Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 23, 1969 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1969
Page 16
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|IP:iRC I B GRKELKY TKIHUNE Thurs., Oct. 23, 1969 ,,«·* As Boyle Sees It Meet Joe Poertner Candidate FOR City Honest CapabBe Sincere Sub Boyle Column By JERRY BUCK Associated Press Writer For Hal Boyle NEW YORK (AP) - Le Marvin squatted by the recor player, put on Ihe cast album i "Paint Your Wagon" and sail "This is my first singing TO. and possibly my last." Singing, lie allowed, was nc exactly his disli of lea, but Ilic music [lowed out--a kind contemporary honky tonk--h bcciimi! excited. Marvin's style is to talk h way through the lyrics in a vim gary but pleasing fashion. His gray hair,.worn long fo the lead role, was pulled bac and secured with a rubber bam He wore a- loose-fitting blu shirt decorated with large whi dots and light red jeans wil matching slippers. His face, with a large an wandering nose, looked as if :iad bounced off a barrooi floor. As he moved back to 1.1 couch, his large frame sti packed an undercurrent of men ice that had turned him inl one of Hollywood's best ba ;uys before his comic cowbo ·ole in "Cat Ballou" won him a Oscar. Marvin contends that the rol of the hard-fighting, hard-drink ing, happy-go-lucky prospecto Peru State Graduates Will Gather Graduates, former student; and friends of Peru State Col lege in the Rocky Mountain are; will hold their annual dinne meeting at the Farm Fair Res taurant Saturday, according I Pnt Benford Bornemeier, pres ident of the Rocky Mountain area chapter of Peru Alumni. 'A social hour is scheduled fo: G p.m., and the dinner will bi at 7. Merrill .Icnscn, n 1!MO grad uate of Peru Slate College, wil discuss "Rambling Through Al rica, Europe and Asia Minor.' Jensen is principal of East Hig School, Cheyenne, Wyo. Dr. Neal S. Gomon, presiden of Peru tSale since 1S5I, will b present to bring greetings froir Nebraska's first college. Arrangements for the dinnei are being handled by the off! cers, Mrs. Bornemeier, 1926 2(itl Ave. Cl., Grceley; Mrs. William Oliver, 3291 S. Willow Cl., Denver, vice president; and F. Dale Moore, 720 DcVinncy Dr., Golden, secretary. He's Second Best NORMAN, Okla. (AP) - David Wanscr, who failed in his write-in campaign lo become University of Oklahoma homecoming queen last week, was elected Tuesday night as president of the university's Studenl Congress. Wanserj a senior from Norman,' was eliminated from the homecoming queen conlest in a technicality involving filing of entry papers, but lie was chosen "miss congeniality" by the other contestsnls. Greeley Needs A Strong City Council A good gift for ANYONE ' at ANYTIME EATON'S Fine Letter Pnpers W h e n you sivo K n t c m ' s they'll know you've chosen the very bnsl. \Ye have a lovely select i o n lo show you--now | styles, new tints and bright colors, nil exquisitely g i f t boxed ' From $1 By HAL BOYLE in (lie California gold rush one that fits him like a glove. 'The music fits the character and it fits me," he said. "This is i man who detests Ihe laws o :ivilizalion. lie's' a frontiers nan. He slowly puts up witli ev- rything surrounding the gold own, even though he detests I." Is that the way you feel? "Oh sure, it's that happy combina :ion of character and self. So t's not really an acting job. 1l'« lot putting on a false face." Marvin said lie regarded film naking as escapism. "You ge .he best of an era and eliminate lie tragedies. The gold rush? Itrike out, boys, it's here! Pick L up!" The beauty of II, he said, L bat he can live an exciting role md not have to pay the consequences of his acts. "You can kick the responsibilities," he ;aid. "This form of acting is not mature business. The more childish you get with it, the nore believable it is." Does lie see his own films? * ove lo see them, which sounds ike a rotten thing lo say, but hat's why I made them. I enjoy he make-believe world." Beatle McCartney Alive, Well Denies Reports of His Death LONDON (AP) -- Bcallo Paul month, would say only: "It's a McCartney protested today that i 0 t O f nonsense, reports of his death were exaggerated and friends of the mil- wood and couldn't be reached from here. ' McCartney himself has on a .motoring holiday for about a week and refused to tell anyone where he could: be found. He telephoned the statement to Apple Tuesday night. If McCartney is a .faked dou-| ble, then 1 he has fooled a lot of b««n people, Including the British government. The government recently issued him a passport, and last month a law court in the city of Bath fined him $60 for careless driving. KITCHEN CARPET Norseman Quality Reg. 13.95 /-99 NOW O CARPET MART 1621 9th St. 353-0880 WANT AUS lionaire pop musician insistec he was alive and well and driv ing around England with his wife, two children and a dog. "We are being flooded .with Lelephone calls, cables and letters about rumors in the Unitcr States that Paul has been deaf for years," said Apple, the Beatles' business organization, "and they are all ridiculous." "I saw him nine days ago and he was the same Beatle I've always seen," said an employe oi London's Savoy Hotel where Paul attended a night club opening last week'. McCartney himself refused to make a special public appearance to put down the reports, }Ul he issued a statement Ihrough Apple saying: "I am ulivc and well and unconcerned about the rumors of my death. But if I were dead, I would be the last to know." "Paul refuses to say anything more than that," said Derek Taylor, Apple's chief spokesman. "Even if he appeared in public just to deny rumors it wouldn't do any good. If people vant to believe he's dead then hey'll believe it--the truth is not at all persuasive." Fellow Beatle John Lennon, vho is in seclusion since his vife, Yoko Ono, lost the baby liey were expecting earlier this member of the famed quartet A QUARTET Of told Apple he considered the stories loo stupid to bother denying Starr is on business in Each is distinctive in design and artistry. Bring your lady love in for a try-on and choose tha ! one she favors most. : Will re-do other people's mistakes. Tell him what you need. Your Diamond Store 819 Tenth St. A Genuine Bargain Here Now...A Carpet Bargain That Looks, Feels, and Wears Like Costly Luxury Carpet sq. yd. 1, You get famed DuPont "501" 100% Nylon 2, You get sponge rubber cushion 3, You get tackless installation 353-6800 Greeley Store Call the Nearest American Store. Our Consultant will bring samples to your home, and give you a complete estimate. HAVE T H R I L L I N G FLOOR BEAUTY NOW with this genuine carpet bargain! Luxurious and miraculously durable continuous filament nylon in the latest textured design. Don't let the low price fool you. This carpet bargain is genuine. Of course, your friends will never guess what you paid for it. Fact is, you could spend a lot more and end up with a lot less. Exactly what makes DuPont "501" nylon pile a genuine carpet bargain? WONDERFUL LUXURY MAKES THIS A GENUINE CARPET BARGAIN. It's delightfully lush and cushiony to walk on. And always a- joy to see, for the latest, deep-textured pattern captures interesting shadows and highlights. The colors (all of them) are brilliantly clear and gorgeous. Your room will radiate great new beauty! MIRACULOUS STRENGTH MAKES THIS A GENUINE CARPET BARGAIN. No ordinary nylon (let alone other fibers) can beat this continuous filament nylon for brute strength. You see, ordinary staple nylon is cut into short strands before spinning, which weakens it materially. But this nylon pile is loomed of 100% continuous filament nylon face yarns, which retain nylon's total strength. When ft comes to long wear, this makes a vital difference. NEW SERVICE! Now you can have your carpel cleaned . . Shampoo or Dry Method. Watch your carpet fibers come alive with our efficient, careful method of cleaning and drying . . . ALL IN ONE DAY! GREELEY OPEN SUNDAY 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. MOW. THROUGH BUOYANT RESILIENCE MAKES THIS A GENUINE CARPET BARGAIN. Go ahead . . . stomp on it. Let your kids romp on it. Put it in high traffic areas . . . you'll not easily wear this carpet down. The especially bulked spring-like nylon pile resists matting, always comes back for more. Your carpet retains its lovely new look. AMAZING EASE-OF-CARE MAKES THIS A GENUINE CARPET BARGAIN. Dirt can't cling to the smooth, non-absorbent nylon yarn. There are no crevices to trap the soil. You just whiz it off the surface with your vacuum cleaner. And, because there are no loose, short fibers, this carpet won't pill, fuzz, shed, or fluff. As for spots (even animal stains) you can sponge them clean with water and detergents. No wonder even the lightest carpet colors are practical! BARGAIN PRICE $7.93 sq. yd. INCLUDES SPONGE RUBBER cushion and tackless installation. Buoyant sponge rubber cushioning makes your carpet feel softer, more luxurious. Adds life and wear. Won't fray, shed, or lint. Naturally it's mothproof and non-allergenic. Permanently buoyant,-sponge rubber won't mat down. American's skilled-carpet craftsmen will cut, fit, tailor and install the neat, tackless method. American's trained experts are careful in your home ... no scuffed walls or damaged furniture. HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING for a genuine carpet bargain to gel 1 beautiful, luxurious, practical carpet onto your floors. Well, ma'am this is it! Come in or phone tomorrow, bright 'n' early, to have samples brought to your home. Charge it. FRI. 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. SAT. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. F U R N I T U R E CO. I DOWNTOWN I 16th it Lawrence I Op«i Simdiy Noon to 5 p.m. I Mon,-niwv,Fri.9^0».m.lo8^8pJK, I TOM, Wod. Sit 9;30 i.m. to 8:30 fm. *M-«24t ^ NORTHGLENN Across from Northglenn Ctntw Op«n Sunday Noon to 6 p.m. Mort. through Fri. 10:00 ».m. to J#0 fun. i Sat.S.-OOi.m.1o 6:00p.m. 1 46S-1721· | WESTLAND AcroK from Wesrland Cento* Opart Sundiy Noon to 5 pm. Mm.through Fit. 10:00 Iff) e.m. Sit».«ij,m. 108:00 p.m. 2W-H71 BOULDER 1 mile north of Crossroads Center 1 Open Sunday Noon to 5 p.m. Won. through Frt. 10:00 a.m.to9:00 p.m.' Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m, 449-2401

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