Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 16, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 2
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PACE TWO CWaijrj, N r w Vurk, JM, i.'niin, K.-.IM.I. C u \ " fliirihi ·^^I^SI£%?^|/Hg IN ( Roll |oith ·. -.vProvJ* (Continued from paEfe i) -M«f 11 rn|l O D n n f l t fa Panlqul Nazi :ian Center l (Continued from page 1) 1 Poland, fought Its way into the I outer snlients of ··Jefense of the Nazis' Ifr'akow-Warssw'' railwa'y 1 I line, reputed to be one of the Climaxes in Boih Wars May Come Togelher , Our global war, piTh;,j,.s mm* by design than by chance lias roachi'd two of its B ir;ilist ,. T isr.s .sirnull.-inenu.sly-lhe in- a u j j u r a l i o n of II,,. huge A l l i e d v j u w / e on Uitk-rdom and Ihe successful l a u n c h i n g of tin. i n v a s i o n of Luzon, key Philippine The f n s l ol t l i r a ' o j i c r a l i o n s ropre.suitK the real beimmine of the foni'i-rlcrl A l l i e d d, iv,. lo a d m i n i s t e r the coup dT- ,raco to Germany. The MromJ. when .ium.'ssfull.y c o m p l e t e d ' w i l l have established Ihe A l l i e s on t h e essential base (Luxon)'from which t h e y can d.rect t h e i r combined m i g h t against Japan's ill-gamed ioni|nesls and the mikado's own domains. lh Lit'on fam'- n ^n. Jinks Ma'«»ln " ' t j i t)ie Hlimhier 'capital rjj-"*31- Ruin. ' ' mii°I inM the ronrt as the'!ast pond ronnerrllinn hrfween tli' r rh ~nr' other '·nr/'PK nf Lt. On. To- m-ivnltl Y,imsf'ila Irvine to "'""""'" "i Virvili.cnt njfioV r rnm Ihe Manlln sector under cSnstorii. , , Strongest .German fortified zones fn southeastern Km ope: ' ' ·Tnii'ralj'way. eonnec'tlng the Polish ' capl'taj with Silesia's' coal mining and munitiona industries, nn * of ; chief arteries Konev's steamroller already was In possession of Kielcc on the Warsaw-Krakow line and only about 40 miles from the border Porgetfnl''of homeland, W. C ·mi. 'defends England past am IK- r n r n r i l c U ' i l | i ! , . i i j | !|,|. - n r t ; - - l i n n ! 7~* · 1 » n ^'l;;,,:;::;, ',:;;r:::t. :-TMPi Group i 1 ;^;,'K;;::,;:;;;;;,::;TM;;: j Assembles Rates Upon 12 Crops i M-I'.-I. n Kin-ill """' 't"t"-fi'nM ^ n n m v llio n^ninst ?ivth nrmv ;j«'lo ^ «if "nnr-cMn ro-nl from coastal . Sllilllld t i l l - l n , | , | , , l i . |l w o u l d r,.- !i':i»r th" vii.M A l . ' I H . s l n l t m i j P'r.v- CT 111 Eui-'jp,. l o r t i n - I n i m c h h i e of ill'- n i l - m i l M I I » : I I M I : | I I o n I H J ivill [-onll imreKunnl Tin- ( j n - i i l I I . . I di in. :ij;;im.M l l n fi-(tm K l n i i l n r l u f n r - 1'in, w h i ' K l n n d I l v i - H l o r h . 'I'll* 1 n u i r l d ' l H to w l i i c h i! IN l n i l - Dnlln.s nnd H o u s t o n . 1|I|H pill Uiin.pvini win ! . \ t h , i;,, ; vli-liBlinrf;.' 'i,TM For 111,- H I M HIM,- w,. ,o« 'iiiiv ;i,,. An|;.-|,-«. Cnllf.: mul M i n n w i ""' J I H ! ' 1 ' ! ! ' - * - I I 'I l u l l pre.lMI!-" ; .,,!.,,. A t l l l l l . *»""·'»· '' '" ' " l ''""vh!'ll,?^!y't«pr,'a r |lvro!''p','| K W r imi.n ..In!! l i ; , i - , - ,, ,.,,,,,] dni v i i l H y - n i i e r a l e d cxi-liangr. l.y me imux M i n i A.I..II i . n i i t . oii,,.,-' 1 !L'^i!v' l |,Mi7vhZr'.-f 1 rnrr" ,,-°" 1 " n ' l l l h l l - u """TM l n . n M , v , r y |H ,.,'.,. |,,r |,|,,,M.|| must N n » l I ' l r l d M n r ! l i n l v o n H u i u l . i l , - i l l , |,,. iv(,r|-,-l m i l .liavlilR ln,|.-,l n, l,|» cri,,il t,, | ,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,.,, ,-,.,,_ ."'' """"I :P| " - i i p l u i i - M i r ' M l n i t i i l i i l i l i ' i u I s i n e l o r : i i n i t h r r »ml iiiiiyl,,. ml,,., ,-,,,,! Alii,.. ,«·:,. j ,,,,,,,,. ,,,. |in ,,|,,,,,. K , ,,, -Olom-,1 Kl|ti» "I i l : l , - o , l . , , c lo 1,-y ,,,,,,, ,,,,, ' nlxive R u n Pnli'nn. (,"·· of Uie nrlr- '''"' liinrltfi" «oi n (t. pn.s-trin Is txt'n m'lep e»Kl n r th" M n n f l n norlh '-oat! which avlnd.ii je ntllcs northeast from there tn Ba^ulo. r-i r r|^ r plh n e« of tile U. S. seventh fleet ore ripping part enemy Ktronirpolntii in Ihe foothills with ·ocltetB as Iho Hlo'w advance continue. 1 ,.» n'n!, Aii,,,, ]',,,,' ,yi'!i, i,' 1 ','',,'] Presidenl Pledges U.S. Aid for Greece '·! I ' V 111,- - . v l U i ' l n i M M l *f t r ' i n p s 1" i l H r l l ' l I I I , ' I l l l l ^ ' " H l l ! W A S H I N G T O N . .Inn. Ill mi I ' l . - . - u l n . i I t ' i ' i s c v v l t in |ir,'|inrniK · Illl'y Mill l-l,|ii|n.| I Wltli(1ril« {'Iftn lini-H l,i hl.s l OUK position* In h!.^ Hl,.f;0 l,-i| I W l l l l , - I I I I I I H O I'liiin-ri'lici. l u i l n y wltll ! ,,-r\'l, ,· r l i u ' l n nnd l i ' K l s l n t o r H con- i-ri!i-il w l l h I l l i ' K i i l l j r r l . l l ivn.s Hill ,llscl,isr,l wlivn Hip titling nnn.v. r n n i l n u linnir. nnv- I I M - M U I K I - w o u l d nil lo III,. -|ilnlol IIIK I l i n r l j ? I'lriivn t c l r i i l i i m , ' I \hv N u u - N r M H . Try flTHt to Jfrr II in OIIIT*! Z -r //'/ t 1C M//e. · S '// M , \ . ^ , ^ M i l h :i I urn ol $ l }'oiir v.risl ! ^ fe^r^ OLD SUNNY BROOK-- I 1IOI I t l l l l V U ' l l K U I V \ 111 f V i . Jt _ n o m m t v U I I I ^ K I v \ IIU-NII » C u s i-iuKii I'l-i l i m i N M I HIM K f i i i t i K o $ I H I I I I H I l - O U I i i i A S ,,\S. l , . , . |.« P lntlvr I t U l t l h u l o M *J Yank Comes Out Of'Tha|rusli' (Con 11 n u nd f rom pajpe I) w i t h tli.- tnr f i cut 'out! *Hc hnd tn Lhlnlt fnt- n minute to rernH lii-s a^n. It's 28. Anfl to rcmeiil- l)rr tlmt tils pnrcnts--Mr' and JtJrs. C E. L n p h H i n - lived ftt DnVen- port. Jn. When Lapham walked into mili- t a r y Intrlllg-ftnoe offices hert* today ho nnltert to ru-e the commnml- ';IE officer RO hP roulj toll what lie know about the enemy. Next wjiM ri new p n l r of .shor-H to replace llic JntmncHo ,-hot'H that ptntihcd h'« feet. And as soon as he .^er M i l l - A r t h u r , lie w n n t f i to Hit dou-i iiiitl w r l l n (onn' letters.hnnio. T-I Iwire j-ot mail out by flubmnrlne lint, he h»B not heard from hi pniviits for thi-ee ycarH. Eisenhower Back Into Offensive '(."'"'tinned from nn^e 1) inside Germany opposite Luxembourg, but the Americans repulsed them nnd ruptured 100. Ttn 00.Ui I n f n n t r y division, ad uiolnn north In Ltiombnurg onp lined Nlederwnmpach, five miles muil of B.ifitopnc, against ntroitg M']ns!ti(tn. Ulnfk OiTiimn Illows ·rirnn nevr«Lh a r m y troops ,it'd I'N-itninp; up buildings In Unttvn. where the Germans had been trying to Ijnrc through tic Miifrinnt dofi-nsi. aynioni junl north »f the Hiifiuenavi forest. The reinforced atrmftns ftttack- ·d Ittte Monday with tank*, but Uu- AmerleanB countcr-aiiacked mil lu'Ui nil their ground. N i n t h of Strasbaiirg, olhor i f v c n t l i army troopa vt?ro retort od ti luive crowned the Zoni ·ivrr iin{ K i ' l u f J H "ill* 1 mid n itilf i H u i i i or H e n l i R h e l m , 12 miles iliovt- tin- Alsaliiiu capltnl, nRitlnat \\' of nearby OffenKiorf, the f i l t h iinny sppanxl nhcnd m-arly n iniii'.s. Fighting continued in 1 unmi.s north of Qnmbfthelm. s'u n-purt came from the Kroiu-h at my front lunlth of Strns- Klmt try to got It In :rur». sau'-Silrslan line on a sector 2( miles wide. This drive into the Warsaw- Krakow line was meeting the firtl ! mass of German reserves' now however, and progress may hi slowed. I If the r^uBEianK interfere with j troffic over the trunk railway I Bouthwi'Kl of Warsaw, they would · -*r!lro one of th" bluest hlowa 'to Nazi hopes of holding the Polish [ · npital. Ovorriiii 400 Towns A Moscow communique said Marshal Konev'.i hard-hitting first j Ukraine army overran some 400 'towns yesterday in its greatest one-day victory since shoving off west of the Vistula last Friday. The Russian effort apparently still was growing. Berlin announced that Red armies were on the move in 10 key sectors from the J3aitic to Yugoslavia,. Victory Guns Sound Agnln Moscow's long silent victory guris sounded off in volume aga'In for the capture of Kiclce, an- nouni'cd by Premier Stalin in an order of the- day. kielce, a' six-way road Juction, lies Da miles southwest of War'- SQW and 80 miles east of the German frontier. Jtonev's forces also seized Jedze- Jow and Wodzislaw, junction pdihls MM!*. T.hjs is pure unselfish love, as his devoiipn is not reciprocated by tfy lords ruling that [ lahdl '' ' Magna Carta, Mr. Willis, was a few liberties' wrung from British tyj-anta 730 roars'ago. since which time Enpland Has clung tq monarchy,' caste and' state religion' and fought real demd'crtcy "the world r rpiind. There were a. few fair to middling BritohVln 1776 and'maybe a 'ew today. True, if parliament votes no confidence, out-front leaders rbsign, but not the'lflng' He'made the first premier and win call out another with back-stage lords pulling the rorus: the hand is still "the hand of Coin."' The joker that turns the tricks is. there have been no genera! "lec- tions over there since 1936 and by mtiia] consent all vacancies that tiotage nr deal h create are Billed by people of lik'e political faith-10 Change. This arrangement is for the "duration " It is an ondjefs r'lain Icccpfng old doted in power and there is no incentive to end wars, for then elections might come and «nd fat jobs. So far Harry Hopkins has not thought up that one. Tf that is democracy I am a curly haired female. Mr. Willis presumes mightily on Past presidents of the American Region' Auxiliary held their so'clal' 'ine'eUnjj in the home c Mrs. Jesse Isaaclja last evenin with ten · niembera- pftsent. ' enini ~"^- . _ Three members whose ' birth days fell diirtng"the~m'6fith 'Were ·emembcred with gifts/theyyere" ijrs. A.'-J. Lewis, «.' Lucille . . Funkhouser ' , and Mfs: '"f Bernice . 'All' observation contest and a STuessing -game providing merit had as winners Mrs! Mrs. JSckson and Mrs! Ellers, .Refreshments were served by he hostess from the pnetty" table enterd with spring flowrs. Members present were Ollle Bide Taile (Juesenbefry, Neha Ellfs, Berice Jackson, Jessie Oliver, Frieda ^ttlcsoh, Minnie' Hyland, Llidle Punlthouser.' Naomi Logan and the; ostess. ' " ' ' ·' ret Backing in Plea Vaited 30*]$$pfys ' 'Three When Pvt. William Johnson Gilbert, Calif., arrived in El Pa. last night after 30 months m~ southwest Pacific, he found h CTrildhood sweetheart, Miss Ma ga'ret Cdrser of Long Beach, Call waiting for him. - '$iii£e- and '-a half years ago th couple had planned to riiarry, bi the-"War canie^along'and the we Ing^'was ptfstponed. ,' ; ' T^iis time' they were taking ;-.. chances; told, in El "Paso, tha they'd have to wait three days t jet a^ license--a'former'Texas ?a (hat Doesn't exis retrtKe'tupposed a car for'a rush trip to Las Here they found the' count ·lerk's office closed, but a tele ihone- call produced results. Mis t now -- they fcure obstacle'By hlrlh the R-N readers being uninformed and says "England did not prey On icr neighbors.'* ph yeah! Was not Ireland her neighbor? What of the Grerit White Republic of SouJ,h Africa, and of Greece today? In-' cidentally, what present notable served to beat Oom Paul Kruger n South Africa In the late 90's? Monarchy is vile 'effluvia froi society diseased; the baljot is de mocracy in flower. God Save Ame ica in this tragic hour. HE SHII'TCS TO CttUCES SblTOR fiUJJ-NETWS: I have left the political stagna lion of El Paso to become a clt zon and voter in Las Cruces on th r Then, plunging across the Warsaw-Krakow highway west of Jedrzelow. they captured the village of Trzchoniec in 'a ]'6-mile The battle of Budapest appeared definitely approaching an end. With the latest announced Russian advances Red army troops now hold Bonie DO per cent of the battered Hungarian capital. The Moscow communique said 4,790 prisoners were taken there -Jund.iy. Fleet Raid Hikes Japanese Losses (Continued from page 1) illties at Saigon and Camranl bay. excellent Indo-China ports in enemy hands. Oil refineries In the Saignt area, vital fuel source for Japan were badly damaged. Fires were started in the Saigon navy yard. Oil storage facilities, warehouses nnd buildings in the Saigon area were set ablaze. A large dock at Cfirnranh bay, one of Asia's best laibafs, wns demolished. AIKC Only 10 Wanes Sixteen American planes were os.t In the Indo-Cntna raids -re- narkably few for the results tchieved In crippling an arra fnmi vhIch the Japanese likely would c ablp to bolster their slipping: 'hlllpplnc holdings. Here I read the Sun-News i preference to the Herald-Post. ' The latter'has lost its vim an '.vhiz. ' " " " It doesn't even have a Bklrmisl line - no more heavy artillery, n more rumble a n d ' r o a r of batU' fury. From ttje dim corridors ^ the editor's hideout are heard th faint whispers of his misgivings The aoul stirring battle cry/ of th past is HS dead as the AtlantL Charter; "We have met the Snemj and they are ours." Signed Parry N. S. WlLtlAMS Wife Gels Divorce: Lorpno W. Little \von-a cln-nnv i tllstrlut court here tills nioin- iff. fin»in(( her claim on a cluirKi- I Inrnmpallhillty: Uut Dirt. Jmlse Oiir Second Front A card from Pvt. Jack Albert 'lirrlsh, a war prisoner in the Philippines, to his parents, Mr. and ffrs.- Prank Parrlsh of ftamah, Cqio.. slates he has received a package, several letters ahd a card from home. This was the first word the family had had from him since .pearl 'TJarbbr, at which time he was stationed at Fort Stotson- burg. Pvt. Parrish, a student at Las Cruces Union high school at the time he entered the service. left for overseas In Oat. '41 with . , parents are former residents Lai Crucea. niil^n 3ameg \V. Benner, ,Ir of the navy stlpply ebrps rpsprve.'.ion of Mr. and Mrs. J.W.Benn?! 1 6f State College, graduated Jan. 10. t[)4fi. from the navy school at Harvard university. As a result of his successful completion of the rigid four months course. Ensign Benner has received his general service commission, and will be assigned to duty at an Important shore activity, according lo a cttcr to the Sun-News from tlie school. Medicaj Techjuciaiis Cooperation of business and civ ic leaders of Las Cruces in th present drive td 'recruit women ai, medical technicians in the -Wo men's Army' Corps was evidflricex Tiiesday as leaders promised sup poi-t to this program." ' With '{lie critical shortage oi army nurses and mounting casualties,'the need for 'triadical technicians to serve in army hospitals'is urgent, recruiters here today re- saled. ' · · Women, between the ages of 20 and 50, married or .single, without dependents under 14' are eligible to enlist in the WAC as medical and surgical technicians, psychiatric social workers, laboratory technicians, dental technicians and pharmacists. Educational requirements have been lowered to two years of high school. No previous experience' 'is necessary, as those accepted will be given specialized training by Uie army, · Further information concerning enlistment in the Women's Army Corps can be obtained at the WAC recruiting office, 1 room 215, First National' Bank BIdg.; in El Paso. . Sonzalcs' obligingly" came" down opened the office and produced th equixsd license. : *Next stop was the Baptis hurch, whe^re the Rev. S M: Mad norfcrmed Ihc wedding 1rs and before the hour was up the were headed bacK to El Paso ri bride and -groom. S/Sg-t. Don Reid of the WAC re cniitihg team here served as wit :iess. ' ' Pennils Go to Six Pairs Dona Ana county principals figure in six new marriage licenses nf record at the county clerk's office ' The home-sale licenses went to; Thelma'Lucy Wood; 36, of Hatch, arid Wm. Howard, Jr.;' 28, Salem; R16rced R. "puran, 2f, and Isidro B. : Ban-eras, 23,' both of Las Cruses; Margarita'Torres, 18, and B's- :cl)an' Samara Kelsey, 2l| both of Cruces; tiencveva Gamboa, 18, and Tomas Juarez, 30. both of Me- slllk; · Inez Opal Edmonds, 29, of Las Cruces, and Anthony Sebastian Carta. 29, U. S. army;'Vera Viola Cohorn, 18 and Clyde Woods, .8, both of Las Cruces, and Marion Darles Thomas, 18, of "Garffeld, and John Weldon Cohorn, 21, Las ~!ruces.' · · - · · Qivcs Training For Scout Leaders Mrs. Rose Hunt, regional Girl Scount field advisor, who is' vislt- ng In La's" Cruce's for" the wedk enSing Jan. 19; wlj'give :a course f instruction to persons'interested becoming Scout' leaders. ' A meeting for 'the new leaders ivill be held'tonight at 7:30 at'the ome of Miss Betty Deiiton at 020 North Armijo. ' · · · , The executive bo'afd of the scout ouricil will hold a meeting ; at :30 Wednesday night. '· · " ' .the Scout leader's' training pro- rarn, which was 'begun in : Novem- er, was in session today at the cout rooms. Today's classes from 10 a. m. ' 3:30 p. m. will complete the ght hour course. 250 Teen-agers Visit Bulldqg Inn About 250 teen-agers attended the Bulldog Inn dance Saturday night in the armory following the basket ball game at Junior hig'h; Gen'Lucero, chairman of the organization, reported 'this morning. Although dancing is still the main attraction, Miss Lucero said the three ping pong tables arid bridge tables for card games are proving very popular. Chaperons at the Saturday night meeting were Mr. and Mrs. John Hoskins. A shack bar selling sodas, cokes candies,' potato chips, etc., is being operated by the Inn. Whenever a game is scheduled here, Miss Lucero said, the dance will follow the 1 game. FERTILIZER USERS \\V hiivc lia-n l u i l i l i o i l t h a i wo cannot jjc-t any more Aiiamiula -4;{% I'liosphiili- u n t i l about May or Juno. UV have placed orders for a q u a n t i t y of 20% Phos- I ' l i a l c . winch w i l l be packed in Anaconda bags. \ \ e silliest t h a t users consider this 20% grade, if unable to locate a satisfactory supply of higli-grudc Phosphate. ./ \\V expect s h i p m e n t s of this 20% Phosphate in the near f u t u r e . VALLEY PRODUCTS COMPANY Phoi\« 99 Llttlt' ndvist-d the court tliut hv'i place the child In UH- am- of his mother, in Oklnhonin. u n t i l hi- t;i'ts mil of .service. A second divorce legally .sepunit- i'il Isadora Oliviis Aklerotc r,mi PiiuM Aldcreto -after they'd hoen -Si'imtateri 15 yonra unofficially fttt the srouml of .|iKirtiitn. UNCLE SAM TO HAND OUT 32,000,000 EXTRA RED POINTS month, nnd c«cu moiitli lollo*- ln?, to Amorlrnn housewives ttiroughout Ui« country. 33 million extra red nolalji «n. pro.vlm.lely, will |« luSdiJSSi by mtlt (IfBlan to ciulunwra who turn In IBM f.u In n Victory ctnw for M M n W M lclnM, puipowder. wi UwuS r r ' .?*'*· '*'"'" »w » mm- the «nd tiwio troiii, KX d ot t.ta turn«l ta w "' f """«" " a ' Th« Mft tn uttd f.u i! ,tm ;of volninfc sufficient to warrant "In another, it requires volume from one community--along with standard quality- -to establish demand, ( in the'big markets. And'the demand J» the bigger market, once established, is big enough Volunteer Circle With Mrs. Pratt Mrs. L. P. p.-att was hostess to e Volnnter circle of St. Paul'. 1 ! ethodist church at a "luncheon 'sterday. ' i Pledge service was held and ans for the year's work complet- GuesLs at the meeting were Mrs. L P. Thorpe, Mrs. C. A. Ridge and rs. Patten of San Francisco. Members present were the Mes- mes Keatlilliy. Lowry, Stlth, dams. Watson, Baker Murphy. Stovall, Wiliiams, Peterson, ChH- ders, Crawford and Smith. Juarez Neighbors ' TWenty-one local chapter members of the American. Association of Teachers of Spanish enjoyed the hospitality 'of* trie Juarez city teachers at' a · program 'and ·Mexi- can dinner in the* Jianqtiet'. hall of - r ^. T*«.. h-*^-.'fi C HJ^"-the Border Saturflay night " - -r-Af TfrnT-ez .lolned in presenting' Sjf infer'^jting program · i.f.nn^_' iijitsicial.;; numbers '-'· and dances. ; *" Of:, i.'' 1 ' ·Speakers. at(the;'^nner included Dean Jonn- W.'-Brlhion of : New "Mexico AM and pw C. A. Tyre, ihapter snonsor.- Dr. J. T; Culbert presented the Juarez schools 'With a United States flag-: ' Attending" from the'loca] chapter were: Dean and Mrs. J. W. Branson, Mr. and Mrs/Gfeorge Frenger, STIsalda 'Sanchez,'- Mr. and Mrs. Walter 1 ''Hicks. '.D;r. p ahd Mrs. J J. "filbert. ErsMnda' t Chavez, Dr. nnd Wrs. Carl' Tyre,' Mr. and Mrs. *fuart Tro.fv Gi'eg Chavez, the \tpsdames' Ifljrthel Ansley, Helen s ate;'Virgilia Esferbrook, and the Tfs'^es Ji'anlfa i?ohney. Oraciela Baeza arid Mary Palmcrin. 57.50 and !$.00 i»crmancnts for -J6.50 : (fnrifig; · January ''and iroarj'. DC L«xe ; Beauty Shop; Phone 396: * --adv. r, announced this ^morning. Yarn has: arHVea'^or Itnitters nd may. "be obtained at th5 Cen- ral school 1 work'.-iyjom or at the ed Crcas qffice, .in- the Masonic ullding. - AMV - . Kit tiag supplies are also on and F the mpteVials,,are ,being cut nd will lie ready ".for distribution ext week. .Anyone wishing to ake kit bags is asked tb'cohtact Its. Maude Christopher, whose lephone number is 417-W. ReHeves Distress of LC nostril id prompt -TKUKYTM stress of head, coki/v akca · breathing · eAI^r .·ii also Iielpa-lireVetif 1 any colds from ilevel^ plug If used lh: tffldD£-' Try it 1 Yoil'U Uke l6w directions In Surgical Dressing Materials Delayed There will be no material for surgical dressings for at least another month, Mrs. L. E. Freudenthal, production chairman of the Dona Ana county Red Cross chap- 8AYLUS CADE PWBJLIC ACCOUNTANT Audits - Tax Blatters : Systems 120 E. Qriggs Ph. 284, 47/-J that no increasing number of Mosilla Valley growers could glut it, * * * Furthermore, not only are n lot of prospective Investors afraid of oni'-ij-op farming-- afraid, specifically, of the future of cotton - b u t ' m a n y of them don't want to . .. either cotton or iirnlfn^thoy liin't want lo be limited. Si. if I'ntli'y farmers really want i - iiu'i't-Hse tho value of their land which. \vhero many _ B _... n to nmko their real profit, If an they've got to prove to the world [ that valley Iniu) can "pay off other crops than cotton; they've got to offer protective investor* n vnrioty to work on. PARTY LINE Mrs. c.'T. Pattnn of San Frnn- cisco, who hns been visiting in. tile home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Ohilflers of North Atanroda. expects to jcturn home tlic mttec part of tlie month. Another clnugti- ter of the Chllders. itrs. C. R, Rogers will arrive from C Bowie shortly for irp ., --- -, few weeks visit. Mrs. Rogers, whose husband, Sgt. Rogers, is oversea^, Js employed by the war department. The R. A. (Dick) Davis family liaa rrturned to Ixis Crurcg to make their home here again after living In Oeming for -several months, M.ra, Lem Pratt, who is making ler home in Roswell while her Hwbnnd is overseas, is visiting i ···· : Iho L. I-'. Pratl home. The Fruit's in the long run. is daughter, Mrs Louis Tolliver. is of them are going making ht-r home with her parents for the duration. Frunk Uonioro, former cnunt jailor who now is in the arnij stftioiuHl at Cnmft Hood, 'is here today on n furlough visit with folks. PBOI-OSKS n ,\n WASIIINOTOJJ, Jan. 18 l*i Rep. Anderson (D-NMl hnj In- troduoed a bill In congregs to trlv« vvomen'^ nrmy corps Vftttrifis th« snmi 1 disability protection ji* other soldiers. TVlephrwf 3J (Km you know tl » M»I nm, · COMING EVENTS Mrs. Nellie Wright Kay Whenlley will be am! Mrs. hostesses at the covered dish dinner st the country club tomorrow night at 7:30. tyolnff tinny, coming hom^, h»» fg » |»rtyr !w Sun-Ne«». LIFE'S Little TROUBLES Ton -dttfl't'htM to 'wor'rr ud fret becaus«V ! COI»STIPATIOH or GAS PRESSURB dlMomfwts won't let ytffl.ot. Instead of (Ml- tag nervous--blue or trnwiljend. take a dash of. ", . ADLER-r-KA to quickly el^elEas--to soften and assist food wastes thru a comfortable bowel movement BnjoV'ihat clean, refreshed -feeling that lifts spirits--"rekindles smiles.--improves appetite-BiiyitlTrVltl You'll nevei be without A'dlerika again. Caution, use only as directed.' r O*r Aifhrjkv from four ItittlM Mty' '-Baker Drug'.Store atid Las Cruces Drug Cbmrjariy COLp STORAGE MOVING »nd HAULING We Can Servo Vou am Short or Long nniilS H.K.THOC3C I'hone 2M : Valley Loan and Finance Company Coljipletii financial Service LOANS AutomOb'ite -- 'Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS ^e buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 Main St. Ph. 445 AFTER THE DANCE OB THE PARTY We are now able to o^- fer you a service you will appreciate and fie glad lo bring your guesis La Fonda Cale JOE Y. ROGERS. Mgr. of the LAS CRUCES DANCING CLUB Thursday Night January 18 Music by PROF. A. ARMENDARIZ Ias Cruces Country Club House

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