Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 21, 1957 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, June 21, 1957
Page 5
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Witness Would · Protect Area off Corners WASHINGTON I* - Congress ihould tolerate no specific inter- fst monopoly when a monopoly would conflict with the oition'i strategic resources, a Senate Public Lands Subcommittee wai told Thursday. Gordon A. Weller of Grand Junction, Cob., testified in behaU c{ the Uranium Institute of America, of which he is executive vice president. lie urfcd legislation be approved to protect the Four Corners region of Colrrado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, where he said an economy of 50 million dollars a year is being established. The subcommittee is considering bills for preservation of the nation's wilderness areas. Weller cited the importance of natural scenery, but he added: "We must.recognize as well the Importance of tht values which are found beneath the surf ace. of the ground that are of such significance to our modern way of life. . . . "Many times mineral reserves lie in areas that are not developed, that are in remote locations, and are often in conflict with areas which we would like to preserve for their physical beauty and wildlife appeal. . . . "Many billions of dollars have been expended by the American taxpayers to assure our nation's rapid advance in the field of atomic energy. Many more millions have been spent by private industry to find and develop mineral reserves that would provide the raw material to support this vast program." Afier Adventure With Page Boy, Blonde To Go Back to Sweden WASHINGTON (11 - Pretty, ilonde Christina Wfnnerttren will return to Sweden in the next few days with her mother -- sad but confident this will not mean part- ng forever from her American boy Iriend. The ;6-year-oId daughter of a Swedish embassy attache returned ere Thursday from a romantic 11-day trip with lluw Williams, 11- year-old Senate page boy. They had been picked up near Uontoursville, Pa., by state police who stopped them on a speeding charge as they were returning lere from Canada. They had sought--unsuccessfully! because of Jieir ace -- to be married in West Virginia at the itart of the trip. CAB Halls Continental Service to Trinidad WASHINGTON I* - The Civil Aeronautics Board has authorized Continental Air Lines to suspend lervice at Trinidad, Colo., until the airport there is adequate for the operation of Convair-type twin-engine airplanes. Continental laid that with the recent inauguration of its new route between Chicago and the Pacific Coast, U is making adjustments over its system to im prove connecting sen-ices at Den- -ver. One of these adjustment* means the substitution of a Convair flight for tie present DCS operations between Denver and Albuquerque. The airport at Trinidad cannot handle Convairs. Continental said. The airline aaid suspension of DO sen-ice would free a DCS for leasing and ultimately for sale, permitting revenues this year oi $15.000 from leasing and a capital gain of $67,000 next year from the aale. Trinidad and the Las Animas County Board of Commissioner! protested the suspension proposal. The CAB said the air line should not be required to conduct'an uneconomic DO operation primarily for the benefit of one "airport. School Planning Group Will Meet on Saturday The 15 newly-elected member* ef the Weld County School Planning committee will meet for the first time at 2 p.m. Saturday in the office of Paul N. Lodwick, county superintendent of schools. Under the rules prescribed by Senate BiU MS the committee will pick a chairman and vice chairman at the meeting. Purpose of the committee is to study county schools and to come up with plans for organizing the school districts nf the county to provide more efficient education. The 15 were elected June I. Prime Minister Says Japan Will Never Go Red WASHINGTON I* .-- lapan's outspoken Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi said emphatically Friday his country will never go Com munist or neutralist. But it wants increased trade ·ith Communist China in a way that will not weaken free world security, he said. In a speech to a National Press Club luncheori,. Kishi said Japan has no intention of recognizing Communist China at present and will not take that direction except through the United Nations. The 60-year-old Conservative par- :r, leader talked plainly and force- Fully in Japanese, shortly after a Final meeting with President Eisen- bower at the White House. Kishi bluntly called for adjustment of the existing security agreement between Japan and the United States. He also called for a speedy solution to the future of the U. S. garrison island of Oki nawa and, the Ryukyu Islandi which Japan wants returned. AMA Raps Fee Asked for Aid to Trapped Boy JIANORVILLE.. N. Y. HI - A doctor's $1.500 bill for servlees~dur- ing and after the roscue from a well of little Benny Hooper Jr. five weeks ago drew strong fire Friday from high medical officials. Dr. Edwin S. Hamilton of Kankakee. III., chairman of the trustees of the American Medical Assn., asserted that "we strongly Visiting Librarians at Weld Library HAVE f O U R E A D ? Renouncing Tax Writeoff Fails To Ease Fight Friday. June 21, 1937 GREELEY TRIBUNE . Pag* 5 Tree Uprooted at La Salle Stvtn librarians attending a workshop in librarlinship at tht Uni»irsity of Dtnvir visittd tht Wild county libriry Thursdiy aftirnoon to study its cooptritivt purchising ind proctssing systim. Thrtt ef tht visitors irt.picturid abovt with Mrs. Lu.lli Kinnison, · mimbir of tht Wild library stiff. From lift to right irt Ltoni Funk, libririin it tht public libriry In Cedar Fills. It.; Elizibith Ann Burns, tlimintary school libri- riin it Rockford, III.; Mrs. Kinnison and Mag Niumin of Albuqutrqut, a grlduitt stud.nt In libririlnship at tht Univtrslty of Dtnvir. Mrs. Hirold Adcock, libririin of tht Wtld county li- briry, ind hir isslstint, Mrs. Clthlrint Gatis, wtrt co-dirtctors of tht D.ny.r workshop, llong with Mrs. Crttchtn Schink, librirr consulting Forty-two riglsttrid for tht workshop, which op- tntd fondly ind continued through Fridiy. Also prtstnt win Phyllis Ostlin, libririin at tht Grit- Ity public library; Mrs. Kinnison ind Mrs. Evllyn Brown, of tht county libriry, ind Mrs. Ctrl Cirlson ef Mud. Hilin Luct, libriry sirvicis ict consulllnt, U. S. offict of tducation, »isitld thi Wild county libriry Wtdntsdiy aftirnoon. Colo- is en. of tht 14 stills yndir htr supervision. Tribunt photo by Robtrt Widlund. Conservative Forms Cabinet for Canadians OTTAWA un -- The Conservatives, under Prime Minister John Waller Sutlon of . a Milliken Dies Friday Walter Sutton, 77, of Jiillikcn died Friday morning at Weld County General hospital. He was born March 12, 1SSO at Columbia, Mo., and was reared in that state. He and Bessie Cowdcn were married Nov. 12. 1902 at Hinton, tin. They came to Johnstown in 1911 and had since lived in the Johns- Diefenbaker, took over the S o v .|town-Milliken communities. Sutton ernment of Canada Friday for the ! was a member of the Assembly ef first time in 22 years. The. party rt»fi»»t»H th» IjtwrAlc nf l^tiit Rt God church of Milliken. Surviving are his wife; two sons. Strong Patrol Cuts Toll on 'Death Road' -r- B y L A W R E N C E M A L K I N TUCSON, Arii. tfu-'-WoU pafk 1 * police patrols have almost wiped out auto deaths on a perfectly engineered road that once was WASHINGTON ifi - A sudden renunciation of tax benefits for two 'private Hells Canyon dam projects failed Fridiy to cool a Senate row over the issue. i i In a surprise move Thursday · night, the Idaho Power Co. announced it is rejecting fast t a x i write-off certificates granted f o r ' its Oxbow and Brownlce dams, two [of its three private projects in the Snake River along the Idaho-Ore- 1j !gon boundary. | The F.isenhower administration 1 j and many opponents of public pow- j | er development arc opposing a federal Hells Canyon dam. which would be authorized by a bill now under debate in the Senate. The federal dam would flood out the Iifaho Power Co. sites. Sen. Morse (D-Ore), a leading advocate of the federal dam, called the company's action "a desperate move to avoid the consequences of its vast improper actions." Sen. Neuberjcr ( D O r e ) said the move "tends to repudiate the original action of Idaho Power Co. when it first sought the quick tax write-off. It also refutes the wisdom of the Eisenhower administration in issuing the write-off. I wonder if the company will do another about face if this nise succeeds in defeating the Hells Canyon bill?" The 28 Democrats cosponsoring 1 on the Sew Mexico-Colorado state | the high federal dam, which would ilme. cost nearly 500 million dollars, «ay I The boys, who were taken to it would add more than a million I Miners' Hospital here suffering kilowatts of generating capacity It ro m .multiple fractures and A frllk gust of wind Thursdiy I It. r noon south of Ll Sillt uproot.d tht SO foot high trtt shown ibovt b.hind tht horot of Mr. · nd Mrs. Gtorgi Williims en Main strtit. Tht trtt wis siviril fit! thick it tht bin. Tht wind timi out of tht it about 1:10, Frank Stirling, i nut door nilghbor slid. It cirritd so much dust with it that hi couldn't Hi his luto rldiltor through his wind- shiild. Elmir Lty, 91S Fourti.nth avinut, who was building a houst nut door to tht Williims houst, slid tht w!nd pickid up plinks of his building ind sclttirtd th.m .round. Nlithir mm Slid tht wind looktd likt a twiit.r. Lty slid tht wind stimid twict is powirful it trtt top hiight is it wis on thi ground I.Y.I.--Tribunt photo by Jim Moort. Scouls Hurt in Fall from Raton Pass Litt RATON, N. M. \f -- Two Memphis', Tenn., Boy Scout* were injured criticaJJy Thursday they fell 40 feet from a seeing cable lift in Raton Business Corner Jo the federal power system in the Columbia. River, with numerous subsidiary benefits. Idaho Power and its supporters the three small dams Laurent in an upset June 10. Ministers of the new cabinet are: Robert H. Sutton of Columbia. M o . , j called "F.f Camino de la Muerte" and Lee Junior Sutton of Sever-1-- the Highway of Death. .aiuuaici s ui iiie u c w L M U U I C I . « i c . -- -- i Works minister--Howard- Green, 'ance; a sister. Mrs. Elian Bennett | The M-milc stretch from Tucson contend WOllJrt power and at many other benefits as the federal project. \\tofo j\ SSn shock, are James Clcgg Conner, 14, son o' Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Conner of Memphis, and Joe Reed, IS. Young Conner's injuries included a broken back. Tnr laitirf «» Hit CCiTCf b?* was traveling with a group of Memphis Scouts en route to Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, N. M'. The bus loaded with Scouts had stopped in the pus and the boys were taking a ride on a sky lift, Finance--Donald Fleming. Veterans--A. J. Brooks. Transport--George Hees. Solicitor-general--I.eon Balcer. Defense--Ma). Gen. G. R. Pearkes. Foreign secretary--Diefenbaker. Trade--Gordon Churchill. Justice--Davie Fulton. National revenue--George Nowlan. Northern affairs--Douglas Hark ness. State Secretary--Mrs. Ellen- Fair' dough. Fisheries--Angus A. McLean. of Rochcport, Mo.; and one grand-]to the Mexican border claimed 30 child. Funeral services will be announced by the Adamson Mortuary. 4 Killed on Colo. Highways Thurs. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tcree separate accidents took lives in the 12 months before last June 21 Since the Ariiona Highway Patrol began its "emphasis patrol" a year ago Friday, only three persons have been killed. At the Hospital Admitted to Weld County General hospital Thursday, June 20: la cable lift which transports sight- Richard Corbett, 1943 Mont view! seers from the ».OJW-foot pass to drive: Andrew Loloff, Route 3; [the top o! a nearby Douglas Lee Hardy, Greeley; Harry Sanders, 1030 Cranford; Mrs. Clifford Pace. Johnstown; Patricia Herbert A. Jacobson. vice president and cashier of the Greeley National bank, was elected president Wednesday night of the Denver Conference of the National Association of Bank Auditors and Comptrollers in the Albany hotel at Denver. The organization includes members o[ banks from the Denver and northern Colorado area. Other officers elected were E. L, Harrison, Denver National hank, vice president; Frank Smith, Cherry Creek. . bank at Denver, secretary and Jnhn L. Hackman, First National hank of Colorado Springs, treasur- mountain ! cr peak. The older Conner said the cable chair 1 occupied, by his son and the the lives of four Colorado Tnotor-j M ^ ,; me , ne 0 !d'two-lane William uts Thursday night. The deaths highway was replaced with a four- Labor--Michael Starr. Postmaster-General -Hamilton. Without portfolio--J. M. Mac-«to 132, or 23 less than on this Donnell and William J. Browne, 'same date a year ago. extra patrolmen, is the brainchild of Lt. B. D. Velasco, who has been assigned to the Tucson-Nogales Highway since it was modernized in 1951. ! raised the state's 1957 road toll disagree" with the action of Dr. | Governor General Vincent Mas-j T»- O accidents within a quarter- Joseph H. Kris in submitting hu|«y formally accepted St. Lau-'mile on U. S. Highway 40 wes' bill. ' rent's resignation 90 minutes be- of Watkins and in a five-hour spar Dr. Hamilton said the associa- lane strip. There is not a sharp turn, a blind curve or a steep hill anywhere on it. nice. Kersey; Mrs. Ix-on E. Craven, I.a Salle; Mrs. Conrad Pfeif, Iceland; Daniel M.- I/)rcnz, La Salle; Mrs. Maude Garvin, Berth-1 Ambulance crews and officers oud; Zenon Crui, Maxwell. N. M.: I w-orkcd for nearly two hours Mrs. Lillian S. Chandler. 918 Kiev- i bringing the injured boys down Dilley. Milliken; Mrs. Nettie p. | Reed boy was near the top of the peak when it became disconnected. Tne hoyr fdl about 40 feet | and landed on rocks below. In The Couris Accidents with injuries have been cut in half. This experiment in traffic safe-; nud . Z( , non c ruj. M a x w e l l ' N / M - i worked for nearly two hours ty, which uses roadblocks a n d : . . - _. " · ' · " · · ! . _ _ : _ - : _ _ ... - : _ , _ _ . ! _ _ _ . _ ,-- enth street; Robert K. Alkire. Pierce; Mrs. Florence Jonr*. 1212 Fourth street; Steven M. Jeffries, Golden. Dismissed: Mrs. George Wilson. Plattevillc; Jake Altergott Jr.. Windsor; Douglas Nelson, 1700 Twentieth avenue; Sandra Sievers, Briggsdale; Gary and Nancy from the peak. It was not immediately determined what caused the chair (o fall. Old Car Sloltn Someone Thursday night invaded he Winograd junk yard and drove an old car about the yard, ramming . Ikcnouye. Kersey; David Farlev. I" inl ° ' ' r u f k '" A '" i " bo1 ' deaths immediately be- i platleviUe; Timothy J o h n s o n ' v " r loM Frldly mnrnln!! - _ I t . . . _/ ,!._ . . . . ! . ,, . . ' · " 1 4 . i n I- l - t n l » l . n ffnstri**1 ( fore Diefenbaker was sworn in. tion feels that "not one doctor in a thousand would have charged I fee." His statement also said: "The A%k feels that the physician in the Hooper case was rendering a public sen-ice and acting in the noblest tradition of medicine when he stood by while the boy's life hung in the balance. It is impossible to evaluate such ervice." Meanwhile. Dr. David J. Wexler, president of the Suffolk County .Icdicsl Society, of which Dr. Kris s a member, issued a statement n behalf of the society saying that Dr. Kris' fee "appears to be ex- irbitant" Dr. Kris said he felt his charge was a fair one. Dr. Kris has been credited with tlaying a key role in saving the ife pf the tot, who fell down a The 61-year-old Saskatchewan:others were injured, one critical- lawyer did not complete his eab-'ly. The fourth victim was Vin- inet roster until just before assuming power. Stork Express Bo/n to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Straight of 1902 Eighth street a daughter Thursday, June 20, at Weld County General hospital. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. William Sabnurin Jr. nf 1313 Fourteenth avenue a daughter Thursday. June 20. at Weld County General hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Myrhum of Galeton a daughter Thursday. June 20. at Weld County General hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd I,o- pei of 302 Tenth street a daughter Thursdiy. June 20. at Weld County General hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Olan R'noades of Platteville a son Thursday. June 20. at Weld County General hospitsl Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Butler cf Eaton a daughter Friday. June 21. at Weld County General hopital. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Archibequf of Pierce a daughjer Friday. June 21. at Weld County General hospital. TOKYO Japanese .. - -past a 400-man police guard i n j b e at Canton. M o , and the neit 0 ( Denver. Mirrligo Litmus Wendell Allen Scott and Mar {aret Sue Hosier, both of Grrrley. Harry Dean Winter and Grace Jean Warner, both of Greeley. UII THI TRIIUNI WANT ADS Canoeists from Colo. Spend Night at Hannibal cente Nashrio Manzanarea, 43, pedestrian of Manassa. He was struck on Colorado Highway 142 in Conejos county.. of the crashes Windsor; occurred in the hours after midnight and before d a w n . "It was like this." Velasco recalled. "Some fellows would start boozing it up in Tucson, the bars would close and someone would say: 'Let's go finish the party in Nogales.' The bars never close on the Mexican side. M .11 go Barry Sanders, 1030 Junk yard alto reported that a Polict Court · Ernest J. Vierow of Erans, seceding, $1350. Anna M. Strohaurr of La Salle, careless driving. $1350. :·'· Dennis r. . Nelson, 1S« Sixth ; avenue, careless driving, $13.50. Joseph C. Sobeck. 606 Thirteenth .' avenue, careless driving. $I3.,V. Robert T. Medina. Los Angeles, Calif., signal light. M 50. Jerry Lee Palton. 1303 Fourth street, no operator's license. $11.50. John C. Taylor. 1601 Fifteenth".' aienge, careless driving. $13.50. . . Ralph Orthman, 1527 Third ave- · dog at large, $5. Yuma; Donald Gibson. 2542 Thirteenth avenue court; Mrs. John Trujillo. 125'i F.ighth avenue 1 Victims of a crash of a trailer truck and a passenger car near Walkins were William R a l p h ' 0:1 thc way back Garza. 29. of Denver, and Johni* 0 *' ec P except the _ _ ^ ,,,,,,.,,».,, .,.,,,,,, HANNIBAL, Mo. (.n - Four L . Howe. 23. an airman at Lowry i trc!t! ' ' Mn ^ wouM S° ' n l l r r P j Barbara Bauer. Fort Collins; Mrs. Alvij H. llefele. La Salle; the drivers, and ; j aroh Kechlrr, 1626 Suth aienue; USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Britain to operate 10 four-engined turbo-pressuriied Viscount planet which it has on order. men in two canoes bound for Old, Air Force Base. The State Patrol ""* °' f Town, Maine from Denver, Colo., said their car skidded broadside wouW trt k'H" 1 -' the road. Someone F r l n k M Rajitc'r. 2102 Fifteenth a\enue; Odell Laahs. 327 Eleventh spent'Thursday night in this his-;, n d into the path of the heavy ! u , Vr1b!c ° "'V.I^UT'iTirW.'t » v r n u c i "'"ton Eugene Caldwell. toric river town and left Friday.^truck in which the driver and The four hardy canoeists, still none the worst for wear from the blocks at each end of the h i g h w a y issenger were injured. 1°" w-eekcnds from 10 p.m. to 7 Five hours later, a car driven »·"· N ° mitl " » h a t hour " ISl .m eland; Mrs. Louis Utvin, Twenty-sixth street road; Mrs. Charles R. Crosley, U Salle; Mrs. 29. from Chester Calif. A passenger in this vehicle. C a r - i k n o w that to expect coming hack." They 5pfnt Thursdiy inspect me roll U.S. Embassy in Tokyo than their earlier water course;a hill marking a on the Platte River which was Jhighwapr one mile west of Wat"about a mile wide but only in kins. It skidded 122 feet and -- About ISO leftist [inch deep." veered into the pith of the truck students tried to storm I Their next overnight stop will, driven by Bert W. Spinton, «. Loans · Short Term · Discount Poper Bought · First and Second Mortgage Leant · See Us For All Your Money Needt MirMgrr: 8ci Mr. Nslmin Offici Hours: 9:00 i.m. to 5:00 p m- Gold-Naiman Investment Co. 11th St. at 6th ATI. Telephone 1045 Bluffs area just ea.t of the city, Mrs Corr.i'h was t i k r n to M r m - t of the American Embassy major city on the route is Keo- one appeared hurt in the scuffle. ...._. but four students were arrested for __LA Jl.STA slugging police. ........... Officers quoted Bagwell n i -- Fred Wunsch. ,, laying he dimmed his lights 4 I6X3S DCBl lugging ponce I s *. ' lrm « n!! civicfJ-Jder at t h e j f o r an oncoming car when he ._ Finally the police allowed a five-! Arkansas Valley.'.«*} in rr.ticallMinzinares standing la the lar. lan student delegation into the, [condition ThursdayTas main Embassy building. The group a seme hem a t t a r k . spent nearly an hour voicing their j Wunsch .is taken to the Men- demands that the United States nor.ite Hospital here after suffer-; t. r g qut testing nuclear weapons, live ing the attack at his home Tue,-:'" c result of O f t r a f f i c ar.d was not avoid the accident. , Ckinawa hick to Japan and let day Cars CtllUj Hirt idge and Second Secretary Rich-'College here and ard L Sneider heard them out. -Agri-Quit Corp. The demonstration Issted t w o Fir. in Car Hirt Firemen extinguished a fire in the reir seat and cushion of a new Dodge automobile belonging to Mrs. Ben Richardson of the El Rancho motel at the fire station about 11:52 p m. Thursday. Mrs. Richardson drove the car lo the station, after the fire was discovered at the motel »t ISJ1 Eighth avenue. Cause of the blaze was undetermined. DUI QinQ 3l Lafayelle Friday f LO^CIIC imJOf h ','"S Held for Investigation able W 3 Four Texas beet workers were t a k e n into custody at Fort I.uplr.n Thursday for inxrsticalra in connection with two burglaries ·r.'l a rircaVh at Fr.rt I.tiptin Wedr.e-flay mint, Sheriff W. C. Tejtman re- ^ ^ ^ ^ _ firf f i r ) y i l l ) ,, l l T K , m |e tires, three prrcolatort 'Friday gutted part of a f r a m e and a tool box with tool, in it wa« Two Greeley motorists were in-! building housing Ihrre dullnesses taken in a burglary at the Dent vohed in a collision at 5:25 p m . ' a r . d an apirtment here, cluiing Loan Co. the h»n!f slid. Thursday at the Ninth street an1|, n estimated t25.001 d a m a g e . , At Moore's Rikrry. the cash Seventh avenue intersection. Both 1 The blaze, diicosered hy an un- register and J3» in it. an it'dmg ma- ms were dimaged but there were identified passerby, rlestrojed chine and some cookies were taken no injuries. The drivers werelused ear quarters leased hy the The Town Tavern was b r k e n rto Mar)' Schumacher. 14M Tenth I M c M a h n Chevrolet Co . and d a m - but nothing liken street, who was driving west on'aged the bus depot, a barbershop, Tegtmin identified the four men Ninth street and John Chirlcs T i y ' and an apartment in tfie rear, in custody as Francisco Peado. Z. lor 1M1 Fifteenth avenue, w h o ! Mrs. Cora Dennis, about W. w a s ' a n d Alrhonso Peado. U. Joe San- wis lurnini north onto Seventh I asleep in the ipinment when the chez, 23. and Rojtho D. Martinez. annul. J't Uiti broke out but she escaped. |20. (;' Courtesy Polking 913 l l t h St. VISIT OUR BOOTHS at the HOME SHOW Greeley Community Building Doors Open at 6:00 p.m. Sat. Night-2:00 p.m. Sun. FEATURING HOME FURNISHINGS Special 10% Discount On Carpeting and D r a p e r y during Home Show. ' NORGE DRYER GIVEN FREE at drawing Sunday 6:00 p.m. Register at Home Show or In the store. You don't need to be present to win.

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