too kindly' And May added: en p u s e across ree more runs . lo this and showed his dis- saw the center fielder fall! in the bottom of the ninth be- 1 , UvHmt . two-run double by pleasure with a line-drive' d .° v TM, I Jusl knew 1 had to fore reliever Pedro Borbon got' ' in ) ' McCarm ' P» l Philadelphia double to right center field tha» score. These guys never give Bob Robertson for the gaiSe-', 0 ",' 0 ' " u p nf lhe 10lh sent May scurrying around lhe'"P- We can come back.' lending out on a fly ball with 1 -,, , u llls roarccl backl bases. And when Chicago cen-j They came back from a 2-OJlhe bases loaded. i m ' Bo .^ v B °"! s capping Ihe ' ' h ' '"^^mf!, 'TM' ........ v i , i v - u £ K ^(.11-j 11ICJ L d l l i u IMUri I1U1I1 il i-U L l l t - "«^-^ ivuui,u. ler fielder Rick Monday slipped'Chicago lead in the third on It nrcserved Garv Nnlnti's'"" : i ",, '· " Irving to chase down the hit, : May's double and Wvnn's two-!Ihhxi Victory of hi sea , !'",", T^' D ?V e tK »'S ma " «J* 3.5 Ivimo f l - o o l l , n A r t , . . I l . . ! . . l _ ·!·,._.- ..,..' . . . . 1 r, . , , _ 7 ·* . . » · « = " » · l l U l l il P i l l l ' Of SOtO hOlUCl'S ffll J w a h o « . - c o r y o e season. o n« ^e, the Astros run triple. Then, after run-scor- Bobby Tolan drove in three TM »S" 5,TM m nP"-,h" ,· ·" ?" K "'TM" u '«« «· *·· "~S «- ** S» " . San Francisco. over fan = "I'm just starting to breatheiliis first victory as _a_Carriinaliin Ihe bottom of the ninth, Spurs Take 4-1 Win Over Bucks o grab a 1-0 lead in their best-! 1 ' 1611 ' own Passing attack with of-sevcn Western Hotkey! clnse checking to make Ihe -eague playoffs. ' lllosl of opporfunilies. Both teams hit with aulhor- ity, back checked closely and jumped on (he puck al every opportunity. Goal lending was excellent. Portland's .lim SAFE AT FIRST-An unidentified Southern Colorado Stale College runner loses his helmet but gains a base, heatng n throw to first from the infield in a recent baseball en- counter. The Bears will play Denver University in Denver Saturday at 3 p.m. (Tribune photo by Mike Peters) DENVER (AP) - The Don- 'er Spurs, playing a high-flying The Buckaroos threw iheit excellent passing game against Thurs., April 27, 1972 (JREELEY (Coin.) TRIBUNE 33 Marathpn Hike Set to Raise Funds for Kids Outward Buddy is sponsoring Mellon was kept busy making M stops in the firsl period, II! in Hie second and six in the third before * 0-mde maralimn hike from bei rcl j cve(1 by Dilve Kc| , Estcs Park to the Qrecley. City whos | iad fum , JDonver . s Bo ^ units to raise funds for river j nhnsnn lhc , cagu( ,. s , ea(iing rafting trips down the Colorado lcndcr wllo sa( ou , ncnm -- s dnd Yampa rivers for Greeley|f ollr . gilnlc swcc , ovcr San area students. ] )ic g 0 in lhe s c m jf i n a i S i natl Students from Greelcy Cen-lfivc saves in the first, 13 in the tral, C,rcc!ey West and UNC| se coiul and M in Hie third, will be hiking starling Saturday morning, camping at Boyd Lake and arriving in Greelcy Sunday. Greeley merchants will be. asked to sponsor or contribnlc funds. Wilh a current fund of $200, approximately eight kids will be able lo make the raft Irip. The more money raised, Ron Buchanan put Denver on the Scoreboard at 7:44 of the Ifirst period with n ballet danc- ·or ! e liriM-hmirl elm) Hiul iimul in Vlcl.cod. Gary uzzo made it 2-() wilh a power play Iwo minules later. Bui Cliff Sclimaul/. got Port, land on the Scoreboard al 10:51 the more kids can trip. on tbo Contribulers can call 35G-2405 or 35B-2720. i" le c "'TM r of t h c nct bcforc Johnson could recover for an Orioles Lose in Sixth Inning Weaver Fumes in Downpour By ASSOCIATED PRESS on the umpires' part," Weaver slam home run in lhc seventh oles .was ankle-deep troversy as usual. bashful wilh umpires, lei lhem[ Jo ^ ? know what was on his mind! l n e inning for Chicago and lhe| il again. While Sox .won (heir game In! Sn r a f h c r lh , a " ,°|f ni "' ! ,, l!C i miu r^- , .1, . I season against Plallc Vallov, the 10th on Dick Aliens two-run, Ea(on w f n cfn5e i(s scas( ; n homer. Allen unloaded his third Rain drops were falling pn'said after' Baltimore's fourth his head and Manager Earlj straight loss. "They didn't even Weaver of Ihe Baltimore Ori-l'akc the tarpaulin off the field lo see if the ground 'was wet. How can you say the field's nn- The vociferous Weaver, never 1 P la '^ le if 5'ou don't even homer of the year following a ...... ..... ii"vi-?-' jone-oul walk to Rich Morales. The Indians had tied Ihe game at 5-5 in the lop of the ninth inning when Alex Johnson doubled and came home on a Reds, Broncos Plan Christmas Baseball Game? Back in March, Eaton was lo open its Welco baseball season with Plalte Valley in Kersey. But rain and wet grounds postponed the contest. Now, a month later and wilh the Welco campaign just about over, the Iwtr learns are siill trying lo gel in thai game. Rescheduled for Ihe Ihird lime Wednesday, Ihe snow and the ran and the wind and the cold postponed io[her save. I Don Borgeson scored 43 sec ionds inlo the second period for Ihe Spurs and Milan Marcetta islruck midway through the fi inal frame lo make il 4-1. H E L P I N G RANGELY--Three former area prep baseball stars'are helping Rangcly College's baseball team lo a fine season. From left, Dennis Hoth a cenler fielder hitting .383; Leroy 'Lewis second baseman, hitting .250 . and Dick Keever left fielder, hilling .260. The Spartans are 15-7 'Old Man' Pena Back With Miami By HUBERT M1ZELL Associated Press Sports Writer MIAMI (AP) - Cuban butcher Orlando Pena headed north in 1955 lo pitch basebal) [or the Yankee dollar. He made his debut with the Daylona Beach islanders ... in the belly of the bush leagues. Seventeen seasons later, he's buck. "My leammalcs are 19 and 20 years old," grinned Ihe. Miami Orioles aging veteran. "They call me t'oppa. But they know Poppa can still pilch pretty good." The 37-ycarotd Pena pitched in the big leagues for nine years at Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Baltimore. When it was over, he returned to the Florida Slate League. · .Pena draws a Class AAA salary since he actually signed a contract with Rochester of the Internalional league, Iwo notches up the B a l t i m o r e Orioles farm system' ladder.' It's in the ' $1.500-a-month neighborhood. "1 go to sleep every night believing I still have)a chance to get back in the majors," he. said. "My arm is slill sound, iny head is-sound and I alwqys lislch.for' the phone; lo ring." · Pena hurled In a Baltimore uniform as late as lasi season,. appearing in five games at- mid-season when the Oriole staft'iiecdcd help. . . "For; that, I.-'gqt $3,400 in' World 'Series ' money 'from Baltimore and a diamond ring for helping', lhc Orioles, win I h e American League c h a m p i o n s h i p . In 1072, .everywhere I went 1 won."'·": Pena played for four learns ... all four won titles. He helped Miami- bag a third straight FSli. crown, did his fivergame deed fnr Baltimore, appeared in II games for Rochester's winners of ttio Little World Series and then was nn a championship club in Ihe Venezuelan winter league. . Peria.'s No: 1 pilch is'a.tor- ;kball, thrown at varied speeds and. angles. He shows the 17. years of smartness. Orlando liad a !M-record ;with.Miami in 1!)71 with an incredible O.VO ·earned run average. . Pcna's major league record was ndt-so-sparkling 46-68,.but most was spent with'second division :teains -and Orlando was often used as a relief pitcher. He says the Florida Stale Lcaguc^lh'e'- hush'.I ildhgue bookemls to his cai'eer, has changed greatly since 195IS. 1 1 "Playprs are much better, 'probahjy-because of iiiipro'ved high school and college coach- Ing. You don't fool ' 1 1 jem. ' nicy also commtmicala better with Ihe managei- and older players." Pena recalled pitching balling practice for Ihe Havana team in the liilcnunlioiial League in 1957. Rocky Nelson, a Icngcndary minor league slugger, became angry when Orlando made him look silly . will: off-speed pilches. rain was still coming Wednesday nighl after Ihey;' [down'hard in Kansas City as than an called a game because of rain:J Veav «; s P? ke ' more with Kansas City leading 5-3 in; hoi 'r afler the game He, never- jlhele-ss, insisted that Chief Um-ltwo-out pinch single ipire Larry Napp made a mis-iLowenstein. the sixth inning. "Thai wasn't a definite effortiP"" 6 ^arry i\app maae a mis-i...,,.. Itake by calling the contest after! -a 59-minule wail. i The Orioles had scored three! runs in the top of t h e inning! and had a man on second base with two out and pinch-hiller Bobby Grich coming lo bal when il began to pour. j If the conditions of the field: were thai bad when they called! I by John against Platte Valley. The game is set for 4 p.m. Monday in Kersey. Players will he keeping one eye on the opposition and lhc olher on Ihe sky. All this, of course, depends on the wealhet . . . We're having a giant demonstrator... SALE ... This week f e a t u r i n g . . . A '72 G R A N TORINO The Suzuki TM-400. f you want to win bad enough, this is the bike good enough. It's a brute. Tnkes -JO hills nci iiny tnlicr rant(icro- ; CT ou cm find. -!0 lip/6500 ' pm.33 fi./lbs.of torque.Only 30 Ibs..5 speeds. Racirsp- yp'e forks nnd suspension. nobhys. Aluminum illoy riins. Upswept r^^. ixpansion chamber. ^^^ 'F.I ignition. CGI ."»v«i automatic lube. This is as ligh up as you can qo. HOFF'S 2526 8th Avenue 352-7196 "then we'll never play a game] in Baltimore this season. H will never be drier in Baltimore than the ground I walked [across lonighl." · I The hoi Chicago White Sox| won their seventh straight j game with a 7-5 triumph overi iha Cleveland Indians in 10 in-! nings; the Detroil Tigers ham-' meied the Texas Rangers -!;; the New York Yankees trippedj Ihe Oakland A's 4-2; the Cali-j jfornia Angels turned back the .Milwaukee Brewers 3-1 and the ^Minnesota Twins stopped the !Boston Red Sox 3-1 in the rilherj 'American League games. 1 string of 22 and 1-3 scoreless in- in.ngs. ! i Before Iho Orioles c^me up! j w i t h (hex rain-shortened rally, in the fixfh, Ihe Rivals had pul | Ihe game away with a five-run' f i l l . high!igh'p.'i i-y .!olm M - y ' hcny's two-run single. The n:as broke Dave .\fc-\a' 1 ;.-' '1.1 "ielini'c'y in fivor r-1; teeing games like this contin-j ·vi I; " : i Ihe icas-.n,' 1 srapped Weaver. Mil.e A n d r e w s drilled a grnnd GREAT BUYS FOR THE -GRFAT OUTDOORS- Sleeping Bags Big Bags! Little Bags! Pack Bags! Down Bags! 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