Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 16, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 3
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·1 i-,, HELP i. -HOSES WJ " W^ SALE OR TRADE it).' OH FOR RENT LOST AND FOUND WANTS CLASSIFIED OAKY DOAKS FOR SALE FULLER- WOMAS co. QLIVBR ?!4Rft INtPf-EMENTS l 821 S. Jtaln 'SL ..'Las Cruce», N.M ELECTRIC WIRE aijd WIRING SUPPLIES U.S. Army. Issjiepurpius used merchandiseit bargaiij prices. 30,'- poo n.aifs sh,d^, -flij; r^tlgn. 'stamp needed; good J2,J5, Better trriae, repaired; '.new idles : 'and heels $2.95. 2J3,'qop,iajncats' $2.15. Messklta ip'c,' canteens' litfc, cups 25c. Al«o -7200, !NEW U.' S. Army extra heavy 4 lb. 6 oz. olive drab single -eqttqn blankets, 6x7 feet, rid-'hpf price $'3.15. AH postage prepaid; No' COb's. Send money order. 'Blank's .Exchange "Wichita Falls. Texas.' ; : ' - . - : f - We have on hand at this lime most large breeds. New shipment each Thursday. FARMERS MARICET SUPPLY CO.' Phone 333' On HR Tracks NOTICES We buy, sell and trade. Hiett's Second Hand Store, 130 North Main, Thone 646. * Better SERVICE Better GLEANING Better PRICES -better see MODEL CLEANERS 113 West'Gffogg -' REAL ESTATJE Lots and acreage. Terms to au'it, | F. A. Bunch, box 189, or 714 flast Lohman Avenue, Las Graces.'' We clean, build and repair septic tanks, cess pools ajiii toilets.' M. H. Shadden, Gen. Del., lias truces. Slip covers, curtains. Telephone Miss Mutz, 459-W, evenings. Lieutenant and wife desire officer and wife to share 7 room house. Ihild acceptable. Apply first house across from college 'gymnasium. W-hether to buy, or to sell, H. N. BURTON Bring Sri your listings, of all klijds. · and' we wiU Tieil 'it FOR WHAT, If IS WORTH. IIS'W. Griggs " : 'Ph. 381 TRAVEL ALL AMERICAN BUS ^ . LINES Free meala, Free Pillows, Loiycr Rates. Three schedules. 333 South Main, Phone 774. WANT TO BOY ! WANTED Want to buy washing machine. Phone 524 or 497-R4. Red chili, all kinds. Ranch, phone 599-R1. Ironing wanted. Mrs. F. Fulke son, 1 mile north of 80 on high way 85. 1LO3T Toy guns, dolls, drums, tepees, vests, feather hats, games, cutouts, pottery etc.iHand woven blankets, p'urses, neckties'! Jackets,' coats, sweaters. Hand made' belts, billfolds, aprons;ibppk, ; inds, ash trays. Indian arid Mexfcari^ewelry. Hun- dr_e'ds of 'otiSfe-ijiras, Valley 'Bus Pfepiit, 330 WftJAMalii;' ; ' ,i TRUCK TIRES |^s Park Texiq ; SERVICE STATION : FOR RENT HEAVY DUTY W A X E R FOR RENT Valley Appliance Co. Miniature cedar chest jewel box containing jewelry valuable heirloom and keepsake. Reward. Return to Sun-News office. No questions asked. Right hand crown pigskin glove. 52.00 reward. Phone 500. 1 FOR RENT - Furn. Houses The Roatl to Berlin By ASSOCIATED PRESS U Western front: 301 miles (from hear Duren). 2.' Russian front: 303 miles (from'Trzchenley southwest 'of KielM). ' . 3; Hungarian front: 304 miles (froni Hron river). 4. Italian front 644 miles (from Reno river.) . . W e wl'i, hiye-lfcaby chicks each Thursday ;Pl«ce your orders or o6ine and get'them. Valley Products Co., phoHe 99i' "' '. i. '.' ' -r ': . ' . . Tractor, hegari. Phone 655-W. f?ne pair of heavy horses, ages good; prlced-'to^ sell. W.'e. Handle, La Mesa, Ne*.jiexico. Small cottage, partly furnished, suitable for one. Mesilla Park Phone 598-H3. BECAUSE YOU USE SUCH A' IJDT OF HORSE HOt?5ESEWSE,YOU? MAJESTY, IS STABLE THIMK1WG-HAW/ MR. HORACE BUT-WW4T 15 HORSE 5EMSE? DID YOU HEAR V/HAT THE MUG 5AID, OAKV.^HE'S GOIWG TO GIVE LUCAS AMD ME A WHOLE (JEW FLOCK OF 5HEEP/ By ConJfon Wandi NOW, IF HE HOLD H/f HEAD rfMe SP/J/?S. LIKE THIS! DICKIE DAKt THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY By Charles Baah L THE I«OS? q SUffE-THAT TEDOV SH\O \ TUEV NBEDEO MORE MUSCLED SO HE V TOOK THEM OVER TO THE /, Bwo young wjBMSmares. Weight 1500.; pounds. L. .E. COTTON SEED ^ MesS Acala, as · 'previously iMtyertjse'fl." lorwb. net new ibfahdad '''cotton bags, re- cleaned, 'per ton $120.00 PKGAlJ TREES -- ',5 year. root. 2 feftADLEY,' .SAN. SABA IM- TOOVBB. Delivery, after Febru- |r^ 1st."Per" lnch"'in diameter, * PECANS --WESTJfeN S6HLEY WIADLEY, BURKinT, TJS-1 -Extra large, culled.: cleaned; per Pound ; _.....:,, 35c FOB Santo Tomas Ranch, P. o. 650, Phone 495-J1. D: P. Stahmann. stahtilann Inarms, ; Kti| Cfuces, N. M. · · " ·*', i-- ' · ,-· '·- ' : : ' R. C. Wyandottes fryers, 45 cents pound; 2 pounds and over. Call 592-J3. Gas range,. ,. china ..closet, bedstead, tables. Inquire at 340 West Mountain. Ewes to lamb soon. Mrs. Sallie Toiinlln. Route 1'. Elgin watch. Lee.jteeyesT Two large work'jionies. See Mrs" Deerman, 1031 irflntpn Addition. Brown work horse, 8 years o! 1300 pounds.r .{76,00., Stahmann Farms. P. CJ. Bc®S50, : Las Cruces Phone 495-J1. --^-f **.·'· ·'··y f * · 1937 Rpycraft house trailer 802 , North Second. ---~ -t - __^ Modern 3-bedroom house. Phone 21W». . . ' . 1955 Chevrolet t door sedan. Ceiling price. Seat covers, antifrteze: Grade S'ti'res. Romn'ey Motor Company.:. One large circulating oil heater Phone 107. :'. _ · Good oat hay. Phone 484-J2. Prewar living room suite, good as new; also feather mattress. 312 North Main street, Clark's Mat. tress Factory. Piece 56Z-W. of plate glass. Phone One Case tractor, all the equipment: 11)36. model International pickup; ceiling price. E. R. King. Rlncon, X«\v jioxl.-o. ·Furnished apartment. Permanent renter. Telephone S31-W at noon or after 5;. Mrs; Bob .MrMlllln. Want furnished apartment ·mall fulmlly. Phone 2-12. for Want to rent by pflrmanent resident, 1 or 2-bedroom house, fur- nlihed or unfurnished, i^JLas Cruor vicinity. Guarantor good c«r» of propfrty. extension 21, or 678. , 2B4. L.OOr\-ALL AJJ BIG SHOTS SAY GO AHEAP WITH A'KID PICTURE-BUT 1'HAVE MO STORy ANO IT'S VEARS SINCE i WAS A KID.' NOW THAT. WU CHItPREM ARE ftLL DRESSED, JUST UNE r UP OVER THERE UMTIU £ H/XVE A STORY CONFERENCeJ/- DEVEtCPIMS ROOM. 1 HELP WANTED Persons now engaged in essential war work will not he considered. Wanted, personal application for janitor public building and supervisor of grounds. Short Hours. Phone 34. .Dishwashed .wanted. Laboratories have developed gog. 6les with antiglare lenses tate the detection of submarines and of torpedoed ships. The MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN By Lee Falk and Phil Davii . lenses are rotated by hand in an Lady (or check and office work. Must have dependable reference. Cothern Cleaners. of 180 degrees to suppress reflec- AND A CLOUD OFICfOTENE 'GAS SHOOTS FROM THE LIGHTER ENVELOPING NARDA. FREE2IHG HARD A IN-STANTLY IN A GUTTERING SHEATH OF ICE. . THIS WILL COOL,,, l O F F F O R A W H I L E / THE ICE LADY, HOLDING A TINY CIGAR- £TTf-(./GHTffl-PfiESSK- THE LEVER-- NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS oH,£W5sy, I'M SO qiAD -/OU'VE COME -- ?OMETH1N15 TERRIBLE HAPRENEP... OH.PEAK.-IPON'T KNOW HOW 1 CAN ·THIS IS MR, PETER9- . HR. PETERS IS MVTI.V/N15 PUPIU.'...HE'S5OINGTO 5PENP A FEW CAYS WITH US / HOMER HOOPtE I LL PATCH TA£ HOL£^ IN MY FOR TM£ WlRATIOM A.WD ^IX MOMTO^ AFT£E,IF NEED B£ / YOU OOW't HAV£ TO PAAAFER ME WITM YoaK. KWITTED B(JT TH£ RADIO JilCT AMMOUWCfO THAT A COLD WAV£ K COMW6, WITH T£MP£RATORe OoWU TO 2O BELOW Z6RO/ MD,DlDM'Ti,T(\/i; COULD ADTOST My6£(.F AWV ^ROETAe/ YOU HAVtWT KEABD ME SQilAWtC THE: OLP GAL WAS 50 EXCITED CWER SOMETHING SHE HARLY NOTICED HER GUEST ....BUT SAB?* DIDN'T GIVE HE.R A CHANCE TO UNBURDEN HEKEUF.... ...NOT WHILE. PETERS WAS AROUND/ OH, DIANA "·· vou TAKE-THE HIGH RCAD I'LL TAKE LOW ROA-D ? WHO CAjsl TELL ME LA"3T LIMES OF THE THE DOOLITTLES AH, LILT. "SUCH SPIRIT.' , DEAH YOUNG PEOPLE: .C.IGAP.ET1E SHORTA DOKT.EVER EUMIMAVE. THEA SCORCHY SMITH Bv Frank EoJiblM A LANDING fWTTY? SURE, C.HET, THAT'S THE ISLAND ON..-BUT; LOOK THE FVACE IS CRAWLIN WITH /HAf?//VfS/ 'WEfeE MCKE THAN READV MAJOR, VOU-. LOOK -- ISN'T THAT A SEAPLANE DROPPiN OUT OF THE CLOUDS ? ITfe H6AOIr4(j THIS WAY ---SINCE THE BOV5 HAVE THE ISLAND UNDER CONTEOL-i'Lu SEE TO IT, THAT YOU AND WSS REACH .YOU* 6ASE. CAPTAIN '

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