Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 27, 1970 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1970
Page 18
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Horoscope Forecast , M*y 21 GENERA^ TENDENCIES: You benefit, this morning, from some clever action on your part. For the rest of the day and evening avoid 9 temptation to upset present conditions. Carry through with proven ideas and methods and don't do anything tha,t could cause an adverse reaction. ARIES (Msr. 21 lo Apr. 19) You are able, to gain some personal goal easily this morning, but be careful you do not force anything later in the day and evening. Avoid criticizing others, this is not the evening to go put socially. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Complete that work on some responsibility you have early in the day an.d then gain the good will of a good friend by doing something kind for him or her. See if you are spoiling your image with the public in some way. Be wise. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Be careful you do not get into new outlets that are far beyond your knowledge, or in connection with persons you know little about. That glorified plan Be kind mate in and the BU Carroll Righler that will make your mate think you are disloyal. A little home entertaining is fine tonight. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Plan some iime to hear the suggestions of a most dynamic associate. Drop that imperious attitude you sometimes employ. Show thai you are dependable. VIRGO (Aug. 22 lo Sept. 22) Keep busily occupied with your job and don't criticize others so much and you find you get better results. Be sure you don't deplete your energy on unnecessary little tasks. Keep your mind on the important. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Don't give in to that templation to spend a great deal of money 20) If you spend beyond your means, you will regret it later. A pleasant personality will open doors that money cannot. Show that you are a practical person and you gel fine resulls with others. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) If you first improve your health and appearance you are then able to make an excellent impression on others. Wait for a betler day lo see those in- d i v i d u a 1 s about something important. Be wise, PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) You are feeling frustrated and want to rebel, but if you stick to what you are doing, you find you now gel the resulls that were impossible before this. OUR CHILD IS BORN he or she will be could ruin you. thoughtful with evening. MOON CHILDREN (June 22ito be more cooperative and to July 21) Take care of those understanding. Be careful in civic and business obligations motion and avoid accidents, that you have assumed and do Watch the other driver, them well. Do not do anything CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. for pleasure or you could lose; Cheer up those who are good friends. Avoid taking Double. Don't rely on a busy chances or you get in trouble with bigwigs. Be understanding with mate in the evening. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) If there is some situation at home that does not please you, rectify it quietly and intelligently instead of going into a tantrum. Dont' feel you have to bribe kin. Do what is right: and all is well. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to; Dec. 21) If you are not getting: the results you want from associates, it means you have bigwig. IF Yi TODAY one of those fascinating young people who is interested in modern methods and will have much ability in work along such lines. Teach early to be more concerned with the practical and not so much with people and your progeny can be a great success. Conditions can be improved a good deal because of your child's ability, who is definitely ahead of his or her | lime. Teach early to say very little, unless asked for information. College is a must. (c) 1970, McNaught Syndicatt, Inc.) ALL of our spring COATS... 1/2, LESS THAN companion SALE spring dresses sportswear lingerie V4 Vs reduced and more ALL of our spring millinery 99c regardless of original price each · BankAmerlcard · Master Charge · Charge Account Open Friday Nights 818 Ninth St. Greeley Bridge News Result of recent Duplicate delergenl would have to have it in order lo release the dirt. the Quainlance Club potluck senled (lie earlier composers supper at (he First Baptist Church on May 19. Hosts for the evening were season, it's time to be getting your knitwear for summer ready. If you have some garments that are lacking in any of your family's wardrobe, then get busy with those needles and hooks and whip them up. "The golfer, tennis player, fisherman and backyard or patio relaxer should have some of the light weight sport shirts -- T-shirts -- lank tops-- long pullover and cardigan sweaters, belled or not -- all these for comfort. The vests (long, with or without buttonst are a must for versatility in any activity or just for lying, in Ihe hammock or lounge chair doing nolhing!! Men's ponchoes are making Iheir place in the sun with their bright colors in Indian designs -- long with heavy fringe. (All of the aforementioned are for the little guys as well.) How would knitwear? Mrs. M. F. Dear Mrs. M. F., There are three special actions of the cold water detergent that take the place of hot water used with other types. Hot water does of course, help in soil release. Instead of this, however, the cold-water detergent uses a speciI surfactant, which lets the detergent solution penetrate the fibers more easily, and uses phosphates that act like little magnets to draw out soil. Then other chemicals act to hold the soil in suspension until flushed away. A c t u a l l y , t h e cold-water detergent may help to preserve colors, textures, and dimension stability, rather than attack the Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hargrove, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckingham and Miss Elhel Sliimke. Special guests of Ihe club in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Ronne, were Miss Velma Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Murriel Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. George Cook, Mr. and The "girls" of all ages should j fabrics harmful | y . Th i s w ill su" ^ to your knits as wel, with as shells, toppers, skinny-ribbed! 'his one "sure fire must . You s h o r t sleeved (or long) sweaters, tank tops and tunics, of c o u r s e , everything in mix Peek-a-boo or match- mates of skirts, vests, toppers, pants and the new, new coat. (This coat is a terrific garment for the lady of the house.) If any gal doesn't have a poncho American Music, Then 'n Now Presented at Ouaintance Club A history of American music presented by Nelson Ronne Mr. and of Eaton, Mrs. highlighted the program following songs also were used. The works of Stephen Foster, Kthel- bert Nevin, Carrie Jacobs liond and Edward McDowell repre- while Victor Herbert, George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Sigmund Romberg were among the later composers. Ronne played the lively work songs: "On Top of Smokey," "Comin' Round Mountain," "Cool Water" Konne at the favorites such Old the May 27, 1970 Page 19 Mrs. George Sandberg and Mr. Have to Cross and Mrs. Robert Flohr. !'' B 1 o w i n ' Women Plan - ^ Toolside Fling' Vi Trinity Episcopal Women's' Association has planned a "Pool; side Fling" from 2-2:30 p.m./ Tuesday, June 2, at the Ramada Inn pool. The "Fling" will consist of a j fashion show and refreshments.'' Shenandoah" then, with Mrs.) Modeling dollies from J. V. : organ, sangiSmilh's will be the Mines. Quin; as: "I* Won't! lus Fuller, Ehvood Meyer, · Jordan Alone,""Ernest Scolf, Robert Jordan, '· in Ihe Wind',"!^ 0 ' )el 't Houtchens, Jack Houch- The beautiful and noslalgic| 0 riginally a Civil Rights an-' e n ' A " en Price ' Paul Stewart program presented by thel( n em, "I Love You Truly," l(iml R ee Kelly. Hair styles will : Ronnes used organ music lo|"shanly in Old Shanty Town'"' ne by Mr. Jack's Salon. from j wr jtien during the depression^ Mrs- Charles Carlson will " ' Pledge of Allegiance," "Thisiserve trace American music "Old One Hundredth" which Up was brought from the old World and included in the first print- Land Is Your Land, private, autographed copy as hostess and Mrs. 1K Robert Blasi as fashion coordi- 0 [ nalor, with Mrs. Robert Jordan ing of the Bay Psalm Book in u le unpublished "Go Inside"" by| as over-all chairman. 1640, to modern music. iJack Moon and his favorite "He- Reservations fur the event Songs written and sung by!Washed My Eyes With Tears."'may be made by telephoning Indians, cowboys, Negros andiHe closed the program by sing- Mrs - Robert Lanari at 353-2013, mountain people from the early'jug '-Precious Love," » pi-aver, or the church office, 352-1877. composers to modern ones were ' ' "" ' '"'" presented in song and slory. The next meeting is to be in The Mines. Theodore Wills, Glenn Blalock and Richard Mac- serve on the re- from movies and lcle-l». v Mr. and Mrs. Jack AIIisonjf r( ,. s |, m ,, n [ a ,,,i decoration com- vison, patriotic and religious|and Mrs. Josephine Kruse. imitlees. JiCS£jllcu 111 OUIIJ; CIIIU Olul V.I . . -., .. , , V J I C I I I 1 J-HUJUl^r Work songs, folk songs, lheme! Au S usl al Glcn Have " h o s t e d .Whcrtcr will songs must be sure to rinse all suds completely from your gai'ment. Some of these cold-water preparations are sudsier than others, so keep rinsing until the water is clear, arid you! shouldn't have any problems! using cold-water preparations j she should, by all means. They | for fabrics or your handmade | ' r ... . v i - i i .. i i _ . , · i j j »i- sne snouia, ay an meuua. nicy »« it.ui.--o «. j^, Bridge Games have included the| a r e rea| , terri f ic f or year . knits and crochets, following: " ' , _ · .. m,._ i__:i. _.. .following: ! At the final meeting of the ; University Bridge Club at the | Student Center on May 22, Miss ! Lynn Monroe and Bruce Pres- i ton won first; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Merrick, second; Dave JEckert and Fred Waiss, third; Steve Ehrich and Miss Dianna Josephson, fourth; Fred Weni- gcr and Mrs. H. W. Devine, I fifth, and Mr. and Mrs. R. G. | Kunisch, sixth. i Winners during play the pre- j vious week at the Student Ceni ter were Miss Monroe and Pres- 'ton, first; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Achziger, second; Don Hinchey and Mrs. Devine, third; Gary Fabschutz fourth. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. McClaran and Burt Liskey, round enjoyment. The knit orj crochet dresses are something else that you shouldn't desire lo have, but you need, for all occasion summer pleasure- wearing! A c c e s s o r i e s that are "swinging" in to summer are the crocheted and knitted purses and totes. These are roomy and gayly colored made from cotton rug yarns or orlon of knitting worsted weight used in double strands. These carry- Dear Ellee, What are the "rings" called that are used to crochet buttons? I've never seen any so don't know what to look for. Maxine Dear Maxine, They are called cabone rings -- they come in several different sizes. I'll bet you've seen them sewed on a corner of pot holder lo use for hanging the holder; or on a cafe curtain, alls go everywhere with y o u | o name a couple of other uses from a trip to the grocery store, o l l h e P lasllc rlngs - besldes (he pool, (he lakes mountains, to a tea and Ihe party were the winners of the Open Pairs Championships at the Greeley Country Club on Mayj i 18. Other winners were Mrs. E. jM. Culler and Mrs. B. Gay, 'second; Mrs. A. B. Anderson : and Mrs. Harold Steiner, third; E. E. Wagner and Mrs. Devine, .fourth; Mrs. Sam Freeman and Mrs. Ray Shoonmaker, fifth; ;Mr. W. J. Herter, sixth; Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bedinger, i seventh; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Huey, eighth; and Mrs. Daylon Nichol and Mrs. C. A. Wheeler tied Mrs. C. Wayne iCook and Gordon Merrick for . ninth and tenth. ; Winners at regular play at the country club Ihe afternoon of May 20, were Mrs. R. S. Anders land Mrs. James Mathews, i first: Fred Weniger and Mrs. 11. W. Devine, second; Mrs. Ha/el Brewer and Mrs. Floyd Oliver, third. Memorial Day Specials Thursday and Friday Only! i * Nf A Every Shoe In The House Except Sandals! Sorry! All Sales Final SHOE DEPT. 818 Ninth St. OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS an evening out "on the town". Olher helpful additions are bells of many styles; headbands to match; and the most significant of all Ihe accessories are the shawls and stoles. Shawls -- Stoles: The lop fashion words of the moment for milady!!! Dear Ellee, I discovered that (he new needles I bought are not quite Ihe same sine as the ones I had been using (I lost one). It shows when I changed over. What should I do? Need help in a hurry Dear Need help in a hurry, Keep your letters coming lo: "Ellee" 1520 14th Ave. Greeley, Colo. 80B31 -- and we'll help with a problem, share a patlern, keen you informed of current trends; all these to keep you on the road to happy needlework!! Evans Homemakers Meet al Crisp Home Members of the Evans Extension Hoincinakcrs Club discussed (he proposed by-laws changes and dues adjuslmenls which will be voted on at the slale conven- lion in Pueblo at Ihe regular Using the single needie and May meeting of the club at Ihe one of the new ones work about|home of Mrs. John Crisp. May five rows using the and two then new slsy with ones and Iherc won'l be any definite row where you made the switch. This alternating of rows makes a blending that isn't as obvious. Dear Ellee, I have been told that the cold- water delergenls tend to shorten the life of fabrics, causing Ihe material to weaken. It does seem to me the cold water baskets for nursing homes were contributed by 13 members in answer lo roll call. Two guests and two children also were present. The club also voted to pay traveling expenses to two delegates to the stale convention in June. Mrs. Donn Reid showed slides on the "Price Puzzle." The next meeting will be al Ihe home of Mrs. TCalph Casey at 1:30 p.m. on June 11. Gracefully Designed Fine China 58-Piece Service for Eight Still Only $2995 Fina imparted china...highly tramlucontl Elegance forlhe budget-minded hasten, Chooie from many beautiful pattern). September Song CONVENIENT TERMS AVAILABLE 58-PC. SERVICE FOR EIGHT: · 8 dinner platoi " 8 ;alad p!ut*» · 8 fruit dish« · mrvinc] bowl Malt and pepper · BONUSi 3 extra cups ZALES 806 8th St. Use Yiur BonkAmericard JEWELERS Open Friday till 8:30 Bouquit OPEN AN ACCOUNT TODAY! 352-6957 For The Graduate Going On To College Or Into The Business World! Wash 'n Wear Wigs Made of Dyne! and Kaneckalon fibers. Large Stock from Which to Choose. Two Styles to Choose From - Reg. 29.95 FREE Styro Head With Each Wig Purchased. Thursday and Friday Only! Closed Memorial Day Greeley Wig Center 24 95 8th Ave. Telephone 353-1148

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