Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 13, 1961 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1961
Page 19
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UIM Can «»4 Trucki SI VOR SALK-1UI K n c H j h Kerf. \* ]ni town, muu cell. KL 2-7*35. W A N T E D lo .lmr -- Co«l. rlran '5J _«r newer Sluilfi»Vrr Bimrls courf. KIi 5.4731. itlcr 6. FtlK SA1.K--'9 Chrjilcr 4 door mUn. crxHl rctiillllnn. C»n Iv ^pcn at Kiirtli "66" Station. 201 l l t h Av*. Cut «·· Twtk. SI t'OU SAI.K-- 1331 virllblt. EL . »fl« 7 p.m. EDWARDS Clm-rokt hi bnilqMr for nor und n«i trucks. TOR SAI.E--US! Ford TtnmdfrUrd. w i l h ovrrdrlrr. Cill KL 1-6751, or Kl. s-lti!. Drive A Car with a PHD These have all been awarded Wiekland's'PJID degree for ^Performance ^'Honesty ^Dependability '61 Fury 2-Dr. Hardtop Torqueflite, power steering, ]Xwer brakes, radio, heater, WS\V tires, beautiful all red finish, local one owner, like new! '61 Chevrolet BelAir-VS 4-Dr. Sedan Powerglide, radio, heater, WSW tires, local 1 owner, very clcnn. '60 Valiant 9 Pass. 4-Dr, Station Wagon. Torqueflite, radio, heater, local 1 owner, low mileage, like new! '60 Chevrolet Impala 2-Dr. Hardtop - . Powerjjlide, radio, heater, WSW tires, beautiful all white'finish. Sharp! '60 Ford Custom 300 2-Dr. Sedan Stick, radio, heater, WSW tires, local 1 owner, very clean. '60. Renault Dauphine 4-Dr. Sedan Radio, heater, new tires, exceptional condition. \t R A D I A T O R elcinlne »», rcp»1 Uicd r*di«lon.' All lypw of A f t e r Hours . . . Call these Salesmen: llill Gentleman. EL 2-0379 Lol Mgr. Martin Hasenauer, EL 2-8342 James Marcs, EL 2-431 . Owen Taylor, EL 2-3058 WICKLAND'S - Your ^Plymouth-Valiant Dealer USED CAR LOT 4048th Ave. Tel, EL 3-1050 NO MATTER. WHAT THE "BIG 3" MAKE R A M B L E R Sales Go Up and Up and Up!' WHY? See and Drive the Answer at Rambler of Greeley U*M) C«n «mJ Truk OK SAl.r-19tl t!M(J V, Ion pickup, V-t Call Err.l.n. KL UliH. OR SALL-ISVJ CMC. 1/4 ton pickup. Good condition. 1'fa. Gitereit ST07. 1 O A I . A X I K 4 dr.. kv mlleate. Will likt Irade. Call Kl, 1.1369. OH SAT,K-- '67 Savoy flytnoulh, 'door. A-l lhape. KL 3-1X6. -19SI -Kord « pickup. V, Auu Rupplr l8 M O R R I S Minor 4 door. 0 nl. per, Kal., hw' Hileaze. .Beautiful Httle car. ,»acrlftee. 'KL Z-124S. OR SALE--tMl F°rf 4 *or ranch wacon. Klidit), heater and overdrive. OneVareful owner. Like n«\r. fan IK- Men at'D * K Service, 4J! I H h ' A v e . ·door liardioii, rAdlo, rhlte Bidewall - tlroi,- brown and white. OH SALE by ownir--U53 For_ M"-to- 3 in*. SUnd-rd -hift, radio. Jxater, overJrlv«, ( crUixJr. Good condition. KI. a-lSSS. 6 DODCK Coronet 4 door. Tuihtul- ton *hin, low iwlteac*. White, g: Kxeelknl condition ttiside ind T.« Silk. 2S4-CS11. · out. McArthur-Wheeler, 811 7th St. EL 2-8288 i E N E R A T O R S and lUrlen. wall p u m p s , fuel pumpt. New, used and rec-uitt. Come to Gold'* and SHVC. Corner of IHk SL and Sill Ave. KS I N K K N A t l O N A l , h«avy dirty. V: ton truck. V-8 motoi. (unK wneci bair, 3 mceil with (ivrrdrlvr. (1.3W Call El. °-7C4«. or F.I, 2JSSI. OK SA1.K Uwner tianiferted. Three bedroom . brkli house. Two year* old. Attached K»r.r. Wall to wnll L«rpel Drapes. 2319 ' 24th Stri Roan. Rl. g-S4J3.' :Nt;IX~S Btcam elcaneil. 13.93 and up. All typea body and fender work. A-I paint Jobs lou as 140. John Thompson (larace. 601 Slh Ave. o IIS N. Eth Ave. tl, S-1S43. n n d t r u c k repairing. J o h n Thompson Carate. C01 Mh Ave., or' I I S N. Fth ' EPOSSh-^SKD-- One 'l954 Bulth Road. .master, fully electric: one 1353 Dodse Corcntt : one Ifl 1 ^ Fnril F'airlir-e. fiest hi.l b-.iys. Tucific Loam. R reeky. LOOKING FOR A JOB? Classification 7 1959GHEV. IMPALA 4-door linnltpp; radio, heater »o\vcr steering and brakes, air conditioning, w h i t e sirtdwal .ires. 2 tone red nnd white. $1995 McArthur-Wheel- 0 811 7th St. f EL 2-8288 UMM) Cm MM! Tnxki 1956 OLDS MARKETS lieator, 2 tone $995 O I K V J R ,LIV£$TOCK . ' u l a r l v lloii i(«bk- 1JOO. ek«'. Bltronl «ixl """'-!· .ils: ml«cd U.S. 1 and 1 200-233 Ite. 16.«5-l;.10; ralx«l 1 ID ] 190-5(0 Ib.. i(»-17.00l mil Ka. 1 «Kl 3 J33-3M IU U.M-UM; It* loi» 4W-530 Ibc 13.00"TM- [ufM, J^lV^Ner lAmericon S t e e l ; Exchnnge ln,Mon., Nov. 13, 1961 moderate Ini Jin". U.S. government bond prices wcro lower by small fractions while corporate: tdvanccd Irrcg- GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 19 nL\rf choice "and primt Vxite' uUUt C 7JOO; 11.B; Chicago Grain CHICAGO (AP) - A potenllal "."'.export business brought oul a * ! moderale .demand for .grain fu- lures today on llic Board of Trade b«l advances were limilcd rposl- Russians Look For Gold Napoleon Stole MOSCOW (AP-- What's going gaged in the search and are tho Soviet hinterland these bringing up equipment and crews days? A liiml for Nauoleon'Hlo piumb Ihe, depths of.llio lake, gold, for one lliing. And a hunl for which is '40 feet deep nt that spot. gold thieves, (or another. . rctxiecs: bulk choior sleets «o-3» times, but that cram has been 5 ' " 1 '° cholM ' Auto ?trri« CITY LIVESTOCK - 10,COOs cllvcs 1,500; lo » hlgfecr; MR* choice wllh ·xlm* · steers 2i.«wfi.COt easily nudged the' past few weeks as some dealers rely on overseas business Id pull out. virtually all USED TIRES Still Good for -Many Miles Available In. most size Priced from ' . $4.50 Montgomery Ward 611 8th Ave. MAHA LIVESTOCK I ·Hogs 13.000; several hundred U.S. . 1 end 1-2 lorn* sorted 200-140 Ib buichcrj 8.50-16.7!; nrCHir.rt 1,«K htaii 16.6S-16.75l UUC 1-3 190-360 Ib 16.00-16.Ml 50^3.10 50-360 1^5 U.SO-15.25; ?-3 260^0 Ibs 13.50: Caillc 18.5001 cnlvM 3JOO; Mockers tad HMIM i Auto Tuikri S3 - ral loads moslly huh 25.25; food and m!x ho!ec KOK SAT.K--105fi Gcer. 36x5, oom. Oil TOj 3-0113. ' VOn SALE--I9B7, 46x8,' two'beilroon T«rmi ur lr«de. X 3-44H). FOR SALE--24 H. Gllfcf Tr.ller. Cood condition. R««»onaWe. 2S35 lllh Avc., Lot 17. KL 3-tllt. FOR SALE--1951 tr«i!»r' house. Wil coniiiler car or pickup tn trade. EL . chute !t«-lZ25 111 :ed KBod ami · low 22.75-24.251 mosl !Ood"ir^~iou-"chSce"21.5-23.00: canncrs ncl cullers m«lnly 12.00-14.COi Ltlllly and commercial bulls 16.00-IB.OOl good ar.d box* · venlers 22.00-25.09: Kood and lKl« itock st«r calves 2fi.$a-3I.OO. Sheep 4.000:-. fiupply mainly uootej avgMer lambs; a lew .ales aUuehler ives Ana ' letder lambs about .Ecady; mall lots cull to choice slaughter ewes ,. .00-5.75: [no load cholrc J1.1 fancy « Mar b Wyoming feeder-lambs 16.25. FOU SE11V1CK w Mskl «p«lr on your moblli home. fr... BUM.'. Traikr Ksla. EL S-2»Oi. Bervic. on make* healing itovcs. FOR SALE-- L»le 193S ARC deluxe trailer houie. 10 (t. wide. SO f t . lon» '3 bedroom. »«!her. city", «lr con H i l t o n . Can b« leen at anytime. Cal 3S3-407C. AUTHORIZED dealer for Grent Lak Kit, and .Sky Lane new and us Souee trailer.. Weilirn Ttallet Sales · Inc.. S16 2nd St., 1103 Slh SI.. Gree- Jey, Colo. IN THE market for a Mobile Home Yo · have the advantage of our ·volume buying and iclllr.ff program nccause we buy tin volume, we o f f e r you volume priced homes greater trade-In. Stop In or eal] Stahli'l Trailer Sales is' located 2 miles I D u E b of Gieeley oa U. S. So ' P h o n e EL S-2S02. Used Con and Truck) These One-Owner Cars Are Yours! I960 Mercury Park Lane 4-Door Sedan Perfect ._ ___:. $2795 1959 Rambler 4-Door Sedan. Nice!- $1295 -- TRADES -. .Bank Terms to Suit the Buyer ·. McMILLEN MOTOR GO. Today! 1960 SOME RAMBLER SUCCESS TRADES Rambler six cylinder with overdrive. Cross $2295 Country Wagon. Radio, Weathereye, non-slip differentia], new rubber Rambler 6 cylinder with overdrive 4-Door Sedan. Sharpest '58 in captivity. Radio, heater and bfidseats Chevrolet 6 cylinder '/ Ton Fleetside Pickup. Radio and heater. Perfect tires, runs like new 1958 $1189 , YOUR CHOICE 1957 BUICK Super Coupe. Full power, air conditioning or 1957 PONTIAC 4 - D o o r Sedan, fully equipped or 1957 FORD V8 Fairlane Fordor Sedan. Fully equipped Your Choice $799 1955 Kord Fairlane Club Coupe. Thunderbird motor special differential, louvcrcd hood, radio, heater, overdrive. Jet b|ack _ Ford Customline V8 4-Door. Straight stick, radio, heater _ -Rambler Club Coupe. Straight stick, Weather eye heater, two-tone blue. Like new- tires - 1QCO Nash Ambassador 4-Door Sedfin. Famous bij? 1JJL six cylinder motor, dual range hydra- matic, Weathereye heater, bed seats, new brakes OPEN EVENINGS, TOO! AND ALL DAY SATURDAY Growing with Greeley tMBLER OF GREELEY Llncoln-Mcrcury-Comet-Englisli Ford- 12 Sth Avenue Phone EL 2-505 . and htlferi 24.06-ni j.OO-lfi.OOi good a n d . choice ·· u Ihe supply. However, if thai s^coinjnnuiKl fails to develop all doubt v " ter '|aboul a scarcity will be removed. * "-·" Nooe of Ihe aclua! export busi- Hot; a.SWf 2S-M hlfiheri sows 23 hid 2-3 19«70 Id bJrrows.and KiHs 16.25-' - , . , · , , ~ 1-2-3 230-23* ih W.60-6S; i-2 iw-i»,ness lisa been worked in Ihe earlv ^.MW,, *«, I.M rwoo.u, H.»| af[ernooni but indications were il ^. p ,^Sf ! i,a, 'sv^?«x, s tt cou!cl * !»IM ii.oo-iu»£ choice No. i M «kofn or_two, J)artkulai-ly In wlieat. . heifers moderate] ecilers . ecrs and ^lach llve; Atroajr-fo K hl(h«r: bulls ·ealers fteadyf jlockers atxl feeders cnljr raEely active, .steady; majoilt)- Ib atHr 14.00-H.OO: acv " ' -- -- " te])' aad CHICAGO (APl-CUSDAl-Hogs Jul i.OOO; b'ulchers steady lo slrong Sep wilh Friday's average; mixed 1-2 Corn .90-2W. Ib. Imlcliers 16.65-17.00, Dee around 400 head at 17.00; bulk Mar mixed 1-3.190-240 Ibs 10.25-16.75; May mixed 1-3 and 2-3 240-280 Ibs 16.00- Jul 1_6.25; mixed 1-3"300'-400 Ib sows Sep 13.75-15.00; n few around 290 Ibs Oals at 15.25; 2-3 and 3s 400-600 Ibs Dec 12.50-13.75. Mai- Cattle 15,500; c a l v f s 100; May slaughter steers-strong lo 50 high- Jul er; several loads prime 1,175-1,- Sep 300 Ib steers 27.25-27.50; three oads al 27.50; bulk clwicc and irime 950-1,400 Ibs', 24.75-27.00; .a oad of prime 1,475 Ibs 26.50; a oad of prime 1,550 Ibs at 24.75 oad lots mixed good and choice 1,050-1,150 Ibs 24.^75-25.25;" mos good 900-l,300slbs;i23.25-24.7S; a utilily.|flpd jjlandard '.;10.50-; 23.00; a load'pf'rn^ed.choice.and Mar prime 1,146 'ib heifers 25.00; .a May couple loads ..choice and prime Jul In Hie cnse of the gold thieves, Komsomol Provda, (lie Commu- too many gold teelh and too many nlst youth newspaper, told about automobiles and tur coals arouseo Ihe search for Soviet gold and the suspicious of Soviet authorities gold thieves .Sunday. al Clielynhinsk, a major mining Ever since Napoleon retreated city in the Urals. ; in 1012, the Russians have been! Komsomol Pravda said the in- looki'iis for ttie spot where hs is re- jvesligation led to Ssrafima Du- puled lo have buried Uic gokl aud|brovsky, a diligent worker In a silver he supposedly looted from'gold (actor. She had discovered Moscow. |an improved system of plating Komsomol Provda says thciwatclics and was duly rewarded search now has turned lo Lakelwith a small raise. I«A »M j Stoycclreyc, about midway bc-j But the rules would not explain .^E-",.; ,. ..,.*'. y lwccn Moscow and Smolensk onjlbc automobiles ,-ind fur coals and Napoleon's retreat route. Tesls of^ier s'-ns of prosueril" in the Estimated cark* 'receipts were wheat 8 cars, corn 642, oats 10, rye 1, barley 67 nnd soybeans 189. Wlieat closed Vt to Vi cent n bushel higher, December. $2.031i; corn * to 1 cent higher, Dccem- xt tl.lOVi; oats ?i lo ','1 higher, December 67n-«; rye Is to lli ligher, December $l.«ft-?i; soy- Deatis Vi higlier lo J cents lower,' November $2.43. CHICAGO (AP) Wheal Prev. High Low Cb;* close 2.03^ 2.03 2.KHS-2.03V4 2.0914 2.08?i 2.0911 2.08'/, 2.11H 2.10^4 2.11',i 2.11V 4 2.12!i 2.12% 2.12% 2.12% 2.15',i 2.151i 2.15?i 2.1514 walcr and sill from a section of Dubrovsky household and among the lake showed the silver conlent'olncr families of supposedly mod- was a hundred limes above nor- al, Four Soviet agencies arc en- At Hospital Dec May UOtt 1.0911 l.lOV'i 1.0914 l.Hii l.lJli 1.14V 1.13H l.W» 1.17 1.17% 1.1 1.20V4 1.105S 1.5014 1.19U 1.2014 1.I9H i.M'.i 1.19V, .6714 .71V4 .73*4 .7414 '.70?. .73U .724 .7314 .6714 .73i .74!'4 Rye . Dec Mai- May Jul Sep - - - Soybeans .67 .71 .73H .73V, ,73'A !.«» l.HVt 1.42»i 1.42 1.4214 1.41K- 1.42/4 1.4114 1,39',1 1.3814 1.39i 1.3814 l.JSfl 1.32?i 1.33 Nw Jan 1962 Ford Trade-ins iYe have traded for a number of fine lat model used cars on the new 1962 Fords These are mostly one owner units with low mileage and are in near-new condition. .'61 Fo[d Galaxie Fordor : ladio, heater, automatic transmission, power brakes, xnver steering, power seat, factory installed air con- itioning. 300' horsepower 'Phunderbird motor. Low mileage. One owner. 61'Ford Galaxie Sunliner Convertible ladio, heater, automatic transmission, power brakes, wwer steering, 15,000 miles. One owner.' '60 Ford Falcon Tudor Sadio, heater, standard transmission, 20,000 actual miles, '59 Ford.Galaxie Fordor Sedan ladio, heater, automatic transmission, power brakes, xnver steering/ power seat, powe- windows. One owner. '59 Ford Ranchwagon 4-Door 24.75; bulk c h o i c e 23.50-24.50; good 22.5Q-23.2o; $ few cominor : cial cows 14.75-1^75; culler find utility 13.00-15.25; cnhners 11.50- 13.CO; u t i l i t y bulls ·10,00-20.00; standard and good yealcr s.19.00- 25.00; a load of. good and choice 458 Ib stock heifer calves at 24.00. Sheep ; 1,000; slaughter lambs steady lo 50 lower; choice nnd prime 80-110 Ib.-. native woolec slaughter lambs 16.CO-I7.00, mostly 16.50 down; good and choice 14.00-16.00; cull logopd 8.00-14.00; cull lo choice slaughter ewes 4.00- s.oo. Aug Sep D E N V E R BEANS C«r.eral bid lo xronrrs 15^1 o 1 plr.los.6.90 l.o.b. Denver -· U.S. No2s 75c trsii " tot U. 2.43 2.42 2.43 2.4214 2.4SK 2.4451 Z.45U 2.45'.4 2.48*1 2.47^4 2.4314 2.4814 2.51','t 2.5014 2'.5m 2.5114 2.5:^8 2.5214 2.52V4 2.52Vt 2.52H 2.52 2.52T, 2.53 2.44 2.42 2.4214 2.441J Cash ...Grain '" , CHICAGO (AP)-No wheat o oats soles. Corn No 3 yellow 1.07 No 4 yellow 1.02?i; No 5 yellow 97. Soybeans No 2 yellow 2.41V1 Soybean oil 1014 n . ' Barley: m a i l i n g choice 1.351.62 n; feed 98-1.25 n. D E H V I R EGOS Tarkc( ilfghtly stroni_ rite; offerinta adequate; prices pal Jvered' Denver {or ten candled i«d trailed In D;nvcr," cs^cs rcturocd; lirge uhitcs AA 41-42; Urge mixed AA 40-42;! medium utiit?s a nd m hcd AA 32-34; arge uhllu A 37-38; large mixed A 36* W; ntfdium mixed whites A 23-32; medium nixed A" 22-32; small A 21-22: luge Hhites and mixed B 20-21; medium B 11-10; undfrsrades Urge 17. am HI 7-6. DENVER POTATOES Total U.S. shipments Thur 458; Fri 424; Sal 2W; Sun A, Colo Thnr 32, Fri M, f a t 22, Sun ; on track Mon 3; Unloaded 3; diverted J; arrived 3; Iruex- 'cs Co!o 19, Idaho 2. Market steady and _ifi wholesale market I:. quantities; U.S. No. 1 sue A MTU*** unless olhrrotsfi stated; Colo rotad reds Z In up 2.25; 2V4 in min 2.W-..30; U.S. No is 1.75; Colo russets btkers ~ I O oz mta\ . . Arid S-14 oz 3,40-3.50; unwashed 4 oz min Butterfat KANSAS CITY GRAIN Wheat -^61 cars; unch-eecd to \k Tiieh *r. No. 2 fc-rd ar.d dark h»rd 2.03V Z.itt\t No 3 2.MU-2.4IMN; No. 2 n ..«('-2.07UM NO. 3 -.MM-I.ift'tN. · Corn IS., ears; ft* unchanged lo Wfiher, No. 2 while U6-I.3NJ No, ihlie 7D-75Si*N«. 3 M-71N. M)k Maize Kiflr 1.82-1.9IN. ' Rye l^fi^l-1^ Barley 1.13. SoybtJM 2^CV4-z.^vti. Bran 41.75-42.00. ftnils 43.25-44.00. \S~heaL future* cltued from local Market (Corrected lo Nov. 11) Wheat $1-T Oats, cwt 52.05 Barley *!. Pinto'fleans Pinlo Beans No. 2 S(« la np 2.I5-2.4J; 50 Ib sstki 1.40; s-TeLs C-14 oz and 10 oz nun sized 6-S or MO oz 5.50: ID ID \i la mla 33c: CHICAGO 1UVTER AND IGCS Butter steady: I'nrfianfnS: 93 *ccre AA GO; K A £0; 90 B Sltt; 83 C 5711; CJn «0 B 58\i: 8J C W.I. Egm £leady to f i r m ; unchanged (0 W hleh«r; 70 per cent or belter £r»de white! 41; mixed «0; mediums 31; ' ' 33: dirties 30 : -i; chectts 3t)Vi. Wall Slree.l By ED MORSE AP Butirxn News Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Selective gains put an irregular slock rnar- rleater, RUtomatic transmission, power Steering, power aflcrnoon as Irading slackened. Brakes. Two to choose from. Volume for Ihe day was estimated at 4 million shares corn- pared with 4.18 million Friday. Two to choose from. '58 DeSoto 4-Door Radio, heater, automatic transmission, power brakes, x\ver steering. SEE ONB OP THESE SALESMEN': Kd Fritzler -- Dave McDonald Art Steinberger -- Ray Wiedeman Warren-Bunting Motors John Warren Jim Bunting FORD AOEN'CV, EATON, COLORADO Phone Eaton 29 A medium eggs A large eggs Light hens Heavy hens Colleges Being in Tax Funds Battle ·By C. K. HODENRELD KANSAS CITY, Mo. ( A P ) Stale colleges and universities, needing money as never before, are being shortchanged in tho Admitted lo Weld County Gen- rai Hospital Saturday," Nov. II, ere: Mrs, Gertrude Johnson, OM ath Ave.; Mrs. Eugenic Rieder, rie; Herbert Anderson, Route 1; cnry Jacoby, Windsor; Miss uliann ( Wcsltall, IMS lllh Ave.; ohn Ericksou Jr., 021 Sth St. Dismissed: Helrmil Ynuk, Windor; Mrs. Hulda Brolien, 1017 22nd vo.; Robert Scales, 1130 13th t.; Robert Brcnnan, 621 15!h .ve.; Mrs. Weslon G. Tulk, 1212 111 St.; Jon Noteboom Jr., 1118 2ln St.; Baby Thomns Robclcr- no, Gill; Miss Janet LeHlcr, Rl ; Masler George Lillle, 2130 35th ve.; Mrs. J. James Garret,'Wei. ona; Mrs. Roy V. Warden, 816 Sth Ave.; Emmclt Coon, Briggs- ale; Mrs. Jacob Lesser, 214 12th t.; Robert Anderson, La Salle; aul D. Fiiqua, 3318 Irs. Mary Martinez, Johnstown; aby Girl Bencvidez, Denver; Irs. Jesus Uribo and daughter. an Gabriel, Calif.; Mrs. Yam- rcl Oizera and'dnugblcr, Eaton; trs. Tfwmas L. Smith and daugh er, 302 IClh Ave. Ci.; Mrs. Ar- iui- Molinar, and daughter, ohnslown; Mrs. Joe Carpio anc on, Gill; Mrs. Kennelh L. Cof- cy and daughter, P-J39 Jacksoi Blvd.; Mrs. David L. Waldon ant on, 3124 lllh St.; Mrs. Harr; Wright and son, Gill; Mrs enneth B. Parker, 722 13th St. Jock McDonald, '1026 Eas' 16lh St, Admitted on Sunday: Fred Wag ner, Eaton; Uurflio Diaz, Wind sor; 'i Wenceslao Jasso, 519 2m i f , ; 'Charles.£. Romans. Greeley Vursing Home; Mrs. Harold Fuss 707 flth St.; DavW Keith.Reid Route 2, La Salle; Mrs. Clark lollbrechl, Johnstown; Mrs corge C.-oh, Windsor: Mrs David L. Smits, Flallaville; Wil iam S. Bossie. Ixjveland; Homer Russell, Gill; Miss Churlolle ·ichrader, Eaton; Mrs. Archie E' Harden, 510 13th Avc.; Miss Jewel Coffman, 920 22nd St.; Mrs. Gloria Turner, Roggen; Mrs. John F. Springer, 1123 23rr3 Ave. Cl.; Mrs. Orville Kealon, 524 24lh St.; Mrs. si means. Authorities learned Mrs. t)u- rovsky had worked out a deal rilh her boss lo sll|) gold out nt lie factory. Her husband sold it j a leather worker involved in lie black market. Dentists bought the gold and bc- tm making gold teeth--a dead ivcaway. Anyone knows gold eclli ore rare in the Soviet Unon. Everyone wears stainless tcel--which can be seen glinting rom their mouths even in a dark Hey. : Police got busy and unearthed :ie whole plot. Komsomol Prova didn't say what happened lo Iw plolters. 15 Polio Vaccine Settlements Are vtadeOut of Court: BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) -- Fit: een suits charging Culler Labo- atories sold faulty nntlpollq vac-, line, have been sellled out o f . court for $1,727,000, attorney Meltin Belli announced Sunday: The Berkeley pharmaceutical irm said total settlemenls to date lave exceeded insurance cover-, age by more than $1 million. The' ;·' atcst settlement brought to more'.;' han $3 million the total · settle'.'.-, menls growing out o£ charges thai sonw vaccine marketed by Culler n 1953 contained live polio-virus.''; In lesl coses, juries found Cul-'.:', ler innocent of negligence in man-...-.,, iifactudng the Salk vaccine, but-'-·{· awarded damages on the ground' J - ; that the firm breached an implied warranty since the vaccine caused the disease it was dc- :·:· signed lo prevent. Rocking Chair Welcome Planned For President SEATTLE, Wash. (AP) - A squeakless rocking chair- end a Irodilion-laden ceremony will welcome President Kennedy lo Seat- lie Thursday. -'-: Slwrlly before Kennedy addresses Ihc academic centennial con- vocalion of the University o f . . Washington-,! cenlury-old beU will toll 10 times, once for each decade Mary Ida Evving, Ro'ule 2. Fort of «« scl «» 1 's J ° rrU..^ . . . I l l t U n Lupton; Baby Charlene Phillips. Plaflevlllc: Mrs. Harriell K. Anderson, Fort Morgan; Mrs. Elmer J. Emmons. La Salle; Miss Jane Cross, Lovcland: Mrs.' Jorald Rudd, Pierce; Mrs. Willard \V. Miller, 13M 10th St.; David Wurtz, Hudson. Dismissed: William · Osborn, 1548 6lh Ave.; Baby Felix Rebel ba'lo, Milliken; Mrs. Earl A. Wolfe and son, 2030 Sth Avc.; Mrs. Dav- Thus wUl WaEhington, (he oldest slole-supporled instilution of higher learning on the Pacific Coast, observe its 100th anniversary. The While House has announced ' Hint Kennedy's speech will be devoted to foreign policy. About 11,000 persons, moslly facully and students, are expected to jam Edmundson Alhletic Pavilion for the -convocation. crano, Gill; Mrs. Gladys Falz- Thursday nig ht, Kennedy will graf, Route 2; Mrs. Rudolph Lo-speak al a $ioo-a-plale dinner marking Ihe 25th anniversary in Congress ot Sen. Warren G. Magid T. While and daughler, Gale- nuion, D-Wash. Among the diners- ton; Baby Girl Roller, 3217 South will be Vice President Lyndon B. llth Avc.;'Mrs! Mario Figurclli and Iwin sons, 2515 12lh Ave.; Mrs. Benilo T. Romero and son, 507 3rd St.; Mrs. Melvin Martin and^son, Windsor; Mrs. Edward Ingraham, Milliken; Mrs. Larry L. Anderson. La Salle; John Erickson, 921 Sth SI. Johnson. Kennedy will spend the night in Ihe Olympic Hotel. When he geli (here he'll find a squeakless rocker, carted from Spokane. zains pui an irregular EIUI:K ijitu-ii'^ "*-"· -..w.~..~.. b -- - ket higher on average laic Ihis bailie for lax dollars, President John A. Perkins ot Ihe University ot Delaware said Monday. Action in longress was blocked, Perkins Gains of fractions lo about a said, by "ecclesiastical politics point among key stocks outnum- and obsessive fear of federal be'red losers i n - t h e same range, control." Du Pont, which was up 6 at In a keynote address prepared So. Korean Chief Visiting Chicago 'tork Express CHICAGO (AP) -- Gen. Park Born to Mr. and Mrs. John S. chung-liee, chief of South Korea's aid Monday. Mullins of p im . Cj a son O n S«n- imi ]iiary government, stopped in the last session of ^ Nov . ]2| a - Wcld Co ur.ty Gen- chicago Sundav ^tfA en roule tc best, held a gain exceeding 3|for the centennial convocation of County General Hospital, points in late dealings and helped'lhe American Associalion of Land shnrn up the averages. GencraljGranl Colleges and State Univer- rose more than 2. j ' Tt; ° c *""*!·« Isities, Perkins said Ihe slates are eral Hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jim W. Forbes of 706',i 12lh on Sunday, Nov. igo Sunday night i Washington, where he is expected to ask President Kennedy to step aid to i.lLa. Him ,,. .. . Ave., a sonj"P milltar - °" d 12, al w ,, d his government _ Partr i\lr\nnori Born .to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Speaker of Cornish, a son on Sun- Park planned meetings with- South Korean students and Mayor liichard J. Daley before continuing lo Washington by plane. The Dow Jones industrial aver-lreluclant or unable lo levy taxe ages had a chance of establish-;tor public colleges. Ing a historic closing high. 12 The association is observing. Losses of about a point were.durirg (he 1961-62 academic year, aken by Chrysler and Goldwyn - Mayer. International iusiness Machines slipped han 2. 52 AnN Swvk* WARDS AUTO SERVICE CENTER T\Tti. BaltcHo* lm«tal!n) free. Wh««l Ulniklnt. tlrt rotillnn. i whecli _______ S*t o( ». »r»«t ikoct IM munition _________ id ln»iiUl»Uo« : ,- i.M 'll.W 1321 8th Ave. EL 2-9038 TO* eti i«p«M v* iiM Phon« EL the signing of the Merrill Act by President Abraham Lincoln in more 1862. Thai act, in cftccl, set aside federal funds for tho establish- Gains ot about 3 by ment of al leasl one public nslrumcnts and 4 by Zenith high- college in every state. There are ighted generally improving elec- now 58 land gr»nt colleges in the ·onics. Chemicals were mostly higher. 50 stales and Puerto Rico. Perkins said the Morrill Act i Eastman Kodak nnd Air Rcduc- augur»t«d "a dramatic revolution ion were up about a point each. in higher education" and eslab- Amerada spurled 3 points or 50 listed federal revenues "solely while oils ns a group were spol-](or instruction v;itho«t leading lo ty. Airlines took traclional losses. jfederal controls." The m a r k e t was higher In President Kennedy struck ' heavy Irading al Ihe slarl. turnid'.SBme note in a tilmed message mixed, then recovered in the afternoon. Prices were irregular on at Weld County Gcn-| His Chicago stopover was' marred by a collision involving _ Ifivc cars in a 50-car motorcade'' Born lo Mr. and Mrs. John I. .bringing him from the airport to' oeh!er of 159 Jackson Blvd., a - downtown hotel. It resulted in, son on Sunday, Nov. 12. at Well|j n j u ries to six Koreans living if!.'/: County General Hospital. !ih D United Stales and lhe'Amer-' : '' the United Stales and the'Amer- ican husband ot a Korean woman. airport. .'. official party wat-. involved in Ihe pileup which occurred on an expressway in ». Born lo Mr. and Mrs. V. Lindbloom of 1405 15th Ave., .1 son on Monday, Nov. 13, al Weld ^ounly General Hospital. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Donald J .ake ot Denver, a daughter on 'g ht mist - 'riday, Nov. 10, at Rose Memorial Hospital at Denver. Paternal grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs Albert V. Lake ot 1817 l«h Ave the Maternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs. James Page ot NewUhc was bcalsn and kicked Funeral Money Grabbed CHICAGO (API-Mrs. H*rmin4. . .Clcslak, 58. of Chicago, told polici : parttallyllo Ihe pysndiaion Sunday night. Vork City. The Lake's firsl cliiWIthrcc men who grabbed h«r pur: , j- - iw'EignCu 7 'pC'Jf.ds 3 OyP.C?S ?ndirnTir;iirunji iiie · 13.0CQ SM -THE TRlWNif WANT ADslhas been named Leslie Aim. \ttved tor htr " I , , - ·:»- by: s*

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