Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 27, 1970 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1970
Page 22
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Denver Bears Win Sixth Straight Tilt J American Association Roundup I Farm Bureau crowd of 6,703. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Oklahoma City pounded two The hitters had their night Tuesday as home runs and extra-base blows were a deciding factor in all games of American Association baseball play. JACKSON'S MONICA COOPER WINS -- Monica Cooper Tuesday in the Greeley Junior Olympics at Central Field. place finisher), Karen Burron, Brenda Thomsen and Barbara (third from left), Jackson's lightweight girls sprinter eyes Others bearing down on the finish are: from left, Rainene Cohea. (Tribune photo by Paul Moloney) the finish line. She won the 60-yard dash in 8.6 seconds Meier, Kari Lehrer, Monica Cooper, Amy Wertz (second Greeley Junior Olympics Prove Exciting Wed., .May 27, 1970 (' I'iY T K I U U N B Tase 25 pitchers for 13 hits, · including John Mayberry's fifth home run of the season as the 89ers evened their current series with Tulsa at 3-3. The Tulsa losses. - .. A total of nine homers were are tn e 89el ' s ' onl y defeals '* struck in (he five contests as lhclr last 20 g ames Denver edged Wichita 3-2; lowaj At Evansvillc, Paul Powell, buried Omaha 7-2; Oklahoma City whipped Tulsa 4-1, and Ev- beltcd a two-run homer in the sixth inning of the first game ansvillc dumped Indianapolis in and Hoss Bowlin tripled in the both ends of a doubleheader 2 - l i w i n n i n g run in the sixth inning, and 3-2. | of the nightcap for the Triplets/ At Denver, centerfielder Tom idouble victory. Bert Blyleven.- Grieve blasted a two-run homer |Evansville's 19-year-old hurler,. in the fourth inning with the| hurled a four-hitter in the open- Bears behind 2-1 and right-han- der Bill Whitby pitched score- Jess ball over the final frames against the Acros. Frank Baker homered for Wichita in the second. The victory was Denver's sixth straight. The biggest outburst came at Des Mones where the Iowa Oaks clubbed five roundtrippers including two each by Gene Tenace and Bill McNulty. Gonzalo Marquest got the other before a er, striking out 11 and retiring the last 10 Indians he faced. The top track and field representatives from Greeley's dozen public elementary schools T u e s d a y enjoyed exciting competition at Greeley Central's field. The 1970 Greeley Junior Olympic winners: Lightweight Girls 50-yard dash; 1, Cheryl Cregmile, Jackson. 2, Julie Scroggins, East Memorial. 3, Candy Brewer. Maplewood. 4, Linda Cain, Cameron. 5, Lori Mylander, Franklin. :07.4. 60-yard dash: 1, Monica Cooper. Jackson. 2. Amy Wertz, Franklin. 3, Rainene Meier, Jackson. 4, Barbara C'ohea, Maplewood. 4, Brenda Thomsen, Scott. :08.6. 220-yard relay: 1, Jackson. 2, East Memorial. 3, Franklin. 4, Scott. 5, Maplewood. :29.5. 440-yard relay: 1, Jackson. 2, Franklin. 3, East Memorial. 4, M a p l e w o o d . 5 , Brentwood 1:01.1. Softball throw: 1, Cheryl Cregmile, Jackson. 2, Julie Good, Chappellow. 3, Teri Rady, Maplewood. 4. Robin Burnham, Maplewood. 5, Sharon Rady, Scott. 122 ft. High jump: 1, Candy Brewer, Maplewood. 2, Kim Steward, Franklin. 3, Cheryl Cregmile, Jackson. 4, Monica Cooper, Jackson. 5, Sherry Gesick, Jackson. 4 ft. 1 in. Long j u m p 1, Barbara Cohea, Maplewood. 2, Kim Kniffin, Franklin. 3, Rene ' Pfeifer, Maplewood. 4, Vickie Adolph, East Memorial. 5, Paula Dusin, Cameron. 13 ft. I'/i in. Heavyweight Girls 50-yard dash: 1, Jamie Boster, Maplewood. 2, Lane Johnson, East Memorial. 3, Jenene Kaes, Franklin. 4, Kim Spencer, Chappelow. 5, Judy Roth, Jackson. :07.4. GO-yard dash: 1, Priscilla Solo. East Memorial. 2, Jolene Reiff, Maplewood. 3, Susie Graham, Brentwood. 4, Pam Chism, Jefferson. Kniffen, Franklin. :l 220-yard relay: 5, 1.1. 1, Julie East Memorial. 2, Maplewood. 3, Madison. 4, Franklin. 5, (tie) Brentwood and Scott. :28.2. 440-yard relay: 1, East Memorial. 2, Cameron. 3, HIGH JUMP W I N N E R -- Petite Candy Brewer glides over the high jump bar, clearing 4 ft. 1 in. to win the lightweight girls' championship in Tuesday's Greeley Junior Olympics at Greeley Central Field. (Tribune photo by Paul Moloney) 4, Jackson. 5, Jef- Dove Hill the Favorite At Wide-Open Memphis Open By BOB GREEN Associated Press Golf Writer ab- top MEMPHIS (AP) - The sence of many of golf's names left a wide-open, multiple-man scramble for the favorite's role in the $150,000 Danny Thomas-Memphis Open. Gary Player, the number two man on the "money list this year, has gone home to South Africa. And the three career $1 million winners on the tour--Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Billy Casper--also are skipping the event that starts Thursday. With those giants out, there is a flock of prime candidates f o r ] the $30,000 first prize, including Lee Trevino, Frank Beard, Dave Hill, Dan Sikes, Tommy long slump, while Beard won the Tournament of Champions and appears to have regained the form that made him the 1969 leading money winner. Also on hand are U.S. Open Champion Orville Moody, British Open champ Tony Jacklin and PGA tilleholder Ray Floyd. Only a handfull in the 150-man field got in practice rounds on the relatively short 6,46G-yard, par-70 Colonial Country Club Course Tuesday. Most of the rest were undergoing local qualifying for the U.S. Open. Madison, ferson. Softball throw: 1, Janeen Sorowski, Jackson. 2, Karen i Barr, Maplewood. 3, Julie j uinn, Maplewood. 4, Jenene Kaes, Franklin. 5, Judy Scudder, East Memorial. 137 ft. 3 n. High jump: 1, Barbara Lewis, Maplewood. 2, Kathleen Allred,! Cameron. 3, Jenene Kaes,! 'ranklin. 4, Patti Weber,', Cameron. 5, (tie) Lisa Dalberg, S c o t t , and Susan Raub, Cameron. 4 ft. 6 in. j Long jump: 1, Jolene Reiff, j Waplewood. 2, Kathleen Allred, I Cameron. 3, Janeen Borowski,| Jackson. 4, Joe Belsky, East' Memorial. 5, Tami Phelps,' !ameron. 13 ft. 8'/z in. Lightweight Boys 50-yard dash: 1, Randy Foosc, Brentwood. 2, Steve Mize, Maplewood. 3, Scott Randall, Chappelow. 4, Dan Knicker- jocker, Brentwood. 5, Ken Bruntz, Madison. :07.3 i 75-yard dash: 1, Eddie Cox, Brentwood. 2, Dave Weideman, Brentwood. 3, David Miller, U a p 1 e w o o d. 4, Charles Mylander, Franklin. 5, Doug! Kober, Scott. :09.6. 220-yard relay: 1, Maplewood. 2, Jackson. 3, Franklin. 4, Cameron. 5, Madison. ; 440-yard relay: 1, Maplewood. | 2, Brentwood. 3, Franklin. 4, Jackson. 5, Chappelow. :58.3. Softball throw: 1, Charles Mylander, Franklin. 2, Scott Rugh, Maplewood. 3, Kevin Eckhardt, Scott. 4, (tie) Pat Cohea, Maplewood, and Mark Sauer, Cameron. 156 ft. 6 in. High jump: 1, Tom Keirnes, M a p l e w o o d . 2 . Charles Mylander, Franklin. 3, Ron Binding. Maplewood. 4, Tom Ewing, Maplewood. 5. Dan! Knickerbocker, Brentwood. 4 ft. 9 in. Long jump: 1, Ron Binding, Waplewood. 2, Randy Foose, Brentwood. 3, Howard Harm, I Maplewood. 4, Eddie Cox, Brentwood. 5, Paul Fenno, Jackson. 14 ft. 10% in. Heavyweight Boys 5fl-yard dash: 1, Mark Rudnicki, Maplewood. 2, Leroy Johnson, Brentwood. 3, Frank ' Martinez, East Memorial. 4, ' Mike Johnson, Cameron. 5, John , Martinez, Chappellow. :07.1. 75-yard dash: 1, John Me- . -#"·· When every motorist is a,s well mannered on the highway, as he is when entertaining guests in his own home, our, traffic death toll will reach t a; new low. The State Patrol urges, every driver to do his part by showing consideration for other.^ who have an equal right to thj ; use of our streets and highways,,' »»·*»»»»»····· 3 DAYS ONLY! May 27th, 28th, and 29th FREE COFFEE AND ROLLS GOOD/YEAR World Cup Champs Unshaken By Unusual Chain of Events LONDON ( A P ) - British newsmen today pictured England's World Cup champions as unshaken by the detention of i/d VC 11111, J-«« -- 1 «· r U l l O l l a l V C I l UJ HHL. u^i.iliw»«.. Aaron, Homero Blancas, Gene (ain Bobb Moore in Colom- Littler, MillerBa ^ derijeDe0nE ^!bin but concerned ttml more inn theleiden.s might occur during the may be the No. 1 defense o heir soccer choice en what, he calls one of his favorite courses. He has won two of the last three titles here, including the last one. By the minute, England's suspicions grow stronger that they are the victims of a gigantic Latin American smear cam- wrote Peter Bait and Must seem to putt good on paign," wrote i-eier mui uuu I ] ±ns" he said after a Frank dough of the Sun News- these greens," he said practice round Tuesday. "H|P a I er they'd let me carry these greens The bun around with me on tour every-1 newspapers body else would be playing forj second place every week." Blancas, Barber, January, and Lunn all have scored victo-| ries this year, Littler always is dangerous and has finished second twice this season, while ihe slow-starting Elder played well here last year and appeared to have snapped a lengthy slump last week in the Atlanta Classic. As always, the fast-talking Trevino is a dislincl threat. He's back from a rare week off, has won twice this season and is the only man to go over $100,000 in money winnings this year. Aaron ended a frustrating 10- year search for a title last week when he scored his first official triumph at Atlanta. Sikes finished second and said lie thinks he lias solved a year and other British captions in a Mexico City sports newspaper. They said the captions wrongly described Jeff Astle of England as appearing under the influence of alcohol Tuesday night following a flight to Mexico City from Quito, Ecuador. The British accounts said As- lle is a nervous air traveler am, had been ill during a harrowing flight through an clectrica" storm. Moore was detained in Begot; in connection with the reporlec theft of a $1,300 bracelet. Em- Randy Steve Cartliy, Jackson. 2, Ewan, Brentwood. 3, Hagert, Maplewood. 4, Tony Ramos, Franklin. 5, Greg Hickman, Cameron. :09.5. 220-yard relay: 1, Maplewood. Jackson. 3, Franklin. 4, Cameron. 5, Brentwood. :28.2. 440-yard relay: 1, Cameron. 2, Brenlwood. 3, East Memorial. 4, (tie) Jackson and Maplewood. :57.4. Softball throw: 1, Doug McMurren, Franklin. 2, Bruce ! Redfern, East Memorial. 3, Randy Ewan Brentwood. 4, Ray Sanborn, Maplewood. 5, Art Berger, Cameron. 208 ft. 9 in. High jump: 1, Steve Hagert, Maplewood. 2, Greg Hickman, C a m e r o n . 3, (tie) Don t; u s t a f s on , Scott; Leroy Johnson, Brentwood, and Keith Knight, Scott. 4 ft. 8 in. Long jump: 1, Mark Rudnicki, Maplewood. 2, Greg Hickman, BUY NOW, SAVE TO IF 6 PER TIRE! "POWER CUSHION POLYGLAS e " TIRES 78 Series size with low profile for steady ride, steering Broader footprint traction contact than comparable conventional sire tires. Two Polyester cord body plies, non-flat spotting, two fiberglass belt* suppress tread-squirming wear and maintain traction effectiveness SAVE NOW ON BWCKWALLS OR WHITEWALLS Blackwall tubeless sire C7B-14 plus $7.15 Fed. Ex. Tax. No trade needed. Sale Prices On Polyglas Tires Good Through Saturday FREE MOUNTING ON ALL TIRES USE OUR K»IN CHECK PMCMH: Because of an exrxeted heavy demand for Goodyear tires, we may run out ol some Ask about our easy pay plan attacked picture! said Moore took it. ployes of a jewelry store havelliagert. Steve Knicker- Brcnlwnod. 4, Steve Maplewood. 5, Jay IWafker, Cameron. 15 ft. 4V4 in. Cameron, bockcr, BIG BARGAINS 21st ANNUAL AMERICAN LEGION GOLF TOURNAMENT Social Hour fr. nitmor -- i.'rifl»y, May 28, 1070 -\i p.m. 36 Holes of Golf -- IS Holes Siitiirdny. M u y SO, 1!)70, :it the Greeloy Country Club and 18 holes Sunday, May 31, 1970, at Hlgh- lanu Hills Municipal. Entry Fees accepted now by the club professional at either course. Victor Candlin Post No. 18 No entries ncccptcil I n l H r t t u i n 12 noon, Fri(l;i\, .May 20. Entrant must lie. n pithl-uit Victor Cnmllhi 1'osl. No. IS inomix'.r. - Practice and/or qualityiuK round must be arranged with the, respective club professional. Entrants w i t h o u t an established golt handicap must q u a l i f y . WH8TE WALLS -.i50xl3 M a r a t h o n , Nylon l-]ily . ir.2() I'M -ii(i()xii M a r a t h o n , Nvloii -l-ply 1."i.IKi IM -825x15 Marathon Nylon l-ply 18.09 I'M -815x15 Alaralhon, Nylon 'l-ply 20.22 IM -900x15 Marathon, Nylon -I-ply . 23.71 FT -650x1,'? Custom Power Cushion Vytacord 23.8-1 F. -S55xM Custom Power Cushion Vvtacord . . 33.52 F.I .T. 1.78 1.75 2.30 2.57 2.87 1.78 2.53 TRUCK TIRES 0_070xl 5 1IMUC Nylon. A HO (i-ply 17.20 F.H.T. .|_7(JOxl(i 1IMUC Nylon (i-ply 22.02 F.K.T. BLACK WALLS ( -- (ioOxl.'i Marathon, Nylon -l-ply . 12.91 F. ·1 -- 825x15 M a r a t h o n , Nylon 'l-ply .. 10.13 F. ." -- 855x15 M a r a t h o n , Nylon .l-ply 17.05 F. .| -- (i,)()x15 Custom Power Cushion Vytacord 4-pIy ............. 20.77 F. 1 -- 775x1-1 Custom Power Cushion Vytacord 4-ply .. 2-1.27 F. 3-- S25xM Custom Power Cushion Vylacord 4-ply . .. . 20.59 F. FARM TIRES 10--070x15 Farm Wagon Tires . 8.88 F. 10--000x10 Farm Wagon Tires . 8.88 F. 3--112x28 S.;. Nylon, 4-ply -Hi.03 F. .E.T. K.T. .E.T. .E.T. E.T. .E.T. .E.T. .E.T. .E.T. 1.00 2.30 2.57 1.78 2.H 2.33 .92 .80 3.11 Burroughs Texaco Ault, Colorado Phone 834-2862 Phone 834-2847

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