Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 14, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 14, 1945
Page 4
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» fk. Int. PXGETWO " Sunday Morning j*hui'r 14, i College Faculty, Students Guests ItASTRPBall Liberty, Freedom of Press Studied by the I'FF Mrs .1. (.'. M i l l e r cnlcrtainftd the ni'-mbcrii o', 11-"I'' at a d l n r s c r l a t La , ... POHI*I I-'ri'iay a f t e r which the A.M college, thv sludenl body and i j. ruu p me t hi regular session in m*mbfrfi of N^w M^xicr Uu- JlilJer home. With I he emiKtitutloji of the n i t e d Ktati-K as till' topic of siitly the women's c!nb« of L;t.s were, guests Hi the a n n u a l m i h t a r j ball given by the. s t a f f arni A K T K P men »t the cnllfgp J-Yldny n l f i h t | for t h e year, the two subjects ch in Williams' gymiitifiium. Thf lnill \\iis H t r i k M i B l y d « r ( j n i t ed t.'i the, national tinlnVH. v.'ilh 117-1 Htrcfiiiiers of red. while nnd hint radiating frtJin a eireli- In ih'- ccii- U'r of thn jam-t flour, forming » Crown AKTKP I he of A H T H J n in j; Kc t h e rrnvniitlf,' H e t t y J u n e f ' n i c k e l of N. M Co! A W. r h i l l o n, on ! i a . from W f i H h i i i ^ l " t i , I . (" . f i r r l v In iliiH 1 to o f l i c i j i t c ;H t i n ' crow lor discussion for the meeting wen- "Krei.'dom of the 1 Press'' and P K« lijiioiiH Liberty," Mrs. Jour. Phillips leading in the first and Mrs. Hcvs William* in tin- necond. Mi-nibcrs pretmnt wen; McBdames Homer K a r i i R y , Lp«ter Lackey, C h i t i l i - H Hnrmii. W i l l i a m Martin J. c. M i l l e r , Hudson Murrcll. John PhillipK. Herman Pitts,- Kenneth V'iiienthie, Lawrence Wnllc»r, Hon.' Wi m u m s and MiHr Nnnmi Miller. 'District, Governor kiiirsl of Pilots I! I' I Mr«. HMimri Beyer, Albuqiinrque , . j , ' rf.:tr!'-( j-j'tvi-rricT, ;KIH t)«cn t h , , . (!ii"Ht of LIIR C r u c c H Pilot club K inrntbiTK Hi- print week » n d , at the ijij i ' l i i h ' n w i ' f k l y liiiu-hrnn, f-avf n ro- ,, N u n i i - ni Hi' 1 work of other Hubs 000 ACRES PLANTED TO PECANS ES^ROUTS VISION OF NEW INDUSTRY To IN THE MIDST OF COTTON FIELDS (Continued from page 3) :aiis are Increasing In Import ·e on the farm. M r a ?hat with most of his t'reijs announc^] an( j on ]y a f e w beginning to JauKhtor, n e i r stride, it's not hard tor r j u n k «to realize he Is starting to rc- ..Jr. nnd carry a major production load El Pano,j a shoulrkTH. But on the farms The.w an expert. Paul's \ -vt-nlng JUdge of 'ora afo when D. F. Stahma'nn llvln 'S In the lower valley bc- aBO| ^ ·UH p resen t c ,,] jj · r n he start Fl Paso ^ C til 'e d , ' ** r ' cnt empi j, growing. ted piling up his In this vicinity, he saw the u n l l y lo ''"' hls f 1 ?"" ! nt ° * 9P cratio , n on I 1 l a rge scale. s ^°^ ^ nen was secured experimental nursery start. . · i,,, I1i« , . , . · elm was to .secure the . r j.y liest suited to this valley. - e f u l testing and much ex- c n ^ a t i o n r c n ^ a f o r IVi'tii Master tf I ' l o i Karl ll'- d e p i i r t n s i ' i l t i i ' - l . rl'H'tttlilltl'r · f.Jljefitu i: hotK l s r j ntl.citilf'd H H I'xer while lien- and wan cheon at I,a Pnsta, ' Kin I Wajiieti. n i i i i i . M r S l ^ n C l l p l . i i t n t MLS 1)111 f! M i i l i r e i m i P K |)i'- u i v l i e M N i i i r i l i t O l - ] In f t ' i t n peeiTA«:;:; ;·" put n n i n x l m n .'under ann» ill! tiiKipa; b u t , lii'tuiUiy t h e KrciirrV government repmi.H t l m i t h e Ci-r- ~,T.. nwrifl arc holding 7NO.(IOO Kreneh ··'··" jp"rlAorM?ni of war, 22,1,000 voluntary tejt- French wprK;ru. .750,0.00 Krvncii Hi n VPS uiul (100.000 deportee** of mll- ^. Itnry A|fc. Whleh mmim. If UK- repnrlB are t r u e , Unit It.OQtl.OdO or tlirei'-fnitrlhH of t h e .Sin 1 n nn'tin({ i n luncheon at I,a Pnsta, a f t r ,«!ii'h c u f i i i r i i t t f i * iiH'inbfTH hi'Ul » · m i l ' - i e i H f :it the h-mie of tin- j i r - i i d c i i l , Miirxarel Cn Id well. At t h e cluh mi-i-Llii^ TliurBdiiy, i* l o j l u w i M K rncmbi-i-.f were prc«- ·nt i n i i d d l t l i m l u t h e honored · i n H i ' I'.euliih nnll. M y r t l " Hrook- TMI. MnrKiii'ot f a l - l w r l l . K i l l i i t n v e t i t f i n , Lu.'ile M u r t i n , *!(r;i|(iine u r n e y , f !!«'!'« Irecn. A n n i i h r l ii-cr. I . i i M n n l l i i r v e y . Lorn H i t c h - Morld, Laura HiirriM, Opal i i i l n W i l l f n i ; l i a i i i , The'iuti cr:-, Vcti! RittlPC. Hel"H liro.-k. Liilliiun. U n t i l 2. Hhiieifer, iia NelHon, Kvi'lyu Cnntill. Morrln. Leah resulted In the : present at least, se- 'g three varieties for com- al dcvciopmcrit. . . . limit Varieties . se are the Schley and Brad- Olrl So mg types, and the Burkett, of Ontr( n ,j type. AJ1 three are paper lnvestatut ( | flm ], in addition to produc- :jfi!ri l.brf u a ]jt| C S ( wcr g r hoaon for gen- wening. -galily, appen'ranirc, size, full- Thc 1 pri,f meat and flavor, cmonlcs v m |,I B rcc cnt sales inquiries Muni, GI ! £ i r jt C t surveys, Mr. Schifforle sunlaltve,,^ tht; quality ranks with the sim, rcprf )rr)t i u( .,.j j n t nc country. vil] wclCi van! Stahmann orchard o: Pins vi than lOO.OOfl Irct'.-i, riot count- L. 15. P'tursery stock, really still is Jf Wi!lUn«, ·i H.^.-rt- :itM u l f I. I l H h l e ! l f . try's flighting power, ure I n i t n o h i l - btiokdo \, a n d . -·"tUTC .. . witN.-. four Union ilie of the Mrs. i i n f a n c y as far as production t h u CUI make InvlUl 1 ia years. They start pro- at from five to aix yearn, c orcliard interferes little, if with the other operations of me K'Ml-nj.jn " " 'i-es arc planted 24 to.the acre. COjV"' "H-linnt'ely will b (; thinned to inly the finest trees bciiig re- u«ui 'd. This gives ample oppor- V. f° r Jrowln(i cotton, alfalfa . home o ol - ni ' r ' r( 'P s - [xjpiiliilion to draw from, «h(j hna no more thon o n r - f o i i r t h BH m n n y men on tin; wculcni f r o n t ti» t h e t l u i t e d Klnti-8. lt'« not surprising ,t)ion [ that Aiiierleaim should welcome a nion 1 BRING ALONG THAT HAT WITH YOUR NEXT SUIT Bring all Ihe cleaning, every week . .. we wani Ihe dresses, coats, and all your garments that need attention. If it needs cleaning, counsel with us on the proper way to handle that particular job. Bring a wire hanger with each job if you expect ono returned with your cleaning. QUICK SERVICE CLEANERS 131 North Water Street Phone 402 to tht grazing of livestock. ·%'Cttt Problem 1 nuts harvested? ell, there you've got a quca- btit tht! farm experts arc ;lii({ on it and soon, they be, the.y will have the real ans- prcsfiit the method used is to id a canvas undtr n tree imd tlu* lrc( w i t h long bamboo . Hut they consider this nic- too slow and it requires too r nut picki'ra. icii machinery Is available, jihui to rig up some type Of 'liunica! shakers. One idea Is have the mechanical arms shake t h e trunk of the tree, nn- .ithcr to have It shake the larger Hut the favorite Idea and trie nethod, the nuta 'are broght to tht processinK house where they are harid-feraued over screens for size, general quality and cleanliness They are sacked In 60-pound containers, placed in the storehouses and, after a certain time, transferred ,to p section of the farm's gigantic colcl storage plant. The Stahmann Farms do not bleach or polish their nuts. This is more or less the practice In the tr^de, but they feel it isn't necessary with their nuts. The process, of course, ,they_ point, out. Increases the appearance of the nut shell, but it IB no guarantee of the type of "goodie" Inside and Mr. Schffferle points out that this polishing and bleaching, in fact, makes it possible to market inferior nuts. Market IH Complicated "We're marketing ours Just as they are," he says. "They're clean and have a natural polish. We think they can stand on their own feet without any fooling about it." Marketing is rather complicated, he indicates. Buying is contract- id generally in wholesale lots for the Christmas holiday supply oh a buyer's approval basis. After the holidays, the big market for nuU in the shell nears zero; peo- »le want just the "goodie" then -- ind here's where the cracking lant comes in. . i*h*n Ou^klng Plant Ordered long ago, the farm expects to have its own cracking plftit in operation within a few months, at least. Mr. SchlfR'rle, however, ,thinks the nation's consumption ideas can he changed. There is a consumer resistance in the north to the pecan In the shell. "Up there they Just don't realize how luscious .these southwestern pecans are,' he explained. 'They their efforts. Mr. Schffferle believes the valley can be ke'p't free of infestation forever, especially If the El Paso territory cooperates to its present extent, "Protection from infestation is the only reason the farm here sells any nursery; fltock,," he points out. No Short Seasoii for Nuts There Is one factor of the fyar- vcsting of the pecan crop that looms large -- the fact that the nuts can be harvested over a Ion period. Frost and freezing wea t.her do hot harm them -- at leas in this .cjimate. In discus.sfng.the marketing fea lures of the Mesilla valley huts Mr. SchlfferJe praised the wpr of W. A. Wunsch_ supervisor c fruit and vegetable service at A.'Ti college. Air. Wunsch's depart'hien inspects 'shipments and is qua! i fled to issue federal inspection re ports on shipments which are ac cepted as bonafide in all market: as to grade, quality and condition CHURCHES words pf my mouth, and the med- itajjonii of my neart, be acceptable In thy 'sight, 0 tiord,, my strength and my redeemer." (Psa. 19:14) got used to the little hard shells -- but they nrc beginning to realize these big paper shells really are something delicious." He thinks that before long the ;can in the shell will be the most popular nut in the country. It is just a question of letting people know nbmtl them, he says. Prices Vary with Size Pile Ip latencaa of the season, I right now, with demand light, unshelled nuts are selling at around cents ft pound, f.o.b. here. Pri- i, however, vary due to size, quality and other factors. The shelled product climbs far above that, with demand heavy. The f a r m Is keeping a jealous eye oh possibilities of infestation, the bane of most pecan growing areas. To date, the New Mexico orchards arc entirely frc- from any PRESBYTEftlAN Rev. Frank -F. Jones, minister Mrs. Fred Daniels, organist .Mrs. W. P. Bixler, choir direcor.. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Roy t-T. France, superintendent. Morning worship, 11. a. m. Prelude, "When Morning Gilds the Skies," Ashford; offertory, "O Love that Wilt Not Let me .Go," Thompson; anthem, "Nature's Hymn of Praise," SulHvan-Shep- hf-rd; sermon, "The .Gospel of Love"; postlude, "PosUudc," Calver. A church nursery js maintained in the educational building during the 11 a. m. service. The High School Society of Christian Endeavor will meet this everi- ing at seven o'clock In the annex. Henry Schipman is program lead. Mr. and Mrs. Jones will be sts at the social hour following the meeting, : The college young people will meet at seven o'clock this evening in the college room. Mr. Jones u'ill lead the discussion. There will be a social hour after the program. Choir rehearsal, Thursday, 7 p. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Branigari Library Auditorium Service at 11 a. m. "Sacrament" is the subject of the lesson-sermon which will be read in all Churches of Christ, Sci enlist, today. The golden text is; "The hour cnmeth, and now is, when the true .' which probably w i l l be iidopt- cpcrts general r , policing of nursery stock. These d IH to have a movi-able machine J agencies have the law to back up with adjustable "crows' nests" In which n picker would be stationed The big ma'chiho, probably witl "nrflLs" on two or more adjustable arms, would be moved up to : j tree and in a few moments thi pickers could whip nil the nuts of: the tree mid the machine could b moved, on to l,ho next tree. litiml-KrmU'd Over Rcrwim Once picked, regardless of tin ypc of blight and every .step is j worshippers shall worship the Fa- otng taken to so keep them. Thisj ther in spirit nnd in t r u t h : for the s accomplished through eoopt-ra- Father seekeih such to worship tion of AM college, trucking companies him." (John 4:23} Among the citations which comprise the lesson-sermon is the following from the Bible: "Let the direct invention from the Rural expect more combat from the H i l t Ish, Photosialic Copies Keep an exact copy of your family records and personal papers. Consult Las Cruces Abstract and Title Co. 1291/2 Main Phone 444 FERTILIZER USERS Wi- have boon notified that we cannot get any more Anaconda 4H% Phosphate until about May or June. We have placed orders for a quantity of 20% Phosphate, which will be packed in Anaconda bags. We suggest that users consider this 20% grade, if unable to locate a satisfactory supply of high-grade Phosphate. We expect shipments of this 20% Phosphate in the near future. VALLEY PRODUCTS COMPANY Phone 99 CASH AND CARRY LAUNDRY RECEIVES EXPERIENCED CARE The Acme Laundry and Cleaners ("ash and Carry Plan is a rcliaWe service for war busy people. Any morning on (he way to work, leave your bundle at Acme. Your wash garments and linens will receive experienced lauiidn care, and will lie re- · lurnd to you Iresli and neat, ready Cor immediate use. Avail yourself of the Acme Casb and Carry Service by leaving your laundry regularly al the Acme Laundrv and Cleaners. S \\ITOM IAUNDRY 300 NORTH MAIN PHONE 373 ST. PAUL'S METHODIST . 'b. A. Ridge, minister Hudson Murrell, rnuaic director Mrs. Hudson,Murrell, organist Prelude, "Berceuse," Lorenz; apostfe's creed;, morning -prayer; anthem, "He Will Give Us Rest," Wildermere; responsive reaitling; Gloria Paid; scripture lesson;offertory, "Waltz in A," Brahms; sermon, "A Time for Greatness"; postlude, "Heroes March," Dale. A nursery for children whose parents are attending services i.s I provider! t ...... j ST. ADNREW'S EPISCOPAL j Rev. T _ ; Geprge. Wood, rector Holy E'ucharist, 8 a, m. Church school, 10 a. m. Morning prayer, 11 a. m. Sermon, "New. Beginnings." Service at St. Luke's, Deming, 7:30j). m. · i The 'annual parish gathering! will be held Friday, Jan. 19, at 7 p. ni. hi the parish house. Reports will be presented from a l l . departments, additions made to' th'e |6stry, 'new pledges taken and the mortgage burned. All members are Urged to be! present. This meeting is important.! will be present. If you are not attending church elsewhere, we invite you to be with us. ST. JAMES 1 EPISCOPAL Hunter Lewis, missionary Early service, 8 a- m. Church school, 10 a. m. Morning prayer, 11 a. m. Sermon: "Subject to his Parents." Service at Hill, 3 p. m. NE\V MEXICAN Ul'X'OHATBI) WASHINGTON. Jan. 13 l/PI-The bronze-wslar modal has been awarded to Pvt. Garvk'e T. Jobe infantryman pf Clatmch, N. M., the war department announced today. Flremen'Carry Qt This tfome 9 s Blaze ' · City Fire Cbfef J. . Camunez a 13 volunteer firemen answers false alarm to the Manual Tt home, Juniper street and NO Mesquite, at 11 a. m. Satiirdai The call was put in when an o'i stove started" smoking, filling room with fumes. It had bi\ ',-arriod outside the house wht$ firemen arrived. Save tires, gas; shop In Cruets Try first t'o pet It In Crucos! IHURCli Oif TftE NAZAREXE .East end'of viaduct C. A. Higgilis, pastor Sunday sctiooi, 16 a. m. J. C. Hudspeth, Superintendent. fivarigellst Armstrong will bespeaking at both the'morning and a yenin£ services. The revival will close today. We re'climaxing the meeting with a Sunday school rally. We are work-, ng fb'r 100. .A.iiuinlier of. out-of-town friends 1009 BUSHELS SWIEt PflTSTOSEED Certified Easl Texas Porlo Rican Seed. Free from Soil Slain Also 500 bushels Kansas Nancy Golds. A new sweet potato, all the good qualities of Nancy Hall. More prolific and earlier. They cook up golden yellow, sweet and delicious. Bed in February -in hot bed for early plants. Will give full instructions how lo make hot bed. - W.T.SC06G1N How Waste Paper Goes to War """^t^tjJiui ·IIIMMUI nBMH^HMI^HBBHHBHHK, PACKED . . . Double-packed in heavy paper, the shell being inserted into the container will travel to the battlefront in perfect condition. Except/or the largest sizes, all ammunition is shipped in paper. CUPPED. , . Three shells are clipped together for ease in handling. No* they can be stacked without rolling. The water-proof paper shell containers art strong enough to stand rou^li treatment. FlitED . . by one of our tanks, "dug-in" at tlic front. Those sliell containers made from _vuur waste paper have done their job to speed the day of victory! U.S. VICTORY WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN THE LIONS CLUB WILL PICK UP PAPER EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON. WILL YOU SAVE YOURS AND PUT IT OUT FOR US? LAS CRUCES LIONS CLUB

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