Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 15, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1945
Page 3
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THE PEOPLE S MABKET PLAGE - i HELP * HOMES SALE OR TRADE , OH FOR RENT WAMT5 CLASSIFIED FOB SAW 324 S Mal» Sf Lw CrUeM, N.M tj. S, Army Issue surplus used merchandise at bargain prices 30,- DQO pftirs ^hoeg, no ration stamp po«d(d, gpi». «de «216, tetter erKM, repftfeg, neW soles and he«U $19!i.\''2»,pOO'raincoats $215 HeBsklte 40c canteens lOc cups 254, *\K T?00- NBW U S Army 3Xtfa iMftvy 4MW 6 oz ohve drab iu«l« »«0ttoi| blankets 6x7 feet r« hot price 'f( 15 All postage pjfepftld Ko COD'a Send money brdeh Blink's Exchange, Wichita M«. ~ ' Mnmber 2 Yejjow CORi The Price Is flight! r^fiRS MARKET SUPPLX CO. Phone 333 On RR Tracks *Toy guns, 'dolls, drums, tepees, vests, leather! hats, games,, cutouts, jiotte'ry etc. ifand.wovai blankets, purses, heelcties. jacket?, coats, (Welters. .Sand made,, belts, btll- fbiili, aJrbhBi.l)ook endB,,ash trays, Indian and Mexican jewelry. Hun- flreBi of other items.. Valley. Bus Dejwt,. 330 .South .Main. I NOTICES We buy, 'sell and trade. Hlett'a, Second, Hand Store, 130 'North Main, Phone 646. WHERE CLEANING and SERVICE fe BETTER MODEL QLfcMERS 1 ll3 Wt»4 Orlgp- '·' We cleani build and repair septic tanks, cess .pools and; toilets, Mi H.' Shadden^Geri. Del., Las Cruces.':. Slip covers, curtains. Telephone 1 Miss Mutz, 459-W, evenings. Lieutenant and wife desire officer and wilte to share 7 room house." Child acceptable. Apply first house across 'from college gymnasium. Bring in your llitlngi, of all klnd», iand w. wlU wll ;lt FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH. ' $7.50 and $8.00 permanent* for 1 ; $6.50 during .Iiuiuiry mid February. De.. Luxe Beauty Shop.-* Phono 89*. --adv. INSTRUCTION REFRIGERATION - AIR CONDI- TICiN'INO. Instruction.'male;''Mechanically inclined men get: FREE facts about repair and installation work opportunities and spare time training plan. Write Utilities Inst. X2, Las Cruces Son-News. WANTED TO RENT Furnished apartment. Permanent renter. Telephone 831-W at noon or after 5. Mrs. Bob McMiilin. Want to rent 2 bedroom house. Want furnished apartment for small fatally. Phone 212. Ecoriomtdal'libihe ineulaiion Bay's Park Texaco ' 4 We.-wi'l. have .baby-chicks each fhtirsdaj Place your orders .-or obni? and get. them/Valley.Pro ducts. Co., phone-Sdi- - · · l l5'actor l 'he»garl. T Phone 655-W. One pair of heaVy horses,. ages td,-priced to 'sell; W, C. Randl4 5rtvo young worlt- mares. Weight iBOO pounds. L. B. Kuhnley. Want, to rent by permanent res- Id6nt,.:l or 2rbedroom house, furnished or unfurnished, in Las Cruces or vicinity. Guarantee good care of property. Call Utz, 254, extension 21, or 678. FQR RENT Commercial type waxer for that extra special waxing: job. 50 cents for half day. Valley Appliance Co., Moderate Heat Use moderate, heat, when cooking eggs so as not to toughen the prote.fp. , , Ml?. HORACE, YOU'REj GOING TO HAVE SOME WICE rENDeRLOtWL-''-- I MEAN ^ STEAKS THATlL BE SWELL.' 5MOTH IKJ I'LL SEMD DELICIA AKID LUCAS A FIWE FLOCK OF 5HEEP TO REaACE THE OWE 5TOUEki BY THE YOU WILL BE/ feUI REWARDED /OELICIA, FOR YOUR/ LUCAS EKCELLpKlT/AWP MB; ' /. HORACE, HELPED ME! 5IR OAKY, YOU SAY YOU HAVE ·THE DUKE OF DUWK LOCKED IkJ THE HOOSEGOW. ? By Conllon Wai PICKJf PAKi KEEP PllLUHGON THE EAT HIS TAIL AWHILE! MAKe THEM STOP DON'T THE ADVENfURES OF PATSY -\ US COSTUME IS FOR ONE O' 1OU U'L GENT1.6MEM-- f LAM' 9(VKE9.'!.' , GO IN AND PUT OS) ,-^ OGAN- THS OIRBGTOR, HAS RETURN80 ·--. mooKS AS THE KICJS' HOUIWVY IS - · - - ' OVBRJ : TMBV MiiST SE1TLE POWN -V~ ·pa»-!wu.'i ·TOAVEL' ALL"' ·V'K .. . Rates. Three scheduled.333 .South Main, Phone 774.; -; · : . .'·' : WANTED Ironing 'wanted. Mrs, F. Fulkerson, 1. mile north : bf 80 on .highway-85. . : '-. , ·* UOT "Miniature.cedar chest jewel.bjox containing jewelry- valuable as heirloom, and keepsake;, Reward. Return to Sun-News office. No questions asked.. ; . - · HELP WANTED Persons now engaged Jn,essen-. tial war work will not be considered. . ..-.Cleaner or presser. , .Cotheni Cleaners. . ·. ' '· - : - · ' Wanted, personal application for ianitor. public 'building and supervisor of grounds. Short hours. Phone 34. ; . Maid. Phone 508. pishwashed wanted. .'Coronado Cafe. : Experienced service, station attendant. Murrells Conofio, 887 Main. Service station attendant. Shell Station. i Girl, .for general, housework. Phone 365. Telephone 38 »hen you. know · { [ » . n«WX ItflIT. , · ; : , . . . MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN By Lee Falk and Phil NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS WATCHES THE /C£ MOV PICK UP A CURETTE LIGHTER. A TINY, BUT TEtWIBtE[ INSTRUMENT,' WHAT WILLHAPN? -- Mesa Ac'ala, as · : · previously advertised. 100-lb. net new ibranded cotton bags, re- Sleaneai per ton $120.00 F3AN TOEES.^,5.year root. 2 .r. toji ,; ..WBSTER)f .SCHLEY, DIvEY, S'AN. ^ABA IM- Bp. Delivery after. February 1st,.,Par .inch, in diameter 4'S.bO. ... PSJiSAIKS -- WESTERN SOHLEY, SftApLEY, BURKETT, US-1 -- Sittra large, culled, cleaned; per .fjh'uhd ---; - 35c Fb6 Santo Tomas iRanch, P. O. S8p, Phone 495-J1. b. F. ^tahmann. $tkHHiann Farms. Las Cruces, N. ·S . - · · v · · |t. 9. Wyandottes fryers, 45.cenjp .pouriai 2 pounds and over. Call 6M-J8. PEAN. AfcWAYS WEAR9 coweov CLOTHES... HER MOTHER OWN5 A HUGE. CATTLE. MUST BEA ' Gas range, china ,closet, bedstead, tables. Inquire at 340 West Mbiintaln:. ,,,/ i . to limb soon. Mrs. Sallie tulhiin. Rqute.'l. ··' ·· ·'- · ·'·-·'^ fllfein walch. Lee Reeves. ·Tjvo large '.work horses. See Mrs. D66i(niarii 10S1 iHinton Addition. . horse, 8 years old, IMO ·- poOTdi,' $75.00. Btahmann 1 iB, P. O. Box B50, Las Cruces. H87 R6y"craft'hou!!e..trailer. 802 N6rth "Secbni . . : Large type Quaker circulating oil heater, qabinet, style, less than half price. H. Meerscheidt, one- half mile south Co-op Gin, State Highway No,v28. . Will sell- my -Equity in 5 room modern homo, some furniture, one 1-16 acre ground, large chicken house. Will trade equity on large trailer home. Corner North Alameda and Front, street. . Hollv\vood bed and springs. In · ner spring mattress and felt mat: tress, used 3 months. Quest house, 1 528' North Alameda, phone 639-W. Modern 3-bedroom house. Phone 218-R. 1935 Chevrolet · 4 door sednn. Celling price. Seat covers, nnti- frccze. Oracle 3 tires. Homney Motor Company. WANT TO BOT Want to buy washing machine Phone 524 or 497-R4. Want to buy about 150 to 200 White Ulfeorn or Austro White pullets. AtaOT MelKcr, phone 8B4- ' Red chill, all kinds. 'Barker's Ranch, phone 009-Ri. HER MOTHER'S . ] ROLUNfi IN rVMEX OICNt YOO EVER I J t)E LONGREEN \ ' OEAN..THE , \ Q CATTLE#PH',J: OEC PETERS W»S BOWLEP OVtR//··· ····OLD DELONSREFN PEAN, BEFORE. HIS UAfTIMELV HEATH/ WA5 ONE OF THE MOST 1VBULOUS AND COLORFU. CHARACTERS OF THE BLUSTERINa MEM OF THE WTTLE- '···· BUT SSSHHH--HERECOMES · THE POQM-TTLES AsTioHe' irWe '~TO \ ttfr? SGQRCHY SMJT|1 I THINK IT'IS ABOUT YES SHE WILL TIME FOR A CIGARETTE. MAKE A MOST INTERESTING EXPERIMENT. SEE OUH LITTLE LADY WEARS A. WIG. FAMILIAR/ISN'T-SHE? By Fred Lock* HOMER HOOPtE A. 6REAT COMPOBT, I CA.MTeu.yoiH/ X WOM'T W£AP OH, DIANA BABY, FROM MCM ON CAW5FOLA/^ CROSSING A VJIRE: FENCE/ DO VOLIC HOMEWORK 'DUMB PLUAABER? Frank |bbUu :.-- -- ··., xfiij. , gCOKCHV AND STORM, A30UT TO FALL INTO THE HANDS CF A dAP PATROL--A8E SAVED BV TH5 UNEXPECTED LANOtNS CF US. WAiaNES ASTHEVTAKE OVER THE ISLASO [TTTfl i,, u i f.i o« \ l «» M. B tl»«t«rt n.SCME GUVS SET XM.L THE BREAXS.-1VE ME A MQBS6L UKETHAT AN' I'D .. IT /AY BUSINESS TO .,, ,,*.-. srAy za*r/ ··"·" THEV'RE DOWN ON THE T AND BEACH...VOU COULD H4.VE \THAT JVT WHEN (PILOT. THAT 8LOh4DE 001 CAME RUNNING CX "NOW THAT IT'S ALL TLEAO oN,«AsXK OVER.-ARE M3U TWO JvOJftE vyEl£0«E ALLSETTD LEWE?/TOTH6PU«E5 .WITH COMPLIMENTS

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