Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 13, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN 8o*\sunsHm6/BeLT M IN6£PCNKNrMILYHND SUNMY NENSPAKA SEWING SOUTHERN NEW t H£XICO THE WEATHER LAS CRUCES AREA: .'Continued dry today, possibly scattered thunV ittM-showcrs' tonight or tomorrou'. Ixnv tonight, 50. J-ast 24 hours: Las Graces, 93-3"l; State College 92-55. VOL. 71--No. 60 ·ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 13, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS House Committee Votes To Adopt WASHINGTON, June 13 UP\ -The House Ways and Means committee today voted to boost excise taxes on gasoline, atjtompbiles, and many other items! . Making ints final decisions on a bill calling for an overall increase of about $?i/ z billion a year in taxes, the committee also decided to broaden the base for the excess profits levy on corporations. Chairman Dongnton (D - NC) said the commilte 'expect, 1 ! to take R last minute look at the .measure lomorrow ami then '.introduce the bill in the House.- fifdt Vole He said he hopes to bring it to a House vote next week. The bill calls for stiff increases 1 in individual income taxes, corporate levies and excise taxes', and! for a now lax on wagering. I The excise increases included:! Raising thc tax on new automo-j biles from seven per cent of the manufacturers' price to JO per! cent. ' ! . .ICnlstt S|wrt Goods ! Spoiling- goods lax raised from 10 to 35; per cent, but most equipment used by schools (except baseball goods), and children's toys exempted., The. tax on gasoline would be raised from 1 y 2 to 2 cents a gallon. A number of additional electrical, gas and oil driven household appliances, Including lawnmowers, 'floor polishers'and hedge.clippers, were added to a lint now subject to a 10 per cent manufacturers rate. - - . . . The excise rate on domestic telegrams, radio and cable messages, however, would be cut from 25 to 20 per cent. The committee also voted to repeal the present 3 i/ 2 I )er cent tax on the sale of electrical energy for domestic' or commercial use. This was estimated to result in a.-revenue loss of $104.-million. Rain Forecast For Lower Rid Valley Today By The Associated Prrss Forecasters said moist air moving slowly northward from Texas «nd 1-few Mexico offered a chance for rain today in New Mexico's lower Rio Grande valley. They also predicted scattered thundcrshowers on the east side, but said things .are expected to .stay dry in the-west. A Hailstorm which dropped 1.11 inches of rain brought Raton the only appreciable moisture reported yesterday. Hailsto'nes up to three- fourths inch thick fell in cattle pastures around the airport 15 miles south of that northern city. No damage was reported! (Yol Weather The District Weather Bureau in Albuquerque forecast continued moderately cool weather for the rest of the week in. northeastern and western New Mexico. t rising temperatures in the easCand readings above average for the season in the southwest. Reviewing the past week, the bureau reported 3,000 acres of cotton destroyed by i hailstorm" in the Lake Arthur vicinity near Ros- weil. Observers said that except for parts of Union county, rainfall last week was generally light and none fell in central and western areas. They gave this further information on crops: Mnkc Progress Row crop planting made excellent progress in eastern sections. Some pinto beans, were planted in the Mounlainair district but most central and western areas remained too dry for planting or germination. Cooler weather somewhat retarded cotton but development is satisfactory and cultivation active in most sectors. Sugar beets in the Tucumcari vicinity show spotted stands. The first crop of alfalfa has been cut in earlier districts and haying con l i n n o a elsewhere. The little remaining winter wheat is doing 1 well and spring grains are fair to good. Permanent Barrack; Projeel Contract Al Sands Is Awarded . AUHUQUERQUE, June 13 UPt -~ The Robert McKee Construction company of El Paso, Tox,, wn« awarded a $697,300 contract yesterday for work at While Sands Proving Ground. Tho contract called for construction of two poim- anont type Imrmcks nml "relocation of throe wooilen frame type tiiilMtngft. MAHINE PFC. Kenneth H. Barden, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. W-Barden of Las Cruces, has completed his recruit training at the Marine Corps .recruit depot in Sa'n Diego. One-third of his training was on the rifle range where he has become efficient in using the M-1'rifle. Price Fixers Plan Rollback On Cost Of Some Clothing WASHINGTON, June 13 UPl -The government is getting: set to order a roll buck in thc factory prices of some, clothing. Price Director Michael Disalle said in pcnvcr today the new pricing formula for all lines of clothing makers will be issued in "u day or so." It will mean, he said, that many manufacturers will have to trim their prices. This may bring cuts eventually at retail clothing stores whose price ceilings are based on percentage m a r k u p basis. Before leaving for Denver, Di- Eallc said, he was "very happy" about another development on the controls front: An increase in the shipments of cattle to major livestock markets. But both Disalle and meat industry .spokesmen cautioned that this does not necessarily mean a break in the meat situation. Cattle feeders have - been holding back on shipments to stockyards since a price 1 rollback went into effect June 4. City Conducts Test Borings For New Well If .test borings are successful, the City of Las Cruces will soon sink a new 24-inch well to supple- i ment domestic water supplies. Drilling operations for the test bore began this morning near the Washington school. If the test goes well preliminary drilling will begin in two to three days, City Manager Pat McClernori said today. He estimated approximate cost of the proposed well as $10.000. McCIernon said the Washington school site was chosen because wells in the Las Cruces area are located on the east slope of -the valley. . He cited Country club, college, Sperry, and the current six city wells as examples. The new well will be approximately half way between the Country club and the six other city 'wells if it is completed. · : Estimated cost for thc test is j $2,400, the city manager said. A n [ inch test well is being drilled. | (Jemmies Stream Back North As U;N. Presses . nyOLEX.CT-KMENTS 'TOKYO. "June 13 UD -- Thousands . of beaten Reds streamed northward in Korea today as Allied task forces roamed unopposed! i over . their abandoned' "iron tri- ' ! angle." .-. . Allied tanks and men spilled out .over the flat lands noith of Chor- 'v/on and Kumhwu. They made j god advances toward Pyonggang. [ .northernmost point of the triangle. But censors would not permit i-ur- i cspondcntents to mention the distances. The big Red withdraw! was in t h c wild TMssv* country cast of » triangle. North Koreans sweat- cd U P mountain trails in Broups TMTM hund " d * SIR PERCY . SILLITOE, head of "Britain's M. I. 5, the secret service, arrived by air in New York enroute to confer with U. S. authorities,'including J. Edgar Hoover, in Washington. With I j^ anxiety growing in London | Rwls J^ iVitmit"' over two missing top-flight j Smal i C r Red forces covered the | retreat. They slowed advancing U. ' N. infantrymen in "bouncing bai- lies" over the ridges stretching Other costs for the well are es-1 timated at Sl.500 for casing; grav- j el, $200; electrical switches and equipment, $2.500, and an estimated $2,000 for the pump. Yet unknown is cost of a. motor to operate the pump. H cannot be estimated u n t i l depth of the well is known, since size of the motor depends on distance it must lift the water. Several Return To Strike-Bound Hanover Plant SILVER CITY, June 14--(A 1 !-Several men returned to work at the strike-bound Empire 2inc plant in Hanover today after Dist Judge A. W. Marshall issued a temporary restraining order forbidding; pickets to block roads leading to the wordings. '_ S. "S. Hii'yettr'superintendent of Empire, said the men had accepted thc company's invitation to return to their jobs, despite an eight months old strike called by Local 800, International Union of Mine Mill and Smelter Workers. The invitation was issued after diplomats, Sir Percy's visit is presumed to be linked with the strange disappearances. (International Soundphoto) north of- the Hwachon reservoir General Urges Bombing Of Russian-Chinese Railroad 'Calculated Risk' Of War Involved, Wedemeyer Says ne toox the s t a n d a n d backed Gen. MacArtlmi's "Go it alone" policy in the Fur East, Lt. Gen. Launch Downtown ouTwiih ll L p J 10 i!omh5Tn,i u hiMtL" In any event. Uiis week's mark-: a group of workers petitioned the cling of cattle would not oo re-1 company to reopen for those who fleeted in neighborhood butcher shops until next week. Meat industry representatives said beef might become even more scarce in retail stores tin's week-end. . With a Congressional inquiry al- I'uady ordered for tonight and tomorrow night, meat industry and government pricing officials p l a n - j ned to discuss the beef situation tomorrow in Chicago. Di.salle wns ted to attend. wanted to go back to work. Htiyelt said be did not have exact figures on how many had returned to work. Some reports said night had gone back to the jobs and that they were men who lived within the mining camp. July Oct. Dec. Mth May COTTON MAKKET ((.'ouriesy It. T. Hoover To.) :. iligli Low Ciosr 44.74 37.80 37.49 37.45 37.30 New July 37.10 New Oct. 38.50 n-nominal 4-i.nO 37.51 37.25 37.25 37.15 36.83 34.90 44.50-51 37.61-53 37.30-31 37.30 37.37 SG.S'ln 34.94n Parking Violators Gel Only One Son From Police Judge ALBUQUERQUE. June 13 WP»- Polic.e Judge Findley H. · Morrow allows only one son to a parking violator. He excused an expectant father who bad angle parked in front of St. Joseph's hospital, but said ner.l time it would be no excuse. Morrow didn't say whether daughter would be accepted. Aggie Backers Launch Downio Ticket Campaign With season ticket sales for I the five home Agfi-ie grid games slowed down an active campaign to complete the drive is now under way. The response, it was stated by Ras Mayfield, president of thc Dona' Ana County Aggie cluh, sponsors, has been fine but in order to complete the sale of 2,500 tickets it is going to he necessary for more contacts to be made. Nml $22,000 The leaders plan now to conduct such a campaign now with every business f i r m and professional mars to be contacted. If t h e y have not purchased a block of tickets or individual. ticket^. Uioy. arc to. ,hc. urged to do so nml assist in reaching " t h e goal of 522,000 for thc , eastward toward the Sea of J a - | Albert C. Weclcmcyor chats w i t h Sen. Styles Bridges (U) I pnn. N. H., and c h a i r m a n Richard B. Russell (D)' Ga.. of thc Sen- The Fifth Air Force sent n e a r l y ] ^ A r m e d Services committee. Wedemeyer told the com! a third of the o:tu flights mounted Wednesday skimming ovor those mittec we should "get out nT Koivn" ;uul break diplomatic relations w i t h Russia. (Internationa! Soundphoto) them witli explosives. , Largest engagement reported Wednesday was fought by South Koreans moving up the east coast uorlh of Kansong against an estimated 1,000 Hods. On the west flank patrols stabbed across the Imjim r i v e r probing Chlnero .Incit O'Lcai-y haw h:i strength. . f0! ' lh!W VP:i Action Is Slight U.N". officers said t h e only significant action was the Red flight behind the cover of m o u n t a i n - t o p defenses. The mountain warfare followed) a uniform pattern, bouncing from ridge lo ridge. GI.s gave Ibis type of warfare the name: "Bouncing DntUc." The ridge climbers drove forward to straighten out the Allied' b a t t l e line. Their immediate ob- O'Leary Starts Fourth Year Of One-A-Second Hiccups ANGELKS. J u n o .l.'i--I.TI--; " :Hll " 0 " in "" s I Mac Arthur Opens Tho 2G-year-old former m a r k e t j rtv\ . -i . T m TMT1^ ·'· OUr day. He ha:; i!ropp:'.-l f n u n j T Tov .u fa2 pounds and c u n n o t r e t a i n j j.i! J. C.A the KJ 130 ti L'om! Hm^. But, his mother said today on the liiird anniversary of t h e m a r a - thon cnsp of hir.cups. her .son is cheerful. The f a m H y still lii'liovi* t h a t somewhere they will f i n d ;i WASHINGTON. Jnue 13--tJW -Lt. Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer i-cc- ommcnded today that tho United States; take the "calculated risk" of war with Russia ami bomb Uift Manchurian railroad emit rolled jointly by the Soviets and KM Chinese. The railroad is a major supply line for thc whole Communist war e f f o r t in Korea. We lit-m ever, U. 55. commanding general in China in the l a t t e r stages of World War I!, testified for the third day n t the Senate inquiry into the dismissal of Gen. Douglas M i i c A r t h i i r from his Fur Fnntcni commands f u r publicly advocating direct blows at Red China. Hacks MiiuArthur Jn general, Wedemeyer barks MacArlhu:- iii the controversy over Korean .strategy, lie has declared t h a t the U. S. should pull its troops out of Korea--he called it a "bot- J pit" for American y o u t h -if the MiicArthiir proposals arc not adnptecl. Senator Cain (R-Wasn) asked Wt'demoycr whether World War Three "would inevitably follow" i bombing of Chinese baW-s and thc Soviel-Chine.Mo railroad. · "I fee! th;it we are at war now, [ K i r , " the gonc-ml replied. : Toilay's questions ranged over imuiy iic'lds. In response In Uirm, i Wedrmeyer testified: j A d m i t s Failure I 1. He hacked Die Hoiisiivell ad; m i n i s t r a t i o n ' s efforts in Fulmmry. get Russia into the war AUSTIN', Tex.. .lime 13 i/l Ccnur;:! Oimgliw M a v A r t h u r c to Tex;is lo'iay n i u l liis \vhi!hvini I against J a p a n hut was not Involvoil vi.-.ii t:i PIS riiies may by the IK- ''" »n.v way in tho Valla agreement iss i-iinlH" c a m - 1 malting jective was lo'catch up with spear- Two hundred doi-lurs hnvtM-xan.- i " ! ' 1 a C ! t l " h ( I B - t l l C t l HH heads probing through the shal- AB.. Athicuc p^n-m ^ruinih'^il^rtu Althougli there arc already many l workers others can be used and i wtslu '' n J1 ' ont (Continued on pac« four; kinds of medi ne. Enterprising Wife Of British Soldier Visits Korean Froiii Seardi For Missing Odessa Plan*. 1 Goes Into Second Wn»k The only thing t h a t helpe as u t r i p to A r i K n n n . Hu d him even TOKYO. J u n e 13 (/T 1 ) tlicre only llic i n t o nf hicrupim; W;IK slfAvc.l. Tlu« sp;i.ins ibiln't stop . ' Young O'Lenry is UlKible to work. His i nut! her bai-tly nli\v. lie. i. and around n HLllL 1 bo r u n obtain puign for hut K Whr.i tho K i v i say in tnv spi-i" iS \ - i U I I H M'l'M't l i e m.iht»; Un- in. .MRTi mi Ihi- v:iu wu » - y . young wife of a British army captain, with HIT enterprise which will maltc her t h e envy of many (in army wife, spenl three days with her husband near the fighting front in Korea. Pretty Mrs. Eenitn Lasse.tter, 27. mother of a seven-year-old son, willingly acknowledged she made the unauthorized journey. But she -would not tell how because she did not want to "kick up a flips' for others involved. She probably hitchhiked pin no rides both ways. She returned today. Her liu.sbnnd is Capt. ^latthew Lasscltor. 29, of the Ntirtlr.imber- land Fusiliers, .ami army regular of 10 years. jiayr, he i. j able ID bo up; But hwii.ise! litli.! nourish- I in. ho lias no strength for pliy- j \-il exertion. j Mrs. O'Lcary said lie cats o n l y ; the search for a plane- missing r a n n l s . toast, peas and boets u m l : with four Oderau. Tex., restdenlii; is not able tn n-Uin any food lnn£- ; aboard on n flight from Ruidoso j or t h a n L'O minutes. His only liquid I to Odc.wa. A Civil Air Patrol spokesman i said that "we don't v :im first I n d n y i stops nf lllc » j o i n t scssiin '.uif iiti.l a c,r ·r fiil.niHi pur.- flit*:! in HI =N.rl Wm ill ROSWELb, X. M. J u n e II! '-' -- Thc | The second week began today en tiEve'any "Somewlu f r o n l i n u o riul tho t i r e d 1 Llierc in a i ( . i a l v r s t t n i . T*i-(i(:li)l a:; riiii-l ns for m w i l i mark each atnp nf th. Ui l'"(ir R'i:;l*rn nsmnimidor, lib.-inn a m i ; : niall (ifi'icinl p a r l y . lint 111-; p i n t s ill" TV.xnrf visit h.-ivi: pnllf-i! n i t stupr. li I I will (ilarl w i t h an honorary 'CMJIS rili/.i'ii'diiii" p : i j i i - i s I'l-Diu ivhen ilf ^'.'Jill l h i A u s t i n leads," but quickly added Hint, I curt 1 . W searchers haven't Riven up hope. ! will find it." Twenty-nine planes relumed nn* j W h a t may lio the longest case successful again last ni^iit -- ' 2 0 j o f ))icciips on rmirM Phirted w h e n , of them Uhinini; craft from Hi-ect! | yciimp O'Lr/.ry's appendix n i i - l u r - 1 * ' ' ' Air Force Base. Jjibbock. Tox. j ed J n n n 13. JIMS. j ' f { ^ ^^^ Happy, Sandman To Enter iT^%3 Federal Prison Tomorrow^ Prison life starts tomorrow f m ( ^ former Dpnn Ana county s h e r i f f ' ; W l l l ! ·onccssinns tn llussiu. Wedemeyer wiiil Uml in w;nitinf Ixii!wi:i in the war "I mmlo a. m'is- tnliL*. nn error Jn jud^inent, film- ti'Mii' jinifiini'nt". '2. Ifis four Slal«; l.irpiirlmout :ulviners iji China In HM-I nml l!'-ir» \\vrc "wry r r i t i r a l " of Uu 1 CliiH- t'so ^ovci'iuucnt hut maiii! "fiivnrnhh 1 " rcpi)i-l)f on activ- ilU'.s of tin- i''hine:w Communists. :;. It has ncomi'il to him t h a t all ·VnnslMH'Uvo" Id.'as for ' Asinn policy sincu Japan MirnmiU'rail Imve ( l e v d n p w l t i n Congress "am! t h e nppnsilion to thoso coiiHtrncr live ideas usually occurred in Ihn .State Dopurtmont". Troli'sts KtTDKnltlnn ·1. Hu would rcK n r » l recognition nf Ki-il China ns " t a n t a m o u n t tn f i n a l urn nf our traditional li.-an f r i e n d s h i p for those |HMI- b.-lU'ves t h e United mates »o aheail :iil'l n u i k r a peano w i t h Jiijuin 0:1 it« "wii, !-f .1 · a ( C o n l l n u t M on f i n n j r , or Single s Trsl a i l i n g Major Rip In Republican Party's Seams Now Appears To Be Just Loose Threads A. U "Happy" Apoilaca. Apodaca is one of thro family si fore his convi-Um. When it was dc . June Judge Kimlley H. vited n Supiviiii' C 1" I/V Morrow nn ti-st By Tho AssDciuted Press - What looked at first glance like a major rip in the seams of the New Mexico Republican party today appeared to be merely a few, loose threads. After rlormy session? ending: either in factional walkouts or appeals for new elections in three other central counties, Bcrnalillo county Republicans showed themselves squarely behind Gov. Edwin L. Mechem .by electing Joe Warner of Albuquerque as chairman. Elsewhere, too, Mechem popularity was affirmed with thc election of pro-adm'inistration chairmen. SImv Moving Thc Democrats also are moving, but stHte chairman Waldo Spiess of Las Vegas apparently will do most of it until the party gets out of thc red. At Santa Fe yesterday, Spiess squelched rumors he was backing any pai-tlculnr candidate to oppose Mcchcm in '52, in a bid to put the Democrats back into the driver's scat after a two-year absence. They elected nil state officers but governor last fall. "I want participation of all groups in the party," Splcus said. Mentioned as Splesa-bnckcd polill* COB have been Mclvin Meal of and Mayor Ivan Hilton of Vegas. To Itepay Di-lit Mcliton Sandoval of Santa Fe, state Democrat finance committen mnn, said last week that the party will have to repay its $30,000 debt within the month. Spiess is heading the fund raising drive. At Albuquerque, Warner won. over Tom Tughes, who had the announced backing" of state GOP chairman John Knorr of Roswell. Knorr and Mechem recently fell out over patronage and other differences, sending Knorr back home from Santa Fe anil resulting in the appointment of Marry D. Robins of Albuquerque io act as party troubleshootci\ In l wo northern counties, Mechem candidates also won. Cristobal J. Quintana of Tans was e.lect- cd Taos county chairman by the same convention which passed n resolution supporting Mechem policies in economics. K^-KIfct Chairman Rio Arriba OOP-era' rcclcctcd chairman Crux TrujUlo by acclamation, and generally praised the Mcc.hcm admtnir.Lrallon. However, t.hnt organization did urge a thorough probe of the welfare department to riil the books of Ineligible handout Betters. Hoth of these counties, inolilen- Las I ouster of Gen. Douglas MacArthur as supreme commander in Tokyo. Down south. Donn Ana Republicans picked J. D. Mnlonc. Lna C r u - } Hobbs, J. Kmbry Wall of Elldalmlly, blasted President Tnunan'u CPS rlnigglat, 1 for their lender. Mc- cliem's home county organisation had been headed by William P. Bixler of Las Crucca since the resignation of Leroy Llebrand to take over as a public service commissioner. Other Counties A brief resume of other county actions so far: Torrnncc-- Paul Davis walks out with 15 delegates, August K.iysor of Schollc elected to succeed him as chairman. Valencia-- Manuel C. Chnvcz rc- elertcd chairman by acclamation. Snrorro--Two separate conventions, after Mayor Holm Hurnum led GO persona away from thai called by" Steve Torres. Torres re-1 elected chairman by one faction, · Herman Sanchc?. by the other, pro- j Mechem wing which bolted the convention. McKinlcy-- Harmony, Gallup Indian trader Ralph Armijo namod chairman, two Navajo.s named to high party posts. Sandoval -- Kric FrecIovn'H Hoc- t'ion ns chnlrmnn brings npprnl from opposing faction to K t n t o ccn- trnl commlllco t h a t now election bo called. Mexico law enforcement officer:;; wwil convicted in .fedei-a' com t for tor- j l(J t- 1 " luring Wesley Byrd. uegio suspect; ' in t h e original Ovida "Cricket" 1 1 ' Coogler murder invt-stigatinn. Apodaca was convicted, in August of J!r»0 along with Hubert Beasley, formiM- State Police Chid' j and Hoy Sandman, invesMgHtor for Dial. Atty. T. K. Cnmpbcli. The fodei'id coiut .'H Santa Ke i nil Ihi-KC mini months in federal j»il. Beasley gave himself up to II. S. Deputy Marshall Frank Trujillo last Friday in Las Cruccs to start I Sandman not appeal his convict inn U.S. Supreme court lie was n o t i f i e d by bis i t i t n r n c y he wniilil have to slai 1 sorviii;;' his .sonteiv Tl:' polh:c h:is i ot' t i n ? rily'K aiilliorlty both l fin.- and senti-m.-e to jail for ave to stall sorviiitf ii:i .sentemv m . T r\ , ni n,i,n, ta y. .u,,,,,,. i j r ial Qn Lnarges Tlic former invostigntor for t h e ! ( f i s i i i c t ntlorncy's office w i l l prub- ably serve his t i m n at La Tiina | along with liea.slcy and Apodi At La Tuna t h e i h i o t - ' c»nv will be known hy numbers u i i l ' will be without jicrsunul i d i f i i t i t y : r.K in the case w i i h all priiimins. _ Beasley. Sandman, unit A p n i i f i r a ; Korving his sentence. HoasU-y will j t o l p serve his lime n t I*T Tuna lcr!t-i-al| i_ 0( | ;iv ccvrcclion'al iiisilluU 1 , a few miles | south of Anthony. will nut. lie allowed ['i;il prisoncis arc n n l .uth of Anthony. -,, "Happy" will filv* himself »P \ h n r t f l f Y p iursday to a rit-pnly U. S. M m - 1 OI1U1 lay C Phall in Las Cruce ; ,. it was Irarned T P l i r {U Q r through Harry lligbee. ntlorney lit I 1^ £ UIIIIUI ·art- II. M. Hubinsun La Tunn Prison ..flicials sani ; " (i:it "^ n l u l w .ii.sttirl cnntt 11 ! wns |-i-|»lm-efl il ] DM! no:'.' !,nnl 1 M l m nla Ft 1 . Hi: will his time at La Tunn. Since denial of his appeal by thc U. S. Circuit Cmnt of A p p f t i l » | ,j l i w n ftll((tn .. r In Denver in April, Apoiliirii hiia | : i t j i n l i u l n i l i l : been woiking on a farm n r n r (Jar- j j,,,^ field. Nuw MdVlco. ( i a r f n - h l i:i j ! ; 50 miles north of Laii Cruces. A p - , t , nn odaca comes to LIIH Cruces oc- j (] ^ ^ cfiBslonally lo sec his two chitilicn. j ' ^ ' Itoy Snndmnn Is srhcilulcid t o j 'I"," 1 ' give up to fnloral officers j · j in A Ibuquevmic tomorrow a t U 11. m. Sandman's attorney A. T. Ilannett of Alhumu-rqiie s'lM t h n l Sandman hml noiiricil him hi would be in AUnicpioiqti** Tliursiiiiy, C H I C A G O , June l.'l '/I'f - T h e ; intinn's beef shortage was cut : notch to.liy by !;;ib-' siiipnu'iiis lo m a r - ; .he. hi-cniid dav Minniiit;, lh s 12 mnj'ii slucltyaids h a n d Vnluill.l nf iilailghlctlioil!^ pi't'llmimi is iiiiiind over to i',il Angtisl 'JO. Ht: jiiil a f l r r lit 1 CDiild nf Jli.OIJO. ! j l l i ' i u y I M l n i ' - r . 17. UulilnHnnV. | I c fiiniu'.nion in Hie u i i M i t fruitful car j , t h c l t a l l e m p l , n ; lit'illf,' Ili'td on a j i M t i n l i i r i-lnirge. P a l m c f n rase w a s ; I fil.'.l (mm t h e district u U t u m - y ' s i 1 o i t x e to i l t s t r i c f n u i i i nml will bt! hy lili-trU-t Judge W. T. l i t - will deciilt! wtu-tliei i'.'i nn.' Is t-i In* t n u i t m ! j Thf i \ \ n buys tonli a cur b e l o n g - , j ing lo J. W. I'Mwanls. I«IH Crm-es, j I Tiie:filay n i g l i l w h i l e U was parked j The (|u.'.stion was first brought up recently. Hist, .ludgo David W. cliingcd w i t h gambling, from :i HUW- pmded nenU'iice for an earlli.-r si- m i l a r Hf Mil t h a t state law forbids a city's f i n i n g nml son* tcncing for the same violation. I n v i t i n g a test «f the law. Morrow sentenced nn Albuquerque man to 00 days In jail and fined him $300 on a drunken driving wa.s the second offense, Mor- ·L-S I believe, bnth the tine and ;"iit«;nre ore justified. It he wish's to appeal, I feel the supreme oiirt ought to pass on it." ! in hum of Itn.' PHHII Klectrk- f«Uli' Mlsors ,,ml fi.rn '-'TM tl ' 111 ' '" »»** "- r c ' 1 " 1 '"'·"· 11H " " hl ni"-'l » w r , a«. "'"V ll "' m a i K u l s . : "' "' '""« «'"" . I I I U U U I I U B n.iu wl ,,,, i. K Kol.inw »' '«n ll.o , A I I . T appi..|ionsl,,i, ilu-y worn m.l nilmcr nllfnipU-,1 1 .a.l 1,1.,,-k ami taliwl. . Samlmon lias been In Oregon lioa.l. 'il .11,1.11, turiu-.l In l.n.1 Cnu-M liy aim.- · ' poliroiiu-n curly Tuesday niornliu:. Doj Loses Child The Sitn-Ni'ws Winit Ad section will help Jocalc lost, iirticlt\s. PHONE 33 FOR RESULTS

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