Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 13, 1961 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1961
Page 17
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Classified Advertising for Kent--AH. 17 FOR BKNT--'i bilr/ii. U » H t r al Haun'a Trader Cl. KOR BV.NT-- i room base. apt. ·llth. St. - . ' · ' ' . KOR 'HUNT-- Two bedroom/ tinfurnlih. dunlcx. EX 2-1*92. r lady; TWO room furn. u pit* In ayt. fo Kl. 8-OOH. · · - · FOR RENT-- M a i n floor, 4 room f Ithed api.. 1616 R1K Ave. KL M102. FOR RENT-- }* E*«ry *th«r da *i» t* b* eb*n*o Blind bei ·lumber., tte ·mkrk. MlaiMun ad ID wucdi M L n l m t m let If paid n m e d-u of mwrlion. At order*! till cine el ted. It p«tc«ni ico'jnl If patA Htr ^1 eared la I km Mtfl.mux) on* Inch, in count) rat* .OS P«r eolunan I n f h Uat of e*-unly it« 11.10 p*i column Inch EKROKS TO UK KEMIrlTKlJ A1 NCE. Tks Tribune will .maka no al- w a n e e for more than one Incorrect Classified Index .ulo b*t»iet and Supplitt · oard Jtici Room ~ -- -- ** ulWtiB ( -- _ 8 1 inilntM Ofportuniti** " lutlneM Service^ ^- -a | : 0 .l Sy.Wood - * «J ^onyatctcent Kwr.ei ,,,, : « Ihutom Work -- ll Education and ln*truelion -- t For Riml-- AyartraerxU -- » ' 'or Real-- Bu.ldlnii ,,_- 2* For Rent--Farmi and Traela « 'or Rent-- Ganzea ..-- Jj; For Rent-- ML Ho ma. Cablni _ 21 Fruit* and Vegetable! W Hay. Grain. F*fl1. Str»w « Help Wanted ,,. ._ - --Route and Auto Trailer.. --. « HomebcM Goods *p Lel'i Swap __ * M Ix»t a n d Pound -- ; -- MtKellancau.. -- JJ Moult * Mui(eal,lastrum«nU _ · * Poultry __ : · * Servicw ________ R«l Eital* 4 fUwinz M«c.hir.»-VacuaTni * Sportinr.Gooda " : S5-J 1 T^l.'h^^itliline *' Died Cars and TrUcki -- . 6 WftpMT.r MprHr'1 .- 4 Lost and Found LOST-- Brown leather billfold. Hurt fiealton. Reward, EL' 2-101S. ' i.OST-6 monlhs old T*li« *!o(f. Blac With a liltle brown. Ar-Savers to Jiam Lady. Kb i-4SK. LOST-- B Lac V lenlher card holder to Uinlnr Hcen»e » n d other Importan canfc. Reward. El, .1-1039. Northwest of EiUon. Mi*fin(r lw week*. Ph. wllifl EL Z-1S20. Ptrtonafs GUARANTEED w»Ub and elotk r« pairinr. Grarbtal Jewelry. L WILL not N responsible for an debts incurred Hy anyone other Itu myitlf. Paul Fuqua. FOR "drink.* i problre-.i ' eonUct A ceSoltei Ar.o'n-mouj, 2 HI 8 7lh A, P. 0. 1209- EL S-GM1. *L 2-3*3 TnmtroTtBtioii ELLS Kent A Car, S12 N. llth AT EL .MBM. Wi d*li¥*r. Anyt5r»«- COING lo b»rWr achool in Denv »b.(L. Avply in perwn. Harry J Drlv. in. So. 8th Av*. dally except Sat. ami Sun. Seme for tnlervt**,-. OUKTAIN help and cashier, i i l u h l »hifl. Prefer woman R«M 21-35. Utii- forms turn. Apply in peiion. Hart)- * DrlrtnJ So. ?lb Ave. v r K A C H K K S nee dpi. now »nd for f«- ond lemtstfrr. Enroll in »· a*t(v* asceney. Western Slates. Teacn«r'.t Kxchnnse Hox 30,, HonMer. Cnlo. A' ANTED -- Housewife or mother for well p«1r] nart lime work. Houn ar- rangerl for your convenler-ce. Write Box V-16. t/o Tribune. EX PER. EN C ED nisht f r y cock, top wag«, BWI] worKlnr conditinai,. prefer w o m a n a.te ?* to -IS. Apply In penon. Hurry'* U r i v i n , So. Sth Ave. WANTED-- Two mm or women for . r u r a l route work. Earn $2 tn $5 per hour. Choos* your own bouri, Kfr appotnlmcnt rail EL 3*4121, ur itop FCI.AN'IC eypcrJcnted in br-Ve and n.icnrr.cnt work. Five itay w«V, iaU ary pl-Ji comm lesion with numeroui company benelitf. Contact R. llolub. h'ircstoce Store*. 113« Mh Ave. K A l f T V CounieJoTj-olfers M rep Ml In* incoine for married women ?S. No ranvas^mit. C«Jl KL 2-lTfi. or KL 2-GS15 before I D a.m. and a f t e r 4 P.M. 'ANTF-D -- Married man between aw 24 and 31 Tor bevernce route tales- man trainee, Permanent job with «- c/o Tribune. WANTED Experienced Painters for winter months ahead Call after 5:00 1114 15th St. ELglii 3-1315 Wanted MANAGER FOR APT. HOUSE -- In Grecley Must be q u a l i f i e d to deal with public nud accept resronailtili y t between 25-45 yrs. Prefer no children. Excellent opportun.t for rtgbt parlies, Call fitter E p.m. ttritllelon) PY 4-4.600. EJucBtiftH and Instinctta I Men and Women Needed TO TRAIN FOR , CIVIL SERVICE JOBS We Prepar.* Men and necessary, grammar school edu cation usually, sufficient. Perm anent job, no layoffs, ihor hours. lilgb pay. adranctraen Send name, /.home uddres phono number and time , horn* Write Box O-34, c/o Trlbun It rural, giva dir«ctlon. Bu tine is OppartunrtMi W A NTKO-- Dealer -for tek-wed Hybr USTOM corn rii-yln*. URoy Rayburn. r lh. EL 2-7835. V A N T K U -- ' Lkji*r work. Corral or "j jiTirthmi;. Don* reiwnibly 2Si-11BI. ^USTO'i. corn comblnlnr- Harold tur- T tow. F:l..t..!71K. ORN rorabiJilnx or vtekfn.1 filtvai- or furntiheJ. $10 per acr«. Luther. i A Y ' a n d alraw t a J m g with new tn- ternktlonal baler Paul B u u b . Kston |R5J1 · ' DEN'OHING - 4 Inch M 14 Inch wide, b ft. o«p We tn ·nynbere. fail reol(l]« unlt^ O u r price* are rompellUT*. Alto real «av1r,«n on pluile pip*. C e n t r a l Trenehlaa Servlee Ph. EL J-4IM. »th *** at Qth Street . ' . · Tr.ik Hauling 12 K C J U U I S H removed Ph. EL J-IZOJ. Crorvie Uownlni. ASH 'jnd traib baullni. Geo. Kuppte KL 2-SLZ1, a ter»rd.H number Uh.SSl'nOLS. «eplic tanks. creaie trapi uurapext W K i t w h K KL li-9o5T :r«SSPOC)I-3. i c p t i c unki. EL t-1755. or CL 3-136S \Vayn« Ahholt ASH anH Irish haullt.5. Fred Otlr*... t'h. Kl. 'il-USg atiylimt. IF IT'S train, *e haul IL Phon« Moving and Stora»« 13 M O V I N G and llor« proMem)7 Call *rferl» Movinc am* Strr§,re. El FOR local or tone distance movlni. tee 2-U5t W* tSLh StrMt Wonted to Rent 14 Grade A dairy. Hav« references. AT -*-7956. nlihed apt. for 2 male pertoni, por- manent. Musi have private entrance. Write Rox V - I Z e/o Tribunp. For Rent -- Houwt 1 5 TWO bedrm. home in Evans, immeni- Me accupunry. {65 per mo. EL 3-2356. TOR RKNT-- 3 bedroom fcou»e. elwe n. t'OR RENT-- Nke 3 bedroom home. $105 per month. El. 3-2004. hou»?. Clrwe to collect. EL 3-06S2. THREE bedroom house for rent. Avail- ab!e ImmeHtately. EL 2-23TT. FOR RENT-- House ct Ault. S rooms and bath. 2E4-7S5B. TWO bedroom home, f u r n . or en Turn. In K«ney. 3S5-2160. TWO briroom unfurauHed duplex To rent. 1BL3 Eth St. TWO bedroom duplex for cent. Cal 353-1 124. ONE b*droom duij.we, New. furnLshed Adulla I9D. Et, 3-1109. EL 2-2404 FOR RENT--A room furniatied hnuse Gas htat furniihed, baby -welcome RcotU Trailer Salei and Court. NEW brick hou»e. Four bHroom«, tw bathe, liflrme. S99 35th Ave. EL 3-565*. or EL 2-7129. TWO bedrm. unfurnished HiLh d home. Avnilahle Dec. 1. J1IO ir.otith Th. EL ?-«!«. Newly decorated, ntlachtd sraraK*. 2 · Elliott Court. EL 2-3136. t FOR KE\NT-- ^mall house, r.ear «1 «t unrurnishrf, «0. Innvilre a. 941 91 -ATe. f ,wfck day». 8 lo «. . THREE room modern hTM:**. Span s community. I n q u i r e at 1C01 J3t . Ave. with baie. 180 per month. J12 6 9 TWO Sedrcotn hou^. R*r»Ke. v e n t t i a blinih. wall to wall carpet. Ph. t d 2-5230. WO bedroom a Adu U. Call « ARTLY forn. Arlinslon «chc OH IlKNT-- Ku Ulilillea raid l a . N O M V VTKt miinth Se« Sk furnisheri. Apt '(IK »»KNT- Ca rtv,T.lh 119 S JI.L'AiN two n N I C E * rooni ' Hoove/. .!13 t Uh Street. or tuJjr. EL 2 intied. Citll E f u r n . or u n f 620 1st Slrcet CI-KAK, eomfo Ulilitiei paid 2-2770. THUEB roon. t ( r imfurnish 2-5652 or KL A v c . . f 4 0 .mo. for One lady. FOR RENT-- H ullHt.PS pn!d W O R K I N f i w f u r n . $S.M Tlh SI. apt., u n f u r n . 2-3137. FOR RENT-- Unfnrniihed. rh. Kfi 2-31.! STRUBEL A| furnihcd ap FOR RENT-- 3 - e.oit In. air Tore 6 p.m. FOR RENT-- I main ilbot 7th Ave. EL CLARENDON (urnf thins*, LARGE Z bed apt. Availal P.m. KL 2-6 FOR RfcNT- furnlabrJ u p · nd h a l f f r . a-OOil. NEW 2 bed roc frigerator, e ty room. ' SI. »nJ I Oth leateO. Imi. 2-04M. or E FOR RENT--' basement np age couple. ' PTJT 126 10th E mediate pot * f-H, Opdyk* F U R N I S H E D c room apts,, « cross atree and laiindco ly and mo 1 NICE aparUn U.-\vall cnc area, 1 l«i b kit. and tile . or rh. Er. 2 FOR RKNT- n ond floor · TV antenn c lady. Call b Apt 1. or TWO fcedroo " ceramic I L to wall, level oven, apt. at 1SCD I2tb Av* «02 l l l h Are. rfittlwj " apt. UlllhM* No I 1«4 i'h A««. D«l bini, 1 lltfc Neai *o,!e«« kllcheneue apt. Unl UK Av*. pan, 3 room apt. I l l a»rmen.t apl. U n l , 2-£!9], after E. rre two bnlroom npl. u r n . Call KL 2-41S. ifortah!e f u r n . baie. apt. 1419 H l K St. btkk,duptcic.- furn.sliwl 330 IStK St. Kl, KL 2-7121.' '__ .Ished a p t . ' a t 619 10th -nlilillr^ raid. Suhabh KL 2-*759. .icment a*l, fumlsheO, Ailuils oaly,. *65.CO. . KL 2-1131. wan'l n|t. EveryLhii 1 up ier u-reV. S i or three rooni hi! itilitit* i»Ed. Ph. KL e roon-.r and b» [aln · floor. Cloie A|artmenU. .C!*an. nlc a p a r t m e n t Close in. For Slh SL. Apt. 11. i hirniihec. iptrira*nt lnnulr« 2-4116. after 5t80- buffet · ipl,, ' includii US. · 901 61h St. Iroom iinfitrn.shel ha: ile now. Call !79. iewly redecorated S room it. 3RSO 7lh Ave.. I om caDece. Adulta. :m apl. In L» Sa.le.' Ke- corni floor. BtEi Ave. Ph. ,pt. Stove. Ko pelB. Middle , ]61Z 7th Ave. Ca.l for ,t after *, EL 3-«175.-. ntown ' ap"rlm«nta I0th Kt, Reasonable rates, im)V)Ei. partially furn.h- :eney. KL S-G741. ; 1 mpletitr, 1 and 1C bed, TV,' ' teleplione atreel from abopplntt center dromau Utilities paid, week i f h ratca. 240.) 10th St . tpeted, close to ahoppl large bedroom, living rr 1901 I In Ave. Fw XiM -- Buil.inti 20 BUILDINli for r«Wl 11 m l«th SU F.I, Z.*(W.- . . ' . · · ' . . BUSINGS' lixktlnn,"-!, N» «|V It., l ' vftlcw. Kli S'ISW.- ' ' h O R KKNT 01 leait. Business bulM. tni ' 4 K» q It l'«i In »ve CEMENT' b u i l d i n f , J.40J HJ. II., mil. able -for 'manlitftclurlna 1 , shop, itor- .ace. 1'arl bascmer.1. hot wmer hen. HI, J.-jSt') . . . . . . · , ·MwMiNh H***» -- C«bi«» 21 ENTERTAIN, special v a r l l TM t n . m o u n . It a' cabin. WlH aecoromadala 12. EL SVOJSS. · · . . Offkt StM c« 22 GROUND floni office snaet 1019 l n l h A v e . Ph KL Z-2516 ( I N K room office. IGln St. '.ear colEecc lln mf... tncl heal Jl«ht F.I. «-n«n OFFICE 'space tot renl in Cotonadtt BulMinr Newly" o«c«raled Inanirr Wheilei. Realty:-.EI a-cu.t Janitor »ervTee furnMuH 1 All ton. 3 venienreal; tnclwlinr · p a r k i n g ' R t n l ressnnante; ;Camflel._ .Jlrilel Ir.i. rooms at 1S11 «lh St. Utllllie furni«hecj, *7fi per monln.' I'n. EL ' 2-1U71... · FOR RENT - 2 and ' room oflirt suite* available 2nd flr*r PirV Place llalldinrt. 621 Me. St. liwiolre . Nr. 11CI Ph SI I-97K2 ni F.I 2-*.71 ' TOK RENT - UesliBble office space available ID · Grretet BL'lldir.R Ele- :· v.lnr strvlce Apply SI Greeley · R n M l n E . rh EL 2-5747 , FOR KENT-- Tkre« room ollke mllr. 1 Newly vleenraled- Utlllt'io fiirni'hcd Whceier Really C m . ISSI Slh Ave full nave TUnBaii. EL I.ml6 ^ KOK 'RENT-- Hedlcal.anrt Denial spare available In [he MHlnl AtU. Build. I n z Alr.connllioneil a'nr! hesled Con °' Contact Wlwclir ' R«»ltT Co. El. Ji.«fi . . . - - ; OFFICE SPACE y ··' FOR' : RENT . . Ground floor. Campus Pharmacy lr ' ti«llt Sp«cc 23 «· LAI\GE canreti.enl. ptxkiiiy ipac« I1E . ptr month. R»pp'».' 260' . Ipth £L «. FOH RENT -- Modern trtUei »pte« ·M N a t u r i ] 'in. UooYet Trait*,/ Ourl ' - -I* l i l h Ayi TUT E' t-9391 "L l .· · Bo«rd~~an4 'Room . 25 P R I V A T B home Tor clderlj p*opl«. Ph *· KL 3-35If. - - ., . ROOM and boirtl Good food, luneht picked, modem rogmi, Al eoTiv«n Jf knees 87 week, bj month. Eliv»»r f^ Fr«« rArkiHg CimflfM Hold. Miiccllineoui 27 '*' t'OR SALR -- OverheaH, cue piece, itn ^- rJiRe door. TxlE. Ph. KL 5-5166. % · V f S I T our-Toylir.'f. l,ir*wny toyi no^ 1th at Cimblei, 910 lOLh St. EL 1-01E1 r|, NEW iTiri u»^ wrlden. EL 2-ltOT. '· nil- SPARK plue«: n 'E9e. Ciih ind earn MtsctEkiMoui 27 [or n«w tnJ ur«d lnirk» :OHPI.b~I'£ repulr work on nutoi. b»l- KL 3*351*. s'l3 U l K St. 'Oil SAL^-SmiLl 1 room hou»« to b* moved. A-type hojf bouiei for I*)P I'h. EL S-ISSB. *1R3T elm tt«overlnr *nd repairing of Iruck inti. CanvM wfrk. Woo-ij Cinvn Producli. 193? 10th St., 5.VV ^LASSBS rtpitrnl tira**r Icnt.t duplk«terf New framei. (Jreeiejr Optlral Co . S12V/ 1 A V I EL 1-1672 n It tJ I3«Unc inr-- un Ij I ] -IKl pet pn- *ens«r lire. Weight* f r W t O 1C. K K A I . ittd fttihiunrn tioretvur.rt dra|i» In We 3ie. 69* ba»» At '"'it Rej. l i t DruK SU-rf* KOK qALK--- i rylimler rlectiLc hrfhl p l n n t for enblnt or fallout ihfller. 1123 Xlh Avr. SrKCIAli uMd pUMle coaled esc b*- keia. $1.25 c»th, Meyer Drat. Hatchery. healer* tnilacH \vilhm 24 hn. C»!l Kl. 2-302. your Wcilvkw Co«t-lo. coa.t Store. 2419 18 lh St. ·omelhlnE v*u e*r, ui« at the Winder W h i t Hut. U1I III Ar« El 2-2701. ELKCTRIC moiori, all HMS - n«w and rebuilt H u r i n a ElectrirJi W n r k i . S21 Eth Si.. 2 Dloeki £*( of Poil OKlcn Ph KL f -061U B I C Y C L K S . lacse ie;«tior from »1.6U up. Guns, ·tnnmnilkni. Ciihlng tackle loo Alkire'i Sfmrtlna Good., 121 7th Rt Kl. ·J-95'M SIKGLER c*a *nrt oil ticaien. tiew anH '-i(^. Merrill'* Weslvlcw Coait to C-«t. 2 t i n IQih Rt. EL 2-302 ALL typti btaul) worX d n n « by -u tiervTied ilurf«nU at sr.*Mly reduced prien. Grecler Benuly School. 820V. TV PK WRITERS, addm? miehlnei 2-0366. 1201 l l t b Ave · lira -- all izes. Northern Genera Tire Inc.. 1710 lib A"*- Fb. EL ?-2605. SrOHM doon «f.l wlndawi. Chain link («nci. A l u m i n u m »wnlng« A l u m i n u m . (ibrcKlm. vrood patfe covers and earporla. Fir« esciprt CIHflcirx-fc Horn* Ser%ie«. EL 2-6006 FOR r'ASI f a m i l y taundry »«vle call Crr"S*l While Laundry Wathed dried and foHci], 12 Ibi. only S6c fret detirerj. 9U llth Ave. El 2-3192. POOT. table*. cmnplEte with two 5 inch curs, one *eL of 2 l / S balls in Irlnnelc. Hed arJi-jatnient. automati ball return, 9G inch** hy 50 inches '$84.00. Rix« inch. 169.SO. You ca charcc it at Gamble*, 910 -10th S . FOR NEAT dcpendabli printing r» will find thii mo-'ern »hop an X ccl!«nt ieleelion. We folfow cop carefully and we civ* vcu q u i t t work at reaionible coat. Brins u your prlntinjt worlt today Ph. f, 2-0211. Tribune-ReoubHcan PtJb O NKW batt«n«s. fuaranieed oni yea · J7.9S exchinee. Ujed bilteriM. 13.9 Battery repiirinr- Rebuilt eenera tori and itflrlen. AIL type-' of in Umeiipa and repilri Uttd can an pickups. Low prlcei. easy tertr- Mon., Nov. 13, 19G1 GKEELEY TRIBUNE Page 17 HounkolJ Goodi 30 v'ICK rt(rlltr«tor. »5l 21 In. TV run. lulr. It*. Kl/ !-l!l3 V A N J b] buy ui tritd* a n t l q u r*. [ u r n l l u t e Kl. 2-206G ci El. 2-lttO. 'OK liARGAINS. .hop H»ni Kurnl tur«. TV», »1.05. EL 2. KOI. ·\VO iriecr l l r l n r n»oji] F C I : «l*n 3 piece »eclton»l w l ; onil (tlr.eUe »el. 1P16 20lh St. RH. Kl, J.S236. toil SALK-- Kitchen lilt Skuler nil burner »'.ove with lilovcr. KL 3-2129 evening*. IIICHUACX 1 culhk.n touchy wing K.r, 2-0284 «fler C. wilK «ir Fukni nutlrcuM. }G9.U5 UlrJcLrWrl 1 . Kurnltur*. 2201 Mill SI f A K K mil away tlw Ulue !.n*tr* x « y from ctri«li and uiihnUterj', If* the ttr.f*t. Knmai! J'jiirvt Start. 1IKCK Kon. I'o.l for bc.l buyi In «.*d f u r n l l u r * . Spilth r.n U Y the hr»l In u i r d f u r n l l u c e Kl tr.r lownl roit a n d t*ke tin chnncCK nt the KMint Trillin: Toil. 2 mile, Complete Household Goods. Freezer, 9 ft. upright. Washer and Dryer, Frigi- daire. 30 in. electric range. 7 ft. refrigerator. 2 bedroom suites. Rugs and Misc. items. Cnn lie seen at AETNA FINANCE 70S Ninth Avenue Money to Loan 31 Farm Ranch Loans LONG TKR.MS - LOW RATE ASA T. JONES, JR. 35 Years Loan Correspon!en Kansas City Lite Insurance Company. · Cllfloril G Campbell. Mgr. 1019 Slh Ave. Ph. EL 2-6411 LOANS FARM and CITY Luw InlcVeBl Rate Courteous and Fast Service Livestock 41 30 GOOD Hertford ciEve*. Call JCL J.OSE6. ?Crt 16th SI. J IHK .Stocknum-- Weikrnwfar. O N K itollri) Hertford hull. .'Good brrc-Hnx, Call EL 3-03E6. 101 16th filrcel. ; -. FARMIORS, UANCHE'KS In Greoley Area 13 and ?5 cash paid for fresh dead cows and horses. P5 to $10 for crippled and down horses and cows. (Call aa ^o»n as t'osslbl* Alter Animal Illesi Immediate Service Seven Days a Week -- N'lRht or Day Call Collect: Greelcy EL 2-1788 LEE DOG FOOD CO. Poultry 42 DUCKS «ntl gcose for Ell?. El. 2-S441. I'h. El. 2-0507. : ins Mor.d«y thronth FrHar. El. 2-42W. lUctltr Toullrj House, 1111 7th Avenue. YEAR OLD Heavy and Light Breed Roasters Light Bree-1 Hena LIVB lOo Per Pound MEYER BROS. ': HATCHERY .; 719 7th St. ' EL 2-Sm · P«t Stotk 43 Alt Uth St., downstairs pt. riC.UlllNES, trorlcsl fi.'h. S'JI'p!ie 1^5'. 533 Uth Ave. I'h. EL 2-S171 LITTLE Chihuahua pup*. KL 2-JH3. :-UKEUItKD German Shepherd n'-ppi*" AKO itu,l. Th. 3o2-65iS. FOIt SALE-- Repi»l*rel Collif iiuppk-* 523 Applewood. Littleton, Colcrado JUST arrived, new Ihil'nwnt of aquarium plants. Water-Land, 233i · 6th SU Et, 2-29!8. dies with permanent lhot», 9 'wk» old. Krank J. Croni, ALplne 7-1428 C A N A R I K S . Tarakeets. llamlutorB cases, complete line of ret Bupplies Krank'. Seed and Hatchery, l O r l O l n Street. . . TROPICAL fish, pol.lflsh, a q u a r i u m s filler*. air pumps (Acratora) Frank'l Seed and Hatchery, 1W 10t Slretl. Sewing Machines -- Y a c u u m i . 0 4 J VACUUM cleaner*. Scrvlee. and («tt USED fill ' EL 1-? Would liVe to join car .8511, Gilerest. CAR rentals, dally, weekly, monthly. Greelcr Leasing Companr- RL 2-9114. 1100 Sth Ave. ·ArmownccMCiiti THINKING of Bicycles r ThlnV of Arkirt's Sporting Gooda, EL t-«ll. SELF-SERVICE dry fleanir.I, ,«.M per load. Classic- OeaninR Center. 7460 Stb Avenue. EL 3-3»7i. SELL 495 worts: of Walkins Fair V a n i l l a and make SO for your »anisatkn. For Information, call EL M424. CALL EL 3-3318 for private diair, ikowint fn tie offices ot Jack Ellsworth Co.. ' D i a m o n d Brokers, 111 First. National Bank Bulldiaaj. Ct. Solitaires. JS9.50 up; 'A Ct. Soll- uires. »5Z.OO u p : 3/ Ct Solitaire* 1137.59 up; 1 Ct, Solitaires, tllZ. · iin. This price includes 14K white yellow »old mo-Jnllnl. Ask. for diamond comparison anowinr. Cal £L 3-3340. Prefiiiranal Scnrkci GUNSMlTil in townT Ves alrl A ' Alklre's Sportlcz Goods. El, S-9501 Srvic«i GREELEY Curtain Cravnera. No pll marks. 705 «th ATB- Ph. EL 3-U85 OABINET shop. N e w work a n d repah Breeley Lumber Co.. 21CS IDtb SI PORTABLE weWinff, electrle an acetylene. Reasonable rate*. Browr le« Caraie. EL. 1-3516. H1CYCLE repairs, all makes, model Alklre'a Sportiar Goods. Camflel Efotel Bldr. EL 2-»!«l. FOR THOSE ioft b*et#rla fret dlap en. call Greeley Diaper Service. Wi wflih your* or rent jo'j OUTI, E 2-3192. HAVE; your pillowi B0n« «tale1 Bi iih perspiration odor. Fealn*r pilk cl«iaed, fluffed, deodoriud and pi; ed in new tickinz by Nu-Way Clean trr. 2122 10th St. EL 3-3414. B R A K E Relint Sp*cUl -- Mo*t _ I1J5.5 tabor IncludH. 24-hour «rvic P r n f c e and litrht ir.jpectioT. v U t i i Wr prt-Vup and dfJiver. DEck'o T ac* 11« HI A«. EL 2-5.07. FOR THAT NEW SHAVER, REPAIRS, PARTS, ACCESSORIES, 8KB WELDORADO DRUG GILBERT BISHOP D R U G GILBERT HILLSIDE P H A R M A C Y Hek» Woffled VYelrn ^lh; WelULtet. Nebraska. ELLINGTON GBra K e. jusl alt S7 tn Colo. I' on Wain Slrett. Cornpfcje with inrentory and tools. M ft. b- 76 f[, *7,500. For appoiniment to xre FOR HENT-- Home, 3 bedcoom ' EL 3-2673, Loveland. ONE bedroor legt. J6S p Realty. ANT a .successful buiinen of yo-Ji va t A amall inT?i'.menl will « iu up as a Mae Tonls Distributor ,r this area. E. Arii, Box 416. Boulder. Co.u, Srt»aHoell W««tee) '10 r i N D O W washing. Homes ar.d busi- ses. Professional work. bL 3-I9SO. ANTED--Ironing. KL 2-1734. . ANTED--Ironing. El, 3-C9I7. ANTED--Haby sitting in my home Call EL S-31SO. want* light work for , Th. EL 2-6SI6. IIOHISON Floor Sanding. I'fc. EL 3-0599. 1*15 5th St.. Greeley. Coll MAN wants yard work or odd jobs EL S-336S.'. ARBIED man winter month WANTED-lronlni. Call EL 2-4314 PAINTING, decorating. Leach.. EL 2-»215. 'WO handy men will Ho any kind o rcpBir wcrk. EL 1-6iS9. VILT. rlo baby .itling in my bomi 606 14lh St. E! 3-4S31. BABY silting In my home, day .Ight. 1714 81b St. EL S-2961. SEPTIC tanks and cesspools elfsr.ed Reasonable rales Call El. M740 'AINTER. Beautiful work. No joe, to, amall or big. Call D * R's, EL J-1Z43 ECONOMY Fainting Service. Free esl males. Immediate arrvlee. EL 3-i2H decoraltni. Gilei PAINTING and Romero. EL 2-6079. fl b u l l d i n j WANTED-- Ne Ing, town or country t p.m remade Call 234-E.ilX WANTED-AH lypt» of lewir, id allernationi. AT 4-S93- BA"BY «ittinjr in your home. H.M KR«d voman. Experienced. 1214 llth St., ba'emen.l apt, atlei 2 p.ra. TRENSHING for water Hr.ei, MpUc tanki and Wehlnr fi«'^- ^ p « 11 * Hardware. AT 4-73S iandy 7-451. " house, . hlk. from col- r mo.'EL 3-11153. Joyner OMPLETELY furn. 1 and 2 bedroom cottages. Weekly and monthly rales. 2403 10th Slreet. OR RENT-- Av«il«ble Nov. I'..,*'TM room house. Adults oaly. Availabl with full drive in basement, for storage. Inr^uir^ at 321 N. I6lh Ave. ·OH RENT-- 2 bedroom hous 142» -- . !3rd Ave. West of Heath Junto. High. »60 pe-r raonlh unturniahed Phone EL 2-5H7. t House, SS5 per ,.- small children for lawn and side FOR RENT--One or two Ixdi bile fcomes, electricity, water, space included! also, pickup eoiehea campers. Nusiers. EL 2-7S68. THREE bedroom duplej. blocks west of Ci month.. No pets Ttenler m«st care ... v.-Ml. EL 3-11C». El, Z-2404. ·4F.W duplex, 2 bedrooms, built In oven, range, disposal, lots of cabi nets. Wall to wall carpeting, drapes Adults, co peti. U10 monta. El 2-»589. MMEDIATE possession, 3 bed brick home, . I K balhs. caraae. Jack aon-He«lh school district. 1115 P« month. Call owner in Denver. SKy line 7-0847. VERY nke 2 bedroom duplex Huilt in oven and range, dn-. carpel. 920 36th Ave. JIM per month Slay one year and set the 121 monlh r e n t free. El, 3-03S3. , . se in. Utilities paid itable for wnrkii Call lo see at 1121 »th SL ALE--Used truck tires. Auto Supply. A M E R I C A N J u n k Y a r thing, yll everything 40! Gti St l. Alao Drav MOTO-RAKER lot r!nU THK Stuckm.o-- FOR HOUSE m F.L 8-ill«. . A I Two IZ- ln. an blllx* .buliatnia .for BATTERIES. 19.!. (13.95 · y s a r . EUarant«c o I t t Kacp'a Gas 1VANTED--Cltan t Oreeley Tribune. unit in tile bath. fournlcx. Hai Carpeted wall Drapes, dishwasher. y# , ayrface, hot wa- and enrage. All of this for »120 per rr.orrlh. Ph. El, 2-8CS8. OR TlKNT~Onc beilroctn aparlmen(. Seeond floor, private eulrance. Stove, refrieeralor. drapes and u t i H l i e s furnished. ArfnlU, no !oi;s. 3 hloelu ucst Po.1 Office. J60.00. KL 3-1163-El, 1-2(04. I F O R SALE--19 doiihle Kei KU caciijy ver.dinp mtchine* fR SALK-CplHer'* Et.eyc]op New *ci, never been used. C»tl 4:3t). EL 2-3ESO. · USER" 70,000 HTU'projHine GBI heater. Like ne^ |5I. 2 used 26 inch giiTi blcyclu. -Your choice, 113.60. Used refr iterator, )20. Kir«lone Stores, 1110 Slh Ave. FURNISHED APARTMENT rurnislied Kpncioii3 i bedroom apartment. Grceley'a finest. All electric kitchen, hot water hpat. garage. Pprmanents only. 1725 18th Ave. To see call, EL 2-7113 Large Apt. For Rent Two hcirm., wall to wall carpetinjr, drapes, refrigerator and stove. CAMPUS PHARMACY O A U I N L T vrciJc, *lt*rm *t»l. Cotnpl*tt stock ol wut coal lumtxi. Ward Pit nine Kill Co. KI. Z-7B4 WANTED -- LiKcotn ca-nlr, ]909S -15.03 -- lailS ~ 1912S -- ) i n s -- 19HD -- 1»»S -- 1915S -- 1025D -1022 -- J 9 2 4 H 1931D -- HJ1S -- 1833D. Cr»Hy Truitt, 170S 10 ING ovcnexj/ mi;*! **3t 153S Ch«v- rolel V-8 210 l U t i o n w a f f o n . Ex cellent cor.aition. New iic-?s. r«rJit · nd hextcr. N«w paint job. ,S«/x«»nl Smith. Tlvine ^51-*02I, TA. 2-324K or KL ?-6766. Household 30 FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment. Unfurnished 2 b e d r o o m duplex. EL 3-1888 FOR RENT--5 room. Z bedior.m house, carpets and drapes, electrle dishwasher. Full basement, extra rooms, larase. HM 12th Avt. U15.00 monthly. Call Dave Manian, Wheel- .er Realty. EL 3-0346. Fcr ail -- RCXHWI 16 WARM, clran rooms, lineton Hotel. KICK, larEe room, elos 810 12th .Street. g09 7th St. Ar- ia. Reasonable. CI.KAN. desirable room for working man. 1403 16lh Ave. El. 2-.57S. UNFURNISHED A P A R T M E N T FOR RENT Ground floor, private entrance and bath. Permanent, single lady preferred. EL 3-0420 Five-piece bedroom suite, Walnut wardrobe Baliy Crib DroplcaC talile and four chairs Dining room suile. eiglit pi 'elvet love scat, like new PAWTlNG, reilrfentlal raa!nt«nanet · ·peeialtp. Kir»t- cla» work and material. L. 3. McDatiiel Ph CL 1-0250 ALTERATIONS--Ladies' men B dotk- . Ini fiiace'a AlUratio» Saop. 8121,, Slh St. EL J-2S7J. TERI.ING Hotel. Roorr.B with or with. out b»th. rr.onlhlj or weekly. R*te* · B low ft |7.M per week with b«lh. Mzid lervke. pfcone. csfeteriB. p t r k . Ing lot. All coa^enieriees. BRICK, block, cement class frork. low price, mates, f t , EL J-IMS cork Kitu Fin «tl. WAITRESS WANTED SMght Shift Top Wagen Experienced. Apply In person. CAPER CLUB CKSSPOOLS. «re»ae trap., pomped Free Inspection. Hk Et- »-U«s. Rei Ctinnlnnham. GUARANTEF.D palnliaj and papei hancini. For free eslimsUa. call Don Moore. F.L !-»! Need Extra Money For Christmas Colorado Company needs two Indies to work out o( their home assisting our public rela tions dept. rieapnnt Iclepbone voii-s reqiiired. Above average earnings. For interview Write W. B. Karl, 220 Majestic Bldg., IMRTtr t, Colo. "liRB and eulter, stdt waits, drlv«- ways. pslioa. floors and block work A and H Co F.L J-SI52 vV'll.l. car« lor children afea 214 and un. tn mr licensed home; Constant anderstand'inr. ad-jh siip*rTialon Ref .rencas. El. -TU. P A I N T I N G , olerlor. inurnr. R«a soBibl. and coarUoua aervlca. tatofi 18. C E alxrkk EL J-lMa. W J Cehhardt AFTERNOON employment. E«p«rler,c 1,-er.eral cffiee. lyplci. l^hl short hand. I^K-al reference. All I n n u i n ar.*werH acrl c n n f l n n l i « l . \Vrll« llo V-1S. r / o TriUine. Curtom Woek M l f . r . W O R K a«,l pre-hunr aoors. R«»H ler CaWnel Skcp, 1 Are. at « S CORN italic cr.onMnz v.-»h I.t Will pile stalks. 2^|.al9i. PltW.R. ·Steller »«rvlte. Also cor Ihelllnit. WllVirt Kotlnett. KL !·(!! AllTIN Hotel -- Weeklr and conlh- ly ralea to working oeopit. TV ICR. clean bedroom with private bath. PARK PLAGE APTS. Furn. or unfurn. bullet apt*. iteam neat, hot water nd tilitics. ?3fl per month. An- ily 827 Sth St., Km. 210. Reasonable, by week. 213 l l l h Avenue. Motel Hnovtr SI 3-0752 or Opdyk* Agency, nc. Ph. EL 2-5747. :OOKS from «Z5.0» p«r oionlli El Colfe. Shop, psrkina lot. maid jervke, Bll eonv^ workioi ple. eieuti»es »nd B«niOi eilii' Rocms icilbout b*th. rooms with bath radios nr.d WlevIsWMi. Lunches psrked. Room »Dd reeal rates hj the month. Re«llF y°ui M«l l1 '" 1 town. The Camfleld Hotel FM «««jr--Ap««. CLEAN tkree. room furnished r s s e m e n l .PL Adulu. 1302 Slh SI. SOUTH Greelcr. 2 bedroom u n f u r n apt Inquire 1012'j l«lh A v e . ATARTHKNT. furoishel or o n f u r n . lhea. Children. EL S-06S3. FURN. apt., main floor, utilities, pri ·ale bath. 1M. EL 1-tllt. IN RVANS. Mice furnislved apl. Pri bath and entrance. EL 2-6«53 pt. icladini ;T COSTS NO MORE TO LIVE IN THE BEST1 1215 8th Ave. 2-0211. Tribune-ReoubHcMi Ptjb O NKW batt*ri«. luarinlc^d out rear. Buttery repiirinr- RcbuiU eenera- tori and BtJirler*, AH iyptf fit "uUi ricVups. Low pr ret. easy tenr.i John Tboirpson'i r T *riire. «61 Blh Ave. Ph. EL S-lBiJ. A L U M N U M * Storm Doors * Storm Windows * Awnings * Siding Greeley Glass Shop 2003 9th St EL 1-8263 h Ch.i.tmas Gift Guidt 28 i M A K K the new W«ilview Cosst Store your toy and jrift head- nimrters. Jl.OO hoWs .ny gift on layr * »way. 2410 10th St. Open every eve- 3 nine till 8:30. Ralph Merrill, HauicSold Goods 30 I FKEK turlity wilh the purchase of any five nr seven-piece H i n r t l c »el or *alx sleeper. Use our t h r i f t y p»y- mcnt plan. GBmblps, 910 lOlli Si. FI. 2-3187. _ SELL w h a t you don't *»nt-- buy c wht jou nt4eJ. GoniiKnmcnta re- eeived ddilj. Auctfoa Mordsy nlffhts, 1 p.m. Privat* » e daily. KirsfAve. Auction. 1700 First Ave. EL 2-7574. ' THRK.E foot 1 inch Ortho-romfotl Itoi- 0 lywood bH w i t h bix sprine » n H in»t- treis p«fWcd hrarirvnarrf, met*! frame, »74. Other r,T HoUyv-cod brf* at K ni^nth. Gamble.-, 910 10th St. KL J i ?-t)lfi7. Jgh's 'urniture la. Like new. $125 n . i t ?S1 5f1 f24 S ?10.0 5 . . ?fil.S ?in s covered In turciuoise J13S.5 and rail. Very high nuality Willon and pad. {S.Ott Bnuare j'iir H'S, INC. EL 2-6822 LOANS FARM and CITY Luw InlcVeBl Rate OPDiKE'iiSENCi 16 Greeley Bldg. EL 2-5741 Representing THE M U T U A L LIFE INS. GO. of N.Y. Bo fits Supplies 35 JOHNSON Su-Hor** «le,, »tid *trv. 1ee. Wilber't Outboard IrUrir.e, 2102 10th Street. MERUU11V outboard motor* Complete Tn«rlo* »a!es" »r.d teTvice R*7nrv1d» Etiuipn-.tnl Co.. K"- 18tb SI. Mil. BOAT Owner i Do fou KTYOW Ibat dry. t-.etl.eA winter i tor a EC for . ur ouLbord motor easls yoa notKinc al C»cadt Umrir.»J 2418 10th Si. EL ?-JR2« Sporting Goods 35-A tf . SPEED R r i U s H b u i l t bicycle, with mtnr extras. In neiv condition. A 12 f,AUfiR douhle barrel s h o t p u n . 155: abo have 2« *nd -2TO riflw for -a]r. 311 I3th Av*. days, cr call EL 2-ES06 eveninin. IlKWARK-of fint Rlanee ,"b»rsair.i. ' S« ua More you buy. Win. Morf. 70, 11U.50; Rem. Mod. 121, *70.t'5 ; nrm. Kod. 870. JH.50 : Weaier K4 F«i)p*^, 32,W. Relondir.R of M-power shfl]-, IZ.fXI T^r l»x. Alkirc'i Sport- ins Corwlf. CamfleW Hotel Hid?:. Fruitt and Vegetable! 39 VEST Slope apple* and ptar»: (.rape- fruit, orar.;ei. and tomatoes ; potatoes, or. ton i. and other vegetal t?s. Datelj Prult a n d ' V*»«»K« ' Mkt.. ]!W* 5lh at F.L i!-Mll. Hoy, Grain, Feed, Straw 40 FOR SALK-- First arwl neeond .cutlinn h»r- EL *.1M1. , FOR SAL-K»r corn ind hay. Ph. I-oTrland. KOrmimrir 7-1202, «^«. FOR SALE-- alalprl wheat and barley straw. Ph. 2E4-6U1. FOR SALE-- Fint and third c u t t r.c alfalfa. Clean. EL 2-7953. FOR SALE-- M a y , *traw. ParV hay . Dclivtred. Don Kelly, EL 2-9491. THK Stockman-Western wear. W ANTED-- r* »lu re for ca tt 1*. Co c n tve«l tops, hay, ?t(, Call El. 3-OS56 or EL 2-1343. head. Call C. C. Hamillon. AT 4-6IS FOR SALE^Frtih Ulerl itiibbte *lr»v Park hay. Stewart's Hay *r.d Grain Phone F(- CoHir.i. HUnter 2-62*6 or HUnter 2-1130. Llveilock 4 HKREFORD bnlli. See Witwer't a SLW Ranch. PrieH risht. FOR SALE-- 408 gallon Daii-Kool bul l a n k . Three u n i t De Laval pipe in milker. Good condition. Au!t 257-U6 FOR SAI.-- 18 h*ad Yorkshire Icftt riati. 11.. 00 T" 1 h«ad. T. K. Chris 3Vj wil«-N'.W. Kutin. Phone 10W1 VOR SALK-- TMI Shetland po^y rn* r and rolls. Call Grorse Frickey, Chx[ pH. XebM^Va before 7 a.m. filter*. air punps (Acratoral. Frflnk'i Seed and Hatchery, 7W 10th Strwi. Sewing Machine! -- Vacuums, 0 ^4 fACUUM. elMBcr*. Service and "(W.U for nil cnaVra. Call Ed r«rrr *t Repp'i. Ph. EL 3-CQ25. IVSGER VJial-A.-Stitch. Tluilt-ln Who tor mku fancy i!«l«r.«. No BUheh- mcnta to buy. Overcata, blmd hemt. bulton-bftlw. Will utit-ta?. h-.o"n.Jt:ram, embroider, lltkt list six vaments of 17.9C rarh, or rush payoff of *1«.60. Write Tribune-, Kox V-n: ; TV-- Rodic-- Seivieei .^46 NFAV TV picture tubes. J3I.55 instilled, Easy termF. EL 2-S130, after t.'. : USED TV* fully reconditlor.e.l\*tid E u n r n n t w J . jrj.?i. 110 doorn, «10 m o n t h . EL 2-5130, afler 6. TV lick? Call TV hospital. Complete jcrvke all niakrs. Ph. El, 2-1111. EL 2-5359. 1214 Tth St., Evani. ,. USED TV s«Lr. f u l l y ruaranieed : .also new RylvunEa TV, Hi-Fi, and Stereo, TV Hospital. 1211 7(h SI., E-an*7 KL 2-0113, Kl, 2-5350. MUJJ'CQ] Inslrumcnrs . 4 7 P I A N O ana rcpaliinr. Work E^ranleol.-Box 772. Oton. Pb. 405. N"E\V f full *ii? Splnft piar.os-- 149T.OO. HamnKa'I Orcan Sludios of G re dry, M5 8th St. EL 3-OSfil. ·· Real Estate 48 WILL b'jy «?nuily in hbme. or interne rrorcrty 'f price is^ richt. CL 3..1IC9. TWO f r a r old tKrrr hcdroom br5-k, 1 bloek from school, F« pa rate 'dininsr rocm, w»ll to wall carpctini. draics, fenced back yard. 710 33lh Ave, Cl. EL 2-i38S. . - ;. SAVE money L B-jy one of the^e 1* bedroom bricV homes. Jots of birch kitchen cattr.eta. nlcaty' of closfts, livinsr rocm »r,d bedrccm? l i t : car* rcted. i.arse feUs. near Evani grade School. Call EL 3-OK3. room home. Carpeted liirinsfdfi}ine combination. Ni^e »1ted kilclicn. built-in ranse and o v e n . Lot*- of rabir.ets and closet *pare. Full l«s.e- mer.t. Coma ar,d i«f 54% 33th Av«., mornintri or after - EL 2-4154.: Don't Buy Until : You See What ' HILLSIDE HOMES has -to offerl i 3 Bedroom Brick Veneer, t Full Basement, Attached Garage. 1 $550 . Greeley Furniture Co. 2600 S. Sth Ave. Ph. EL 2-5441 TOR RKr4T--Furnished ntlliliea. »SS IClh St. TWO mohife hnmei. One aas heat f u m - i.he.1. Scoll Tralltr Sales and COUTI. F U R N I S I I K l l room a r a r t m . n t , rri- Me hath, nr.-l enlrance. Near Mzr. !hci1. »15. KL 2-26H, a l l r r 6. N I C K 2 hedroom a p a r t m e n t In duplex. Hlh Ave. Cl. F.lectrlc »tme. '«'''«· erslor, care?!. dr«r*- Call 3SJ-26S2. L A H r , K " f a r i i . 3 rMrn f r n ' r-t. fcalh and dr«inb«rd. Ulillllo Cl«e In. Cmiprl pteftrred. 1106 llh ·fr 2 Bedroom ·fr 1 Bedroom * Buffet $100 to $140 Per Month Now Ready For Occupancy Call EL 2-0152 2100 23rd Ave. Used hide-a-bed sofa with full size innerspving mattress $49.95 Used walnut bedroom suite, complete with springs And mattress . 59.95 Used babv bed and mattress Used X-Bar-X twin bed _ _ LIVESTOCK *pr*yinjr. Over 20 experience. Br^ntner. Th. EL 3-i« or JUniper 7-4440. A R T I F I C I A L hreeHinr. Crt:irfco-j«. ricicnl Mrvice w i t h A.B.S. pro' Big Horse Sale Sat., Nov. 18, 1961 5:00 P.M. Early consiprmicnls Include (i 14.05|Appaloosa mares, ^ registered 9x12 wool rug with pad. Like new Used chrome dinette set __. 39.95 19.95 lArahiau mares: 4 registered 7,50 q u a r t e r horso mares, hred to a good liorse; 2 r e g i s t e r e d and closing costs -- FHA ABSOLUTELY , NO Down Paymenl No Closing Costa ;· TO VETERANS;; Monthly PaymenU Less Than Rent;-: Solid walnut china, like new Used droplcaf chrome kitchen table 90.95 ^hnroitghbrcd mares; 2 . . horses; 7 head of Shetland mares, bred in a P.O.A. stud; a sen.i-loaci of App. colts from So Payola; 1 Apji. geld.: 1ft hd. ot young aaddlR htirses from S.icri dan f Wyo. This will he a l.ip -, _ sale with a !ot o! gotMl horses and two matching Chairs 29.9o|AI. fresh irom the. ronntry t.lrcnsed. ami nnnded f n . .-. the protection of bolh bujor AIH seller. FREE DELIVERY . ' OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 8:30 PLENTY OK PREE PARK1XO 1UI 2-40U 2-f,7f Choose from 5 Floor Plains fa Brick Veneers . ;·: ^j Attached Garages ;' · Gsirhage Disposals :;' ·^ Birch Cabinets J. r Kitchen flange Hoodi;-: ^ Full Ba*fimcnta -j Curb, cewer, tuiter. itrcettl... P H O N E EL 2-675(^1 25th St nnrt 21st Ave.-: EOvenlngs Call: "· .lack Srhrolber EL I'crt Foster KL DRIVE OUT AND SAVfil Ft. Goilins Salt "V FU Collins, Colo. lUarrcIi Walllsch F.L I Open 1:SU IP 8:30 Dtll? V U

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