The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1935
Page 4
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Mot FOUJ BLlCfHBVlLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE CODRIBR HEWS CO., P0?U8HUlfl D. R. BABCpOK. XtitOf W. HALNES, Advertising Manager "601$ National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Ing., New York, Chicago, lt, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Meinplila ' Published, Every Afternoon Except 6und&y Entered us'second class matter st ll>e post office at Blytlievlllc, Arkansas, under acl ot Congress, October 9, 1917. by the United Press , . SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earner In the Cltv of Blythevllle, IBo per week, or $6.50 per year, in advance. By m*U, vrtUiin a remus ol 50 niUcs, *3.00 per year, $1.50 tor sjx months, 85c for three inontlis; by null In postal zones two to «ix, Inclusive, IG.60 per year; In zones seren and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Ttnants Into QiOners >i.-, ^ The plan-of Scnntor liunlvht'iid, of Alabama, for l|ie farm tenant systuiu in the Soutli by providing s;ov- enimciit aitl to sharecroppers in the purchase of small farms of their own is altogether laudable iu purpose but, it involves (lifficiillic.s of a kind lo make the little 'matter of limling Hie necessary money to finance such a program a relatively inconsequential problem. Hiram Norcross, Pcinsctt county land owner, has made the statement that 90 per cent of plantation tenants, if given farms of their own free of ilcbl, would not IK; able to operate them successfully. Thai seems lo bu an extreme stulciiiunl,' but at UK: .same time it must be recognized that a large proportion of sharecroppers are uot equipped to conduct independent farm operations. It is not necessarily Ihcir fault that they are not. jA life time of scmi- dependcncy under a system which makes minimum deinamjs upon 1111 in- (livirlualV ability to plan or exercise initiative is poor training' for proprietorship. IMter training there must be before the Bankliead proposal can be expected, lo work successfully on any large scale. In this connection it will bu interesting to watch t\v 0 experiments now underway in this county. At the Dyess colony southwest of Wilson several hundred farm families, carefully chosen for the characteristics that arc sup- 'posed to help them succeed, arc being launched upon careers as' owner-operators of small farms under conditions that in many respects nre exceedingly favorable. A few miles away, on the Mississippi comity rehabilitation farm, another group of farm families, chosen largely from those.unable lo lind crop localions,in this county last year, have been established as share tenants. They will have certain special advantages in the way; of low inlercsl charges on furnish accounts, supervision by an agricultural expert, and presumably belter than'average equipment, but in general th c fan,, w ;\\ be- operated as a business proposition and the lot of the tenants will not be greatly different from that of tenants on a well conducted privately owned cotton farm. OUT OUR WAY THS.YQOT THIS MORMING, AMD ASKED ME IP THEY COULD COME HERB AND UIVE WITH US FOR A WHILE— SO, WHAT COULD 1 SAY? 1 HATE TO SEE HER LEAVE HOM HE'S A NICE These toiiHnlii, however, will be encour- ligpd to acquire toolfi and livestock of tlieir own and tliey will receive insLvue- U0n in farm manufe r eiiieiit ilcHit'iied to enable them to become 'managing teu- ?ut» ov, in time, owuoi'-opci'jitors. Will tlio colony |»!nii or ithe re- lidbiliUitiyn r«rm plan proilucc thc best results in the long nin? That re- mnlus to be seen. Certniuly llie odds would .seem to favor the hand-picked and liberally assisted i-t'sklenls of the colony. Uul \vo nre inclined to the belief that for any extensive program of converting tenants into independent farmers the rehabilitation 1'iirni idea is the sounder. Certainly it is the mure economical. Income Tax Publicity The fiiHH and furore in and out of congress, over thu "pink slip" publicity clause of (he federal income tax !ft«- hardly seem justified by the im- portiniee of the question. There is no more reason why the amount of a man's income should be guarded «s a sacred secret than for affording similar protection for llie value of lij s household goods or other property which he is universally required to make a matter of public record for tax purposes. On the other hand there is little reason to believe that to miikc income tax records available' to public inspection would accomplish much more toward ending income tax evasion limn (lie availability of property assessment figures has toward ending property lax evasimi. Ihe Pavl Arkansas Had in a "Whiskey Marriage" The Avknnsiis sii])rcmc court hns ordered Hie G'rlUcmlen county clmnccry conrl to annul the "whiskey maiTintjo" oi a Memphis couple. Tlio record showed Ural after n prolonged drinking jmrly In n Memphis uiMrtmciil. the priticlutils with some friends set out for Arkansas iiboul inldnlglil, procured n license nt Marion nnil were mnrrlecl their Immediately. Such n marrltigc could not have occucred in 'I'cnupsscc. Tennessee' .seeks tu snfcgunrd (lie instituliou of nmrrlmsc uiui tlic vital interests of Individual luiinun lives by requiring a wailing period bclwccn tire Lssuiue of u license, and Hie scaling of the innrrluBc contrnct by llie . Bui nil thnt TcnncsscaiB hnvo B ol, lo du lo thwart the rcslricllons sel nji for their own protection is to cross the Mississippi river Tlicre tliey find waiting for tin-,,, „ qutck „,„,.. ringc liuslnss run by county officials. Justices of thc psacc and minister.? or Ihc gospel. Arkansas must Uifcc (lie blame for such an Incident us the "whiskey marriage" dcciiired void by Ihc supreme court. Time imtl ugiiln tlie M-kKHEas leglslnlnre h:is rclused to provide for the wnilins p-riod of a few- days between license and wedding tliut would make a "whiskey 'e" Impossible. —Arkansas Gazette. When Wnsiiington came to the presitlcnr-y, almau every move ho made was denounced by newspapers and not infrequently in con- frcss as paving thc way lo dictatorship if not to n crown. —James A. Farley. * * » Tlic Republican Party iws no mon: desire for recruits from the left wing of the Democratic Party Own It hns for (hose coming IhrougU the Liberty LK^ KI -Patrick J. Ilur- lay, former sccrctnry ol war. By Williams EVEN AFTER SHE'S KMOWS YOU'LL DO ALL TH 1 o'lSH WAYSHIM', TH' CLO'ES WASHIN' AM' IRONIKl'—AN 1 -fix HAPTA Do ALtTH' LAWN MOWIW, FURNACE TENDIN', A^M CARRYlN', AN' STORE GOIKI'/ "SHE ALLUS SAID SHE'D HAVE SERVAMTS WHEN SHE GOT MARRIED- MAID, SHAKE .HANDS WITH V TH 1 BUTtER—5 g^ PLUMKEV/ ""gfeTh- [SIDE GLANCES By George Clark '^ffe^ r MM^Uiml K/-i! "Ahnmm-m—doughnuts!' 1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson MORE FUR PEtTS ARE TAKEN ANNI.1AI.LV THAN |M CANADA ' AMD ALASKA COMBtNEo. (-OTHER. BURBANK GREW 8LU£ ROSES/ ^ IN 1913, WORLD ARMAMENT COST *2,531,000, 000 WORLD ARA1AMEN." COST (V\ORE THAN •> £7,000,000, ooo. loalslaun's I«r crop Is iniitlo up lurgcly of musknil |iclts....nronna five or six million fccliis lnken (umuully. But oiiossums, raccoons, minks, skunks, otters and foxes help to swell thc trapper Income ot the sinle lo fuouncl ci^lit inllliqn (lollnrr, ycurly. NliXT: Whal llowtr iiruiluccs H L lrui!,ii,i; hitlicr when nibbtd in Hater'.' Certain Trails lo deniable but Environ men t Rales Deveiopmen t BV DH. :,. Editor, .lournal of llie .\ir.mcan Medical Association, anil nf U; scia, tlic llrnUh Jl»f;»<iiir.' Ihc Ijclkl Ihul Mrlnln ii:i>ui held l>y an cxpccUuit lOTtli-i- Induce a spcclllc cli;uat!"ii,Uc In , 10 | )C her unborn-child dor-oii'i borne out by thc fuels. Inheritance sot's 'K'yoml men: louglils or wishes. 'Ihere is now good cviciui.T Hint the color ot the hair «nd 11, form, whether curly or struinlit. pi: :l ncn- lullon of tl:c skin, wnii <:i,!or of Hie eyes arc characteristic;; inu.-!it:il to a contJtlcriiWe extent ijy !)>..• child Irum tlic fiilhcr and niu'.iiir U L-, alw Ukcly that t;. 1 ,! |i l( n-nlc, ill have lull children, nul short parent* will have s-luni ihiuircn; hut. "I courH'i each ol », [, , i0 i CM1 . ly Ihe direct result of !,n.ti, t: , turning from thc mulli'.r nir.i i;.-,!i •;, \» t i nlso of factors coming 11,1m ,;](.. vious iiucc.slor.v Ori.'iis : tiji,M. n.crc is i) Ihrowbacfc to an iu,,..! -,.- v i !; , lived loin; befori 1 . IlHTC ill'C u.'i.i,- glll— t(ir CNillllpIt'. amount of vitamins, t mid outdoor uir in teems lo be yuod i vi<l;- anesc children tarn ; Ihc United Slati-s f , rij Jnpancw- children !;«, in Japan. Tint i> pvo lilt- mlTcrcnt ,y |)L uf manner or Hvins oi tl, this country. Diseases as biidi a. ll«d. Wo do, however, THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1936 ©KJ3S NEA SERVICE,INC.' Jllilil IV JIKJII-] TODAY liAUi JIKNUUIIgON, (irollf ni.O S3. u-ork. In u allk ,,,111 slii IIMJ J»rr lll-7<'/ir-o(d brother, I'HU*. • tl|i|iorl 11, fir Invalid I'lilhcr. STEVE )ii;)i:us. i v b u ui>o tforlu In tJio uilll. tukh Gtile lo inrirrj lihn. She Urta>* clyfiif !))!• [inimur. Altlimvhlli'. ilir uiri'l* niiiA.v \vKSiJionE »iiu»c M- HJLT. uim (It-nil. ULiin (Jjc riiUi- llrhin li IUIJOL otlroclcd la Uulc f>nl. dirou^b lite trickery ot VICKY TIl.VICHUH. xu'lrlr 1,01111- I)-, Uulu cimHudcH Urlitu'a utlcu- IEon« net: Insincere. Vlvltr- uliiuc tlllliur, IIOHKH'1 'J'JI A'lC'f I I-"U. Ij Kciiifriil iiiilnnKCc ur llie uilll, l» hcucinlujj to ivlu Driiin rut liertrll. I'l.ll lo>c> lil» lull. !•:» VOGliU mill cmiklnjc, In fthol lu [I Klrfi'l Illilit ntitl rnll la arrested, uv- fii-icd ot lli-lus llie «uu. Cule iu>i!* in ace I'ull. Luter *bc ask* SUMU it tnete 1» ne«» at Vnyel. .\UW GO O.V WITH 'l'HK STUIIV ClIAl'TEIt XUil OTKVE shook his head. "No," lie ^ aalil. "1 called the hospital a Mule wlillq ago autl they salil Vogel Just tiie same." Galo's cyca searched ula. "Then what In lit" Tucru'a some- Uiliis—" "Wail until wo got oulaiilc," Stevo told lier. WUou tliey were ou llie street ho wem on, "1 thought 1 was going to have good UUWB tor you but Wllklns, tue liuv-^ yor 1 houcd would holp us. is. out ot town. May not bo bach tor a week, they said." "We've got to have a lawyer.' Gale satd lirmly. "Everyone's against I'lill and. oh. Steve, no's innocent! Wo'vo got to do something!" "I know. Therc-'a a fellow Jot Gillaspio was tolling me about— young fellow «lio hasn't Iweu practicing Inw vci-y lony. Joo .said ne'e smart, though or course, no Uasn'i liaii as Giticli experience as somo 'of the- other lawyers. I'll Hud out where he llvca aod Have a talk with him toulglit." "Will you. Store? Oil. 1 hone you can ncrsuade him! It's so dreadful — Phil In that lail ami no hody doing anything; to help uitu!" "A lawyer is tho only ouii who can help him. I'll see this fellow Joo lold rao aljout. If lie won't take the case I'll liud someouo who will," "Oil. Steve, I'll be so grateful!' "1 only wish 1 could do aore Dale." They walked In silence for a few moments. "Tlio main tiling." Steve went on, "is that yoti mustn't worry, l! won't Itcltl Olid you'll only niai;e yourself sick. You've gf ,t [o lie calm iiljout this. Gale. Cot to keep your nerve—" "I'll try. I'vo been—trying!" "Voii'vo (loue a swell ]ob." he told her, "so-far. And.) know you're going to keep tt up. Von can't go tack ou I'lul, you know." r ji!IE words rail through dor head like a- refrain. It was what she must remcinher. what she must tell herselt over and over again. She couldn't go back ou I'hll! He needed her as lie had never needed her before. I'htl. tahcly arrested, held lu Jail, l.'neing the possihll tty or n trial for murder. Phil licr Hide brother, accused of shoot- fug a uiiiu— A sou burst from Gale's lips "Dm lie (JWn't do It!" stio cried "Ob. Sieve, he didn't!" "See Here—you promised to keep uotil o( yourself. Vou'ro not going to lei yoursolt go 10 pieces!" "1 promises, stevol I'll uc all right. 1 won't forgo' again." • Silo Eald goodhy ui the door ot her homo. Steve said he'd drop lu aftor He'd seen the-lawyer and lei) her tlie acwa. lie went on down tho street and Gale wont up the steps slowly. A thousand years It seemed silica slie'd climbed tiiose steps the nlglit before. Her father looked up from his book. "Lato. nrcu't you?" be asked. "Yes. i —walked over town with Steve." Tout Henderson woul ou with bis reading, It was going to be bard lo tell '!|lm wlial had baiincued— lerrlbly hind. Gale wcnl llirough lo the kitcben where Mary Cassldy was standing before the stove. Mary turned and j asked. "Did you see him?" "1'bll! Yes. i saw him." "flow Is lie'!" "Ou. he's all right-. Ho'll bavc to stay where he is—a; least for a while. They won't let uiiu leave until they know alioitt Vogcl." "iMrs.'. O'Connor told me Vogcl's awful ostd." "Yea'.' Steve telephoned the bos pllal a little while ngo. They still won'! say whether he's going to live or not." fiuthlc Ciisshiy got up from where che was silting by Ihc win dow. Sho had a sheet ot papet and'a pencil svlth which she had been drawing. Rutlile field out the hntshcd sketcli for Gale to Inspect "See." she said proudly, "1 been makiu' a picture!" TUIli! sketch showed something that might have been a Rouse There were windows and a door, rather disproportionate, and on top a roof with a chimney from which smoke was Issuing. "Now, lluthie. run along." hot iiicilier sail! barshly. "Don't both or Gale with your nonsense. The poor girl's near tit her wit's end—" "It's very fine," Gale told the child geatly. "I n'ldn't Know you could make such nice- pictures." "Waut to see me make one'.'" "Not now. I'd like to watch you some other time." Gale turned again to Mary. "Father hasn't icurd anyiliing?" "No. I told him I ilioiight I'hll wont out when you did this morn ing. I had lo make up -sotnetltin' God forgive me." -L-...... -. •"•Ye^ of-coursc." . ,' -~. • J. "Yon poor lauili! "| knnsv^'yrin dread lelliu' him about It." Galo said. "Yea. but there's • no- uso pulling it olf." S!ie -,veni back inio the living room. AH day she had been dreading iho moment when she must tell her lather aOoiu [he shooting and Phil's part iu a. The ordsal provnj easier Uian she hnd expccled. Tom Henderson I listened, asked n few questions. When Gale bail rmlsheo he said. I "Phil didn't mean to do any wrong i I know th.i!." "He diilu'i ilo it. Kaihev! li" didn't.'" Tom Ilendeisou sliook his iieau. "No," He enld, "I dou't Uiliili nu diJ. And It tbo boy's innocent there must bo a way lo prove It, You eay Steve's goae to sec a law. yerT "He's going tontgbt. !lo said lio'd atop liere afterward." Tom Henderson loot ilia ii;m3li- ter's baud, fie said almost the samo words Siovo Had used "Try not to worry. Hale. It can't do an; good and you'll ouly get yoursoK worked up. Wo'U (lud some woj to lielp I'hll—" Gale turned so that lie could not see Hint her eyes were motst. She said, "Yes. Fattier." For an in. slant tbo two bauds clasped (Irm- ly. Then Gale said. "I'd butter no belp Mary—" Her father had certainly taken iho news better llmo siie had expected. Gale was surprised. It ivas after tlio evening oieal when she was wiping the disbes as Mary washed them tbal Mary said. "Your father don't look so good, do you l lii uk 60V" "Why—1 thought be seemed-" rather lired." k * * * V UlY uoddcd. "LooliE sort ot peeked." she went on. "1 uo- tleed ft wben no first come to the lable, J don't believe all that read- In' he does Is good tor him Slls there all day n-lth tils nose In n boo!;. And he didn't eat oothln'— bardly nothln'. Dm then you didn't cat more than n nioiitliful yourself." "I wnsu't buugry." "You ought to cat just (be same. A hojy can't keep eoin' 'le«3 tbcj eat." Gale did not answer. Her eyes were ou the clock ou the shell across the room. She said. "1 suppose it's too early to look for Steve yet." "Did lie say when he'd come?" "No. Just said he'd slop iu after lie'd seen the lawyer." Mary soapad the dishcloth ami washed a plate. "Lawyers," obe safd, "coat money:" "1 don'l care about that I'll work —I'll fiud some way to pay, if only they irlll set Phil tree. You see he didn't do It, Mary! He didn't have anything at all lo do with it. The whole thins was framed —!" I "1 know! l know!" Mary bad I heard ail that before. She v,-asl)e:l 'another dish. "I don't s=ay I be| lieve li." she went on. "but 1 think jyou ougbtii know what they're [sayln 1 . They're sayliT t'hjl mid Sd Vosol was ilghtiu' over that no- 'coun! Hiihy Grilliili. They sny tl:ero^l ;i been f trouble between before. 1 was~down this mornfir and 1 son sbootlir off his mouth about it. i told him tliey wasn't a \vord of truth in it!" Gale said. "Yes, [ know. I heard the same thing m the mill, ft isn't true, tint that douu't belp I'hll any. Everybody scorns to bo against him. Everybody seeing to believe--" A ttnock on Ihe livin.!; room door interrupted. (Sale pm dowu tho disb she wa? wiping aud ualtl. "Mr.yln-that's Sieve!" She hurried to open the itoor. (To lie Continue!!) IIIIIM. ' L uuy stij* • able hetwceii cai / I wn to tbe groccffj/. I 1 beard Sam Wa^V] inis St. Paul's Episcopal church, stii! in use today. All hut one .shot, tired at Ihc diu.-ctv Icll to tlic ground. That shot struck and .stuck. When Nor- i folk «-as i-obuilt after the ficvolu- ' Commissioner lionary War, St. Pnr.r .was 10- would bst an JJORO races and paired, but UK- tiicfcpointers care- to heat thrm, .slriii!; alon- fully place;! their mortar around; the conslstciu winner; " tr*. <;lmf 1 rv ....^^n^.._ :. .1... --'^ •>,. .1. '' 17) tilan Chance Sun and Cavalu „. i «"!<- together. Mas lip Oil Horses i "H'>rscs nm lo fui- m , )re tty rogii- - i larly," Ksariiey, l;-licve.s. "Fur in- ST. LOUIS. Mo. (UP) — H you i stnnc ' : - .Moana Kcala won 17 races ' ' '" P "' 1 * in l ™ atld Kh = camc ti:c shot, l» preserve i'. there as n reminder ol v.hat happened that fateful tiay. ''!«! iti-si(!ii of :i litinuiii .skull is curried on the back of Ihc dtolh'.s- lic-a<| moth. This hit . j .-l:clf in 1933 advico -p.- jv , ;ii;, r iw ,.,•• ' wins uf us more ease NIMH ate To have lulscrculosls it is iicccs- :-ary to r.ct ti-.c germ of tuberculosis into I!;-.- l,wj>-, but ^ornc- p[:o[)lc':; Lutllvs |irovi;ic: ; , |)rl',<;i- soil (or tu- l;crcti!osl.s limn do Hie bodies of others. 'I hurt: ;iiJiJf;,r, j (1 : , K ^ wl ( 1: vi(t;ticc that cnnct'r i:. inherited to .some extent, but the conditions of marriage among human taint;:, -MK such IV.nti thc control of tuntcr by the con-1 (rot of msiniii^i; seems hardly icso-f ihlc. There- is no reason to fcclirvc th.-it a nom.-in ulio i-iti for hours hclolc n iih-.n.tifui picture or ]irac- lices for l.vtir:-, (J n ;i musical in:,lru- or iinusifiil, -nv:rc is. however, rullicr sjocrt cvklcuci: that :i inuiiciii ear or ;i muiinit '(iit'inorv ir.ay b> inherited. iSijvc, Int'l;:-., (l;r ji.nvtilK may, alter II:'.' chiM I:, l.oin. rsjuM. ji. | 0 ;> Miitablc iiivir;iiimeni. either nui- upliti'.tlw v.liin, (lie tl::i:l limy'have will be inuir (,illy tlcvclopcd. Norfolk Church Snves Shell . Vi >. iUl'1-On Jatiu- I. 1 (7i,. Lord Uunmore in iKj L., ,!.,- mik ], forces in ima. w-nl Norfolk New Yeir's yrcclinji In (iu lorm of voni.1 diot hot aiu coltl, Wi:cn hu ni«n nnlshcd .\oi-folk lay in sniouSdjr- llij ruuis. Only one bu'MU\- re :iw.!ned stimduu, VM 'JuilcJi^- By Alieni &CH "DAY, ^^!D V.A^C UPON rAt! TIRST, -^-^EGA.'D ,WHY \SN~T A DAY &ET TO T>O HONOR AND HOfAAGt TO THE -ME \S TH' YOU "DIDNT H^VE AMV '% WORWES UtfORE YOU 6CT THAT SLICE. OF- MONEY I IN YOUR OUD FRkYED-CUH "DAYS,TH& ONW N WE\GHT ON YOUR SHOUUDEKS, NOW AND THEM ,YVAS A ', UN-SUN6 /> -"• -—^ •,\STHW THE CSOC\At\ I HNVt.i >E my "RAct HOT^SE, is ,-O« PUTTING ON \VE\6HT f' v L C^\^'} r^'^rlS ^ <^- "W 1 * ( Jpi. &:^ J9 GNNED 17 v- .^^^ J JfrK&^\ ^^ • * ^^ 3"'\\ ;fetfefeW A ' "^ \

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